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EDIT 5.1.11
fixed it so now you cant cheat by holding down XD

My final project of the year for multimedia we had only 2 lessons to work on it and one tutorial lesson. so like 6 hours work altogether and a 1 more at home to fix it up

please tell me if you find any buttons not working or anything

~How to Play~
Save the helpless girl but leading her to the stair case and her escape but watch out the walls are all wired with traps so dont touch the walls.
use the mouse to hover over the map and get out

IF YOU LIKE IT TELL ME I will make more levels

game and pictures all (c) to *ShadowDragonFox aka Pippa B-H
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This is a game that I made forever ago also. It was a big file, so I could never get it to upload. I guess it isn't horrible, but if I could do it again, I would do a lot of things differently. For example, adjusting the sounds to be the same volume.

Basically, the object of this game is to go and save your brother/boyfriend/best friend/son from whoever kidnapped him. Since I made it very easy to lose to later in the game, I didn't know how to arrange it so that you could start right from where you died, I'll write out a walk though.


-Don't download. Bad quality.

-Volume fluctuates. Sorry.

-Some times the buttons are stubborn, click a few times.

-Don't die more then twice. It won't mess up the game, but you have to start over, and I know no one will play this game all the way through more then twice. Use the walk through.

Walk Through

The game starts out with two introductory options. You can choose either for both and still advance in the game. I wanted to have the different options mean something, and change the game play, but I didn't know how.

The arrow keys advance you through dialog.

The knock will come again and again, if you don't answer the door. Answering it is the only way to advance the game.

After getting the letter is your first real option. Choosing "Well...he can take care of himself" leads to the most boring death sequence. You receive a call from the cops in the morning telling you that they found him, but then trailing off, and you have to start the game over.

"I have to save him!" advances the game.

Calling for back up is an option just for fun, in which you can call random name up people, but not actually get any help. Press the arrow button to return.

"Go Alone" advances the game.

Choosing "AHHHHHHHH" in the next option will cause you to run away, and a cut scene to the next morning where the cops call.

"What a nice place!" Is a stupid option, but is the only way to advance the game. Thank Daniele Montella for the haunted house art.

"I don't think is such a good idea." Causes you to return home to the cop call. Going in advances the game.

Both the left door, and the stairs cause a death sequence in which, I thought it would funny to blow your ears out with a scream.

Originally, I was going to have a different rescue plan, by going up the stairs, but I didn't have the time, so I got rid of it.

The right door brings you to a door, and the note on the door tells you a hint as to how to defeat the monster. Click the door handle to go inside.

Inside is a terrifying monster (yeah...). Choosing any weapon other then the shield will cause you to die.

The shield is an easter egg for my wonderful Muse, using her crest. I thought it would be a fun surprise.

Once the monster dissappears, click on the door, then go up the stairs. There are a lot of stairs, so click twice. Then click on the door.

The next sequence is really badly done. Sorry. What happens is: you step into the room, fall down a trap door, then slide down a tunnel into a dark room. It's really bad, and another example of what I would fix if I could.

The following three answers will not cause you to die, and each have different vocal responses, but don't really change the out come.

"Try something else..." is the only way to advance the game, then press the arrow.

Then comes the horribly drawn character your supposed to be rescuing, which I am going to lie and say I didn't draw, because it's terrible.

You can select either option and it will get the same response.

You can choose to not untie him, but you will have to eventually to finish the game.

Choosing "return to happy lives" causes the screen to go blank, while "try again" starts the game over.

Tell me what you think!

Haunted house art (c) Daniele Montella
Shield crest (c) :iconlaconicmuse:
Game (c) Me
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The prototype of a platform game I'll hopefully be working on. In case you haven't noticed, Kairi is the star of this game.

The game will be very similar to the Wario Land games (as in certain enemy attacks change Kairi to allow her to progress through the level) and hopefully the graphics will be pre-rendered, like in the Donkey Kong Country games.

Although I have a good idea as to what the final game would be like in game play and I'm very capable of creating the graphics and cut scenes, the only problem is that I almost know nothing about coding. Sure, I can do buttons and I made a dress up game or two, but if you want me to program the controls for Kairi's swollen form, then just forget it!

I know that you've seen some pretty good coding here, but that isn't even my coding! I just used a simple platform engine to create this game! Sure, Engine Edward provides a good base for the game, but unless I can find a good programmer to help me out, this is probably the best I can do.


*Created with the help of Engine Edward*

*Graphics and modifications done in Adobe Flash CS4*
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Here it is :D
My second flash game.
This is a second part to this game I made [link] which got pritty good feed-back :)
(I acctualy think the first 1 was better)
One more thing... lol I forgot to put credits :P So here they are:
Animaton by: Hawdon
Idea for a part of Action B from: ~MindlessWolf [link]
All other ideas by: Hawdon

Edit: For some reason I can't get a glitch away that happens after u press Next Action at the end of "bleed to death" in Action C. It should go to the same screen as in "Fall" in Action C but.. instead it just goes to te beggining. Lol.. hope understand my explanation :P

IMPORTANT EDIT: if anyone of u guys have a good idea for an stunt for StickFigure Death 4 u might wanna send me a note and tell me about it. I can include your name in the credits if u want me to!!!!
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This is my first Flash-based submission, especially a Flash game too. Why I would pick Point-and-Click adventure genre is because I find it a very interesting and intellectual genre, connecting to me on a very personal level.

Also, in terms of graphics it ain't much to boast so I really apologize for that. I'll work hard to improve my skills and presentation next time for my next game.

If you like this game, please visit this game's actual Kongregate page and vote for me: [link]


In "Time - 7 Minutes", you find yourself in a life-and-death situation where your hopes lies with what was written in a note stuck a bright red box that's stuck to the concrete floor.

It's message was clear; Time is ticking...


Additionally to the point, as I am updating this description I am in the midst of working on 2 more Flash games in conjunction to my first ever Flash project; the Time Series.

"Time II - 7 Minutes More" as well as "Time - 7 Minutes Back".

"Time II - 7 Minutes More" is STILL in the works, but the guy's story is complete and ready to be played. The lady's is still in the works though.

"Time - 7 Minutes Back" is specifically designed for Flash-enabled, touch-screen mobile phones in mind. With it's portability, one will be able to bring the game wherever one chooses to feel the exhilaration right in the part of his or her hand, literally.
The teaser is currently available for viewing:

Last but not least, I hope you'll enjoy "Time" and it's soon-to-be counterparts.
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Same as before but more worked on: a temporary menu, sorry for the raw flash sketches, the choice of playing as one of the three players, some more rooms, music, shadows cover the player, sharedObject saving system.
The music is made by me in Cakewalk Music Creator 5.
Hope you guys like the general idea, tell me if in this demonstration there's some problem, this might be the last time I show new levels just to keep them fresh :)
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Yeah thats right. First flash game I have ever made. It's kinda tough the first couple of times, then you finally get it.

Oh and hey, there's a code at the end.

Tell me the code plz :D
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Joe the hobo has returned for a second adventure! Enjoy.

There's only ONE correct way to win this game. And, trust me, there is a way to get past each question. You just need to work hard. ;D

First game --> [ [link] ]

joe©me... i guess :/
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I've created this with these dimensions so that the images I use don't stretch or pixelate. Downloading stretches the images and allows you to "see" past the border.

Cancer by My Chemical Romance

To sum up:-
I sketch a lot in uni
A friend saw this
Suggested I create 1 animation using only 1 sketch
and it must have some hidden "meaning"

..this was my attempt

I designed it for my Bebo Profile

Created in 1 week
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Yep, I finally finished it, since I'm going to university, I thought it'd be better I finished it before having to study and have it mixed up with my schedule.
It's my first complete game though it is not perfect, hope you like it though :D
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