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*Homer, Marge, Bart, and Lisa all awake to find themselves in there own cells. Its a dark room with the only lights above each one of there cells.

Homer- (nervously) Where are we?

Bart- Where ever it is, its better than our house.

Homer- Why you little...(Homer tries reaching over to Bart)

Bart- ha ha

*A Shadow figure with a deep voice reveals himself. He is sitting in a chair by a machine with lots of buttons.

Shadow- Good evening Simpson family. I bet your all wondering why your here.

Homer- (Sarcastically) No why would we want to know that?

*Shadow pushes a button and it shocks Homer.

Shadow- You are here because you are the worse family that anyone has come across.

Homer- (Sarcastically) Really, I thought we were the Brady bunch.

*Shadow again pushes a button that shocks Homer.

Shadow- Any hoo, I'm here to personally torture each and every one of you. Starting with you Homer.

*Homer looks scared

Shadow- You a dumb fat idiot

Homer- oh....I shouldn't of put that in my facebook bio.

Shadow- So for your torture, I'm giving you a free donut.

Homer- Woo hoo!

*Shadow pushes a button and a table pops up from the ground. On the table is a container with a donut in it. There's a little door and on it has the word pull spelled backwards.

Shadow- That is if you can get it.

Homer- (Homer tries pushing on the door) Doh! (tries again) doh! (tries again) doh! (tries again) doh!

Shadow- As for you Marge you are a very devoted housewife.

Marge- Why thank you.

Shadow- I mean you don't have much else going for you.

Marge- (Groans)

Shadow- As for your punishment I'm giving you an entire living room set.

*Shadow pushes a button and a whole living room set comes up from the ground.

Marge- Wow this is nicer than our furniture.

Shadow- Yes, and without a vacuum it will be hard to keep it clean.

*Shadow pushes a button and dust starts to rain from the top of her cell.

Marge- (Screams, she starts grabbing hand full of the dust from the ground and puts it in her pocket)

Shadow- As for you Bart I don't need to push a button because your short attention will be torture enough.

Bart- Oh yeah that's real creative. (Bart starts tapping his fingers) hm...uh....I know I just run around until I can think of something. (Bart runs around in a circle) oh....I can't think of anything. How long have I been in here.

Shadow- And Lisa the Brains. You smarts are the worse of them all. So for your punishment I'm giving you this incredibly hard math problem to do.

*Shadow pushes a button and a chalk board with a long math problem appears.

Lisa- The answer is zero

Shadow- HA HA wait what?

Lisa- its zero. See right here, anything multiplied by zero is zero.

*Shadow pushes a button and the chalk board goes back underground.

Shadow- Alright I have a backup plan. I'm just going to throw Millhouse in here.

*Shadow pushes a button and Millhouse comes up from the ground.

Millhouse- he he Hi Lisa!

Lisa- Well although I'm in no way in love with him, I really don't have much of a problem with him. Plus I can just take his glasses away.

*Lisa pulls Millhouses glasses off of him.

Millhouse- Hey Where'd you go?

Shadow- grr....

*Shadow pushes a button and Millhouse goes back underground.

Lisa- He he he keep them coming. Do your worse I can take it.

Shadow- hm....well you leave me no choice.

*Shadow pushes a button and a chair shoots up from under Lisa. Than two hands by the arm rest shoot up from the ground and hold Lisa in the chair. Than Two more hands come out from underground by her feet and hold her ankles. Finally a third set of arms come out and remove her shoes and start tickling her feet.


Homer- Hm...Maybe "llup" means push with your head.

*Homer slams his head into the container.

Homer- Doh!

Bart- 26, 27, 28 oh counting isn't fun anymore....A B C no that's no fun anymore.


*Millhouse is just outside Lisa cage.

Millhouse- oh no this isn't fair, let me in.

Shadow- a freebee on torturing Millhouse, hahaha

*Maggie comes crawling in and climbs on top of Shadow head.

Shadow- What the...get off me. I can't see.

*Shadow accidentally hits buttons and it releases the Simpsons. The lights flicker on and it reveals Sideshow Bob was shadow.

The Simpsons- Sideshow Bob

Millhouse- Who's Sideshow Bob?

Sideshow Bob- grr...

The simpsons being Tortured
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(Edit: See Artist comments)

Lisa's Choice Chapter 1
A Simpsons Fanfic
Disclaimer: This is a bit "dark" and is more of a realistic take on the story set nine years in the future. This will also be Older Lisa x Sideshow Bob

Lisa opened the front door slowly, hoping to not draw her mother's attention. She peaked her head in and didn't see her. If she was lucky her mother wouldn't realize what time it was, and that she was home from school. A wind blew in through a window pulling the door shut with an audible thunk.

"Lisa? That you?"

She was in the kitchen; of course. Probably slaving away on some meal that her fat slob of a father wouldn't appreciate. Neither would her brother. Lisa shook her head, she didn't want to think about Bart right now.

"Yeah mom, it's me. Just going to study."

"Where is your brother?" Lisa had already started up the stairs, but paused to answer.

"He said he was going to hang with some friends." Footsteps exited the kitchen and headed towards her. Lisa cursed herself for wearing a t-shirt instead of her usual long-sleeved shirts. It had been such a nice day and she had been careless. If she bolted her mother would investigate, so instead she tried to turn to the side and hope her mother wouldn't see.

"Did he say he'd be home for dinner?" Lisa looked down at her mother and took a breath trying to get past the catch in her throat.

"He said he would."

If possible Lisa would have willed her mother into leaving. Trying to walk up the stairs without turning would be difficult, and look suspicious. Instead a small eternity seemed to pass as she stared down her mother. Without a word her mother shrugged and turned to leave. Lisa heaved a silent sigh and turned to head the rest of the way up.

"What's that on your arm? A bruise!?" Lisa froze. Her mother must have turned back, probably to say something about dinner. "Have you been fighting? Lisa! Answer me!"

"It's nothing okay!I… fell… on the way home."

"Did you fight with Bart again!? How many times have I told you Lisa? Good girls-"

"Good girls don't fight! I know, Mom. Lay off."

"What did you do to upset Bart this time?"

Lisa had no desire to play this game.

"Why is it always me!? Did it ever occur to you that I might not have done anything wrong?"

"You're the smart one Lisa," Her mother's voice rose to match Lisa's. "You should know better than to get into petty fights. Your poor brother doesn't have all the advantages you do. It's no wonder he gets upset when you lord over how much better you are then him." It was too much; Lisa didn't even bother to reply and just continued up the stairs. "Lisa! Don't you dare walk away from me. I am talking to you young lady!"

She just continued until her bedroom door was locked behind her. Her mother yelled her name up at her several more times before realizing dinner was burning and rushed off to salvage it.

After kicking off her shoes Lisa hopped onto her bed. Her breath came out in little gasps. It wasn't fair, they always treated Bart different. No matter what he did no punishment lasted through dessert, and most times he received no punishment at all. No matter how good her grades were, or what she did it never mattered. A single mark on a test, voicing her opinion or even being on the wrong end of Bart's fist and it all fell apart.

She used to feel bad for Bart. The teachers always looked the other way and said nothing about the bruises around Bart's neck. Many of them even applauded her father for "putting that horrible child in his place." Never where they thought they could be heard of course. The years past though and Bart grew stronger and fast enough to stay out of their father's reach. When he entered middle school he seemed to do better, his grades stayed above failing and he gained new friends. Lisa knew better than anyone else that her brother wasn't as dumb as he seemed. Half of it was an act, though he was by no means as smart as her.

Lisa shifted her legs trying to not aggravate more bruises. Downstairs she heard voices. Her father must be home, and by the sound of it he wasn't happy.

Thump! Thump! Thump! His heavy footsteps climbed the stairs and stopped in front of her door.

"LISA! This is your father and I order you to come out here right now!"

"NO! Go away."

"You need to apologize to your brother for fighting with him!"

"I will not. I've done nothing wrong." Her mother's muffled voice said something.

"WHAT!!!?  Dinner is burned because of you! Now you've done it. No dessert for you."

"Is that all you care about? Food!?"

"Just for that you get no dinner."

"I'm not hungry!" Her father had no comeback for that. The concept of declining food was beyond his grasp. He stuttered a few times before huffing off.

A few minutes passed, when someone knocked lightly on her door. Lisa knew that knock. She quickly opened the door and pulled Maggie in before shutting the door again.

"…Lise you okay?" Lisa looked down at her baby sister. Already nine years old, though Lisa joked that Maggie was much older inside. Maggie rarely spoke, though no one knew quite why and the fact she spoke to Lisa was a testament to how worried she was. Normally Lisa would put on a smile and lie for her sake, but she couldn't tonight.

"No Maggie. I'm not." Without a word Maggie wrapped her arms around her big sister. "I'm sorry Maggie but I can't take it anymore." Lisa hugged back quickly before grabbing a coat and her backpack. "You should go, so you don't get in trouble."

Maggie nodded and turned to go. She paused for a brief moment.

"I love you Lisa." With that she left.

Lisa opened her window and started to climb out. She shot a quick glance at the door.

"I love you too Maggie."
Edit: I finally caved and got an account at and I will be editing this story and uploading it a chapter a week there. Along with my other past complete fanfics and any more I write in the future. I got bit by the fanfic bug again :XD: My author name over there is Urban Fae check it out if you want to see a MUCH better version of this. My writing has improved since I begain writing this. :) [link] /Edit

I suppose I own an explanation of some sort ^^; Well first I do love the Simpsons, and all the stupid wacky adventures they get into. I do love dumb Homer, Bart and everyone else in the cast so don't think that the way they are portrayed in this fic is the way I see them. This is more of a realistic take of sorts. It's funny and all when Homer strangles Bart and the fact it is abuse is lampshaded a bit on the show, but I wanted to take it even further.

Ch. 2: [link]

Sideshow bob will be in future chapters, and he is partly the reason I wrote this. Mostly I hope that this is at least a little entertaning and easy to understand.

Please let me know what you think :D
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It was 5 weeks after the events of Donkey Kong Country 3. Everyone was doing they're usual things. DK was lazing on the beach, Cranky was working on potions, Funky was building a new plane, Kiddy was taking an afternoon nap, and Diddy was off with Dixie...Again.

This was the 5th time they've been out, all the other kongs kept pointing out it was a date, but they didn't say it to Diddy or Dixie as they didn't want to offend them. They were walking through the forest comming back from the shop, buying a coconut milkshake. They were just talking of what they would do next, when a familiar voice cut them off. "Diddy! Dixie! Squawk! Thank coconuts I found you!", Squawks the parrot said flying towards them. "What is it?", Diddy asked. Squawks could hardly catch his breath. "It's an emergency! At Cranky's hut! Squawk!". "What? Did Cranky throw out his back again?", Diddy joked. "This is serious!", Squawks yelled. "It's Wrinkly Kong! She's dying! Squawk!". Diddy's tail shot up in suprise, due to his tail showing how he feels. "Are you serious?!", Diddy asked, dropping his coconut milkshake and shooting off like a bullet.

At Cranky's hut, Wrinkly was indeed on her death bed. Every kong was there. She talked to every single one of them. Then Wrinkly called Diddy. "Little Diddy, I want you to have this barrel crate next to me. Inside are gifts your parents wanted me to give you when you were old enough...(cough) Oh...Diddy, come closer...", Diddy went next to Wrinkly. She whispered in his ear as she didn't want anyone else to hear, "I want you to be strong, and, I know what Dixie means to you...When your with her, be brave...When the time comes...Be...Brave...", and with that, she was gone.

At sunset, the kongs put her in a coffin Funky made, and put it in the ocean as it drifted into the sunset. All the kongs started to leave with low hearts, all except Diddy, still watching her coffin, sitting on the beach holding the barrel crate Wrinkly gave him. Dixie looked back and saw Diddy, crying his eyes out on the crate. She was confused as to why he was the most upset, but Cranky came and explained.

"It was a long time ago. Diddy was only 3 weeks old. His parents were dying, and they were the last of his entire family. They asked us if we could watch him. I pondered as I was having a hard time with Donkey Kong, but Wrinkly immediatly took it upon herself to watch him. When his parents died, Diddy looked at Wrinkly for the first time and stopped crying. For all those years, she was a guardian mother for him. When the time came, Diddy made his own treehouse and lived in it, but he always visited Wrinkly, who always gave him a warm smile. So, with her gone, not only did he lose a guardian, but also a mother, and the last of his family."

And with that, Cranky left with his last words, "I feel bad for him, I really do. But right now, he's alone...". Dixie felt unbelievable bad. She may have lost her parents as well, but she still had Tiny, and other family members. After the coffin drifted out of site, Diddy picked up the crate and slowly headed for his treehouse, with his tail dragging sadly across the sand. He later got to his treehouse which was by his favorite lake.

When he was in his treehouse, he sat on his banana bed hammock. He opened the crate to see what his parents and Wrinkly gave him. Inside he found a Rocketbarrel Jetpack, Peanut Popguns, and the one thing that touched him was a star-shaped guitar. He burst into tears again. He laid in his hammock and looked at some pictures of Wrinkly with him as a baby. He couldn't stand it. His eyes were wet, his throat was burning, he was tingling, he felt just plain awful. He kept having flashbacks of Wrinkly being with him. He could even hear her voice, "Diddy?...Diddy?...Are you alright?", suddenly, Diddy came too and saw Dixie at his door.

Diddy just sat on his hammock, looking at the ground, still driping tears. Dixie went to him. "Diddy?", she said again. Diddy just looked up a little, just to see her face. Dixie hopped on the hammock and sat next to him. "Diddy, I know what it's like to lose...Someone close to you...". Diddy didn't say anything but Dixie could tell he was listening very clearly. "Diddy...You gotta remember, she is in your memories and your heart and that's a place she will never leave...". Diddy paused for a moment and looked at Dixie. "Thanks...Dixie...", Diddy said lightly. Dixie smiled at she had cheered him. When Diddy saw Dixie's smile he felt alot better.

"Do you need anything else?", Dixie asked. Diddy replied "Yeah, I need a tissue, can I borrow your hair?", he joked. Dixie just gave him a light kick on his legs and they both started laughing. Dixie then asked Diddy "Uh, Diddy, when Wrinkly was whispering to you...What did she say?". Diddy paused and remembered what Wrinkly had asked him to do. "She...Told me to be brave about..."..."About what?", Dixie couldn't help asking. "About...You...", Diddy said and soon after started blushing. Dixie paused as she knew right away what that ment. "And are you going to keep that promise?", she asked. "", Diddy replied. "Do you want to get a coconut milkshake again?", Diddy asked. Dixie thought about it and said "Is this...A date?". Diddy started to blush, and couldn't talk for a while, then Wrinkly's words went in his head. "When the time comes...Be brave, Diddy, Be brave.", Wrinkly's words echoed. Diddy took a deep breath and said "Yeah...I guess it is...". Dixie was delighted to finally hear him say that. "Then I'll be happy to.", she said and quickly kissed him on the cheek. Diddy's tail then made a heart shape and started blushing again. As they started to head for the shop, Diddy turned and looked at a picture of Wrinkly. "Thanks Wrinkly...", he said. "Thanks for helping me...".
Everything is copyright of Nintendo and Rare. This is before Donkey Kong 64 so it's before she is shown as a ghost. I might take some suggestions of Nintendo stories. Don't forget to comment, I want to know how good these first works are.

Edit: Bear with me, this was my VERY FIRST piece of work.
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Robert Terwilliger, otherwise known as Sideshow Bob had a frown on his face as he looked up at the banner on the outside of a building that said "Springfield Gamers, Video Game Convention" on it. He sighed as he looked down. "Why did I let myself get talked into this?" he asked in a thinking out-loud way.

"Because if you said no, your only son would throw a fit." came the voice of his younger brother Cecil who was standing beside him. The two had been dragged here by their sons Gino and William who as it turned out were really into video games which the two boys played quite a lot much to their fathers dismay.

"I am never going to understand these things or our sons weird obsession with them, for that matter." Bob stated to his brother as he crossed his arms. "I doubt any parent really does." Cecil added before he started to head inside the building, with Bob following him in.

Inside there was many tables set up and areas with stands that had people on them, talking. "Egad, how do they expect anyone to get around?" Bob commented upon seeing all of this madness. "I'm not quite sure." Cecil replied.

The two criminal brothers walked around, looking at each stand and table they briefly stopped at. Of course being into the arts nothing got their interest. "This is such a complete waste of time." Bob stated. "I agree." Cecil said in agreement. "Where are the boys?" Bob asked and Cecil pointed. "There." he said as he spotted them at a video game testing area. "Great." Bob grumbled.

Soon a voice called out "Hey there everyone and welcome to the con!" which made the brothers turn to see who it was as they both quickly recognized the voice. It was a 20 year old young man with blonde hair wearing a red shirt that had a skateboard on it, blue jeans and red sneakers who was standing on a stand area that had a big screen on it and some other equipment.

"Is that...Bart Simpson?" Bob asked with some surprise in his voice. "Appears so dear brother." Cecil replied. The two brother walked over, becoming part of the big crowd that was there.

"He certainly has changed since high school." Bob commented. "I heard that he's now a professional skateboarder." Cecil stated. "Really?" Bob asked. "Well he was always quite good on that thing." he said. "I also heard that he opened up a skate park for the children here in Springfield." Cecil added. "The boy's been busy." Bob said with a small hint of impressiveness in his voice. "Indeed." Cecil said in agreement.

"Well everyone glad to see all of you." Bart said into the microphone. "How everyone like my last game?" he asked and got many cheers for a reply. "How can he make video games?" Bob asked with skepticism in his voice. "His little girlfriend must of helped him." Cecil replied, referring to Mr. Burns' granddaughter Fiona or Fi as Bart called her. The two resident troublemakers had been going out since they were both ten and Fiona had became Bob's enemy not long after she started going out with Bart.

"That wouldn't surprise me." said Bob who knew that Fiona sometimes used her grandfather's money or resources to get what she or Bart wanted or to use against other people like Bob and even Cecil. The younger brother had devolved a grudge against the Burns' heir after she foiled Cecil's scheme to get control of the Power Plant.

"Ok, well I got a new game coming out and no it's not going to be a motion controlled one. I am not making the same dumb move as Tony Hawk." Bart said to the audience which got some laughter. "In fact this game isn't dealing with skateboarding at all." Bart added which got some of the con goers talking to each other.

"Instead this game will be dealing with some things from my childhood." Bart explained which caused Bob to raise an eyebrow. What from his childhood could of inspired Bart to make a video game of it? The screen then turned on revealing the game's title. Bob's eyes widen. The game title had his name on it and an image of him.

Bart then started to explain the game as some game footage was shown. Apprantly you had to figure out what Bob was up to in each level and stop his plan along with causing him injury by letting a rake be in his way, among other things and also pulling various pranks on him whenever he was in a public area. Bob's eyes narrowed in an angry way as he listened.

Bart then got to the bonus levels which is where the player took control of Bob and try to maneuver through a field of rakes which was easier said then done as the early game footage showed. Bob shook a bit while everyone else minus his brother laughed at what they saw.

Cecil glanced at Bob as he made his hands into a fist and got an angry, evil, murderess like look on his face. A look he hadn't had in the last four years. Cecil easily guessed what was going to happen next after seeing that and it wasn't going to be good.

Bob looked at Bart who was laughing along with the people there. 'Laugh now, Bart Simpson cause today will be the last day of your life.' the criminal genius thought to himself as he started to come up with a way to kill his arch-enemy.
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Note: Please do not download this story unless you just plan to read it. If you want to draw a pic that deals with my fan-fic in some way (like drawing a scene from this) then you can do so as long as you credit me especially if one of my ocs is in it.

Pic credited to Schattencyra [link]

Here it is everyone. Chapter one of my 10 Years Later story A Bob Con. Sorry if it's short. I'm saving the good stuff for chapter two. Some of the stuff mentioned in this chapter (and likely in later chapters) takes place during my main Simpsons fan-fic series called New Residents which deals with Fiona's move to Springfield as well as my other ocs moving to the town for whatever reason they have. Also you may of noticed that Bart's outfit is a bit similar to his 10 year old one. I figured with the career I gave him, his sense of style wouldn't change much but at the same time wanted to show that there was some change that makes him not the same as when he was ten.

Bart Simpson, Sideshow Bob, Cecil Tewilliger and Gino Tewilliger created by Matt Groening

Fiona "Fi" Burns and William Terwilliger created by me
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Darkness had taken Me and Link in. Ever since I got away from the Moon Children and the Mask Salesman,Evil has been sneaking its way on us too frequently. I started to become less and less friendly to anybody except Link now also. I feared that Majora's curse was racing upon us,Since I was let free from my paused state. I ran aside Link,holding his cold,adult hand. We hurried to find a safe place to hide,but anyplace we found,they got us. After a few hours they got me. Link cried out for me. ''Ben! BEN!''

My vision had darkened. I could barely hear anything. I felt sharp pains shoot up my arms and legs. I tried to cry out,but it felt as if my mouth was sewn shut. Unless....No. Just no. Just a Little longer....My memory of Link started to fade immediately. I was upset now. I felt like somebody who came out of a coma and remembered nothing. I wanted to cry so bad. I heard the laughter of Moon Children,and finally the chuckle of The Happy Mask Salesman.

''So...You Met Your Terrible Fate Again,Haven't you?''

Picture (c) AirSharkSquad
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This is the first chapter of my story about Stretch Dude, Clobber Girl and Bouncing Battle Baby. Since Lisa Simpson / Clobber Girl is my favourite character of the Simpsons, I made her the main character and the teller of this story.

Bart and Maggie have been kidnapped by a mysterious man, who seems to know the fact that the children of the Simpson family are superheroes. Since Stretch Dude and Bouncing Battle Baby are in trouble together, it's all up to Clobber Girl to save them.
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Not official of course ;)
My first piece of dA writing!

I generally don't like listening to instumentals, I like tunes I can sing a long to, but one of the few exceptions is The Simpson's theme tune.
However, for a bit of fun one day, I decided to write lyrics to it in the form of characters names.
I tried to include as many characters as I could (68) and put them in relevant groups.
Like Karl did for Homer in season 2, all the characters names are spelt "pho-ne-ti-ca-lly"..might take a few reads/listens for it to make sense :)
Lyrics set to The Simpson's theme tune on track 1 of the Testify CD soundtrack.

The Simpson's © Matt Groening and FOX
Lyrics © Me
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It was late at night, and Spyro was walking down to the balcony for some fresh air.  As he walked onto it, he breathed the air in deeply, allowing the scent of the forest to fill his nostrils.

"Man, I love the smell of night," exclaimed Spyro.  Just after saying that, he heard someone crying.  He happened to look in the direction it was coming from, and found Cynder.  He went up to her, and as he came closer to her, he took note of the bruises on her back, and the gash on her head.  Immediately, he got worried.  His walking turned into a little jog as he got closer to her.  Cynder looked up to see who was coming, and notice it was him.  She turned her head away, then shifted herself to where her back was facing against Spyro.

"Go away, Spyro! I don't want you to see me like this!" she cried.  It didn't work, for Spyro only got more worried about her.

"Cynder, what happened?  Who did this to you?" he asked in deep concern.  She covered her face with her wings, crying harder than earlier.

"Just go away Spyro! I'm serious!" she cried.  He was also serious; he didn't want to leave her side.  He didn't want to see her cry because to him, seeing her cry was just as bad as seeing your own child cry.

"No, Cynder . . . I'm not leaving you alone this time.  Tell me, what happened?" he said as he draped his wings around her, making sure not to touch her bruises.  There was a moment of silence, but then she stopped crying and spoke.

" . . . Fine Spyro!  Earlier, Ember and her friends gained up on me.  After making fun of me, they started to throw rocks at me," she said.  After saying that, she couldn't help herself from crying on his shoulder.

"I can't believe she would do such a thing!" he said, cursing Ember in his mind.

"Well believe it Spyro!  They still think I'm the same Cynder I was 5 years ago . . . When I was corrupted." she cried.  In his mind, Spyro knew that she wasn't a monster.  He saw her as the most beautiful dragoness he has ever laid eyes on.  He loved her with all of his heart, and he now knows that she needs his love more than ever.

"Cynder, forget about them.  You're not a monster, you're a beautiful dragoness.  The rest are too naive to tell that you've changed.  They're too blind to see that you're now just a normal dragon, like everyone else.  But to me, you're more than a normal dragoness . . ." he paused to kiss Cynder.  Her eyes widen in shock because of his action.  Yet, after a few seconds, she found herself not in pain anymore.  Instead, she found herself in love with Spyro.  The kiss lasted a minute or two, before Spyro cut it off to finish what he was saying.

". . . You're the reason why I live each day.  Cynder I can't hold it in anymore.  Cynder, I love you!" he said at last.

"Spyro . . . I lo . . . I love you too.  Please promise me you won't love any other dragoness, please?" she asked.  Saying that, he smiled slyly and replied.

"I can't promise you that," he answered.  Cynder's eyes widen, and her face shows disgust.

"I . . . see . . ." she said in a sad tone as she lowered her head. A tear was rolling down her cheek, but Spyro wiped it away.

"Yeah, this dragoness, when you meet her she'll look a lot like you, but a lot younger.  And when she meets you, she call you "mommy," he replied.  Cynder awed and kissed Spyro on the cheek.

"Spyro, that's the sweetest thing I have ever heard you say to me.  Besides you telling me that you love me," she said after a moment of relief.  After that, they went to get the gash on her head treated.  It didn't took long at all, and the both later on went to bed.  Both of their room is across from each other, yet Cynder had something else in mind.

"Spyro?" she asked.

"Yes, Cynder?" he replied.  His face showed confusion.

"Can I . . . Can I sleep with you tonight?" she asked after a moment of hesitation.

"Why just for tonight?" he answered.  They both went into his room, not bothering to shut the door.  They laid down side-by-side, with his wing draped over her.

"Good night, my love," said Cynder as she kissed Spyro for the final time.

"Hope you have a sweet dream of us, honey," he replied.  After saying that, they both fallen asleep.  The next day, they went down to the city council to talk about a restraining order for Ember, along the way, she found them, walking side-by-side.  Ember had plenty of intentions of making fun of Cynder again, but had no idea that Spyro would be next to her.

"Well, well . . .  Looks like she didn't learn her le . . ." she wasn't able to finish speaking, for Spyro stood in front of her, with a raging fire in his eyes.

"Shut the hell up, Ember. Before what I heard last night, I thought you've matured enough to accept Cynder. Now, I don't even want to look at you. Consider yourself a stranger to me, Ember. I'm done with you," and saying that, he walked away, leaving Ember as sad as Cynder was last night.  Later that day, a restraining order was made, and Ember left Warfang.  After that, Spyro and Cynder were free to love each other without worrying about her interfering.

2 Years Later

Spyro and Cynder were laying on their bed in their new home.  In front of them lies a deep blue egg, which shined beautifully from the light of the fire.

"I can't believe it, I'm finally going to be a father!" Spyro said in excitement.

"I can't believe that I'm going to be a mom, but who knows when the egg will hatch," said Cynder.  They were both of the age where they were able to mate.  And after months of waiting, they were going to be parents.

"I wonder what the baby will look like," said Cynder as she examined the egg.

"If it's a girl, she'll probably be as beautiful as you," Spyro said as he kissed her forehead.  She blushed and kissed him back.

"Spyro, you always have the right words to say, and that's one thing I love about you. Well, most of the times," she said as she looked into his eyes.

"Thanks honey.  Man, I can't believe that a few hours in bed can create such beautiful things," he joked. Cynder giggled at that joke, knowing that he was only playing.

"Yeah, you're so right, Spyro," said Cynder as she lay her head on his shoulder.

"Course, all of the work was done by me!" he said.  Cynder looked at him with a sly smile, for she had something devious in her mind.

"Yeah, you can say that!" said Cynder as she poked Spyro with the metal tip of her tail.  It broke skin, making Spyro yelp with pain.

"Ah!  Cynder, I was just playing around! Why would you . . . ugh . . . getting . . ." a few second later, he passed out.  Cynder giggled and kiss him on the head.

"Good night, my love," she said as she laid her head down and went to sleep.  A few hours later, Cynder woke up from something licking her face.  She thought it was Spyro, until she opened her eyes.

"Spyro, stop! That tickles . . ." she stopped and looked up to find a baby dragoness in front of her.  It was deep blue, with black, yellow, and white makings under its eyes.  Her noes beaks out like Cynder's, and it had the same horn types like Cynder's.  Only difference is that its horns was gold, like Spyro's.  It had a yellow underbelly eyes and wing membrane, and her tail was a leaf club, like Spyro's.  It looked at her and mewed.
The smile on Cynder's face was bright and big.  She was finally a mother.  She didn't hesitate to wake her mate up.

"Spyro . . . Spyro . . . someone's her to meet you," she whispered into Spyro's ear.

"Ugh . . . Tell whoever's there that I'm too tired," he said as he fallen back to sleep.  She giggled and whispered one more time into his ears.

"But baby, it's someone very important," she said.  At last, he opens up his eyes and yawn.

"Who would possibly want to . . ." he stopped as he looked down to see his child.  He sat there, dumbfounded.

"Sweet Ancestors . . . I'm a dad! I'm a dad!" he said in excitement as he held his baby girl in his arms.  It mewed happily and purred as it finally gets to see its father.

"What should we name her?" asked Spyro.  It took her a minute before coming up with a beautiful name.

"What about . . . Faith?" she said as she looked at the baby dragoness.

"Why Faith?" he asked.

"Spyro, on the night you confessed your love to me, you gave me faith and hope.  I thought it would be a beautiful name because she was born by faith," she explained with a tear coming down her cheek.  Spyro wiped it away and smiled.

"It's a beautiful name, I love it! Our little Faith!" he said as he looked down at his daughter.  It wanted to be free from his arms, and so he let go.  As he did, Faith walked up to Cynder's stomach, yawned, and curled up into a ball and fallen asleep.

"Well, I think she's going to be a mommy's girl, don't you think Spyro?" she asked as she giggled.

"Yeah! Well, we should go back to sleep as well," he suggested.

"You're right!" said Cynder as she laid her head down.  Before laying his head down, he kissed Cynder.

"Good night, Cynder.  I love you," he said in a soft voice.

"Love you too, Spyro," she said as she fallen asleep.  He looked at Faith and smiled.  He went and kissed her on the cheek.

"I love you too, my precious daughter," and after saying that, he went to sleep.

1 year later

Spyro and Cynder were back in their bed, kissing and about to make love.  As they kissed, their tongues wrestled inside each other's mouth, trying to stay inside as long as they can.  A few moments later, Spyro stop to take a breath.

"I love you, Cynder," he said in a soft voice.

"I love you too," she said in the same tone.  Before they could even start, they heard a voice from the other side of bed.

"Mommy? Daddy?" came the voice.  It was Faith, who was up very late.  She looked like she could cry at anytime now.

"What's wrong, sweetheart?" asked Cynder.

"I had a bad dream," Faith said with a tear coming down her cheek.  Every parents knows that the feeling you get from seeing your own child cry is horrible.

"Oh, come here, Faith," said Spyro as he made room for Faith.  As she got up into bed, they snuggled up, with Faith in the middle. Yet, before getting too comfortable, Spyro decided to get something out of the closet.

"Hold on a second," he said as he got up.  He went into the closet and pulled out a stuffed animal.  He hesitated for a moment, remembering when he was young. He walked back and went into bed, giving Faith the stuffed animal.

"This used to be mine when I was little.  It protected me from bad dreams, and gave me good ones.  Here, it's now yours," he said as he hand it over to her daughter.  She smiled brightly, then hugged Spyro.

"Thanks, daddy!  I love you!" she said.  Spyro hugged her back, feeling even more special than he has ever felt before.

"I love you, too.  Good night, Faith," he said as she fallen asleep with a smile on her face.  They smiled sweetly as they watched their daughter sleep.

"That was very sweet of you, Spyro," she said as she kissed him.

"Thank you, Cynder. Good night, honey," he said as he kissed her back.

"I love you," Cynder said softly, and with saying that, she laid her head down next to Faith's.

"I love you too," he said as he laid his head next to theirs.  They all fallen asleep, as a beautiful happy family.  In Spyro's mind, he was ready for the future to come, for he knows that it was brighter than he imagines.
Yes, I have added a new character. Her name of course is Faith. In the story, Cynder thought she lost it when she was bullied by Ember and her friends. But, when Spyro confessed his love for her, she knew that she found it in him and later on in her daughter. Hence the name, Faith.
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   Spyro Shattered Future: Prolgue

   A purple dragon was walking down a dark corridor, just walking like he was in a trance. He walked for several minutes before he came upon two large doors. The doors slowly opened outward as he approached them just to slam shut the moment he passed through them sealing him in the room.

  "I’m awake, I’m awake." Mumbled the purple dragon waking from his trance. "Wh-where am I?" He wondered looking around to see he was in a small library. There were books everywhere; on shelves, filled up tables, they were even stacked allover the floor.

  "Wait, I know this place." The purple dragon realized. "This is the Chronicler’s library." He was right and even though he hadn’t seen the place in six years it still looked exactly the same as it did back then.

  "Ah, you are correct Spyro." Said a green dragon that entered the room from seemingly out of nowhere.

  "Chronicler, is that you?" Spyro asked trying to get a better look at the dragon in the dim light.

  "In a sense yes I am the chronicler." The green dragon said stepping into the glow of a candle. "But not the chronicler you’re thinking of."

  "Ignitus!" Spyro exclaimed. "But I thought you were dead, and you’re green!"

  "Ah yes, one of the lesser perks of being the new chronicler." Ignitus sighed. "But I didn’t bring you here so we could chat, young dragon I brought you here to warn you."

  "About what?" Spyro asked instantly apprehensive.

  "I wish I didn’t have to tell you this, but I feel something is going to happen soon."

  "What is it Ignitus?"

  "You never killed Malefor, you only re-imprisoned him." Ignitus said his tone gravely Sirius.

  "What, are you saying he’s coming back?" Spyro exclaimed utter fear in his voice, but the fear wasn’t for his own safety it was for the safety of the dragoness he loved, Cynder. He never wanted to see her afraid or in pain ever again.

  "No young dragon, I never said that, I’m just saying it’s a possibility." Ignitus said. "I just feel that you need to know this incase he does come back so you can prepare yourself."

  "If he does come back do you think I could beat him again?" Spyro asked already sure of what the answer would be.

  "No young dragon, I don’t think you could." Ignitus said hanging his head. "The only reason you and Cynder could beat him last time was because he used so much energy summoning the destroyer."

  "So we just have to hope he doesn’t come back, at east till I’m stronger."

  "Yes, we can only hope." Ignitus sighed. "Now farewell young dragon."

   Spyro woke with a start. It was dark but this time he knew where he was, because he could feel the warmth of the black dragoness sleeping next to him.

  "Spyro, is something wrong?" The dragoness asked lifting her head and looking over at him.

  "Oh Cynder. No it was just a bad dream." Spyro sighed glad to see her face. "I’m sorry I woke you."

  "It’s okay, I don’t mind." Cynder said smiling. "Do you want to talk about it?"

  "No, no it’s fine." Spyro said not wanting to worry her. "Just go back to sleep."

  "Well okay, I love you Spyro." She said lying her head back down.

  "I love you too." Spyro said putting his wing over her protectively. He scooted closer to her. "Happy birthday Cynder." He whispered as she fell back to sleep.

The long awaited prologue.

The title of the fan-fic is "Spyro: Shattered Future"

The comic will be called "Spyro: Fragmented Past"

I do not work on this alone, in fact I didn't even write this(because I suck a writing) :iconlyreice: wrote it.

The story is both of ours.

You will see my characters as well as :iconlyreice:'s in the story.

Spyro, Cynder, and Ignitus belong to Sierra.

The story is mine and :iconlyreice:'s.
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"Dragoness, can we take a break? My wings are tired."

I flew with Dragoness over Milwaukee. We must've been flying for at least an hour.

"But we haven't been flying that long." Dragoness said.

"I know. They're just getting really worn out."

Dragoness and I dove down and landed on the roof of a tall building. When we got to the top of the roof, I layed on my front, like a dog. Dragoness sat on the edge.

"Aren't you worried you'll fall?" I asked.

"Zobias, I'm a dragon, too. I'll be okay. I can just fly back up.

"Oh. Heh heh. Yeah. Sorry, Dragoness."

"Besides, you should worry about yourself. You're still adjusting to your new body, right?" Dragoness asked.

"Yeah. It's hard to be a dragon when you were just turned into one." I replied.

"Don't worry. You're still young and learning. Remember when I said you'd have to grow up again? This is what I meant."

"What are you saying?" I asked. "Dragoness?"

"As a human, you were considered close to becoming an adult. But as a dragon, you're still a small child. That's why your voice changed when you did."

"When it became small and nasaly?" I asked.

"Yep. You really are a clever hatchling. Don't worry. I'll be taking care of you when we go to the realm of Dragons."

"Wait a minute. Do you mean... you're ADOPTING me?!" I asked confused.

"Something to that effect. A child does need a parent after all. And you're a young dragon, so I'll be your surrogate mother. I'll teach you how to be a part of your true race and I'll teach you some pretty nifty tricks."

"Like what?" I asked curiously.

"You'll have to wait and see, little guy." Dragoness said, she extended her talons and rubbed my head again, being careful not to scratch my horns. Those were somewhat sensitive, even to Dragoness' little pettings.

I heard a noise behind me. I looked back, past my tail and saw a black cloud in the sky. Only it was too small to be a cloud, it looked circular.

"Dragoness? What is that?" I asked.

"That's our one way ticket to the Realm of Dragons. C'mon."

Dragoness got up again. She grabbed me by my tail and, instead of throwing me through, kept a firm grip on my tail as she jumped off the building and opened her wings. I was literally screaming, thinking she was trying to kill us. She flew straight up, above the portal, then back down right into it. The portal closed behind us.

We flew through a void of nothingness. It looked purplish. Like going through a giant stomach in a sense.

"Are we in The Dragon Realm?" I asked.

"No. This is the Portal Between Worlds. It connects the Dragon Realm and the Human Realm." Dragoness explained.

"Oh yeah. One more thing. COULD YOU PLEASE LET MY TAIL GO?!" I shouted. My echo seemed to go on forever.

"Oh, sorry. Must've hurt, huh?" Dragoness asked teasingly.

"No no. It was the best feeling in my life. Of course it hurt! Wouldn't all dragons' tails hurt if tou were holding onto them that hard for that long?!" It seemed I was starting to pick up some of Dragoness' habits. I was never that sarcastic before.

"True. Oh, look, Zobias. There's the exit." Dragoness said, pointing to what looked like a big ball of light.

"You ready, kiddo?" Dragoness asked.

"Oh yeah, this'll be really cool." I replied with a grin.

We flew through the portal to the Dragon Realm. I looked around and saw a beautiful field. There were some baby dragons playing in the field. there was also a small stream to play or drink from.

"Welcome, Zobias. This is the Dragon Realm."

I was still looking around. I noticed some caves, which, in this world, must've been the Dragon's homes.

"So, Dragoness. Where's my lair?" I asked. I decided, if I was going to learn how to be a dragon, I should first learn to talk like one.

Dragoness and I walked to my new lair. I saw some other dragons around. Most likely the parents of the hatchlings I saw playing in the field.

"Oh, Dragoness. Is this the hatchling you brought back with you?"  One of the dragons asked.

"Yes he is. Isn't he adorable?" Dragoness asked.

"He is. So what's your name, little guy?" The dragon asked.

"I'm..." I paused for a long time. I didn't know if I was supposed to use my real name or my dragon name. Well which ever one was my real name now.

"Yeah. My name is Zobias. It's nice to meet you." I said, lowering my head to show respect.

"Wow. He's so well mannered." The father dragon said.

"You're going to love it here." The mother dragon told me.

"Oh. I already do. I've never been this happy." I said.

"Well, we should be going. I need to show Zobias to his lair. Good bye." Dragoness said, waving to her friends.

"Bye, everyone!" I shouted.

Dragoness and I walked for about five minutes before hitting our destination.

"Welcome, Zobias. To your new home."

I inspected my lair. It was dark inside with the only light being at the entrance to the cave. It was just the way I liked it. Wait! Just the way I liked it? I never liked the dark but why did I like it now? Maybe there was more to my transformation than simply having the body of a dragon. What if I was starting to develop the needs and habits of one too?

I walked around my lair and saw a desk. It was the desk that sat in my room. My manga and everything I wanted brought to this world. But how? I wondered.

"See, Zobias? All your stuff. Like I said, it would be brought here. And it was."

"But how?" I asked.

"It actually never left your room. This lair is in a sense, connected to your old room. SO all the stuff you had as a human, exists in our world." Dragoness explained.

I was at a loss for words. It was all so cool. Being introduced to a world I never knew existed, being introduced to real magic. This wasn't the Realm of Dragons. To me, this was my personal paradise.

"You oughta get some sleep, Zobias. Tomorrow, you learn how to control your dragon powers."

I got into my bed. For some reason, I didn't want to sleep there anymore. Now I prefered to sleep on the ground, in my nest. It must have been easier on my scales. Maybve my bed was too rough on them.

I fell asleep. It was a comforting feeling. To be sleeping in this new world. Normally, I'd be a bit freaked out but strangely enough, I wasn't worried. I quickly fell asleep. As I slept, I dreamt about
what I'd be learning from Dragoness. Maybe I'd learn how to become human again. Or maybe I'd learn how to shoot fire out of my mouth. I thought of how cool that'd be.

The next day, I walked around looking for Dragoness. After a while, I found her. She was standing by a dummy.

"'Bout time you got here, Zobias." Dragoness scolded.

"Sorry. So what're the dummies for? I asked.

"You'll be learning two things: How to breathe fire and how to spit acid."

"Spit acid? That sounds gross." I said, sickingly.

"Don't worry. It's not as bad as it sounds." Dragoness said.

"Now. I want you to aim for this target. It's easy jsut breathe in..."

Like she said, I breathed in some air.

"Then close your mouth..."

Like Dragoness said, I closed my mouth.


I opened my mouth and I launched out a fireball. I scorched the target. It was up in flames.

"You're a quick learner, Zobias. Let's see how you'll do when you learn how to spit acid."

I closed my mouth again. Swirled some spit around in there, and then spit. Instead of acid, it was nothing more than a loogie.

"Wise guy..." Dragoness said quietly.

"What?" I asked.

"Oh nothing. Now listen. I want you to throw up."

"WHAT?!" I shouted.

"If you throw up, you'll be able to spit acid." Dragoness explained.

"Well, uh okay." I said unsure.

I tried upsetting my stomach a little. When I got ready to barf, I let it out. Amazingly enough, I spit acid out of my mouth! I felt a stinging feeling however. There was some acid on my snout.

"AAH! I got acid on my snout! Get it off Dragoness!" I ran around on my fours back and fourth.

Dragoness sighed then said "We'll stop there. Go relax for the day."

I walked over to the stream and layed on my stomach like a dog. I watched the baby dragons from the other day playing. They were flying around happily. I smiled at them. They were probably some of the cutest things I had ever seen. I thought they could be no older than three or so. I realized in the human world, I was much older than a three year old. But here I was a hatchling like them. In fact, I wondered if my age was still the same as when I was human. I didn't want to play though. I was a bit worn out, even though the training didn't last that long. It was probably a side effect to my new body. Even my tail didn't want to move.

When I found my second wind, I walked back into my cave. I layed in my "bed".  I wasn't tired. Although my body was. I thought of how it was like to be a person in another country. You have no idea of what it's like. You don't know anyone there. That's how I felt. But I did have someone with me. I had Dragoness. I knew she would guide me through this new life.

I started to feel a bit drowzy. I decided to see, before I go to bed, if my TV worked. I saw some DVDs scattered around my lair, like they were in my room. I noticed a DVD of Crank Yankers was open. I carefully extended a talon out and pushed down on the middle. The DVD came out and, as to not scratch the disc up. Carefully using another talon to press the open button, I put the DVD in and pushed the DVD drive in. I looked up and saw there was no image.

"Hey! What gives?!" I shouted.

I realized why it wasn't working: I didn't press the on button.

"Nice going, dragon boy." I said to myself.

It was just past the previews. The episode selection was on. I decided to play all. I walked back into my nest and watched the first episode for a few minutes before closing my eyes.  I drifted off into sleep.

The next morning, I walked out of my cave. I saw Dragoness standing at the entrance.

"Hey, Dragoness." I said still drowzy.

"Ready to learn to shapeshift?" Dragoness asked.

"Shapeshift? Dragoness, do I look like a kitsune to you?"

"Not really. You look like a small dragon." She said teasingly.

"Yeah. Brilliant assumption. Could you tell me what my age is next?" I shouted at Dragoness.

"Zobias, what's wrong with you?" Dragoness asked.

"I'm pissed. You took me from my friends and family. And for what?! SO YOU COULD MAKE ME YOUR CHILD?!"

"Zobias, I don't know what you're talking about!" Dragoness exclaimed.

"I overheard you last might. Even in my sleep I could hear you talking to your friends. You said that you were training me to be your kid. You didn't care about me... You just wanted what was best for you!"

Dragoness started to sob. Tears ran down her face. I realized I had done something incredibly horrible.

"Dragoness, what's wrong?" I asked in my normal tone.

"I.." Dragoness sniffed. "I gave you this new life for you. I promise. Part of the plan was to make you my new son. That's why when your transformation ended, you had the body of a baby dragon. I'm sorry, Zobias. I wasn't thinking about what would happen. I didn't realize you'd miss them this much.

"But why me? What's going on, Dragoness? There's something you're not telling me.

"Zobias, you're... my descendant."

"What??" I asked. Had Dragoness lost her mind or something?"

"When you were born, there was an ativism on your DNA which came from me. It remained dormant in you until I appeared to you when you turned 16."

"There's more, isn't there?" I asked.

"Yes. Before this world became a safe haven for dragons, there were evil men. I had given birth to a child. A dragon like you. But these cruel men, killed my child while it was still in its egg."

Dragoness slumped to the ground and cried. My wings flattened onto my back. My fins did the same as my wings. Now I really felt like crap. Yelling at someone who had lost their child. I walked over to Dragoness. My wings and finned ears still flattened as a sign of sadness, compassion and understanding.

I rubbed up against Dragoness' face as to wipe the tears from her eyes. I knew Dragoness wasn't lying about this. I didn't know how I knew. It must've been my dragon instincts.

"Dragoness." I said softly.


"I'm sorry for yelling at you. I had no idea."

"Zobias... thank you." Dragoness said, hugging me. I was happy I could make her feel better.

"Okay! Are you ready for training, Zobias?" Dragoness asked.

"I'm ready if you are!" I replied.

"Good boy. Now to shapeshift, you need to clear your mind of all thoughts."

I tried to blank my mind. I tried to keep myself from having any thoughts.

"Now, imagine the being or creature you want to turn into. Let's start with something small. Let's say a fox."

I imagined a small orange fox. I tried to keep my mind focused on the fox in my mind.

"Now. Imagine your self becoming the fox." She instructed.

I closed my eyes and saw myself becoming the fox. I felt myself shrink a little. When I opened my eyes, I saw that I was only up to Dragoness' lower part of her leg.

"Now imagine becoming a dragon again."

I did and I was back to my good ol' scaly body. My tail was no longer bushy and my wings were again folded on my back.

"Well, Zobias. I think we're ready to go back to the human realm."

"Why?" I asked Dragoness.

"We need to tell your family what happened to you. Your friends are probably worried too.

The portal opened up again and the two of us headed into the portal. The portal closed behind us.

We headed through the portal and when we got to the other side, went through the exit and found ourselves back in the human realm. Luckily enough, we were back in the town I live in. Where this whole thing started. I thought of how I'd approach my parents. They wouldn't possibly belive that a blue baby dragon is actually their son. And shapeshifting was harder than learning to control my new breaths.

I looked at my house and saw not just my parents standing outside, but three of my friends as well. They looked worried. And who wouldn't? I hadn't been home for at least two days.

"What's that?" A friend of mine asked.

They saw two shadows moving. One belonged to me. The other shadow belonged to Dragoness. After moving through the shadows, I appeared to my friends and family in my dragon form.

"What is that?" Asked my mom.

"Looks like two dragons." My older friend said.

"Guys, it's me!" I shouted happily. I ran over to my friends and licked their faces.


"Yep. It's me. In the scales."

"What happened to you? You're all little and scaly."

"Yeah, and I got wings and a tail. Check it out!" I said happily, I waved my tail around for a bit then I opened up my wings and flew around in the night. Finally I landed back on the front porch.

"Everyone, this is Dragoness. She turned me into a dragon."

"Well,uhh. Let's go inside. It's getting kinda cold." My dad said.

Dragoness told me to go into my room as she had some stuff to tell everyone. I assumed she meant about my transformation into a dragon. So I did as I was told and flew into my room. I flew into my bed and rested my head on my pillow.

As I slept, I overheard a little of what Dragoness was telling them. Then I heard footsteps.

"Shh. He's sleeping." Dragoness said.

"Should we wake him up?" My mom asked.

"He looks so peaceful. It's really cute." My mom finished.

"Besides, isn't it bad luck to wake a sleeping dragon?" One of my younger friends asked.

"Yeah. And waking Animeboye would mean we would all have at least eighty years bad luck." My older friend said.

"I heard that, Geff..." I said, waking up.

I yawned a little and opened my eyes. Everyone was standing around the entrance to my room.

"Hey there, sleeping dragon." Dragoness said.

"So what were you all talking about?" I asked.

"Well we were thinking of having you become a human again, but Dragoness said you might be happier as a dragon. Since we can't come up with anything, we're going to let you decide." My older friend said.

I thought it over for a long time. I knew I'd be abandoning someone. Dragoness, or the people I knew all my life. I couldn't abandon Dragoness. Especially after hearing that she lost her child. But I could'nt abandon my friends and family either. I didn't know what to do.

Thinking quickly, I took my pick.

"I choose to..."

Thanks to Oy19 for the idea on suggesting a sequel to A New Life.

There's no TF in this. It's more of a story of my adventures in the Realm of Dragons and me learning to control my Dragon powers.

The ending is a bit of a cliffhanger. This is where you decide what happens. Do I choose to remain a dragon? Or go back to being a human?

Also somewhat inspired by HerbalDrink's Dreams of Dragon's Story.

Hope you enjoy the end to A New Life.
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