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I REALLY need to sit down and learn how to use Photoshop, because I would have loved to have manipulated the background to look like it was on fire.

Anyway, this adorable looking Pokémon is Vulpix. Easily the trickiest model to date, but totally worth every ounce of stress. It's so gorgeous that even my husband commented on it's cuteness - and he normally he widens his eyes and nods at my finished Pokémon models! "... riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight ..."

I can only stress that if you have any inclinations of building this, whatsoever, good paper (120gsm) and the best glue that you can get your hands onto, are absolutely essential. Thanks to Brandon for this cutie-pie.

Stay tuned in to our blog for the publication:
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Paperpokés has had Bulbasaur and Squirtle for a while now, so finally, here is the last of the Beginner Trainer's Three - Charmander!

This one is reasonably moderate in difficulty to build, there are a couple of tricky parts that could cause people to reprint sections, but the end result is totally worth it!

Once again, this one has a Aussie 5¢ piece glued onto the inside of it's belly for stability, because ... well, have you seen that tail?! Thanks to Brandon for the modeling.

To be released shortly. Keep checking out Paperpokés [link] every Monday for brand new releases.
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I :heart: sunflowers so much, as you can see!

These are Brandon's Sunflora, keep an eye out for them on your blog [link] around May.

Together they have a grand total of 30 cents (in 5¢ pieces) inserted into them for stability.

The reason why there are so many of them is because of this:

The one on the right was the prototype, and had major falling backwards issues. The only way to make it stand independently was to glue a penny into the end of each arm and glue one on the inside of it's bottom - 15¢.

The second one on the left was the final version, but I accidentally glued the two bottom sections of it's neck on back to front, which gives it a sky-gazer posture. This one also has a penny glued to the inside of it's groin, just in case - 5¢.

Then the second one on the right has an alternate face texture. It's pose is finally correct, but I chose to glue the arms on upside down at the last minute. I accidentally glued a penny in the wrong spot (it's bottom) and had to use a counter balance penny on it's tummy, which you can just see the imprint of ... darn - 10¢.

And the one on the left is the final edit, finally built correctly!

I think that they look like they are having a wonderful conversation, don't you? Something like:
"No seriously - it was THIS big!" *group laughter*
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Well, I think this was a long time coming.

And now that Charmander will soon to be published on the Paperpokés blog, I figured that we needed a group shot of the four Gen 1 starters.

Squirtle can be found here: [link]
Bulbasaur can be found here: [link]
Pikachu can be found here: [link]
Charmander: coming soon.
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Pika-pika-pi! Kachu!
Psst, it's paper

Here is another quick sneak peak at yet another Pokémon doll in the to-be-released Pokédoll Series. Patience is a virtue! Many thanks to Brandon for this collectible cutie!

Don't forget to check out the other testbuilt Pokédolls, by Lyrin-83 and Paperbuff:
Bulbasaur Pokédoll: [link]
Charmander Pokédoll: [link]
Clefairy Pokédoll: [link]
Gengar Pokédoll: [link]
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YAY!!!! I :heart: this Pokémon and it's 2 evolutions - favorite pokes EVER!!!

I think that Gastly hasn't been made and released by other papercrafters, up 'til now because of the gas cloud dilemma - how do you make gas into paper?

We came up with a few ideas, including celephane and 2D cut-outs, but none of the concepts were entirely satisfactory. Then our wonderful POdragon came up with the solution, and it looks AWESOME!

This is still a work in progress, just a few edits to be done then it'll be scheduled on our blog, but I was so impressed with the result that I just had to share it with you guys.

Stay tuned for the final release on Paperpokés [link] coming as soon as possible ... soon-ish.
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So I got a new computer desk and needed to re-shuffle the furniture in the library, which meant that the papercraft that were sitting on my shelves needed to come down for a mandatory dusting.

This is all that I have left, some have gone to better homes!

Role-call from the top left to right:
Chansey, Gengar, Psyduck, Charmander, Jigglypuff
Zubat, Ditto, Masterball, Pikachu, Koffing
Magby, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Marill
Raichu, Vulpix, PlushyBall, GengarDoll
Chikorita, SquirtleDoll, PoliwagDoll, JigglypuffDoll, Diglett, PokéBall
Dugtrio, PikachuDoll, OnixDoll, NetBall, MagiKarpDoll, SandshrewV2, Natu
Butterfree, DiglettDoll, PokéEgg, BulbasaurDoll, CharmanderDoll,
Luvdisc, Unown, Goldeen, GreatBall, TogepiEgg, MyGengarCake!
Absent: Hitmonlee, Oddish, Teddiursa, ... and I can't remember who else!

All the links to these models are available at our blog [link] , except the ones that haven't been published yet.
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I LOVE this Pokémon so much, it's super cute! I wanna hug it and keep it in my pocket all day! I wish it were real *sigh* I really do.

This is a FANTASTIC scratch build from PMF - I :heart: it so much.

I might see if I can bump something on the Paperpokés [link] schedule to get this published a little earlier than July, lol.

Stay tuned!
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This is the proudest moment in my papercraft "career"!

This model was supposed to be our Paperpoké's launch model, but that plan didn't quite pan out. But, I guess, better late than never. And as a small electric mouse once said:

Special thanks go to POdragon (~Jynxie [link]) and Brandon (~z8-0 [link]) for helping me out with some of the 3D stuff.

Go get it, apple and all: [link]
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Another Pokédoll, another Diglett!

I swear, it's like whack-a-mole around here, on my papercraft shelf the moment! It's Digletts and Dugtrios a go-go!

Hopefully there aren't any more versions of this Pokémon for me to build ... is so, I might have to fob it off to one of my other team-mates, because I'm all Pokémole-d out! Thanks to Brandon for this model.

So anyway, this is another sneak-peek at another one of the 22 Pokédolls that will be released on Paperpokés shortly.

Here's the Completed-TB-PokéDoll list up to date:

Bulbasaur Pokédoll by ~Lyrin-83 [link]
Charmander Pokédoll by ~Lyrin-83 [link]
Squirtle Pokédoll by ~Lyrin-83 [link]
Clefairy Pokédoll by ~PaperBuff [link]
Tentacool Pokédoll by ~PaperBuff [link]
Voltorb Pokédoll by ~PaperBuff [link]
Staryu Pokédoll by ~PaperBuff [link]
Surf Pikachu Pokédoll by ~PaperBuff [link]
Gengar Pokédoll by me [link]
Pikachu Pokédoll by me [link]
Magikarp Pokédoll by me [link]
Jigglypuff Pokédoll by me [link]
Grimer Pokédoll by me [link]
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