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*Homer, Marge, Bart, and Lisa all awake to find themselves in there own cells. Its a dark room with the only lights above each one of there cells.

Homer- (nervously) Where are we?

Bart- Where ever it is, its better than our house.

Homer- Why you little...(Homer tries reaching over to Bart)

Bart- ha ha

*A Shadow figure with a deep voice reveals himself. He is sitting in a chair by a machine with lots of buttons.

Shadow- Good evening Simpson family. I bet your all wondering why your here.

Homer- (Sarcastically) No why would we want to know that?

*Shadow pushes a button and it shocks Homer.

Shadow- You are here because you are the worse family that anyone has come across.

Homer- (Sarcastically) Really, I thought we were the Brady bunch.

*Shadow again pushes a button that shocks Homer.

Shadow- Any hoo, I'm here to personally torture each and every one of you. Starting with you Homer.

*Homer looks scared

Shadow- You a dumb fat idiot

Homer- oh....I shouldn't of put that in my facebook bio.

Shadow- So for your torture, I'm giving you a free donut.

Homer- Woo hoo!

*Shadow pushes a button and a table pops up from the ground. On the table is a container with a donut in it. There's a little door and on it has the word pull spelled backwards.

Shadow- That is if you can get it.

Homer- (Homer tries pushing on the door) Doh! (tries again) doh! (tries again) doh! (tries again) doh!

Shadow- As for you Marge you are a very devoted housewife.

Marge- Why thank you.

Shadow- I mean you don't have much else going for you.

Marge- (Groans)

Shadow- As for your punishment I'm giving you an entire living room set.

*Shadow pushes a button and a whole living room set comes up from the ground.

Marge- Wow this is nicer than our furniture.

Shadow- Yes, and without a vacuum it will be hard to keep it clean.

*Shadow pushes a button and dust starts to rain from the top of her cell.

Marge- (Screams, she starts grabbing hand full of the dust from the ground and puts it in her pocket)

Shadow- As for you Bart I don't need to push a button because your short attention will be torture enough.

Bart- Oh yeah that's real creative. (Bart starts tapping his fingers) hm...uh....I know I just run around until I can think of something. (Bart runs around in a circle) oh....I can't think of anything. How long have I been in here.

Shadow- And Lisa the Brains. You smarts are the worse of them all. So for your punishment I'm giving you this incredibly hard math problem to do.

*Shadow pushes a button and a chalk board with a long math problem appears.

Lisa- The answer is zero

Shadow- HA HA wait what?

Lisa- its zero. See right here, anything multiplied by zero is zero.

*Shadow pushes a button and the chalk board goes back underground.

Shadow- Alright I have a backup plan. I'm just going to throw Millhouse in here.

*Shadow pushes a button and Millhouse comes up from the ground.

Millhouse- he he Hi Lisa!

Lisa- Well although I'm in no way in love with him, I really don't have much of a problem with him. Plus I can just take his glasses away.

*Lisa pulls Millhouses glasses off of him.

Millhouse- Hey Where'd you go?

Shadow- grr....

*Shadow pushes a button and Millhouse goes back underground.

Lisa- He he he keep them coming. Do your worse I can take it.

Shadow- hm....well you leave me no choice.

*Shadow pushes a button and a chair shoots up from under Lisa. Than two hands by the arm rest shoot up from the ground and hold Lisa in the chair. Than Two more hands come out from underground by her feet and hold her ankles. Finally a third set of arms come out and remove her shoes and start tickling her feet.


Homer- Hm...Maybe "llup" means push with your head.

*Homer slams his head into the container.

Homer- Doh!

Bart- 26, 27, 28 oh counting isn't fun anymore....A B C no that's no fun anymore.


*Millhouse is just outside Lisa cage.

Millhouse- oh no this isn't fair, let me in.

Shadow- a freebee on torturing Millhouse, hahaha

*Maggie comes crawling in and climbs on top of Shadow head.

Shadow- What the...get off me. I can't see.

*Shadow accidentally hits buttons and it releases the Simpsons. The lights flicker on and it reveals Sideshow Bob was shadow.

The Simpsons- Sideshow Bob

Millhouse- Who's Sideshow Bob?

Sideshow Bob- grr...

The simpsons being Tortured
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A simpsons Fanfic

Disclaimer: This is a dark story that is also Older Lisa X Sideshow Bob. It is slightly AU and takes place in a more "realistic" version of the show. This also takes place 9 years in the future.

* * *

Lisa leaned against the side of Bob's car. He had loaded up their purchases already. When Lisa didn't say anything he broke the silence.

"Not to pressure you Lisa, but where are we going to look? She might have simply run away."

"She wouldn't have run. Bart left her alone before, because our parents were more likely to believe her then me. No, she didn't run. Bart took her somewhere."


Lisa had been asking herself that very same question. Bart could only go so far dragging a little girl with him, and knowing him this was a game. No doubt he would be expecting her to come after him. Though he probably envisioned her groveling not pissed as she was. He would pick a deserted building most likely and one the police won't think to look. It suddenly clicked.

"There is this abandoned factory not too far from our house. Bart and his friends often go there to drink beer so they don't get caught. The place spooks the police so they stay away. They thought Bart was a ghost once and ever since they avoid it like the plague." Lisa hopped in the car. Bob followed her lead, but didn't start the car right away.

"We can't go running in there without a plan."

"I have one but you might not like it."


Half of the old building had collapsed leaving a huge hole in one side. Though Lisa tried to step lightly the gravel shifted heavily under her feet. There was no sight of Bart, but she felt alone and exposed anyway. She made her way to the opening. Whatever she expected to see wasn't there. The building seemed empty except for assorted trash and beer cans lying about. A bit deeper inside Lisa spotted something shiny in the dirt.

Curious she picked it up, but it was only a small pocket knife. Someone cleared their throat behind her, and she spun around, discarding the knife in a pocket. Bart stood there smug as ever.

"Hey little sis, what are you doing in my part of town? I heard you were shacking up with some old geezer."

Lisa flushed red but tried to hold her anger back.

"Where is Maggie? I know you hid her somewhere." She tried to listen, but no sounds gave away if her sister was nearby or not.

"If you came home I'm sure she would too. She just missed you is all, probably ran off to find you." It was amazing how he was able to manipulate his voice. To someone else's ears his concern would have sounded genuine.

"I just want to find Maggie and go home Bart. That 'old geezer' dumped me, saying his fling with me wasn't worth all this trouble." The corner of Bart's lip twitched ever so slightly. Her words amused him. The very thought made her sick.

"Well that's what you get for dating a criminal."

"Please is Maggie here? I won't say anything if you don't mention me being with Bob." Bart rolled his eyes. As if they kids again, he motioned her to follow him.

"This way," He said when Lisa hesitated. Even though her heart beat wildly in fear, Lisa gulped and muscled past it. No point in coming this far too just run away now she told herself. Even so she couldn't help but jump at every little sound. They didn't go too much farther in, but the whole way Lisa kept her distance from Bart. Finally he stopped and pointed through another door. "She's in there."

Lisa rushed forward, brushing past Bart. A pile of ropes sat on the floor. Without meaning to she sighed from relief. Bob had already found her. The blow struck her by surprise and the sheer force knocked her against the wall. Unable to brace herself, her head collided with the wall. The dull thud moved through her whole body. For a moment the world swam before her. When her vision started to focus she found herself on the ground staring up at Bart. Pain shot through her head, making it hard to think straight.

"I always said you were a poor liar Lise. You never intended to come home; instead you thought you could stall me while your boyfriend searched for Maggie." Before Lisa could gain her bearings Bart kicked her hard in the gut. She almost thought she heard a crack.
"I told him that I would send him back to prison if he didn't do as I said. Imagine my surprise though when it turns out he actually cared for a worthless piece of garbage like you." Darkness turned the edges of her vision fuzzy, but Lisa pushed it back. She had to get away, gasping slightly she tried to get her legs to listen to her. "Of course my original plan was just to go to the police, telling them how he had attacked me. It wouldn't have been hard to have him sent back, but it will be so much sweeter to send him to prison for nearly killing you." At some point Bart must have picked a piece of one of the tables, because he was turning it in his hands. Her heart nearly stopped before fluttering as if it beat fast enough it could save her.

Bart raised the long piece of wood above his head. The first strike hurt worse than anything else she had ever felt. Another quickly followed. At that moment all she wanted to do was apologize, somehow convince him to stop. Cowering she waited for the next blow, but something slammed into Bart instead. Opening her eyes she saw Bob trying to wrestle with Bart. Slowly to not draw attention she tried to stand. Even through her foggy thoughts it became clear that Bob was losing. Bart had youth and his footballer's build.
Lisa stuck her hand in her pocket, fumbling for anything that might help. The pocket knife from earlier was still there. Suddenly everything was clear. Bart had been abusive towards her for more than a few years, but somewhere in the back of her mind she always felt she deserved it. If she had tried to help him when they were kids, or hadn't been such a know it all, it might have been different. He wouldn't have had a reason to hurt her. That was a lie though; it was what she had told herself so she could survive.
There was no remorse or empathy in her brother's eyes. Even when they had been kids, something had been off about Bart. Bart wasn't simply angry or misunderstood. No one else saw it, but Lisa saw it clearly now. Flicking the knife open she made a choice.

"Bart!" Her voice rang out clearer then she felt. In the moment he turned to face her she ran up and plunged the tiny knife in his side. His confusion only lasted a moment, and he was angry again. Adrenaline rushing she swiped the knife across his throat. Bart's mouth moved but only guttural sounds and blood sputtered out. Stumbling he fell to the ground. Blood pooled around his wounds. Lisa stood over him; it wasn't until he stopped moving did she realize what she had done. Looking down at her hand she saw the knife sticky with blood. Its small weight seemed to double. Dropping it she looked at Bob.  

His eyes were fixed on her brother's body. Relief was evident on his face. Lisa had the feeling her face had the same expression. Without warning her legs gave out, but before she could hit the floor completely Bob had her in his arms.

"It's okay Lisa. It's okay." A painful lump caught in her throat. Though she tried she was unable to push it down. Bob held her tightly as she sobbed into his arms.


Lisa didn't protest much when Bob picked her up. Her legs didn't seem to want to hold her own weight. They left Bart's body where it had fallen. Maggie was waiting in Bob's car, a little shaken up but unharmed. Though she didn't say much on the car ride when they pulled up in front of the Simpson home she leaned up and whispered in Lisa's ear.

"I love you Lisa."

"I love you too kiddo. Even though I have to leave I won't ever forget you." Maggie planted a small kiss on her sister's cheek. Then before she headed out the door she turned to face Bob.

"You better take good care of Lisa." Bob smiled at her. He stroked Lisa's shoulder lightly.

"I will."

Lisa watched as Maggie knocked on the door. The scene that followed was something out of a movie. Marge scooped Maggie up, crying the whole time. Even Homer joined in the hug. When they shut the door Lisa nodded to Bob, letting him know they could leave.


Lisa hung up a picture on the wall of the office. After adjusting it a few times she smiled, satisfied with it. Bob walked up behind her, pulling her into an embrace.

"You were quite right. That painting really does pull this office together." Lisa turned around to face him. Taking the hint he kissed her.

It had been a few months since they had left Springfield. All their injuries had healed, so finally they had rented out an office to start their new P.I business out of.

"Where did you get the money for this place Robert? Not to mention our new identities?" She intertwined her fingers with Bob's. The ring on her finger glinted in the sunlight. According to their new papers they were Mr. and Mrs. Conried. It had been Bob who requested she call him by his given name Robert. A way for him to shake off his past. Lisa didn't mind, in fact she found the name Robert rather sexy. A fact she had been sure to share with Bob.

"I might have made a call or two to an old employer. It would have been a shame if some of his illegal activates made it to the front page of some newspapers."

"So you blackmailed him?"

"More of threatened to blackmail."

"Still is blackmail," Lisa laughed.

Someone knocked on their office door. They untangled themselves and tried to look professional. Lisa and Bob shared a smile.

"Time to get to work," Bob said before opening the door to their first client.
Ch. 1: [link]
Ch. 11: [link]

This story has been quite an adventure for me. I can feel that I grew as a writer through this and the support I got throughout it has been amazing. I have gained more confidence from this and I'm a little bit closer to being able to write my own story.

I am many wonderful things, humble of course one of them, but I can't write mysteries so this is where I leave Bob and Lisa's story. They go on to have adventures, help people and solve mysteries, but those aren't stories I can tell.

Maggie goes on to have a much better home life, because in the end Bart destroyed everything he touched. Bart's death became a cold case after his body was found by some local teens due to the gross incompetence of the police force of Springfield.

As for the ending itself, I knew from chapter one that this is the way it would end. I just hope no one hates me for it.

The details of Bob and Lisa's plan was to split up and find Maggie and whichever one of them ran into Bart would have to stall him. The plan was to run for it once Maggie was safe, but Bart took Lisa by surprise.

Thanks to everyone who stuck with me the whole way through. :hug:

Edit: Minor fun note. Bob's new last name is the last name of the actor who played Dr. Terwilliker who his last name is based off.
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A simpsons Fanfic
Disclaimer: This is a dark story that is also Older Lisa X Sideshow Bob. It is slightly AU and takes place in a more "realistic" version of the show. This also takes place 9 years in the future.

* * *

Lisa leafed through a book not quite interested in it. Being left alone in Bob's apartment left an anxious pit in her stomach and every tiny noise put her on edge. A half-eaten sandwich sat on the table forgotten. Around noon she had attempted to eat something, but found herself not hungry.

"What have you gotten yourself into Lisa?" She asked herself. They couldn't stay in Springfield, not if they wanted any normal sort of life. Something better than what passed as normal in the dumb town she called home. She amused herself by imagining what sort of jobs they could do. Together they could do anything; maybe they could go into theater together. Bob certainly had the voice for it. One idea kept popping up in her thoughts.  She had always had a natural inclination towards solving mysteries. Every major and minor mystery in Springfield that had been solved she had been part of. Robert and Lisa, P. I had a nice ring to it.

The knocking on the door was almost too soft to hear the first time. Lisa thought she had imagined it until the second and louder knock. She didn't move from the couch, she waited unsure of who might be on the other side of the door. There was a soft click as a key slide into the lock.

"It's just me Lisa. I'm coming in." The relief was instant at the sound of Bob's voice. Before the door fully opened Lisa was up. Before she knew what she was doing she had wrapped her arms around Bob. He felt sturdy in her arms. All she wanted to do was keep her head buried in his chest, but when he didn't return the hug Lisa let go. Bob didn't look her in the eye as he shut the door behind him. "I need to talk to you about something."

"What's wrong Bob?" Slowly he turned to face her, and she thought she saw a slightly purple hue on his cheek. "Is that… are you hurt?" Before he answered he sat down on the couch.

"If you think I look bad you should see the other guy." The attempt at making a joke fell flat and Bob lapsed into silence again.

The hurt look on Bob's face tore Lisa's heart apart. He looked so sad and vulnerable that a twinge of guilt struck Lisa. She had a slight idea what might have happened, and couldn't help thinking it was her fault. Maybe Bob thought she was going to storm off, since he hadn't said anything more and just sat there with his head down. She slipped her hand into his while using her free hand to lift his chin up. Though he didn't fight her, his eyes stayed downcast.

"I'm so sorry Bob." His gaze immediately flicked up to meet hers. Guilt overflowed from them and Lisa found herself suddenly the one looking away. Bob lifted his hand and placed it over her hand on his cheek. Holding it in place. With a heavy sigh he brought her hand down until he was holding bother her hands together.

"No Lisa what happened is my fault. It was foolish to think Bart wouldn't be able to find me and I wasn't prepared to deal with him. Though he struck the first blow I lost my temper and broke my promise to you." Of course Bart would have gone after Bob, Lisa thought to herself. She had been so worried about her own safety that she hadn't given a second thought to Bob's.

"I should have trusted you in the first place. Making you promise such a thing wasn't fair. What happened exactly?" After heaving yet another heavy sigh, Bob let go of Lisa's hands.

"Not much to tell. Bart took me by surprise and pushed a few buttons. I lost my temper and struck him a few times. He threatened to go to the police about me attacking him, if I didn't. . ." he let his head fall into his hands. "I don't want to go back to prison Lisa. I know I don't talk about it, but spending ten years in prison was no easy task. Not even for the obvious reasons you would think. Ill-breed men of ill-tempers are not fond of those who are smarter than them."

"I understand. We both lived in our own prisons." This brought Bob's attention out of his own wallowing in self-pity. "Please Bob you have to tell me though, what did Bart what from you." Lisa suddenly found herself in a tight embrace, without much thought she found herself returning it.

"He wanted you to go back. I didn't give him an answer, just asked for more time. What good more time will do, I don't know. I don't know what to do Lisa. I won't allow Bart to scare me into sending you back, but I don't think he was bluffing. If I don't send you back they'll send you back by force." A hot feeling filled Lisa, one she hadn't felt in a long time. The world was beyond unfair, after finally finding something worth caring about Bart was going to take it all away. The guilt and fear were washed away by her anger. She pushed out of Bob's embrace so she could look him in the eye.

"I will not go back. Enough is enough; I am done being the victim and allowing Bart to ruin my life."


"We have to leave. We both know how incompetent the police force is in this city. Bart can spread all the lies he wants, but once we are gone they won't be able to find us." There was no other way, as much as it scared her to leave her home completely behind it was the only real answer. "Tonight. We have to leave tonight."

"What will we do for money though Lisa? Understand I want to yell yes, and take you away with me forever. But I'm an ex-felon, and you are supposed to graduate in a few weeks. You're still a minor."

"I'm an adult now. It was my birthday a few days ago." Lisa shook her head to keep Bob from apologizing. "Besides, you must have a few contacts who could make up some fake I.D's. Together we can do anything. Let's move to a big city, the kind no one looks twice at their neighbors. Hell we could be P.I's solving other people's problems. We are both smart enough and we would be together." Bob looked a little unsure, but Lisa had never been surer of anything in her life. Grabbing a fist full of his shirt she pulled him down and kissed him. Bob returned the kiss, tenderly. By the time they pulled away Bob had a dopey smile on his face.

"I'm going to have a hard time ever telling you 'no' aren't I?"

A huge grin spread across Lisa's face.

"Why would you ever want to?"
Ch. 1: [link]
Ch. 9: [link]
Ch. 11: [link]

:excited: OMG OMG!!! Way to take initiative Lisa :D Though this is not the end. A few more chapters to go. I really like the idea of Lisa and Bob settling in a different city and starting a detective agency. They would make awesome P.I's, both are smart, Lisa has some experience and Bob has inside info on how criminals work and even has a few contacts from prison.

Lisa didn't get mad at all at Bob because though she wasn't there she knows her brother and was able to figure out some of what might have happened.

Edit: can't believe I forgot to put up the next chapter's link here ^^; it's fixed now
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A simpsons Fanfic
Disclaimer: This is a dark story that is also Older Lisa X Sideshow Bob. It is slightly AU and takes place in a more "realistic" version of the show. This also takes place 9 years in the future.

* * *

Lisa found herself not sure what to do with her hands. Being a little hot she didn't really want to stick them in her pockets. Bob's hands didn't seem to have that dilemma and just sat by his side patiently. If she hadn't heard it herself she wouldn't have known that he had practically confessed his feelings to her. What had compelled her to ask him how he felt she didn't know. Part of her knew she was stalling, that she would give anything to not have to tell him what she had to. Unable to articulate exactly how she felt she slipped her hand in his.

Bob gave a start but didn't pull away. Afraid he might try to take if further Lisa turned away, hand still in his.

"I'm scared Bob. I'm so scared that once you hear what I have to say you'll leave me. None of the little school girl crushes I had felt like this."

"If I knew what to say to reassure you I would. Lisa, please just know, no matter what you might or might not have done I will stay with you." Bob laughed softly. "I'm not exactly someone who has any right to judge someone else. The only reason I'm not still in prison is because of Springfield's faulty system."

"Can you promise me something first"

"Anything." Lisa turned to face Bob so she could see how sincere his promise was.

"Promise that you will not go after the person who hurt me. That no matter what happens you will not lay a hand on them."

"…Lisa. I…," the emotions played over Bob's face. Anger mixed with hurt and pity.

"Promise me. No cleaver wordplay to get out of it either. You say you care about me and if you do you'll promise me this." For a moment she thought he might bail, that asking him to make such a promise might have been asking too much.

"Very well Lisa. If that is what will prove to you how I feel, I promise."

It was difficult to find a good beginning to start.

"Do you recall the boy named Milhouse?"

"I believe so. He was a friend of . . . Bart's right?"

"Closer to a lackey, but yes. Milhouse always had a thing for me, and back in elementary school it was just annoying and sometimes a little weird. No one thought anything bad of it though, just a harmless crush. As we got older though he became more insistent and still wouldn't take no for an answer. I'd receive random gifts, and it got to the point he drove other guys away."

"He isn't the one who left that bruise is he?" Lisa could tell Bob was anxious to get his answer, but she had to continue.

"Please, this is hard enough as it is."

"… Sorry."

"Everyone thought we were dating in middle school. They all thought it was 'cute' that'd I'd deny we were. Apparently though Milhouse got tired of being denied. Someone told him he could find me in the tree house one day." A slight squeezing on her hand told her she had stopped talking. Talking a deep breath she started again. "Milhouse surprised me. He decided that he wouldn't take no for an answer anymore and that I didn't know what I wanted." Bob squeezed her hand a bit tightly, as he tried to calm his breathing. "I was able to eventually push him off, but when I did he fell out of the tree house. He didn't die, but he hurt his spine and had to be in a wheelchair after that. No one wanted to believe that he would try to … force himself on me. After the testimony of a certain someone everyone found it was easier that we had simply had a 'lovers spat' and I had pushed him. My credibility had already been shot by that point. No charges were filed against me, and Milhouse moved away. After that though no one wanted to believe anything I said."

Bob didn't look at Lisa, but his hand still continued to grip hers. He finally asked the question she dreaded.

"Who was this certain someone? Or do I not need to ask?"

"Bart was the one who told Milhouse that I secretly wanted him, and then testified against me."

Her hand was suddenly cold as Bob pulled his hand away. Not knowing what else to do Lisa continued talking.

"Even before then Bart would constantly undermine me. He'd find ways to make me look like a liar. As the years have passed he has gotten worse, but especially after what I did to Milhouse no one wants to believe me. The few that know Bart is the one that hurts me think I deserve it. For being a know it all, or a liar and as they see it, egging him on." After all this Bob might not want to have anything to do with her Lisa thought to herself. Against her will her eyes began to mist up at that thought. Without warning Bob wrapped his arms around Lisa.

"I'm so sorry you've had to endure such things Lisa. I understand why you had been so hesitant to tell me the truth, and as much as I want to. . ." his voice lowered," kill Bart Simpson. I will keep my promise to you." Lisa sniffed into his shirt, a wave of relief washing over her. "You can't go back though Lisa." A familiar note rose in bob's voice. "I can't allow Bart to hurt you anymore." Pulling back he faced her. He tried to hold back his anger, but some still leaked through.

"It's my home though."

"Please Lisa, you have no idea how hard it is for me to not rush off and plot Bart's murder right now. If I sent you back I might not be able to keep my promise. At the very least let me protect you."

"You don't still live in the motel room do you?" Bob laughed out loud at the absurdity of the question and their situation.

"No Lisa. I have a nice little apartment. With a comfy couch this time too."
Lisa laughed at that. There was no telling what would happen tomorrow, or how they would deal with what was to come, but at the least she had someone there for her. For now that was enough.
Ch. 1: [link]
Ch. 6: [link]
Ch. 8: [link]

After the dilemma with my personal story I ended up writing more of this fic. I ended up needing to write something.

This is not the end of the fic, though it is a decent place to end it. I've had the backstory in my head for awhile now and I've just been waiting for the perfect time in story to tell it. Unfortunately the story is a little bit truth in fiction. People rather believe someone lead a guy on then that the guy is responsible for his actions. It doesn't help Lisa's case that she has a brother like Bart.

The case came down to a he said she said, and with two against one unfortunately Lisa lost. I didn't go into detail because it doesn't matter a lot in story, but Bart for years had been stealing things of Lisa's then putting them back when she accused him, taking her homework (which made her look bad in front of teachers who don't believe "but I did do it" stories) and framing her for things he did, and putting things of his in her room to make it look like she was stealing from him.

Aaaaaand finally we have it out in the open. Bob and Lisa like each other and know it. :) Proceed to rage about Bart and awww at Bob and Lisa.
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Lisa's Choice Ch. 3
A simpsons Fanfic
Disclaimer: This is a dark story that is also Older Lisa X Sideshow Bob. It is slightly AU and takes place in a more "realistic" version of the show. This also takes place 9 years in the future.

"Curse who ever bought this wretched couch! The beds in prison were better than this poor excuse for furniture. Excuse me; the Spanish inquisition called. They want their couch back!"

Lisa was awoken by Bob's ravings and couldn't help but snicker at him. The small laugh startled him. He felt his face turn a bit hot, and he was sure his face was red.

"Um… how did you sleep?"

"Much better then you did apparently." She smiled again, but when her eyes met his, Lisa's smile faltered. Where she was hit her. Last night she had been angry and depressed but in the daylight she cursed her stupidity. After all he had done, she had let his smile lure her into following him to a seedy motel.

Bob saw the concern in Lisa's face. It wasn't hard to figure out what was bothering her. The real problem though was what to do about it. It wasn't like he could just tell her he meant no harm and just wanted to help. Would she even believe him?

"I'm going to go grab us some breakfast. There is a shower if you want it." Bob pulled out his motel key and held it towards her, but she stepped back. Hesitating for a moment he placed the key on the table. "I'll leave my key here; you should probably lock the door behind me. I'll be back in a half hour with food." It was a moment before Lisa acknowledged what he said. Keeping an eye on him out of the corner of her eye she grabbed the key.

Without another word Bob left. As soon as he shut the door Lisa locked it. A shower sounded nice and would give her time to think.


A hot shower later Lisa stood in front of the door. She could hear Bob singing from pagliacci to himself. It was tempting to just listen to him. If she wanted she could just wait for him to get tired and leave. For a minute she debated back and forth with herself, but in the end she figured she should at least be somewhat courteous. Not to mention she was starving.

Bob was leaning against the wall outside, but he hopped up quite quickly when she opened the door.

"I hope bagels and cream cheese are alright?"

"That actually sounds really good right now."
For the first few minutes they sat in an awkward silence eating their bagels. Bob tried to casually watch Lisa, to see if there was some subtle hint he could discern by staring at her. It was a little odd that she was still wearing her coat, at least he thought so. It wasn't cold in the room by any means. The attitude she gave off was standoffish to put it mildly, but the fear had been replaced with a look of defeat.
Lisa broke the silence first.

"I'm going back home." Bob nearly choked on his bagel.

"No offense, but if you planned to return, why did you run away in the first place?"

Lisa finished off her bagel before answering.

"I was foolish. I didn't think running away through."

"What do you mean? You seemed pretty certain last night."

She laughed a humorless laugh.

"Come on, think about it. At the very least I have no high school diploma. Not to mention I have no money, and nowhere to stay."

The question burned inside Bob. He wanted to ask her why she ran in the first place, what had been so bad that she couldn't take it anymore. Of course it couldn't be that bad if she was willing to return home the very next morning. Perhaps her buffoon of a father had done something stupid again.  Whatever it was, it was none of his business. It would be best to send her on her way as soon as possible.

"Well, I've done my good deed for this month. You should really head home then. I'm sure your family is worried about you." There was sound like a soft snort that Lisa made, but he ignored it. It was best not to get involved. She was a smart girl and could take care of herself.

Lisa knew when she was dismissed. It would do no good to stay anyway. Backpack slung over her shoulder she made her way to the door. Pausing for a moment she turned to face Bob.

"Look, thanks for… letting me stay here for the night."
It was an odd experience being thanked, and bob was certain he was blushing again.

"Your welcome."


Lisa walked up the familiar driveway. School would still be in session, but there was no use going today. It wasn't like missing a single day would set her back. Taking a deep breath Lisa stepped inside, ready for the scolding of her life.
Her mother was sitting calmly on the couch reading her Sponge Weekly magazine.

"What are you doing home early from school?"  
Were they pretending last night never happened? It wouldn't be the first time they did, but what about the fact she ran away? Or had they never even noticed? They must just have assumed she stayed up in her room all night and left when they weren't looking. Somehow that hurt more than any scolding did.

"Not quite mom…." Telling the truth would get her in trouble again, but the school would probably call saying she had never shown up. "I wasn't feeling good and never made it to school. I'm just going to lie down in my room."

"Okay Lisa. If you'd like I can make you some soup."

"No that's okay."

Later Lisa was in her room reading to herself. So caught up in her book she didn't notice she wasn't alone until the shadow blocked her light.

"Hello little sister." In her haste to stand up Lisa knocked her book to the floor.

"BART! What are you doing in my room?" He was no longer the brother she could look in the eye. The years had given more than a few inches, and he had a frame that lent itself well on the football field. To an outsider his smile was a bit dopey, but Lisa saw it for what it was, a cold look devoid of any kind of empathy.  

"Maybe I just wanted to check on my sister and make sure she wasn't spreading lies about me." He took a step forward so he stood over her, with her back up against her desk.

"I haven't." Bart reached out quickly and grabbed her arm, right over her bruise. He slowly started to squeeze. "Ow! Bart please, I didn't tell mom anything."

"You're a poor liar Lise…"

"Please, that hurts." Reflexively Lisa tried to pull Bart's hand off. In a swift movement he flipped her around and pinned her arm behind her back. She gasped as if to scream, but Bart clasped his free hand over her mouth.

"I've heard you can break someone's arm by twisting it like this. Now unless you want to learn first place if that is true or not, I'd suggest you watch what you say." He released Lisa's mouth. "Now did you have something you wanted to say?"

"I'm sorry Bart." She gulped past the bile in her throat. "It won't happen again."

He laughed and released her before shoving her into the desk. As soon as he shut her bedroom door her legs gave out. For a while she just sat on the floor cradling her arm.
Sooooo here is chapter 3 :D

Ch. 1: [link]
Ch. 2: [link]
Ch. 4: [link]
If anyone is wondering pagliacci is the opera Bob sung in The Italian Bob, though even if that episode never happened in this universe I still liked the idea of Bob singing bits of opera to himself.

Also I hope the way Bart acts in this chapter isn't a big shock to anybody. I tried to hint at it throughout chapter 1 + 2. I imagined him growing to be a big guy and perhaps even getting into football in middle school.

I hope no one was hoping Sideshow Bob was going to confess feelings of love for Lisa and that I had ultier motives for putting them in a motel room together. ;p Really though I don't like pairing fics that have the characters "suddenly" realize they love each other and profess their love just because. Especially the stories that just have the characters look them over and think of how attractive they are and how they "never realized" they were in love with them all along. *roll eyes* phfft that's rather boring.

ANGSST BWAHAHAHA!!! Was that out loud <.<.... >.>

Okay I won't make this angst too much. ;)
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A simpsons Fanfic
Disclaimer: This is a dark story that is also Older Lisa X Sideshow Bob. It is slightly AU and takes place in a more "realistic" version of the show. This also takes place 9 years in the future.

A few weeks had passed since the evening Lisa tried to run away, mostly without event. Bart had let up a little and was often gone much to Lisa's relief. It was probably another girlfriend she thought to herself. Always the playboy, even when they were younger. At least it gave her a little bit of peace. Until they broke up of course. No use worrying over the inevitable though.

It was a Saturday and Bart would be out with his friends all day. Lisa wanted to get out of the house too, but didn't want to run into Bart by accident. After a little internal debate she threw on a light coat and headed out. There was one place she would never run into her brother, the library. It had been closed for renovations for a few weeks but had opened back up recently.

As she had guessed the place looked deserted. During finals week high school students would rush in to try and salvage their grades, but until then it was a haven. A fresh coat of paint and a few new books made the place look brighter than the last time she had been there. She heaved a sigh of relief, happy to be surrounded by books. All the way in the back she found a comfy chair next to a table. She pulled a book out at random that caught her eye and sat herself down.

Midway through the first chapter she heard the screeching of the book cart's wheels a voice singing Gilbert and Sullivan songs. There was only one person with that deep lovely voice. The book cart turned the corner, being pushed by Bob who nearly jumped when he saw her.

"Lisa Simpson! What are you doing here?" His tone was accusing, as if she shouldn't have been there.

"It's a library, and I like to read. The real question is what are you doing here?"

Bob laughed, not at all put off by her biting tone.

"I really should have seen that coming. You never were like most of the buffoons in this town." Lisa shrugged, ignoring his attempt at a compliment. "I needed a job, so I'm the new librarian."    

"I'll find a new place to hang out then." She got up in a huff and tossed the book onto the table. "I don't want to bother you."  The old librarian always left her alone and she was upset at the intrusion into her usual solitary routine.

"You don't have to leave you know." Lisa paused and looked at Bob who seemed as surprised as she did. The words had slipped out, and rung with a note of hurt.

"Why should I?" Hurt or not, she didn't tone down the harshness in her own voice. She didn't even expect him to actually answer. For a moment it seemed like he wouldn't too, he just tilted his head and stared at her.

Bob found himself really looking at Lisa. Last time he saw her he hadn't noticed properly how she had grown to be a fine young woman. Before he had seen a young girl, but this brass thing before him intrigued him. The spunky haircut from she was a child was still there, but she had really grown into it.

"I wouldn't mind your company. To be honest I get lonely." He told himself that his words were a lie. After all his years in prison, heck even when he had been Sideshow Bob there had been nobody to talk to. Solitude had been a shield against the world.

"You? Why would you get lonely?" Lisa wasn't sure if she should believe him, but the sharpness in her voice softened anyway.

"Of all people you should understand the pain I feel. Always underappreciated, your gifts squandered with no one who truly understands the finer points of art. Of anything." His voice grew harsh, lost in his own thoughts.   "Idiots all of them."

What he said was true Lisa thought to herself. It wasn't like there was someone out there waiting for her, anybody who cared. There was no harm in staying; he had already proved that he could be kind when he wanted to. Even if it turned out to be an elaborate scheme to kill her brother again, she found herself not really caring. Here and now was all that mattered.

"I don't have anywhere else I should be anyway. I might as well hang here for a while."
Bob smiled at her that charming smile and she felt herself blush a little. He had always been handsome, but before she had been too young to appreciate it. For a moment she fantasized about being older and meeting Bob for the first time in a completely different way she had. Immediately she cursed herself for thinking such things. He was just a lonely man, and would never see her that way either. It embarrassed her that she had thought such a silly thing anyway. She put such thoughts out of her head and shelved the book she had thrown.

For the next couple hours she helped Bob reshelf books and help with other librarian duties. They talked about books, music and politics. A few times they even had an actual debate. He won most of them having spent most of his prison time reading on just about everything. She did win a couple times though. Talking with him was a lot more fun than she had thought it would be.

The day wore on quickly and soon it was closing time. That's when Bob suggested something to her.

"I could use a permanent librarian assistant Lisa. You could have the job if you want. It wouldn't pay much but my lovely company should make up for that I would think."

"That sounds like a grand idea Bob." Lisa answered, laughing a little at his pompous attitude. "I can come over after school, and on weekends. I had fun talking with you."    

"Perfect, next Monday is a date. I mean, not a date, an activity between a man and a wom- ur! Your job. I will see you at your job." Bob was quite sure he was stuttering too much to make any sense. Lisa just laughed at him.

"Relax Bob it's just a job. I'll see you Monday"

He watched her leave, then scolded himself for going soft. Why did he suddenly care so much? That one night he had helped her, she had just seemed so pathetic and vulnerable he couldn't help himself. Perhaps he hadn't been lying to her when he said he had been lonely. Maybe he had only been lying to himself when he thought he was fine alone. She made stimulating conversation, and it honestly had been nice to genuinely converse with someone. In the end he decided he didn't care if it made him soft, he was looking forward to her coming back.
Ch. 1: [link]
Ch. 3: [link]
Ch. 5: [link]

I hope this is "sparky" enough for a good beginning for Bob and Lisa. It'll get to be a bit more intimate later on, but for now they make small talk.

Librarian just seems like a good fit for Sideshow Bob :3 he seems like a well read guy, though his personal skills probably aren't the best after so many years in prison. I imagine he might have some problems dealing with "dumb" kids looking for something specific at the library.

"You want Catcher in the Rye? You can't handle Catcher in the Rye! No! No Catcher in the Rye for you! I deride you ability to handle Catcher in the Rye!!"

"Dude, it's for a report."

"Oh... it's over there."

Not a whole lot happens in this chapter, but it is a bit important. I want to build up the relationship between Bob and Lisa, though I hope the fact they are just realizing now that they might be a little attracted to each other played out okay. Bob I tried to go with the fact he is starting to realize Lisa isn't a little kid anymore, and Lisa is old enough to appriciate an attractive older man. Her fantasy/attraction was a bit more obvious then his because of teenage hormones and all that.

I'm not currently sure how many chapters this will be, but at least two, though depending on how this plays out maybe more.
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A simpsons Fanfic
Disclaimer: This is a dark story that is also Older Lisa X Sideshow Bob. It is slightly AU and takes place in a more "realistic" version of the show. This also takes place 9 years in the future.


Bob drove just barely at the speed limit. It took effort to not speed out of control all the way to the Simpsons. By the time he pulled up in front of their house the tips of his fingers had gone numb from gripping the steering wheel so hard. He took a deep breath calming himself.

He knocked on the door and was greeted by the face of Homer. It was an understatement to say time had been unkind to him.

"Whatever it is you're selling we don't want any." It was a miracle for Lisa to turn out with any respect for art or anything intellectual growing up with such a father Bob thought to himself.    

"Is Marge home by any chance? I need to speak to both of you about Lisa." Marge wasn't far behind her husband. It took a single moment for her to recognize him.

"You get off my property and stay away from my children!" Her response was reasonable but he didn't wish to waste time.

"Look Marge I know our past hasn't been pleasant and I probably deserve your distrust. If I could I would leave, except I'm not here for myself. There is something you need to know about Lisa." Worry creased Marge's brow and after a moment she lead him in. Homer followed, going with the flow.

He sat down on the coach in their main room aware of their eyes one him.

"Is Lisa okay? Tell me now Sideshow Bob." Her concern was real; Bob didn't think she would raise a hand against Lisa. Homer had left to go into the kitchen and had just come back with a sandwich. Maybe a few years ago Bob would have suspected Homer, but the out of shape man seemed out of breath simply from that short walk.

"Just Bob please." He took a deep breath trying to figure out how to say it. "I think someone has been hurting Lisa." The tension left the room immediately. A look of relief crossed both Parents' faces. Homer spoke up first, talking though a half full mouth.

"Is that all? We were worried it was something serious." Bob was stunned into silence.

"Has Lisa been telling lies again?" Asked Marge.

"…L…LIES!!?" Bob stuttered. "Why would you even accuse your daughter of lying about such a thing? I saw the evidence myself. Lisa didn't tell me anything." This was wrong he thought to himself. He was certain they weren't the ones who left the bruise, but what reason would they have to say such things?

"Look; Bob." Marge spoke up slightly ruffled at Bob's tone. "I'm not sure what you are doing that would get you close to my daughter but I want you to stay away. It's obvious you haven't heard much news while in prison. If you had you would understand. I love my Lisa,but " she paused as if pained, "the truth is she is a compulsive liar, and enjoys playing the victim."

"Ah, my baby sister. Always the drama hound." The voice behind him startled Bob, though even before he turned he knew who it was. It was a shock to see the little pudgy boy he had known had grown into this athletic adult. A Bart that was unafraid to stare down his old arch enemy. "What you doing here Sideshow? You should know I'm not about ready to go down without a fight." Seeing Bart had thrown him. Past anger mixed with his current frustration. He needed to leave. He turned back to Marge and Homer ignoring Bart.

"I understand. I'm sorry to have bothered you."

"Oh hey there Lisa." Bart's voice held a mocking tone but Bob barely noticed it. Lisa had just entered through the door and all he saw was her. Betrayal read all over her face and that look broke Bob's heart.  Without saying a word she ran back out. Bob didn't care what it looked like to others, he ran out after her.

"LISA! Wait!" She spun around to face him.

"Why? Why should I listen to another word you say? You went to my family. No doubt you've heard what an awful person I am."

"I trust you over them." Her anger evaporated at his words.

"Then we need to talk." All eyes and ears were on them from the Simpson home. Without waiting for his response Lisa got inside his car. She didn't look at him as he got in, simply stared out the window. "It doesn't matter where as long as it isn't here."

The drive was silent. Bob stopped up on the ledge the overlooked all of Springfield. It was deserted and seemed the perfect place for privacy. He waited not wanting to rush her.

"Why are we on Kissing Ledge Bob?"

"I… wait! That's what this is? I mean, I don't want that! Not that I… AH!" To stop his rambling he banged his head a bit hard on the steering wheel.

"Do you see me that way?" Her question startled him. It was blunt and to the point, but still sounded sad coming from her. Should he tell her the truth, or play it off?

"It hadn't been my intent to come here for that reason. I thought this would be a good place for privacy." If he didn't tell her the truth now he would probably never be able to tell her again, but if she thought he was using her because of that she might not ever want to see him again. "The truth is I care about you a lot Lisa. I've never met another person would I could connect with, and thought I never would especially considering my past. Just being with you is enough, though I would be a liar if I said I didn't wish for more sometimes. Whatever you think of me, please know I had no intention of pushing my feelings onto you."

Silence filled the car once again. He had laid out his heart and all he could do was wait.
Ch. 1: [link]
Ch. 5: [link]
Ch. 7: [link]

Well I was on fire. A whole new chapter so soon after the other. This is the turning point folks :D I've got them and you right were I want all yah.

Will probably be a few more days before the next chapter comes out though.

Bob was a bit to preoccupied to really care about Bart at this point. Ha! Bart hear that? Bob was to worried about Lisa to care about you.
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A simpsons Fanfic
Disclaimer: This is a dark story that is also Older Lisa X Sideshow Bob. It is slightly AU and takes place in a more "realistic" version of the show. This also takes place 9 years in the future.


Lisa found the next few weeks to be pleasant. In fact she had fun. Being with Bob put her mind at ease and nothing else could dampen that. Not even her family, though she hadn't told them where she went every day after school. Not that anybody asked either. It would be a lie to claim it wasn't a secret of sorts, but it helped her make it through her day. Especially after Bart's recent foul mood after being dumped.

Bob and Lisa talked about everything, except the past. Lisa wasn't sure who avoided it the most. Sometimes Bob would start saying something, and suddenly stop. It was obvious when he tried to cover his tracks but Lisa never called him out on it. His past didn't bother her and it wouldn't have mattered if he wanted to talk about things that happened then, but this way he didn't ask her questions she didn't want to answer either.
Lisa was stocking the high up shelves when her sleeve slipped down. A large bruise circled just above her wrist. Bob noticed it before she could hide it.

"Lisa, what happened to your arm?"

Lisa told herself that she knew this day would come. That these perfect times together couldn't last forever. If she hadn't been so giddy she might have figured out a lie to tell him, some excuse for the bruise. Instead she had hoped he wouldn't see it and she had nothing cleaver to say.

"Nothing, I'm just a bit clumsy sometimes." She found she couldn't look him in the face. Concern filled his voice. She felt her chest tighten. The obvious lie wouldn't work; he was too smart for that but what he would do with the truth she didn't know.

"You are many things Lisa. Smart, charming, beautiful but you are not clumsy." He took a step towards her, but she still wouldn't look at him. He saw a flash of the same look in her eyes that had been there that night in the park. Despite his efforts his anger came out in his voice. "Did someone hurt you?" Time rewound and he was Sideshow Bob the criminal again. "Tell me who did that do you!"  Lisa's eyes found his and this time the fear in them was aimed at him.

"I can't do this anymore!" Quickly she ran out, not once looking back. Bob started to chase after her, calling her name. When he got to the door though he stopped. Lisa had run from him and who would blame her? He had reverted to the angry lunatic he had been all those years ago, he had raised his voice at her. Did he even know what to do if she had told him the truth? She probably thought he would finally make good on all his old threats and actually murder whoever it was.

Or she finally couldn't stand to be with someone like him anymore. Bob thought for a moment and finally decided even if she never wanted to see him again he would help her. Lisa didn't deserve to be hurt, not by anyone. Not even him, after he did what he could he would leave Springfield.

After closing up the library early, not that anyone would care he thought to himself, he got in his car and headed to the Simpson's home.
Ch. 1: [link]
Ch. 4: [link]
Ch. 6: [link]
Oh you guys are gonna hate me. Well if you are reading this odds are you are already done reading.... so you hate me right now.

Okay so this is a poor excuse for a chapter and I'm awful and ended it on a cliffhanger but..... oh wait I don't have anything good to offset that. Oops.

Actually we are starting to near the end and this has two, maybe three good length chapters left. For all of you leaving messages to write the next chapter, I'm glad you are enjoying it. Be sure to tell me what you like though since having the motivation for writing this is the hardest part. I write best when I'm stoked. :) Hearing what people are liking greatly helps.

I'm so bad though with the "weeks pass" thing :XD: I really didn't want to just write several weeks worth of fluff between them where nothing of note happens. Perhaps when this is said and done I'll write a little fluff chapter of them being cute but not quite romantic. Now that I've said that I probably should have just written one as chapter 5 instead of this. ^^; Okay so I just suck at plain fluff. If I do any fluff it'll be in the comments of a Bob x Lisa pic.

Man there is a lack of Bob x Lisa stuff though. Maybe it's just because I ship them, but I'm surprised there is so little.
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Lisa's Choice Ch. 2

A Simpsons Fanfic

Disclaimer: This is a bit "dark" and is more of a realistic take on the story set nine years in the future. This will also be Older Lisa x Sideshow Bob


The warm day had turned into a cold night and Lisa was thankful for her forethought in bringing a coat. She wondered if her family had noticed she was gone, and if they even cared. In the end she decided it didn't matter, when Bart ran away everyone worried and rejoiced his return. This would be just like everything else, with her getting in even more trouble. Not to mention Bart might think she tattled on him and would be furious.

She shuddered and picked up her pace. The cool wind carried the scent of someone's dinner reminding her she hadn't eaten since lunch at school. Absently she wondered how long it would take her to starve to death. Probably too long. After walking for so long her feet started to ache, so she found a nearby park and sat down to rest.

Perhaps running away wasn't the smartest idea. She had nowhere to go and no cash. Maybe if she still had her saxophone she could earn a little cash, but Bart had destroyed it years ago. Lost in her thoughts she didn't notice someone else was strolling in the park until he spoke.

"If it isn't Lisa Simpson. All alone."

Robert Tewilliker, better known as Sideshow Bob. With her luck he would walk through the park she was in. He had recently been released from jail for a combination of good behavior and lack of room since Springfield started to rent out its jail to other cities.

"Leave me alone Sideshow Bob. I'm not in the mood." Bob paused uncertain how to handle her not playing along. Her and her cursed brother always had something to say to him, and she had always seemed so energetic. It had been several years since he last saw her, but the drastic change still seemed more then teenage angst. He tried to get a rise out of her, not liking the morose girl before him.

"What if I said I had some delightfully fiendish plan to take over Springfield and get my revenge? And it started with" he paused for effect, "killing you."
Lisa snorted and looked him in the eyes.

"If you're going to kill me go ahead and get it over with. Otherwise leave me be."
Bob chuckled nervously, put on edge by Lisa's tone.

"You'll have to pardon me Lisa. Old habits die hard, ha ha….. And well your brother did foil my plans quite a number of times." A look of pure disgust appeared on Lisa's face.

"It was me." Her voice was so quite Bob had to ask her to repeat herself. "IT WAS ME! What is it with every freaking person in this town? It's always Bart this and Bart that. I foiled your plans over and over, but the only person anybody cares about is him."
Bob was speechless. It had never occurred to him to think of it that way. Sure Bart was a pain in the butt and he was quite good at just getting in the way, but now that he thought about it anytime his plans were thwarted it was because of Lisa. He opened his mouth to apologize, but shut it quickly. Apologize for what? Not giving her full credit, for not trying to kill her instead of Bart?

Maybe it would be best to change the subject.

"What are you doing out so late on a school night anyway? Shouldn't you be home in bed?"

"What's it to you? Maybe I like sitting in cold dark parks, late at night talking to a criminal."

It was at that moment Bob noticed the backpack.

"Running away from home then?" Lisa shrugged, but the hostility in her eyes was gone and Bob saw before him a scared 17 year old girl. A smart girl like her wouldn't run away from home for no reason and he wasn't about to turn her over to the police as a runaway. He thought about just leaving her be, alone in the park but something told him he shouldn't leave her alone. Besides, what kind of fiend might run across the poor girl and harm her? "Do you have a place to sleep tonight?" The words were out before he thought them through.

"Yeah, sure I do." An obvious lie that she didn't even try to hide.

"If I might suggest, I have half a cold pizza in my motel room, a warm bed and a couch that has my name on it." He smiled, hoping she wouldn't see the boogie man before but someone trying to help.

Lisa looked into his eyes trying to decide how much of that smile was his natural charm, and how much was his sincerity. It wasn't like she had anywhere else to go though.

"Might as well. I can still screw up my life even more. The night is young."

"Don't worry about me murdering you in your sleep or anything. Killing a young lady in a motel room? Talk about tacky." For a brief moment a half smile flittered across Lisa's face. It was gone in an instant but Bob saw it as a small victory. He led Lisa to his car which was parked fairly close.

They rode in silence. Lisa lost in thought, Bob just not sure what to say. Part of her was scared to death of the man next to her, but even with all the terror he had caused her as a kid he had been a gentlemen. It was strange but despite everything, she felt that he was still the most trustworthy person she knew.

How sad.

When they reached the motel Bob quickly scrambled out and opened Lisa's door for her, much to her surprise. She mumbled a "thanks" then followed him up to his room. There was half a cheese pizza as he had said and with very little coaxing Lisa helped make it a quarter.

"Well as you can see, there is the bed. It's late so I suggest we both get some sleep." He reached his hand out. "I'll take your coat for you." Lisa flinched and backed away. There was that fear again, but was it his imagination that it wasn't directed right at him? At least not completely.

"…no. It's fine. I was a little cold anyway."

Bob didn't press it, instead making of show of getting the too small couch ready. Lisa climbed into the stale motel bed and lay down gripping her backpack like some sort of stuffed animal. She was more exhausted then she thought, falling asleep within minutes.
Bob lay on the couch, the horribly uncomfortable thing, unable to sleep. Lisa's breathing had slowed and he was quite certain she was asleep. What had happened to the poor girl that she would willingly sleep in the same room as the man who had attempted murder several times? After everything he had done, even after showing to have no remorse for his actions, how could she trust him?

"What the hell happened to you Lisa?"
Wow... I'm on a bit of a roll here. Truth be told I wanted to get to the chapter Sideshow Bob was in. From here on the chapters will take a bit longer.

Ch. 1 :[link]
Ch. 3 : [link]

I'm pretty pleased with how these are turning out. I'm usually impossible to please when it comes to my own writing. Look out for more pics inspired by this, since I'm totally on a roll.

Please let me know what you think. My writing style is fairly minimal, with not many descriptions for places, or people. I do get to cheat a little since I get to assume readers of this know who Lisa and Sideshow Bob are, but is it working over all? I can attempt to be more descriptive, or I can stay with this style.

Again I will note though I LOVE the Simpsons, and love all the characters from dumb Homer, all the way to groundskeeper Willie and this is just an interpretation of what the world of the Simpsons could be like. No matter what may happen, nothing I do with the characters in this story are a reflection of hate or dislike.
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A simpsons Fanfic
Disclaimer: This is a dark story that is also Older Lisa X Sideshow Bob. It is slightly AU and takes place in a more "realistic" version of the show. This also takes place 9 years in the future.

* * *

The library felt hollow, each step echoing as Bob went about his duties. It was strange how quickly he had grown accustomed to Lisa being there with him every day. They had talked it over briefly that morning. Until they came up with a real plan Bob needed to keep his job, his apartment wouldn't pay for itself. Lisa would stay inside, and keep the door locked. Of course she wasn't happy about that idea, being left behind made her feel useless. As best as he could he tried to qualm that feeling. Hopefully his collection of books would be adequate entertainment.

Bob laughed a little; the look on Lisa's face when she realized she had fallen asleep on him was priceless. She was so cute when she blushed. Maybe they could start a new life somewhere else. Doing what, he wasn't sure, but two smart people together certainly could find better opportunity beyond Springfield. He buried himself in his tasks, trying to find some sort of peace.

Someone entered the library. The sound of the door opening was clear in the silent building. Probably some idiot thinking this was some sort of movie rental place. Perhaps other libraries could do such things, but the way the citizens treated their own property it would be madness to stock videos for them to borrow. The heavy footsteps wondered a bit, browsing the shelves. Bob heaved a sigh. It was not a good day to have to deal with people; he had hoped no one would come in that day. Ignoring them seemed like the thing to do, if they couldn't get help they might leave.

"Can't a library patron get some service?"

Bob froze.

Behind him Bart stood with an amused look on his face.

"You really thought I was too dumb to figure out where to find you? I admit I wasn't the brightest kid, but I've learned how to apply myself. If I want something I get it. Lisa may have hidden who she was spending so much time with, but it hadn't occurred to her to try all that hard to hide that she had been spending so much time at the library."

Bob's hands began to cramp a little from clenching them so tightly. White fury made it hard to think straight.

"I suggest you leave now." Bob sneered, not even trying to mask his anger. Bart laughed out loud.

"Oh sure that would have worked on me back when I was 10. When I was a small boy and you were a big scary adult." Up close Bob realized that Bart overshadowed him by a few inches. Fear gnawed a little at his anger, a new feeling for him. "I've thought a lot about you though over the years. Wondered why despite all your threatening and grand schemes at the end of the day you accomplished nothing? You always had a way with words, and I finally realized that is all you were." Bart picked up a book from Bob's cart. He turned it over as if suddenly interested in it. For the first time ever though Bob was at a loss for words to throw back at Bart Simpson. The situation was not one he had prepared for. Before he could gather his wits Bart swung the book hard, side sweeping Bob.

The pain was sudden, and Bob fell against the bookshelf behind him. He felt his lips moving and a single word came out.


"Maybe pay back for the nights I woke up in a cold sweat, jumping at shadows, or for being yet another adult that ignored the obvious bruises on my neck. Maybe though it's simply because I can." Bart swung the book again, but Bob caught his arm and shoved him back. In the brief moment when Bart had lost his balance, Bob lunged forward knocking him down and pinning him. Bob may not have been the strongest guy around, but living in prison taught you a few things.

"Stay away from Lisa!" He yelled raising his fist. Again Bart laughed that infuriating laugh, as if this whole thing was a game. "What the hell is so funny?!" Without waiting for an answer he struck Bart, but when the laughing didn't stop neither did he.

Bart started to speak again, through his now bloody lip. "You don't actually care about her do you? That is absolutely rich. Not that it really matters, I got what I wanted. I'm sure I'm going to get quite a shiner from one of your wallops. Bloody lip is a nice touch."  As if he had been burned Bob leaped off Bart. Very deliberately Bart stood up.
"I won't lie that last one really hurt."

"What is it you really want?"

"For you to stay away from Lisa. She has practically been walking on air for the past few weeks, and it pisses me off. If you send her back home, I won't go to the police about you attacking me."

Before Bart could react Bob slammed him against the wall.

"You came in here and struck me first!"  A sharp pain exploded in Bob's foot causing him to fall back, only to be kicked down by Bart.

"As if anyone would actually believe you. I wonder if my own sister would take your side?"

Those last words struck Bob. What of his promise to Lisa? He held a hand against his side where Bart had kicked him unable to make eye contact. In the end he had lost his temper and had broken his promise without a second thought.

"Why can't you leave Lisa be? Let her be happy for once. I don't mean with me, but ever?" Slowly bob stood up, not fighting back any more didn't mean taking a beating. For a long moment Bart didn't say anything, just looked off in the distance lost in thought. When he met Bob's gaze again the smile on his face made his blood run cold. There was no reasoning with the look in those eyes, and certainly no mercy.

"What will be your answer Bob? Either you send Lisa away, or I will ruin your life all over again. I can't imagine you want to go back to prison after finally getting out again."

"I. . ." Thoughts clouded Bob's head. There was no right choice, and he had already screwed things up big time. "I need some time." Bart shrugged; a bored expression had made its way on his face.

"Whatever man. A few more days will just make her that much more devastated when you finally dump her." As if nothing had happened Bart made his way to the front door. Bob followed him, making sure he really did leave. Just before he opened the door, Bart turned back to face Bob. "In answer to your  question, I torment Lisa for the same reason you tormented me all those years ago." The predator smile was back. "It is the most fun I have ever had."

Bob heard the door click shut, but didn't watch Bart anymore. He buried his head in his hands, feeling lost.
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