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My 3rd speed drawing.
Time lapse video: [link] :relax:
or on my profile, have fun watching!

I wanted to draw this picture because i liked it for many reasons.

Tried to improve my camera setup and used bristol board for the first time. Very experimental graphite drawing, applied techniques from my experience with airbrush, painting with oil colours (drybrush) and pencils.

reference used: (google ->"smallest cat")

And thanks to many great artists on DA who inspired me to improve my skills and who shared their techniques with me!
Please check out my favourites to see some of them.

Visit our speed drawing gallery if you like to see more great speed drawing videos.

Thanks for all the favourites!:hug:
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As always, I'm far from happy with this and will try to improve some area's when I've completed some of my commissions.

I had a real struggle with the blanket texture but saying that, with so many long breaks between drawing sessions the whole thing was a struggle.

Edit Due to numerous complaints from whining deviants I've increased the size of this.

Time taken: Roughly 50 hours over about 4 months, 20 bacon sandwiches, 30 cups of coffee and 5 sessions with a psychiatrist.

:bulletblack: A4 Mellotex
:bulletblack: Staedtler Mars Lumograph & Tombow Mono 100, 5H to 4B
:bulletblack: 0.3 Mechanical Pencils HB & 2B
:bulletblack: Blu-Tac & Tombow Mono eraser.
:bulletblack: Q-Tips

Ref used:[link] With kind permission from CathS


I'm entering this into the Improve Yourself Challenge at :iconblackandwhiteclub:

I'm using this both to encourage me to start drawing again, to develop my level of realism, improve my rendering of hair and tackle at least one new texture such as fabric.

:icondonotuseplz::iconmyartplz: Any one found using my work without my permission will be forced to listen to the Barney song on a continuous loop for a full week. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.
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Funny portrait speed drawing of "The Rolling Stones 1978 Guest".

One day a businessman, leader of a company and Rolling Stones fan asked me to draw a huge picture of Bob Marley, Mick Jagger and Peter Tosh.
After 7 weeks of drawing the first portrait was almost done when suddenly a half-full can of coke flew right into my open window and all over the drawing! :wtf:
Half a year later when i started again on a new sheet of paper i had the idea to make a speed drawing of this picture.

You can watch it on my profile page or journal
or at youtube:[link]

Tools used:
mechanical pencil 0,5mm
B1 leads (about 24)
kneadable eraser
soft brushes to undust the finished drawing

detailed info about this drawing on my website at
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Reference: [link]

I used:
4H, HB, 2B mechanical pencils
6B pencil
tissue, blending stick, pencil eraser
Lana bristol paper
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Thanks to *Beinspyred for this wonderful ref, I just had to draw it. That's it.
And thanks to my dear watchers who suggested to add a background. It wasn't that long ;-)

Hope you like it.
Ref : [link]
Graphite on A3 200g Canson paper.
H to 9B technical and traditional pencils.
Elastomer and kneaded eraser.
~ 20 hours, maybe less

:heart: FEATURED HERE :heart:
*Beinspyred Features 2012 [link]
~LadyFromEast journal [link]
Request by #PencilClassics
Request by ~FantasticliEccentric
Request by #ArtTraditional

☻ You may check my other drawings based on dA refs in special folder.

Please do not link any of my deviations outside dA without my written permission
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finally back to the drawing board after so many feels good to be back to art.! :)
pencil on paper
paper-rough texture
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finished work.

i really like how realistic this came out.the picture is off brightness but i cant wait to get a real decent picture from school.beside this, i really like this piece and I still can't understand how it was quickly done compare drawing from photo reference which takes like 40 hours for getting almost the same result of realism than this which took me about 30 hours and probably have more realistic value to it.

ill be definitely doing more of those.

tools: pencil h6 to b8,blending brushes,q-tips, tuff stuff stick eraser,14x20 fabriano hotpress smooth watercolor paper and my hand;)

when you draw from life, your looking at the details that your feelings are attracted to and those detail reflects the feelings if your heart is filled with kindness, then your mind will attract those kindness details.its like the law of attraction.what you feel comes back to your life.basically the energy of life gives you back what you feel.I could have drawn a completely different light bulb but my attraction made me draw what i wanted to see because of my ways of life.the details of this drawing defines how I am in real life because of who i am.there were so many details from the real object and no way i could have drawn everything from what i've seen but I accidentally chose those details that made since in some way but that way was the reflection of this energy of my own action in life.Its like reflecting your life and the actions you've created in you entire life time and everything judged itself by the law of is similar to a photographic image but no way a camera could create this image because a camera is only a machine without true energy of life and has no heart to create a law of attraction what so ever and there for it gathers all information bad and good because its not human or is not spiritually created like we are.that's what i think makes the differences of truth and false energy of life.

....Edited thursday march 08 2012....

"Today I decided to look up my deviantart page and i was wondering how come i've got so many comments all of the sudden and the weird thing is that, I was talking to my friend about daily deviantion for artworks and now I've got a Daily Deviantion for this work.Thats awesome!I never thought I would get one on this light bulb because i didn't spend has much time on it compare stuff I usually drawn from pictures but I do like this piece more than my "Wine Glass with water"because of the realistic value.By saying that, this light bulb is my favorite piece that i I've done.The wine glass doesn't even come close compare my this art piece for realistic values.I do thanks every single comments for this work and I truly appreciate every single one of them. Its like Christmas day!. What a surprise!every comments made my day.I read every comments with great meaningful appreciation."

a special thanks for my teacher Fabrizio Santori to give me a reflection assignment and support and the students ofcourse.

My sincere thanks and appreciation for deshrubber for this wonderful given Daily Deviation.
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John Noble as Walter Bishop from the TV series Fringe.

A3 pencil on smooth Bristol

6 stage walkthrough [link]
Aged skin tutorial [link]
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Edit: Okay, I just found out why the drawing looks here too dark nad contrasty, although in Photoshop it looks well. The color settings in PS where wrong and now that I changed them right, I was able to edit the drawing to make it (hopefully) look like the original :icondancinglaplz:

Well, I was working on other drawings as I went through my favs and found that amazing photo again that itched my hands to do some pencilwork! :la:

Things I used:

Bristolboard A3 (actual size is 20x20cm)
Faber Castell Pencils H, HB, 2B, 8B
Staedtler Mars Lumograph 8B
Kneadable eraser and BluTac
Tombow Mono Zero erasers :heart:
About 200 tissues :XD:
19 hours of babysitting time ;)

The lovely Leanne :iconlianneamanda20: allowed me to use her too-cute-to-believe photo! :iconheartglompplz:

Be sure to check out her outstanding traditional work as well! :la:

If you wonder what’s about the title… I really lacked of one, so I went through my favourite songs and came around Vincent by Don McLean and there was that line

“… beneath the artist's loving hand”

and it sounded quite good enough ( I couldn't find a song with feet or toes :giggle:)

I also learned some things about shading during this drawing :D
Normally I used to regulate the brightness of the shading just by pressure (using just one or two different pencils)… that’s stupid, you’ll always see lines and it won’t get really smooth at all! So I tried to work in many (manymanymany…) layers, beginning with a H then HB etc. as long as the proper darkness is achieved. :nod:
The most annoying part was the hand, especially the thumb :shakefish:

Thanks for looking! :blowkiss:
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Possibly the last drawing of the year, so hope you like it...

Thanks to :iconlittleflair: for the reference pic

If you fall in love, you lose........I alredy did:love:

Happy New year for everyone

SIZE: 16x24cm (6,2x9,4in)
TIME: btwn 5-6 hours
DATE: 26/12/11
TOOLS: 0.5 HB mechanical pencil, 2H, B, 2B, 4B graphite pencils, 8B stedtler pencil
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