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Bart Simpson - Jason Voorhees

Years ago I had Bart dressed as a Vampire, then few years ago I dressed Bart as Frankenstein's monster. I've now come to Jason Voorhees. :pumpkin: That's a fake weapon by the way.

Hope it looks good :aww:

Bart Simpson belongs to Matt Groening
Pic made by and belongs to me
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''I used to be disinterested in dating a turtle, but then I took a cupid arrow to the head.''

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Jeez, did I put ALOT of effort into this drawing! But argh, I couldn't help myself, these two have become my new OTP :'D I am so seriously SO deep in this ship, it's not even funny. Donnie's crush on her is so adorable! Ugh, all my feeeels~

Also, this is my first time drawing the turtles! I think I actually drew the decently enough, and I am pleased by that. B-)

Don't be a douchebag, and leave a comment and fav please~

TMNT and it's characters belong to (c) Nickelodeon
Art belongs to me
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Alice Madness Returns outfit - Classic Alice

Watch the video:

Download the Texmod program:
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Wow been a long while since I drew my other KH OTP...not since back in November XD;. I miss them ;A;. Anyway, Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!! :heart: This is actually dedicated to my group :iconvenfuu-fc: and its event for the holiday. Hopefully Venfuu fans will like it as well :aww:.

Anyway, been really busy lately that it's caused me to be offline a bit and inactive. I still might be offline a bit since this week I'll be spending time with a special someone for Valentine's that I love and miss dearly :heart:.

I DO plan to make a bit more Valentine's Day drawings this month...which I'm late in doing, but i will get them done ;A;. I also plan on opening commissions soon. After that, I need to get prepared for RokuNami Day :dance:.
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So here's my submission to the Minecraft 2012 Halloween Contest.
The texture pack to get the cow,black widow spider,dark chicken & pig is called Haunted by The_Fool76

I drew the Enderman (both one wearing the mask & the other in the corner) & the Creeper with his mask.
The Snow Golem & Player with the orange armor & pumpkin head were taken with Fraps & touched up in Paint.

The black baby chicken,the spider, & the,ahem,Herobrine cow were taken snapshots in-game (still with Fraps).

Herobrine on the pig with a diamond sword was really my default skin.I just made the eyes white & the pig's eyes white & added hints of blood on the sword.

The Moon was a png off of Google & so were the pumpkins.

How could I not have submitted this without it raining pumpkins???? Big small.In the hands of a few & the horns for the cow

It was tricky work-but look at the results of combinding paper,colored pencils,Fraps,GIMP,Paint,& a bit of creativity.

I feel very proud of this :)


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Marie-lune is always in the mood for love <3
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Happy Valentine's Day :rose: :heart:

Much love to you:
:rose: :iconrina-the-arctic-fox: :rose: :iconamarena-berry: :rose: :iconmariahacorn: :rose: :iconshadowsinty: :rose: :iconshadowhog: :rose:

Actually this is a gift for =ShadowSinty which could call this day her name's day XD; She asked me to draw a heartless couple... weeks (?) ago. I love heartless, so I gave it a try and I'm glad how they turned out.
Uhm yeah, what to talk about? I played Kingdom Hearts some weeks ago (got them for christmas) and I love them ;v; Still... I can't support killing heartless. Exspecially the Shadow and the Soldier Heartless are too cute (some more, too) to be ripped into pieces by a keyblade ;A; Please stopp killing (cute) Heartless D:
Back to a cerious description... not. I can't think of something serious at the moment I guess o o; *is inking the next picture*. Hmm... Maybe I should mention that I drew the Paopu fruit wrong, but I drew it out of my memory. And it's just a minor error anyway... Furthermore I changes the Heartless a bit. Their receptors are longer than usual and uh... yeah. All in all I guess they look different to the original ones. By the way I chose a palm tree (yes, this should be a palmtree) because I always had the picture of Sora sitting on this palmtree in the opening of KHII (where Riku and Kairi fade into dust and Sora jumps into the white nothingness). You can't see any ground because I was just lazy =v=; all in all it's a rather simple background, but I like it with all the blue in there.
So, now I really run out of ideas for this descriptions. I better continue with the inks or I'll never get all those belated birthday gifts out of my work list.

So, have a nice day and spent it together with the people you love :3

Shadoe Heartless and Paopu fruit Square-Enix
Art :iconchibi-metal: *Chibi-Metal

:iconchibi-metal::iconshadowsinty: owo
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For Spirit Day

(not my quote, obviously)

ok so first the image said "-Morgan Freeman" and so many people got mad at me. now that i changed it to "-does it really matter?" new people are mad at me...
you know what? no. i give up. i guess you can never make the internet happy

calm. cool. collected.
k kiddies?

(... i need to take my own advice)
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Happy (Late) Valentines day! This is my submission to the Valentines day exchange! Hope ya'll like it. Why can't we all just get along hmmm???

Its done with the same style as a previous artwork I did (That featured the Wii U for those complaining haha.....)

If you are interested in buying this as a print, please click here for more info…
For a deeper relationship with me, you can follow me at:
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