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Hi! This is more of a list of tips than a tutorial, really. Just a guide on how to think about color and light differently and maybe improve your work.

I hope this helps you in some way! Thanks for looking!
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This tutorial I created for those who are struggling with color picking. It will guide you through the most successful way of picking a color palette! It is fool proof :)

I hope this helps people get a better idea on how to balance colors.

If you want to download my color wheel please note me and I'll send you my color wheel. Or you can just google it :damphyr:
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I make a lot of patterns, and I've taken a few pattern related classes, and I always assume everyone knows how to do it. But I guess it's one of those things that kind of need explaining. So I pass on my wisdom to you. Patterns have a lot of applications, not just in textile design but in illustrations and websites as well.

I hope that this tut makes sense. I tried to keep it simple, but maybe that makes it harder to understand?
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Part 1 --> [link]

This section is relatively short *cough* for my tutorials. The main focus of this part is to discuss how colors affect one another, and how one can use differences between hue, value, and purity to one's advantage. Also there's a bit about color mixing.

Hope you all find this useful!

I make offer my tutorials for free, but if you enjoy my tutorials and want to donate some funds for gas, art books, and such, I would appreciate it. [link]

Helpful Stuff: [link]
Perspective Tutorial: [link]
Pencil Tutorial: [link]
Lineart Tutorial: [link]
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My Quick & Dirty Color Theory Tutorial. That turned out to not be so quick >.> I got absorbed and explained a lot more than I originally intended. LMAO I hope you guys find it useful :)

More tutorials to come!
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This should be applicable to both painters and photographers and all other visual artists with occasional tips for one or the other in particular.

Always love questions, comments and criticism!

UPDATE: I was always skeptical of the rule of thirds/golden ratio, but in this post James Gurney explains a bit about why, and how the eye actually moves. The main thing I neglected to mention in this tutorial is that the eye is scanning for information. All of these compositional things are ways to make the right information more obvious to find at the right times.

UPDATE 2: Wow, thanks so much for the DD! I didn't realise what a big difference it can make. You guys are what inspire me to make tutorials, so if there's anything else you found a little mysterious about art, don't hesitate to suggest it!


Feng Zhu's FZDSchool tutorials on YouTube

"In this place..." ConceptArt thread

Bill Tiller's How to Draw Monkeys the Lucas Arts Way

Feng Zhu videos
- Make subject bigger
- Atmospheric perspective

Great tutorials on composition:
- Matt Laskowski's Perspective & Composition
- Johannes Vloothuis's Landscape Composition Rules

I'm taking tutorial suggestions here: [link]

Follow me on Twitter, where I post tips, useful links and cool art-related things I stumble across:
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Made this because I feel it's one of the biggest steps that a lot of artists seem to miss. Hopefully it's of use to someone!

Obviously if you have other questions that aren't answered in this tutorial, just let me know :)

D'oh, thanks for the DD guys :D
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This is a basic color tutorial. I'm sure a lot of you guys learned this in school, so it's basically a refresher course. Or it's more of a "put one foot into the door" sort of course. This is definitely no where near an end-all-be-all tutorial. I suggest everyone to look up multiple tutorials and draw from many places to learn. I encourage you to continue to investigate color theory, because we never really stop learning.

I've learned so much since writing this, and I hope you do, too.

Please note that I did not include every color combination ever, this was just mostly a general idea tutorial. Take what you learn and apply it to your own art. I know this is under traditional, but it is used for every type of art.

Thanks to everyone who responded to [link] ! I tried to include a lot of the combinations you guys liked. ;)

~totorochic linked some great websites for reference:
[link] this is a link for color harmonies in popular logos
[link] and this is a color scheme chooser.

The greatest way to learn color is to practice a lot, so get out there and practice <3~

Please also note that this mostly uses RGB model as opposed to CMYK, which is vastly different. If you're into digital art, look up a CYMK model of colors!

I find that gouache is the best paint to use to learn color theory, so grab some and test it out for yourself.
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Oh man my head hurts so bad.

But doing this tutorial makes me realize how little I still now about color and I probably made things wrong and those typos and askdkasd blah. But I hope this makes you think more about how color affects other colors in your works! And maybe not use gray to shade stuff. :U;;;

Ugh I need to lay down.


Edit 8-17-12:::
HOLY MOLY where did you all come from? I just woke up with over 1K feedback messages and I'm used to seeing less than 10! Aaaa thanks so much! ;; I'm so happy so many people found it useful.

So I went in and fixed some typos, reworded some things, etc, so it's all nice. C':

ALSO for traditional artists, especially painters, the book I mentioned in the tutorial talks a lot about this stuff.

As for colored dry media: for colored pencils, I was taught in high school to use dark, cool colors along with the compliment color and dark brown as the base for shading. You'll need to experiment with this, since I haven't used it in a long time and I'm not sure how it'll turn out.

And the journey continues on!

Edit 8-21-12:::
I... got a Daily Deviation for this?! Wow!! I... I don't think I deserve it but I feel so honored! I feel bad because I wish I could've explained things better in this and cleared things up that were misunderstood... but I'm glad this helped people! That made making this tutorial worth while!

Thank you so much *Tristaeza for the suggestion and ^Elandria for the feature!

Edit 8-25-12:::
I just wanted to feature a tutorial by ~ArchAntoinette about this same topic. Before I give the link, I just wanted to point out that even though my tutorial was uploaded first and the format and photos are eerily similar, she touches upon things I didn't talk about, not to mention she's a very talented artist. Check it out! [link]
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