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Делал урок на тему "Создание звёздного неба средствами Adobe Photoshop". В процессе вышла достаточно хорошая картина. Но если кто хочет так научиться, может скачать здесь урок, он находится в архиве, либо перейти по ссылке - [link] . Так же в архиве есть материалы для создания этой картинки, и оригинальный PSD файл.

I did a lesson on the theme "Creating Stars sky - Adobe Photoshop". In the process I got a good enough picture. Who wants to learn how to do the same, can download the lesson. He is here in the archive. In addition to the text in the archive have the materials to create this image and the original PSD file.
Warning - A Lesson in Russian!
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[EDIT] Been hearing that some people can't download it, so here's a Dropbox link to the file:…

A few Star Wars symbols

Row 1: Alliance For The Republic(Rebel Alliance), Jedi Order, Galactic Empire, Galactic Senate
Row 2: Jedi order with ring, New Jedi Order, New Republic Department of Research and Development, Black Sun
Row 3: Mandalorians, Galactic Federation of Free Alliances, Confederacy of Independent Systems, Sith Empire
Row 4: Two X-Wing Pilot helmet markings
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Compatible with Photoshop 7+, should work with Gimp as long as it can use .ABR files

To use, download the file, copy it, go to computer < Local Disk < Program files < Adobe < Above Photoshop (Your version name) < Presets < Brushes and paste.
Note, make sure Photoshop is closed when you do this, if it is open when this is done restart Photoshop and the brush pack should be with the rest of the brushes :)

:bulletblue: You may use in anything you'd like
:bulletblue: Since it's like an extension brush pack, you may use in commissioned artwork
:bulletblue: Do not repost or claim as your own

The pack includes (Not in order of the preview picture).
:bulletblue: Rebel Symbol
:bulletblue: Empire Symbol
:bulletblue: Jedi Symbol
:bulletblue: Mando Symbol
:bulletblue: Mando Crest
:bulletblue: Credit Symbol (Their dollar sign)
:bulletblue: Naboo Symbol
:bulletblue: Senate Symbol
:bulletblue: Separatist Symbol
:bulletblue: New Jedi Order Symbol
:bulletblue: Sith Symbol
:bulletblue: Sith Empire Symbol

:bulletblue: Some of these symbols on one click will be a bit transparent, but not all of them. Play with the flow and opacity of the brush if you want the ones that come out more bold to be more transparent like some of the others.
:bulletblue: If this doesn't include a symbol you want (Like the old Jedi symbol, or the Black Sun symbol) I will either make an extension or update this one. (I may just make the extension).
:bulletblue: I am charging points for this, it did take me effort to make these and to post them, (And stress, just a little). The points would go to updating my Premium and also to commissioning others, and contest prizes.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask and I will do my best to answer!
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PSD File of one of my planets.
Definatly not one of my best, but I keep those for myself ;)

size is 2000x2000 pixels, the zipped file is about 20 mb.
layers are not combined, so it's easy to modify the planet if you wish.

free for anyuse - no rules
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So, it is finally here! The Animus 2.0 Brush set that I planned to make! This rar file contains the abr file for photoshop, and a folder with every brush as a png for all other applications (such as GIMP). This set contains brushes for making all the various elements of the Animus 2.0 interface (from Assassin's Creed 2), as well as a few sample brushes. With the use of a few layer styles you'll be able to create a very convincing Animus styled environment (note: the special effects are not included in the brushes, they are simply the shapes). Again, templar and assassin logo are not included to avoid trouble with the respective organisations ;)

Feel free to use, but give credit when used. Also, feel free to post a comment here with feedback, or a link to a work where you used it. I'd like to see how this is used. Do NOT claim as your own or redistribute.
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23 mb ;p
Size: about 1800x1800 px

Let me know what you make, when/where you have used it.
Link back to this file in your description.
I hope you like it. ;)

Change atmosphere and shadow. Now it looks much better. :)
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wallpaper in psd.

I hope to enjoy my work
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Hey here are some brushes that did based on the first assassins creed animus gltiches the part where in cutscenes and stuff where the carbon thingys show up, its not that good as it is only a beta of what im planning to do

Photoshop: im not sure which version as it was made in cs5, so im guessing ps cs5 and up compatible.

Copyright: this belongs to me, and the game belongs to ubisoft, if you must use these brushes credit me in the description or give me the link to the deviation.


comments crits and favourites are welcome ;)
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After scouring the net I realized nobody made a brush set like this, so I made one of my own. This set contains 16 brushes inspired on the Animus from Assassin's Creed, and a couple of more brushes to use as guides for making your own.
This pack does NOT include brushes for the cloudy backround, and the brushes aren't as vague or glowing as in the preview (use filters and layer styles to get these effects).
I did not include the abstergo logo since that one is probably copyrighted, and I don't want trouble with Ubisoft OR the templars ;)

NOTE: I did not rip these from the game, each brush is 100% self made. I am not a biologist or chemist, so the molecular structures shown herein might not be correct at all (don't try to make them in real life)

Feel free to use, but please give credit and do not redistribute without my given permission or claim as your own creation.
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