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old stuff again sobb i'm just gonna upload those two ok ok *7*;; /////FLEES---

nier (c) me
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For :iconraburabbit:'s belated bday, featuring her OC Gylt, the prettiest man-nun I've ever seen
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s-sorry for uploading a doodle.. i probably won't be drawing another one for the AU.... ;v;;

anyways i choose leon as a depot agent! his pokemons are Arcanine, Eevee and Shinx! :la:

really wanted subway boss but there was no spot for it sob///
but then again i have no idea who'd be his twin :iconrlytearplz:
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When Onmyouji is Mei, straight hair short hair is white, black cat eye for eye [link] height 189cm, good technique is art of systems summoning strength, of power is a S rank Onmyoji. (im guessing she can summon the 4 celestial guardians, Suzaku, Seiryuu, Byakko and Genbu--/HIT)


yep 20cm-- :iconmingplz:

Staff : Blue Magatama~

so lazy at coloring asbdajhdssd--
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wehh I'm glad I had finished this before I got sick cuz I'm so rusty at drawing now ;;; my lox SV was ~takappi/ Natalya, you don't know how happy I am that Conrad can finally display his manly hetero side! i-it's not his fault lox has too much testosterone ok /tears

unrelated to this picture, but thank you for those who've been concerned about my disappearance! I'm alright atm, but I'm still in the process of going back and forth between the hospital so I'll probably disappear from time to time. If you need me for anything though don't hesitate to send me a note, I'll definitely get to it eventually!

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EDIT 2: Just wanted to let you guys know that there will be an extension to the deadline, it's now due at the end of May 10th ( Refer to here for the time [link] ) . Please complete it before then since I need to compile them asap;; orz also let me know if you want to drop out so I can cross you out from the list, thank you!

Template can be found here! [link]

EDIT: You have around a week from now to complete your picture! Remember that it's due on May 5th!

Hello everyone! Itís been some time since the last event so hereís another optional event that you can choose to join! * 7 * thanks *ameru for the name suggestion and helping to organize the event v////v

Law of X members only! This event will basically be a character selection screen, which consists of bust-shots of LoX chars to imitate the style of screens that you can typically find in fighting games. Everyone will each draw their own characters and for the final picture we will compile all the entries!

Bust-shot. (From chest, to upper) Non-chibi.

- The template will be a hexagon, so please draw your character within the box! Please do not modify the color of the border/add any outline since it will be combined with other boxes. Please don't add any outline to your character as well! (Currently it's only for the preview!)

- Leave the background behind the character inside & outside the hexagon blank/empty. The background will be one image so thereís consistency between all boxes! ><

Please note your completed images to kouhan!
- Please submit the .psd, .sai or transparent .png file with your character in a different layer from the hexagon!

- Feel free to draw dynamic poses but remember to keep it within the hexagon, anything outside of it will be cut!

- Download the template here! [link]

- Comment here if youíre interested!

- Sign-ups will be open until a week from now, March 16th.

Sign-ups are closed! Thank you for the interest! ; v ;

- You have until May 5th, 12 AM (PST) to finish! Due to time constraint I wonít be able to accept any late entries, and I will fill the box only with the ones that submitted on time! ><

1. *mesapoo Launo
2. *Ronoia Xander
3. ~klendusic Faucon
4. ~Kiroroll Violet
5. *hikachuuu Miya
6. *zerodollar Axis
7. *khzu Nier
8. *myhikaru Mei
9. =Raburabbit Gyltisyn
10. *Minakuu Liam
11. *avodkabottle Ming
12. ~suga-ovadose Dietrich
13. ~Lo-wah Ty
14. ~GarnetQuyenDinh Kelvin
15. *Monochi Elijah
16. *aeriim Lia
17. ~b-snippet Myles
18. ~Viceversa Conrad
19. *ameru Clover
20. *kouhan Leon
21. =MintFrappuccino Koki
22. ~neurzero Heinz
23. ~Hakiru Rhyse
24. *judaru Trois
25. *riingo Toxy
26. *ren-s Rockett
27. *keiizen Lyndell
28. *uiri Clyde
29. *minevi Anaheim
30. ~m00ffinhead Lucas
31. *zearyu Yang
32. ~Kakera7 Shou
33. *RubisDelaflote Gio
34. *pancake-waddle Juke
35. *Kaytseki Kirin
36. *yorualto Dillan
37. =perirowinque Subaki
38. ~xxjust-a-nobodyxx Jack
39. *seiracchi Dori
40. =Naguri Juno
41. *reexchan Kid
42. =tooaya Stylel
43. ~Piece5113 Haiden
44. *baka-diani Lethe
45. ~homophones Meighan
46. ~saino Haine
47. *deathALICE Judgement
48. =Vixii E.L.I
49. *Curryuku Hara
50. ~Royeuse Verde
51. ~ShuryouGospel13 Charles
52. ~NancyJing Layth
53. *f-wd Fynn
54. *Squ-chan Shyrael
55. ~himichu Lantana
56. ~Arisu--Chan Ryuu
57. *Ello-Panda Momo
58. ~ReigKnight Eliash
59. ~nyanooman Michi
60. ~jag-lag Antinaine

Thanks for reading! I hope youíre interested and hope to see your chars so we can make it a super cool lox style fighting game screen! ✧v////v /////HIT
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sorry about the title :iconmingplz:

I had the best time drawing the bricks in this pic... If only I could've just drawn a page full of bricks... :iconsparklesplz: Anyways, last of my artbook uploads! Hope you guys didn't mind the LOX spam hehe

Conrad (c) ~Viceversa
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call her Yukarin in this AU...morefittingeheh;;/HIT

...and no shoes--/hit

Description: Onmyoji Eucharine, long curly brown hair, deep blue/drooping eyes, height 160cm, strength water is an C rank Onmyoji.

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surprise for :iconminakuu: ehehe unfortunately I\'m your SV-/hit
Have a lovely valentine day! <3 ahuhuhu you don\'t know how much I love Liam and how bad I feel for butchering him;;
asaksdjask srsly i can\'t think of anything to say since i\'m so sleepy-

H-HOPE YOU ...LIKE IT :iconrlytearplz: /RUNS

Liam (c) *Minakuu
Natalya (c) ~takappi
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