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Yep, this is how Chase and I spend every week.

Battles of epic porportions.

Neighborhood is used to it by now
we love each other so much we try killing each other
and of course defy reality.

Enjoy, took a long ass time to make/finish.

Chase and Kaite and Lennie (c) :iconaruluvr3::iconoreooutlaw:
Made in Flash CS5
Drawn in SAI

btw Avengers = orgazm
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If you don't watch the show "MythBusters", you will have no idea what's going on.

Arrr, this be what I was working on for prettymuch all of October.

It is a parody of an awesome show called MythBusters, and if you don't watch that then you should or else you will have no idea what's going on in this Flash. As with many parodies: if you haven't seen the show, don't expect to have any idea what's going on.

I made it for a contest Discovery Channel was hosting. Spoof their shows, win a money and TV airtime. Me and and love MythBusters, so we combined our super powers to form the Justice League and possibly this animation. Except all they did was write, which is easy.
I figured the people in the TV would think we were cool if we did an animation instead of live-action action action action action. So we did.

(PS: we did not win yet.)

I had about half a month to scrape together an animation (plenty of people could have done that easily, but I am the slow), which I ended up completing on the last day before the deadline. Due to my lack of time and general tomfoolery, some parts of this are really obviously half-assed, and for this I apologize. Tweens!

And a low quality, because I had to export it to QuickTime and then back into Flash for some reason.

But perhaps please to enjoy anyway.

Okay, click "Download" to the left of the preview image to see it.
I edited in a preloader for you people, but now it wont play in this window. I don't know why that happens, does anyone know how to fix it?

Basically all voices by and his stupid voice. (His name is Norrin now, apparently. Haha, it is a stupid name!) Yes, I did the voice for the girl, but I had to try and make my voice sound...feminine. All it really accomplished was make me sound retardeder.

I want to be on CashCab.
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Yea I know I submitted this about halve a year later than I released it to the EO community but whatever. It's about a recent massive content patch called Red Moon Rising or RMR for short. Ofcourse my take on it is quite sarcastic. Artists will note this movie is graphically a lot more pleasing and advanced than my previous work featuring carefully self rendered images of Eve Online models as well as hand drawn space backgrounds. Hooray!

Sounds from various places. Graphics from Eve.
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This is EXACTLY how I remember it. This is probably the most accurate retelling of the epic movie, Star Wars. Ever.

But seriously... hope you guys enjoy. PEACE.
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