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Disclaimer: This image belongs to Red Faction 2 and THQ, so I can't get any money off it. Oh well, at least I can have some fun with it.

"The target was exactly as briefed by the client Raikage-sama; some Eurocorp exec doing an arms deal with the Russian Army. When we hit the meet, the exec just snaps his finger and that Motherf***ing monster walks out of the smoke and opens fire."


"I lost nine chunin and five jounin to that beast, and I would have lost more if we hadn't retreated. I am sorry for failing you Raikage-sama."

"Failure to complete a mission is to be expected. And I do not doubt you will want to have your revenge on that man."

"I will always remember that bastard saying to that Russian general that a physical demonstration is always the best way to display a product Raikage-sama, how he simply regarded my casualties as statistics, and I'll make sure he knows just how I feel about being used as target practice."

"I'm certain you will."

Recording of hospital debriefing between Cloud Jounin Yugito Nii and the Raikage after a mission to break up an arms deal was foiled by a Eurocorp Warlord Power Armor and resulted in the deaths of three quarters of her team.

The Russian Army purchased two company's worth that same day and immediately placed them in active service.

Eurocorp Mk. XXVIII 'Warlord' Power Armor

The Warlord is a unique weapon in that it is seen as walking overkill, even by the comparatively loose standards of Los Angeles where there are local internet sites devoted to how well painted your Taurus H-900 'Barrage' Minigun is and some motorcycle gangs ride with HLR-12 'Kaneda' Laser Rifles.

Designed for strictly military purposes and built like a walking tank, the Warlord stands nine feet tall and moves like an earthquake, every step can be felt even at a distance of several meters and a testament to how heavy this beast is when fully loaded.

Lacking any form of manipulator, the Warlord seems to merely be built to walk into a battlefield and slaughter everything in sight. And that assumption would be correct, the Warlord is simply there to kill everything that is in sight of the operator and anything left standing will often be too weakened to put up much resistance for the Warlord's support elements.

Currently, Eurocorp is in talks with the Russian, Chinese and Libyan governments concerning the purchase of these weapons as well as meeting with a number of private military operators and security firms.

Rumor also has it that a 'Warlord II' is in development, replacing its current armament with homing lasers and deadly plasma-gatling guns.

Reinforced Foam-metal composite armor sandwiched between reactive nano-gel and diamond-ceramics.

Standard Armament:
-2x 12.7mm Vulcan cannons able to use caseless and cased rounds, can be upgraded to GAU-8C (Compact) 30mm Vulcan cannons.
-2x 12cm Micro-missile Pods mounted on shoulders.
-2x 8cm Micro-missile Pods mounted internally.
-Smoke and Chaff Launchers

Standard Equipment:
-Full Environment Sealing with oxygen filtration and 3000-second internal air supply.
-Military ECM and ECCM package.
-Nanomachine Repair System
-Optics Package containing Thermal Imaging, Low-light Intensification, Acoustic Imaging and Magnetic Anomaly Detection.
-Internal Medical System.

Standard Production Model: $980,000
With GAU-8C Vulcans: $1.2 million
Retooled for local ammunition and weapons: $690,000
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I did a musical "cover" of an Armored Core song I really like :D

Here's a link to the music - [link]
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JagerMech redesign. (Mechwarrior inspired art)
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Still on my Pacific Rim & Mass Effect obsession and based on the idea that the Citadel Council heeded Shepard's warning after ME2 and spent the next three years building a plan (Jaegers) and we saw how effective something of the same scale is against the Reapers ie. the Thresher Maw) to fight the reapers. Each council race would have their own Jaegers, so introducing Earth's Systems Alliance's N7 Jaeger Normandy Omega, the Asari Republic's Destiny's Embrace and Turian Hierarchy's Digeris Theta. Coming soon will be a Jaegers for the Salarian Union, Krogans, and the Quarian Flotilla and maybe even an evil Cerebus Jaeger too if I have time etc. This will be fun! Stay tuned.
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My favourite MS in gundam unicorn series!
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Created/Kitbashed my newest custom Jaeger for my Shatterdome: Introducing Orion Victor Mark II of Malaysia 
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Here's a take on a VX suit. Trying out some F1 car tail but im not sure if it turned out well or even if its practical to have it. But it makes for a better silhouette i believe :brushteeth:

This is supposed to look like on of those sports brand print ads. Maybe a billboard next huh? :brushteeth:

Freedom Formula (c) Radical Publishing & Storm Lion Pte Ltd. 2009
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Art by Koen Luyten :iconkluyten:

Color assist by Ibai Canales :iconcanalus:

Coordination by Franco Villa :iconm3gr1ml0ck:

Edits by J.Z. Belexes :iconjazzeke:

Special thanks to Zac DeBoard :iconjustynnbailey:

SoD Project by Peter Istyle :iconi-sithlord:


A nameless Anti-Prime, which served as a study for the actual Anti Prime featured in Short Story: Throwdown (a prequel to Short Story: Something Old, Something New).

What is an Anti-Prime? Some answers can be found in this excerpt from Landmine's essay “The Lost Primes: Evolutions of an Institution Through the Ages”.

History is written by the winners. This is a common concept that assuredly explains the reason why so little is known about the Anti-Primes.

Thanks to enduring fragments of information handed down through oral traditions, it can be safely assessed that at recurring points of our history, many Primes existed simultaneously; and more or less, they waged open conflict between themselves over which was the genuine Prime. The victor would acknowledge his triumph by erasing the opponents not only from existence (banning them elsewhere, or killing them), but from history as well.

Through indirect means, however, a small amount of information has become available (oral tradition, as already said, but also artistic works such as frescos or bas-reliefs that survived the purge), allowing a reconstruction of basic facts.

For instance, by now it is ascertained that during the Age of Nova Prime, a Guardian Prime arose to challenge his authority, apparently in conjunction with the Abyss Resurgence. Little is known about him, his purposes, his supporters or his possible relation with the Source. Was he supported by a splinter group of Ancients? Did he receive an Anti-Matrix? These, as many other questions, remain without an answer.

See also Nova Prime.

Original art will be featured on Koen's page.

Become a fan! Seeds Of Deception is on Facebook

More art in Characters Art Gallery and Universe (Profiles + Tech Specs).
Read the SoD comics: Short Stories, 1: Omega Supreme, 3: Jetfire/Grimlock, 5: Magnus, 6: Shockwave/Soundwave, 7: Sentinel Prime, 9: Starscream, Constant Moons: Paradise Lost, Special Story: The Drought.


IDW Jhiaxus customized toy (sort of)!
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Orbital Interdiction
Alternate Mode: Satellite Telescope

Strength: 1
Intelligence: 10
Speed: 5
Endurance: 2
Rank: 6
Courage: 3
Firepower: 8
Skill: 9

Following their continued lack of success in neutralizing the Decepticon threat, and having lost all their long-range communications equipment in the
Ark’s crash to Earth, the Autobots are forced to make their most desperate play yet. While the others (including a newly-reprogrammed, less violent Grimlock) create a diversion outside, stealthy Mirage infiltrates the Decepticon base and sends out a general distress beacon in hopes of reaching any wayward Autobots in the cosmic neighborhood. Unfortunately, this move also has the unintended side effect of attracting potential Decepticon allies, bringing even more war to the already-besieged planet...

The first to respond to the signal is Autobot
Perceptor, already present in Earth’s orbit as part of a decades-long deep field study and completely unaware of the war raging below him. Centuries before, he served as Astrogation Officer aboard the exploratory starship Axalon, and as such is an old acquaintance of Arcee’s. Perceptor is one of Cybertron’s greatest scientific minds, which he frequently demonstrates in his rapid, uncompromisingly technical speech, often to the frustration of its recipient. However, unlike many in his field, he is also a capable soldier, having served a full tour of duty during the Great War. This experience has made Perceptor far more pragmatic than the majority of his Autobot allies - he is not afraid to resort to violence if he feels it is the quickest and most efficient method of dealing with a situation, causing him to frequently butt heads with the far more idealistic Optimus Prime. However, in spite of his often detached demeanor, Perceptor does not completely lack compassion, and is not above making personal sacrifices for the benefit of his compatriots.

While he isn’t afraid of combat, Perceptor is not exactly courageous and quite frail, so he prefers to strike at foes from a long distance. This is reflected in his weapon of choice, a shoulder-mounted Orbital Laser cannon, which is accurate enough to hit a target from low orbit with a margin of error of only a few millimeters. This weapon is incredibly powerful - able to punch a sizeable hole straight through an enemy combatant - but is extremely energon-costly, forcing its use to be relegated to only the most crucial moments. As the only spaceborne Autobot, Perceptor is most at home in Earth’s orbit, keeping a watchful eye on the stars for a sign of impending visitors...


Hi. Been a while. This is perhaps not the most auspicious character to kick off Legacy Series 2, but definitely the most appropriate story-wise. It's Perceptor, who's ironically the last Autobot I locked in for the Season 2 Autobot roster (although that's years ago now... the Decepticon roster has been far more fluid, but more on that when appropriate...)

Perceptor's head is based primarily on that of his Animated counterpart, what with the "glasses" and third eye. The rest involves utilizing fortuitously placed parts of the altmode to form iconic bits of G1 Perceptor's anatomy. Considering the difference in altmode, he honestly isn't wildly different from his previous incarnations save for the solar panel "skirt".

I'm not sure what possessed me to make Perceptor a satellite, but when I later made him into, specifically, a space telescope (based heavily on a truncated Hubble), it dawned on me that it's essentially the same as his G1 altmode, just, you know, the exact opposite. A giant telescope makes more real-world sense than a giant microscope, anyhow. I know the fact that it's bright red is unrealistic, but the alternative was to have his robot mode be mostly silver, so I erred on the side of visual interest over realisticity. Not to mention that there's no way the telescope could be functional when it's crammed full of robot parts. Cut me some slack, fellas.

His transformation is perhaps the most complex I've ever designed, and there's admittedly a bit of cheating going on (specifically the feet and arms becoming narrower in robot mode than they appear in satellite mode). I cribbed the leg transformation wholesale from Unique Toys' "Mania King" third-party Galvatron toy, and the remainder involves sliding the entire chest assembly down a post to meet the hips. The cannon sits lengthwise in a channel in on the ventral side of the altmode, by the way. I was considering getting myself ahead of the game and producing instructions alongside the entries for Series 2, but I figure you guys would rather see the art now than wait another three years for me to do that.

The challenge in Perceptor's characterization was somehow distinguishing him from the existing "scientist" characters in Legacy (Red Alert and Soundwave). In doing so I essentially based him on Mordin Solus from the Mass Effect series (in fact, I think Mordin may contribute to his relatively lithe, tall appearance as well). He's more military-minded and amoral than Red Alert, but not utterly emotionless like Soundwave (or Perceptor's Animated version, for that matter). If anything, he's closest to Shockwave in being more of a pragmatist, although focusing more on science than military intelligence.

Whoops, forgot to mention that textures for the new background come from FantasyStock and TammySue

Next up: Nope, not doing that this time around. You'll find out who's next when I post them. Suffice to say, this group of characters will be a much more eclectic mix than the previous one, and I think it's best not to spoil the surprise ahead of time.
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This is the original robot from fiction Terminus.
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