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Emoticon by Me (Nichijou)
Okay, I'm just seperate it....
Hope you enjoyed it....

Nichijou © Arawi Keiichi

Aioi Yuuko Emoticon
Shocked ver.1 :iconyuukoshockniplz:
Shocked ver.2 :iconyukkoshockedniplz:
Feel sad??? :iconyukkosobniplz:
There are makes you happy??? :iconyuukoblingniplz:
Failed??? :iconyukkocryniplz:
Confused??? :iconyukkoconfuseniplz:
Ano... ummm... :iconyukkoshyniplz:
Let's go on!! Keep your spirit!!! :iconyukkoganbatteniplz:
AHA!!! Idea!!! :iconyukkoideaniplz:
Evil Smile... :iconyukkoevilsmileniplz:
ROFL :iconyukkoroflniplz:
HEAAAAAAAAAAH!!! :iconyukkopowerupniplz:
OTL :iconyukkootlniplz:
LIKE!!! :iconyukkolikeniplz:
Confidence! :iconyukkoconfidenceniplz:
Whoaaa :iconyukkowhoaniplz:
Kyaaaaa!!! :iconyukkohappyniplz:
GOD IS DEAD!!! :iconyukkogodisdeadniplz:
Hmmm.... :iconyukkothinkingniplz:
Very sad.... :iconyukkoverysadmadniplz:
Too sad... :iconyukkotoosadmadniplz:
I'm not stupid!!! :iconyuk
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OC Friendship/Shippin Contest! -Results-
:new: Wow okay.  I really want to stress that this contest was the most difficult thing to judge ever!! The contest brought in 80 entries WOW I'm so amazed. All the entries were fantastic, and I applaud all of the work that was put behind each and every one.
When I started this contest I was unsure how it was going to go, but it's so heartwarming to see how inspired you guys got with the entries.  QAQ So many good ocs you guys have! 
OKAY so the results were based off of a combination of skill, composition and storytelling! So please keep that in mind!  Here's the results!!

1st Place!!

Mageia !!

WOOO HOW EXCITING!! Ok, so this piece really blew me away. Mageia did a perfect job at writing not only Dylan, but also Nathanael, and put a super fantastic AU twist on it that was unmatched.  Dylan being a prince works so perfectly, and her writing is phenomenal!! 
Also, this AU has spun a
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TLECs 2nd Annual Training Show
So, this is a wee bit late, please ignore the huge time gap. XD
TLEC has decided to once again, open its gates to the public for another large training show. This time, it was to be run a little differently. Last time was stressful, and thats not the point of a training show. With that being said, they set up the new list of classes and decided on a different judging style. This time, there would be playful classes as well, to make it more family oriented. 
DEADLINE: EXTENSION 1 of 3 (MAX) June 30th, 2017
- No fighting or harassment, we are an equal opportunity stable 
- All breeds may enter, but no unnatural powers may be used to get an advantage
- Judging is simple, both effort and rng for performance (guide will be listed below)
- Linearts, Photomanips, Trades, and Commissions may enter (tracing is allowed, at the very least list you have used a ref)
- Old entries may be submitted, but will receive a penalty for not fit
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Title System
What is the Title System?
This is an ongoing event, meaning it has no deadline and you finish the drawing whenever you want.
Some competitions that give out titles like "Tracking Dog Excellent" are hard to find on dA. So below is a list of some titles that TKC provides without having it to be a contest. This way you will know for sure that all those hours spent on an drawing, will be worth it.
APPROVALTo get an entry approved just submit to our folder "Title trials", if the deviation is accepted into the gallery the dog was accepted for the title.
 RULESEach title must be full body, 1 headshot will be allowed per sheet.
MUST HAVE BACKGROUND AND DOG MUST BE COLORED! Whether it´s a simple one-color or a scenery it doesn´t matter as long as the drawing is colored.
You may not re-use old lines, each drawing of the dog must be new.
If its a training picture the dog will not get the title.
The dog must be full body- 1 headshot and/or
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Elementalist Lux Wallpaper by Paulikaiser Elementalist Lux Wallpaper :iconpaulikaiser:Paulikaiser 23 2 More Like This