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He doesn't like to be mainstream. :iconhipstercatplz:

In all seriousness, I'm not sure why I did this, or why he saying that when (I'm assuming) the Triforce is a major part of Hylian culture. It should have been popular despite his taking power for himself.

Fail? Perhaps....

I would highly recommend downloading

Ganondorf (c) Nintendo

EDIT: letters were hard to read. Lost glow and changed to a darker color.

I'm highly surprised at how popular this is. I wasn't expecting this to get over 50 favs, let alone 100.
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It really does...

Didn't feel like adding the swirls.

I wanted to make this wallpaper sized, but I wasn't sure the dimensions of an average computer...

changed the name at *gafagear's request.

Ganondorf (c) Nintendo
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A character Wall. :I

considering the size, a download might be in order

Leopold :iconchipdachimchar: Mimi :iconhannersrawr: Cole :iconkekon3: Cerinna :icongrazhar-shinubi:
Jenna :iconbehindtg: Bless :iconcrimson-jazz: Yvette :iconmuch-too-deja-vu: Levy :icongreat-leo:
Richter :icon1wordinsane: Lucy :iconmy5cookies: Bennet :iconheatherkat: Aboo :iconbatlover800:
Ventisca :iconkearra: Quarbo :icongafagear: Cheer :icondorulu1112: Henry :iconflansy:

Done during various spare moments these past two weeks, each done between 30 and 45 minutes depending on the amount of procrastination I went through. :U
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I find this a bit hilarious really, Richter (the taller one) Believes Quarbo is some sort of criminal menace , cloaked in a fratboy facade.
Since Quarbo seems to have access to a subliminal amount of money , appears almost out of nowhere unexpectedly,, and other "suspicious" Activity.

he told Coin (the meowth on the left) his suspicions of Quarbo and managed to frighten him as well.

heheh =w=

Richter (c) :icon1wordinsane:
Coin (c) :iconrocketmeowth:
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Application for :iconpkmn-crossing:

EDIT: *Updated Age.

:iconmannysaysplz: <--Plz account

:star: Name: Manny Theodore Sullivan
:star: Nickname: N/A
:star: Age: 30
:star: Birthday: March 30th
:star: Gender: Male
:star: Nature: Relaxed
:star: Pokemon: Electabuzz
:star: Hometown: Podunk City
:star: History:

Father, brother, ex-husband, and grease monkey extraordinaire, Manny's grown up with a relatively normal life, along with the ups and downs that come with it. Starting work at the age of fifteen under a very demanding father, he began the tedious process of learning everything he could regarding cars, trucks... anything he could take apart really. Because of this innate curiosity, he has a knack for fixing most anything you can bring him. Six years later, he was married to a wonderful woman named Gina, and had a baby boy they named Maxwell. It was a nice marriage while it lasted, but with time things can change. In the end, the two decided to call it a day and head their separate ways: Gina taking their son with her, and Manny looking to find a new place to call home.

Despite his sullen expression, Manny isn't someone that angers easily. He's very relaxed and unwilling to try and butt into other people's problems. However, he is more than happy to talk when someone wants to strike up a conversation.

Manny is a natural at repair and has a workshop in his house. Bring him something to fix, and in a day you'll have it back as good as new! For small projects it's relatively cheap, but the more intricate the piece, the more it'll cost to fix.

On his days off, he likes to fish in the ocean since it's an incredibly relaxing thing to do.

:star: Hobby: Fishing, Repairing new things, cooking
:star: Job: Repairman
:star: Favorite Food: Steak
:star: Favorite Berry: Pinap Berry
:star: Catchphrase: Nothin' to it
:star: Accessories: tools, usually a wrench

Additional notes:

- He has a younger sister that's into fashion, though he hasn't seen her in a few years.

- His tail is shorter than usual due to an unfortunate accident when he was younger. Despite his relaxed nature, he can get irritated if people talk about it too much.

- He doesn't like to dress up and will sulk if forced to do so. When he does though, this electabuzz cleans up fairly well.

- Cooking is a natural talent that most of his family members possess. It's also sort of a secret passion for him.

- He used to be much more fit, but that was before an arm injury made him reduce his work out regiment. Even though it's healed up, he never really got back into the rhythm.

:new: Now with Stats!

Level: 65

Ability: Static (paralyzes an opponent who uses a physical attack)

Nature: Relaxed (DEF+ /SPD-)

-EV: 100
-IV: 29
ATK: 150
-EV: 152
-IV: 20
DEF: 118
-EV: 112
-IV: 17
SPD: 136
-EV: 52
-IV: 4
SATK: 150
-EV: 94
-IV: 11
SDEF: 135
EV: 0
IV: 31

:star: Moveset:
:bulletblue: Cross Chop
:bulletblue: Chargebeam
:bulletblue: Substitute
:bulletblue: Thunderbolt


Phew! That took a while. Well, this is my character. Manny wasn't originally going to be my entrant, but for some reason he was the thing that came to mind when my hand started moving. It's times like this that make me wish I could find Electabuzz earlier in the pkmn games. Anyways, I doubt I'll make it in due to the limited space and the other AMAZING characters that are trying to get in, but I decided I'd at least try. I totes got in you guys~ X3

Pokemon (c) Nintendo
Animal Crossing (c) Nintendo
PKMN-Crossing (Group) (c) *Cyanide-Tea
Manny the Electabuzz (c) *Bluu02
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...... Richter would ace it.

Also, I shouldn't be allowed to talk to people. This was inspired by a conversation with 1word who noticed that all the gender bent residents have.... more to show than the real females.

Normally, I don't do Birthday Art for people. But the sketch has been sitting in my WiP folder ever since November.

Richter (c) :icon1wordinsane:
Vertigo (c) :iconcute-saki:
Amadeus (c) :icongranite-skull:
Ivan (c) :icondarkm00nshine:
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Lol, yes. IF I get the new black/white version, it'll be for this little guy here (and the new polar bear one). Those butterfly ears and leafy tail are everything I want in monkey pokemon and more!

Pansage (c) Nintendo
"Art" (c) ~blueartistry90
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Sorry for the huge size! It's a lot of detail to cram into one picture. I don't think I've had so many characters in one setting before! I used a quicker, blocky-er paining style for this. Not too sure if I like it, but I wanted to try something new. Sepia tones for practice and also because it's quicker.
Anyway, this is just a little scene of some of the residents of Pokette Town enjoying themselves at The Roost Cafe. I'm upset with myself for missing the Harvest Moon Festival event and wanted to draw a big scene like this for it, but I was preoccupied at the time. Everyone in this is the character of someone who commented on Lawrence's application and welcomed him into the town (plus Bless and a cameo from Aria). He has a hard time making friends, as you can see here. I don't know many people in the group yet, so I thought this would be a nice way to say hello and thank you. :)

From right to left we have:
-My own Lawrence the Blitzle
-Valerie the Tangrowth who belongs to ~PrinceCharmander
-MingMei the Mienfoo who belongs to *asmari
-Bless the Togekiss who belongs to ~Crimson-Jazz
-Leslee the Nidoqueen who belongs to ~DarkestDragon302
-Jenna the Ampharos who belongs to *BehindtG
-Hickory the Butterfree who belongs to *Lhumina
-Samir the Lairon who belongs to ~Twero
-Maddison the Oshawott who belongs to ~Glidel
-Manny the Electabuzz who belongs to ~blueartistry90
-Aria (the human) who belongs to *Cyanide-Tea
-Vincente the Tauros who belongs to ~KaiKooon
-Montreal the Girafarig who belongs to *Synthem

And I had Brewster in this for a while but It was just TOO crowded. xD He's probably in the back getting some supplies...

Pokémon © Nintendo

Critique encouraged!
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My final part of the dare of :iconquarboplz: n :iconlesleeplz:
..Had trouble gettin it done cuz of surprise major headache..

Also, Meet Geogentleman

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Quarbo: "So I was rummagin' around in your house yesterday for stuff to eat when I found this great cake! It was delicious! Also, I found your porn stash." :icontrollface:

Manny: *spits out water*

What's really going on? Quarbo's revealing himself as the culprit behind a cake that had mysteriously vanished from Manny's house that was actually meant for the giant blue vacuum. This isn't an "Acorn Festival" entry. It just so happens that Quarbo's birthday (which was yesterday) happens during said festival, meaning seedots, seedots everywhere~

Anyways... something to fill in this gap of time that suddenly opened up. :T

[link] apparently it wasn't just a joke

Pokemon & Animal crossing (c) Nintendo
Manny (c) ~blueartistry90
Quarbo (c) *gafagear
PKMN-Crossing (c) *Cyanide-Tea
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