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******LOST PASSWORD?******

Each spritepack is protected against re-uploaders by password. Each pack has a different password. Find it at the Homepage Journal on the right side of the screen at:



Look for all our other spritepacks on the Spritepack gallery!!!





Of course! We work hard to upload these for free, but contributing to the site by helping animate remaning spritesheets, and uploading into the site helps the site grow, not to mention your name on the spriting hall of fame. For more info on the software you need, where you may download and even video tutorials on sprite animating, send a private message to *evolvd-studios on the deviantart comunity or by email at





All characters belong to their respective owners, this was created in no means of making profit and only an act of sharing content under the freeware licence.

All sprites were ensambled and animated by
-Serge Garcia "Sarxion Naoko"-
Evolvd Studios Animation Founder

All sprites were ensambled from spritesheets ripped form their respective games by the following people, in order to use these sprites YOU MUST GIVE CREDIT to the people who ripped them, otherwise you may be charged for stealing work and copyrighted character stealing.

****Credits - Sprite Rippers / Makers****

Sonic - Ren "Foxx" Ramos and Arsenic
Super Sonic - TSGK and Nate the Hedgehog
Dark Sonic - furythehog and SaRxIoN
DarkSpine Sonic - Unkown*
Shadic - magefx and Killer Dog
Hyper Shadic - Sonicspriter117
Shadow - Deekman
Tails - Riakenn and Silverbolt
Knuckles - SaturnEchidna
Amy Rose - DanielSidney
Tikal - Skylights
Blaze the Cat - Danny "ShadowTails"
Mario - A.J. Nitro
Luigi - A.J. Nitro
Peach - A.J. Nitro
Gundam Bot 1 - Uknown*
Lucario - Ra lord
Pikachu - Robby Dude and CheDDar-X
Cloud Strife - Bauglir and 1wingedphanton
Link - Uknown*
Toon Link - Angelglory and SmithyGCN
Sora - Nemu
Sora KH2 - Brave Shyguy
Effects - Varius sources - Including Alvin-Earthworm
Fox McCloud - McleodGaming Team
Donkey Kong - McleodGaming Team
Goku - McCleod Gaming Team


super mario bros bross brothers hammer smash bros brawl melee peach all stars adventure 64 sunshine

evolvd studios spritepack sprite spriting pack animated animation gif free download flash rar gameboy game resource
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So for the upcoming Geek.kon ~Apeliotus, *Soseiru, and I have been working on a bowser cosplay for ~Apeliotus Here's the process we went through to create it.

Although I might add that Apel and I went on many a journey in attempts to find paper cone cups instead of having to make the spikes ourselves, but nowhere seems to have them D<

Shells made following the tutorial:
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Another vectorizing, this time: Luigi.
Image taken from the game Super Smash Bros. Brawl, for the Nintendo Wii. I decided to make both styles: the one we all already know, the fluorine green and the blue pants, and the second one, SSB Brawl style, green long sleeve shirt and working jean. I know the last one is much better because I used different tools, but I wanted to make it as similar as I could.
I uploaded the original file if you want to download it. Made in Adobe Illustrator CS4, the textures are a mix of the effect Texturizer and Smudge Stick.

See ya :juggle:.

Otra vectorización, esta vez: Luigi.
Imagen tomada del juego Super Smash Bros. Brawl, para la Nintendo Wii. Decidí hacer ambos estilos: el que ya conocemos, el verde flúor y los pantalones azules, y el segundo, al estilo SSB Brawl, camisa verde de mangas largas y un jean de trabajo. Sé que la última es mucho mejor porque usé diferentes herramientas, pero quise hacerlo lo más parecido posible.
Subí el archivo original si quieren descargarlo. Hecho en Adobe Illustrator CS4, las texturas son mezcla de los efectos Texturizar y Manchas.

Nos vemos :juggle:.

Luigi © Nintendo
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*Full view please ;P

Here's the tutorial that you all voted for! I tried to make the esthetic of it a bit more exciting than having a blank background, because goodness knows whenever I look around for tutorials I myself tend to look for the ones that are a bit more exciting on the eyes. xD

The example character I used is Sun Dial, a boss character for Chapter 2 of my Paper Mario: Fortune of Fear project. Of all the bosses I thought up for the project he was my favorite design wise, so this gave me the perfect excuse to color him up~

Hopefully you guys'll get some use out of this

Enjoy~ :heart:

Sun Dial (c) Myself
Paper Mario (c) Nintendo
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These are made with real scabs and skindisorders so have lots of fun...Enjoy!
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The archer featured here is wearing Viking women's clothing. Her bow is not really period for a Viking, though. They would have used longbows.

photo (c) M. Amber Bayles

See journal for rules.
Download for full size.
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Inspired by the 'Defiance' series.

Stock Rules
-Always credit me by my Deviant name if you're using any of my stock, and always use a link in the description to my dA page
-Contact me or comment with the link of your artwork. I'd be more happy to see the finished result. 
-You have my permission to use the finished product on other sites than dA, but you have to give me the link to the page and credit me.
-Send a note if you want to use my stock through commercial use.
-You may sell your artwork as prints here on dA.
-You may use the artwork as a book cover but my name has to be included, and if possible, I'd love to get a copy if published.
-Contact or comment me for questions.
-Do not claim the original photo as your own.…

:bulletpink: FAQ #217: What are "Stock and Resources" and can I use them in my submissions?

Don't forget to like me on Facebook!
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CastelPen is my username on reddit BTW.
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This is a pattern I got from :iconmakibird-stitching: and the original pattern can be seen at [link]

I took the liberty of making some color changes. Those changes include making one solid color the outline of Pikachu as well as just replacing other areas with different colors. I also made some color changes all together. The particular floss I chose to change can be be seen by the DMC colors written in red to your right.

I believe the color labelled 3855 needs to be changed. However, I was not able to find a suitable replacement for it in my thread. And well i'm too lazy to go to the store.

I am currently in the process of stitching this pattern and should have it posted shortly.
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