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:bulletblue: is Detroit Justice
:bulletyellow: is Aryan Thunder
:bulletred: is Red Olympian
:bulletblack: is Mistress Menace
( continued from [link] , [link] and [link] )


:bulletyellow: You don't have a choice darkie, I'm glad it was you who decided to get in my way. It just gives me a chance to strengthen the white race by exterminating another mongrel who thinks it should be equal.

As Aryan Thunder speaks his gauntlets begin to hum and electricity begins to dance about. The smell of the air heating up from the sheer power being generated is almost as thick as the hateful words being spit from the threatening racist. He lifts up both his fists and brings them down with all his might to hammer the woman who stands inbetween him and his objective.

However a forceshield shimmers into focus coming from Detroit Justice's gauntlet and halts the attack of the villain.

:bulletblue: This mongrel has a few tricks up her sleeve as well you jackass!

She then sweeps his legs forcing the man to fall down and in the same action reels back her fist and delivers a sharp blow to his temple rendering him unconsious.

:bulletblue: Are you OK red?

:bulletred: A little sore and my leg is going to be useless for awhile, but much better than it could have been, thanks.

Detroit Justice starts to help lift Red Olympian up when her body suddenly freezes.

:bulletred: What's going on? are you alright?

:bulletblue: I don't know, my armor just froze up, it's not following any of my commands.

Without any warning Detroit Justice pulls Red Olympian up so fast she dislocates Red's shoulder and lifts Red above her head and throws her across the room. Unable to control her body Detroit looks on in horror as she advances on the unconscious body of her teammate.

:bulletblue: What's going on? Why am I doing this? Stop you piece of crap armor! I'm not telling you to do this!

:bulletblack: Oh? but I am, that's a very nice set of armor you have there, I should know I designed it. Do you really think I'd allow it to be used against me?

Mistress Menace walks out of the shadows behind Detroit Justice and caresses her cheek.

:bulletblack: Your "Team" is dying, you know that right? I could kill you in an instant and should if just for the fact that you tried to stop me with my own toys. However I think it might be worse for you if you have to watch as we systematically end the lives of each of your teammates while you stand there helpless to do anything but watch. Enjoy the show! It's but a foretaste of what I have planned for you once we're done.

Mistress Menace laughs wickedly as she rejoins the fray and a small tear forms on Detroit Justice's face.

To be continued.... Mua Ha Ha! ( right here in fact [link] )

This amazing scene and art is made by :iconavionetca: She is just so wonderful I hope to keep getting more from her as soon as I can.

Characters designed through City of Heroes, copyright NCsoft 2012.

Character belongs to me.
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:bulletpink: is Dr. Iniquitous
:bulletblack: is Mistress Menace
:bulletwhite: is Gavin Reynolds
:bulletorange: is Firegirl
:bulletred: is Battle Medic
:bulletblue: is Mach-6
:bulletpurple: is Colossal Woman
:bulletyellow: is Killer Sting

( continued from [link] , [link] , [link] , [link] and [link] )

As the villains approach the fallen heroes Red Micron and Red Olympian a bright white explosion is seen from the far side of the warehouse where the fight began. A human-sized ball of white energy flies to where Red Olympian lays and explodes outward again pushing all the villains back.

:bulletwhite: I warned you. DO NOT TOUCH MY WIFE!

Gavin looked at the collected group of evildoer's with a determination that couldn't be brought down.
The newly reactivated Dr. Technix stepped forward and his right arm began morphing into a gun, but before he could do anything with it twin beams of light shot out of Gavin's eyes destroying not only the gun but the whole arm and blasting the robot back 30 feet once again deactivating him.

:bulletwhite: anyone else want to try me?

:bulletpurple: Yeah Me!

Colossal Woman runs at Gavin and starts growing as tall as she can inside the warehouse and kicks the hero with all of her incredible might. Gavin gets sent soaring through 4 walls before one finally stops him. As she looks on at her work with glee, smug that there's one less hero to worry about a blast of energy comes rocketing forth and slams her square in the temple knocking her out.
Gavin shoots back into the fight, his fists cracking with energy, he lays out both Aryan Thunder and Fear Keeper with one punch each and as he directs himself towards Dr. Iniquitous he is stopped by a sudden burst of flame.

:bulletorange: You didn't forget about me did you? I'm pretty sure that fancy shield of yours can stop bullets and punches, but I'm betting I can still cook you alive in there even without my flames being able to touch you.

As the temperature increases dramatically the remaining villains begin to pile on trying to bring him down. When a sudden streak of black and yellow runs past taking Firegirl away then returning to a stop right in front of Killer Sting.

:bulletyellow: What! you should be dead by now! that toxin has a 100% mortality rate.

:bulletblue: And I believe you too, but zen healing techniques and me saving my buddy Battle Medic over there wasn't what you were counting on was it? You gave a speeder 15 minutes, you might as well have given me an eternity to find a way to stop it.

Mach-6 quickly spun his arms creating a vortex that blew Killer Sting away and began trying to help out the other fallen heroes so they could rally and finish this fight.

:bulletpink: Mistress! the battle seems to be turning to their favor, I highly recommend leaving. We have already accomplished what we set out to do.

:bulletblack: Very well. Orogeny! it's time to leave. Doc, if you'd be so kind...

As Doctor Iniquitous began teleporting her team out Mistress Menace turned to look at the enraged Gavin and spoke softly, just loud enough to be heard...

:bulletblack: I told your wife she'd have to make a choice. And she did.

The villains vanished in the blink of an eye. Gavin floats down to his wife who was beginning to regain consciousness thanks to Battle Medic's healing ability. She looked so sad, as if her physical pain was completely dwarfed by some emotional turmoil.

:bulletred: ...Gavin, Mary,... I'm sorry. I'm able to heal her injuries but where once I could sense two lives. There's only one now..

Gavin's body began to pulse with pure power, so much so that everyone could see the being known as Belaxia sharing his anger as they are about to bust forth and hunt down the monsters responsible, Red Olympian... Mary Reynolds, raised her hand towards Gavin and shook her head. She didn't need vengeance, at least not right now. What she needed was her husband. He floated back down to her, grabbed her hand.

And together both Gavin and Mary weep.

The finale to the story, as well as the whole of the art for this story was done by the super-talented :iconavionetca: She has been just wonderful while I've been trying to piece together my story. Lots of love needs to be shown to this talented woman.

Characters designed through City of Heroes, copyright NCsoft 2012.

Character belongs to me.
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:bulletpurple: is Colossal Woman
:bulletorange: is Firegirl
:bulletred: is Battle Medic
(continued from [link] )

As the Paragons descended into the warehouse to save their teammates, their training kicks in as they flawlessly clear the area around the injured Red Olympian and begin their counterattack on the villains.

Battle Medic focused on what he believed to be the biggest threat, sensing the unbalanced rage within Firegirl he makes his move, deftly dodging blasts of flame that would roast the flesh from his bones if they connected, but Firegirl doesn't quite know who she is attacking. Battle Medic may be blind but with his ability to "see" emotions he can tell every time she is about to fire and evade it with little effort, however that unshakable resolve falters about halfway to his target when he hears a strangely familiar voice from behind him.

He sensed her presence but without seeing her face there was no way to know that it was his old research assistant Samantha DeVries or as she is more well known as today, Colossal Woman.

:bulletpurple: I have him girly! See how well he dodges when his legs are burnt to a crisp!
:bulletorange: Just grab hold of him and this will be over fast and we'll be able to go and kill another hero! It's like Christmas!
:bulletred: Sam? is that you? *hurk*

As Colossal Woman grabs hold of Battle Medic she turns him around to face her.

:bulletpurple: How do you know who I am? Tell me before I rip you in half!
:bulletred: Sam, it really is you isn't it. I'm so sorry, I didn't want this for you.
:bulletpurple: Doc? is that you under that mask?
:bulletorange: If you are done talking I have some killing to do!
Firegirl lets loose a fireball towards the held hero, as it streams closer he tells Colossal Woman that he hasn't and won't stop searching for a way to fix them both and then he teleports out of her arms leaving the fireball to hit Colossal Woman, He reappears above Firegirl and lands a kick that drops her. While standing above her he reaches for a pair of power dampening cuffs when a giant fist comes crashing down on his head and he slips into unconsciousness.

:bulletpurple: I've already found my fix Brian, and it comes with your death.

( continues here [link] )

The battle continues thanks to the amazing talents of :iconavionetca: without her art I am fairly certain that this story would never happen.

Characters designed through City of Heroes, copyright NCsoft 2012.

Character belongs to me.

and in case you somehow missed it the art is provided by :iconavionetca: check her out for some fantastic commissions!
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:bulletpink: is Dr. Iniquitous
:bulletorange: is Fear Keeper
:bulletred: is Red Olympian
:bulletblue: is Red Micron
:bulletwhite: is Gavin Reynolds
:bulletblack: is Mistress Menace

( continued from [link] , [link] , [link] and [link] )

As Red Micron Flies through the air silently moving about the battlefield, he spots the one hope this team has for survival, Gavin Reynolds. Unfortunately Gavin isn't in the best shape himself. Red Micron gently lands on the chains that are binding his arms and quickly began working on breaking the locks.

:bulletwhite: Micron? Is that you buddy?

:bulletblue: Yeah, now shut-up for a second, the last thing we need is their attention. Only two more tumblers to go and you should be free. Are you going to be ok to fight? It looks like we're really going to need you.

:bulletwhite: Just get me free and Belaxia should be able to get us on our feet shortly.

As Gavin looks up he sees the body of his wife flying across the room being tossed by Detroit Justice. When she finally landed two of the villains began approaching her, The sadistic Dr. Iniquitous and the mysterious Fear Keeper.

:bulletwhite: That lock open yet?

:bulletblue: Yeah just got it, didn't I tell you to keep it down?

:bulletwhite: No time for that, my wife is in trouble. Get over there and buy me some time, they touch even a hair on her head they're going to regret it.

As the villains walk up to our defeated heroine, Dr. Iniquitous leans down to her and places a hand on her stomach.

:bulletpink: Oh? looks like you're still conscious. good, I'd hate to have you miss this.

As she whispers those venom soaked words into Red Olympian's ears her gauntlet brightly flashes with power, then Red's body begins to encase in ice.

:bulletred: What are you? What did you do? somethings wrong!

:bulletpink: Nothing's wrong dear child, everything is going to plan.

Red Micron jumps toward Dr. Iniquitous and just mere inches from her a black energy snakes through the air and engulfs him all over.

:bulletblue: What? where am I? Gina? Is that you? You're dead! AHHHHHH!

:bulletorange: So much fear and pain in someone so small. You are going to make one hell of a treat.

:bulletpink: Good job Fear Keeper, now lets see what the Mistress wants.

Mistress Menace casually walks up to Dr. Iniquitous.

:bulletblack: Is it done?

:bulletpink: Of course, what shall we do now?

:bulletblack: Leave the Reynolds alive, but all the others are expendable, do with them whatever you want.

As the villains begin advancing on the broken heroes a bright flash explodes!

What will happen next? find out in the conclusion coming...whenever I get everything ready for it...y'know soon enough, I don't take too long do I?

Apparently not, the conclusion is right here! [link]

Once again the amazing work of :iconavionetca: She has been just wonderful while I've been trying to piece together my story. Lots of love needs to be shown to this talented woman.

Characters designed through City of Heroes, copyright NCsoft 2012.

Character belongs to me.
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(continued from [link] and [link] )

:bulletred: is Mistress Menace
:bulletwhite: is Dr. Technix
:bulletblack: is Mach-6
:bulletyellow: is Killer Sting

:bulletred: Oh Technix! where the hell is that army of killer robots you keep saying you can make? I want my killer robots and I want them NOW!

:bulletwhite: sorry Mistress, it's the fast one, he's disassembling them as fast as I can create them.

:bulletred: Well then kill him, I want those robots!

:bulletwhite: yes mistress, your will be done.

A black blur passes across Dr. Technix's face again, even with his enhanced vision he can only barely make out that it's a man there running so fast that he is destroying everything in seconds.

:bulletwhite: This is infuriating!

Mach-6 stops right in front of Dr. Technix, in his hands are fresh picked daisys.

:bulletblack: Here, I got these for you for being such a good sport, letting me practice my mechanical skills like this is just generous on your part, but are you getting tired? I mean I had time to go all the way outside and pick these for you?

Mach quickly starts circling Technix at speeds that begin to for a small tornado around him, small precise punches are thrown all over his body, as if looking for a weak point to exploit.

:bulletwhite: foolish hero! I may not be able to hit you yet, but you will never be able to hurt me, I'm invincibllll...

(the light on the cybernetic eye goes dim and he freezes completely.)

:bulletblack: you were saying? every robot, no matter how humanlike you may be has a control panel on it, just had to find it, but that doesn't take too long for someone like me, let's go see who I can go help out now. Ow!, what was that?

Mach-6's vision starts to blur, his inside begin to ignite, pain unlike any he's ever felt before envelops him, as he begins to pass out he sees a small lady dressed up like a hornet start to enlarge in front of his face.

:bulletyellow: you probably shouldn't stand still for long, it kinda makes you a target. Oh and by the way, you are dying. that is one of my more potent venom stings, kills most people within an hour but is 100% effective, however with your advanced metabolism I'd say you probably have maybe 15 minutes before your heart explodes. good luck with that by the way, I've got more things to do toodles!

Things are looking grim for the heroes, what'll happen next? can they win? hell can they even survive? stay tuned!

( and it keeps going on here [link] )

The battle continues thanks to the amazing talents of :iconavionetca: without her art I am fairly certain that this story would never happen.

Characters designed through City of Heroes, copyright NCsoft 2012.

Character belongs to me.

and in case you somehow missed it the art is provided by :iconavionetca: check her out for some fantastic commissions!
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I am putting in some work on my Gavin Reynolds story and since Mistress Menace here is sort of his nemesis I'm making sure to get some more art of my lovely villainess to build up some buzz and to just illustrate how she radiates power and evil.

Name: Dr. Melissa Davis

Super-villain alter ego: Mistress Menace

Powers: Immense intellect, Ability to command machines, A super powered suit that provides flight (speed tops at Mach-2) , super strength (up to 25 tons), Invincibility (provided by both the armor and a force field that she has to call up willingly), and Force Blasts, that not only are very strong but also start to degrade and eat away at whatever it hits like armor or doors or flesh. Her visor also connects to a database of information gathering computers that will give her near instant access to her adversary's weaknesses, who they are, where they live and all other sorts of goodies.

Melissa is also a very shrewd business woman and she designs and sells weapons and lesser versions of her own power armor to villains and some less than reputable heroes.

artwork provided by the epically talented :iconcric:

Characters designed through City of Heroes, copyright NCsoft 2012.

Character belongs to me.
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Continued from: [link]

June 23rd, 1955
Moscow, U.S.S.R.

The woman known to the world as the Soviet Superwoman, Olga Yezhov was tired. Every muscle in her body ached and throbbed. She was physically and mentally exhausted. For the last almost thirty-six hours now she had done nothing but bring this terrible fight to the invaders. The ruins of the city were littered with the scorched and burning remains of their starships and fighters, their landing craft and their own dead. Premiere Stalin had been taken safely to his underground bunker and transmitting messages of hope and resistance to the far corners of the Soviet Union. The spirit of the Soviet people had been roused once again. They were fighting back. Resistance had sprung up all over from Paris to Berlin all the way to Moscow. Citizens battled back with whatever weapons they could find or in some cases with the invaders own instruments of destruction. They had been inspired once again by the seemingly desperate efforts of this one Russian woman from the Central Chernozem Region of their nation. A poor collective farmer whose incredible powers, strong national pride and never surrender attitude had already led them to victory over the German fascists ten years ago. Now they looked to her as their example again and threw themselves against the aliens with the same fury and drive that had made Hitler's legions retreat back across the Volga. She could hear it in their voices and see it in their eyes.


She had given them hope once again.

Olga looked up at the descending alien fighter as it began it's strafing run. She was reminded of the Nazi's stuka dive bombers and brought back to 1942 again. The horrible noise they made as they sliced through the air towards their targets droned in her memory. Looking up she fired her eye-beams out in a wide arc, catching the fighter in their path. The twin red streaks of light held for a moment as the ship continued it's descent before shearing through the wings of the vessel, tearing two swaths across the strange metal in a shower of sparks. The ship continued descending, but not of it's own accord. It slammed hard into the battle-scarred ground and showered the costumed woman with debris. Olga whipped around and fired her beams at the nearest horde of aliens that rushed at her. They wore their jabbed and angular armored suit and breathing apparatus and blasted away at anything that moved with their energy weapons, clutched tight in their reptilian grasp. Olga blinked and for a moment she saw them as the steel grey uniforms of the Wehrmacht, holding their MP40's and wearing their steel helmets. They barked orders at each other in their incomprehensible tongue as they opened fire on her with everything they had.

The red lights of her lasers punched through their armored suits like rice paper, dropping the creatures in their tracks. Their bodies fell, stacked together in the mud near those of the countless victims they had wrought. Olga tried not to look at her fallen comrades and instead focus on the ones that were still living, still fighting for their families and their nation...for their world. One of the creatures tackled her from behind, knocking her off balance. As the two combatants stumbled forward, the alien stabbed at her side with a jagged looking blade, a beam of greenish energy coursing across it. The blow left a scorch mark just under her ribs, but did not pierce her impervious flesh. Olga snarled and threw the creature off over her shoulder. He landed hard against the side of one of their downed vessels with a sickening crunch and lay still. Another one fired a few bursts directly into her chest, blasting at the symbol she had adorned on her chest. Rushing forward, Olga clothes-lined the creature, it's helmet exploding outward in all directions from the force of her blow. It landed hard, desperately struggling for breath. Rather than let it suffer, like it deserved to for all the pain and death it had caused, Olga brought her foot down hard on it's neck.

A series of energy pulses hit her from the side, slamming her down into the mud. A platoon of the aliens were opening fire on her using the burned out shell of a Soviet tank as cover. Olga pulled herself up with a sucking sound and used her hands to block the next round of incoming fire. The aliens weapons stung and burned at her fiercely but did not...could not...cause her any more harm than that. They had been prepared for seemingly everything but her. Soviet Superwoman flew towards their position and ripped the shattered remains of the tank free from it's grave on the streets of Moscow. The invaders began to flee backwards, firing as they went. One of them pulled what she could only guess was a grenade of some sort and pushed a button. Olga rushed up with supersonic speed and with a battle cry brought the entire tank down on top of the alien creatures. The explosion the followed killed whatever aliens had survived the tank coming down on them and blasted Olga backwards back down to the earth. Her vision was blurry for a moment and there was a ringing in her head. Looking around she saw that another platoon of creatures was advancing on her position.

There were so many of them left. Olga hung her head for a moment and stared downwards at the muddied ground, mingled with the blood of her countrymen and the alien invaders alike. So many of them...there were still so many of them. Another wave of fighters flew by overhead. The raven-haired woman shook herself out of her anguish and launched herself upwards to intercept them. She collided with one, violently ripping through the vessel and continuing out the other side. Her eyes flashed and the ship nearest to her was caught in her beams. The lasers must have touched something vital because this fighter exploded into millions of fragments in a fireball of epic proportions. Surprised, the Soviet Superwoman held her breath and tried to target the same place on the next fighter. The blasts caught the metal near the engines again, but her shot was off apparently as it only cut through the side of the ship, disabling but not destroying it. As the starship plunged downwards, Olga took off after it firing another volley of lasers towards the same spot she had connected on the previous ship. Again the red beams struck the rear of the fighter.

The ship detonated like a bomb, throwing shrapnel in a cascade of debris.

Olga almost laughed, despite her terrible surroundings and everything that was transpiring. The caped woman banked left and headed towards the remaining fighters in that wing. The ships were firing at will, destroying buildings and civilians targets alike. The grey-clad heroine came up behind them quickly and discharged a volley of beams moving from one to the next. With each ship the result was the same: total annihilation of the attacking vessel. If she could destroy their air support, then the Soviet military with it's infantry and tanks...what was left of it...could finally be free to focus completely on the invading ground forces. The Soviet air force had been targeted in the first few days of the assault leaving the job almost completely to her. Soviet Superwoman grit her teeth and resigned herself to her new task. No matter how long it took, no matter if her heart gave out as a result she would see her skies cleared of these creatures and their engines of destruction.

She would never give up.

She would never stop resisting.

To be continued...


This incredible image was once again created by :iconbakart: and commissioned by :iconandrewr255: who has been instrumental in helping me write and develop this chapter of her life.

Soviet Superwoman and the story are all my creations and property.

This takes place in the home dimension of Soviet Superwoman and will expose a great deal more about her history before arriving in :iconangel-fallsda:
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commission from :iconjoybuzzer:

usually I'm using modern building on my artwork, but I think, it's cool for using a classic building sometimes! Beside, there are always some classic building in the city, aren't they?

as for BrandX, when :iconjoybuzzer: send me her reference, I like her body proportion, not a usual super hero proportion, and in my drawing, I made her visor look more transparent, so we could see her eyes behind it, eventhough it's not to clear

enjoy :la:
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:bulletred: is Bombshell
:bulletblue: is the Centurion
:bulletpink: is Lovespell

The alarms start blaring in the 23rd National Bank of Eastwater,
:bulletred: Well shit! We need to hurry up, the cops will be here soon but the last thing I need is for some super-powered do-gooder to come and hassle us.

As Bombshell and her gang start filling the sacks with money a blue and silver blur flies past taking two of the thugs away. over the course of ten seconds the vault is cleared of everyone but Bombshell and as the blur comes back in for her she takes aim and blasts it, it shoots off course and plows into a wall destroying it. but out of the hole that was made a man walks out dusting off the debris and began staring her down.

:bulletblue: Now young lady, I see you have some sort of superpowers, but I can tell you in all honesty that they won't hurt me, I'm giving you a chance to give up and turn yourself in. You don't have to resort to crime.

:bulletred: Really? I'd like to test the whole "Can't hurt you" thing, so I hope you don't mind if I just...

A blast of explosive power shoots forth from the woman's hands and hits the hero with a huge explosion. as the smoke begins to clear the hero stands in the same spot looking completely unfazed. As he starts to speak again, Bombshell runs up to him and flips over his head, while doing so she places a hand right on his forehead and generates another explosion, propelling her further into the air where she attacks the floor around the Centurion. He stumbles back a bit and as the floor gives way he falls into a sub basement area.

:bulletblue: Well she has some fire to her I'll give her that.

The Centurion flies up and spots Bombshell trying to make her getaway, he flies up behind her and grabs both of her arms and crushes her gauntlets.

:bulletblue: There, that should make you a bit more cooperative.

Bombshell says nothing but smiles a little bit as she grabs his cape and begins charging it with energy, she than kicks herself free and watches as the cape blows up throwing him through a few buildings and into the outer wall of the supervillain prison known as the Dam. As he begins to get up again Bombshell takes a capsule off of her belt and begins charging it with energy and tosses it at the staggered hero. While in mid-air the charged capsule breaks apart and hundreds of small metal balls each charged with the explosive force of five sticks of dynamite pepper the hero and blow him back even further into the prison, breaking through the outer gate and into the main facility.

:bulletblue: Ok, now you are starting to get on my nerves young lady...

He stops mid sentence as a beautiful blond haired woman walks up behind him and caresses his face. She looks out upon the wreckage and smiles.

:bulletpink: Today is looking up, come on slave we have a city to burn.

story continued here

New hero means you get a bonus bio! hooray!

Real Name: Matthew Parker

Superhero Name: The Centurion

Bio: A being from an alternate reality, His life was going great up until his 6th birthday when the ground began shaking violently and the heavens cracked open and the skies blackened. debris was falling everywhere and young Mat'hu saw his loving mother trampled to death by a screaming mob of scared locals, He had no time to mourn however as his dad grabbed him and ran back to his lab.
Mat'hu's father took a large tarp off of a machine in a corner and started swiftly messing with the controls, Lights were flashing, switches flipped and a bright light appeared in the center of the room. His father quickly ushered him to the glowing portal promising the young child that everything would be alright, they could escape the destruction of their reality. As he pushed his only child through the portal a large explosion occurred killing his father and damaging the portal equipment destroying any hopes of other survivors coming through.

Mat'hu found himself cold, lonely, and scared abandoned in a strange land. For a few weeks he foraged around stealing what food he could get and staying hidden as best he could, until a local police officer spotted him and turned him in to child services.

Mat'hu or as he was now called Matthew since the Police officer who first tried to figured out who he was could only make out that word from the radically different languages, was sent from foster care to foster care until one day a young couple of James and David Parker adopted the young child and raised him as their own.

Matt learned the language fast and grew to love his foster parents, he also learned that he was special and for some reason, either the explosion of the dimensional transport equipment or the different dimension entirely. Either way he realized that he had powers and abilities that far exceeded those of normal people. Powers that he now uses as an adult to serve and protect the people of his adopted home-world as a police officer and as a superhero!

Powers: Invulnerability, super-strength (up to 100 tons), flight, enhanced-senses, and Limited telepathy

Art was done by the ever amazing :iconmahenbu:

Characters designed through City of Heroes, copyright NCsoft 2012.

Character belongs to me.
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Angel Falls, Present Day


The woman known to the world as the Soviet Superwoman descended into the streets of downtown Angel Falls as soon as she heard her name being bellowed by the loud, booming voice. The voice was unfamiliar to her and was speaking in her native tongue. Even more suspicious she could hear him over the usual sounds of the bustling city at this time of day. It didn't take her long to find the source of her summons. She would have seen him had a crowd not been gathering cautiously all around, traffic stopping a rubber-neckers slowed to see what was about to happen. The man calling her name was a giant in stature, easily eight to nine feet in height and perhaps even up to four hundred pounds in weight. His arms were the size of small tree-trunks ending in fists the size of her head. He was built like tank as well, solidly muscled and wearing piece-mail armor plating. A massive iron helm sat upon his head and obstructed his eyes and most of his head from view. Only his mouth, full of yellowed, broken teeth could be seen above his powerful looking chin. As she landed nearby the man clapped in her direction, nodding his enormous helmeted head. Each clap was like a tiny explosion in his gigantic hands.

"Magnificent!" The man shouted at her with a deep, low voice, it's tone more akin to a growl. "Such a graceful and muscular woman who can soar through the skies like a bird of prey. Truly this is the age of wonders! A wife the likes of you could have gifted me a brood of powerful children!"

"Who are you?" Olga asked in a demanding tone. Her stance was immediately defensive.

"I am Koschei the Deathless. I am sure that you know of me little девочка. Perhaps your father told you my story as you ate dinner around the fire, or your grandmother perhaps."

Olga had heard of the tale of Koschei the Deathless. Everyone in her village had, for his was a tale as old as Russia itself. A ruthless boyar who made a deal with the ancient hag Baba Yaga for eternal life, strength and power to crush his enemies. Koschei's soul was removed by the witch and, according to the legend, hidden inside a needle, which is inside an egg, which is inside a duck, which is inside a hare, which was buried in a golden chest under a green oak tree in a location long since forgotten. As long as his soul is safe, he cannot die and he cannot be killed. If the chest is dug up and opened, the hare will bolt away; if it is killed, the duck will emerge and try to fly off. Anyone possessing the egg has Koschei in their power. Such was the story that was told to her so many years ago. A fairy tale and nothing more.

"Koschei the Deathless is nothing but a cautionary tale told to children. A boogeyman." Olga replied to the giant man who began to shake his head slowly from side to side.

"Ah, I assure you that I am he little девочка and that I am all too real. I have been alive on this earth for more than a millennium, serving the master that holds my soul. I cannot be killed nor can I die."

"So why are you here in Angel Falls? What has this to do with me?"

At this the armored man's smile returned wider than before. "You have made some powerful enemies back home little девочка, powerful enemies who have tired of playing this game with you. Powerful enemies who have awoken me from my slumber. I am here to make sure that this is the last time you trouble them."

Olga knew immediately why he had come and swallowed hard. "I have done nothing but try to atone for that mistake. I am not a threat to Russia, nor any of the people there. I love..."*

"I am not here to debate with you. Apparently that time has passed and honestly it does not concern me in the slightest. I am simply here to kill you and then return to my castle, which I will do NOW!"

Koschei brought both arms up with incredible speed, his lips contorting into a spittle-covered curl of disgust as his brought them down towards the smaller woman. Olga caught the thunderous blow with both arms just before they landed. The impact shuddered her entire body and drove her downwards, her boots cracking and splintering the asphalt under them. Chunks of the road sprayed out in all directions as she was driven downwards, her knees buckling from the force. The Soviet Superwoman grunted as she began to exert her own strength back against the brute. Her arms trembled as she drove forwards suddenly, knocking the giant backwards. Koschei took a few stumbling steps backwards, slightly off-balance. His head cocked to one side, as if he was amazed at the fact so small a woman had managed to stagger him backwards. The hesitation was brief as he almost immediately shook it off and swung with a punishing left hook. Olga was more prepared this time, nimbly dodging out of the way. Her feet barely touched the ground before launching her forward towards her opponent. She had to go on the offensive.

The Soviet woman lashed out with a vicious right cross, slamming it into the side of Koschei's helmeted head. His head whipped backwards and he again took a step back. She continued her assault, hovering a few feet off the ground as she swung her other muscular arm around towards him. This time her blow connected solidly with his shoulder, eliciting a growl from the reeling juggernaut. The raven-haired farm-girl came back around with another right only to have it intercepted by his massive hand. Koschei caught the blow and grabbed her arm tightly. Olga had just enough time to let out a gasp from the incredible strength he exerted on her just as he pulled her forward, smashing his other hand into her beautiful face fist-first. The giant Slavic then swung her in a wide arc before letting go, sending her shooting across the street like a missile. The Soviet Superwoman smashed into a parked car, caving in the side like it was made of aluminum foil. The windows exploded into thousands of fragments all around her. Olga looked up to see Koschei leaping towards her.

She met him in the air, flying up to meet him with her right arm pulled back to deliver another blow. Koschei however grappled her into a bear hug and sent the both of them crashing downwards. This close she could smell the foul reek of his breath on her cheek. Olga took the brunt of the impact as the massive man landed directly on top of her. She coughed once before a palm the size of a frozen turkey snapped closed across her face and began to drag her headlong through the streets as he ran at full speed. Asphalt and aggregate stone churned and kicked up as he used her head to cut a volleyball-sized swath across the stretch of road for several feet. Using his own momentum, he jerked her free from the trench he had created with her head and tossed up in front of him like a rag doll. Disoriented, Olga never saw the other fist the smashed directly into her chest at emblem level. The savage punch sent her flying, her back impacting on a building several yards away. The concrete caved in from the force, dropping her onto the sidewalk and showering her with masonry. Olga was on her hands and knees now. She let out a groan from her already tired body and looked out towards her enemy. The giant brute was walking slowly towards her, his mouth smiling like a death rictus. The sight made her face hot with anger. Using a hypersonic burst of speed, the Soviet heroine charged him with both fists extended.

A flurry of punches rained down on the ancient creature from seemingly all directions as she harried around him, moving like a blur. Two, four, six, eight...Koschei the Deathless attempted to cover his lower face from the ferocity of her attack, but not before a brutal uppercut connected directly with his chin. The strength of her blow carried his body upwards off the ground a few inches, his hands dropping back down to his sides. Olga took the opportunity while she still had her burst of speed to smash another fist into the side of his head hard from one direction and then the other. A body blow caused the giant to double over and with both her fists now interlocked, Olga swung upwards with a haymaker, coming up under his chest and sending him up and into the air. Koschei came down several yards away, crashing through the trailer of a large water truck. Hundreds upon hundreds of plastic water bottles exploded as he ripped the trailer in half, shearing through the metal and collapsing on the street underneath. The brute's hand came up first, taking hold of the shattered side of the trailer to help lift himself off the ground. Water dripped off his body and mingled with the blood that now trickled from a dozen or so wounds to create a pinkish fluid. The Soviet Superwoman dashed forward and began to pummel him with another round of body shots. She had to keep the pressure on him, had to take him out quickly before this battle continued even longer. Every second that passed put more of the citizens of Angel Falls at risk.

Koschei took hold of her with both hands, cruelly taking hold of her sides. With a bestial snarl he lifted her off her feet and slammed her down onto the street shoulders first. The force of her body hitting the road devastated it in all directions around her like stone hitting a still pond. Her opponent then took a hold of her boots and swung her like a baseball bat up and over his shoulder, slamming her body down on the opposite side of himself. Again the roadway shivered and splintered and again he swung her body in another arc to come back down a third time before finally letting her go. The Soviet woman barely had enough time to try and look up to get her bearings when her foe kicked her straight in the face, rocketing her back across the street to collide with a brick building. Her crimson cape fluttered in the air as she tumbled into the side of the wall, cracking it with her body. Her gloved hands took hold of the damaged structure and braced against it as she lifted herself back to her feet. Already her legs felt heavy and she was short of breath. Her hand went instinctively upwards to her Guardian communicator. She needed help. Koschei was took strong...too powerful. None of her blows seemed to have anything other than cosmetic effect on the giant.

A sudden, vicious hammerblow crashed into the side of her face, knocking her hand back down and crushing her face against the cold, splintered bricks. Another blow followed, punching her head directly into the wall creating a crater around her face, followed by another that smashed her all the way through it. Koschei took a step back and let her limp form drop back down onto the sidewalk, groaning softly. The raven-haired amazon was bruised and bloodied from her assault, but was still attempting to lift herself back off the ground. Koschei smirked and chuckled, a hoarse, phlegmy sound from the back of his throat.

"Why do you still deny the inevitable?" he mused before lifting his heavy boot and sending it crashing down onto the back of her head.

Olga flailed as her face was once again punished and driven hard into the sidewalk, grounding the asphalt all around her into rubble. Another thunderous footfall collided with the back of her head. Olga opened her injured mouth to let out a cry of pain, but broken gravel and earth choked her sound. Koschei brought his foot up and down with all his strength several more times until he was satisfied that had had seriously hurt her. Reaching down he grabbed a hold of Olga's limp arm and lifted her out of the bloody hole he had stomped her into. He held her at arms length and looked her over for a moment, his expression one of disapproval.

"After all the trouble they went through to enlist my aid, this was almost...too easy my little девочка."

His mouth split into a ghastly smile that quickly turned into a look of confusion. Olga had grabbed hold of his arm hard and fired her laser vision directly into his wrist. Her beams ripped into his armor and burned two molten holes into his flesh. The giant cried out in pain before letting her go. The Soviet Superwoman lashed out with her powerfully built leg and caught him in the solar plexus, sending him sprawling backwards. Her hand reached back up to her sub-dermal communication device to find it smashed. The series of blows she had received to the head had been enough to disable it. She had no doubt that the other Guardians would be arriving soon, or other heroes and heroines that patrolled the city and called it their home. Olga looked around. The brief few moments of battling with Koschei had already taken a terrible toll. All around her the city was in ruins. The streets destroyed, buildings crumbling...fires. The giant warrior was already back up and moving in her direction with ferocity. There was no time to wait for anyone else. She had to take this out of the city...and part of her knew that she had to be the one that ended this. All of it was her fault. Her own stupidity from several years ago had come back to haunt her so many times already: The Warlord, Siberian Guardsman, Red Nova and the others...the city had paid enough for her crimes and so had she. Koschei would be the last of them she vowed, whether by her defeating him or with her death at his hands. Either way, it wasn't going to happen here.

The Soviet Superwoman took skyward and flew out over the city. She glanced backwards over her shoulder as she cut through the azure sky. Koschei was in pursuit, leaping after her and cursing in their native language. There was enough distance between the two them to let her catch her breath and try to regain some of her strength. She knew she was already hurt badly. Their was a ringing in her ears and she was having trouble hearing out of her right one. Several of her ribs were broken and in all likelihood she was suffering from a concussion or worse a skull fracture. She had managed to land several solid blows of her own onto Koschei so perhaps he was no longer at full strength as well. As she made her way out of the city she tried to shake the idea from her mind that he was the Koschei the Deathless, the ancient creature from Slavic legend. Perhaps he has simply stolen the name. He was probably just another high-priced, metahuman assassin who banked on using fear to his advantage like Lucifer. A thug who claimed he was immortal and therefore could never be truly stopped from accomplishing his mission.

The alternative was much more frightening to her.

To be continued...


Fantastic artwork commissioned by :iconmegaween: by my dear friend and patron :iconandrewr255:, without whom none of this would be possible. :D

Soviet-Superwoman and the story are my property and creations. Koschei the Deathless is an ancient Slavic myth that I am having fun borrowing from liberally.

This story takes place in :iconangel-fallsda:

*The "mistake" Olga is talking about here refers to her involvement in this storyline: [link]
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