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"Gotta sit down" she thought "just for a minute"

Ahsoka found an old rusty bench on the side of the road she was on. It creaked as she sat down, but i didnt matter, her feet were too tired to care. she glanced up and watch as person after person passed by.

It took a moment, but she realized that this was the same bench she sat on years ago. It was almost poetic that she would return to this place. It was a day she could never forget, her fight with that assassin, when she met Kevin.


She reached deep into her pocket and pulled out an object in her hand. She opened up her hand and stared down at the ring Kevin gave to her, just hours before his death. She brushed off the dust off the shinning blue stone before gripping her hand back into a fist and slumped her head down.

"In breaking news,"

Ahsoka lifted her head and saw the screen across the street from her. It was the holo net news, with its normal anchorman sitting behind a clear desk covered with datapads, and a sign with the phrase "Breaking News" written in basic behind him.

"Supreme Commander of the Imperial Fleet, Darth Vader recently left a press conference, for reasons unknown."

The very mention of his name caused Ahsoka to flinch. Forcing herself to stand, she walked across the street, and watched as the anchorman continued.

"The conference was about the incident with the planet of Alderaan, four standard years ago. A
single pilot said he had proof that the Empire was behind its destruction. But before the pilot
could testify, Vader up and left, killing three guards who tried to stop him. At this moment,
he is heading for his own personal shuttle. Like everyone else out there, i can only wonder
what is so important."

Ahsoka was speechless. Could this had be the moment she has been waiting for?

"What the hell, got nothing left to loose." she thought.

She looked down and slipped the ring onto her left wedding ring finger, then headed off,
blending into the crowd of the busy street.

Pushing officer after officer out of his way, Vader reaches the landing pad with his personal
transport shuttle sitting on it, only to have another officer run up next to him.

"Lord Vader," the officer said "you must go through Imperial regulations before departing."

"I created that rule!" vader said while whipping around to the young man "It is mine to bend,
and mine to break!"

"As you command, Lord Vader." he said with fear in his voice

Vader turned away and left, leaving the officer standing there as he walked up the shuttles
entry ramp. Vader saw the pilot sitting in his usual spot at the controls.  

"Warm the hyperspace engines and prepare for flight, pilot."

He nodded before doing as ordered. Vader settled himself into one of the seats as the ship
started to rumble under his feet.

Ahsoka's head slammed against the wall of the cargo compartment she had crammed herself into.
The floor was shaking, and she suddenly felt light headed, meaning the ship was taking off.

This is it.

She reached out and blew out the door open with a telekinetic blast, then leaped out with
lightsaber igniting. She had hoped to catch Vader off guard, but he was already up with saber
in hand. She felt his confusion, but Ahsoka would let him figure it out.

She launched herself at him, closing their short distance in a second and slashing at him. With
the years of fighting stormtroopers, and jedi hunters Vader sent after her, Ahsoka's saber
skills had drastically increased. In her mind, she and Vader were now on even ground.

But that didnt mean she was better.

Every time she struck, he blocked. Every time he struck, she blocked. Neither could get an
advantage over the other.

"L-Lord Vader?" the pilot called out "What do you want me to-"

"Keep the ship airborne!" vader yelled over the clash of their sabers "I will deal with her!"

Vaders attacks suddenly doubled in strength. Perhaps he was only toying with her, and was
now showing his true power. He tried an overhand strike that would have surely bisected  
her, if she had not brought her own blade up to block it.

Ahsoka knew she had to gain the upper hand, so she Vader with a force-blast under the Sith Lords guard and sends him flying back, towards the cockpit. Vaders massive form crashed into the controls. He was unharmed, but his blade had cut through the bottom of the pilots chair, slicing his loyal pilot in half.

And unfortunately for Vader, his shuttle started into a nose dive back down into the city. Returning his focus to Ahsoka, he stood up but instead of Ahsoka, saw a large round metal piece lying on the floor.

He ran as fast as he could and looked up to see a large hole in the ceiling of his ship. Vader leaps up and out the hole, and found himself having to stick himself to the hull.

Even with the years of fighting, Ahsoka's force skills had progressed little, and it took all she had to simply cling herself to the ship. Unfortunately for her, Vader did not have that handicap, as he headed strait for her.

Vader lashed out, using both his size and her inability to move, to his advantage. She soon
resorted to making their blades clash. As the green and crimson blades sizzled between them,
Ahsoka noticed the buildings they were passing by, meaning that she would go down in a fiery
death, if she didnt jump ship.

Ahsoka broke off hers and Vaders exchange and leaped off the ship, hoping there was somewhere
to land.

And her faith was rewarded, as she guided herself towards a landing pad located on the side
of a building. She landed nimbly, thanks to the force, and turned to find Darth Vader was
already falling towards her, with the ship already out of sight.

She flipped herself back, barely missing being squashed by Vader, and retreated back several
feet. In the distance, she could hear the loud sound of metal crashing into something, followed
by a bright orange light bouncing off the buildings and a large pillar of smoke.

She wished she could have seen the explosion...

But Ahsoka didnt have time to think about that, as she launched herself at Vader. But found
herself swinging at air, as Vader lept up and landed behind her. She barely got her saber up
to block the first attack.

"So, wheres your apprentice?" she asked over their clashing sabers

"Dead" he answered, knocking her back

"More death, huh?" she said "arent you tired of it?"

The duel continued in the rhythmic dance of their blades. "All things of the Dark Side end in
death." he plainly said

"Exactly," she said, ducking down to avoid decapitation by his blade "Arent you sick of it

"Anakin Skywalker is dead!" he roared as she drove her back and closer to the ledge.

"No, he is'nt" she said "Lie to yourself all you want, but i know he's in there!"

Against the ledge, Ahsoka gives no more ground as the blades sizzled against each other.

"There is only darkness, Snips." he told her while trying to force their blades towards her

"Dennie it all you want, but i can feel you in there!" she said with her eyes watering "I can
feel the light in you, follow it Anakin! Let it fill you-"

"Enough!" he screamed, knocking her blade away and plunging his lightsaber square into her chest.

The air left her lungs as she let her lightsaber slip out of her grasp, causing the blade
to retract and the hilt hit the floor with a loud thud. Knowing it was over, Vader disengaged
his own saber and returned it to his belt.

Minutes passed as Ahsoka stood, saying nothing. Perhaps her state of shock caused her vocal
cords to tighten up?

"Anakin. . ." she whispered, sounding as though she barely had air to breath, let alone talk.
"I know you can hear me"

Her leg twitched towards the edge and Vaders heart skipped a beat in anticipation, but nothing
happened as she continued

"I dont know why you chose this path," she muttered "but whatever darkness holds you, i
know you'll break free. And when the moment comes where you have to choose, i know you'll
make things right."

She stared down at her her ring. Then ran her hand over the blue stone. "Im coming Kevie" she whispered

Ahsoka lets herself fall back and over the edge, sending herself falling down to the darkness
far below.

And here he was, standing alone on an old landing pad, with his shuttle in flames and his
apprentice from almost thirty years, was dead. Killed by his hand.

The sun was starting to set. Vader reached down and pulled his comnlink off from an array of
devices on his belt. "Captain," he said into the device "Prepare for my arrival, i will be
leaving immediately."

"Yes, my lord" the voice said over the comnlink

Putting the comnlink back on his belt, Vader departs from the landing pad. And with new, mixed
feelings,heads off to meet his dark master.

Its Here!

The Explosive Conclusion Of My 3 Part Series, Chronicles Of Ahsoka

I Dont Usually Mess With Timelines And Things Like That, But Im Putting This 2 Days Before Return Of The Jedi.

This Story Is In No Way Cannon In The Star Wars Universe.

Star Wars And All Its Characters Belong To George Lucas.

[Chapter 1]
[Chapter 2]
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The X-70 Phantom was cold and sterile, and it made Vector Hyllus's nose hurt as her took in the harsh smell of the cleaning chemicals the protocol droid had used to keep the ship clean after Kaliyo tromped through it in her muddy boots everyday. His enhanced sense picked up the pheromones and original chemicals scents, and it always made him slightly dizzy to think about them each as he did with the minds of the Killiks always curious to know more.

He was walking down the small corridor that lead to the cockpit, his boots echoing along the shining floors and his own entirely black eyes staring back at him, slightly distorted from the shimmering metal of the walls. He reached the end of the hallway and stood soundlessly in that Killik way of his in the doorway, watching her with a gaze more perceptive than any other mans.

He could see the rich colors that danced together in her hair like no human truly could. There were different shades of browns, from dark chocolate to lighter shades and highlights. She had it pulled back in that military way of hers, a tight pony tail. But, letting her rebellious colors shine through, her bangs hung loosely and some small strands had gotten free of her thin leather cord.

Her silvery-blue crystalline eyes, sometimes as cold and sharp as ice, but sometimes...only for him...they were warm and turned to steamy blues. She had full lips and wore little make-up, her face naturally beautiful, even to someone who didn't have his enhanced vision. The only thing that most people thought marred her were the three, long, vertical, jagged slashes that tore down the left side of her face. She wore her scars like badges of honor, and too him, they only perfected what was already flawless.

She had lost a lot of weight in the past few months, and she was thinner than ever before, her trying ordeal in the SIS as an undercover double agent for the Empire having drained her physically and mentally. She was exhausted, and he could only admire her for lasting  as long as she had. She had been mind-controlled, the Empire's own technology they had implanted in her skull to control her if she became too powerful and learned too much had been found out by the Republic and turned against them. She had been left a powerless, helpless pawn. And no one had been the wiser. Even he had thought she was just acting strangely, but no. She had been unable to speak to anyone, for they had put in place a block in her mind to keep her from speaking and disobeying. She still hadn't told the full story of how she had awoken from her own mind trap. But, he just was glad she was safe.

Vector himself was a Killik joiner. A human Imperial who had been bound to the Killik Pheromones and had joined their hive mind. Even now, he could hear there whispering about her, her bravery, strength, and power. Always her power.

Ignoring them as best he could and slightly repressing the bond, he cleared his throat gently, causing her to look up from the trance she had been in, starring out at the glowing planet of Nar Shaddaa from the pilot's chair, where the rest of her crew was enjoying the leave she had been given by Keeper to recuperate from her trying ordeal. She rose slowly and in that graceful way she had, like a cat, slinking and sly, as she looked at him, inspecting his black eyes, with no white and no pupil, and his smooth-shaven and firm face.

"Vector." she smiled her rare smile, one he only ever got to see, and crossed her arms over her chest. He was a pleasing sight to her sore eyes, and part of her was glad he had decided not to join Kaliyo, Dr. Lokin, and Ensign Temple on Nar Shaddaa's dangerous surface.

"I'm sorry," she said, her sly smile widening as he stepped closer, within touching distance, and she got a whiff of his strange, and intoxicating scent. It was something she couldn't describe, but it was the most appealing thing in the world, and she inhaled deeply as he returned her smile confidently, bowing with his right hand over his heart in his Killik tradition.

"I'd forgotten you'd wanted to talk to me when the others were gone," she continued hurridly, trying to convey her serious apologies. "I've got time now, if you'd still like to..." she trailed off, nonchalantly leaning back against the back of the pilot's chair, and brushing a strand of hair out of her eyes and trailing her fingers across her scars in the process. Vector laughed that soft laugh of his, it was very charming and very boyish, and she loved the sound of it more than air itself.

"Yes, but we'd like some privacy," he stated, speaking in his usual way, referring to the whole hive rather than himself as an individual. "No crew members, no Killiks, no emergencies...if you could arrange it..." he looked at her uncertainly, not sure of what to say to her, to convey the feelings they had only been able to share in fleeting moments just before something life or death had happened, or just before something terrible occurred in the hive.  

She was quite for a long period of time, and he was worried that she hadn't understood him. And that, if she had, she would say no. Or that she would worst of all...hate him for suggesting it. Her large eyes remained focused on him, scanning his face calculatingly, but not in an unkind or cruel way. She had all the love in the world in her gaze, and suddenly, a hope began to rise in him that maybe...just maybe...she would feel the same way.

Finally, she answered, slowly at first, but then a teasing smile broke out onto her face and he had to strain to keep from breathing a sigh of relief.

"I can arrange it," she whispered, still staring up at him in a way anyone but Vector would have found slightly unnerving. Then, her sarcastic side resurfaced and she reached for him, gently touching his shoulder with thin fingers.

"Shall I dim the lights? Pour a drink?" he laughed once more and she felt her heart soaring at the sound, her usual grim demeanor gone. He bowed again, a smile of his own once more teasing at his lips as he, in complete seriousness, responded.

"If you like," he answered slowly. "We'll meet back with you shortly, Agent Blaide." He always referred to her by her formal name. She was an Imperial Intelligent Cipher Agent, Cipher Nine. She had always gone by Blaide since she joined, and he had always called her such, even though he knew her real name, as very very few did. Akara Dantayus. He simply called her Agent, or Blaide or both, respecting her wish to leave her old life entirely behind.

She nodded her head and gave him one last fleeting smile before gently sliding past him and disappearing just a ways down the corridor into the small quarter she maintained.

Wherever they were, Vector hoped Kaliyo and the others were having as good a time as he was speaking with their fearless leader. It was the simplest things that seemed to make him the happiest.


Blaide didn't know what she was expecting Vector to say or do, but it was nothing close to what he actually did that night. She was absentmindedly looking over files on her large desk in her spacious quarters, flipping through mission reports and other documents.

Her quarters were warmly furnished in deep purples and the same silver as the rest of the ship, but thankfully, her quarters still had a small, homey feel to them. Despite her bitter exterior and hardened interior, she still enjoyed these small comforts.

She was still flipping through files when she heard booted footsteps coming back down the corridor, and she looked up from her paperwork briefly.

"Vector?" she called out quietly, her eyes traveling over to the doorway that lead out into the hall.

Suddenly, in a tone she had never, ever, once heard from him, she head his voice, soft and unsure, coming from the hallway. And what he said, oh what he said froze her, holding her in place as if a Sith had stopped her in her tracks. She couldn't be sure he had actually said it.

"I'm here, Blaide." he'd said. I'm. Not we're. I'm.

She was silent. Staring at him for a moment, before he suddenly stepped inside her room, walking in that confident way of his, and he looked at her, unsure of what she was thinking.

"Surprise." He murmured gently, reaching for her with arms that were the same, but now oh so different. She felt a smile creeping to her lips, and she couldn't keep her heart from beating like a drum in her chest, stopping her breath at the sight of him. Nothing had changed, and yet everything had.

"You look...wonderful!" she said softly, her voice barely a whisper as she fought to regain control of her breathing.

"You have nice eyes," she beamed at him, reaching up to touch his face with tentative fingers. There they were. So long hidden behind a layer of pure blackness, she could finally see them for herself. His eyes. Unaffected by Killik pheromones or hive minds. "It's so good to see them," she laughed gently. To Vector's now entirely human ears, it was the sound of an angel itself, no longer did he have to dissect the sound and feed it to the hive mind. It was just them. Just this moment.

Blaide was too busy literally being caught up in his eyes. She drank them in. Every detail, she wanted this to be one thing she would always remember, no matter what. The soft, delicate shape of them, the way his eyelashes left small shadows on his cheekbones. She loved the color, amber and chocolate swirling together in a mix of browns and golds. There were a liquid gold color and had rims of deep brown around the edges. Chocolate colored flecks dotted them and she marveled at the way it made his eyes stand out, his most captivating feature. They were looking down into her brilliant blue ones with a warmth she couldn't ever see in her own, a loving tenderness she couldn't imagine her own face contorting into. She knew they were fire and ice, and yet still, they were as perfect for each other as they could be.

She was still captivated by his eyes when he took her cheek in his hand gently, his fingers caressing her cheekbones and holding her gaze to his.

"You look different without your electrical aura," he observed quietly, trailing his fingers gently over the side of her cheek and she let her head rest gently in his smooth hand. "But just as lovely," he finished softly, letting his hand fall back to his side, keeping the distance between them so as not to seem to forward.

"The Aebea nest taught me to repress the Pheromonic bond entirely." he explained as a smile began to grow on her face as she realized this was the true Vector Hyllus. Not the one who shared his mind with thousands of Killiks, but the real and true man. She asked herself many times who she had fallen in love with. Vector? Or a thousand Killiks. But she knew the answer. She knew whose personality had shone through as he fought to become more human again.

"I can hold it for awhile," he added gently, their gaze still unbroken but by brief blinks that they both rushed so as to keep their gaze locked with their partner. They were finally seeing the true forms of each other, as they really were, raw and with no barriers. This moment was precious, and far, far too short.

He took a deep breath before continuing on, slowly taking her hands in his, tracing delicate patterns onto her thin hands with his thumbs.

"This is a moment for us to be together, one you needn't share with the Oroboro or the colony."

He waited for her response, expecting for her to drop his hand, or be completely spooked by his new appearance. He was still worrying about her response (he had apparently re-discovered that human quality, worrying over everything), he hardly noticed her eyes melting into the light, stormy blue he loved so much. That her gaze was full of nothing but care and admiration.

"You're a smart man," she replied with a slight laugh, her voice low, she was using the same sly tone she used when she was working up to some smart remark. "I don't like sharing." she stated cooly, squeezing his hand and taking a step closer to him. He too felt his heart pounding, and he smiled down at the beautiful woman so close to him. He had often wondered why she had chosen him, and as he admired her beauty once more, he felt the thought cross his mind. But he pushed it away, wanting to focus on the moment.

"I'll remember that," he said, barely having time to finish his statement before they collided, their arms wrapping around each other at the same time, and their lips meeting gently. He held her close, they were entirely about gentleness and care. Kaliyo was all about greed and lust, and Blaide wanted everything but that. The Rattataki girl had gotten herself into so much trouble with her care-free ways, and Blaide could hardly imagine how she could do so. But at the moment, it was made even harder as Vector gently kissed her, his love and care for her, his kindness and nobility, it was all tangible. She could feel it in every place their bodies touched.


They were fire and ice. He was warmth and light-heartedness. He had a constant desire for more: more knowledge, more learning, more culture. He was happy and all about the warmth so evident in his glowing eyes of brown and gold.

She was ice, all hard edges and bitterness. She was cold and calculating, critical, sarcastic, and often cruel. She would do whatever it took to get the job done. She was quick to anger, and she knew she was as hard and unfeeling as ice. Yet it had already been proven her mind was thin as ice as well. It could be cracked, by the Imperials, the Republic, whomever.

They were opposites, she was often angry at him for his gentle heart and kind spirit. She admired his loyalty to the Empire, and was curious at his kindness and generosity rather than the ways most Imperials were brought up with, the ways of their Sith leaders. They should not have been able to feel this way about each other, and yet they did.

She had taught him to regain his humanity, and in turn, he had melted away some the ice that had frozen her since her sister's run-in with the Sith lord and her family's death. He had brought her true happiness, and that was all that mattered.

While their companions spent their time, unaware on the Smuggler's Moon, Fire and Ice finally found their balance, a place where they could exist together, without harming one another. The only thing that mattered now was the love they felt for each other.


Without their knowing, morning slid into place, and Blaide and Vector stood quietly near the doorway of her room, holding each other close for a few last moments alone before the ship was once more alight with the noise of their companions returning from their night on the Smuggler's Moon.

"The others will be back soon," He whispered softly. Their heads were touching as he held her tightly to his chest. Their breathing was in sink, their hearts beating to the same tempo. She stood quietly, listening to the gently tempo as she drank in the sound of his voice. He gently leaned over and pressed his lips to her cheek, leaving a lingering kiss that made her smile against his chest.

"But I am glad we could have this," he added slowly, pulling away from her just enough to he could give her his small bow, his eyes glittering with warmth and love as he once more pulled her close again.

"I do love you, Akara." he whispered, deciding the only way to get his true feelings across was to use her given name. Despite the sound of it, she did not react hostilely. She simply kept smiling against him, her eyes closed as she breathed in the scent of him, as she had done for the past few hours.

"I love you too, Vector." she stated slowly, almost testing the way the words sounded on her lips. She liked it immediately, loving the way the sentence was structured, the way it sounded. It was like no other phrase. So simple, and yet so laden with meaning it almost hurt. Almost.   

He sighed softly, stealing one last, gentle kiss as he brushed his lips against hers, trying to send her in that brief moment all that he felt for her. All the love, the care, the pride, the passion, the fear for her life, the adoration. He tried to convey all this in one last, parting kiss, and he hated to draw away. He say her stow her own sadness behind the layer of ice that was her eyes.
"Then it all works out," he murmured, his lips still hovering inches from hers. He pulled away, being very gentle and kind as he brought his hands up in a 'v' so that his fingers pressed against the bridge of his nose.

He closed his eyes and she felt a flutter of panic as she realized what he was doing.

Vector let all his emotions come once more under his control before he let loose the pressure his mind had held on the bond. He would not share these precious moments and feelings with the Killiks. They belonged to him and to Blaide and no one else. He heard almost as suddenly as they had stopped, the voices of the thousands and thousands of Killiks once more chattering away, and for the first time in his life, it didn't feel as comfortable as it had before. Somehow, the way he had been with Blaide these past few hours...that felt more comfortable than he had ever been before.

Blaide had to hide her disappointment and sadness as Vector reopened his eyes and they were once again their usual black. She grit her teeth together and blinked, trying to make sure it was real. She knew he wasn't gone. He could easily become the man he was only moments before at any time, but the idea that he wasn't always that man frustrated and upset her as it never had before. Perhaps now because she knew that other man...

She stopped herself. They were the same man. She had fallen in love with the Killik-minded Vector long ago, and despite her initial hesitation, she loved him with all of her heart. Killiks and all. It was what made him himself, whether she could see his eyes or no. It was part of him, just as her scars were part of her.

"Now..." he said slowly, his mind still re-adjusting to hearing the Killiks once more. "We return to work."

She nodded slowly, smiling. She loved the way he spoke when he was with the hive. It was different than the way he had the night before, but she loved both of them the same. She squeezed his hand once last time as he returned her smile and bowed gently.

"Yes," she replied softly. "Of course."
So here is my promised Vector Hyllus and my Imperial Agent piece. It was immensely fun to write and i would suggest

you listen to this while reading : [link]

parts of the song (which i listened to while writing) are very innocent and sweet, which is how i wanted to portray this couple. Not in an awkward, smutty way. She may be very darkside and whatnot...but he brings out the good in her...and changes her and chips away some of the ice.

Vector is also one of the most interesting characters in this group i have as an Imp. Agent in SW:tOR. He's a neat concept, and I really like him in general.

I wanted to really focus on the differences between them as well. Anyway, I hope you like, and if you're interested, here's the scene, starting at 4:05 into it. [link]

its really sweet, and I liked it alot. I hope you enjoy, and please Leave a comment and tell me what you think. Also, in game, my characters name is spelled 'Blaede' since 'Blaide' was already taken. le sigh.
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In this story, I tried to invoke some deja vu in the form of Darth Malak, one of the best Sith Lords ever in my opinion. This was originally going to be a two-parter, but I decided agianst it because the second part seemed a little lame.
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NAME: Aira-ty Nokta
RACE: Lonagh-whanian
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 1.67 meters
WEIGHT: 61 kilograms
SKIN: Pale purple-ish
EYES: Orange
HAIR: Turquoise
WEAPON: As padawan a lightsaber with green colored blade
As a mercenary Westar-34 twin blasters and knife. Additional weapons: flame thrower, grenades, poisoned darts, hidden blades, etc.
After the Clone Wars she built a new lightsaber with purple colored blade
SHIP: part owner of the Slave I, and has a modified Swiftwind-class courier, the Sleek Blade.

Aira-ty bornt as the single child of her parents on Lonagh Wha. When she was 4 a Jedi Knight arrived to the planet and recognized the little girl’s force sensitivity and convinced her parents to let her go to the Jedi Temple.

In the Temple despite her best efforts Aira-ty remained strongly emotional and restless, almost unable to meditate but she was skilled at lightsaber fight.
She was very fond of her best friend Sabor Ng'hru, as a teen she even had a crush on him though Sabor never felt the same way about her.
Most of the younglings including Sabor's other friend Serita thought she won't make a Jedi so even she herself was surprised that master Nada Athura chose her as his padawan when she was eleven. Aira-ty adored her master and did her best to follow his instructions but when Aira-ty was fifteen Nada died on a mission. The young girl felt lost, depressed and confused which resulted her leaving the Jedi behind without a word.

Aira-ty tried to find her parents on her home planet, but she learned that they already adopted a half breed lonagh-whanian girl, Shaira-na and they are a happy family now. She knew she had no place there anymore and didn’t want to ruin their life so she left the planet and tried to survive as a bounty hunter. After she killed her first bounty she met with the ominous looking mandalorian, Silas Taris who offered the young vehement girl to join their group. Aira-ty became one of the mandalorians and spent the next few years with her new family till one of the members Glatten Grauzem after the leader Garron Twiik finally decided to kick him out of the group because of his extrem brutality, set up a trap to take revenge on his former team and managed to kill almost everyone except Sayael Aash'ur and Aira-ty who could barely beat Grauzem and took his right eye then sent him to jail for the rest of his life.
After loosing her family Aira-ty was a complete mess and lived a self-destructive life till she met with Jango Fett. They already met a few times thanks to Eisha Curr, the now dead member of Aira-ty's group who was an old friend of Jango. The young mandalorian man decided to help the wreck what Aira-ty was and took her under his wings. Initially they had a lot of fight because both of them were hot-headed but over time they started to cling to each other and slowly fell in love.

Aira-ty never used the Force again, she tried to completely forget about her abilities though she still often had visions and premonitions just like in her padawan ages. Then when their relationship became serious she married Jango. Actually they married twice. First they had an aruetyc wedding in a not exactly sober state on Florrum when Hondo Ohnaka was the ceremony master but later they told the mandalorian wedding vows too.

After a few years of quite exciting marriage for the mandalorian couple Aira-ty confessed his husband a joyful news, she was carrying a baby.
Not much later Jango got a well-paid offer from Tyrannus for a very dangerous job, to hunt down Komari Vosa. Jango accepted the job on which he didn’t allow his pregnant wife to accompany him. After he succeded his task he even accepted the offer to be the template of a clone army. Aira-ty wasn’t happy to hear this news at all but had to accept his husband’s decision. And though she never liked the idea of an exploited army not to mention with the same face like her husband she also took part of the training of the clone troopers like the members of the Cuy’val Dar beside taking care of their son, Boba. Though both Jango and Aira-ty continued their bounty hunter job meantime, together and separately too. Aira-ty was on a hunt when the Jedi master Obi-wan Kenobi arrived to the Kamino and fought with Jango who escaped with Boba to Geonosis where he eventually died. Boba after witnessing his father's death vanished so by the time Aira-ty came home she didn't find neither her husband or son, she lost her family once again. For a short time she fled into work and alcohol. She accepted any kind of job then spent her credits in pubs to avoid to think about her loss. Then she eventually faced her feelings and decided that her place is with Jango’s legacy and joined the GAR to work with his clones again.

She quickly formed her own squad the Wolf Pack or ’The Pack’ as they just called themselves. Aira-ty worked under the command of a Jedi General with who they had a not too pleasant relationship. The General despised the mandalorian woman and often called her „Alpha Female” but Aira-ty wasn’t kinder with him either. Then the General arranged her reassignment to the 13th Assault Corps but Aira-ty refused to go without her Pack.
The bitter and standoffish woman initially had an awkward relationship with her new General, Kahan but later they were able to work together very effectively. The General was even one of the very few people who knew her secret that once she was a Jedi herself. As they fought through the Clone Wars Aira-ty struggled with her feelings as she slowly fell in love with her General. Then Aira-ty eventually confessed her feelings to Kahan who responded to her and said he will leave the Order for her once the war is over but he didn't have the chance to fulfill his promise. He alsmot died when Order 66 was issued but Aira-ty asked her loyal captain, Jesp to help her to save Kahan and his padawan, Hanabi and help them to escape. The whole Pack deserted with their commander.

Kahan and Aira-ty married and founded their Mandalorian Clan the Gotevaar’la.
Aira-ty gave birth to two girls, Jaeriel and Ay-lana. Both girls were Force sensitives so their father started to train them and Aira-ty feeling alone and afraid to be the weakest in her family decided to renew her Force abilities and even built a new lightsaber so they became a really dangerous mandalorian-jedi family.
Ok, I really wanted to do this for a looong time but I'm still not able to decide about a few details you know preferences over logic kind of things... But this description is mostly accurate. Many-many things changed since I uploaded my first Aira-ty history description so I thought that I should update the old one instead uploading a new one.

I need to give credit for a lot of the story for SlingBlade87

About lonagh-whanians:…

Some characters related to Aira-ty:
Nada Athura by rayn44Sabor Ng'hru by rayn44Shaira-na Nokta by rayn44Mando Group by rayn44My lovely clones by rayn44The new generation by rayn44
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I,____________, in all my douchebaggery, swear to be an asshole everyday. I will be a total dick to anyone. I will indirectly destroy someone's day. I will make a miserable person more miserable. I will be a jackass to children, a super dick to anyone who comes into my path, and will be a manipulator when it pleases me. I'll will push people to the edge and kick them into a tank of sharks. I'll only be nice when it suits me and my respect shall be earned.

In the name of Dick Masterson, and all the other major assholes,

Go fuck yourself.
If you believe this, pledge
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The order is given.
Death to the Jedi.
Death to the good.
Death to the light side of the force.

And now the force is singing,
With the cries of crying children,
Younglings unable to control their thoughts.
And pain falls as the silence grows.

The force is now silent.
Not a whisper or murmur.
Not a cry or a yell.
No sign it's been used.

Just a silence of a dead race.
Wrote this as it's a topic I haven't really touched upon.
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The rules of life, clone/marine style.

Rule 1: Kill them before they kill you.
Rule 2: Don’t believe what you’re told, double check.
Rule 3: Three things you should never believe – weather forecasts, the canteen menu, and intel.
Rule 4: Always double estimates. especially for number of enemy units.
Rule 5: Never be completely unreachable.
Rule 6: Always wear gloves at a crime scene.
Rule 7: Always be specific when you lie.
Rule 8: Never take anything for granted.
Rule 9: Always carry a knife.
Rule10: Never leave prisoners together. (makes it easier to escape)
Rule11: It’s not stolen, just differently procured. (or confiscated)
Rule12: No plan survives contact with the enemy.
Rule13: Always have a plan “B”.
Rule14: There’s no such thing as “coincidence”.
Rule15: Always work as a team.
Rule16: Guilty until proven innocent.
Rule17: Always make sure they’re dead.
Rule18: It’s better to seek forgiveness than ask permission.
Rule19: Always have a backup.
Rule20: Always have a backup for your backup.
Rule21: Best way to keep a secret? keep it to yourself, or 2, tell one other person. ain’t no 3’d best way.
Rule22: Never pull sentry duty on an empty stomach.
Rule23: Never mess with a marine’s coffee if you want to live.
Rule24: Anything worth shooting is worth shooting twice, ammo is cheap, life isn’t.
Rule25: Only hits count, a close miss is still a miss.
Rule26: Never apologize to the enemy, it’s a sign of weakness.
Rule27: If your shooting stance is good, that’s bad, you either need to move faster or check your cover.
Rule28: In gunfights, if you’re not shooting you should either be: reloading, communicating, or running.
Rule29: Always use a gun that works EVERY TIME.
Rule30: Use cover and concealment as much as possible.
Rule31: Camouflage: shape, shine, shadow, silhouette, sound, smell, and movement. The 6 S’s + M.
Rule32: Flank your foe whenever possible. Protect yours.
Rule33: Never drop your guard.
Rule34: Always tactical reload, then scan 360.
Reul35: Not all soldiers wear uniforms.
Rule36: Vary your routines, patterns are traps.
Rule37: Never call attention to yourself.
Rule38: Always carry an extra clip.
Rule39: Never say no to bacta.
Rule40: Courage is not lack of fear, but an ability to act regardless of fear,
Rule41: Always be polite, especially too your enemies.
Rule42: Imagination is your most important weapon.
Rule43: Never tell the whole truth in a trade.
Rule44: A favor is an investment.
Rule45: Any crash you can walk away from, is a good one.
Rule46: Always read the manual.
Rule47: Watch out for things that go too well.
Rule48: Be wary of attachments, they can easily be used against you.
Rule49: Being hard is good, being hard with superior tech is better.
Rule50: You can’t raise soldiers with flash-training and sims. They have to come face-to-face with death itself.
Rule51: Never lean to the water to get a drink, always use your hands to bring the water to you.
Rule52: Verpines don’t bounce.
Rule53: When in doubt, use P, for plenty.
Rule54: The key to a good bluff is not to bluff.
Rule55: Never sit in chairs with arms, if you can help it. Too easy for you to get trapped in those.
Rule56: Never sit in a corner.
Rule57: Never sit with your back to the window.
Rule58: Always sit somewhere that you can see ALL the exits.
Rule59: Always check for alternate exits.
Rule60: If you can’t solve a problem, flip it upside down. Look at it from the enemy’s point of view.
Rule61: Never date a co-worker.
Rule62: Choose politics or love, you can’t have both.
Rule63: Never make a promise unless you’re sure you can keep it.
Rule64: Plan ahead, but not too far ahead.
Rule65: A plan made too far in advance is less adaptable and prone to failing.
Rule66: Adaptability is key.
Rule67: Never anger a Wookie. (or a Hafvian.)
Rule68: One’s an anomaly, two’s a coincidence, and three is a trend.
Rule69: Never go to Darvaria during spring-time without full body armor.
Rule70: Plan to live forever, expect to die today.
Rule71: Never, ever, ever, get caught in a love triangle.
Rule72: Always know who and what you’re fighting for. Always.
This is a list I made by combining the rules of: Gibbs' (NCIS) Jango fett, the clone commandos, Kal skirata (star wars) basic marine rules, and a few of my own.
It's not done yet, but I thought I'd share what I have so far.
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Commander Cody turned the Captain's helmet in his hands. It has smoke residue all over it, from the explosion more or less. Cody slowly bowed his head, placing Rex's helmet up to his, forehead to forehead.

"What happened to your head?"

"What? I can't shave my head?" Rex laughed.

Cody shook his head," Just looks weird.."

"You laugh at me for being different, I laugh at you for being the same!" Rex chuckled.

Cody smirked and went back to fixing his comm.

Anakin watched the commander mourn. He could feel the man's shock and pain over the death of his brother. Anakin looked down. He would miss his Captain. The man had always been by his side, even when Anakin had not returned that favor.

He hadn't even heard how it happened yet. The young general debated in his head if he should ask Cody. But he didn't want to bother the clone now. With guilt Anakin realized Ashoka didn't even know yet. He wasn't looking forward to telling her.

Rex blinked at Anakin blankly.

"Sir, I don't think we can hold out here much longer."

Anakin blocked another blast," We have to Rex! There's no where else to go!"

The captain shook his head," Sir! We need to-"

"No Rex! We are staying here and that is a ORDER." Anakin grunted.

Rex stiffened," Yes sir!"

Anakin felt bad pulling rank on Rex. But there was no where else to go. With his humming blade, Anakin deflected the incoming laser shots away from the dwindling group of clones. But the crys of pain made Anakin realize that sooner or later he would run out of soldiers and the droids would surround them.

"Sir!" Anakin turned to the gasp.

Rex had one hand on his stomach plates, the other shooting furiously in the droids direction," Sir, we can't last any longer!"

Anakin closed his eyes," Fine, Captain, fall back."

Rex nodded and yelled to the remaining men," Fall back!"

Anakin planted his feet into the ground as his men retreated. A flash of white to his left made him glance as Rex stood by him, both blasters firing a stream of blue. Red was weeping from a large burn in his armor, above his belt.

"Rex, fall back, I got this." Anakin turned his attention back to the droids.

"Not without you sir."

Cody tucked his friend's bucket underarm and turned. He hesitated as he saw General Skywalker.

He nodded," Sir."

It took the jedi a moment to reply, a small nod.

Reluctantly, Cody walked over and handed the General Rex's helmet. Rex had fought side by side with Skywalker since the beginning of the war, the jeti must have felt awful.

The General looked at the dirty helmet, eyes shining," What happened Cody?"

Cody grimaced. He hadn't been there. But by the looks of the survivors, it had been ugly.

"It's a long story."

"Go away Cody." Rex felt numb. How could he have lost all those men.

Commander Cody hesitated at the door," Rex, it's not your fault-"

"Don't say that! It is and you know it! I led them on, I should have stayed back.." the captain trailed off.

Cody put a comforting hand on Rex's pauldron," That's the costs of war Rex. Your going to
lose men. You completed the mission. They would have wanted that."

Rex was quiet for a moment before nodding.

"I know Commander. I know."

"I have time." Anakin sighed.

Cody shook his head," I wouldn't get it from me. I don't know all the details. The survivors can tell you, their in the medbay right now."

Anakin nodded and turned for the medbay. It wasn't far from the hanger and he was there in less then a minute or so. Wincing at the incoherent whimpers from the hurt men, Anakin made his way to a med droid shuffling busily through papers.

"Excuse me, where are the men from this morning's attack?" he looked around at all the injured men, some sitting up chatting with others around them, some laying too still.

The droid looked up, whirring as if annoyed," Section 3F sir."

Anakin nodded and walked to the beds that held many troopers. Not many were awake. He spotted one sitting up and walked over to him.

"Trooper?" he asked gently.

The clone jumped and looked at him," Sir?"

Anakin stood by him," Can you tell me what happened?"

"Yes sir."

"I hate scouting" Nat spat at the ground before replacing his helmet.

"Well learn to like it. We got scout duty all week." Rex chuckled, gunning up his speeder.

Nat nodded, sitting in his own speeder. Reev sat quietly, waiting to move out.

"Now we will be meeting up with Jesse and his scouts then we will meet Fives and his men." Rex said, gesturing Reev to move out.

Reev and Nat nodded and zoomed away, Rex in pursuit. Going full speed on those speeders sure were fun. Nat laughed at the wind trying to infiltrate his helmet. Five white dots in the distance made him slow. That would be Jesse.

Jesse waved as they came to a stop next to them.

"Let's go!" Rex barked, continuing past them.

Jesse and his group kept up with Nat easily, they didn't go by Rex though. He
always led the group.

Then it happened. The explosion shook Nat to the left. Reev was gone. Immediately the speeders came to a halt, Rex yelling for no one to move. But one of the men from Jesse's squad panicked, dismounting from his speeder.

Rex's yell was cut off by another explosion. Mines. There were mines. Nat froze as the dust settled. Everyone wasn't moving. What could they do now?

"Sir?" Jesse sounded anxious.

The captain took a shaky breath," When I say go, I want you to drive away to Fives's location as fast as possible."

Nat nodded. Easy enough. Rex dismounted his speeder. This confused Nat. What was the captain doing?

Jesse gasped," Sir n-"

"Go!" Rex roared, planting a foot on a raised mound of dirt.

Cody shook his head. A sacrifice. Rex had done it to save his brothers. But at a cost. Cody touched the long scrach that ran along the side of the captain helmet.

Rex hung off the edge of the bunk, hands folded behind his head," Cody?"

"Hmmm?" Cody replied, distracted with his blaster.

"Ever wonder how it feels to die?"

Cody looked up," Yeah, why?"

Rex did a upside down shrug," I dunno, just wonder if it's sudden. Like your just there then your..not. Or if you see your life before your eyes, like your reliving it again in a couple seconds."

Cody paused. He never really thought about it that way.

"Well.. I think once your gone your gone." Cody said after a moment.

"Really? Not even a chance that someone would remember you?" Rex was looking at him now.

Cody shifted uncomfortably," Well of course I want to be remembered.. but I don't think there is life after death. If that's what your asking."

Rex frowned," Why not? Our spirit has to go somewhere.."

Cody shook his head and chuckled," Don't go all philosophical on me now Rex.."

Rex laughed with him," Just wondering brother. Just wondering."

A single tear slid down the commander's cheek before being wiped away. Cody looked into the visor of Captain Rex's helmet.

"Whatever is after death Rex, I hope you found it."

I can see Rex sacrificing himself.

And yes I DO think Cody would miss Rex. They seem very close in the episodes..

This is my entry for :iconcaptain-rex-fanclub:

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One Minute Star Wars
by Gagan Gupta

Episode I
Quigon Jin: You will be a Jedi
Anakin: Whee I'm gonna be a Jedi

Episode II
Obi Wan: You will be a Jedi
Anakin: Am I a Jedi yet?
Obi Wan: No

Episode III
Anakin: Dammit when will I be a Jedi?
Obi Wan: Soon
Anakin: Fuck You I'm going to the Dark Side

Episode IV
Obi Wan: You will be a Jedi
Luke: Whee I'm gonna be a Jedi

Episode V
Yoda: Jedi, you will be
Luke: Am I Jedi yet?
Yoda: No
Vader: I am your father
Luke: WTF?

Episode VI
Luke: Dammit when will I be a Jedi?
Yoda: After you kill daddy
Luke: Aww Mannn...and Leia's my sister??

My one minute synopsis of the Star Wars movies.
Please note, that the following is not meant to diss the series or the fans of the movies. Anyone who knows me know how crazy I am about Star Wars.
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   I opened my eyes, and there was Echo, standing right in front of me. He extended his hand and pulled me to my feet.
                   "Welcome brother." He said with a broad smile.
   I withdrew my hand and hung my head ashamedly. "Echo I-"
   He held up his hand and cut me off. "It's okay Fives."
                    "But I shouldv'e-"
                    "Fives, shut up."
   I smiled at the familiar rebuke, though I was usually the one to tell him to shut up.
                   "I missed you Echo." I hugged my brother.
                   "We missed you too." Echo stood back and revealed ranks of brothers in shining, glossy white armor with no helmets on. Many of them had markings on their armor as they must have had during their service in the war. A few stood out from the others and ran towards us. I took off running at the group of three long lost brothers and we collided in a crash of armor and joyful shouts.
                    "Fives!" Hevy clasped my arm. He was scarred from the events that took his life, yet he didn't look disfigured in any way at all. He was still the same Hevy I'd grown up with. The scars only showed the circumstances of his arrival to this resting place. "Welcome."
                    "I always wanted to live up to what you did to save us Hevy." I said. "Somehow I don't think that was even possible."
                    "You're probably right." Hevy grinned. "But who cares? You're here now. You're safe forever. And I don't have to baby-sit you anymore either."
                    "Hey Cutup." I gave him a playful punch in the shoulder. "You still losing to Hevy in arm wrestling?"
     Cutup smirked. "Like you wouldn't believe. You'd think he's got nothing better to do with his time...."
                    "Still making bad jokes as usual...." Droidbait muttered from the side.
   I snickered. "Yeah that's nothing abnormal."
                     "Come on now, time for you to join the others," Echo gently guided me forward.
    I spotted Rex as the clone captain strode purposefully forward in his perfect military gait. "You did well Fives. Welcome Home."<i>
This fic actually ties in with My story 'Tomorrow' if you want to check it out ;)
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