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December was a most joyful time of year in South California. The sun was bright, just as the lights going up on the houses in neighbourhoods were. People seemed a little kinder; although shopping malls were filled to the brim with shoppers and retail workers grumped a little more often.

The drop in temperature not only meant the holidays were around the corner, but it also meant that school closure was as well.

And not only humans were getting ready for Christmas or Hanukah; animation studios across Los Angeles were already releasing holiday specials. Disney and Warner Brothers being two of the most competitive ones. It was a festive time as much as it was a time to celebrate rivalries—whichever cartoon hit the television sets first won the race.

But aside from the coming of his favorite time of year, nothing of that sort was on Ashton Bunny’s mind; especially what True Toons like his father were up to. This would be his very first Christmas in the city, the first Christmas he spent with others than his parents and grandparents.  This time, he would witness how others his age celebrated the holidays, and how special it would be with the rest of the Looney Tunes and the Looney Kids around.

His best friend Penny reassured him that it was the most festive time among their families. The Looney Tunes always had some great activities planned for the gang and the children, every year on Christmas Day.

December was only a day away, and already the public school Ashton attended was decorated in green and red. After such a crazy Black Friday—that had been the first for him as well—the little rabbit was shocked to find people already getting ready for Christmas. Children seemed the most enthusiastic, especially when it was announced that Santa Claus was accepting letters and emails to the North Pole. Most children did that through the school, although Ashton had already gotten his sent a week earlier—better early than late.

“Hey Ash!” A human girl with pigtails shouted at the rabbit as she ran by in the hallway, “Didja bring an ornament to decorate for Art Class?”

Ashton gave her the thumbs up. “Packed in a box in my bag,” he shouted back.

“Awesome; can’t wait to see it! Meetcha in class!”

Public school had been the first time Ashton had been exposed to the world of humans and Toons interacting. When he lived in the forest with his parents, in their tiny cottage, the only humans he knew of were those who lived in the nearby village. But since Bugs and Lola had homeschooled him, Ashton had never gotten the chance to truly interact with any. Public school had been one of the best things that happened to him in his nine years of living.

The only thing about this public school that bothered him was the statuses of the student body: most children, human or Toon – though these last ones were still scarce—either were related to or knew someone who worked in the film or animation industry. It disheartened Ashton a bit, knowing that kids placed each other in categories like that, so he tried to ignore it as much as possible.

“Morning, Ash!”

He looked up from his locker and grinned. Penny Pig arrived from her walk to school and stopped at her locker, next to his, all the while smiling at her best friend. “How’s this fine Friday treating you?”

Ashton giggled. “Hard to say, it’s not even nine in the morning yet,” he replied while hanging up his scarf and closing the locker door. “Didja walk here with Beebop again?”

“No, he spent the night at the twins’ place, so he got a ride with Tyrone and Trixie when their Mom drove them,” the piglet replied while taking off her jacket. “Are you going to head for the WB studios after school to wait for your dad to drive you back? Cuz if you are, I’m heading in that direction too. Daddy needs to take me to the hairdresser right after work.”

“Yeah, Dad said that he was gonna be working an hour extra so he said that I could walk over.”

He and Penny began the walk to class together, something they did most mornings. Of all his friends, Penny had been the only one who had instantly welcomed him upon his move to the city, and treated him just like any other kid, never expecting him to be an exact replica of his father. Beebop, the only child of the Road Runner, and the twins Tyrone and Trixie Duck, children of Daffy and Tina Duck, had a bumpy beginning in their friendships with Ashton, but within a month or two, they had also welcomed Ashton to the Looney Kids Gang, the name that most students at the school called them due to being the children of the Looney Tunes.

On any normal occasion, Ashton asked Penny questions about classes or else what they would do while waiting for their parents to finish work. Today, he was too caught up in the glittering garland hanging on the walls, and the poinsettias here and there. It was too colorful for him to begin any conversation; it was so distracting, in fact, that Penny was the only one who greeted their friends upon reaching their lockers.

It took Beebop’s exclamation and leap onto the rabbit’s back to bring Ashton back to the present moment with a laugh.

“Sooo, who’s goin’ snowboardin’ this Christmas break?” Tyrone said, beaming with pride. Pointing at himself, he said, “I am, that’s who. Trixie and I are goin’ for a whole weekend with our parents to a resort up North. It’s gonna be saaahhhweet!”

“You’re not gonna be around for Christmas?” Ashton asked. “But I thought the Looney Tunes always did something special with their families that day. That’s what Sylvester Junior told me.”

Trixie shoved her brother out of the way. “We’re going the following weekend,” she clarified. “Daddy wanted to go on Christmas, but Mom wanted to keep with the tradition. And since it’ll be your first Christmas here with us, she thought it was only fair.”

“Bee bop, bee bop!” Beebop cried out while leaping up and down.

Ashton grinned from ear to ear and skipped as they turned a corner. “I can’t wait to see what Christmas with the whole Gang’s gonna be like,” he said. “It must be the happiest, funnest time ever with all the Looney Tunes!” He looked at Penny. “Do you know if the other studio Toons do traditions like ours?”

Penny smiled wryly and shrugged. “Well, I dunno, Ash,” she said. “We usually don’t mingle with the True Toons from other Animation Studios. It’s—!”

“Against the laws of Nature,” Tyrone interrupted. He was replied by a smack over the head by his sister.

Penny rolled her eyes before continuing: “We don’t usually mingle because it just feels funny to,” she said. “Not because we can’t. Since we’re the first generation of Toons that were born, not drawn, it’s still a little awkward to cross paths. I think we should mingle a bit more but some of us, meaning Daffy Junior here, think it’s against the rules.”

“Well, Dad said it was,” Tyrone replied while rubbing his head where Trixie had hit him. “He says it’s been that way since World War Two or something. Because of the differences and rivalries between studios, they—!”

He raised his head as he spoke and noticed something ahead. Taken aback, Tyrone stopped in his tracks with a gasp. After a pause, he held out his arm in front of the young rabbit, taking Ashton by surprise and nearly causing him to fall backwards. A frown formed over the duckling’s brow. “Watch out, here come the rich dorks,” the nine-year-old grumbled.

Ashton, Beebop, Trixie and Penny peered around the duckling. Walking by them in the adjacent breezeway were three Toons—two were Senior Students, or so Ashton guessed by the jackets they wore. The thin one was a black dog with blue eyes and two large front teeth. He was bouncing a basketball in one hand while chattering with the plump black cat next to him. This one was busy looking over notes for an exam, no doubt.

The third student was perhaps only a few years older than Ashton. It was a white duckling, wearing purple attire. He was wearing a plaid backpack over his shoulders. His feathers were silky and his hair flipped forward in a type of frontward cowlick. His rolled up sleeves, the stubborn way he walked—with fists tight—and the frown over his brow seemed to warn other students that he was not someone to be messed with. It worked, since most students seemed to back away or whisper about him.

But it seemed out of place, to Ashton, since the duckling’s blue eyes did not look or feel as cold as his frown and movements were.

Deciding not to ponder it for too long yet, the little rabbit watched the three Toons walk by, silently wondering why he had never run into them since September. “Wow, they turn eyes,” he muttered, seeing all the students watch the trio walk by. “Who are they?”

Tyrone wrinkled his bill and narrowed his green eyes. “The D Gang,” he said coolly.

“The What Gang?”

“D Gang,” Trixie corrected him. She glared over her brother’s shoulder. “The most overly priced, hot-headed kids in this school.”

“Or on the face of the Earth,” Tyrone added.

Penny tugged on Ashton’s arm when her best friend only looked on in confusion. “They’re the Disney Kids,” she clarified. “Direct blood relatives of the Core Disney Characters.”

Ashton’s eyes brightened at the news. Despite being the child of Warner Brothers’ Toon icon, he was a big fan of Disney animation. “Ooo, they’re related to Disney people?” Ashton said with a grin. “That’s neat.”

Tyrone laughed sarcastically and looked at him. “Think again, Little Buddy,” he said. “They’re the most selfish and self-absorbed pack of brats you’ll ever find. They think that just because their parents are Disney stars, they’re the best of the best.” He pointed at the white duckling heading the group. “You see that walking snowball? That’s Dudley, Donald and Daisy Duck’s kid, and cousin of the Duck triplets, Hewey, Dewey and Louie. Second Toon Kid to be born in history, not drawn.”

“Donald’s son?” Ashton gasped.

“Yeah, and he’s the snobbiest of them all. He doesn’t talk to anyone, snaps at anyone who does talk to him, and doesn’t socialize. No doubt cuz he thinks of himself to be too perfect for the rest of us. Just like his hot-headed dad.” Tyrone pointed at the two teenagers, walking behind the duckling. “Those two there, that’s Max Goof and PJ Pete, Goofy and Pete’s sons. They’re probably the easiest to get along with out of them all, but I still stray away from them. That Max can sometimes be a sport show-off and PJ’s just a nervous wreck.” The duck leaned back and crossed his arms. “They’re a bunch of losers, if you ask me. They think that just because their dads have been successful longer than ours, they’re aaaaalll shedazzle.”

“I think Max is nice,” Penny muttered. “At least he is to me when he runs into me in the hallways.”

“It’s because he’s a gentleman. His dad’s probably the most level headed of all the Disney Characters save the Big Cheese, even if he is a Goofball. I mean, for a nutbrain like him to have raised a son on his own long before his two best buds became dads, that’s pretty smart.” Tyrone looked at Ashton again. “Max and PJ are also True Toons, by the way; even though they were born too, their existences were planned out and they have a set personality. So that’s yet another reason why they’re all high and mighty.”

Ashton was growing impatient with the black duckling. “Maybe you just need to be nice to them,” Ashton said, taking a few steps forward. “Mom always says you should be polite to people, even if they’re mean.” Not waiting for a reply, he raised his gloved hand and waved. “Hiya, Guys!” he called out.

Max and PJ turned to look at him. Max began to smile and raised his hand, but an anxious PJ quickly lowered it and told him to look away. Max looked at him for a moment before looking at Ashton again, raising his eyebrows and then continuing on his way.

“They probably just realized whose kid you were and thought it would be safer not to wave back,” Tyrone grunted. “See? They’re a bunch of suckers.”

“It doesn’t sound like you’ve even put in the effort to be nice,” Ashton noted with a frown.

“Ha! Be nice to them, are you serious?” Tyrone scoffed. “They’re stuck-up Princes!”

“You only think that because you know they’re kids of a rival studio’s stars and so you just watch them walk by with a grump. Have you ever spoken to them?”

“Talk to them? Has he gone nuts?” the duckling exclaimed. “Do you even realize what you’re saying, Ash?”

Penny pulled Ashton backwards. “He was homeschooled by his parents before moving here, Ty,” she said. “You know he doesn’t know better. He’s just gotta learn the ropes of this school.” She looked at Ashton and smiled pitifully. “What I said earlier is still true, but due to the intense rivalry between Disney and Warner Brothers, it’s kinda hard for Toon kids from those families to see eye to eye.”

Ashton wrinkled his nose at this and looked away while blowing his floppy ear out of the way. His father had never raised him in the odd manner of his friends—it had always been “treat others as you would have them treat you”. Bugs and Lola had always insisted that being kind to others was the best way to make friends, despite the boundaries Toons had between studios.

He suddenly realized something as he dwelled on the rivalry between Disney and Warner Brothers. Ashton pointed at the D Gang again. “There’s no mice,” he said.

“Mice?” Trixie echoed.

“Yeah. Like, where are Mr. Mickey’s kids?” When there was silence, Ashton flushed. “W-well, he does have at least one kid too, right? Since he was the first True Toon to become a father?”

Tyrone rolled his eyes as Beebop shrugged. “They don’t go to this school,” he said. “I think their parents put them into some prestigious private school. Figures, though; that rodent’s got enough money to pay them their own way in life. Boobs, they are.”

“You’ve never even met them!” Penny argued, hands on her hips. “None of us have. You can’t just call them boobs if you’ve never even met the Mouse family!”

“They’re all Disney Dorks, so they’re all boobs in my mind,” Tyrone complained. “Preppy bunch of Toons.” The bell for class rang and after looking up momentarily, Tyrone turned on his heels and walked back down the way they came from. “We should get to class before we get caught by the hall monitor again. I ain’t walkin’ in no hallway those Baffoons walked in, so I’m takin’ the long round.”

“Bee Bop!” Beebop honked as he ran after Tyrone. Trixie and Penny followed soon afterwards, but Ashton continued to stare down the hallway the group of cartoons had come from. After he furrowed his brow in confusion, he decided to question his parents that night at dinner on the matter, and dashed off after his companions.

Cover Art:
Chapter 2:
Looney Kids by KicsterAsh

I'm not exactly sure what I should say about this at the moment, other than it takes place in December 2012. So December 1st was a Saturday. The day of the first two chapters of this book are Friday, November 30th, 2012.

If I remember any other notes, I shall post them. Most info about the kids characters can be found on the deviations I posted.

story, Disney Kids, Looney Kids (c) KicsterAsh
Max and PJ (c) Disney
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Wrapping the gifts proved to be the most productive and pleasurable part of the week, or so Bugs thought so. Every person had their own roll of wrapping paper, and tape was tossed from one end of the entrance to the other. Mickey ceased using his magic once the gifts were all indoors but warned that the ice would remain another three hours; they should be cautious before heading out.

“Why three hours?” Morty wondered as he helped his brother wrap. “Why not sunset or midnight or somethin’?”

“Midnight is so retro,” Mickey replied, in a tone that made Minnie laugh.

“But why three hours?”

“Because three’s my favorite number. That’s why.”

“You can choose for it to last for three hours because you want it to?”

“Morty, just deal with it and wrap the presents.”

The children sang carols along with Pluto and then asked Scrooge to tell them a story. Since it was Christmas time, the duck shared one story from his childhood, which of course featured Huey, Dewey and Louie’s grandmother. Being the talented story teller that he was, Scrooge was even able to capture the other grownups’ attention—at least until it was break time.

By seven in the evening, all the gifts had been wrapped, and by twenty-after, they had all been placed in large bags and set in the back of Minnie’s van. The next morning, it was planned that Bugs would drive the Seville Brothers to Warner Brothers Studios in order to pick up their instruments and then meet Mickey and WB’s camera crew at the Children’s Hospital. Mickey would drive the children and Pluto there, along with the gifts.

“We’ve got one shot at gettin’ it right, so let’s make the most of it,” Mickey said to the children and the Chipmunks. “Let’s have some fun tomorrow and make people want to donate.”

“I’m game,” Alvin agreed. “Let’s show everyone what cross-studio collaborations can really do.”

Ashton held out his hand, and Andrew, Susie and Timmy immediately set theirs over his. Pluto followed their gesture, tailed by the Chipmunks.

Mickey grinned and set his on top of theirs. “I can’t wait to see the looks on the kids’ faces,” he said while looking at Bugs.

Bugs grinned cleverly in reply before setting his hand down on top of his friend’s. “I can’t wait to see the look on our pals’ faces,” he said, making the others laugh. “Here’s to our team.”

“Here’s to the Magic of Christmas,” Mickey added.

Ashton giggled and looked up at the grownups. “Here’s to a successful collaboration between Bugs Bunny and Mickey Mouse,” he concluded. The others nodded their agreement, and when Bugs and Mickey only looked on in silent wonder, the nine-year-old gave them the thumbs up. “I think things worked out right, don’t you?”

Bugs and Mickey continued to stare at him until they finally looked at each other. Once the reality had settled in, smiles spread over their lips. As Bugs hopped in place and bared a toothy grin, Mickey giggled and danced. “Ho-hoooo, boy!” he said.

Susie leaned towards Ashton. “I think that means they agree,” she whispered.

Cover Art:
Chapter 22:

Chapter 24:

Sorry for the shortness XDDD the next chapter is i believe the last one. I'll post the animatic for the music video after I graduate. Sorry about that guys!^^;

Also, a two-part Phineas and Ferb: Ties that Bind December story will be posted after this one. T'was a gift for Serina.


Looney Tunes (c) WB
Disney Toons (c) Disney
The Chipmunks (c) Bagdasarian Productions
story, kids (c) KicsterAsh
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Robert Terwilliger, otherwise known as Sideshow Bob had a frown on his face as he looked up at the banner on the outside of a building that said "Springfield Gamers, Video Game Convention" on it. He sighed as he looked down. "Why did I let myself get talked into this?" he asked in a thinking out-loud way.

"Because if you said no, your only son would throw a fit." came the voice of his younger brother Cecil who was standing beside him. The two had been dragged here by their sons Gino and William who as it turned out were really into video games which the two boys played quite a lot much to their fathers dismay.

"I am never going to understand these things or our sons weird obsession with them, for that matter." Bob stated to his brother as he crossed his arms. "I doubt any parent really does." Cecil added before he started to head inside the building, with Bob following him in.

Inside there was many tables set up and areas with stands that had people on them, talking. "Egad, how do they expect anyone to get around?" Bob commented upon seeing all of this madness. "I'm not quite sure." Cecil replied.

The two criminal brothers walked around, looking at each stand and table they briefly stopped at. Of course being into the arts nothing got their interest. "This is such a complete waste of time." Bob stated. "I agree." Cecil said in agreement. "Where are the boys?" Bob asked and Cecil pointed. "There." he said as he spotted them at a video game testing area. "Great." Bob grumbled.

Soon a voice called out "Hey there everyone and welcome to the con!" which made the brothers turn to see who it was as they both quickly recognized the voice. It was a 20 year old young man with blonde hair wearing a red shirt that had a skateboard on it, blue jeans and red sneakers who was standing on a stand area that had a big screen on it and some other equipment.

"Is that...Bart Simpson?" Bob asked with some surprise in his voice. "Appears so dear brother." Cecil replied. The two brother walked over, becoming part of the big crowd that was there.

"He certainly has changed since high school." Bob commented. "I heard that he's now a professional skateboarder." Cecil stated. "Really?" Bob asked. "Well he was always quite good on that thing." he said. "I also heard that he opened up a skate park for the children here in Springfield." Cecil added. "The boy's been busy." Bob said with a small hint of impressiveness in his voice. "Indeed." Cecil said in agreement.

"Well everyone glad to see all of you." Bart said into the microphone. "How everyone like my last game?" he asked and got many cheers for a reply. "How can he make video games?" Bob asked with skepticism in his voice. "His little girlfriend must of helped him." Cecil replied, referring to Mr. Burns' granddaughter Fiona or Fi as Bart called her. The two resident troublemakers had been going out since they were both ten and Fiona had became Bob's enemy not long after she started going out with Bart.

"That wouldn't surprise me." said Bob who knew that Fiona sometimes used her grandfather's money or resources to get what she or Bart wanted or to use against other people like Bob and even Cecil. The younger brother had devolved a grudge against the Burns' heir after she foiled Cecil's scheme to get control of the Power Plant.

"Ok, well I got a new game coming out and no it's not going to be a motion controlled one. I am not making the same dumb move as Tony Hawk." Bart said to the audience which got some laughter. "In fact this game isn't dealing with skateboarding at all." Bart added which got some of the con goers talking to each other.

"Instead this game will be dealing with some things from my childhood." Bart explained which caused Bob to raise an eyebrow. What from his childhood could of inspired Bart to make a video game of it? The screen then turned on revealing the game's title. Bob's eyes widen. The game title had his name on it and an image of him.

Bart then started to explain the game as some game footage was shown. Apprantly you had to figure out what Bob was up to in each level and stop his plan along with causing him injury by letting a rake be in his way, among other things and also pulling various pranks on him whenever he was in a public area. Bob's eyes narrowed in an angry way as he listened.

Bart then got to the bonus levels which is where the player took control of Bob and try to maneuver through a field of rakes which was easier said then done as the early game footage showed. Bob shook a bit while everyone else minus his brother laughed at what they saw.

Cecil glanced at Bob as he made his hands into a fist and got an angry, evil, murderess like look on his face. A look he hadn't had in the last four years. Cecil easily guessed what was going to happen next after seeing that and it wasn't going to be good.

Bob looked at Bart who was laughing along with the people there. 'Laugh now, Bart Simpson cause today will be the last day of your life.' the criminal genius thought to himself as he started to come up with a way to kill his arch-enemy.
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Note: Please do not download this story unless you just plan to read it. If you want to draw a pic that deals with my fan-fic in some way (like drawing a scene from this) then you can do so as long as you credit me especially if one of my ocs is in it.

Pic credited to Schattencyra [link]

Here it is everyone. Chapter one of my 10 Years Later story A Bob Con. Sorry if it's short. I'm saving the good stuff for chapter two. Some of the stuff mentioned in this chapter (and likely in later chapters) takes place during my main Simpsons fan-fic series called New Residents which deals with Fiona's move to Springfield as well as my other ocs moving to the town for whatever reason they have. Also you may of noticed that Bart's outfit is a bit similar to his 10 year old one. I figured with the career I gave him, his sense of style wouldn't change much but at the same time wanted to show that there was some change that makes him not the same as when he was ten.

Bart Simpson, Sideshow Bob, Cecil Tewilliger and Gino Tewilliger created by Matt Groening

Fiona "Fi" Burns and William Terwilliger created by me
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IMPORTANT: I am reuploading this story in its previous state, therefore there are a LOT of grammar errors and whatnot.

Please do not post this content on any other website.

Thank you to shieldmaiden5678 for helping me put these files together

BOOK 1--> [link]
BOOK 2 chapters 1-19 -->
BOOK 2 chapters 20-40 (ending) -->
BOOK 3 PART 1 chapters Prol - 19 -->

BOOK 3 PART 2 chapters 1-19 -->

****I will post songs for inspiration when time allows it.

BOOK 3 PART 2: The Labyrinth
will be posted in due time.

Then hinthintstomaybeasequelinthenextyearorso?:giggle:

Phineas, Ferb and related characters (c) Dan and Swampy
story and related characters (c) KicsterAsh
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I made this Takari evidence to say my opinion about what happend in the end and because all the Takari evidence I've seen miss something.


Ep. 38: Prophecy
    In the original version of this episode they complete each other's sentences in various occasions.

Ep. 48: My sister's keeper
    As Tai and Izzy are talking, Sora and T.K. are watching over the sick Kari. shown with teary eyes and a way sad look while seeing how bad his friend feels. As this image is shown, Tai comments T.K. is the same age as Kari. This commen is pointless unless it is a suggestion of Takari.
Tai trusts T.K. to take care of Kari, telling him that he is the last line of defense is anyhing happens and T.K. accepts.

Ep. 49: The Crest of Light
    T.K. is intrigued by Kari's light and tries to protect her.

Ep. 50: Joe's battle
    In the begging of the episodes, before the opening song, T.K. gives a brief description of what has happend in the past few episodes. At the end of this, he says "I'm so glad Kari's okay now" (dub insert)
T.K. also helps Kari making the memorial for for the many Numemon destroyed during the episode that she wanted, and prayed for their souls, along with her.

Ep. 52: Piedmon's last jest
    Tai asks T.K. to protect Kari... after that Sora who was the last remaining "older" digidestined, asks T.K. to protect Kari and he again accepts. While they are climbing up the rope T.K.decides that he doesn't want Kari to see him scared, and wants to look brave in front of her. Even though in the dub T.K. tells Kari to go first because it looks dangerous. In the original he tells her the rope looks safe and tells her to go fist, so that she can be farther away from danger.
When T.K. gets caught by Piedmon on the leg, Kari grabs hold on his wrist. Although he tells her to let go, Kari refuses saying that she won't let Piedmon get him like the others. Piedmon responds by saying that they are "falling" for each other (dub) thus cutting the rope and causing them to fall.

Ep. 54: The fate of two worlds
    As T.K. and Patamon run towards the Digi-eggs to rub them, Kari istead of staying with the others, goes off to him and asked what him what he is doing Patamon and Elecmon explain to her. Then in the dub T.K. tells her she can help if she wants, but in the original he cheerfully asks "Do you want to help us Hikari-chan?" Then she starts rubbing the egg. Near the end of the episode T.K. says "if Matt stays I'll stay too" and then Kari immediately says "me too!"

Other Notes
When T.K. firsts meets Kari throughout both seasons he starts constantly standing next to her. The importance of this is that it is a costant thing and not intermittent, implying closeness.
T.K. often sounds very cheery when Kari is around and always speaks to her in a sweet tone.
In the second ending T.K. is shown looking back at kari. The interesting thing is that he is the only one doing so as the others are facing the front.


Ep. 1: Enter Flamedramon
    When T.K. sees Kari again for the first time in a while they immediately start to talk without awkwardness or uncomfortableness. Th original dialogue even has them say "It's been a long time" and "you've gotten taller". When Daisuke sees them chatting he is jealus and calls T.K. "omae" a rude way to say you so cary gets angry and corrects him.

Ep. 3: A new digitude
   When the Digimon Kaiser appears T.k. stands in front of Kari with his arm out a little. Then when the DigiK reappears T.K. has his arm out in front of Kari and his body protecting her.
When the kids get home Daisuke says he's mad at the DigiK and Kari turns to T.K. and asks him if he's going to defeat the DigiK.

Ep. 7: Guardian angel
    After the team accidentally left Kari behind, Daisuke immediately yells at T.K. . However instead of providing the same 'crash' response as Daisuke exhibits, T.K. admits  that it is his fault and resolves to save her together with Daisuke, provoking implications of a deepe closeness.

Ep. 13: His master's voice
    Throughout the episode, T.K. displays an increasing worry for Kari.In the middle o class, he jumps out of his seat and and shouts her name. (kari did something similar during that lesson she said 'T.K. Gatomon Yolei Tai! somebody help me!') T.K. is also the first to think that there be something wrong. After class T.K. searches all over for Kari. And as he runs he is thinking to himself "She might be in trouble! she might be in danger!" While looking for Kari at the beach Patamon says "You're a lover not a fighter!" and T.K. blames himself fir Kari's disappearance and he was the only one who cared (Daisuke thought she would come any time and he didn't listened to T.K.)
When Kari is trapped in the Dark ocean, she says Oni-chan (brother) , Tailmon... Takeru! (so we understand that these are the most important persons for her because she called out them to save her in that dificult situation and that she feels safer when one of 'em is near) In the dub T.K.'s name is replaced with the National guard.
In the american dub T.K. respondes to Kari's worries about the Dark ocean "Look kari I care too much about you to let anyone take you without a fight!" after he says that ther is an awkward moment between the two.At the end of the eng. version of the episode, Kari asks T.K. if he meant what he said earlier and responded that she cares about him too. (In the jap. version of this episode T.K. is instead angry at her for beeing too dependent on Tai, so she tells her "Taichi-san, Taichi-san, Taichi-san! you don't always have to go to him! you don't have Hikari-chan! In the end Hikari says "I want to go home" and T.K. said that he went there to get her back.
In the jap. version Gatomon (Tailmon) says"These emotions-feelings will bridge the worlds!" when Takeru (T.K.) Patamon and Gatomon are transported to the Dark Ocean

Ep. 19: An old enemy returns
    T.K. left Daisuke behind, when he went to search for the Digimon Kaiser's base with Cody, because he wanted to be sure that Kari and Yolei would be ok when he wasn't there.

Ep.  22: Davis cries wolfman
    When Davis (Daisuke) and T.K. are playing basketball Kari is a cheerleader and Davis get very jealous because T.K. getting all the attention from Kari. After the lesson he even thought that kari said "I love you! T.K.!"

Ep. 28: The insect Master's trap
     T.K. had initially volunteered for he, Davis and Ken to check out the Giga House first. However when Cody volunteers as well T.K. elects to stay behind instead, saying he can't just leave Kari (and Yolei) outside alone. (Original)

Ep. 31: Opposites attract
     Near the end of the episode when the others finally meet back up to Kari, Yolei and Ken T.K. turns to Kari and says "I thought I really lost  you this time, I was afraid you had slipped into the other world for good."

Ep. 37: Kyoto dragon
    Azulongmon informs the group that the crests of Hope and Light are different from the others and that they are compatible suggesting a connection between T.K. and Kari.

Ep. 48: Oikawa's shame
     When Kari's morale drops as the kids are watcing the dark spore children gather, she turns to T.K. for comfort, which he gives her. He reminds her to do her best and instills some optimism back in her.

These are the evidence which are non-supporting:
Ep. 50: A million points of light
    In the end we saw them 25 years later and: T.K. went to the digiworld alone with his son.   T.K. and Kari weren't standing next to each other.   T.K. didn't said that he was married to Kari.

Other Notes

Whenever Davis messes up T.K.'s name, on purpuse of course Kari always gets a little offended and corrects him.
Here are some similar things between them:
T.K. and Kari are the only ones who smile when they say Digi-armor energize! (Digimental-up!)
Both their digimon have angelic forms and they digivolve into their mega form the same day. Their armor forms are very similar in shape and even have a shared attack.This is very unique in the series.
They are the only digidestined who are in two seasons.


The Golden Digimentals
T.K. and Kari travel to New York "partly to visit Mimi and partly to make Davis jealous" In the original there is  a similar scene where Mimi looks at the picture of Kari and T.K. and then T.K. says "Yes Daisuke-kun will definately be jealous when he sees these pictures.
When Kari and T.K. are in the train going to Colorado, Kari messages Davis and this make T.K. somewhat jealous. T.K. also get jealous when Wallas (Willis) kisses Kari.

Diablomon (Diaboromon) strikes back
In the original version Kari and T.K.  enter the internet to help their siblings, Kari looks discouraged and a troubled T.K. says "It'll be all right."Kari looks at him and smiles faintly.

The Final Poster
   In the final poster T.K. and Kari are shown holding hands. This is evidence suggesting couples. This is possible evidence as the other known couples (MattxSora YoleixKen who got maried in the end) are also showing their coupling, Matt has his arm around Sora and Ken and Yolei are linking arms. Also they never said Matt and Sora got married and we figurd that out already. This is a similar case with T.K. and Kari.

Digimon Adventure 02 Best Partner:Takaishi Takeru-focus
   In the chararacter song "focus" for T.K., T.K. addresses someone (likely Kari) that he's known since he was small and has had a desire to protect-even mentioning that "you used to cry all the time/but now you're standing in the light." He then asks if his the focus of the person's heart.

Girls Festival Digimon: Reflection-Yagami Hikari
   In the "Reflection" for Hikari, Kari addresses someone (likely T.K. and not Tai, as in the chorus she says "Your eyes were so pretty/You'd look away when I looked at you /But I could always feel your eyes on me/That's the reflection in my memories") that together with her from a long ago day and protect her. There is a possibility that the song is an answer from Kari to T.K.'s question in "Focus".

Drama CD : Christmas Fantasy
   When V-mon mentions that Daisuke is making a present for Hikari, Patamon says that Takeru is making one too.

I'm 100% sure that I've read somewhere that one of the producers or something like that said that T.K. and Kari might end up together. when I find his name I'll write a comment.

I think that they got married even there is that piece of evidence which blocking the way in the end of the series. Also they may thought we would already know they would get married, so they never said it and left all this evidence for us to decide.
The thing that really matters is they that they JUST haven't said it yet. It seems that they wanted to leave us with questions and confuse us but also left us A LOT OF evidence.

One last thing I've noticed. During the series they didn't give us many evidence about Ken and Yolei in the end they clearly told us that they got married. Also we weren't sure if Sora and Matt will end up together cause the evidence weren't enough but in the end they showed us that Matt's kid look's like Sora and Sora's kid looks like Matt so we figured out that they got married. Now about T.K. and Kari... they gave us SO MANY evidence during the show about them and in the end they just didn't said it...
ouf! Finally I finished write this... it took sooo many hours

These are all the evidence I've gathered for takari coupling.
Most of it is from wikis I've read, videos in youtube e.t.c.

if I missed sommething pls comment.

I made this for my club :icontakari-ftw:

:please: comment
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Playable characters and Important tools:
1) Knight
- Magic Colornian Sword
- Shield (optional)
- Dagger (optional)

2) Ranger
- Battle axe or arrows (depending on strength and skill)
- Daggers and knives

3) Rope Maker
- Sword (optional)
- Map
- Rope making tools
- Magic ropes (created and obtained during quest)

4) Mage
- Wand or staff (depending on skill)
- Herbs
- Book of spells (optional)
- Magic dust (optional)

5) Archer
- Bow and Arrow
- Fire arrows (obtained if desired)
- Ice arrows (obtained if desired)
- Golden Arrow (find in sacred chest, buy from Elves or obtain from Twilight Lagoon Nymphs)

6) Seer
- Seer Stone
- Staff of Revelations
- Certain herbs that can only be picked by Seer

Some tools and weapons may also be acquired by completing side missions or by buying them from various merchants. They may also be traded between players and characters at any time in the game.

Playable Locations in Cantoria:
• Trade city of Colornia (first level)
• Village of Vaglar
• Isgoh
• Marshes
• Evergreen Village
• Floating Forest (Realm)
• Lake Town
• Burning Inferno
• Fields of Ashes
• Volcano Valley
• Frost Range (Mountains in the North)
• Light Elves Citadel
• Braveheart Canyon Passage(Borders Volcano Valley)
• Twilight Lagoon (secret unlockable Level)
• Dark Sorcerer's Tower
• Labyrinth of Cantoria

The Seven Guides
• Sage Mortimer of Colornia
• Mage Simeon of Vaglar
• Dwarf Ranger of Isgoh
• The Wizard Xavier of Lake Town
• Queen Mishah of the Twilight Nymphs
• The Dragon Lord Volcar of Volcano Valley
• Elf Lord Kelinor

Other guides:
• Vaglar Cartographer
• Rangers of the Viridian Forest

• Snitches (Shapeshifters)
• Watchers (Mist Demons)
• Warlocks
• Sirens (Only in the Sea to the South)
• Witches (very scarce)
• Black Faeries
• Cyclops of the Mountains
• Fire Sprites of the Burning Inferno
• Dark Sorcerer

A Mage, Squire and Scout are the starting levels of strength and skill for a Wizard, Knight, Ranger and Archer. They can be upgraded during the game by experience or by graces from the Seven Guides. A Knight can then become a Blade Master, a Ranger has the choice of remaining the same or becoming a Knight or Archer, an Archer's inventory widens and a Wizard can become a Sage. The only playable characters that level up but do not change status are Rope Makers and the Seer. Their inventory and skills do, however, upgrade much more quickly than the other characters.

The Knight must be the strongest of the Brotherhood. The only one who can defeat the Dark Sorcerer is he.

Rangers are trained to see far and to hear closely. If any danger is nearby, the Ranger will alert the group.

Archers can kill an enemy from several to hundreds of feet away, depending on their strength and skill.

Rope Makers can make long lasting ropes out of any material, from pine needles to wool. It may seem as a petty occupation, but there are several instances where the Brotherhood must rely on the Rope Maker's expertise.

A Mage can create several spells and shields that can protect, heal and even upgrade other players. Their main role is to be the provider for the group.

The Seer's powers are UNKNOWN.

This information and more can be found in The Seer: the Official Game Manual
Hokay! Here's the Seer game info I promised.

It's the basics. This is what Phineas and Ferb having been playing for about a month now:giggle:

The characters don't level up a lot, but that's because each positioning upgrade is several levels apart. (read the first chapter to find that out; Buford ;)). I can't think about EVERY detail, so it's just the big stuff that the readers really need to know about this story.

So please: if there's some serious strategy or adventure gamers that are reading this and complaining, keep your complaints to yourself. I'm just writing this for fun.

You may see these location throughout the entire story... Some places yes, others no. It's mainly because my story's already long enough. ^^; If I add anymore, I'm going to overkill it. Heroes can't go everywhere:giggle:

And sorry guys...... You won't be seeing much of this shtuff til the next book, haha!:XD:


... Man, now I REALLY wish this was an actual video game:giggle:
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IMPORTANT: I am reuploading this story in its previous state, therefore there are a LOT of grammar errors and whatnot.

Please do not post this content on any other website.

Thank you to ~shieldmaiden5678 for helping me put these files together

BOOK 1--> [link]
BOOK 2 chapters 1-19 -->
BOOK 3 Part 1 Prologue to chapter 19 -->

****I will post songs for inspiration when time allows it.

Phineas, Ferb and related characters (c) Dan and Swampy
story and related characters (c) KicsterAsh
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Jessica's Night
Author's note: This story is something I did I did one night. It's kind of like Romeo and Juliet although only Bart gets the pain in the end! This is also rated PG 13, as it contains small sex references.
Bart had missed the bus once again. He slowly dragged his feet along the sidewalk, with his heavy bag over his shoulder. It was all Nelson's fault that he missed the bus. Nelson had shoved him into his locker during lunch, and he just escaped just as the bus took off.
Bart still continued to walk down the street. He was nearly at home, but he soon came to Jessica Lovejoy's house. Jessica was out the front kicking a ball, and it hit Bart right in the face.
"Ow!" Yelled Bart. The ball bounced onto the ground, and rolled back to Jessica.
"Oh, Bart!" Jessica smiled, "What brings you here?"
"I'm just walking home, because NELSON made me miss the bus."
Jessica walked over to Bart, and held his hand.
"Would it be okay if you came inside? My parents aren't home, and..."
"No, Jessica. I still hate you after I was blamed for stealing the collection plate..."
"Ok, Bart, will you come inside NOW?"
Jessica kissed Bart on the cheek, and giggled.
"As much as I enjoyed that... no." Bart said.
"Ok, Bart," Jessica began, feeling a little annoyed, "The school dance is on this Friday night, and if you go with me, I'll help you get payback on Nelson for making you miss the bus."
Bart thought for a moment, then agreed. Suddenly, Reverend Lovejoy drove up the driveway and saw Bart. He got out of his car, and yelled...
"Bart Simpson! I thought I told you to never talk to my daughter again!"
"Yeah, but--" Bart began. But it was no use. He was in trouble.
"If you ever talk to Jessica again, I'm going to take serious action! I may even call the police!"
Bart gulped and walked off...
The next day was Friday. That night was the school dance, and Bart was feeling nervous. Jessica's dad would be there, selling refreshments. But maybe Jessica had called the date off...
"Of course the date isn't off!" Jessica said at school.
"But your father--"
" *SIGH* My dad won't see us dancing at the dance. Trust me. Now anyway, how should we get payback on Nelson?"
"Uh... I don't know about this..."
But before Bart could finish talking, Jessica kissed him straight on the lips.
"Wow." Bart said, shocked.
"Now let's think of a plan..."
That night was the dance. Nelson didn't go because of the bee incident Bart and Jessica did. Anyway, Jessica saw Bart over near the door, and she walked over to him...
"So, Bart, want to dance?"
"That depends... where's your father?"
Jessica just laughed, and kissed him again on the lips.
"Now come on. Let's dance!" Jessica grinned.
"What? No, I--" Bart began, but he got dragged out of the school before he could finish.
The next thing he knew, he was at the police station. Marge and Homer were there too...
"I'm very dissapointed in you, Bart." Frowned Marge.
"How far did you get, boy?"
Bart was about to cry, but he didn't. Not in front of the cops.
"You're grounded for the rest of the month!" Marge began.
"And no dinner, desert, or snacks. No lunch either. Just breakfeast. And no brunch!" Added Homer.
"And you have to stay in your room at all times!"
"And no breathing!"
"Homer! Don't Tell him that, He'll Starve!" shouted Marge. "Oh, But Marge He (Stammers) Oh Alright, you can have whatever it is you wanna eat, Boy. But there will be no Kwik-E Mart, No Comic Book Store, No Prank Calling My Friend, Moe, No TV, and Further more, NO NOISELAND ARCADE!! and How do you know Boy? Well I Called Apu, Mr. CBG, Moe, And That Sarcastic Man Wherever we meet this guy because he has a Job License" Said Homer. "And I'm Warning You Homer and Marge Simpson!" Said Timothy Lovejoy. "Either You Keep that Dennis The Menace-like Demon Boy Away From My Daughter or Else Bart Will have to be locked up in Juvenile Hall FOREVER!" He Shouted. "Gasp! No! Not That! It Won't Happened Again!" Said Marge. "I Don't want to lose my Son To Juvie Forever!" Said Homer. "Well I Suggest You Keep him Away from Reverend Lovejoy's Daughter Or that's what's Gonna Happen." Said Chief Wiggum. "And As For you Jessica Young Lady! I'm Transferring you to an All-Girls School Where You May Never See that Devil-Worshipping Child Again!" Added Timothy Lovejoy.
Homer and Marge dragged bart out of the police station, and they got into the car. Bart looked out the window and saw Jessica Lovejoy standing on the sidewalk. She winked at him, and laughed, while Bart began to cry...
And that's the story of when Jessica Lovejoy was sure that she could make boys do what she wanted. And as for Bart, well, he never saw the light of day again... for a month, while Jessica rode off with that Milhouse kid.
This A Simpsons Fanfiction Based On Romeo And Juliet Where Bart Gets In Trouble.
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I Will Find You

[Disclaimer: Nickelodeon (and all others) own “Avatar: The Last Airbender.”  YogurthFrost ( owns the art piece and idea this story is based on.  I own whatever I write/create.  Don’t steal and don’t sue.]

There were few that did not feel the repercussions of the Hundred Years’ War’s final battle.  Climactic on a grand scale, the Avatar had confronted Fire Lord Ozai mere hours before the prophesized arrival of Sozin’s Comet, storming the castle with his allies during the waning hours of the night.  With each passing moment, the comet’s growing influence had reversed the dampening effects of the moon on the Fire Lord’s strength.  Aang faced the man who had come close to conquering the entire world alone, his friends fending off Princess Azula and legions of Fire Nation soldiers.

None of the combatants outside of the Fire Lord’s inner sanctum expected the explosion that occurred, nor the shockwave that followed.  The walls of the palace cracked, debris filling entire hallways.  In the brief moment of complete confusion, Sokka had taken the opportunity to club Azula over the head, muttering about benders and good, honest strength.  Katara had ignored her brother and rushed toward the other room, Toph moving aside what rubble had gathered in front of the doorway.  What lay inside the room signaled the end of the war: the burned, broken bodies of both Fire Lord Ozai and the Avatar, Aang.

The end of the Hundred Years’ War had an affect on every man, woman, and child of the four nations.  Iroh, with his brother’s death, assumed control of the Fire Nation and immediately ordered the navy to lay down its arms and surrender up all conquered territory.  It was not uncommon to later hear stories of soldiers killed for not complying with the order, the oppressed people of the Earth Kingdom finally willing to rise up and fight.  The Water Tribes of the North and South Poles rejoiced, knowing that the men who had survived the last few years would be able to return home.  Others wept for fathers, brothers, husbands, and sons who had been buried on foreign shores.

For crimes against the four nations, Azula was imprisoned with no possibility of release.  Before any judgment could be passed upon him, Prince Zuko abdicated the throne, only asking to be forgiven and to be allowed to return to the Fire Nation as a citizen.  The request was granted, the young man having undermined Azula’s plans since joining with her in Ba Sing Se and turning against her in the last battle.

There was little that could be done for the three young people who stood weeping in the inner sanctum of the palace that night, and so the interim Fire Lord left them alone.  Katara cradled Aang’s body in her arms as if she were his mother, sobbing over his death and the fact that she did not know what had happened.  Toph and Sokka stood at her side, tears welling over in their eyes though they barely made a sound.  It was not until the sun rose, the comet streaking overhead in a slow arc across the sky, that Katara opened her eyes and gently laid Aang’s body back onto the floor.

Aang received a quiet burial, his body taken to the Southern Air Temple.  King Bumi, fresh from battle in the heart of the Fire Nation, joined Toph, Iroh, Katara, and Sokka in their grieving, helping to coax Appa into the air and to fly the temple.  The bison gave great moans as Bumi and Toph opened a space in the ground and the body lowered gently into it.  A final groan, mirrored by Momo, marked the closing of the grave.  For close to an hour, none spoke.  They simply stood in the silence of the demolished temple grounds, paying their respects to the end of the Air Nomads.

It took a far greater effort to persuade the flying bison to leave the mountainous island, Katara eventually pleading with tears in her eyes for Appa to take them back to the palace.  He acquiesced, but it was understood without explanation that after this last journey, Appa would carry no more human riders.  He departed immediately after Sokka slid from his back, Momo curled on his head.

Some debris in the palace continued to burn, even a day after the battle had ended.  The three young people stood close to a fire, hoping to glean from it some warmth to drive away the cold weight on their shoulders.  Katara pressed a hand over her mouth, tears still flowing from her eyes.

“Toph,” she whispered, voice rasping.  “Come here.”  Toph shuffled slowly to where Katara stood, head tilted as though she were staring at the ground.  Katara lifted Toph’s chin with her hand, brushing aside the locks of black hair that still hung in her face.

“Can I have your headband?” Katara asked.  Toph nodded, pulling the gold and green strap of cloth from its place on her head.  Her hair fell out of its loosely constructed bun without the headband, but she held it out to Katara without a word.  Katara took it, letting her fingers stroke the soft cloth and the two balls of white puff.  She took careful hold of the headband, reaching up to the choker around her neck.

“Hold out your hands,” she murmured, undoing the tiny clasp that held the black cloth together.  She placed the choker in Toph’s small, outstretched hands and closed them around it, squeezing Toph’s hands for a brief moment.

“Why are you giving me this?” Toph asked, sniffing and frowning when she felt the stone in her palm.

“Because I want you to remember me,” Katara replied.

“I’m not going to just forget you, Katara,” Toph protested.  “I mean, you’re not going somewhere.”  She paused, eyes growing wide at the shudder she felt through Katara’s hands.  “You’re not.”

“I can’t do this anymore, Toph,” Katara murmured.  “I’m so tired of the war.”

“But it’s over!” Toph cried, wishing she could take hold of Katara’s hands.  “We don’t have to fight anymore!”  She bit her lip when she felt the sway of Katara’s body, able to see the dim outline of the young woman’s head shaking.

“I need to leave,” she said in return.  “I can’t see any more people I love die.”

“But it’s over!” Toph repeated, voice cracking as new tears followed the wet streaks on her face.  “Katara, don’t go!  I don’t want you to go!”  Katara let go of Toph’s hands, taking gentle hold of one of Toph’s wrists before the girl could speak.  She brought Toph’s hand to her face, showing her the faint smile that she had managed.

“You said you wouldn’t forget me,” Katara said gently.  “And I’ll remember you with this.”  She brushed the headband against Toph’s hand, smile fading as Toph sniffed, head tilting forward again.  Katara lifted Toph’s chin again, pressing her lips against Toph’s in a soft kiss.  She pulled back, smiling once more at the wide-eyed, tear-streaked face she found turned toward her.

“And we’ll remember each other with that,” she said.  “But please, Toph—I can’t stay here anymore.  Understand?”  Toph swallowed hard and nodded, squeezing Katara’s hands once before letting go.  Katara, headband gripped tightly in one hand, turned to her brother.

“Let’s go home, Sokka,” she whispered.  The young man nodded, rubbing away the tears on his face.  He strode to Toph, giving her a quick, tight hug that she returned before moving to his sister’s side and escorting her away.  Toph split her focus between the necklace in her hand and the two that strode away, gritting her teeth as she sniffed once more.  She lifted the choker to her neck, closing the clasp and feeling the weight of the stone hanging from the cloth.

“I’ll find you again, Katara,” she said aloud.  “I will find you.”


The months and years that followed the end of the war were no less filled with troubles and conflicts than the years that preceded it.  Though Iroh had issued the order to fall back, many soldiers continued to claim that it was their right to rule over the territories they had worked so hard to conquer.  It took concentrated efforts from Earth Kingdom citizens and soldiers to drive back the rebels of the Fire Nation.  Despite Iroh’s benevolent rule, pockets of insurrection remained and dotted the lands of the Fire Nation and Earth Kingdom.

Assassination attempts were made on powerful leaders of all the nations.  None succeeded, and prominent figures increased the security measures around themselves with each failed attempt.  King Bumi, impressed by Toph’s strength, attitude, and complete disregard for her noble bloodline, groomed the girl to become his successor.  She took to the idea half-heartedly, only able to stand listening to affairs of the kingdom with Bumi’s snorting sense of humor to entertain her.

When Bumi’s death, brought by his old age, occurred six years after the war’s end, Toph was petitioned to take the throne.  It took a gentle request from Fire Lord Iroh to convince the young woman to assume the responsibility, and even then it was more out of respect to the two men than to her own desires.  She grew into her place as ruler of Omashu over four years time, the citizens coming to care for her as much as they had cared for Bumi.

As the years went by, however, the young woman could be seen touching the stone on her necklace more and more often.  After an assassin had taken advantage of her distractedness and carved a deep line in her right arm, thrown up over her chest moments before the knife had reached her, Toph’s council of advisors insisted that she begin paying attention once more.  To quiet their pleas, Toph began wearing light, near decorative armor on her shoulders and chest, and encasing her arms in stone gauntlets, first to protect the bandaged wound, and then simply out of habit.

Her mind continued to wander, hands finding their way to the necklace time and time again.  Her focus often turned toward the south, and wondered if the North and South poles had any earth in their lands.  When her thoughts came to the poles and the Water Tribes, the woman could only frown.  It was unknown if Aang had died while in the Avatar state, but with the lack of news from either pole regarding a possible new Avatar, most people sighed and said that the cycle had finally been broken.

Intermittent fighting continued to break out, often spurred by Fire Nation insurgents.  Soon, the people of the Earth Kingdom found themselves fighting with their neighbors and fellows over small insults and petty arguments.  The individual rulers did what was possible to keep the in-fighting to a low level, but could not deny, when asked directly by their people, that no peace had truly come with the end of the war.

Toph asked for news from the south, often standing on the coast line in her free time and listening to the waves.  She would pace back and forth, tracing the lines carved in the stone pendant with her fingers.  Dwelling heavily on the constant, small battles that peppered the land, Toph finally ordered for a ship to be made, bearing the markings of the Earth Kingdom and Omashu.  She left the city in the care of her advisors, taking only a hand chosen crew, and set out on an expedition to the South Pole.


“Well—it’s all ice.  Very slippery ice and snow.  You wouldn’t be able to see anything.”  Toph stood at the bow of the ship, tapping one foot to watch the recently returned scout brush snow from her clothes.

“Any sign of the Water Tribe?” Toph asked.

“Not yet, your earthbending highness,” the woman replied, flicking at pieces of snow that had clumped on her dark green shirt.  She sighed, and Toph knew that there was a smile beneath the woman’s half-closed eyes.  “The first new clothes I’ve had in years, and I keep falling down in the snow.”

“I could always send someone else out,” Toph replied, brows lowered despite her smile.

“I don’t think anyone would be very eager to go looking for your waterbender and her tribe for hours on end,” the woman said with a chuckle.  “I’m not good on the snow, but I don’t get cold very much.”

“Remind me why I brought you and Hova along, Kailas?” Toph said, resting the knuckles of one hand against her chin.  The woman plucked the last clump of snow from her shoulder, holding it in her palm and feeling it melt away.

“Because you were going to get bored without your rescued-from-the-streets musicians performing for you?” she asked.  “Twists of fate?  I don’t really know, your earthbending highness.”  Toph rolled her eyes, reaching up to touch the necklace.  Kailas made no comment, moving to stand beside Toph and watching the glacial coasts that the ship slowly passed alongside.  Reaching the South Pole had taken only a week, but the careful search of the country had gone on for just as long.

Each day, Toph sent Kailas out to trek inland to look for the Water Tribe.  Each day, the dark-haired woman returned with no news, only stories of her remarkably numerous falls on the ice and snow.  Toph listened with half an ear and half a smile as the crew guffawed, both at the stories and at the way Hova shook her head and helped Kailas to dry off from the melted snow.  As Toph paced the length of the deck during the hours Kailas searched, footsteps giving her a clear view of every inch of the metal ship, she was wont to scowl.  The water that surrounded the ship cut off the world she could feel, her sight already dimmed by the low amount of raw earth in the ship.

“Your waterbender probably won’t like all that frowning, you know,” Kailas remarked, rubbing her hands against the wet spots on her shirt.

“She’s not ‘mine,’” Toph replied.

“Then why are we out here again?  You’re probably not any warmer than anyone else is, barefoot like that.”  Toph reached up and flicked Kailas’ temple, raising a brow at the quiet laugh that followed.

“Because I said that I would find Katara again,” Toph said.  “I want to make sure she’s all right.”  Kailas made no response, and Toph saw her turn slowly toward the coast.

“Did your waterbender ever talk about the Water Tribe’s village?” the woman asked, shielding her eyes against the glare of the sun, hanging low in the sky.

“She said it was small,” Toph replied.  She blinked, turning about though she could not see beyond the ship.  “Why?  Do you see something?”

“It’s not the North Pole, but I’m wondering how I missed it when I was out earlier,” Kailas replied.  With the return of the men that had gone away to war, the Southern Water Tribe was able to rebuild and repopulate their village, the boundaries of their small territory expanding outward once more.  At the sight of the village, the crew halted the ship, hurrying onto the deck to hear Toph’s orders.

“Kailas, I need you to go and find Katara,” the woman said, thumb pressed firmly against the stone pendant.  Kailas’ smile twitched to a smirk, and she stopped rubbing at the still-damp patches of her clothes.  A gangplank was called for, Kailas striding down its length with little trouble.  When she stepped onto the snow the plank rested on, her leg sank into the powdery drift and she pitched forward, vanishing for a moment in the white landscape.  The crew roared with laughter, and even Hova, standing at Toph’s side, could not hold back a giggle  Kailas eventually freed herself from the snow, finding a safe path to tread.

The crew watched Kailas walk down the slope leading to the village, snickering when her boots slipped against patches of ice.  As she drew closer to the village’s walls, two children riding on the backs of penguins abruptly slid down the hills bordering the footpath, rushing by Kailas close enough to knock her feet out from under her.  She landed on her back and began to slide down the sloping path, turning as she went.  A snowdrift within the village stopped her, though her head and shoulders buried themselves with the impact.  Toph found it best not to ask what had happened when the crew began to laugh harder than they had done in months.

Kailas struggled with the snow, pushing at the drift with no avail.  A hand took hold of hers and pulled her free.  A man, gnawing on fish bones and with only part of his long brown hair back in a ponytail, knelt before her, chuckling as she sat up.  He wore a thick coat, dyed a light blue with white fur lining the hood, neck, and sleeves, eyeing her simple dark green shirt and pants with a raised brow.

“And you are?” he asked.  Kailas hummed and flicked at the snow on her clothes, still smiling.

“The least dignified messenger Omashu has ever had,” she replied.  The man started, his blue eyes widening.

“You’re from Omashu?” he asked.

“And that ship floating over there with its queen,” Kailas said, gesturing toward the ship.  “She’s looking for a waterbender.  Are there any waterbenders named Katara here?”  The man turned toward the ship, jaw slackening enough for the fish bones to slip from his mouth.

“Your queen isn’t named ‘Toph,’ is she?” he asked slowly, and his astonishment remained great enough not to wonder how Kailas could raise one brow while her eyes remained half-closed.

“Yes,” she said in return.  “Is there a waterbender here or not?”  The man sighed and looked at the ground, crossing his thickly muscled arms over a similarly built chest.  After a moment, he looked up, turning toward the largest igloo in the village and jerking his head toward it.

“My sister is teaching her waterbending students,” he said.  “I’ll take you to her.”  He started away, Kailas following him and slipping every few feet on more patches of exposed ice.

The igloo housed a single large room, roughly circular in shape.  Urns filled with water were spread evenly throughout the room, groups of three or four, children and teenagers alike, gathered around an urn.  The man went immediately to the woman at the far side of the room, who stood speaking to one young girl with a smile on her face.  At the man’s approach, she looked up, the smile fading to a simple look of concern.  Kailas watched the students pass large spheres to one another, rubbing at the newly dampened places in her clothes while listening to the young men and women laugh as they played more than practiced their forms.  As the man and the woman hurried back across the room, she turned her attention to them, but continued to rub at her clothes.

“You’re Toph’s messenger?” the woman asked.  Kailas looked at the woman for a moment without speaking.  Her hair was the same dark brown as the man’s, their eyes the same shade of blue.  Like the man, she wore clothes that were designed simply, but elegantly, with varying shades of pale and dark blue, and collared with thick white fur with more tassels of the fur hanging from her shoulders.  She wore her hair long and loose, large tails tied to the sides to frame her face.  A headband dyed the green and gold of the Earth Kingdom held back the bulk of her thick hair, two white puffs tucked gently behind her ears.

“I am,” Kailas replied.  “Are you her waterbender?”  The woman blinked for a moment before blushing dark red, biting her lip.

“I’m Katara,” she said, holding out a mitten-encased hand.  “Is…is Toph with you?”  She laughed after Kailas let go of her hand.  “Or is ice still bad for her?”

“She’s waiting on her ship for you,” Kailas said in return.  “Will you come with me?”  Katara paused, staring for a moment.  She looked away, eyes falling to the ground before rising once more and turning to the young girl at the far end of the igloo.  With a gesture to wait, she went back to the girl, murmuring quietly to her and returning moments later with the girl at her side.

“She—she needs to come with me,” Katara said.  “And, Sokka—do you want to come?”  The man rubbed at the stubbly beard on his chin, smirking slowly.

“After ten years?” he asked.  “I could always use some more sarcasm in my life.”  Kailas blinked, but made no comment.  She simply turned on heel, nearly losing her footing, and began to lead the trio toward the ship.  The small girl took charge of keeping Kailas on her feet, taking a firm hold of the woman’s hand and squeezing tight whenever Kailas slipped.  The ship’s crew laughed until tears streamed down their faces when the girl led Kailas onboard, barely acknowledging Katara and Sokka’s presence.

Toph felt the echoes of Katara’s light step in the metal beneath her feet, taking a single step forward before stopping.  Katara turned toward her, walking to the other woman slowly.  They stood watching each other, Katara gazing at the frown on Toph’s face and the green strip of cloth that she used as a makeshift headband and Toph sensing the vibrations that carried Katara’s afterimage to her.  Katara sighed, pulling off one of her mittens and reaching to touch Toph’s cheek.  Toph did the same, careful to keep her stone gauntlet from scraping against the other woman.

“The fighting hasn’t stopped,” Toph murmured.

“I can see that,” Katara said, tapping the armor with her gloved hand.  Toph sighed and caressed Katara’s lower lip with her thumb.  When she noticed the image of a child tromping about the deck, playfully dancing with Hova, she lifted her hand away.  Katara did the same, but without the sigh that Toph gave.  For a moment, the only thing Toph heard was the laughter of the crew and the girl.

“Is she yours?” Toph asked, nodding toward the girl.  She grimaced at the silence that followed the question, starting at the laughter that burst forth from Katara soon after.

“Oh, Toph!” Katara said, laughing.  She wrapped her arms around the woman in a hug, her continuing laughter reverberating through the armor.  “No, no!  She’s not!  She’s…she was born just after Sokka and I got back here.”  Toph blinked at the significant pause in the sentence, brow furrowing.

“What difference does that make?” she asked.  “Babies are born all the time.”

“Not every baby grows up to like four special toys over everything else,” Katara replied.  “The turtle doll for when she went to sleep, the string propeller after breakfast, the hog monkey doll for a nap, and the clapper drum when she woke up.”  She chuckled and let out a low groan, rubbing at the bridge of her nose.  “Everyone hated that clapper drum.”

“Everyone hates clapper drums,” Toph said.  “Why didn’t you just take it away from her?”

“Because Aang wasn’t in the Avatar state when he fought Ozai.”  It took a full minute for Toph to understand what Katara meant.  Her eyes widened as she let her focus fall on the girl, jaw going slack.  Katara smiled fondly at the girl, who had been lifted onto Kailas’ shoulders and was laughing as the woman jogged about the deck to the cheers of Sokka and the crew.

“At least it won’t be a hundred years this time,” Katara murmured.  “Not yet…but she’s still here.”

“Come back with me,” Toph said.  She wrapped her arms around Katara from behind and pulled the woman close to her.  “Bring Sokka and the girl with you—I’ll put up with Sokka and I’ll train her.  Just please come back with me.”  Katara lifted her hands to touch Toph’s, the smile fading from her face.

“I don’t want to go back to fighting again,” she said quietly.  “I couldn’t stand seeing anyone get hurt again.  Not her, not Sokka, and especially not you.”  Her voice dropped as she laced her free fingers with Toph’s.  “And I don’t want to put her through what Aang went through.  I can’t just tell her that she’s the Avatar and that she has to bring the world peace.  She’s only ten.”

“You don’t have to tell her yet,” Toph replied.  “Please, Katara.  I want you back with me.”  Katara sighed, squeezing Toph’s hand tightly.

“I can’t go back to the fighting,” she whispered.  “No one comes here.  No one worries about the South Pole.  You’re the first to come here in ten years.”

“We won’t be the only ones,” Toph protested.  “The North Pole is starting to be targeted now, along with Earth Kingdom territories.  Sooner or later, someone will come here and try to take the South Pole.  They’ll find out about her, and then you won’t be able to stop her from learning who she is before she can handle it.  Katara—please.”  She tightened her grip, pressing her cheek against the side of Katara’s hair.  “I promised that I’d find you.  I don’t want to have to find you again.”  Katara remained silent, but she soon leaned back against Toph.

“Let me talk to Sokka and everyone else about it,” she said.  “We’ll talk about it tonight.”  She turned about to face Toph, kissing the woman for only a moment.  “We’ll know by tomorrow.”  Toph nodded, letting her arms fall away.  She watched as Katara called Sokka and the girl to her, her faint smile fading when their footsteps left the ship.  She turned away to face the bow of the ship, arms hanging at her side and her focus aimed at nothing.

Day turned to night, Toph feeling the sun’s warmth vanish as it set beyond the horizon.  The crew built a fire on deck, listening to Hova and Kailas play music while they all ate and chatted amiably about the cold, the journey, and the quaint antics of the girl who had come on board with Toph’s guests.  Toph ate without speaking, remaining on deck when all but Kailas had retired to their bunks.  The two women did not speak, simply sitting together beneath the moon.  Kailas played her flute, and Toph fell asleep to the music.

She woke to Hova shaking her shoulder.  The crew hurried to find the gangplank and lay it down to cross to the icy ground as Toph rose to her feet.  She felt the men step away from the gangplank and stand in a disorganized line, waiting to sense what was striding up the wooden boards.  Three sets of footsteps made the metal beneath her feet vibrate.  Sokka, Katara, and the girl stood on the ship’s deck, each of them carrying bags filled for traveling.  Toph smiled, and she did not have to touch Katara’s lips to know that there was a smile there as well.

Sort of an end anyway... ^^;

This is based on ~YogurthFrost's picture by the same name. I saw the picture after it was uploaded, and it was another one of my frying-pan-to-the-head moments of inspiration. Seriously, point me in the right direction toward an idea for a story, and I'll run with it as fast as I can.

I probably took a few...dozen liberties with Yogurth's original idea. I'll say that I'm sorry if he doesn't like it, but I like it so far. And Kailas and Hova from "Ye Chang Meng Duo" showing up here? :paranoid: Well, they're now part of my Avatar fan fiction canon. Where I go in stories, they go too. No one else has to use them...I just like them too much. And Kailas opened herself up for some funny scenes. :D

I would bloody well kill to expand on this story, either in the time between the end of the war and when the bulk of the story takes place, the bits and pieces I imagined for after the story happens, or both. I just made up a warring states period for the Avatar universe...and I'm currently tied up in a different story. ^^; I don't plan my writing very well, do I? Either way, this story will probably get a revisit after "Ye Chang Meng Duo" is done, or I can learn to juggle stories a bit more. Either way, this is too fun to leave alone.

About the new Avatar--that was a split second decision I made toward the end of the story. I didn't come up with a name for two reasons. One, I figure you as the readers could come up with it--Yogurth getting preference, I suppose, since it was his idea that started this in the first place. Two, I can't figure out a good name.

Oof. Okay then. I need to get back to work on "Ye Chang Meng Duo." Boy, I'm just a busy beaver of a writer lately, huh? :D Enjoy, folks!

Art ©
Story © Me.
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The opening

Danny had always told his friends and his teachers the same lie when it came to his parents. They were inventors who worked for the government on some secret project that was so important that they couldn't even reveal anything about it. Well it wasn't entirely untrue, they were inventors, and they were working for the government on some big hush hush project that helped pay the bills and fund their other passion. The one that they'd prefer to put on their resume.

Ghost hunting.
If it had been the variety with psychics and cam recorders and EVP detectors then he'd be a little less embarrassed. It was still embarassing, but a little more sane than what his parents did in their spare time.
You see they had a more... scientific approach to ghost hunting, that seemed less methodical and logical, and more like something someone might come up with while watching ghost busters on angel dust.  They had this thought in their heads that if you could see, hear, and (in extreme cases) feel a ghost, then you catch it, and dissect it.

This is where Danny and his parents differed on the subject. He'd been brought up by his parents to believe in the existance of ghosts, but this had gotten him thinking, and his sister Jazz as well. If a ghost was a human who'd died, then what's to say that you aren't cutting up someone's great aunt Sally?
However he kept his mouth shut about it, mostly.  

He also kept his friends away from his family's house/ restored apartment complex (they owned the entire building, and they used most of the space that would be other apartments for "research") At least when his parents were home. With his parents away and not spouting nonsense about ghosts he could downplay the crazy enough to make them seem more like ecentric inventors.   
The day his friends came over he'd expected his parents to stay in the basement all day working on an invention.

He was wrong.

They'd come up all excited that they'd finally worked all the kinks out of they're ghost portal. Apparently there was a prototype that they had based the design on, and they had figured out what went wrong with that one. They'd dragged Danny and his friends downstairs, to witness the portal, the accumulation of all of their life's work....
Whir and glow green for about five seconds, then slowly sputter and die.

Although Sam and Tucker had half heartedly tried to reassure his parents that even though it'd failed, it had done something, which was worth something, Danny could see in their eyes that they had given up.
Although having two teenagers try and cheer them up had made the blow worse, the mortified expression on Danny's face probably hadn't helped either.

After they'd left to take off their jumpsuits and put on normal clothes, Sam had begun to slowly inch closer to the portal to get a better look. Danny was holding the jumpsuit that they had given him (the one they had wanted to personalize at first, but had decided against after Danny had (half jokingly) threatened to never speak to them again if they did) and trying to decide how in the world he would make it up to them after he'd pretty much confirmed the fact that he thought that they were completely nuts, and that he was embarrassed of them. Tucker, of course, was glued to his blackberry.

Danny was trying to decide whether making them breakfast tomorrow or saving up money to buy them a new EVP detector would be a better option when Sam piped up. "Danny you should totally go in there." Danny was aghast. "Sam, do you know how dangerous that thing could be? I mean there could be exposed wires, it could be radioactive, I mean judging by my parents' other failures it could even explode while I'm in there." "Coommmme onnnnnnnn. I mean, you can't tell me that you aren't just the tiny bit curious about what might be in there." Danny adopted a stern expression that he'd seen so often on grandpa Fenton. "No means no Sam"  Sam pouted and then got a devious expression on her face "Well..... if you won't go in... I guess I'll just have to" She snuck up next to him and made a grab for the jumpsuit. "Go in there myself"
Danny was horrified, letting Sam in there was like setting a two year old in front of a power outlet with a fork. It wasn't that she was stupid, it was just that, despite her dark sense of humor and gothic  clothing, she had a way of being headstrong and not thinking things through when she got excited about things. Danny knew that even if he didn't let her have the jumpsuit, the moment that he got distracted and turned his attention away from her, she'd go poking around in there, and the last thing that Danny wanted was for Sam to get hurt. So he sighed in defeat "Alright, you win, But you've got to be the look out, if my parents find out that I've been messing with that thing they'll kill me," After Danny had pulled on the jumpsuit, he walked behind Tucker and grabbed his shoulder and shouted boo into his ear. He jumped about a foot into the air and gave him a sour expression when Danny and Sam began to laugh. "Yeah yeah yeah, VERY funny. But I'll have you know that if I even so much as SCRATCHED Bertha you two would be paying for it." Danny stopped chuckling after a few minutes and got serious. "Tuck since you're the only one with a phone, I need you to be the one to call 911 if something happens" Tucker rolled his eyes "You do realize that the reason it cut off is because there wasn't enough power to sustain the-" Danny cut him off "TUuuck" Tucker gave him an exasperated expression and then smiled "Paramedics are standing by, I got your back dude." Danny turned his back on his two best friends and grabbed a flashlight that his parents had been using earlier when they were working on it.

He would be lying if he said he wasn't just a little excited at the prospect of going inside the portal. Somewhere in the back of his mind he halfway expected to find a pale specter moaning about inside, even though that was ridiculous, The real reason why he was sort of excited about going in there was the idea that he might be able to find out what was wrong with it (other than the whole concept of a portal to a dimension where ghosts roam freely) if he could get it to work then maybe he could get a little respect from his parents. He was a C average student, and was almost completely ignored in favor of his rising senior sister who was well on her way to graduating top of her class and being the brain surgeon/ psychologist that his parents would always want him to live up to. If he could fix this then maybe his parents wouldn't think of him as the brain dead failure they acted like he was.

However as Danny entered the pitch black portal his heart sank. The entire thing wasn't as sleek as it looked on the outside. The floor was pretty much a mass of wires. If he was to figure out what was wrong, then it'd take him days rather than a few minutes, and the fear of being electrocuted by a exposed wire was very, very, real here. but after gulping and turning on his flashlight he pressed on. He was almost at the end of the tunnel when his foot caught on a loose wire. desperate not to pull something loose or fall on his face like a doofus, he stuck his hand out against the wall to try to steady himself, to his horror his hand didn't hit something firm and solid, but something that gave a little as his hand touched it. He quickly shined his light on spot where his hand had landed, and his heart stopped as he realized that it was a on button. He could hear the machine audibly whirring as he struggled to try to get his foot loose and get to the exit before it started up, and he shouted to Sam and Tucker to get back. Finally he got free, but it was too late as the whirring came to a horrifying crescendo, and excruciating green light filled the tunnel. Then he couldn't think anymore. All he could do....
Was scream.
After seeing spider man yesterday I got the inspiration to write this. If Danny Phantom was made into a movie, it should be a prequel, and it should be a little more edgy than the series was. Most of the Danny Phans who have been with the show since the beginning are right now at least 12 years old. Most of them, however, are in their twenties, and a smaller percentage could be in their thirties or forties. Most fans would want to see the movie just for the heck of it even if they've grown out of cartoons, so it'd be best as a live action movie with a REALLY good special effects budget as well as anything budget. In the show we meet Danny a few months after the incident, which probably happened over summer break, presumably towards the beginning of school. We get an idea of what happened, but we're left in the dark about how he discovered and got a basic control over his powers, and why his parents are still ghost hunting if "they just quit"? The trick would be to make it edgy enough to keep older kids, older fans, parents, as well as adults and teens who haven't seen the show, or basically just know of the show, interested, but like any other superhero movie, or live action movie based on a cartoon there's going to be kids who are going to come see it, so it can't be too dark, or too scary. But it's also got to have some sort of lesson in there too (spoilers) So taking all this into account, I'm writing a sort of movie based book (which usually accompanies every superhero movie that comes out) that details the plot. Hopefully, you'll enjoy it and hope with me that when and if the movie comes out, it's something like this
(disclaimer, I don't own DP or the rights to the movie, this is a work of wishful thinking by a fan, not an official thing)

Edit: I never thought that this would get this popular
Here's some brilliant fanart [link]
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