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the simpson
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the simpson
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here's my 2 favorite eight years old :iconimhappyplz:

I love lisa's voice. and who doesn't like tails?
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homer scared

form anglerock
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I have bees on the mind. o.O

This is actually fun sketching these sort of character designs. I've done a few others but they didn't make the cut.
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"We all fight our battles. Our internal conflicts will always be there and we will always have to fight them. Sometimes we win. Sometimes we lose. Sometimes, we give up and sometimes, our battles will over come us. Consume us. And we will lose sight of what we were fighting for in the first place."

Exscarlet: Rejection

"Everyone i cared about is gone. No one cares for me. Im on my own and you know what? Fine. I dont need anyone."

Exscarlet Lost her father when she was four then her mother when she was 14. She was forced into negleglection from an orphanage and she fled, knowing that she will always be set aside and forgotten. No one watched over her, no one cared for her, and she was rejected to the point where she lost who she was. She lost her battle, she couldnt win over her problems, so she gave into them, and lost sight of who she was.

Axel: Betrayal

"You stabbed me in the back. You were my brother, I TRUSTED YOU"

Axel Was burryed alive because of his brothers selfish desire for power. He and his brother were the best of friends and he never expected him to turn on him. He very nearly died and lost his power to his brother. He lost his battle, He couldnt forgive his brother, he lost sight of his care for his sibling.

Cassie: Distrust

"Last time i let someone help me my mother got killed. I dont want your help and I dont want anything to do with people!"

Cassies mother was shot infront of her because they didnt know the loaction of a temple. After this she lost her trust in people. She believed that everyone that wanted to help her was going to use her or hurt her. She lost her battle, she could not forget the past, and she lost sight of her ability to care for and trust people.

Rascal: Impairment

"I don't need a voice to speak just as I don't need a pencil to create. All i need is my mind and my will. It's gotten me through everything, and now is not an exception."

Rascal was born with severe Speech Apraxia, making it very difficult for him to communicate. He has had to use a board or a program to speak to others. He got teased in school because of it, and he almost lost hope. But her realized that he was doing what made him happy, and that just because he cant speak, doesnt mean he cant follow his dreams. He won his battle, he realized his true potential, and he got over his impairment.

Crystal: Fear

"Im so scared Orsal... What if hurt someone? What if i kill somone? I would die inside... I wouldnt be able to live with that"

Crystal found a cavern under ice and snow and gained a mysterious, beautiful and deadly power. The ability to create ice and change temperature. Though over the years it got more and more severe to the point where she has to wear a crystal that keeps her powers at bay. Sadly, she cannot come in contact with anyone  or she would give them frostbite because of how cold she is. This has disheartened her. But she still won her battle, she didnt let her fear consume her, and she lives with it and trys every day to control it more.

Omnix: Guilt

"I'm so sorry ex... You meant the world to me and... Now ive left you all alone... Im so sorry, im so sorry..."

Omnix was sent to kill a land born angel inside someones body. What he found was his love, his friend and his target all in the same person. But he was to do his duty and when he discovered she was the angel, he shot her. When he did, he later discovered he had the wrong person and watched as, because of his abandonment, she was brutally tortured and experimented on. When she came out she was again all alone. And it tore him in half. He lost his battle, he let his guilt consume him, and he shot himself to send him straight back to the hell he belongs in.

Mavrick: Loss

"He meant EVERYTHING to me. And now hes like this because of YOU. Im going to kill you, so you know how it feels to be empty inside."

Mavricks twin brother was severely injured by Solstice in a fighting tournement when they were 13. This resulted in him being comatose and unable to do anything. She had a very strong bond with her brother and now he was gone. It left a gaping, empty hole inside her heart and it created a cold, heartless monster as it began eating her inside out. She lost her battle, she gave into the hatred, and she lost sight of what mattered most to her, her brother.

Solstice: Outcast

"My friends, my family, everyone I ever cared about has turned on me because i did what i thought was right. Im an outcast from the outcasts, im nobody, I am nothing."

Solstice found out a secret plan that was going on behind the scenes of ehr clan when she was 17. She took action against it and killed the master of the clan, causing her to be outcast and outlawed in both clan and government. She wanders in the space between spaces, hated by all and wanted by none. She keeps her beliefs and lives with it everyday, letting it slowly kill her inside wondering if she chose the right thing to do. She is still fighting her battle, but she is loosing it, for she is loosing sight of what matters most to her, to stop the conflict within the world.

Also, quick thing, Orsal belongs to :icongraphathedragon: and hes not mine nor am i entitled to him
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This had to be done sooner or later, guys. XD

I know its tough to tell here, since its in BW and everything looks black and white, but these four are:
-all albino echidnas
-evil to whatever degree
-have all had their encounters with technology
-and all rather old except for Zaafir...


I have yet to decide if this will actually happen one day... but probably not. That would require reading all the comics with Zachary in it and all the background of Finitevus in Archie. XD *is lazy if you haven't noticed*

Anyway, I love this picture. I hope you do too - I really tried on all of them - first time for the three behind Zaafy!

Zaafir (c) me
Finitevus (c) Archie
Zachary (c) Fleetway
Ix (c) SEGA/BioWare
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*LCP stands for Late Contest Prize! For :iconblancathewolfdog:!!

"What's a matter, Wrath? I thought you liked fire!"


XD I had fun doing this one too. Even though I messed up SO BADLY!! Please pay no attention to the miscoloration of BoneCrusher's teal tips or the right hand!! ><; So sorry!!

As Blanca's son, spawned from the hated Crash the Jackal, BoneCrusher is tough, strong, and a pyro ninja trained by his great master, Kunaeg! Since the two boys are the same age, the mothers thought it would be a nice idea to let them play...

...I dunno...was it a good idea? XD

I think the poses are okay, and the coloring I tried to make a little bolder, I stil suck at fire, but... It's not THE best work I've done. ><; I still hope you like it, Blanca! I sure did try!! ^_^; (hope you have a better mental image at least)

Don't worry, Wrath isn't used to the harsh beatings of a ninja, but he didn't get hurt that bad...

BoneCrusher the WolfDog Jackal (c) :devblanathewolfdog:
Wrath (c) me
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en français pour alice léa sarah émilie julie et marion
cadeaux pour mes amis qui vont me manquer :tears:
moi non
alice (~Alicetiger) toi tu est la meilleur ami que j'ai jamais recontré :)
léa (gigi *GigiTheGirafe) tu sais je tais jamais dis que ton art et magnifique :love:
sarah (gaja *GajaTheCat) tu sais tu est mon ami tu sais tu va me manquer tous les autres vont me manquer aussi :(
isabelle désolé j'ai du mettre ton perso skylar (~Cookie134) tu sais quand tu ma vais dis que je tais ignoré j'ai tes triste tu sais j'ai tais pas en colère contre toi j'ai pleuré quand tu ma vais dis sa :tears:
émilie (~ALPHAtarra) est coute émilie quand tu à vais dis que j'ai troller quelqu'un tu m'avais dais su je rigole pas c'est vrais jeudi tu ma rendu triste :tears:
désolé julie et klaudia si je vous sais pas à jouté dans le dessins il y a vais 6 bon je vais can m'aime parlé de vous m'aime de marion ^w^
julie (=o-InsaneGirl-o) tu sais tu me manquer encore plus parce que tu n'ai plus la jais paire que tu va bien :) parce que quand tu sera la je serais plus la a prai :no:
klaudia (~htfloveAPH) jais paire que tu va mieux maintenant parce que je tais vu sur la photo que ta vais mis hier :(
marion (~Cutie-Becky) tu et la meilleur ami que je connais de puis le mois de décembre sa fais pas long temp

in anglais for isabelle and klaudia
alice in French léa julie and sarah émilie marion
gifts for my friends who I will miss: tears:
not me
alice (~Alicetiger) you're the best friend I've ever MEETS :)
Leah (gigi*GigiTheGirafe) you know I never say shut your art and beautiful :love:
sarah (gaja*GajaTheCat) you know you're my friend you know you will miss all the others I will miss too :(
isabelle sorry I had to put your personal skylar (~Cookie134) you know when you'll tell me that I shut I ignored your sad you know I shut up in anger against you I cried when my will you tell her :tears:
émilie (~ALPHAtarra) is costing émilie when you go to say that I troll someone you'd know I'm kidding canopy is not true Thursday you made ​​my sad :tears:
julie and klaudia sorry if I not know jousted in the drawings there going 6 good I can about you love me love me marion ^w^
julie (=o-InsaneGirl-o) you know I miss you even more because you do not have the jet pair you okay :) because when you will be the most I would have prai :no:
klaudia (~htfloveAPH) you better now because I saw silent on'll put your picture yesterday :(
marion (~Cutie-Becky) you and the best friend that I know and December am not along its temperature
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Thank you all for visiting my page<3 :iconiloveyouplz: :iconiloveyouplz: :iconiloveyouplz:
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