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I wrote this poem to prove a point about people. Why is it when people die by suicide, that's when they mention all the good about you? They say how you made a difference in this world and that no one can replace you...if you said it a little sooner, you probably could have saved someone's life. So don't wait to tell someone they're important :) and for those that have people who care, that's great! You are lucky :heart: This poem goes out to those that don't have anyone...
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    "And yes, in case you are wondering, I now have full guardianship over you. And also, your new legal name is Sissy." She smiled down at me, "You are now legally a three-month old baby girl, and I am your new mother." She began to giggle, "Welcome to your new room." She set me down on the floor, and removed the ropes tying my arms to my sides. She then tied on a pair of pink mittens onto my hands.
    She left the room, and as soon as the door shut, I was stuck in there. Everything that had happened over the past hour hit me straight in the face. Jen was now legally my mother, and I am now legally a baby, and a girl. Not only that, but I was now completely stuck with Jen at her house, and I doubted she would even go to school anymore.
    She came back in the room, just to pick me up and carry me out of the room and into the living room, where her roommate was waiting. There was the baby carriage standing there, that was extremely small and completely pink. "We just got this today, it says it is for babies from ages three months to six months, perfect!" Jen crammed me down into the carriage, and made sure I was strapped into it. She then pulled another baby blue blanket over me, covering all the straps up to my head.
    "Look, we got the milk talk installed into this also!" She hooked a tube to the hole in my pacifier. I screamed into the pacifier, I didn't want this again. "Today we are going to go run some errands." She smiled down at me, "Meanwhile, we are going to get you some baby fat, because babies usually aren't as skinny as you."
    Jen and her roommate strolled me out of her house and down the street, while Jen put the tank setting on one, forcing me to slowly drink milk. We passed by a streetlamp, and once I saw what was on it, I surged with despair. There was a piece of paper nailed to it, with my face on it... with the word "MISSING" on it.
    Jen stopped in front of the paper, and read through it. She then looked down at me, smiling. "Good thing you like your new life better, isn't that right?" She giggled. "And now that I am your legal mother, nobody knows that you are actually a boy." She then looked thoughtfully, "An extremely small boy, that is."
    She kept strolling me for a while until we got to a store called "Everything Baby". Couldn't imagine what that meant. We went inside, and she began to pick things off the shelves, and put them in a cart that her roommate was pushing. An hour or so later, we were outside again, and the roommate took the shopping cart with her as we went to Jen's house again.
    Once inside, she immediately brought me to the baby room, and sat me down in the crib, while her friend began to take a few trips to bring everything in. "This has actually been outlawed among the baby stores, but I guess this one had it." She held up a huge pink pacifier, and when she pressed a button on its side, the sucking end of it inflated. There was also a tube that would go straight from the end of the pacifier to the back of the sucking part. She quickly took out the pacifier in my mouth and inserted the new one in, pressing the button. As soon as it inflated, it was impossible for me to spit it out.
    She then got a container of lotion. She picked me up out of the crib and laid me down on a changing mat on the floor, and took off my dress and diaper. She began to rub me all over with it, despite my struggling. She seemed to take a long time when she rubbed it into my rear, and it was soon after that she seemed satisfied. She then got a container of baby powder, and covered my rear and private parts with it.
    Next, she got a package of diapers, and pulled a few out. They were bright pink and even from a few feet away, I could tell they were very perfumed. She forced five of the big pink diapers on me, and after they were secure, I couldn't even walk normal with all of them on. I had to waddle around, and I would often fall on my face.
To be continued
Part 18! Once again, this is a slight continuation off of "Baby Care Class", go read those first!
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Sableye (the Darkness Pokemon) is a relatively common Dark/Ghost-type Pokemon found among dark caves within the Hoenn, Unova and Kalos regions as well as the Kanto and Sinnoh regions on rare occasions.  Exceptionally mischievous and creepy to a fault, Sableye are devious little creatures that enjoy scaring the pants off of travelers and trainers alike simply for the fun of it.  They might not be the strongest of fighters or have much potential in a professional fight, but for trainers that are just looking for a little fun, you probably won't find a better companion to work with than one of these gem-eating frights!

While the diets of most creatures tend to vary depending upon their own anatomy, Sableye are particularly noted for their abnormal choice of food: gems.  Unlike most living creatures (a term used tentatively here, as Sableye possess organs like any other creature but are still spiritual in construct), Sableye are able to break down the crystal structures of gems in order to obtain the nutrients they need to survive.  They rarely tend to be very picky about the quality of a gem or its size; the only thing that matters is color, as color is a direct reflection of the elements contained within a gem.  Unfortunately for Sableye, this abnormal diet does come with some fairly serious consequences, in particular the way waste material is disposed of.  While Sableye do possess a definite internal anatomy, their limited diet of gems eliminates the need for intestines to dispose of food; instead, the leftover elements that are not needed from a gem are simply excreted through the surface of their skin.  Over time, however, this unique form of solid-state diffusion causes significantly large gems to grow from the bodies of Sableye in various places, most notably their eyes.  This does not actually harm their eyes, however, as the gems merely grow around the organic tissue; in fact, these gems prove to be a boon for Sableye as they magnify the amount of light that their eyes register at any given moment, in turn granting them excellent vision in the dark.  Sadly, this also means that walking outside on a bright sunny day would be enough to blind a single Sableye after just a couple of minutes, so they generally stick to living within dark caverns where light is limited enough for them to see without being completely blinded.

Although Sableye generally get a bad reputation for scaring travelers senseless in the dark, behavioral analyses of the species seem to indicate that this is not done on purpose.  As it turns out, Sableye are rather kind and playful in nature, but their partial Dark-type construct seems to slightly twist their minds into thinking that the best way to earn friends is to simply scare them.  This rarely ever earns these creatures new friends as one might expect, but this doesn't seem to bother them much; after all, people and Pokemon are always getting lost in caverns, so there are usually many opportunities available to make friends in any given month or year.  It is also duly noted that there are many tales within the Hoenn region claiming that a Sableye will steal the spirit of anyone that looks it in the eyes; in practice, this is completely false. However, it is noted that pointing a bright flashlight at a Sableye is probably not a good idea, as the feedback of light from their gem-encrusted eyes is often enough to partially traumatize if not blind anyone foolish enough to stare directly at them.

They may be more of an oddity than something to worry about to most trainers, but for those that know how to use a Sableye properly, there are few other creatures that are as naturally versatile and difficult to predict.  With a startlingly wide variety of attacks at their disposal and no natural weaknesses to worry about in battle, it can certainly be said that any confrontation with a Sableye will not be easy for the average strategist.  The fact that they can't really battle very long in daylight might make them a bit difficult to work with, but as long as you keep a close eye on the sun, you shouldn't have too much trouble getting used to their abnormal time-clock; just try not to wear too much jewelry around one, or your Sableye will be the next one to wear it...and not in a good way!

Professor Wormwood
A report on the Darkness Pokemon, Sableye. Enjoy.
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Andy had just had another fight with his wife, she said he was distant, that he never talked to her, of course he didn't, to him she was a piece of meat, a trophy to be admired, he whished she would just shut up and know her place.

It was dark; he did what he always did to calm down. He went for a "walk" this "walk" took him near one of the many slums set up by the homeless, he found what he was looking for, a young girl no older than 14, she wore tattered rags, barely enough to keep her from freezing to death.

Andy watched her for a while, she went down an alley that was empty, this was his chance, he walked up to her slowly, he wanted to talk to her, getting them to come of their own free will was a special type of thrill to him.

People always had this ignorant assumption that the kind of "monster" who would be willing to kill another would stand out as a creep, this wasn't true his ability to act normal, evening charming at times served him well, say when he had to negotiate a deal at work, or sucker a person into following him into some quite place, where prostitutes and morphine addicts turn up every day.

The police never paid any attention to them; they would rubber stamp an "investigation" then move on to try to catch someone famous, all so that they can get a nice gold commendation and a promotion with a fat pay rise.

Andy decided he didn't care for the bother of talking, he grabbed her, her screams muted by his leather gloved hand over her mouth, he pulled out a partially long looking knife, it was actually a bayonet, a little souvenir of his time in the Marine Corps.

He knew that the malnourished girl wasn't going to escape, still he was impressed by her futile kicking and squirming, even the weakest people tried to put up a fight in the end.
Her fighting quickly bored Andy, he started to stick the knife into her throat, he always loved how the flesh would bulge around the knife, how the person would always intake a little and all the muscles in their body would tighten for a split second.

He pushed harder; it dug into her flesh, and was disappointed to see a fountain of blood spurt from her neck, and to feel her quickly go limp. In his excitement Andy had nicked the aorta, he let her fall to the ground in a heap, he stared at the crumpled mass in front of him and exhaled, he job wasn't done just yet

He grabbed her hands and dragged her into the moonlight, he laid her flat on her back, arms outstretched and legs folded across each other like the crucifixion, Andy had no need for such outdated superstitions, but he did love the drama of them.

He stared quietly at what he had done, he wished he could look forever the scene was so beautiful, but the thrill of it all soon wore off, he no longer felt the eagerness he had before and the anger had dissipated, it was back to his normal bored existence.
He sighed, took one more look at his work then wandered off, his "walk was over and it was back to his real life
This was originally a story I made for English, It got a very positive response from some teachers so I decided to share it

Also, even thought it isn't obvious in the story It is set around 1945-6

This is the first time I ever really tried to write something creative

Of course Criticism is requested and appreciated

Thank you for Reading
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There are times when I want to let the world my TRUE self.
Which is my full rage.
I want to let everyone know I am not always kind.
I am not generous.
I am not a "goody-goody" person.

And it is not just about my fury and rage.

It is my emotions and feelings that I want all to be pouring out of me before I explode!

There are times when I want to be screaming right out of my lungs as I wake up.
Maybe for someone to hear me out.
That could be a sign for something.

When I'm in love, I'll let that person know how much I love them and I'll even make sure they'll be the only one who deserve my love and who I should only be loving and I shouldn't be in love with all these other fakers and players.

When I am happy, I want to let everyone around me should be feeling happy about themselves and let everyone else get along but that could be a dream.

But when it comes to anger...
I'm not sure if it is safe to tell.

When my family gets me mad, I want to runaway and never come back.
I want to let them know for sure that they are a screw up and I shouldn't be feeling this pain when we can't even have a single family moment which is never.

When my friends get me mad, I just want to get out of that group of friends and remind them what friendship means when things get complicated and when things aren't the same as it used to be.

And to everyone else, get the hell out of my way when I'm raising hell on earth.

But of course I do have feelings for everybody.
I don't want people feeling hurt, I am too sensitive for others to feel hurt at all.
I choose not to let my feeling out.
I choose the positive emotions out towards everybody around me.
I choose not to put anger on my family is because they're the only family I got.
I choose not to get angry at my friends is when I didn't have anyone at all, they were there when I need to be saved from suicide.
And to everybody else, I sense that everyone deserve to have someone to care for them.

When I am feeling any emotion at all, I rethink over and over on what to feel at that very moment when there's nothing but silence to help me on what to choose to express myself.
well this is the best I got.
don't judge me, and sorry if I didnt make any sense at all.
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Castform (the Weather Pokemon) is an exceptionally rare Normal-type Pokemon found among grassy fields and research laboratories within the Hoenn and Unova regions as well as the Sinnoh region on rare occasions.  Though perhaps not among the most powerful of fighters, Castform are astounding creations of modern science and are truly a sight to see in any battle where the weather is anything but constant.  They might not be able to put up much of a fight on their own, but you would be wise not to underestimate the power these small creatures possess; get in their way, and you'll quickly find out just how bad the weather can really be when put in the hands of a true weatherman!

Castform are a relatively recent addition to the world of Pokemon that were created years ago at the Hoenn Weather Institute in an attempt to better understand how climatic shifts affect not just the planet as a whole in the short term but more importantly the creatures that live on it on a small-scale.  As such, Castform are designed to have little true purpose in battle but are nonetheless born with the innate ability to eventually master powers held by otherwise disparate creatures based on one simple but nonetheless astounding fact: their bodies are built just like ours, at least in a sense.  The molecular structure of Castform is essentially the same at a base level as water, so their entire body has the capacity to respond to temperature changes to accommodate themselves to the outside environment.  This is primarily seen within their unique Ability, known as Forecast, which is so specialized that it will never work with any other Pokemon except Castform if it is exchanged somehow through a Skill Swap technique.  In short, when the temperature rises suddenly, such as in the presence of extreme sunlight, Castform will automatically rearrange their molecular structure into a more gaseous state and enter their Sunny Form, which essentially turns them from Normal-types into pure Fire-types as long as that particular weather lasts.  Consequently, Castform will respond in a similar fashion when exposed to large volumes of rain or ice, turning into their Rainy and Snowy Forms and becoming pure Water and Ice-types.  These three forms all force Castform to alter their physical structure to take on the effects of the three states of matter observed with water on Earth and thus help climatologists understand how much of a certain factor is dangerous, as Castform were originally designed to only enter these forms  when extreme conditions involving heat, water and ice are involved, in turn allowing scientists to track the changes in weather patterns for a given area over long periods of time and determine possible climatic shifts as they occur.  Unfortunately, their research has not led them to such conclusions yet, but it may only be a matter of time before this becomes a reality.

Outside of their original laboratory purposes, Castform are fairly mediocre fighters that have relatively average stats in all categories and have little aside from a Tackle and Headbutt attacks for defense in close quarters.  However, this does not make them worthless fighters, as the other moves they learn are so odd that they make Castform more than a bit strange to most.  Relatively early in their life, Castform gain access to the Ember, Water Gun and Powder Snow attacks at the exact same time, each of which further reflects their water-like bodies; in turn, these creatures will eventually gain access to the Sunny Day, Rain Dance and Hail techniques and even later the Fire Blast, Hydro Pump and Blizzard attacks.  All of these moves are impossible for any other Pokemon to learn altogether, making Castform surprising fighters that can deal with a wide variety of opponents with little difficulty in practice.  What truly makes Castform special, of course, is their aptly-named Weather Ball attack, a move that they were first observed using before any other species of Pokemon.  Much like Castform, the Weather Ball attack is affected by the presence of abnormal weather conditions; in combination with the type changes their Ability grants them, Castform will effectively be able to not only use their Weather Ball attack at full power every time it is either foggy, sunny, rainy or snowy outside but will additionally be able to deal extra damage as a result of them using a move that is the same type as themselves.  The only exception to this rule is sandstorms, as they will power up and change the type of Weather Ball but will have no bodily effects on Castform (due to the complete absence of water).  Overall, Castform are versatile beasts that can make life miserable for opponents in battle as long as they can survive long enough to change the weather, a feat that shouldn't be too difficult for more experienced trainers to handle.

Despite the fact that they are exceptionally rare and difficult to battle with in a traditional sense, Castform are stupendous creatures that can more than make life difficult for Pokemon that prefer the weather to stay normal.  Getting a hold of one of these small creatures might not be the easiest of tasks, but for any trainer that enjoys using the power of weather to their advantage, these little artificial creations are more than worth looking for.  If anything else, at least you'll have some way of telling whether or not it's a good idea to go outside without some protection; just make sure that you pay attention to the weather in the paper or on television before going out, or the sunburn, deluge or blizzard that you receive outside will come much faster than any help from your Castform likely could!

Professor Wormwood
A report on the Weather Pokemon, Castform. Enjoy.
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The moon's faint golden light barely cut through the thick blackness of midnight. No stars were showing as the girl walked through the dark streets of a small town. Her pace was brisk, her breathing labored. She could see her breath in the chilly air as she traveled home from work. She shivered and wrapped her coat tighter around her body. For a brief moment she could feel eyes on her back but the feeling quickly dissipated. The night seemed strange, almost supernatural, for reasons she could not fathom. It might be the full moon, the starless sky, the emptiness of the dark street. Or, perhaps, the light mist of rain that suddenly began falling form the sky, shrouding everything in a grey coat, hiding it from sight. Suddenly, the girl stopped in her tracks. She felt it again. She was definitely being followed.

She looked first behind herself, then turned forward again, scanning the barely visible street in front of her. Though several street lamps dotted the painfully straight stretch of road ahead of her, the almost fog-like rain consumed most of the faint light they gave off. She began walking again, at the same pace she had been traveling. She was still a mile away from her home, and she could feel the eyes on her back once more. Forcing herself to keep her own eyes trained forward, she jammed her hands into her coat pocket and quickened her pace to almost a jog.

A twig snapped somewhere behind her, and terror filled her body. She felt sick, her hands trembling in her coat pockets, her legs ready to give out beneath her. Her heart pounded faster, louder, until it felt ready to burst from her chest. She could hear light footfalls on the pavement behind her. They were fast, and quickly approaching. She turned to face her assailant and gasped. Suddenly, a smile played upon her lips and her voice cut shrilly through the still night air.

"Rover, bad dog!"
A short story that I wrote in class when the professor wanted to see our writing skills. It's a short suspenseful story with a humorous twist at the end.
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She raised her palms to the sky, fingers spread, and sunk her toes into the earth. Heat-filled particles of light warmed her face and the moist cool matter softened her toes. This was life and she relished in its glory.

Nature was her mother and the ruler of the cosmos was her father. She imagined herself as a tree, her feet diving down into the rich folds of the earth, planting their roots, while her fingers extended to the heavens forming into a million branches. Leaves and flowers exploded from her branches as they begged for the gift of light from the sun.

She walked in beauty. From where she stood, a gathering of red poppies reached to her gently brushing against her calf, begging to feel her touch. She leaned forward caressing the petals with the tips of her fingers and the flowers gently kissed her face in return. She laughed. She had always imagined that poppies would make for extremely faithful friends, providing every comfort and need in times of despair, but they would always maintain a chipper demeanor in spite of such travesty. If she had her pick of friends, she would pick poppies.  

Helios drug the sun across the sky, his steeds pounding against the clouds. She delighted in its slow, yet steady passage.

She waved to Helios, though she knew he would not see her and if he did, he would not recognize her. No one would—mortal man or God or demi-God. She had been sheltered in this garden of Demeter's. It was beauteous: filled with forests, streams, and meadows. She could not hate the garden, for it was filled with life and freedom. It was not the garden's fault she was so contained.

"Persephone!" A voice called in the distance, rising alongside the wind. She sighed, rising from her bath of poppy kisses. The wind swirled around her, pulling her into its arms.

"Persephone!" The wind delivered its message again.

She giggled. "I heard perfectly well. Mana wants me?"

The wind swirled around her, causing her chiton to fly in several directions. She danced within the wind enjoying the cool air against her sun-kissed face.

After a few moments, the wind died down and pulled her along. She laughed as her feet were always seconds away from missing the ground. She took leaps too large for her legs and the wind constantly had to keep her lofted as it ushered her towards the temple. "I'm coming, I'm coming." She spoke out of breath.

The wind deposited her at the doorstep of her mother's temple, flicking the ends of her long, curly hair. She waved as the wind flew somewhere else in the big brilliant golden blue. A pang hit her chest, slightly knocking her breath: to be in the sky, what a place to be.

"Persephone, there you are. The nymphs lost track of you."

She did not mind her mother. Her eyes were fixed to the white forms against the blue sky. She saw a tree and a bear in the sky, she smiled. A dark cloud swirled in the distance, a deep purple gray.

"You should not wander so far away. I can't protect you past the river."

"Of course, Mana. I know the boundaries." She turned to her mother, the golden Demeter, Goddess of the Harvest, of Mother Gaia's bounty. She was not as bountiful in her looks as her mother. Demeter possessed golden hair and blue eyes, while she possessed dark chestnut brown hair and green eyes. She had always imagined she was a reflection of her father, the mysterious wielder of the thunderbolt and the powerful ruler of the sky. Perhaps the storm is because of him.

"You worry me when you wander off by yourself. The nymphs try and keep track of you and you should let them. You do not know the evils that exist beyond my garden. Here you are safe. Do you understand?"

"Mana, look at the clouds, a storm is coming. Can't you feel it the air? The wetness of it?" She pointed at the cloud formation to the East, not far behind Helios and his golden chariot.

Demeter sighed. "Hopefully, it won't pass before dinner."

"What is for dinner?" She stared at the entrance, dreading the initial contact of her bare feet with the cool alabaster. It was always unpleasant and she rather disliked it. It almost made her consider sandals, but her feet hated being contained.  

"There was quite the assortment of offerings today."

She made one last glance at the perfect storm forming high in the clouds. She stepped inside and began walking to the dining hall with Demeter, hoping that she could quickly finish and go outside once more, just so that she could dance in the rain.

All throughout dinner, she felt the clouds roll in, threatening to thunder. Rain would come at any moment. She tapped her foot, shoveling food into her mouth.

Her mother kept eyeing her with disapproval. She knew her mother treasured their dinners, but she needed to be outside. This storm was going to be big, huge even. To miss it would be murderous.

"Did you make any discoveries while you were out in garden today?"

"No, but I discovered that enormous storm pattern. It should be hitting at any moment." She tore off a chunk of bread, as she stuffed it into her mouth.

"Must you eat so quickly? I would like to enjoy dinner with you."

"I'll be out quickly after. I promise." She dropped her spoon and quickly rose from her chair.

"No, Persephone. You are not going anywhere until I am done. All that I have of you is our dinners."

"Mana. I just want to go out into the rain. I will be right back."


She could just scream with frustration. She felt the rain fall from the clouds before it began to patter on the roof.

"I don't understand this obsession with the sky. The garden loves you. You should tend better to them."

Her hands shook. She threw them at her sides, so that her mother wouldn't see. The sky, it was everything. The life-giver and death harbinger all at once. It fed the trees and watered the flowers. It spread their seed across the land. As easily as it nourished, it destroyed: pulling trees from their roots, flooding land, drying out lakes. It killed that which it created. It was beautiful process.

Then, there was the amazing phenomenon of the sky: the stars. The mortals said the stars were painted onto a bronze dome surrounding the earth in which Atlas spun on his back so that the stars would rise and set, as the sun. Who painted all those stars? She needed to know. Her father was of the sky, so a part of her was too. She felt it: in her bones, blood, and her soul.

She looked once to her mother and twice to the door. She ran.

"Persephone!" Her mother called urgently. But she ignored her. Too long has she lived in this shelter, she would not be deprived of the sky too. Her mother could not lock her away, she would not let her.

Through the maze of hallways and out the temple, she ran directly in the rain. It was warm and sticky. The static charge of energy wafted through the air.

Lightning struck.

Her soul was set aflame as she danced. The rain droplets fell onto her and flew off her all in one moment. Mud dressed her feet. She threw her head back, intently listening to the music of the rain, forcing herself to succumb to it fully.

Thunder rolled.

She fell to her knees. Hot tears poured down her cheeks. She just wanted to belong to the sky, maybe to even live on Mount Olympus, in the clouds. She wanted to ride with Helios in his chariot and watch Hephaestus forge the thunderbolt, and better yet to watch Zeus—her father—wield it. She could not believe that all the gods on Mount Olympus were all evil, especially Zeus. He couldn't be.

She felt a soft hand on her shoulder. She shrugged it off.


Her stomach clenched her breath, she shook. "I am part of the sky. It is a part of me. I can't help it."

"I know."

"If he is a part of me, then what does that make me? What does he make me?"

Her mother pulled her into her bosom and she cried, allowing her mother to soothe her. "Oh my child, you are not him. You cannot be blamed for the transgressions of your father."

"But he raped you. I am the fruit of his seed."

"And fruit of my womb. Never forget that. You are part earth and sky. You are both."

"I just wanted to be in the rain."

"I know. I'm sorry."

"I'm sorry."

"You are my love, my greatest gift to the earth. I love you."

"I love you too, Mana."

They held onto each other as the rain fell, connected earth and sky, dirt and water, mud and thunder. A desperate part of her wanted to meet her father, but she would never tell her mother. She wanted to meet this man, to look him in the eye, to see what kind of man he was. She needed to know how much of him was in her.

After the rain subsided, they went inside and washed the mud off their skin and clothes. A few nymphs started a fire in the hearth and they all laid around it drying off and warming up. She hugged her knees, trying to keep her feelings trapped inside her chest and stomach.

The nymphs gossiped and told stories, Demeter even participated, but that night Persephone noticed that her smile never reached her eyes. As for Persephone, she kept quiet, listening to the left over rain patter against the roof.

For the next week, she did not wander away from the nymphs as her mother wanted. But when they were not looking, she glanced to the forest and heard the rushing of the river that marked her mother's boundary.

She knew for certain her mother would never let her leave. Her mother would not allow her the decision at all. She didn't really know if she wanted to leave, but all she knew was that there was more to the universe than what she could see from her mother's corner of earth.

She had never left this garden. The trees felt like massive, impenetrable walls, caging her in. She planned her escape, the second week after the incident. Although, her mother did let up a bit on some of her rules, allowing Persephone to observe the weather whenever it came. But one rule remained, stay within the boundary. She was watched night and day, though Demeter tried to conceal this fact.

She felt more like a prisoner than a daughter. Soon, the only thoughts that plagued her were of escape, hopefully, to Mount Olympus to meet her father. All she needed was a way to get there.

Though both her parents were gods, Persephone was not immortal. Like many of the children of the gods, she was to earn her immortality or marry a God. Above all, she was not a decision-maker in the realms of the gods, her fate seemed determined by a higher being than she. She ran a risk of becoming a pawn of Zeus, but she hoped for the best and prayed that Hera would not kill her immediately.

Because of her status she, herself, unescorted could not travel to Olympus. She knew of someone who could, and might even help her, if she managed to get his attention. Helios.

Helios was known as the All-Seer, since he crossed the earth every day observing all as he carried the sun through the sky. If she managed to escape her mother's boundary, she could call his attention and tell him who she was. She would ask him to take her to Olympus to meet her father and make a proper introduction to Olympus.

After all that, then she could decide what kind of life she needed to lead. She knew if she stayed, she wouldn't get the opportunity to decide. Even if she discovered her purpose, she would be forced to tend to the garden to the end of her days. While she loved the garden, she wanted to discover the world for herself. She wanted to live among the stars and bask in their glow.

Finally the day came when the nymphs had forgotten the incessant need to continuously watch her. Quietly, and delicately, she snuck away. She backed into a few shrubs, made her way through the meadow, and finally to the tree line. She made it to the river, once she crossed she would be outside of Demeter's protection. No one could stop her.

She found a slow, calm section of the river, underneath a willow tree. The tree extended out its long limbs to her, caressing her hair, pulling her into its boughs.

"I will be back, one day. I promise. I need to do this."

The tree shook its leaves and let her out of its grasp. She reached down and placed her fingers in the water. It was cool, but not cold. Warm enough to swim. The river was about fifteen feet wide. She slipped off her chiton and asked the willow tree to fling it across the river.  

She dove in and swam quickly to the other side. There was a current, but it was not too strong for her to swim across. The fish joined her in her swim. It took a few moments before she reached the edge and climbed out, holding onto tree roots as she lifted herself from the water.

She stepped foot on the ground. Flowers bloomed where she stepped. She looked across the river, viewing the willow. Now that she was here, she almost did not know what to do. She grabbed her chiton.

She found a rock where she could dry off in the sun. While she dried, she observed the river. She was on the other side, out of mother's protection. She smiled. She was free, truly free. The birds sang. The river flowed. The sun shined. All was the exact same as before, except it was entirely different.

She threw on her chiton. She ran through the forest, running out of the sight of the river, and climbed up the first tree that came within her path.

She grabbed each thick branch, propelling herself forward, pushing out to the top. She broke through the leaves and turned her face to the sky. The warmth from the sun felt more glorious than it ever had before, deep, rich and filled with a full spectrum of colors. She savored the feel.

She cast her eyes upon the rich blue sky. Helios charged forth, his steeds galloping at full speed.

"Helios!" She cried at the top of her lungs. Her heart beat wildly in her chest and her blood rushed through her veins.

Helios turned to look at her, his golden helmet glinting daringly in the light.

"I am Persephone, daughter of Zeus and Demeter. For all my life, Demeter has locked me within her garden, preventing me from seeking an audience with my father. Could you help me reach Mount Olympus?"

He looked down upon her, judging her for a moment. He nodded. "Persephone, daughter of Zeus and Demeter, I will have Hermes deliver your message to Olympus. Zeus will send for you."

Relief flooded through her. She had not known the anticipation she felt. If Helios denied to help her, then she had no clue what she should have done--would have done.

"Thank you, great All-Seer, Helios!"

Helios nodded before returning to directing his carriage across the sky. She smiled, unable to contain her joy. Her mouth felt like it would split her face open from the joy in which she felt.

She jumped down from her tree. Now, all she had to do was wait for Hermes to collect her. She turned to the tree. It was a beautiful, giant wych elm tree, with thick green leaves. It was her savior. She placed a kiss upon its trunk, to show her gratitude. Its branches and leaves reached towards her in their appreciation. She threw her head back and laughed. "Thank you for raising me into your highest branches."

Her giggling was disrupted by a low and distant rumble. She turned her head to the sky, looking for a break in the trees. She squinted.

"Strange," she said to no one in particular. "I did not see any storm clouds in the sky. Nor do I feel any weight in the air."

The rumbling became louder and louder. She heard heavy breathing. She turned behind her.

In the distance she saw a tall, dark figure, in a black chariot drawn by four horses, heading directly towards her. She froze. The figure wore a dark helmet. They were cold. Every tree they past shriveled, every flower turned brown and died. No grass lived past the hooves of the horses. It was as if the cold grip of death himself, strangled out each life in his way. A high shriek pierced through the air. Only once she was out of breath did she realize it was her own.

She dashed for the nearest tree, desperately trying to find a branch to climb onto. Maybe if she climbed to the top she wouldn't be trampled, maybe she could save the life of this tree if she clung to its branches. She heard the hoof steps grow louder, more thunderous, more terrifying with each step.

Something grabbed hold of her and pulled her off the tree. She watched in horror as the tree died before her eyes right as her touch was forcibly pulled away. With its final spark of life, the tree reached to her. She cried. There was so much destruction, beyond the force of nature, beyond the magic of the sky. This was not beautiful, it was monstrous.

The front horses bucked before they circled around the tree, her beautiful elm tree. "No!" She screamed. Hermes would not know where to find her. She needed to go back. She needed to comfort the wildlife that still remained. Tears poured down her face. Steam only rose from where her tears fell.

She turned to see that which destroyed her tree, that which destroyed all the life around her. She locked eyes with cool, black eyes. Coldness gripped her, ceased her. All that was left was a void: a void of life, light, and warmth. A darkness fell over her and her body went limp.
Here is my second attempt at telling Persephone's story.

This is the first installment. I don't know how many there will be. I hope I set it up well enough.

A few side notes:

Mana is like Mama or Mom in Greek.

The title is a play off another title of a novel that I recently read and adored: The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake by Aimee Bender. Food is very important in that story, and the magical is wound with the ordinary, something that I hope to capture except in reverse. Maybe? I do not know if I will keep the title, but I do love it.

Enjoy! And Happy New Year! =D



I added a preview picture of my story. I do not own this picture. It is "Summer" by Alphonse Mucha.

I loved the way he depicted summer, with the flowing brown locks, and the crown of poppies. I feel in many ways this embodies Persephone. It is a beautiful picture. I absolutely adore the picture and love his style. :heart:
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Last Time: So Sakura, how do you like being in a diaper"? Kurenai says triumphantly.
"It actually feels really soft against my skin like a puffy cloud."  "I feel so relaxed."
"Good, I'm glad to see you like it." After Kurenai says that, there is a knock at the door and then it opens.
"Hello Kurenai, how are you doing." says Kakashi.
"Ka...Ka...Kakashi sensei"? "W-What are you doing here"?
"Oh, Lady Tsunade wanted me to be the 'father' in this mission."
BOTH: "WHAT?!!?"
Chapter 4: "But I thought it was just going to be Kurenai sensei looking after us." said Hinata a little shocked.
"Ya sensei, why are you here and why did you say that your going to be the father of this mission"? Said Sakura a little furious
"Well, Lady Tsunade needed a little bit more protection for this mission." "Don't worry, I won't be here that often anyway, I have other responsibilities to take care of first, just think of me more like extra security."
"Okay, I guess I feel a little bit better now," said Sakura sighing in relief.
"Well, now that that is cleared up, I think you two should start acting like babies now, I mean, that IS your mission right"? after Kurenai said that, both of the kunoichi started to blush.
"Uh, right" said Sakura a little nervously.
"Umm, Okay..." Said Hinata putting her fingers together. Sakura is the first one to walk over to the play area in the bottom left corner of the room that had a little bit of the one window in the area, but then Kurenai stops her while at the same time Kakashi leaves the room.
"Excuse me Sakura, but what do you think your doing"?
"I'm going over to the play area, isn't that where you wanted us to go"?
"Yes, it is, but your a baby now, and babies can't walk as I remember."
"Oh, right, sorry." after that Sakura hesitates a little, but starts to get on all fours and starts to crawl over to the padded area in the corner while Hinata starts to do the same thing.
"Aw, you guys look so adorable as babies, I wonder if I should keep you diapered Hinata while we're out on missions." said Kurenai smirking.
"Please don't say that sensei, your making me feel nervous." Says Hinata blushing like mad.
"Don't worry Hinata, I was just messing around with you, but I do think that you guys look very cute as babies."
BOTH: "SENSEI!" Kurenai just chuckles at their response.

"FINALLY, I'M BACK!" Shouted the blond haired ninja.
"Calm down Naruto, jeez, your such a drag." says Shikamaru.
"Come on Shikamaru, that was a tough few weeks we had to go through."
"Hey now guys, now is not the time to argue." Says Kiba.*Bark*
"Your right Kiba, I guess we should go and celebrate after the completion of this mission."
"Yes, a meal for victory will certainly be a nice change of pace." Says Rock Lee.
"ALRIGHT, LET'S GO!" Naruto starts to rush to the BBQ place that just got rebuilt after the incident with pain, but a familiar hand grabbed the back of his collar.
"Not so fast Naruto."
"Hmm"? "Oh, hey Kakashi sensei."
"Naruto, I need to speak to you for a bit." "You guys go on without him, this is urgent." after that the other tree Shinobi leave to go get their meal.
"Come on Kakashi sensei, what is so important that I don't get to eat"?
"Listen Naruto." "I need to recruit you for a mission."
"What, I just got back from one."
"And I know that, but this is a special kind of mission that your going on."
"Okay... so what's the mission."
"Well, I think we should go somewhere a little more private, how bout we go to the Hokage building and talk there."
"Sure, okay."
"You can't be serious about this Lady Tsunade." Says Shizune. "I mean, having Kakashi added on the mission is one thing, but Naruto"? "I'm just not so sure about this Lady Tsunade."
"I know it maybe a little strange for Naruto, but we need him for this mission."
"I'm sure Kakashi and Kurenai can handle themselves, I just think Naruto is just excessive don't you think"?
"No, we absolutely need Naruto for this mission."
"But Lady..."
*EEP!* "Y-Yes Ma-Lady" Shizune takes Tonton and heads out the door in a hurry to escape her Masters wrath.
Thought: "Sorry Naruto, but we absolutely need you for this mission." Thinks Tsunade biting her lip.
Looks like more people seem to be coming into this mission, especially a certain blond that we all know and love.
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Two sisters, a little bit of tension, and an instant truth or dare game. That's how our story starts, meeting two girls - Jamie and Jacklyn. Jamie is the older of the two, Jamie being 18 and Jacklyn being 13 but in some cases acts like the younger of the two girls, teasing her younger sister constantly, calling her a baby because of her height.

Jacklyn being irritated at being called a baby decided to start her master plan. "Come at me, baby. I choose dare.", Jamie said, teasing her sister about her height.

The truth or dare game started normally, the younger sister insisting on playing Truth or Dare with her older sister, the older sister accepting, and then it starting. Ice cubes were put into the pants and shirts of the girls as a dare, making them wiggle all over the place. As well as the run around the house screaming as loud as you can, and do a prank call. This game was getting serious though..

"One more dare and then we're done, okay?", Jacklyn said to her older sister.

"Alright", replied Jamie, folding her arms, feeling triumphant.

"I dare you to let me baby you for a month. That means diapers, that means bottles, that means going out in public, you will be a baby for a month. Got it?"

Jamie's mouth dropped. Her sister had said it so bluntly to a point to where she knew her little sister was serious. She had never backed down from a dare, especially when she kept telling her sister to get better dares. This one topped them  all, "but... what about..", Jamie began.

Jacklyn pulled a pacifier from her pocket, and plopped it into her older sister's mouth. Jamie, who was obviously shocked from the sudden events, kept the pacifier in her mouth, and began sucking on it slightly.

"Come with me.", Jacklyn said, pulling her sister into a standing position, leading the sister into the guest room of the house for any visitors that would happen to stay the night.

As they neared the room, Jamie knew for a matter of fact whatever was on the other side of the room was not good. Jacklyn opened the door, revealing the once very formal guest room, into a nursery sized for obviously Jamie. Jamie's mouth, once again falling open, making the pacifier fall to the floor, "What?!, How did you-? What did you-? WHAT?!"

Jacklyn began smiling happily, going from the fronts of her feet to the back repetitively going up and down, "Mom helped me! But she made it clear that if I pulled this whole dare thing off, then I would be the one taking care of you, not her."

"That little snake!", Jamie thought.

"Come here.", Jacklyn said, patting the top of a tall changing table. Jamie sighed, trudging across the floor, knowing every bit of her dignity was about to be thrown into the wastebasket, along with many diapers.

As Jamie climbed onto the changing table, laying on her back, she let out a sigh. Feeling tears well up in her eyes, "What have I gotten myself into.."

"Payback.", responded Jacklyn, very bluntly.

Jamie lay on the changing table as her little sister brought a stepping stool to the end of the table, allowing her to do what she needed. Jacklyn grabbed the straps on the side of the table and put them over her sister's stomach, making Jamie feel extremely infantile, blushing brightly. Jacklyn began, removing her sister's shoes, pants, and panties, quickly grabbing a diaper, and baby powder, as that is all she would need for the first diaper.

"Lift your bottom, babygirl.", Jacklyn said as Jamie blushed immensely at this. Feeling extremely little to her already very small sister. Jamie did as she was told, and soon enough a very thick diaper slid underneath. Jacklyn pushed her sister's bottom down onto the diaper, making Jamie jump a small bit, and then relaxing herself on the soft diaper. Jacklyn then began powdering Jamie completely, covering every inch of her bottom and private parts. "Good girl!", Jacklyn said as she pulled the diaper over her sister's crotch and taping the sides of her big sister's first diaper.

Helping Jamie off the side of the changing table, Jacklyn brought Jamie to a dresser full of babyish clothes. Demanding that her sister bend down, Jacklyn pulled her sister's t-shirt off of her sister. Jamie covered herself immediately, to which Jamie ignored, reaching into the dresser and pulling out a large green shirt.

"Bend down again, babygirl.",Jacklyn said, giggling, she had never felt this much power before! Jamie sighed, bending down, allowing her sister to slide the large green t-shirt on to her sister. Jacklyn clapped, "Yay! Finally! Oh you look so cute!", Jacklyn said as she pinched her older sister's cheek. Jamie blushed brightly. Jacklyn grabbing her sister's hand and brought her downstairs after putting the pacifier in her older sister's mouth once again.

Once downstairs, Jacklyn led Jamie into the living room, to which a large baby exersaucer was now in. Jamie was extremely puzzled at this, but knew her fate. Jamie led her older sister to the extremely babyish exersaucer, with many toys, and buttons with sound effects and lights attached. Jacklyn pointed to the exersaucer, telling her sister to get into the exersaucer, Jamie sighed, then put one leg over, and into the hole of the seat, then another one. Once sliding in, Jacklyn told Jamie to stand up, Jacklyn rose the exersaucer to a specific height and told Jamie to sit down, once Jamie sat down she knew she would be stuck without the help of Jacklyn or her mother. Jamie sighed behind her pacifier hid face and then was pushed across the floor into the middle of the living room, facing the TV. At first, Jamie was puzzled, and then it all became clear once she saw Jacklyn put a tape into the VCR. The VCR hadn't been used in years, and it could only mean one thing...

Soon enough, a purple dinosaur came onto the screen, singing and jumping about with children and other dinosaurs. Jamie lowered her head, and then her younger sister Jacklyn came, lifted her head, kissed her older (but now babyfied) sister's forehead, and told her to watch the show and play in the exersaucer like a good baby.

"This is going to be a long month...", Jamie thought to herself.
New series! Can't wait to keep this going!

Comments are always appreciated! Tell me what you think!

Part Two: [link]
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