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s-sorry for uploading a doodle.. i probably won't be drawing another one for the AU.... ;v;;

anyways i choose leon as a depot agent! his pokemons are Arcanine, Eevee and Shinx! :la:

really wanted subway boss but there was no spot for it sob///
but then again i have no idea who'd be his twin :iconrlytearplz:
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wehh I'm glad I had finished this before I got sick cuz I'm so rusty at drawing now ;;; my lox SV was ~takappi/ Natalya, you don't know how happy I am that Conrad can finally display his manly hetero side! i-it's not his fault lox has too much testosterone ok /tears

unrelated to this picture, but thank you for those who've been concerned about my disappearance! I'm alright atm, but I'm still in the process of going back and forth between the hospital so I'll probably disappear from time to time. If you need me for anything though don't hesitate to send me a note, I'll definitely get to it eventually!

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sorry about the title :iconmingplz:

I had the best time drawing the bricks in this pic... If only I could've just drawn a page full of bricks... :iconsparklesplz: Anyways, last of my artbook uploads! Hope you guys didn't mind the LOX spam hehe

Conrad (c) ~Viceversa
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I wonder if..people can tell what yang is..? LOL;; other people uploaded it's okay to upload right since finished it earlyy?!?!? I really didn't know what pokemon to give him besides eevee so I just went with whatevers to waste my 3 pokeman slots...


I think yang would just..give his pokemon alot of love as a trainer--LOL probably will never be a pokemon master but his pokemon will love him-or the other way around-- how did he get a nidoking?! He probably found a moonstone and didn't know what it was and then welp..look what happened ahahah-they'll dance their way to victory yes
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"My ice may be a little cold, but your crime has been put completely on hold----"


henricke oderoが陰陽師になると、髪は銀色クセ毛セミロング、目は橙色普通の目、身長は166cm、得意な術は氷系の術、力の強さはSランクな陰陽師です。

>>> Medium-length curly silver hair | ordinary orange eyes | ice strength | 166 cm | Rank S

uhuhu my beautiful bubu shrank LOL from 181 to 166 uhh;;;
He's like uh... inverse!Odero in his onmyaji looks haha;;;
Odero: Who's the dumb stylist who ruined my beautiful straight hair?!
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For :iconraburabbit:'s belated bday, featuring her OC Gylt, the prettiest man-nun I've ever seen
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old stuff again sobb i'm just gonna upload those two ok ok *7*;; /////FLEES---

nier (c) me
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lol it's been a while since I drew her h-hello hello /forever awkward/ :iconmanweepplz:

she's a maid so you guys can just go bully and order her around or something though there's a huge chance that she might whack you with that broom-- /SHOT

chose a Banette and a Cubchoo for her, wanted to add a Magikarp like wiki suggested but... idk where to put it /HIT
I-I can't draw pokemons lol but it was fun trying *q*
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Updated-notthatitlooksanybetterbutYEAH;;/unstorage orz"
For :iconlaw-of-x:
Thank you :iconchankonabe: and :iconwikime: for inviting me :icontearplz:
Edit: Changed some little info >u<;;

[N]ame: Azrael Valkyrie

[C]ode #: 659

[G]ender: Female

[A]ge: 20

[S]pecies: Human

[H]eight: 5'7"

:bulletwhite: 500 S&W Magnum
:bulletwhite: Knives somewhere on her body
:bulletwhite: Anything within her reach which can be used as weapons

[B]ad habit:
:bulletblack: Blunt - Sometimes she says things too straight forward which can hurt people in different ways
:bulletblack: Not the touchy-touchy type. Not used to touching or being touched, dues to her sense of an assassin so she may shoot/hit/kill that person. Sorry in advance if she seems to be rude;;;
:bulletblack: Tends to points gun at people A LOT.
:bulletblack: Lacks of social skills/common sense due to sheltered past life.

She was just a cold, lack of expressions and emotions due to being brought up to be an excellent killing machine. Not that she thinks emotions and feelings are burden, she just did not have a chance to experience what are those.
Killing does not make her disgust herself or whatsoever, it became a daily thing for her.

She may not show interests toward people but it does not really mean it. She would show it through her awkward actions and EXTREMELY BAD social skills;;. She also has a soft spot for stray animals.

Started to grow somewhat attached to certain members and the whole LoX in general. She seems to think this place as her family now, although she does not say or show it. She will, however, do anything to ensure safety for her "family" (which is pretty much unnecessary since most of them can handle things themselves)

:bulletwhite: Stray animals, especially cats/kittens
:bulletwhite: Weapons of all type
:bulletwhite: Peaceful places
:bulletwhite: Milk chocolate

:bulletblack: People who treat animals badly
:bulletblack: Alcohol
:bulletblack: Bitter foods and

-Even though she doesn't show it, part of her is wanting to learn about feelings and things she doesn't know.
-Has a bad habit of picking stray animals on the street and bring them to her room
-Her left eye is red because it's not a real eyes. She was given it after a surgery, which can help her to have a better vision, but it hurts her sometimes.

lol sorry boring character is boring /runs crying back to working on AB
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surprise for :iconminakuu: ehehe unfortunately I\'m your SV-/hit
Have a lovely valentine day! <3 ahuhuhu you don\'t know how much I love Liam and how bad I feel for butchering him;;
asaksdjask srsly i can\'t think of anything to say since i\'m so sleepy-

H-HOPE YOU ...LIKE IT :iconrlytearplz: /RUNS

Liam (c) *Minakuu
Natalya (c) ~takappi
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