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Name: Caydence
Species: Dragon
Gender: Male
Age: 20 (Human years equivalent)
Personality: Shy, not friendly at first, but once you get to know him, he's a great friend. He's a bit of a wild child, but can get serious.
Description: The picture above also, his colors are all earthy tones.
Class: DragonWarrior
Element: Air(Storm)
Weapon: A katana used for summoning storms
Speciality: Small Typhoons (Complete with small sharp pieces of hail)
Abilities: Can breath a little fire if needed but mostly creates small storms.
Weaknesses: Can't swim. (Fear of water.)
Strengths: Very clever
Background: Grew up as a normal dragon with his parents (Who were civilians) He has no siblings so his parent were very sad but very proud when He left to become a Dragon Warrior.
Home Planet: Earth
Alignment: Amanda's army
Other: In fighting he uses air attacks until the enemy gets too close then he uses his long, razor-sharp claws.

Well, this is my dragon oc for :icondragonwitchqueen:'s comic. BTW The puny human is there to show Caydence's size. That human is about 5'8"


The drawing and the oc belong to me :icondeamonsin-7: Ask before you use. Thos who have permission already know who they are and will credit me.
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Yay!~ I've been trying to develope my digital coloring skills.

On another note,
STRIPPED RIBBONS ARE SOO HARD TO DRAW NICELY!! Especially when you're doing the lineart WITHOUT a pen that is thin enough to get all the details right. So, yes. I drew it completely in pencil, no smudging, and dark enough to use as a lineart. I was pretty proud of it.

Time: 3 or 4 hours total.
Tools: plain, printer paper, #2 pencil, and photoshop 7.0

Art belongs to me
Ciel belongs to the creator of Black Butler

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Sebastian and Al love cats!
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So I redesigned my teen titans ocs :D

I meant for her color scheme to be a bit lighter but meh :shrug: oh well I decided to go with more of a figure skater look. I also redesigned her ears :D hope you like em.

Name: Tundra

Secret Identity: Zoey Smith (this identity is generally taken on so that she can learn more about Earth, and even how to read and write outside of her language).

Age: *looks to be about 14-17*

Place of birth: Glacius, a moon orbiting a planet found in the Tyranian sector of the galaxy.

Appearance: just look at the picture she has pale skin long silvery blue hair and long kind of mousy like ears. Wheres a light blue dress with a high slit, a white fluffy fur-like shall.She has two jewels of turquise. One on her shall serves as a universal translate allowing her to communicate despite the language barrier. However her hair changes to blond and ears to normal due to a special holographic device (and a wig).

Personality: Generally calm not easily angered. Vary hard on herself when she makes mistakes. Tend to have a strange liking towards chocolate and pizza. She is a bit awkward at times.

Powers: The people of her world (and her as well) can harness the power of ice. She generally fights by creating ice on which she ice skates on, picks up speed and uses the velocity to enhance any direct attacks. She also can use the power of ice to send ice spikes at the enemy or try to trap it. So basically ice spikes and figure skating is how she fights. Its Just Ice. Just Ice (justice)

Weaknesses: Her biggest weakness is fire. Her attacks are useless upon those who specialize in fire. She is also unable to read any language outside her native one (including any of earth's), because though her translator will translate spoken words it fails to translate written words. Should her translator be broken she is unable to communicate with allies. She also needs to use caution being that certain substances on earth that are normally safe for Humans are not safe for her people. Another issue is feelings such as nervousness and fear or too much buildup of energy can cause her to loose control, however this usually leads to minor incidents such as getting her hands stuck to door knobs.

Background: Tundra grew up upon the moon Glacius orbiting an extra-solar planet. The climate was ice cold and filled with forests featuring colorful tree-like plants of purples, blues, and whites. Her people specialized in Sorcery, mostly ice based. When Tundra was a young girl war broke out on her planet, which elevated to the point where her people transformed their planet to an inhabitable zone, killing a good portion of her people. Luckily, however a small handful escaped. Tundra was just a child at the time. As she got older she soon decides to explore the galaxy, however her ship crash lands on Earth, barely missing the titan's tower as a result of engine malfunction.

She soon left in search of somebody who can fix a space ship which she soon finds is surprisingly in short supply on Earth. Apparently the planet in which she was on didn't have many space ship mechanics. Now knowing she is stranded and not knowing anybody, she feels a sense of hopelessness. Of course feeling depressed she tries to make do with her situation and tries to grab a soda that leads to a chain of event causing a bit of comical chaos. That's when she meets up with the titans who decide to help her out with her situation. Eventually, however, she decides to stay on Earth feeling that destiny brought her there in order to ensure that the fate of her world will not become the fate of Earth. She soon considered Earth to be her second home.

OtherThe jewel on her fur shall is actually a translator :D it allows her to communicate as if she speaks the same language and translates both the words of others and her own words.
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:iconssaplz: SO here are my Super special awesome yugioh ocs. :D

Well the coloration didn't turn out exactly the way I wanted it but then again colored pencils and a scanner will throw off the color scheme a bit. I was going for a bit of a more brownish brown with jade. Welp here are their profiles and since their stories are intertwined here goes.

name: Jade Hart
Series: Original
Age: 14-15 years old (youngest sister)
Appearance: she's the long haired girl :| do i have to describe her when there is a PICTURE of her?
Personality: She's normally sweet , and shy, but can get mad. When she is angered she can be incredibly childish. She is a bit of a coward and can easily get spooked and isn't the strongest of duelists. Although on the surface she seems weak, it is her determination and loyalty to her friends that make her strong.
Likes: Duel monsters, Sweets, beach, making friends, singing, and pets especially cats.
dislikes: Loud noises, Green beans, anything on the fear list, people messing with her friends
Fears: Thunder, spiders, any loud and sudden noise (not associated with games and movies), Loosing those that she loves (her biggest fear)
deck specialty: Jade specializes in plant based monsters.

Name Jasmine Hart
Series Original
Age 16-18 (older sister)
Appearance: look at the picture she's the short haired one
Personality Normally Jasmine is easy going and gets along with just about anybody. She prefers to be more layed back. She tends to be protective over those that she cares for especially her sister. Unlike her sister Jasmine can be extremely scary when mad especially when you mess with those that she cares about. She also isn't that easily spooked. She also tends to be more confident around men. Jasmine has a tendency to be lazy however.
Likes: Dueling, tournaments, Chocolate, Chilling out on the beach, kids, shopping.
dislikes: Gummy candies, anybody who messes with her family, people who lack respect, loosing at videogames
Fears: Not being able to help the ones she loves when they are in need of her help
Deck specialty: Jasmine's main deck is a direct attack and cheep shot deck featuring cards that either give her monster a power boost. Durring her duels she relies upon cheep shots to win the match, but she also possesses an enraged muka muka, dd Warrior lady, and Gemini Elf. She also possesses cards that allow for direct attacks upon lifepoints. She also has other decks each featuring a different strategy that way she can always throw off her opponents even if they know one of her decks inside and out. She also possesses what she calls a scrap deck which is in reality just a bunch of random cards that have yet to be assembled into a deck. She is a much stronger duelist then her younger sister.

Jasmine and Jade both grew up in domino city. They are the grandaughters of Alexander Hart, who is a very famous duelist winning in plenty of championships. Their mother was a nurse, while their father was a physics professor often times coming up with designs for inventions, some were crazy others brilliant. These inventions however were never set into motion. Their parents were killed in an accident when they were very little, after which they were taken in by their grandfather. Jade took the loss the hardest, and for a while wouldn't eat, speak, and often locked herself in her room. Eventually, however Jasmine managed to get through to her sister, assuring her that she'd always be there for her.

Blah blah blah their grandfather teaches them how to duel blah blah blah they are duelists, blah blah blah some mythical items blah blah blah blah, seriously I'm still working on the rest of their profile.

Oh they are paired up with canons. :shrug:

:iconsetokaibaplz::iconsaysplz: If you don't like it screw the rules I have money.

I watch too much Yugioh the abridged series. Please watch yugioh the abridged series to get the joke yugioh doesn't belong to me but these two characters are mine ALL america
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*dies* Finaly finished this. It took me all day. but it looks great. Chibi Sollux. Yush, one of my favorite trolls~

Sollux/Homestuck Belongs to Hussie.
Art belongs to me. Ask before using plz.
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Ok so this is my before and after meme. I kind of recycled some old images of yuki.
used images done by me

ok so basically i should talk about what has changed.

Old yuki:
As you can see yuki's style was a bit ahead of its time. She had bright colors and it was a tad revealing o3o though her other outfits were a little more revealing. Her hair was a tad "Plane Jane." She has an automail arm. Because of a bland and lack of personality her relationship with ed was average. She was incredably clingy to ed XD.

Well yuki went through several transformations to get where she is today. Originally she had absolutly no living relatives, but eventually i created johnny who was a rip off of Mayes Hughes. Old old yuki had probably ALL the cliches crammed into one oc. She had automail that she obtained because she mistook a roman candle for a regular candle as a child. She did human transmutation to bring back her sister, who died in a tragic car accident. She at first lost bits and pieces of her lungs causing her illness but then it changed to an eye (yet i still kept the sickness).

One fun fact was she in fact created not ONE homunculus but TWO homunculi in her human transmutation. One was torment that looked exactly like yuki and fused with yuki's body. The other was a cat homunculus that could change into a cat named Diana. She was actually yuki's sister. [link] Here is Diana's picture.

She kind of grew up in fort briggs later on in her development which was kind of stupid looking back because why would General Armstrong let a little girl run around Fort Briggs? She was a state alchemist at age 17 (originally 14) and was the Ice Angel Alchemist. Oh did i mention :lol: her wings really had no logical explanation. She even ripped off ed's short complex by having a "Flat chested complex."

(fun fact: Eventually I did create a father for yuki who was a drachman spy. he changed too recently. She also was trained by both Izumi and General Armstrong)

(yah it don't make sense to me either)

Now we come to yuki today.

Well As you can see yuki kept a simular style with bright colors or will go with a simplistic style but she shows a bit less skin and the colors are more faded. I spiced up her hairstyle by adding the side braid. Oh and she has blue eyes. Her basic figure stayed the same. She also does have automail...but this picture i accidently got the wrong side and you cannot see it because its hidden behind the body. It basically goes up to her wrist. (actually i too lazy to draw it and i'm still designing it) She does have some winter wear too being from the north. The after image shows her in her summer and fall outfits.

Her personality is now more shy and sweet but she does obtain more logical flaws....and an actual personality. She can get angry at times though and when she does she resorts to the silent treatment.

Either way her background story has changed. Sure she still has a bad father, but i added a bit of a more logical corruption background story with him. Instead of a Drachman spy he's now just a man corrupted by war. As for her mother she still does die in an accident (I'm still wondering if i need her sister chloe or not). Oh and no longer did General Armstrong raise her she was raised in the north with a normal kid childhood.

Yuki did no human transmutation. I also changed her medical condition to simple episodes of weakness. She lost her hand and her eye in a car accident (the same one that took her mom). Yuki also gained more family, and i watered down her brother to just a simple clingy overprotective brother but not as bad as hughes. Recently she gained a sister named susan created by :iconfullmetalalchemyz:

I erased some marry sues from yuki's past too. Yuki learned everything about fighting and alchemy from her brother. Her last name changed too. Yuki Hughes is not Yuki Drox. Her state alchemist thing i'm still considering. Her actual story she finds out she cannot be a state alchemist because of her medical condition. Finally her wings are gone for good this time. Yup NO MORE WINGS. And she didn't create any homunculi.

(In rps occasionally i'll make her a state alchemist but in that case she's at least 20 years old when she gains her title which changed to Ice Blade XD but thats an alternate story line.)

So ultimatly in the end i changed, her bg story, added a personality and family, changed her appearance, and am gonna redesign automail. Oh and her name change. DID I MENTION NO WINGS!?

Though i will admit i have a few touch ups there and there to do to Yuki for the most part I'd say she made a huge improvement in such a short amount of time :)

I will only admit to one good thing about old yuki. I did one damn good job drawing that automail.
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Quick doodle I did last night while trying out a new style.

Karkat belongs to hussie, creator of homestuck.
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Just a quick doodle of latios and stuff..........

Enjoy~ (and try out pixlr, it's great if you don't have an art program at home.)

Done on [link] (pixlr) in about 15-20 minutes
Latios copyright nintendo/gamefreak/ whoever owns pokemon.
Gajinka design is mine though. Appologies if it looks like yours, it was just something I came up with quick.
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Yah i know the shoulders are not properly shaded. ^^;

Name: Momo 
Species: mouse yokai
appearance: =3= are you blind? Look at the picture

Personality: Momo is very shy at first. Can be sweet once she warms up to somebody. She isn't much of a fighter, prefering to run away from a fight than to actually fight. Usually when frightened she will transform into a mouse and try to run away. She isn't very confident.

Abilities: momo doesn't have any fighting skill, however she is good with healing and transformation. However she usually will only transform when weak or frightened. 

Weakness: Her healing abilities can only be used on other people and take up energy to use. 

BG Story: Ever since momo was little she has always been considered weak and useless. She was very timid and shy having a hard time communicating with people. Momo wasn't exactly the most confident of children and was pretty much the biggest coward there was, however she did have a sweet nature to her and wanted to help others. So she decided to specialize in healing spells. Eventually momo met Ginko who pulled her out of her shell......

yah i know her background needs work XD i made that up in 5 minutes. So i knows it sucks. 
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