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******LOST PASSWORD?******

Each spritepack is protected against re-uploaders by password. Each pack has a different password. Find it at the Homepage Journal on the right side of the screen at:



Look for all our other spritepacks on the Spritepack gallery!!!





Of course! We work hard to upload these for free, but contributing to the site by helping animate remaning spritesheets, and uploading into the site helps the site grow, not to mention your name on the spriting hall of fame. For more info on the software you need, where you may download and even video tutorials on sprite animating, send a private message to *evolvd-studios on the deviantart comunity or by email at





All characters belong to their respective owners, this was created in no means of making profit and only an act of sharing content under the freeware licence.

All sprites were ensambled and animated by
-Serge Garcia "Sarxion Naoko"-
Evolvd Studios Animation Founder

All sprites were ensambled from spritesheets ripped form their respective games by the following people, in order to use these sprites YOU MUST GIVE CREDIT to the people who ripped them, otherwise you may be charged for stealing work and copyrighted character stealing.

****Credits - Sprite Rippers / Makers****

Sonic - Ren "Foxx" Ramos and Arsenic
Super Sonic - TSGK and Nate the Hedgehog
Dark Sonic - furythehog and SaRxIoN
DarkSpine Sonic - Unkown*
Shadic - magefx and Killer Dog
Hyper Shadic - Sonicspriter117
Shadow - Deekman
Tails - Riakenn and Silverbolt
Knuckles - SaturnEchidna
Amy Rose - DanielSidney
Tikal - Skylights
Blaze the Cat - Danny "ShadowTails"
Mario - A.J. Nitro
Luigi - A.J. Nitro
Peach - A.J. Nitro
Gundam Bot 1 - Uknown*
Lucario - Ra lord
Pikachu - Robby Dude and CheDDar-X
Cloud Strife - Bauglir and 1wingedphanton
Link - Uknown*
Toon Link - Angelglory and SmithyGCN
Sora - Nemu
Sora KH2 - Brave Shyguy
Effects - Varius sources - Including Alvin-Earthworm
Fox McCloud - McleodGaming Team
Donkey Kong - McleodGaming Team
Goku - McCleod Gaming Team


super mario bros bross brothers hammer smash bros brawl melee peach all stars adventure 64 sunshine

evolvd studios spritepack sprite spriting pack animated animation gif free download flash rar gameboy game resource
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Inspired by the 'Defiance' series.

Stock Rules
-Always credit me by my Deviant name if you're using any of my stock, and always use a link in the description to my dA page
-Contact me or comment with the link of your artwork. I'd be more happy to see the finished result. 
-You have my permission to use the finished product on other sites than dA, but you have to give me the link to the page and credit me.
-Send a note if you want to use my stock through commercial use.
-You may sell your artwork as prints here on dA.
-You may use the artwork as a book cover but my name has to be included, and if possible, I'd love to get a copy if published.
-Contact or comment me for questions.
-Do not claim the original photo as your own.…

:bulletpink: FAQ #217: What are "Stock and Resources" and can I use them in my submissions?

Don't forget to like me on Facebook!
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*Full view please ;P

Here's the tutorial that you all voted for! I tried to make the esthetic of it a bit more exciting than having a blank background, because goodness knows whenever I look around for tutorials I myself tend to look for the ones that are a bit more exciting on the eyes. xD

The example character I used is Sun Dial, a boss character for Chapter 2 of my Paper Mario: Fortune of Fear project. Of all the bosses I thought up for the project he was my favorite design wise, so this gave me the perfect excuse to color him up~

Hopefully you guys'll get some use out of this

Enjoy~ :heart:

Sun Dial (c) Myself
Paper Mario (c) Nintendo
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THIS IS AMAZING!!! now you can play as vocaloid PM in Super Smash Bros Brawl!!!!

video of gamplay [link]

Modeling by me
Model Ported By :iconmariokart64n:
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Here's the template for the Peach Papercraft I designed as a request for ~karlastarfani!!
It has some difficult parts on it, like cutting out all the circles (earings, and sleeves)! Just take your time on them and they'll look great!!
And I did make the crown huge on purpose, it adds to the chibi cuteness!!

Peach is owned by nintendo!

Origional chibi templates are by :icondesubunny:
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The archer featured here is wearing Viking women's clothing. Her bow is not really period for a Viking, though. They would have used longbows.

photo (c) M. Amber Bayles

See journal for rules.
Download for full size.
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Just trying to get this over with... I sat down and drew a step-by-step tutorial for Mario's face, and it took me forever to go and write the instructions / tips next to them. But I did it!

The font I'm using is AnimeAce 2.0 by Blambot. I plan to use it in my (NONPROFIT!) webcomics.

Like it says in the tutorial, please leave comments if it was useful, if there's ways I can improve it, or if you wanna see a similar tutorial for another body part / character.
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If you ask me why the download button isn't working, don't bother asking for my stock again because apparently you didn't bother to even start reading the rules. :)

The .rar-file contains of 6 big-sized pictures and the preview picture.

Photographer: Alina K.
Model, Styling & MakeUp: Me.


:onfire:My Stock Rules::onfire:
(PLEASE read carefully and stick to them. If you think my rules are stupid or anything, please just don't use my stock in the first place!)

My stock is for active DA members only! Please only download it if you're planning on using it any time.

:bulletpink: You can use my stock as a pose reference for drawings, you can do digital manipulations, vector art, anything like this.
Please be informed that these pictures are model stock, not a resource for textures or pieces of plants etc.
Please do not replace my face or just use my torso or clothes.
Do not use my work in hate-related / racist / sexual / suicidal / general mature contents.

:bulletpink: Please DO NOT use my model stock for brushes, new (premade) stock, forum banners, signatures, website layouts, character reference for stories, wallpapers and book covers.
I also DO NOT allow prints that are done with my model stock, including calendars! (This is extremely important to me! No discussions necessary and I donít wanna have to haunt you for days just to hear ďI donít know how to remove the print!Ē DA has a FAQ...)
Any kind of commercial use is strictly forbidden.

:bulletpink: Please give proper credits via Link or Icon. If you don't know how to do that: Post :icon Karma-Manipulation: without the space in your artist comment. Adding the actual link to the deviation is optional.

:bulletpink: Inform me about your deviation, I prefer comments under this very picture. No notes or profile comments please, or I'll lose track.

:bulletpink: Please invest more work than just changing hue and saturation. I'll not approve manipulations that look like they are done in 5 minutes, sorry. (Iím a manipulator myself, I can tellÖ)
Plus: This is high quality stock. If the quality of 'my part' in your artwork is obviously MUCH lower than in the originals, I'll ask you to please take the image down. ( I've seen it..... and didn't get it. )

:bulletpink: Uploading to other show-off pages is basically allowed, but I like to be asked first and credited. You -have- to upload the picture here first!
If I discover my pictures (esp. the unedited originals!) on Flickr etc., I will report it.

:bulletpink: You may enter DA contests (!) with artworks based on my stock. I'd just love to know when you do and, of course, if you win. ;)
If there is any other contest that you're dying to participate in, please ask me first.

:bulletpink: If you really want to make me happy, don't enable the download option. That's just a personal preference and I'll not haunt you if you do otherwise...

:bulletpink: Approval:
I'm pretty much online at least every other day. As soon as your picture is favorited into one of my stock usage galleries, it's approved and everything is fine, even if I did not comment (which, sadly, I don't always have the time to do.).

If there is any kind of problem with your deviation, I'll get in contact with you. That might eighter be a problem with the rules or disapproval with the quality of your art (which, promised, happens pretty rarely and will be delivered as respectful as possible.).
IF youíre new to manipulation or just donít feel very comfortable with your work, you can ask me to give you a feedback and Iíll try my best. I donít think Iím the king of digital art, but I do think I can give solid advice on things. Iím not able to give advice on drawings. ;)
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I made these last night and got all of them from

The only rule I have is that if you use them, please make sure to give credit to the maker of the brushes which is me.

(C) Original pictures copywrited to SquareEnix
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I feel like this more of some sort of tutorial than a normal journal entry.

I hope it's helpful guys!!
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