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Meet the German Shepard general I've adopted from :iconshrimpheby: :heart:

Anyways, I didn't know what to draw for the weekend, so I decided to draw him. *attemptspainting*

I dunno, he can be Dictator Ren's new babysitter subordinate or something.

Haven't named him yet. But I'm guessing he's going to get a really girly one - just because Dictator Ren is a big meany. ;P
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I decided to draw Ren again because:

1. It's Cat's day (2/22) here in Japan today. 8D
2. Some people who voted for poll were expecting male fanservice, so he's my second victim. /shot

Remind me to study male muscles properly, because it was trolling on me so badly I felt like tossing the laptop out the window =_= (Abs? Abc? Wtf is that? /shotforever)

Anyways, I'm pretty surprised myself to see that Ren's got all that when he's such a wimp with severe mama-issue :iconwthplz:
I guess he works out in secret to save his mum from his dad....? I dunno. /shot

Enjoy! 8D
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Dictator!Ren returns with his loyal babysitter subordinate Coco 8D
(Short for "Cocoa" - Ren named him, and since he's a meany towards canines, he just had to give him a really cute-girly-littledog-name /shot)

I dunno what Ren's ordering here... I guess he's pointing at the "carrot tax" basket where people have to submit their monthly tax or something :shrug:
And where would all those carrots go? To his mama's kitchen of course! 8D /shot

It's been waaaay too long since I drew proper chibi (semi-chibi?)... took me forever to get this done. It feels weird to draw lines before coloring lol /shot
Backgrounds? What's a background? /shot

Btw, it's "Boy/kids' Day" in Japan today (May 5) Happy happy! 8D

Ren (c) =hitogata
Coco (design) *shrimpHEBY (adopted from her)
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Thank you all those who sent me kind Valentines wishes :heart:


So, I had this sudden urge to draw Ren (the kitty boy) as Valentines/White Day pic :XD:
He probably received chocolates from his dear mumsy, so he decides to make plushies of her and Mae for White Day...
... unfortunately, the daddy plushie won't get as much good treatment as his mumsy's :rofl:

Even he's all grown up, his severe mother complexity issue hasn't gotten any better :no:


Ren&art (c) =hitogata
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N: ~♪♪♪:heart:
L: ?

Since it's always Luna who's shrinking, I thought why not reverse it :XD:
Little Mae is all dressed up in his royal costume, prepares a rose, takes her hand finger and sings love song (in Elvish)..... but Luna has got no freaking idea what's going on XD /shotforever
This was inspired by a work I saw.... but I didn't save it so now I dunno where the heck it is x_x

Is she that dumb? Yes she is :iconwthplz:

On LS we were deforming the idea how Nelyo will remain as a pedo no matter how small he is /shot ROFL

Oh, and one last thing....
Miniskirt & kneehigh socks FTW :iconimseriousplz:
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COLLAB WITH GODLY :iconyuhii:!!!

We were totally planning about doing this! ..... just about 14 hours ago!! /shot 8D
C did the lines, I did the crappy coloring+editing. We finally fulfilled our long dream to collab!

I dunno why the heck she decided to draw these..... DUDES. In one canvas. With Haamiah. ESPECIALLY WITH HAAMIAH. :stab:
I could totally imagine this happening... Hyouga getting too close from exploding from rage, Conny being.... well, Conny, Miah being bitchperv like always, Yuhii making pouty-face (at Miah), Zonka being badass, Zeo looking serious, and poor Lomi being dragged into this utter madness :rofl:

I still think we can make a random comic strip out of this cast XD lol


Zonka, Yuhii (c) =Yuhii
Zeo, Haamiah, Hyouga (c) =hitogata
Constantine (c) *avi17
Lominzil (c) ~vinyatar
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Seriously, it's freaking hot lately it's draining my life and youth.

Anyways, I really needed to take some break off pixels or I'll really forget how to draw normal stuff...
SO, as I mentioned in somewhere ages ago, one of my goals for this summer is to practice male anatomy. HERE IS MY ATTEMPT. :iconlazycryplz:
I know there are weird parts here and there, but I couldn't really look up for refs since i'm in this situation where i'm sharing one room with dad and sis... AND IT WOULD BE REALLY AWKWARD IF MY DAD SEES ME STARING NAKED MEN /SHOTSHOT

Coco has been selected as my victim. I guess he's helping out some outdoor chores and he's taking a break or something. Most likely that Luna will catch him wiping sweat with his shirt and she will scold him for that XD Don't mothers get pissed when you wipe with your shirt...? CUZ MINE DO

Left this thing monochome cuz I was too lazy to color. :|

Think of this as fanservice.
.... personally, the only fanservice I want right now is "fanning" service.

HOKAY, lame pun was lame. Blame the heat. *hides*
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Oh wow, creative title... *rolleyes*

I forgot to upload this... I tried speedpainting couple days ago on LS because I randomly had this urge to try it out after my previous attempt that ended up as horrible piece of crap:

Soooo this is my second attempt, after 5 months from the previous one. I think the shading is better, but I still think it's crappy ._.

It's like: Attempt speed paint → Fails → Give up → Gets pissed at self for giving up → Try it again → Go back to first. Endless loop of hopelessness. Joy.

Anyways, I'll stop ranting lol

From the top:
Hiiragi (about 40 min)
Kaede (about 30 min)
Ren (about 1hr)
Non-animal-ears version lol

As usual, that troubling child Ren gave me the most trouble.... OTL (And Hiiragi looks so evilwtf)

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Luna's a sleepyhead. Can never getup in mornings without someone waking her up.

The concept was suggested by one of my friends on my site. We were talking how it's really cute when girls wear their boyfriend's shirt :meow:

So yeah... here's the result. ;P lol

She wasn't holding on to anything at first, but it looked really plain so I added.... that :lol:
...It looks like a leash tho /shot

Luna (c) me
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Little Gil shares his cookies to his uncle, who's having a time out from the bunny. LMAO (Chain made by Curvo or Bou or someone. Really strong.)

Now Luna, who just can't stay away from little cute cuddly things (2 twin+1 fuzzballs), feeds them cookies and spoils them.

Aaaaand the wolf just sits there and stares at the scene. You can guess what he's imagining about - two of redheaded little ones around his bunny is giving him delusions.:giggle:

Ah dang, they're fun to draw..../shot
... and I just had to draw Little Gil....
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