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Drawn completely with a mouse. Full popstar Dating sim, no hentai, no nudity. This game contains free to use music loops from and

Please do not upload this game to your own server or site. You may provide a link to this game or to Otherwise, you need to provide sponsorship and ask for permission first.


If you want Emi's endings, you need to either win or lose the competition. Or you can have a crappy ending. There are three endings for every character.

For the best endings, you need to buy every character's favorite items. There are sixty days. And the menu, you can click on it to see the day and the money and hp you have left!

If you need a more complete walkthrough, please leave your questions here. thanks. have fun!
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ok, this game is based on the manga my friend :iconsmartblond: and I are making: Heaven's Humanity: Purest Wings.
I had a bit of a hard time making this, but everything worked out!
....oh yeah, sorry the game is so.... basic... I would have made it more complex if it wasn't a 30 day trial! *shot* 8D;
I wanted to add stuff like days, HP, etc., including more conversations, but I've been busy besides the fact I was limited... *shot again*
anyways, I hope you GIRLS like it! I made it just for you girls out there because I'm sick of seeing all "guys only" dating sims! 8D;;;

used: Macromedia Flash MX (trial version)
time: less than 30 days


[edit - 5/5/09]
I now have a poll for this! =D
I'm curious as to see who the most popular character since my cousin said she liked Zorro yesterday.
so here's the link, I hope you'll all take 3 seconds of your time to cast your vote ^^


[edit - 5/29/09]
I totally forgot to mention the help I've had making this ^^;
I used a tutorial that :iconpacthesis: made.
sorry for not mentioning this ^^;
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Just to inform all of you who play this. I also have a brand new dating sim thats waaaaaay better here Please vist Skye033's account for more games and dating sims.

This was uploaded before, but I deleted it 8D
Also try to avoid downloading it. It's not as cool.
This was called "Spectacular Dating Sim" but I changed it to Sweet Dating sim because of that dumb movie D8 So it's not as cool now. -3- This took me a while because I was lazy ;P , but now it's done AND there's a mini game 8DD
EDIT 08/03/09; Spelling error fixed.
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Drawn completely with a mouse, with music as free loops by artists at flashkit and newgrounds.

Though the game says only Newgrounds and, I like Deviant art more than Newgrounds, so from now on, my games come here.
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My first flash game... this was fun to do. ^o^
It took three days and it was a big project. Gah, I'm happy that it's now ready.
I want to know if you like it, and give me some comments~.

By the way, I used :iconpacthesis: tutorial to make this. Thank you~.
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I made this game as a school project as my VERY first game... I ended up taking more interest into it than was required, and I plan on developing the game past it's current beta phase. My girlfriend AyakoChan (one of the lead artists on the project) published the game without my knowledge on her deviant site ([link]). To my suprise... people actually liked it. I warmly welcome any future ideas, suggestions, and gameplay ideas. Beta test my game, find the bugs, find some problems, make the game better and I'll get right on it!

I thank you all for your comments/suggestions on my girlfriend's deviant art site, if you have more, plz post them here.

If you wish to follow our group and keep in touch with all the latest news for our future games, plz visit [link]

I'm very new to I don't know why, but my flash won't work properly in the window.. plz download the game and run it in internet explorer... thanks ^^;;


You need to build up your relationship with Hana in order to date her.. but she won't date just any guy. Build up your STR, INT, and CHR to win her heart! (She likes strong men, with a decent amount of chr and int.)
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Hurray! It's almost done!!!!!

Date (still buggy), shop, intro, menu, limit, dialogue, gift, cheat

Download for better gaming experience XD


It has music now!

sorry for the lame, nonsense, random intro -_-

meh... found the errors myself so I removed the 2 chars to fix it :P

I tried random dialogue and didn't turn out very well but I'll keep it that way :P (anti-bug)


Oh yeshh!!!
The new!!! The Bettarr!!! KAWAII SIM DATE!!! :iconlaplz:


The G.U.I. is new! So please ask things about it if you don't know it :)

and also please report some errors!

Character Emotion Viewer : [link] :
Previous Version : [link] :

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Credits to: =3

:iconpacthesis: Pacthesis! Tut: [link]
:iconcameronburke:CameronBurke! Tut: [link]

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Character Names:

Park - Eiji
Beach - Daisuke
Cafe - Akihiko
Shop - Hatsune Miku

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

!!!FREE :iconlaplz: CHEAT!!!

The best cheat of all : Tab button
reveals all the clickable/non clickable buttons
(even the cheat buttons)

press left or right arrow keys!

Cheat HINTS:

Room > Splat
Park > Flower
Beach > Date >>
Cafe > Doorknob
Shop > Blue Book

(These are buttons, if you rollover on it, you'll hear a click sound so it won't be hard to find)
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My Cup of Tea 2: Cheat CODES:

Sharp : for more hp

Musda : to skip to 49 days.

1) Dating at the beach : make sure you buy all three bikinis at Jenna’s clothing store in the mall first. If not, the people at the beach won’t even look at you!

2) If you big out at WacDinalds, make sure you play with the poodle to lose some weight before the date, make sure you wear some makeup too!

3) If a character is not dating you, you probably didn’t give him/her a present first

4) If he/she is not kissing you, did you do everything else first at the date?

5) This game is harder because so many of you asked for harder!

6) The Chinese character on the board is love

7) Liam’s riddle answers:

repeat after me

Have fun!

Play the game at [link] or right now at [link] , love dating sim drawn completely with a mouse in Flash! Please comment, and if u find glitches, make sure you tell me :)
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Credits for music and characters at the end of the game!

:: Edit on March 3rd 2006 ::

This game is finally DONE! You can now play as all three characters. Coriander is the final character to be completed. I have to warn you most everyone is probably going to hate her main ending, but I had to make and honest end. To make up for this, the other half of her game is shorter, easier, and has a yummy ending (but you have to make Kuwabara happy before you can get to Kurama!) And for the people who were patiently waiting, the last part of this game includes the much anticipated inclusion of HIEI! You finally get to see his pretty face, but be careful, some of the answers for Hiei are BOTH technically right, and making him happy is up to luck!

I also added a loading bar so you can see how far along the loading process is. The music will not start until you press BEGIN. For users on high speed connections, loading takes 4 minutes or less. For users on dial up, I would estimate about 15 minutes to load.

Please enjoy my game!! I've worked so hard on this final part I hope you all love it, (or at least play it, even if you hate it, haha) :boogie:

I'm sure many of you have played dating sims before, but it seems there are few (or perhaps none, I have never found one) directed towards females. This game was specifically designed with fangirls in mind. So now, everyone has a chance you interact with the characters of Yu Yu Hakusho and try to win the affection of Kurama.
This is a very simple game since I am still new to action scripts but I have tried to make it as high quality as possible and I have spent many hours drawing and creating this story! Before anyone accuses me of 'stealing' images, I DID use some official art and doujinshi art as reference for some of the scenes. But, all the images you see in this game were drawn by me.
Also, the music and Yu Yu Hakusho characters do not belong to me. CREDITS ARE AT THE END OF THE GAME INCLUDING SONG TITLE. The characters you play as were created by me, however. Aren't they cute?
The idea is simple, just navigate your way through the stories, clicking whichever answer you like in response to the other characters. There are a few different paths to choose from and wrong (or sometimes obviously stupid) answers will probably lead you to a game over! If this happens you can always start over. Here is a hint: choosing to 'go home' will probably get you a game over but NOT ALWAYS. You'll just have to experiment.
I am sorry if the music ends while you are still playing but looping the music creates a larger file and the game is already quite large to begin with. Please be patient while the file loads!
I hope everyone enjoys this game and if you find any glitches within the game PLEASE leave a comment and tell me!! I think I have everything covered, though...
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It should be fixed now. And i wont forget a preview file this time.

not entirely sure why thats happening, but it seems it only occurs if you've been playing for an extended period of time.

it's what the title says - a dating sim.

a very simple one, but funny nonetheless. if you win, you have access to a path map that shows all the different options and answers that you can select. if you lose, then you will probably laugh. especially if it's a game over loss.

oh, and there isnt supposed to be any sound, so dont think anythings wrong if you dont hear any. cuz there isnt.

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