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Lulu open call

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 9, 2014, 7:43 AM
The video has been rendering all night so here is what I am going to do. It will basically be stating the same thing I am about to say:

For lulus actress I need you to pick any series of lines and to sing a small bit of the luluby she sings to Lazari. 

You cam send me the video or a link to an audio download at any point (preferably on this journal) And I will most likely end the call by next week.  

Hopefully the video finishes today so I can put up a definite time for when the contest shall end. 

Good luck Chibi Army.

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Hey everyone! I'm happy to announce that the next episode is finally here! I hope you guys enjoy it! :D…

that's all for now!

~The Madame
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Journal Entry: Fri Jun 13, 2014, 7:48 PM

Hey guys! The "Narrators uNIGHTed" livestream will be going on until tomorrow (the 14th) at noon. Please check it out it you have the time!

To donate to support the victim of the Wisconsin stabbing, you can follow this link:…

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I want everyone here to read this:…

I know many of you new to the Creepypasta community will believe what you read. To be clear: all characters are fictional, and Creepypasta-Insanity does not endorse any act of murder, rape, or suicide.
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UPDATE: Alright so Ive been doing a lot of thinking about my theory and I have some new possible things I wanna add into this thing

1. I feel like the fact that "Peter" went a bit too far in how many people he killed. Upon thinking about it the new toy animatronics of FNAF 2 could simply be malfunctioning witht heir criminal database system as technology does in a new generation and as such recognizes jeremy as a criminal rather than a security guard.

2. I still firmly believe that the withered animatronics of FNAF 2 are from Fredbears Family Diner however theres one call that stands out from FNAF 2 that got me thinking about the killings again. Phone guy mentions that the animatronics smell somewhat which is an odd thing to recall. If we think back to one of the mini games it takes palce in a small room with 6 kids and one is outside in tears. The purple man (Peter) comes up to that kid and kills him before driving away...what happened to the body of that child? I propose this for thought: What if the old animatronics of FNAF 2 hold the body parts of the first victim? This would make sense due to their large size as well the stench would be prevalent when engineers go to dig for parts to be used in the Toy Animatronics.

3. This is the big one for me. On night 7 when you beat it you receive a little pink slip that has reasons why you were fired but something is off about it. If you look closely at the name it says "Fritz Smith". If you recall Jeremy finished out his 6th night and Phone Guy says that he will take over Jeremy's shift for the upcoming night. This means that Jeremy would be bumped up to the day shift and only one person would be there for the 7th night: Phone Guy A.K.A Fritz Smith.

So what does all this mean? It means this: Peter only ever killed one child. He cut up the body of the child and placed it into the old animatronics of Fredbears Family Diner. He still ended up caught but due to the owner being involved in money embezzling was un-captured. When FNAF 2 rolls around he works the night shift for its first week and loses his mind to the paranoia, taking the Golden Freddie suit and leading the 5 kids to their untimely demise. All the while Jeremy is unaware of whats going on during the day while Fritz gets word of mouth information on the situation and on Night 6 discovers the gory truth. When November 14, 1987 comes around the old animatronics break loose onto the stage and Foxy grabs one of the kids and prepares to bite down on him/her. Jeremy pushes the kid out of the way and takes the bite to the head himself. Fritz, shocked by this, takes over as the night shift guard for the years to come, ensuring that no one ever face the same fate as Jeremy Fitzgerald. He is ultimately fired on his first night but manages to gain employment when the new location opens up. As he works he records phone calls in case his time is cut short, which in the end does happen to Fritz. This leaves Mike Schmidt, a new employee curious about the rumors surrounding the establishment, to seek employment at the pizzeria to discover the truth of what exactly is going on at Freddy Fazbears Pizza.

This means that the multiple killings theory about peter is now null and void. This also means that Johnny still becomes the marionette but only gives life to the original animatronics, as demonstrated in one of the death mini games. Fred Fazbears money embezzeling scam does not get discovered by the presses due to Peter leaving the scene of the crime after the murder of the five children has been committed.

Ok so just to give a quick little update Im dealing with finals and I dont have the time to fully re-write my entire theory so heres a small list of updates that I have been thinking of that change things up a bit.
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All I can say - NO.

I want the old one back.

(Maybe if we all deviantart users all over the world get enough comments and votes, Deviantart will change it back?...
Heres the voting pool:…  )

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Creepypasta fandom please read

Fri Dec 5, 2014, 6:47 PM
Hello guys,
Due to recent events I feel the need to clarify a few things.
A lot of people really have been white knighting for me, which I understand is in attempt to help me out and defend me in a situation in which I wouldn't defend myself but you really don't need to do that.

I know in the past I have asked people not to draw or write anything involving Toby which featured him being shipped with anyone other than Clockwork but I know now that it's really pointless to ask something like that.
A lot of people have respected what I am and am not comfortable with and some people haven't. That's fine, I don't really find it to be important anymore, it's really just not worth the effort in trying to fight back against stuff like that and I guess I really just don't care much anymore.

I'm done with the Creepypasta fandom. I've been done with it for a while and with Toby's copyrights in place I plan on not looking back on it or bothering with it unless it involves legal violation of copyright.
Please don't feel inclined to defend me against people shipping Toby with other characters or OCs or anything like that, it's fine. And not to mention people are getting hurt because some others tend to take it too far.
Bashing on someone's OC is a big nono. Please do not do that it's very hurtful towards the creator.
Bashing and Constructive criticism are two very different things and have two very different outcomes.
I never wanted to ultimately hurt anyone, I just thought that in the past that by putting up boundaries with my character I'd feel more comfortable with my place in the fandom but I was wrong and I am 100% not afraid to admit that.

This is my fault. It is and I am truly sorry that I caused so much trouble, please know that it wasn't intended.
From this point on please don't attack anyone about shipping with Toby or anything like that.
Just leave it be, okay?
And to anyone who has been hurt in the process please know that I truly am sorry. The fact that one little thing went against something I didn't like doesn't mean that it's right for you to be hurt, and I truly hope that everything gets better for you.

I wasn't prepared for my character to become popular on the internet. I really wasn't.
I never thought it would happen and I'm still not good at dealing with it. In fact I suck at it, it's true.

Anyone who dislikes me has one reason or another to feel that way about me and that's fine. As I've said before I don't ask anyone to think of me any certain way so hate me if that's what you feel, just know that I'm sorry for what I've done and if I've ever done anything to personally offend you or anything like that and you'd like to confront me about it please do so so that I can apologize to you directly, because I want you all to understand that I'm not just playing nice, I mean it when I say I'm sorry for the trouble I've caused.
I don't want to come on Deviantart and worry about people hating me. I don't want to start or continue conflicts, I just want it all to be water under the bridge.

So all and all--
Thank you and I'm sorry. I really am.

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Music-Don't You Dare Forget The Sun by Get Scared
just a little AMV :333
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I made a thing :
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Best Creepypasta Ever

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 20, 2014, 10:29 PM

Yeah uhm bye.

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