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He could hardly believe any of this was real. He was nothing more than a simple grunt of a soldier for the Alliance a few years ago, now he was a legendary war hero that repelled the biggest threat the known galaxy had ever seen. He was living a dream; his reality had warped into an endless dream with nothing but happiness and the occasional politics to fill it. There was still fighting, and although the races were attempting peace and equality there was always work that needed to be done, life that needed to be improved. But John Shepard was content. He had everything he could ever desire, a large and exquisite house, the support of all of his friends, and Jane.

Jane was the yin to his yang, his lover, his wife, his everything. He had never thought he would be so lucky as to clumsily fall in love with her and be with her through it all. His spine was shivering as he entered the threshold from the hallway into the kitchen finding her standing, leaning heavily into the island in the middle of the kitchen picking at the assortment of fruit on the counter smilingly lazily to herself. It wasn't just the cold floor that made John quake, it was the abundance of emotions that was coursing through his veins. He didn't deserve someone like her, he wasn't anything special honestly. But he loved her more than his awkward words could ever express, and he knew she loved him just the same. It hadn't been a perfect relationship over the years, but it had been passionate and loving, and for that John was grateful. His arms wrapped around Jane from behind, she gasped briefly as John pressed his chin into the nook of her neck, grinning sheepishly against her skin. His hands lightly ran along her body, stopping around the large rise of her stomach. He kissed her neck sweetly and stopped his hands, feeling the gorge of her stomach pride flooded into his veins.

She was plump and pleasantly heavy with a child, his child. He was going to be a father.

John could still hardly believe it. He had never dreamed of having his life so complete. He was going to have a family, an honest to god family. He was still petrified to be a father, but to say he hadn't wished for this moment would be a lie. He'd long stopped counting the days and months that he'd been waiting, time was measured in just how many food cravings and mood swings Jane was having, but John didn't mind. Jane's hands rested over his and he felt her chuckle softly. "Good morning Mr. Shepard." She whispered, sounding tired. The weight of the child pressing into her frame was making sleeping difficult as of late, John took it as a relatively good sign, it meant that he was going to be a father sooner rather than later.

"Good morning Mrs. Shepard." John teased softly into Jane's ear, turning her around carefully to kiss her lips her protruding stomach pressed into John's abdomen and just as he was leaning in to kiss her he felt a violent kick that shot right into him. He froze and stared at her in bewilderment. Looking down at her stomach then back to her face she was beaming with happiness. It hid the pain she was obviously enduring but that was certainly something John had never experienced before. Kneeling down on one knee his hands clasped lightly around either side of Jane's stomach. He could still recall the rapid sound of his child's heartbeat when they had the ultrasound. John clutched Jane's hand the whole time, stifling his tears of joy. Now he could feel her rapid pace through the thin layer of clothing and as his hand softly brushed along the side of her rounded stomach he felt that fierce kick again. John's heart stopped as his cobalt eyes stared lovingly up at Jane. "Jane…Jane I felt it kick. I-I can feel the baby kicking." His grin widened while Jane stared down at him placing her hand over his.

"Did you now?" Jane's eyes narrowed and John could feel her back muscles tense as he rested a supportive palm against them. He continued to rub her stomach sensually, feeling both tiny and hard kicks against her stomach he beamed proudly. "I think you'll make a great father honey." She said through clenched teeth, wincing softly at the pain John tilted his head curiously.

"Is everything alright Jane?" His look of curiosity was replaced in an instant the minute the child kicked again gasping in sheer delight. "He's going to have your eyes, and my hair, and he's going to love football and assault rifles as much as I do." John mused quietly, Jane's brow quirked through another shot of pain.

"Let's just hope he doesn't have your humility." Jane chuckled faintly. John grinned, pearly whites on full display.

"Or your sense of humor, or pain threshold." He winked at her, and Jane huffed in annoyance.

"Listen mister, he's a rascally little fellow as of late, I can't wait for him to come out and here's hoping I won't have to put up with the entire child birth with no medicine." Jane groaned tiredly, a smile still forming on her face she snickered softly.

"Really Jane?" John chuckled entirely now, knowing full well that Jane had a low tolerance for pain but still finding the bait irresistible.

"Don't you start with me John, unless you'd like to switch roles and deliver our child?" And with that Jane smirked triumphantly.

John's eyes filled with horror at the thought but he simply shook his head and laughed with her. "No dear, I just can't wait to be a father…Our child, our son. I don't know what to make of it all." John pressed his lips against Jane's shirt right above her naval and whispered tenderly. "Hey little guy, you better come out soon I don't think your mommy can take much more of this." And with that the fetus that resided within Jane kicked John right in the mouth making him jerk back slightly. Jane couldn't help but laugh, running her hand against John's cheek.

"He knows who is daddy is already." Jane teased and John nodded, beaming up at her with his rich cobalt eyes. Jane grabbed John's hand lightly and proceeded to rub her belly with it, smiling in content.
Bioware/EA owns Mass Effect and Commander Shepard, I'm simply fiddling with the toys.

This particular Jane/John pairing and (unborn) Alan belongs to :iconthelonelymoon:

Um...Uh...So...:iconthelonelymoon: requested that I write a scene involving Jane and John expecting their first child, which is her OC Alan Shepard. I really struggled with writing this, mostly because I had no idea how Jane and John acted toward each other and there wasn't a lot to go off of. It was truly quite the challenge and I apologize that it is so damn late, I was trying for a week to try to sit down and write this but nothing was coming to me. (I literally stared at that picture for HOURS trying to come up with something.) I hope you like it and let me know if you'd like anything changed, I'll happily do so.

I'm not particularly happy with it, I did try though...I hope it's what you wanted >_<

I have permission to use her commission as a cover from :iconthelonelymoon: herself but if its a problem just tell me and I'll take it down ;^;.
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“I can’t believe we’re going to be late for our own wedding.” Jane Shepard huffed in annoyance. She blew a stray strand of her hair that had fallen free of her pony tail. She had it up today; their wedding planner had gotten a hair stylist to dress it up in this fancy bun to counter the lower cut wedding dress she had. Of course, John always thought she looked beautiful. It didn’t matter if her hair was up, down, or strewn out when she was asleep, he always found her radiant and alluring. Her emerald eyes had darkened substantially with agitation as she glowered toward him. “You know its bad form for the bride and groom to show up together John.” Jane snipped in a low growl of a voice.

John sank further into his seat in the sky car. He gripped the steering wheel tight and stared out at the sky trying to stay on course. “Come on Janie, you know I’m not good with dates.” He let out a pitiful sigh, waiting for her to smack him upside the head he winced in anticipation.

Jane huffed, crossing her arms and digging her nails into her skin. She scoffed and rolled her eyes instead. John suspected it was because she didn’t want to chip one of the very expensive nails their decorator had gone through the trouble of getting done for her. “Oh no, no, no John, that’s bull and you know it. You remembered Vakarian’s wedding date without a single problem.” Jane cast her gaze outside and her expression softened. “It’s because it’s for us isn’t it? You always put everyone ahead of yourself John. Is this your way of telling me you’ve got cold feet?” John was utterly taken back, his jaw physically dropped.

“Janie you know that’s….” He wrapped his hand around her wrist and pulled her toward him, crushing her in an embrace. “You know that isn’t true. Well…Most of it.” He chuckled when she elbowed him and grinned.

“I know. I suppose I figured as much. I wouldn’t have agreed to marry you if I didn’t know the trouble I was getting myself into.” She chuckled tenderly before she curled her hand into a fist and slammed it into John’s shoulder. “But that mister is for making me late to a very important day.”

John grinned and tried to ignore the now agonizing pain in his muscles as they immediately began to stiffen. Damn Jane was something else, but she had one hell of a left hook. He grimaced through a forced grin and rubbed his shoulder. Jane smirked in triumph. “Janie I’m sorry.” He batted his eyelashes and she snorted, rolling her eyes toward him once more the rest of the ride to the chapel was relatively uneventful.

“At least you remembered your suit. You get points for that one.” Jane quipped when they exited the sky car; both were anticipating a reception of agitated wedding goers and their planner in utter disarray. What awaited them was neither.

“Well, well, well if it isn’t the famous Commander Shepard.” A sketchy looking man stood before them. His finger trembled over the assault rifle that he had out in plain view. It rested against his fully armored chest as his eyes gleamed with malice. His unshaven face and patchy hair looked disgusting, as though he hadn’t bathed in weeks. The armor he wore was fully black with a red symbol on the front chest plate that both Jane and John recognized. Automatically and out of instinct John put his arm in front of Jane, pushing her behind him as he stared the man addressing specifically him down. “Oh and look at that, if it ain’t his little tramp of a girlfriend. Don’t think we haven’t forgotten what you did to us either sweetheart.” The man smirked arrogantly. He inclined his head with a nod toward the left of the chapel where an alley was that separated the church from the rest of the block

“What do you want?” John tried to remain calm, use that good ol’ “Commander Shepard” voice that he used whenever dealing with high tension situations. He hadn’t used that tone in what felt like years, back when they were still fighting the Reapers.

“Your girlfriend there still owes us money tough guy. We’re just looking to settle up.” The man sneered down at them; his cracked lips peeled back revealing a map of brown and yellow teeth in different stages of decay.

“Surely we can work something out boys.” Jane snorted from behind John’s shoulder, nudging past him. She crossed her arms and leaned on her left leg back toward the car. She tried to look as intimidating as possible, but John could see traces of fear in her otherwise haunting emerald eyes.

“Listen bitch.” He pointed an accusatory finger at Jane. The skin beneath his fingernails was so black the duo could see it from their position. “You owe Santiago a shipment of sand from twenty years ago. We ain’t looking for your pretty words. Don’t you think there’s something more…” The man stuck his tongue out and licked his lips in a predatory fashion. “Productive you can do with your mouth anyway honey?” He sniggered when Jane cringed.

John curled his hands at his side into fists. “No one talks to my wife that way.” He warned rolling the sleeves of his tuxedo up he hoped to spook the man without confrontation.

“Ooo watch out boys, we got us a big shot.” The man laughed, pulling the safety off his assault rifle off he tapped the barrel, as if to make sure there was ammunition inside. “We’re done talkin’ anyway.” As soon as the man pointed the assault rifle out, an entire group of men poured out from the alley, all adorned in the same black and red armor.

“Jane!” John cried out helplessly, but Jane was already ducked into their sky car, pistol in hand.

“Get down knucklehead.” Jane growled, yanking John into the sky car and out of the shower of bullets. She shoved an assault rifle into his chest, keeping her head low to avoid the glass shattering over head.

“Jane where did you…” John began to protest, looking at her in a bewildered fashion. She cocked a ‘not amused’ eyebrow at him, pointing toward the backseat. “Oh.” John muttered stupidly, rubbing the back of his neck as he tucked himself on the floor by the passenger seat.
The firefight persisted for what felt like an eternity. The grizzly looking man had yet to be taken down. He was injured, Jane had made sure of that, but not dead. The way he was barking orders at where to hit the car the two deduced he was the leader of the group. “Use the rocket launcher damn it!” They heard him shout, only having a moment to look at each other before they kicked the bullet ridden doors out and dove out of the car. They’d whittled the group down to less than a handful of troops when one pulled a rocket launcher off their back and fired it at the sky car with the man’s blessing. Jane dove to the left, John to the right.

The car exploded and all John heard was a scream of pain. His heart stopped and he froze. “Jane!” He cried aloud, ignoring his now bloodied face and his torn to shreds tuxedo he limped to the best of his ability toward the front of the car.

He found Jane tucked beneath the back end of the waiting limousine smirking devilishly. “Got the bastard right between the eyes.” She mumbled, allowing John to help her out of her makeshift foxhole. They leaned on each other for support, taking out the last few troops watching the last guy run away as though his pants were on fire. There was debris and smoke all throughout the parking lot and they were both covered in dirt when they stopped at the chapel steps. “Ready to get married now?” He mumbled against the top of her head, making her laugh softly and nod as he kissed her.

“We never get a day where something isn’t blowing up around us.” Jane replied as the both pushed the doors open to an astonished mob of their friends.
I want to thank :iconbloodbandit: for this awesome, lovely request!! :iconsobeautifulplz:

I just love it. God, kicking butt before your wedding day, one of the most important days of a couple's life. That's got to be a Shepard curse going around. No one can be totally free from ass kicking for one day if you're with one of the Shepards. :iconstudmuffinplz:

Hey, at least Jane's prepared to the fullest: a stack of guns in the backseat of their car. :icongreatjobplz:

Again, thank you so much Bandit! You don't know how much I love this lovely Christmas present!! :iconbrohugplz:
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1.  You’ve been admiring and drooling over that gorgeous calf-length military-style brown velvet coat in the Newport News catalog.

2.  You actually own said gorgeous calf-length military-style brown velvet coat.

3.  You refer to your car/truck/SUV/RV/dromedary camel as your “boat.”

4.  You keep plastic dinosaurs on the dashboard of your car/truck/SUV/RV/dromedary camel.

5.  You play with said plastic dinosaurs, complete with dialogue to the effect of “Everything looks good from here.  Yes, this is a fertile land and we will thrive.  We will rule over all this land, and we will call it . . . This Land!”

6.  You fear the Alliance more than you fear the combined forces of terrorists, inflation, and Ted Kennedy.

7.  You insist upon calling your sleaziest friend “Badger.”

8.  Your favorite semi-swear word is “Gorramit!”

9.  You deem things which are stupid/awful/worthy of high disregard as “gorram”; example being “gorram ship” or the like.

10.  But on the other hand, things which are very good are deemed “shiny.”

11.  You’re afraid that there are Reavers living in your closet and under your bed.

12.  You have actually written to every major automobile manufacturer and asked them to name their next car Serenity.

13.  You (if you are female) plot numerous ways to get yourself injured so that you may be tended by the kind, gentle . . . immensely handsome . . . hands of Dr. Simon Tam.

14.  Then again, you might just wish Simon was a gynecologist.

15.  River’s not nuts!  She’s gifted.

16.  You freak out because your dentist’s office is located on Alliance Drive and all the technicians wear blue gloves.

17.  You’ve memorized all the cast's heights, birthdays, full names, etc. by using

18.  Oh, yes.  You’ve written fan-mail.  Lots of it.  Because you CAN!

19.  You cried when Shepherd Book died.

20.  You cried when Wash died.

21.  And if you cried upon aforementioned tragic demise, you more than likely swore angrily at Joss Whedon for letting the pilot get impaled by a freaking tree!

22.  You might have even cried when Mal got shot and had to fix the ship by himself whilst bleeding profusely even though you knew things would probably turn out well in the end.

23.  You lust after Vera.

24.  You swear you’re moving to a town called Canton so you can be its hero!

25.  You have the words to said town’s local theme song (a.k.a. “Hero of Canton”) memorized, sometimes singing it about Jayne Cobb, other times singing it . . . about yourself . . .

26.  While we’re on that subject, you probably have a hat (with or without a pom-pom and ear flaps) that you wear—in public—and, when you do, ask people “Pretty cunnin’, don’tcha think?”

27.  You learned a bit of Chinese just so you can A, swear, B, confuse people, or C, proudly proclaim your Browncoat status—as if the (ahem) brown coat and cunnin’ hat didn’t give that away.

28.  You think the theme song of your life is the ballad of Serenity.

29.  You cussed Fox out when they cancelled the show because they just darn well deserved it.

And, finally . . .

You know you’re a Browncoat when . . . YOU’RE READING THIS! On purpose!
"You know you're addicted when..."


EDIT 1.4.2008: I added a few more. Needless to say, I am guilty of numbers 1, 6 (though Ted Kennedy is pretty scary), 10, 14, 16 (because it is TRUE! My dentist's office really is located on Alliance Drive, and the techs really DO wear blue gloves!), 17 (mostly :XD:), 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, and 26.

For anyone who cares, there's a town called Canton in Louisiana, and I've got my sights set on a real live hat with a pom-pom and ear flaps. Sure, it's not orange and yellow (it's white) but still...!

Firefly/Serenity = Joss Whedon. Make more of it for us, please, Mr. Whedon??
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Author: Revan-sama

Game: Dragon age 2.

Warning: Short and contain incest, so if you don't like it, don't read it. The theme of this fanfiction isn't about how 'sickening' it is but how forbidden it is.

Pairing: Male Hawke x Bethany Hawke.

-Forbidden Wish-

As children, purity still linger. A strange and misunderstood feeling that couldn't be considered as 'pure' and 'innocent' anymore.
So when four years old Bethany Hawke told her mother that she would one day marry her elder brother, even if their mother didn't realize it, she was more serious than she could ever imagine.

When Garrett Hawke, her elder brother, told her she was the same as ever, she couldn't help but feel frustrated.
What was he talking about?! She was eighteen now! Wasn't she feminine enough?!
But after he laughed at his sister pouting, what he said made her blush and he managed to recover her smile ..."You are right thought, you have grown into a fine beautiful young woman."

Close. Too close. Merrill was too close to her brother.
She knew he was an attractive man, he was even popular at Lothering but still...
There wasn't any reason to give in HER affection! As they walked in the street of Kirkwall she could see in front of her Garrett and Merrill talking as if they knew each other for years.
The gentle smile he would show, the blush and small smile she had...Sickening. Before she could show any emotion of jealousy, Isabella told her:
"That's no ordinary jealousy you have dear...That look on your face is of a jealous woman in love."

They were doing their chores as always when this strange conversation came up.
They were washing the dishes and talking about what their mother told them about marriage. Then Bethany said that no decent man would want to be with a mage.
She seemed quite sad about it so he decided to cheer her up by saying that 'who wouldn't want such a beautiful and nice young lady like you. Any man would. I would-'
He couldn't finish what he was saying because of the sound of a crashing cup.

She cut herself. It wasn't bleeding too much. It was nothing that she couldn't heal with her magic.
Yet he knew she wanted to do things like normal people. Not like an apostate. So before she could heal the small wound with her magic, he took her hand to examined it.
She said it was nothing and yet he was sure there was something he could do. Before she could protest and say that she was fine, He did something she didn't expect and made her blush quite heavily .
He licked the wound on her finger. He did it slowly, gently, not to hurt her. And after he was finish he kissed the wound and asked if it still hurt. All she could do was nodding.

She hated storms when she was a ten years old child. They would always scare her to death, the loud sound, the thunder, everything.
Her twin brother Carver would be snoring in his sleep while she was shivering and trembling.
But in cases like that, there was a place she was always welcome to go. Her elder brother's room. She went over there trembling and crying, yet he would always welcome her with his gentle smile.
He would took her in his arms and then put her on his bed, she would fall asleep immediately while griping his shirt to death.
After a few years she didn't need him anymore, it made him sad for some reason he couldn't explain himself.
Though one thing was clear as pure water, neither of them could let go of the beautiful sickening feeling worth of disgrace that would be between them.

END...Or maybe continue? I still don't know...
Dragon age 2 fanfiction.

Warning: Short and contain incest, so if you don't like it, don't read it.
The theme of this fanfiction isn't about how 'sickening' it is but how forbidden it is.

A few themes about male Hawke x Bethany.

Part 2: [link]
part 3: [link]
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it's often rare that I get requests to review movies, but when I do, I consider it a challenge, but a challenge that is worth taking on if I can get my hands on a copy of the film. But it's even more conflicting when I get demands to review a video game. Unlike movies where I can just go online to find them and, if I'm lucky, watch them, with video games, I have to buy them, which means using money I don't have since most money I do get, I send towards paying off my car payments or paying my college tuition, which is generally why I'm inclined to say no when asked to review a particular video game. But when three people ask me, no, beg me to review a video game just because they want to set an example against a company who made it, I can't help but feel some sense of expectation to deliver what they want and the feeling to speak my mind.
With that out of the way, let's talk about "Mass Effect 3," one of the more controversial games in recent years for two reasons: first one being that many conservative parents accused it of being the game that inspired Adam Lanza to go and shoot around 30 people, many of them schoolchildren, on December 14th 2012, even though the guy was a firearm collector and a huge fan of the Call of Duty games, which apparently has more young children playing them than Mass Effect.
Second reason being the ending, I had never heard of so much hatred for an ending since the ending to "Remember Me." It was because of this ending that I spent an entire year having to ignore any reviews or journals or videos about it because I didn't want to know the ending to avoid being ruined of any emotional experience. So I had to avoid learning anything about what happens in Mass Effect 3 just so I could feel the emotional satisfaction of playing it in my own sweet time.

So, I finally got the game…how did it play out?

A year or two after the events of Mass Effect 2, The Reapers have arrived as they invade Earth, forcing Commander Shepherd to flee the planet and go build an army to fight The Reapers. To do this, he builds alliances with any alien faction he can, from the honor-bound Turians, the intelligent and nimble Salarians, the battle-hardened Krogans, the tech-savy Quarians to even mercenaries of all races. But in the end, will it be enough to stop the Reapers from eliminating all life from the universe?
I may be the black sheep when it comes to the Mass Effect series, but I love the first Mass Effect more than the second game, which I personally find overrated.

I walked into that game completely blind about what it was about and found myself totally immersed in the game, it's storyline and it's characters. Forever in my mind will the moment of having to choose whether to shoot Wrex while arguing over destroying the genophage cure, will always stick in my mind as being the most tense I've ever been in a video game. Mass Effect 2, well, I didn't get the same sensation in that game. In fact, the entire game felt like busy-work.
I'm sorry, but I just never really liked many of the characters, they all felt like big whiners to me, "I'm dying and my son is trying to follow in my footsteps," "My daddy cloned my from his genetics and he wants to do things to my sister cause he's an asshole," "My daddy never hugged me enough," "go do this for us," "go do that for me so I won't die on your mission," "what, you don't agree with me? Well f*ck you, I'm not loyal to you anymore." ARGH! Shut up!
Hell, the threat of the Collectors never really seemed like a huge problem to me. They only popped up whenever they wanted to so I never threatened by them.

This time, I actually felt some emotional yearning to save the universe, gather as many troops as I can to stand a chance against the Reaper forces. I actually cared about curing the Krogans of their Genophage and bringing peace between the Quarian and the Geth and bringing resolution to these matters through the paragon options was some of the best examples of writing I'd seen, while many other designs, though they leave a negative impact, build total pathos and pull at your heartstrings when you realize that it could have been avoided.

But then comes the ending, but we'll get to that soon enough.

Shepherd is a blank slate, in all honesty, but that's not a bad thing since his character and personality are shaped by the choices and dialogue you say in the games. He can be a good-little boy scout that only wants to do what's best for others or a bastard who puts himself first in front of others. These choices shape him but the choices made also effect the game and the other characters around you.
I always liked Garrus and Wrex from the first game, not so much in the second game but they truly feel fleshed out this time around. That part of the game where Shepherd and Garrus engage in a friendly shooting match on the Citadel, you make the choice to purposefully miss or hit the target, whatever choice you make, it further shows the brilliance of options the screenwriters give you and how you interact with the characters over the course of the game. There is this moment in the game where a conversation with Garrus involves the both of them talking about how the war is taking a toll as Shepherd tells Garrus about these nightmares he's having about a child he failed to save. Garrus comforts Shepherd by telling him he's not the only one as he tells him anytime he needs the talk, he can find him at the bar with a drink waiting for him. It's writing like that that really takes this fictional character and breathes life into him.
Although the game gives you the option who to romance, I always felt the romance options were sketchy since I never felt like they gave me a choice and the game would just push you to one person. This is a problem I had with Mass Effect 2 where the game seemed to push me to romance Tali'Zorah when I wasn't interested in romancing anyone. Even in this game, I felt I had no choice since, whenever I talk to people, I try to be a good person and use the paragon options and by accident, I would romance that person when I really didn't want to.
When it came to the romance in this game, I made two files.
The first file was my main game, I chose Ashley in the one, why? Because I felt, in terms of screenwriting, I felt she had a legitimate reason to be romanced. She and Shepherd had history together, the interactions between me and her felt natural and felt like an actual conversation that we tried to get back together since the last time she saw me, I was with Cerebus. This kind of interaction was interesting and it felt like something from a traditional Hollywood story along the lines of "Casablanca."
The second file was romancing Tali, who, I'll be honest, is not a very strong character. She's just a girl who doesn't really work to get what she wants, she just stands around while others do the work for her, acts cute and sensitive. Pretty much the only reason guys actually like her is because guys objectify her body. Seriously, try to even Google her with the safety off, you'll be disturbed what you'll find.
I only romanced her because I wanted to see her face and how much bullsh*t is it when the only time I get to see her face is a f*cking picture that Bioware took off the Internet and photoshopped it? I immediately deleted this file afterwards and continued with my main file. But nevertheless, on my final mission, I brought Tali and Garrus along me to commemorate how they had been consistently by my side through each game as friends.

I said before that I preferred the gameplay feel of Mass Effect, while I admit the gamely improved in Mass Effect 2, I felt saddened that the game became an over-the-person shooter. I dunno, but I've always had frustrations with over-the-person shooter games like "Resident Evil 4" and "Gears of War" in the past and I felt the same frustrations here. I can't exactly explain it, but pop in "Grand Theft Auto IV" and I think you might get what I'm saying. Another piss-off I have with the game is the blocking system, no matter what I do, I can't seem the jump over or run past obstacles without running into it and hiding behind it when I have to jump over it. It's really annoying. The Biotics attacks, I felt, worked occasionally, but more often than not, it barely hit the target, so most times, I just used incendiary shots or armor-piercing rounds. Barely did I ever use my team-mates powers since, whenever I needed them, they were never available and whenever they were, they never seemed to work when I needed them to.
The dialogue options are still as intriguing as ever and the Renegade and Paragon pop-up options really force you to act fast if you want good points. But throughout this game, i was so worried about trying to pick the best options because I wanted to win this war against the Reapers. So yeah, what did I do? I cheated, which I hate doing because it really robs the experience of the surprise of your choices (but I kept the ending in ambiguity because I wanted to know why people got angry).
Speaking of which, that leads us to…

The Mass Effect 3 Ending:
Yes, at long last, you get to hear me bitch and complain about the ending. If you haven't played this game yet, I suggest you stop reading this review now, go read something by Kurvos or HailtotheChimp or Burnouts3s3, because I am not going to hold back on Spoiling the ending. Okay? Are you sure? All right.
So at the end of the game, you make a mad dash for the teleporter beam, you and the entire squad are wiped out as you are told everyone is pulling back, I assume that also means the squadmates you took with you since I didn't see their bodies anywhere, those cowardly bastards. I limp forward, shoot some husks as I go into the teleport beam and continue to limp my way through the Citadel before I reach this thingy. I get stopped by the Illusive Man who has done some seriously botched plastic surgery and has the power to take control of your body, kinda like that bloodblending bitch from that episode of "Avatar The Last Airbender." Depending on what you say to him, he'll just blow his brains out, sorta like what Saren did in the first Mass Effect, then Anderson dies next to you as you find yourself up at the Heart of the Crucible, or whatever, to find that snot-nose kid who kept bugging you in your dreams all through the game is here as he gives you three options to how to defeat the Reapers…and each one suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks.
-If you take the blue pill; the story ends. You dissolve to dust and yet you take complete control of the Reapers and can make them go away, making all the mass relays explode and leaving your friends to outrun the blast and land on a jungle planet to repopulate, or whatever.
-If you take the red pill; the story still ends and you deactivate all synthetic life, including the Geth which I spent hours trying to get them to be on my side, the mass relays are destroyed, sometimes planet Earth will be destroyed and other times it wont, sometimes your friends will die and sometimes they won't, either way, they land on a jungle planet.
-If you take the green pill; then you stay in wonderland and you'll see how deep the rabbit hole goes…and by that, it means you dissolve to dust and create some new brand of species where everyone is synthetic and yet organic, if that makes any sense. the mass relays are destroyed, your friends fly away and they pop out on a jungle planet with the intention of getting to business.
And each ending gives you some brat asking some old man to repeat the tale about 'The Shepherd' around a night sky which, I had learned, had taken some art from Google and then the game thanks you for playing and go buy DLC. F*ck you Bioware.

Deviantart artist Epantiras made the point in describing that these choices don't really decide how you'll defeat the Reapers, but how you'll die. I've never seen a more disappointing game ending since the ending to "Batman Arkham Asylum." Hell, even Bethesda Game Studios with it's disappointing ending to "Fallout 3," offered DLC to continue the game after you die, or, better still, allow Fawkes, the friendly Super Mutant who hangs out with you, to go activate Project Purity, for as disappointing as Arkham Asylum is, it offers you the chance to continue running around the Asylum and look for any remaining Riddles. But the fact that this was supposed to be the epic conclusion to a beloved series of games, it begs the question if Bioware actually cares about their fans to give them this sh*t.

This game ending is so notoriously bad Bioware released extended endings through DLC to offer some resolution for gamers and their choices. While they offer some resolution to what you chose, the endings are still the same, you're dead, without he exception of this one ending where you can see Shepherd taking a breath before it cuts to black. At least continue on! Show us the happy ending we were promised goddammit!
This ending is so bad, it practically killed off any respect and love I had for the games. Even trying to replay the first two felt pointless since no matter what you do, it al leads up to disappointment. That's how bad this ending is.

Final Thoughts:
Mass Effect 3 has the makings of a great game. The story is very engaging, even my sister, who had never played the previous Mass Effect games, found herself really intrigued in the storyline. The gameplay wasn't my favorite, but the story was the only thing that kept me wanting to keep going because I was so involved with the emotion of the characters and the story. Sure, most of it is just mindless busywork, but for some of the characters you get to meet format he previous games, being able to say goodbye to them, such as Thane and Legion, was utterly satisfying. The choices you make over the course of the game offer great satisfactory resolution for the characters and their goals. I cured the genophage, bringing a satisfactory resolution to the Krogans' suffering. I helped the Quarians return tot heir home world and built a bridge of peace between them and the Geth.
It's moments like that that really gave me emotional closure to these conflicts that were raised over the course of the game and I felt satisfied with them. Even certain characters that I didn't like in the last game, I really liked them even more here.

But all of that is ruined by the ending, which spits in the faces of anyone who even gave a sh*t for the Mass Effect universe and story. The ending is like the Ultima 9 of gaming, but unlike Ultima 9 where the entire game spits in the face of Ultima fans, the ending to this one game spits in the fans of Mass Effect fans.
Webcomic artist Jay Naylor did a comic article that described the ending to Mass Effect 3 to be like "Having some of the best sex of his life building towards the end and it's ruined by farting on his balls right before climax."  Not sure if I would put it like that, but it is a good way to put it.
I put it like this:
Bioware says they love you, but EA games has complete distain for their fans.
Links to folks I quoted in this review:

Blame :iconalphabeta90:, :icongshepherd17: and :iconalisaihin: for getting me to play this game (though it was Alpha and GShep who begged that I review the game and Alisa said he would like to see that review).
I had fun, but God, that f*cking ending...

By the way, I'm still having troubles putting up preview images. I'm still trying to figure it out...
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Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. -Psalm 23:4

I was walking through a valley,
Walking, walking, on my way—
When suddenly the sky grew dark
And no longer seemed like day.

A brisk wind blew, and in fear I cowered
As storm clouds gathered and lightning flashed.
My courage left me, and with terror I ran
When the earth trembled and thunder crashed.

Through that valley did I dart
But hell’s fingers groped for me.
I cried for help, but none such came;
My voice was lost in that raging sea.

The devil was there; he was laughing at me—
Laughing at all my failures.
In agony I writhed as I soon remembered
What I needed most then was a Savior.

So to the heavens I looked, eyes filled with tears
As the tempest around me raged and roared.
My voice was a whisper, barely able to be heard,
But I begged, “Come and save me, Lord!”

I told Him I needed His help and His guidance
To lead me from this cold, dark valley.
I told Him “I’m sorry” for all my wrongdoings,
And that I really did need Him badly.

Then a miracle happened.  The sky cleared away,
And the devil departed, no longer to bring me harm.
I sat there in wonder, dazed and surprised,
Until there was a gentle hand on my arm.

I turned and looked and saw my Maker,
Standing there and gazing at me with warm eyes—
Eyes that smiled as He reached out to me
And said, “Child, I heard your cries.

“I heard your cries for help and salvation
Your cries for Me to come and help out.
But, child, I was never away from you.
I was right there; why did you doubt?”

In embarrassment I hung my head
And whispered an apology with a sigh;
Then the Lord took me by the hand,
Pulled me to my feet, and looked me in the eye.

“It’s all right,” He said, “but here—”
And He held out His other hand to me—
“Take hold of Me, hold fast, don’t waver.
Together we’ll make it through; you’ll see.”

He smiled at me as I clasped His hands,
And off we went down that canyon way—
My Lord and me, through the Valley of Death
We walked, emerging safely at the end of that day.
This poem came to me in the bathroom, of all places... Well, the first two stanzas did, anyway. I worked on it in between lessons during school this morning. I liked doing something different that shows my faith. Title taken from the 23rd Psalm, which reads:

The LORD my shepherd; I shall not want.

He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters.

He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake.

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.

Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the LORD for ever.
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Atton and the Author in His Head

     “Hello, Atton.”


     “I said hello.”

     “And I said ‘Mmph.’”

     “You could at least give me the decency of a hello.”

     “Why, because I’m some nut who talks to himself?”

     “You aren’t talking to yourself.”

     “I think I figured out that much.  Who the frack are you?  . . . If I’m not hung over, that is.”

     “You’re not . . . not yet, anyway.  I’m an author.”

     “Oh, well that’s just fine!  Always wanted to be poetic.”

     Atton shifted in his seat slightly and readjusted his hold on the shot glass of juma he clutched in his right hand before sinking his forehead into his left.  When he went to take a swig from his drink, he found that his arm was practically pinned to the table.  He rolled his eyes and glared upward.

     “What are you doing?!”

     “Keeping you from drinking yourself into a stupor.  You’re much harder to write when you’re drunk and crazy.”


     “I need what few brain cells you have left.  Otherwise I won’t be able to write my stories.”

     “The few brain cells I—hey!”


     “You better be!”

     He switched his glass to his other hand and tried to lift it, but it, too, felt as if it had been strapped down with dead weights.  He lifted his right hand quite easily, so he worked the process backward, switching the glass back to the right.  This time, it wouldn’t move.  He cursed under his breath and mentally shot a nasty hand gesture to whoever the voice in his head belonged to.  The little voice tsked.

     “That wasn’t very nice.”

     “Well, the way you keep screwin’ with my drinkin’ habits, I wasn’t meaning to be!” he growled. “Besides, how are you able to control my arms?”

     “I can control every character I write about.”

     “So you write about me, I guess?”  He made an effort to sound bored.

     “Yes.  It’s quite enlightening.  Your mind is very interesting to study.”

     “Gr—e—e—e—e—at,” he drawled with a sigh, “another mind rape master.”

     “I don’t do that.  I don’t inflict pain on people when I get in their heads.  I just get in there so I can understand what makes them who they are so I can more convincingly write for them.”

     “Uh huh.  So tell me, what’ve you learned about me, poking around up in there?  Seen any of my ingeniously placed mind traps yet?”

     “Not a one.  You see, since I write about you, I can avoid those things you put up to block people from entering.”

     His back straightened, and he looked quite startled.  A cold sweat broke out on his forehead and back, and he began to tremble a little bit.  He almost began looking for a place to run and hide, but that would prove difficult since the little voice would simply follow him.

     “Shh,” the soft voice soothed.  To him, it sounded like a female. “You have nothing to worry about.  I just study you; I don’t do harm.”

     “Oh, so I’m like a lab rat.  That’s great, just great!  Where’s my wheel?  When do I start running through mazes to get to the piece of cheese?”

     “Not like that, Atton.  I study you like I would a work of art.  It helps very much with writing.”

     “Would you please explain what that means?”

     The author’s voice sighed in his head, causing him, in turn, to sigh as well.

     “All right, fine.  It means that I write stories about you and the Exile and all your little adventures.  I write about the romance between you—”

     “Do I score with her, huh?” Atton interrupted.

     “No.  I happen to know that she’s smart enough to avoid that with you right now.  But I also know that you’re going to marry her one day.”

     “Uhh . . .”

     The voice chuckled at the anxiety in his voice.

     “Don’t worry about it; you’ll like the idea when it comes time for that.  In fact, you’ll be the one doing the proposing.”

     “Uhh . . .”  He tugged at his collar a bit.

     “New subject?”

     “Yes, please.”

     “All right.  Would you like to see some of the things I’ve written about you?"

     “Oh, what the heck.  All right, shoot.”

     There was a bit of soft humming from the voice before words starting scrolling past him, almost on the backs of his eyes.  They were in paragraph form, going slowly enough for him to read and process before moving on.  Some of it was cheerful and rather fluffy; other stuff was dark, emotional, and full of angst.  Even a bit of it made him shiver.  After a few minutes, the words stopped scrolling.

     “Did you like it?”

     “Wasn’t too bad,” came the reply as he shrugged.

     “You’re lying.  You really liked it.  Since I’m inside your head, don’t you think I would know that?”

     “Um . . .”

     “Want to know what else I know about you?”

     “Not really, he grumbled, but the voice carried on anyway.

     “There’re the basic things, such as your mental pazaak games.  That was one of those lovely traps you set up . . . one of the ones I sidestepped.”

     “And just how did you get past it?”

     “Beat you in the game.”   The voice laughed heartily as Atton scowled.  “But you’re a regular angst bucket who really loves Metarie but is scared to death to tell her.  Did you see that one handwritten piece?  I did that the other day after poking around in your nice little subconscious.  And you really do bathe; you just do it secretly so no one will know and tease you about it.  Here, just one moment . . .”

     A few words popped up before him, and one sentence in particular was highlighted for him:  “There was the light, almost fruity scent of juma on his breath, the fragrance of soap from the previous day on his neck, the rectangular shape of his pazaak deck in his pocket . . .”

     “This is about me!” he cried.

     “No freakin’ duh.  Where have you been this entire conversation?!  But you see there, that’s proof that you take baths every couple of days under the cover of night so no one will know about it.”

     “And what does my personal hygiene have to do with anything?”

     “It wouldn’t usually, but Mira teased you about it . . . Betcha thought I didn’t know about that, huh?  She was lying about that ‘scratching your equipment’ bit, though.”

     “Uh, well . . .”  He tugged at his collar again.

     “You mean—Ew.  That’s the last time I go through that part of your mind.”

     Atton laughed.  It seemed he had convinced his little voice that there were things he could hide from her and get away with.  But the author’s voice just harrumphed and poked him from the inside out.

     “You’re being an idiot.”

     “It’s what I do best.”

     “No, it isn’t.  You’re quite intelligent, I’ve found.  You only act like a moron to throw people off the trail.  See, it’s working on Granny.  Since she can’t get in your head, she thinks you’re a fool.”  Atton smirked triumphantly, and he could’ve sworn that he heard the little voice smile.  “And your brain is so highly functional that you can do extremely complex mathematical equations without paper and pencil . . . Which reminds me: would you help me with my algebra homework?”

     “You’re kidding, right?”  He had to stifle a laugh.

     “Um, well . . . no . . .”

     “Forget it,” he chuckled. “My brain power is for my use only.  Bye-bye, little voice.”


     “Bye-bye . . .”

     The voice sighed, and he smirked as he found himself able to lift his glass again.

     “Fiiiiiine.  But I’ll be back, Atton.  Next time I want to write a story about you, I’ll be back!”

     “That’s nice,” he said, taking a sip of juma. “Toodle-oo.”

     Suddenly, there was a bomb-like explosion in his skull, and he toppled sideways, feeling quite nauseous.  As he curled up on the floor, writhing in agony, he heard the little voice laughing to herself.

     “Betcha didn’t know I could induce hangovers . . .”

Well, this is random, isn't it? :XD: I just wrote this for fun this afternoon while thinking about how I love to crawl around in Atton's mind and dig out things to write about. But, unlike Kreia, I do it GENTLY. :nod:

So yeah, this is meant for fun. And I am one evil little author, talking to him and then smacking him with a hangover. :evillaugh:

Oh, btw, the idea for a voice in the head is from the Maximum Ride books, so yay!

KotOR belongs to LucasArts, BioWare, and Obsidian
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Shades of Green: One Month

Fear of Oneself

Avengers Mansion

Hulk's Room

1:48 AM

The door slowly opened as a familiar female figure stood at the entrance, her emerald green eyes locking onto the sleeping form of the Hulk, who continued to rest peacefully in his massive bed. Silently as possible, Shego closed the door to Hulk's room shut as she entered, resuming to walk over to Hulk's bedside as she looked down upon the sleeping form of the Green Goliath. She couldn't help but smile in amusement, for it was rare to see Hulk in such a peaceful state, and despite herself, she thought that he looked cute.

For the strangest reason, Shego couldn't sleep in her own room, because she she felt as if it were uncomfortable to her now. It was for that reason that she kept sneaking into Hulk's room every night, finding herself comforted by his presence, which never ceased to confuse her already conflicted mind and emotions regarding the Gamma Goliath. What was it about him that made her feel this way? Could it be possible that she was falling for him?

No. I can't allow myself to fall for him. I mean, yeah, I've become very fond of him, but I've got to keep my head in the game! If this all pays off, then the world will be mine. And once I have the world in the palm of my hand, I'll just have to hope that Hulk will forgive me. Shego assured herself, despite the fact that she wasn't quite believing her own reasoning.

Could you really do that to him? Could you really use Hulk in such a way? He's the first person that you've ever cared about, the first person who accepts you for who you are, and you're willing to use and betray him in order to rule the planet? Could you live with yourself if you were to hurt him in such a way? A voice whispered in the back of Shego's mind.

She pushed those troubling thoughts aside, but not without some difficulty. She never felt this way about anyone or anything, and even though she would never admit it, it scared her to some degree. In her time spent with him, Shego began to care a lot about the Hulk, but not just as a close friend or companion, for she could feel an even stronger bond growing between her and the Jade Giant. It was this bond and her growing feelings for him that made her feel guilty regarding her original intentions to seduce Hulk in an attempt at gain the ultimate villainous recognition and planetary conquest.

Closing her eyes briefly, Shego let out a silent sigh in an attempt to clear her mind of these troubling thoughts and emotions. She opened her eyes to focus on Hulk's sleeping form again, his very visage causing an affectionate smile to grace her features, her left hand reaching down and brushing a few strands of his dark hair from his face. Then, without the slightest hint of hesitation, Shego momentarily lifted the blanket off of Hulk's body as she gently crawled into his bed, resting her green pajama covered body atop Hulk's form before covering themselves with the blanket sheet once again.

Shego allowed herself to get comfortable, resting her head on Hulk's vast chest, listening to the soothing beat of his heart as she soon drifted off into a peaceful slumber. Unknown to Shego, Hulk's peaceful state of sleep was merely a cloak to the actual turmoil that was now taking place within his mind... within the nightmare that he was now experiencing! It was a nightmare that caused Hulk an emotion that he rarely felt... fear! However, it was not fear of anyone or anything... but fear of himself.

Hulk's Nightmare

Hulk was surrounded by darkness, but he wasn't frightened, nor was he intimidated. Instead, all that he felt was a powerful rage, causing him to release a savage growl as his green eyes scanned the darkness that surrounded him, daring anything or anyone to challenge him to a fight! However, Hulk was not prepared to confront the being that lurked in the darkness, for it was a being that he never expected to face ever again.

"Always so angry, aren't we, Hulk?", A familiar voice remarked mockingly.

"Say that to my face... so I can tear yours off!", Hulk roared, clenching his massive hands into fists.

"It would seem that you are as violent and savage as ever... or perhaps even more so than ever before. But then again... you always were a uncontrollable monster.", The voice responded, taunting the Hulk as his rage increased, while his patience began to wear thin.

"Shut up and come out where I can see you... so I can smash your skull in!", Hulk snarled, narrowing his eyes dangerously as his muscles began to tense up, preparing for the conflict that was sure to come.

"Very well, Hulk. If that is your wish, then so be it.", The voice answered, accepting the Hulk's challenge.

Out of the darkness, the imposing being revealed himself, the mere sight of him causing the Hulk to narrow his emerald green eyes as he unleashed a low growl of pure rage and hatred. With the exception of his bare upper body, the monstrous brute was wearing a pair of royal blue pants and combat boots, while a necklace made up of skulls and jewels hung from his thick green neck. If one were to look upon the monstrous brute, it would appear that he was an exact look-a-like of the Hulk, with the exception that he was older, his hair was long and white, and he supported a long white beard that was equal in length to Odin's own.

However, this being was not the Hulk, at least not the Hulk from this very reality or dimension, but he has forever been known by the name of the Maestro. This was the Hulk from a another reality, one in which the world was devastated by a nuclear war of epic proportions, and those heroes and villains that did survive were killed by none other than the Maestro himself. Unlike the Hulk, the Maestro was as insane as he was brutally cold and malevolent, feeling no guilt in killing anyone or anything that dared to get in his way. If there was any being that the Hulk despised more than any other, even more than Banner, it would have to be the Maestro.

It was true that Hulk was violent and short-tempered, but it was also an undisputed fact that the Green Goliath never killed or harmed anyone who was innocent, and those that he did kill usually were beings that either intended to harm countless innocents or tried to kill him. Maestro, on the other hand, was murderous and sadistic to a fault, taking a sick and twisted pleasure out of killing anyone or anything that was unfortunate enough to incur his wrath. There was so many aspects of the Maestro that reminded both Hulk & Bruce of their violent and abusive father, Brian Banner, who was responsible for killing Bruce's mother, Rebecca Banner. It was no wonder why both Hulk & Bruce despised the Maestro more than most of the beings that they came into contact with throughout the years.

"Maestro!", Hulk snarled between clenched teeth.

"I'm surprised that you remember me, but then again, it's hard to forget someone that you killed.", Maestro remarked darkly, an evil smile gracing his features as his sinister green eyes locked on to the Hulk's own emerald irises.

"You killed countless thousands of people... heroes and villains... men, women, and children! I wasn't going to allow you to live! Yes, I killed you, but in my opinion, a monster like you deserves a fate worse than death!", Hulk roared, his voice a mixture of rage and utter hatred for the evil Maestro.

"You're one to talk, Hulk. Have you've not realized that you're the real monster? The truth is... you're more of a monster than me!", Maestro taunted, crossing his arms over his chest as a smug smile formed on his visage.

"No! I'm not like you! I'm not a monster!", Hulk proclaimed, glaring defiantly at the monstrous being standing less than twenty feet away from where he stood.

"Still believeing that you're a monster who is a hero, even though you know as well as I do that you are a breaker of worlds. They can't even begin to comprehend how powerful you truly are! But you already know, don't you? You're a destroyer... An unstoppable titan of death and destruction... A killer of heroes, villains, and gods... You are the World-Breaker!", Maestro yelled at the top of his lungs.

"Shut up!", Hulk snarled, grasping his own skull as his anger continued to rise to dangerous levels.

"You can't deny who you are! Everyone you know, everyone you care about, everyone that you've ever loved... Your friends, your family, your teammates... You'll kill them all, Hulk. You will kill them all!", Maestro shouted before bursting forth in maniacal laughter.

"Shut up!", Hulk roared, lunging at the Maestro.

Hulk tackles the Maestro to the ground, the impact of their collision capable of shattering a dozen city blocks. Trading powerful blows back and forth, Hulk and Maestro continued their battle of dominance, neither willing to submit to the other as they unleashed their fury upon one another. Finally, Hulk managed to get the advantage by breaking Maestro's left arm, causing the evil incarnation of the Hulk from another universe to roar in pain. Taking advantage of the situation, Hulk began to viciously batter the Maestro, his fists smashing the monstrous green titan down, each blow more devastating than the last as green blood soon spilled from the Maestro's wounds.

Hulk did not relent, his mind consumed with rage as his massive fists continued to smash against the Maestro's muscular form, breaking bones and drawing more blood from the sinister tyrant. It was only when Hulk's fists became covered by the Maestro's green blood, which slowly dripped down to his fingers and onto the ground at his feet, his jade eyes never leaving the beaten body of the Maestro. However, instead of hearing the sounds of pain, the Hulk listened as Maestro once again began laughing in a maniacal manner as the sinister tyrant slowly got up and rested himself on his knees.

Hulk could only watch in a mixture of outrage and disgust, wanting nothing more than to silence the evil laughter coming from the Maestro, even if it meant beating the green titan to death. With a savage growl, Hulk reached out and grasped Maestro by the neck, his right hand tightly squeezing the throat of his hated enemy. It was at that moment that Hulk and Maestro came face-to-face, their eyes locking as they glared their hatred and defiance of one another, each possessing a gaze that was more savage than any beast and colder than the coldest winter snow.

"What are you laughing about?", Hulk demanded, tightening his grip around the Maestro's throat.

"You can't save them, Hulk. Try as you might, you won't be able to protect them from your wrath! Sooner or later, you'll unleash yourself as never before, and you'll kill all of them!", Maestro responded with an evil smirk, spitting blood directly in the Hulk's face, his boisterous laughter infuriating Hulk even more.

With a thunderous roar, Hulk throws Maestro aside, deciding that the malevolent tyrant was no longer a threat to himself. Hulk turned his back on the downed Maestro, trying to ignore the taunting laughter that still escaped the villainous monster's throat. Then, just as Hulk was about to resume his intentional desire to beat the Maestro to death, he turned to discover that the Maestro had vanished from thin air. However, the Maestro's voice continued to echo through the darkness that surrounded him, taunting and mocking the Hulk like some sinister spiritual phantom.

"Their blood will be on your hands, Hulk!", Maestro's voice echoed all around the surrounding darkness.

Hulk then looked at his hands, discovering that they were covered and dripping with crimson blood, his eyes widening in horror as the wet red liquid slowly fell in small droplets from his hands and onto the floor. However, the blood on his hands paled in comparison to what Hulk soon discovered, his heartbeat increasing as his eyes looked upon the horror that surrounded. All around him lay the motionless forms of the heroes and people that Hulk known... all of his friends and allies... everyone that he cared about and respected on one level or another... all of them dead!

The Avengers: Captain America/Steve Rogers, Thor Odinson, Wasp/Janet Van Dyne, Ant-Man/Giant-Man/Yellowjacket/Hank Pym, Ms. Marvel/Carol Danvers, Iron Man/Tony Stark, Vision, Hawkeye/Clint Barton, Black Panther/T'Challa...

The X-Men: Professor X/Charles Xavier, Storm/Ororo Munroe, Cyclops/Scott Summers, Jean Grey, Beast/Hank McCoy, Nightcrawler/Kurt Wagner, Angel/Warren Worthington III, Iceman/Bobby Drake, Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff, Quicksilver/Pietro Maximoff, Jubilee, Shadowcat/Kitty Pryde, Colossus/Piotr Rasputin, Rogue/Anna Marie, Gambit/Remy LeBeau, Wolverine/James "Logan" Howlett...

The Fantastic Four: Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic, Sue Storm/Invisible Woman, Johnny Storm/Human Torch, Ben Grimm/Thing...

The Defenders: Dr. Strange, Valkyrie, Namor, The Silver Surfer, Nighthawk, Hellcat/Patricia Walker...

Friends & Family: She-Hulk/Jennifer Walters, Rick Jones, Marlo Chandler, Doc Samson, Monica Rappaccini, Kate Waynesboro, Hercules, Amadeus Cho, The Sentry/Robert Reynolds, Spider-Man/Peter Parker, Namora, Thundra...

These and many more lay motionless all around the Hulk, their very blood now dripping from his hands, the very hands that had claimed all of their lives. The final horrific blow to the Hulk's heart came when he looked down at his feet, revealing the limp and motionless form of Shego, the mere sight of her dead body causing tears to stream down Hulk's face. Kneeling down, Hulk gently scooped up Shego's cold and motionless body in his arms, holding her close to him in an affectionate, yet sorrowful embrace.

A painful cry of anguish escaped Hulk's throat as he rested his forehead against Shego's own, allowing the tears to finally fall from his emerald irises, seemingly unaware of the fact that his body began releasing immense amounts of energy. All the rage, sorrow, and grief that the Hulk had suppressed for years was now finally being unleashed, creating powerful shockwaves that could create massive violent tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, and earthquakes all around the world. Shego, the woman he was becoming increasingly fond of... the woman that he secretly loved... was dead. It was a blow that not even the Hulk could withstand... a blow that finally unleashed... THE WORLD-BREAKER!

"Shego...", Hulk whispered, feeling his heart shatter into a billion pieces within his chest.

"NOOOOOOOO!", Hulk roared to the heavens, unleashing his power like never before, annihilating everything in existence in a brilliant Big Bang Gamma Explosion!

Hulk's Room

2:27 AM

Hulk shot up from his bed, roaring in a mixture of rage and fear, his actions quickly startling Shego from her peaceful slumber as she was tossed off Hulk's body and nearly out of the bed. She watched in both bewilderment and concern as Hulk stumbled out of bed, smashing against the side of the wall as he continued to roar with primal fury. It was only when Shego called out to him did Hulk stop his rampage, his green eyes locking on to her own emerald irises.

"Hulk? What's wrong?", Shego asked, concern evident in her voice as she got out of the bed.

"Shego... I...", Hulk spoke in a low voice before becoming silent.

Hulk averted his gaze away from Shego's own, his eyes soon looking upon his massive hands as he raised his arms to examine them more closely, causing flashbacks of his nightmare to resurface once again. As Hulk continued to stare at his hands, the expression on his face and the look in his eyes did not go unnoticed by Shego, who continued to watch the Green Goliath, a great concern for him entering her heart. She recognized the look in his eyes, for it was an emotion that she never expected to see the Hulk express in a million years, an overpowering emotion known as fear.

However, Shego could tell that it was not a fear of her, nor of anyone or anything else that was reflected in Hulk's eyes. No, it was completely different, unlike any fear that she had ever seen in another being, but one that she herself had experienced in her life. The fear that was reflected in the Hulk's emerald green eyes, the fear that seemed to have paralyzed him where he stood, staring at his massive hands, was an unconquerable fear of himself.

"Hulk?", Shego asked in a gentle voice, causing the Green Goliath to meet her gaze once again.

Shego slowly proceeds to approach, her eyes never leaving Hulk's own as she ventured closer without the slightiest hint of hesitation or fear, knowing that she was the only one capable of comforting him. Finally, she came to a stop directly in front of Hulk, but before she could do or say anything to comfort him, Hulk averted his eyes from her own before proceeding to rush out of the room. Shego followed quickly in pursuit, but she was unable to catch Hulk in time as he leaped through the very ceiling of the mansion itself.

"Sheena! What's going on?", Janet asked as she rushed out of her own room.

"I don't know, Janet. Hulk just woke up and went berserk! The look in his eyes... it was as if he was... scared.", Shego responded before becoming silent.

"Are you sure about that, Sheena? I mean, Hulk isn't afraid of anything or anyone, at least not as far as I know.", Janet replied, becoming thoughtful for a brief moment.

Then, without saying a word, Shego quickly turns away from Janet, proceeding to march towards her room. She knew what she had to do, because if anyone could understand what was going through Hulk's mind, it would have to be her. Still, she knew that she would least need Janet's help in locating the Green Goliath, for she knew all too well of how much ground Hulk could cover in just a few leaps. For all she knew, Hulk could be in Canada by now, which meant that she would have to borrow the Avengers Quinjet for this particular mission.

"Sheena, what are you doing?", Janet questioned, her curiosity getting the better of her.

"I'm going after Hulk. I need you to go to Hank's lab, get on that computer, and tell me where I can find and bring back our Green Goliath.", Shego answered, her tone brooking no arguement from the female brunette.

"Got it, Sheena!", Janet responded, shrinking down in size and flying off towards the lab.

Shego entered her room, closing her door before quickly undressing out of her green pajama shirt and pants, getting herself dressed in a pair of black jeans and a green t-shirt. Once she was done changing into her causual clothing, Shego marched out of her room and down the stairs, determined to search and find the Hulk, even if it took her all night. Once reaching the bottom of the stairs, Shego was stopped in her tracks by Janet, who quickly returned to her normal human size.

"Did you find him, Janet?", Shego asked, looking directly into the brunette's violet-blue eyes.

"Yeah. He's in Central Park.", Janet answered, releasing a light sigh of relief.

"Then I'm going to Central Park.", Shego stated, continuing to quickly walk onward towards the doors.

"What should I tell the others?", Janet asked, trying to keep up with her friend and fellow female teammate.

"What do you usually tell them?", Shego questioned, not even bothering to glance at the brunette walking beside her.

"Uh... I don't know. The truth?", Janet answered sheepishly with a shrug of her shoulders.

"Then that's what you'll tell them. By the way, keep me informed if Hulk decides to leap off to somewhere else, just in case that I might need to come back to the mansion and borrow the Quinjet.", Shego said to her friend as they reached the doors.

"Take care and good luck, Sheena.", Janet offered sincerely, a warm supportive smile gracing her features.

"Thanks, Janet.", Shego replied with a smirk of her own.

In an instant, Shego rushed out past the courtyard and exited the gate of Avengers Mansion, not even sparing a glance back at Janet. It was times like this that Shego found herself fortunate to have a friend such as Janet Van Dyne, who was willing to cooperate and understand a situation like this. It certainly made it easier for Shego to know that Janet was supportive of the relationship between her and the Hulk, which meant that she could always count on her in dire situations. But right now, all of Shego's thoughts were on one person, the one being who has become closer to her own heart... Hulk.

Central Park

2:57 AM

Shego continued to wonder through Central Park, her flaming emerald plasma encased right hand providing her the light that she needed to see in the darkness that surrounded her, her green eyes scanning the surroundings for any signs of the Hulk. She knew that Hulk was close, so close that she could nearly detect his presence in the surrounding enviroment, and she knew that her instincts were not wrong. She was going to find Hulk, even if she had to search through the entire vicinity of Central Park, leaving no stone unturned until she found the Green Goliath.

A sound caught Shego's attention, causing her to look towards an area where several large trees stood, her jade eyes scanning the darkness as she continued her search. It was when she noticed a familiar pair of green eyes watching her that Shego knew that she had found the person she had been searching for, because if the eyes didn't give away his presence, his massive physique certainly did the job as Hulk's towering muscular form stood in the dark shadows. Not willing to wait any longer, Shego began walking in that very direction, the fiery plasma that encased her right hand illuminating the surroundings with an almost eerie green glow.

Hulk slowly approached Shego, his green eyes never averting from Shego's own emerald irises, his attention focused solely on the woman that was standing just a few feet away from him. Despite being close to six feet tall, Shego couldn't help but feel small in Hulk's presence, her eyes staring in awe at the eight-foot-six-inch tall, two thousand pound Gamma Goliath. However, Shego knew that there was more to the Hulk than incredible power and a savage rage, for she knew that Hulk possessed a heart that was as heroically selfless as it was pure and courageous. When Shego looked at the Hulk, she didn't see a monster... she saw a man, a lonely human being, a friend... and someone that she cared about.

"Hulk.", Shego said in a voice just shy of a whisper.

"What are you doing here, Shego?", Hulk asked, his expression remaining devoid of any emotion, though the same could not be said of his gleaming jade eyes.

"Isn't it obvious? I came here looking for you, Hulk. Why else would I be out here at three o'clock in the morning?", Shego answered with a slight smirk.

"Why?", Hulk asked, narrowing his eyes ever so slightly.

"Oh, I don't know. Maybe it's because I was concerned about you. You may find it hard to believe, but I actually care about you, Hulk.", Shego answered in a somewhat playful tone.

There was silence, one that seemed to last for an eternity, with neither Hulk nor Shego speaking so much as a word to one another. Hulk and Shego merely stared at one another, their emerald eyes locked on to one another as they remained standing in the silence that surrounded them. Then, without warning, Hulk took a few steps towards Shego until only a diminutive gap of space remained between them. Hulk slowly reached out with his right hand, allowing his index finger to lift Shego's gaze to meet his own, while at the same time he lowered his face until it was just inches away from the beautiful pale green-skinned woman's own face.

Despite herself, Shego could feel her heartbeat increasing as Hulk's face became close to her own, so close that she could feel his gentle breath against her lips. She could feel blood rushing up to her face, coloring her cheeks with a blush, and she surprisingly had to resist the urge to close her eyes and capture his lips with her own in an affectionate kiss. Still, she had to admit that she was finding it very difficult breaking away from Hulk's alluring gaze, as if she were becoming entranced by his emerald green eyes.

"You shouldn't.", Hulk stated with a small frown, temporarily averting his gaze away from Shego.

"What are you not telling... or rather... trying to tell me?", Shego asked, a hint of concern seeping into her voice as she reached up to caress Hulk's cheek with her left hand.

Hulk looked at Shego, reaching up to gently grasp her left hand with his own massive right hand, a ghost of a smile briefly gracing his features. Then, as soon as the smile appeared, it quickly vanished from Hulk's features as he released Shego's left hand from his grasp. Hulk proceeded to take a few steps back, smashing his back against the trunk of one of the trees before resting himself on the ground, averting his eyes from Shego's emerald irises.

"It's nothing.", Hulk lied, resting his arms on his knees, refusing to lock eyes with Shego.

Shego didn't know what was more infuriating. The fact that Hulk was lying to her, or the fact that he didn't trust her enough to tell her what was troubling his conflicted mind. It not only angered Shego, but it also hurt her on some level, though she wasn't sure as to why it did. She would give anything to gain Hulk's trust, not only to better understand and comfort him, but also to allow herself to get closer to him. The more time she spent with Hulk, the more Shego became comfortable with the Green Goliath, forming an bond that became a close friendship, yet with the potential to be something far greater.

Releasing a heavy sigh, Shego slowly rested herself on the ground, her black jean covered legs resting on the cool grass as she remained seated on her knees. For what seemed like an eternity, she could only stare at Hulk, wondering how she could approach the Jade Giant on the subject of what he was hiding from her. She knew that it wasn't going to be easy to engage Hulk in a conversation, but she had to try for his sake, and in hope that he would open up his heart to her in a way that few could ever hope to achieve.

"Hulk, just listen to me for a second, okay? I wouldn't be out here if I didn't care about you. I can tell that something is bothering you, and I know that not only from the way you acted back at the mansion, but from the look that I can see in your eyes. There's something that you're trying to keep hidden, something that's got you spooked, and I'm not leaving until I find out what it is. I know that you've known me for only about a month, but all that I ask of you, is that you trust me... like I trust you.", Shego said with the utmost sincerity and determination.

This verbal response got Hulk's attention, causing him to stare silently at Shego, taking everything that she had said into consideration as he contemplated them in his thoughts. Once again, the vivid images of him holding Shego's lifeless form from his dream flashed through his mind, causing Hulk to once again avert his eyes away from her. He didn't want Shego to see the anguish on his face, nor did he want her to see the fear in his green eyes, for the strongest one there is must never show emotion or weakness.

Then, much to his surprise, Hulk felt something touch his right hand, causing him to open his eyes in order to see what it could be. It was then that Hulk discovered it to be Shego's left hand, which rested gently atop his own massive right hand as a gesture of affection and an attempt to comfort him, while at the same time her beautiful emerald green eyes locked on to his own as they stared at one another in complete silence. There were few moments when Hulk felt at such peace as he was when in Shego's presence, for there was just something about her that made him feel like he was accepted in a world that feared and hated him.

"Hulk... you don't have hide anything from me. I would never betray your trust... I would never hurt you.", Shego proclaimed, not daring to break eye contact.

"You don't understand. It's not me I'm trying to protect, Shego. It's you that I'm trying to protect.", Hulk responded as he rested himself on his knees, his words completely catching the pale green-skinned woman off guard.

"Then... what are you trying to protect me from?", Shego asked, raising a confused eyebrow as she stared inquisitively at the Green Goliath.

"Me.", Hulk answered grimly.

"You? What do you mean?", Shego demanded, crossing her arms over her chest.

"I am a monster. And I don't want you to get hurt.", Hulk explained, tearing his gaze away from Shego's, unaware of the concern that entered her emerald irises.

"Wait... so... you're afraid that you'll hurt me?", Shego questioned, her eyes remaining focused on the Green Goliath.

"Yes.", Hulk answered, his voice just short of a whisper.

In all honesty, Hulk didn't care about his own safety, but he did care about Shego's own safety, which had the affect of causing her heartbeat to increase ever so slightly. She was touched by Hulk's selfless confession, because in all of her life, Shego never knew anyone who has ever cared about her. Despite herself, she could swear that she felt tears stinging in her eyes, not just because she was touched by Hulk's confession, but also to know that he was fearful of harming her. Without hesitation, Shego reaches out with both of her hands and gently grasps Hulk's face, turning his head until his eyes locked onto her own.

"You can't let your fear control you, and you shouldn't let it make your decisions. Trust me, when I first got my powers, I was afraid of what I was capable of. I was afraid of burning or killing someone, and I won't lie, because I did unintentionally injured some people. I eventually learned to control my powers, and ever since then, I conquered my fear of losing control.", Shego said, revealing a part of her past that very few beings knew of.

"Why are you telling me this?", Hulk demanded, raising a questioning eyebrow.

"I'm telling you this, Hulk, because I trust you, and so that you can understand. You think you're a monster, but I know that you're not. Yeah, you've got immense power that could be potentially dangerous, but let me ask you this. Have you ever intentionally or unintentionally killed anyone who wasn't a villain or threatening the lives of others?", Shego replied with a question, her tone serious and yet seemingly knowing.

"No.", Hulk answered, his mind wondering where she was going with this conversation.

"See? I told you! You're not a monster, Hulk! That's why I know that you'll never hurt me, and why I'll never fear you.", Shego stated in reply, a warm smile gracing her features.

"You don't fear me?", Hulk asked, his tone a mixture of surprise and disbelief.

"No, I'm not scared of you. And I don't want you to leave... I want you to stay... with me, Hulk.", Shego confessed, a single tear escaping her right eye and streaming down her pale cheek.

Noticing the tear, Hulk reached out with his left hand, proceeding to wipe away the tear with his thumb. When Hulk was about to move his hand away, he was stopped by Shego, who grasped his left hand with her own hands. She then proceeded to rest her face against his hand, closing her eyes briefly as she enjoyed the feeling of Hulk's flesh against her own as her right hand gently caressed his knuckles. When she opened her eyes, she once again noticed that Hulk was staring silently at her, his emerald green irises focused solely on her.

"Will you stay?", Shego asked, her voice almost sounding like a plea.

"I'll stay.", Hulk answered, releasing a light sigh as a smile formed on his visage.

Without warning, Shego rushed forward, embracing Hulk in an affectionate hug as she rested her head against his chest, listening to the soothing beat of his heart. Slowly, Hulk gently returned her embrace, encircling his massive arms around Shego, holding her close in an affectionate manner. He rested his head against the crook of her neck, inhaling the sweet scent of her hair, enjoying every moment that he shared with the woman that he cared about the most.

Avengers Mansion

The Living Room

9:25 AM

Shego was peacefully asleep, resting atop of Hulk's body, her head laying on his vast chest as they remained asleep on the couch. It was rare that she would sleep this peacefully, but whenever she would be with Hulk, there was this aura of serenity that seemed to course through her being, calming her in ways that were thought to be impossible. It would seem that the same applied to the Hulk, for he was also resting in a peaceful slumber, seemingly at peace for the time being. Neither could have expected a certain female brunette to be near, nor could they have know that she was the first to witness the intimate scene between Hulk and Shego.

It was only when a brilliant white light flashed from out of nowhere did Shego stir from her sleep, releasing a low moan of annoyance as she opened her eyes. Sure enough, standing less than twenty feet away, with a camera in her hands, was none other than Janet Van Dyne. As to be expected, Janet was wearing her usual casual clothing and supporting her usual cheerful smile, her violet-blue eyes twinkling in amusement at the scene before her. However, Shego was still too sleepy to really care, offering her friend a small smile as she rubbed her eyes.

"Good morning, Janet.", Shego whispered.

"Good morning, Sheena. Don't mind me. I was just leaving. I'll talk to you later, okay? Bye-bye!", Janet responded in a cheerful, yet quiet tone as she walked out of the living room.

Shego turned her attention away from the direction that Janet left, her emerald eyes looking upon the sleeping visage of the Hulk. She smiled affectionately as she brushed a few strands of his dark hair away from his face, an amorous feeling entering her heart, one that was growing stronger with each passing moment that she spent with the Green Goliath. A light chuckle escaped her throat as she leaned her face down and planted a short, yet passionate kiss on the Hulk's cheek, causing the Green Goliath to smile in his sleep as his arms continued to embrace her affectionately. Feeling sleep overcoming her once again, Shego rested her head down on Hulk's chest, closing her eyes and joining her beloved in a peaceful slumber.

I feel all the faint morning light

Filled with hope

'Cause you're here in my life.
I really enjoyed writing this story, if only because it gave me the chance to include some more darker themes, especially regarding Hulk's self loathing and fear of himself and what he's capable of. Also, I've been wanting to write The Maestro, who is a very cool character from Peter David's Incredible Hulk: Future Imperfect, which I highly recommend. It's definitely some of Peter David's best Hulk work along with Hulk: The End.

Listen to the song, "All That You Are" by the Goo Goo Dolls as you read. I feel that this song really fits this story, especially from the scene in Central Park till the very end. Here is the link to that very song: [link]

Expect more great work from me soon.

Until then, see ya later! :D

Hulk (C) Marvel

Shego (C) Disney

Preview Image By- Paul Pelletier
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Author: Revan-sama

Game: Dragon age 2.

Warning: Short and contain incest, so if you don't like it, don't read it. The theme of this fanfiction isn't about how 'sickening' it is but how forbidden it is.

Pairing: Male Hawke x Bethany Hawke.

-Forbidden Wish 2-

7:Mage's pride.
The end of former life, the end of an oppression , the beginning of a new era, the beginning of freedom. The entire world is shaking, the people watch in silent the fate of Kirkwall.

The city has freed itself from its title : the city of chains. The mages have recovered  their pride and the mighty Templars has been vanquish. He wasn't a mage, he couldn't understand at 100% what it really mean to fight for the golden freedom or to be treated like Maleficars for no reason.

He was always the neutral type, he thought that all Templars weren't all bad, they fight for what was good for both the mages and them. Also he didn't liked the way that Meredith treated the mages.

He didn't liked to take a faction. And yet, at such dark time, no matter how bad the situation was, Bethany Hawke prayed with all heart that her elder brother would take the mages' side.

He was hesitant at first, even if Orsino and Meredith were just in front of him waiting impatiently for his answer, all he could see was his sister's anxious brown eyes filled with a love that should never existed. those eyes reflected many things, he remember fear, anger, sadness and most of all...something he unconsciously ignored, even if it would hurt her so deeply.

Her love.

He knew he was her forbidden love, that even if it was sickening, unholy, she couldn't leave him alone because he had show her this sweet feeling. That love she had never felt before.

It's so terrifying...

Little by little, something was born within them, a feeling that they never thought they would feel for a family member.
And now what was he supposed to do?
Garrett Hawke opened his brown eyes and stared in his beloved sister eyes .

Everything was clear now.

It didn't matter. It didn't matter at all. He loved her. So much  he almost couldn't stand it.

He opened his mouth to give his answer and...


Her world was whole again.

"I will stand with the mages."

8: Templar's tears.

Blood, but not any blood.
The blood of the mages.
Everyone has been slaughtered like animals. As if they were all evil. blood mages.

She didn't care anymore, her entire world was shattered into piece. The Templares were coming for her now. First enchanter Orsino was dead, he was driven mad and used blood magic to defeat Meredith. It was a total disaster.

She was now standing in front of her.
The mighty and proud knight-commander Meredith looked at her with pity in her eyes.
A bit like a mother would look at her child who did something wrong.
Bethany hated her, she didn't need her pity. And she was certainly NOT her mother.

As the knight-commander prepared her sword to strike her in the heart, Bethany could only see memories, precious memories.

Her father giving her first staff with a proud smile.
Her mother combing her long black hair or telling her a story before going to bed.
Her childish fight with Carver about who would spent time with their...
(His gentle smile.)
With their...
(His strong hand)
With their...
(His tease)

she wouldn't stop weeping.

(His voice that she loved so much)

Her eyes filled with tears as she look at him watching Meredith striking her.

("Bethany." he would call her so tenderly)

The blood was spilling like milk.

(Her first love)

Her vision became troubled.

(Her cursed elder brother)

And yet...

(Her cursed love)

She could still see tears wetting his cheeks.
Dragon age 2 fanfiction.

Warning: Short and contain incest, so if you don't like it, don't read it.
The theme of this fanfiction isn't about how 'sickening' it is but how forbidden it is.

A few themes about male Hawke x Bethany.

Part 1: [link]
Part 3: [link]
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Author: Revan-sama

Game: Dragon age 2.

Warning: Short and contain incest, so if you don't like it, don't read it. The theme of this fanfiction isn't about how 'sickening' it is but how forbidden it is.

Pairing: Male Hawke x Bethany Hawke.

-Forbidden Wish 3-

9: Hair.

Always after washing herself and have put her clothes on, Bethany Hawke would always ask her mother to comb her hair.

It always such a pain to do ever since she was a child, so it was a habit to ask her to comb her long black hair.

Leandra knew that problem all too well since she had also long hair (although it was not as long as Bethany's).

But this time her mother wasn't at home. She and uncle Gamlen went shopping for food, and the only person staying at home was her elder brother, Garrett Hawke.

But to ask such a thing to her elder brother was...well...Embarrassing.

And also she doubted he would accept to do it.

He was a warrior after all and a man too.


"Brother?" The call was shy and hesitant.

He was reading letters of new work to do for tomorrow.

Maybe he was too busy after all.

Even so, He gave her his full attention, he always did, that was what made her love h...

She bite her lower lip. She promised herself not to think about that word again.

That was what made her 'appreciate' him.

"Bethany?" It didn't help much that his voice was soft and his eyes tender.

She realized that she was probably standing there in silence for a few seconds and he was wondering what was wrong.

"I..." Now it was even more difficult to speak.

"" Here goes....

"You can take your bath now if you want. I'm finish." Here goes nothing...

He stared at her for a moment then said with a smile.

"Ah, yes. Thank you. I just have to read this, then I will go." He began to read the other letter.

But that wasn't what I wanted to say.

She sighed deeply.

"Are you sure everything is alright?" She open her eyes and looked at him as he asked that.

"Well..." What would he say to this? Would he say that he was busy? Would he be surprise that she can't do that herself? Or worst: Would he find her childish?

She couldn't avoid him anymore.

"I...I need some help with something...Promise you won't laugh?" He smiled and said:

"I promise."

"Will you...comb my hair?" Silence, he stared at her for a moment and then she heard a soft chuckle.

"You promised you wouldn't laugh!" She said angrily.

He stopped himself and said:

"Sorry, I only laughed because I was wondering why you didn't ask sooner."

He smiled : "I don't mind at all."

She felt relived. He didn't find her childish after all.

He was serious when he said he didn't mind.

And so he began to comb her hair.

He was trying to be gentle and slow.

He knew he wasn't delicate, he was a warrior after all, so he tried to do his best not to hurt her.

After getting the hang of it and asking her if he was hurting her or not, he got a very close look of her hair.

Beautiful long black raven hair. Just like their mother had when she was younger.

And very soft...

Garrett Hawke's mind was wandering as he continue to comb his sister's hair, admiring the length and the softness.

Without noticing himself, he took a small lock of her hair in his left hand  and bring it to his lips.

But it didn't go unnoticed.

"Brother?" The voice was surprised and barely a whisper.

His eyes widen as he realize what he was doing and saw his sister fidgeting nervously.

What was he doing?

And more importantly...

Why doesn't it feel wrong?

"Ah! Sorry! I...Had a lot in my mind lately...I didn't hurt you, did I?" He said with a small blush on his face and he was staring elsewhere.

"N-No, you didn't." If he was looking at her, he would have notice the blush on  her face.

After finally calming down, he looked at her and said:

"Shall I continue?"

She nodded.

After that it was completely silent.

They could only listen to their painful heartbeats.

And neither could ignore the sickening yet sweet feeling of the moment.


Bonus: Leandra and Gamlen came back much later, while arguing of course because she bought more than she should and went looking for new shoes in  all Kirkwall.

They both found Garrett and Bethany asleep on the floor.

And the elder sibling had a comb in his right hand, filled with tender memories.
Dragon age 2 fanfiction.

Warning: Short and contain incest, so if you don't like it, don't read it.
The theme of this fanfiction isn't about how 'sickening' it is but how forbidden it is.

A few themes about male Hawke x Bethany.

Part 1: [link]
Part 2: [link]
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