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Similar Deviations
1. Tell him that he basically is a copy of his brother.

2. Tell him it's weird he's taller, but still younger than Mario.

3. Imply that "Luigi's Mansion" is the only game about him...and it sucked.

4. Also tell him "Luigi's Mansion 2" will also suck.

5. Constantly remind him he stands in the shadow of Mario.

6. Chase him and yell: "SPAGHETTI!" over and over.

7. Tell him he would never be able to beat a level by himself.

8. Constantly remind him he's always player 2.

9. Tell him the colour green, which he wears, is a sign of jealousy.

10. Whenever he talks to you by your name, say: "That's Mama Luigi to you, Mario! *Weeze*"

11. Cling on him and repeat: "MAMA LUIGI!"

12. Remind him that he was never in Super Mario 64.

13. Tell him over and over that his surname is Mario's name.

14. Run over to him, say: "Gay Luigi?" then run off again.

15. Say to him he's only strong enough to beat Bowser Jr.

16. Constantly remind him that he looked so wimpy when walking in a dark room in Luigi's Mansion.

17. Tell him Daisy will never like him.

18. Buy a Mario plushie and throw it at him over and over. When the sweet, kind Luigi finally gets mad at you, cry and say: "And you're supposed to be my idol, Luigi!"

19. Tell him that his final smash is so lame in Super Smash Bros Brawl.

20. Remind him that Mario got the glory when Luigi knocked all the koopas out of the way in a Super Mario Bros Intro.

21. Tell him that Mario always gets the glory, no matter how much he has done to help saving Peach.

22. Shave off Luigi's smexy mustache when he's asleep. He won't look as handsome the next day.

23. Dye his clothes pink. Then he would definitely look like "Gay Luigi".

24. Tell him Mr. L is way sexier than him.

25. Record on a tape recorder that says: "Suku suku! Jabbo jabbo! (Elvin Gadd's voice)" and press the repeat button. Put it in his room when he's trying to sleep. Find him the next morning to see the results.

26. Tell him he needs to eat more, wear red etc. so he could look just like Mario.

27. Tell him Waluigi is more awesome than him.

28. Carry a Luigi plushie around. Then you nuzzle it in to his head constantly and say: "LUIGI-CHAN WUUUVES U!!"

29. Find his diary, copy each page and send them to everyone in Mushroom Kingdom.

30. Say to him Nintendo will never give him as much attention as Mario.

31. Dye his clothes black, wear them and become emo. Tell Mario you hate him and the whole world. If Mario asks you why, tell him he can stick that question up his ass.

32. Ask him to tell you a story when you go to bed. When he tries to come up with something, say: "Oh! Oh! Tell me the story when Luigi gets pwned by Bowser!"

33. Tell him the 1UP mushrooms runs away from him just because he's Luigi.

34. When he sleeps, scream in to his ear: "Lotsa spaghetti! Lotsa spaghetti! SPAAAAAGHEEEEEETTIIIIIII!"

35. Poke on him several times. If you FINALLY gets him to get a little pissed, him telling you to stop, poke on his nose. See if you can poke him 'til he finally chases you with a pitchfork.

36. Take his hat, and put it on your head. Then run around like an idiot and yell: "Hey, look everyone! I'm LUIGI! AND IMMA COPY OF MAH BROTHA!"

37. Ask him if you can draw a portrait of him. If he says yes, make the portrait look just like Weegie, and then show it to him. If he refuses to get a portrait, cry, and say that you only wanted to draw your hero.

38. Start to hug him. ALL the time. When he asks you why you do that, reply: "ME WUUVES U. ME NOT LETTING GO." Don't let go, no matter how hard he tries to (when you've been stucked to him for a day or two, that is).

39. Buy a toad plushie, wave it in front of his face and repeat: "Thank you, Mario. But the princess is in another castle." with Toad's coughy voice. The thing that will disturb him is that he isn't Mario.

40. Dress just like Daisy, cling on him and scream: "MARRY MEEEH, HAWT STUFF!"
I LOVE LUIGI. Just so you know.

And I LOVE LUIGI'S MANSION. One of the best Mario games ever. A little because it's Luigi who's the main character.

If you don't get some jokes, you haven't seen/played:
Hotel Mario
Mama Luigi
Super Smash Bros Brawl
Luigi's Mansion
Super Mario Brothers Super Show
Super Mario 64
Super Paper Mario
Super Mario Bros

Characters (c) Shigeru Miyamoto, Nintendo
This (c) PirateGirlAmie [me]
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*grumble* *grumble**grumble*


Bowser awoke with a very big yawn. As he did, he recalled all that happened the previous day…it sort of kept replaying in his mind. He looked down and the sleeping Peach; it looked like she still hadn’t moved yet. Bowser stroked Peach’s hair with his claw as he stared outside of the cave. It was still very cloudy and rainy outside, except that it wasn’t raining as hard as yesterday, but still hard. Bowser knew that he had to go back out and try to find some more useful items since by the looks of it, they could be here for a while… After a bit of food, Bowser was ready to go, but first he couldn’t help but stare down at Peach. He then began to stroke her long golden hair…


Unknown to Bowser, Peach was actually coming to…but she only slightly opened her eyes…

As she did, she caught sight of the fact that someone was curled around her…and by the looks of that familiar tail, she could tell it was Bowser…thus she decided not to move at all. She also noticed that she had spots on her body that hurt as if wounded…but they were all bandaged and treated… She lay there with fear as many questions rushed through her mind: where was she? Why was Bowser curled up around her? How did she get these wounds and who treated them? and many other questions. Her thoughts were disrupted when she all of a sudden heard Bowser begin to speak. He had begun to talk to Peach…but he had no idea that she was aware of him and every word he said…

(B)“*sigh*…wow princess…as I watch you lay here…I can’t help but notice how beautiful you…but then again, it’s hard for me not to notice…you look so peaceful right now…it would be hard for someone to believe what you just went through after that explosion on the ship…”

Peach then begins to recall what he was talking about, and then it struck her! She remembered that he had kidnapped her again and that they were on his ship. He was about to get away when Mario and Luigi appeared. She also remembered the dreaded T-Bo-omb that was after the two brothers and the fact she was screaming at Bowser. All she recalls after that was seeing a flash of light followed by the feeling something very hot pushing her away and having the feeling of falling while she screamed……but after that, everything went black…

(B)“*sigh*…considering all those injuries you had all over you…I could tell that you got the worst...of…the…explosion-“

Peach wondered why Bowser had stopped so abruptly, but then she felt something land on her cheek…it was something wet…like a teardrop! Was Bowser crying?!?! Peach didn’t know what to think…


Peach almost jumped at the sudden roar from Bowser, but was able to remain still.

(B)“I’m sorry Peach!…I didn’t mean for this to happen to you…I never meant for you get hurt…especially not this bad…I could never allow that…because…I…I....BECAUSE I LOVE YOU!”

Peach couldn’t believe what she had just heard….did Bowser just say he loved her?!? Peach was confused and wondered if she really heard what she thought she heard…but Bowser only confirmed what she heard.

(B)“…Yes princess…I admit that I have feelings for you…in fact, since the first time I saw you, I knew there was something about you that gave me a strange feeling inside…a happy feeling…”

Even more questions came to Peach’s mind…but Bowser answered them as he went on…

(B)“…these feelings that I have for you are the reasons I continue to kidnap you…not because I wanted to cause you pain, misery, or I hated you…no!…I…I just wanted you to be mine…I wanted to love you and hoped that you could love me in return… I could never tell you because…I feared rejection …because of what I am…*quietly*a monster…and I didn’t even have the courage to tell you...*chuckle* Wow…me…of all people…not having courage…seems ridiculous now that I think about it."

As Bowser went on, more questions and thoughts filled Peach’s head as she lay there shocked…yet amazed by Bowser’s expression of his feelings.

(B)“Even as I lay here with you…I still am a coward…since I ‘m expressing my true feelings for you…but I know you’re probably in deep sleep and won’t hear me…*sigh*…I hope that one day soon…I can confess my true feel towards you…when I’ll be able to look into your eyes as you stare into mine…and to say I love you without fear…but…until that day…I must contain my feelings within the confines of my heart….while I make sure that no one knows of their existence…until the time comes…”

Bowser stroked Peach’s hair once more, and then softly kissed her on her cheek. He got up and stretched a bit, but before he headed out… he looked back at Peach… he was hoping that she would awaken soon…so he would know that she was okay. With that, Bowser rushed out of the cave, entering the confines of the forest once more, leaving Peach to deal with the many thoughts that were swirling around in her mind.
To be continued...
Bowser confesses his feeling to Peach without knowing she can hear everyword he says! How will knowing Bowser's true feelings change the princess?

Here is Chapter 3 in my fanfiction. A bit shorter than the last 2, but an important one in the story. Enjoy :D

:above: Next Chapter(4): Coming soon

:below: Previous Chapter (2): [link]

Bowser, Peach (c) Nintendo
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My story doesn't start in the bright, friendly Mushroom Kingdom; but the dark, nightmarish castle of the Koopa king.  There was Bowser, full of rage and anguish, surrounded by a circle made up of his 8 mischievous  children.  He let out a loud roar, and cried:

"WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME?!  I haven't come up with a evil scheme in months!"

"Heh, heh," chuckled the oldest, Ludwig, "maybe you're losing it, pop!"

"Huh?" said Lemmy, "I thought he lost it years ago..."

"SILENCE!" Bowser roared at the two, "I'm thinking!"

"I know!" cried Morton, waving his hand in the air.  "Lets do something SMART!"

The group just stared at him.  Silent and embarassed.  Morton had noticed he said something idiotic, and rephrased his statement.

"I mean, new! Not like we've done before!" he said with a smile.

"Indeed," Iggy stated, adjusting his glasses. "No offense, but kidnapping the princess doesn't get us anywhere.  Kidnapping Mario and the other guy just backfired!"

"BWA, HA, HA!" Bowser laughed.  "Me thinks I got an idea!"

The koopalings made the circle around their father smaller.  They all moved closer to him, eager to hear what he had come up with.  

"Lets write a letter!" Bowser cheered.

The koopalings didn't understand.  They couldn't believe they got overexcited for nothing.

"A stupid letter?"  Bowser JR. said, "is it gonna say 'your princess is in another castle'?"

"NO! What do you think I am?  An idiot or something?" Bowser roared.

Everyone stayed quiet.

"Arg. I'll explain for the stupid ones who don't get it!" Bowser started, "I'm gonna write a letter to Mario, but pretend to be the princess!  When he reads it he'll think its her and not me!  But it's IS gonna be from me!"

Bowser had grabbed a pen and paper as he was explaining and started to write his nasty letter:

"Dear Mario,
You're STUPID!  Go jump off a cliff!

See Ya Never,

"NO, NO, NO!!"  Wendy O. cried.  

Everyone else agreed with the letter and was wondering why their sister ordered Bowser to stop.

"You- You can't write the letter like that!" she yelled, "ya might as well write 'LOVE, BOWSER' at the end!  Cause you're just giving yourself away!!"

"What are you talking about?  My letter's perfect!"  Bowser said as he read over the letter.

Wendy O. snatched a new sheet of paper and a pen.  She wrote in her neatest handwriting,

"Dearest Mario,
            I'm terribly sorry things have come to this, but I see no reason for us to continue a friendship!  I refuse to continue and wish to NEVER SEE YOU AGAIN!


          Princess Toadstool

The letter was short, sweet, to the point and written in pink ink.  Bowser was speechless after reading it.  The letter looked as if it was written by the princess herself!

"Thats how you write a letter," Wendy O. said with her hands on her hips and snickering.

"Well, Wendy is a princess if ya think about it!"  Larry declared.


"No, it won't!"  Roy stopped him, "It takes, like, five days for the mail to get to someone, pops."

"Oh," Bowser said with some disappointment in his voice, "THEN IN FIVE DAYS, PART 1 OF MY SUPER EVIL SCHEME WILL BEGIN!!!"

"DAD!" Iggy cried, trying to get his father's attention.

"ARGGG!! WHAT NOW!?!" Bowser roared, very annoyed.

"You didn't say there's a second part to this plan..."

"WELL, there is!  I'm not just gonna send this letter, and not do anything about it!"

"Tell us the rest!" Bowser JR. cried with excitement.

"Not now, son," Bowser said, sealing the envelope which kept the letter inside safe, "It doesn't sound as genius as it is if I spill it all together!"  

"Thats stupid..."  Ludwig said, pouting.  And he was sent to his room.

Five days later,  in Mushroom Kingdom,  Mario was pleasantly surprised to get a letter from the princess.  However, quickly became miserable after reading the contents.
Here it is!

I hope you guys like it as much as you did the first one! :D

Chapter 2: [link]

Bowser, Koopalings, Mario, and the princess (c) Nintendo
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  All of the Koopalings and Bowser Jr. sat down at the long dinner table. They rarely ate there,with their father,so they all knew this time,he wanted something.They each had their favorite meal,which Bowser had given them in the best quality. For Larry,it was a hamburger,with extra lettuce. Morton got a T-Bone steak. Wendy had caviar and toasted bread. Iggy had banana pudding. a whole bowl of it. Roy had in front of him,a medium rare,bison steak.To Wendy's dismay,he flicked all of his crumbs onto her face. Lemmy had a hodge-podge of things. A pickle,some cheese,french fries,and some type of fish. Lemmy would eat just about anything. Ludwig,who didn't ask for anything special,wanted a brotwurst. Everyone had insisted he get a special treat,but he declined.

Halfway through this amazing feast,Bowser stood up. All of his children kept on,except for Jr.,who eyed him cautiosly. He had anything Bowser had. So,Jr. had various sandwich halves,and some odd foods,native to the mushroom kingdom.

"Silence!" Bowser bellowed,quieting his kids' chit-chat down. "Now," he began,having full attention, " As you may have guessed,I'm planning on taking ove the mushroom kingdom again. I need you all to help me with the kingdoms. There are seven,as there usually are,and I will have you each pick one to rule." he glared at all of them,especially Larry,who seemed very interested.

"Vell,I had BETTER not get a zree-stage world,like I did zat once." Ludwig complained,playing with his fork.
"Yeah! And I don't want a world of chocolate! It started to melt after awhile..." Wendy began,only to be shushed by Bowser's evil glance.

"You won't. I'm going to let you pick your own kingdom." Bowser replied,holding a map in front of them. "The kingdoms,in order,are the Mushroom Plains,the Sea of Sand,the Penguin Playground,the Sparkle Ocean,the Toxic Forest,Stone HEad Mountains,and the Cloud Castle Courtyard." He said,watching as all of his children's eyes widened,obviously knowing of what world they wanted."I'll start with Larry. Which world do you want?" Bowser asked Larry,preparing the maps of each world."Hmm. I'll take the Mushroom Plains. It seems easy to rule." Larry said,smiling as his dad handed him the map of his world. He looked eagerly at it,an evil plan developing in his starred head.

"Lemmy,what'll ya have?" Bowser asked happily to Lemmy. Even thought,he KNEW Lemmy would pick the ice world,he wanted to be sure. Lemmy glared at him,his lazy eye going to the right.
"Uh,the Penguin Playground. And,I- oof!" Lemmy said,getting up,because Roy had knocked him off of the ball he had been standing on. Roy sneered,and Lemmy whispered to him,that he WAS older than Roy,and Roy just flipped him over again.

"I know Roy's out to get zee cloud vorld. I vill not let him have zat. He got it first time,I get it nov."  Ludwig thought.
"Uh...Iggy,how about you?" Bowser asked,the demented newly green haired Iggy.
"Hmm. Well,ZOMG LOOK THERE'S BANANA IN MY PUDDING. I'll have the Toxic Forest. NOM NOM RING RING BANA PHOOOONEE-" Iggy said,only to have his mouth cupped over by Roy's hand.
Iggy was handed his map,as he glared at Roy,muttering something nobody could hear,or understand. "This way,I'll be FAR FAR away from Roy....I hope." Iggy thought,hoping Roy didn't want mountains,or an ocean.

"Wendy,what would you like?" Bowser asked,as if he didn't already know. She always wanted some water type thing,but her brothers wanted water worlds,too. She was going to get it this time.
"The Sparkle Ocean. And Morton told me he wants the Stone Head Mountains,so don't ask him." Wendy replied,as she and Morton were handed their maps. "Thanks,sis." Morton told Wendy,staring at the map.

"Oh no. Zere's only Roy,and I levt. Iv King Dad doesn't pick me next...I'll never get zat cloud vorld." Ludwig thought,his eyes full of gloom.

"Alright,Roy,what about you? And then whatever you don't take,Ludwig gets." Bowser said,holding the last two maps. His giant fangs showing through his talking mouth,and Bowser Jr. was about to say something,when Roy interuppted. "I'll have that Sea Of Sand. Sounds like a hot place. Not cool,like me." Roy said,weirded out,by Ludwig's sudden and quiet but loud enough for everyone to hear: "Yess!"
"Zat means I get the Cloud Castle Courtyard,correct?"Ludwig asked his dad. 'Yes,it does,here's your map."

"NOW. Wendy,you and Morton will also house an Airship,after,and if Mario defeats you. Bowser Jr. will be in it,and he'll be in the Airship in my world,too."
"YOUR world?!?" a voice screeched. It was Kamek,whom Larry called 'Gramps',to Kamek's annoyance. "THAT is MY world! I designed it,I have the tower!"
"Look,say it's mine,or else Jr. will get sad,and MAD at you." Bowser whispered,Kamek nodded and flew away.
"Now,you will have one month,to get your stages,tower,and castle done,and ready for Mario. While you do that,I plan MY world. Now,run along,and DON'T help eachother. Kamek will take care of help. Have fun." Bowser said.

"HOORAY!" His children screamed,all running away to go design their worlds,and hopefully CRUSH Mario.
Uh,so to my dismay,and surprise,I didn't HAVE Microsoft word on my computer. DAMN YOU FIREFOX. >C
Anyways,this is a before the events of New Super Mario Bros. Wii story. Hope you like it!
Please comment,and state your opinion!

Koopalings,Bowser,Kamek,NSMBW, (c) Nintendo
Story,(c) MEE
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The bright light of the sun shines in the middle of the church of Onett, as a young boy stands in front of the congregation. He is known as the boy who saved Eagleland from the wrath of Giygas. His name is Ness. He is dressed in a black tuxedo, with a blue cummerbund around his waist. He also has a matching bowtie of the same color, as well as the stripe on his top hat. He was really happy for this day. The day he marries the girl who helped him save his world from Giygas. The one he has been sweet towards: Paula. He looked back to remember the event that has led to this day a couple of months ago.


Ness and Paula successfully defeated Giygas, with his two friends' help. Before Jeff Andronuts and Poo depart, Ness said that he needs to confess something to Paula, so they thought they may as well stick around for it.

Ness took Paula's hand and begins to speak. "Paula, we may have been with each other for some time, along with our two friends, and I knew that after I saved you from that monster in the Fourside Department Store, I thought I have to repay you. So, with that said, I'm going to tell you this: Paula, I love you."

Paula gasped as she knew about what she was about to tell him the whole time. "N-Ness, That's what I'm trying to tell you as well!" She then started hugging Ness. "I love you too!"

Jeff and Poo, along the others in Saturn Village, aww'd in joy. Dr. Saturn even smiled to them. "So that's what Jeff's telling me before you went off to fight Giygas. You two are in love. Ding." Dr. Saturn told them.

Ness gave Jeff a cold stare at Jeff. "Look, I knew something's making you two uneasy, so I thought I explain it to Dr. Saturn. He thought you two are in love. But now that you two already confessed your love for one another, he's right."

Ness rolled his eye back at him and back to Paula. "Well, I also have another thing to tell you, but this will change both our lives." He said to her as he pulls out a small, black, velvet box and opened it, containing an engagement ring with a sapphire gem that matches her eyes. He got down on his one knee and pops the question. "Paula, will you marry me?"

Paula's heart starting to beat rapidly as she heard what Ness has just asked. She then hugged him as she accepted. "Yes! Of course Ness! Of course I'll marry you! You made me so happy!" she then kissed him wildly. Ness slid the engagement ring on her ring finger.

(Flashback End)

Ness was still having that flashback, even in his dreams. He even agreed to Jeff that he helps with his homework, which has been accumulated since during their quest, if he wanted to be his best man. He turns to his sister, who is Paula's maid of honor.

The Bridal Corus began to blare throughout the church, meaning that Ness's bride arrives. The doors opened to reveal Paula, as she walks down the aisle. She looks radiant in her strapless white wedding gown, which fits perfectly for her figure. Her elbow-length-gloved hands clutched her bouquet of roses. She has a white bow on the back of her head, with her beautiful chapel-length veil protruding from it. She took her place near her groom.

"Well, this is it." Ness whispered at his bride.

"We're going to be together forever." Paula whispered back.

The priest took his place and began his spiel. "Dearly beloved, we have gathered here today to witness the marriage of the two who has saved our planet from the wrath of Giygas: Ness and Paula. If anyone has any reason why these two should not be together in holy wedlock, let them speak now or forever hold their peace."

Not one single soul objected. Although someone coughed, it didn't break the happy union in any way.

"Fine, then. Let's begin." The priest then said. "Will you please face each other and join hands?" he then said, as Ness and Paula faced each other and joined their hands. "Ness, will you take this woman, whose hands you hold, choosing her alone to be your wedded wife? Will you live with her in the state of true matrimony? Will you love her, comfort her, through good times and bad, in sickness and in health, honor her at all times, and be faithful to her?"

"I do." Ness responded.

"And Paula, will you take this man, whose hands you hold, choosing him alone to be your wedded husband? Will you live with him in the state of true matrimony? Will you love him, comfort him, through good times and bad, in sickness and in health, honor him at all times, and be faithful to him?" The priest then asked.

"I do." Paula responded.

Then, it's time to present the rings. "Ring bearer, please present them their rings." Poo, who agreed to be the ring bearer, placed the cushion, which has the wedding rings, between both the priest and the couple. "These rings symbolize your union. An unbroken circle of love to be worn all the days so long as you both shall love. May the spirit of love bless these rings and may they be a true symbol of the love of the one who gives it, and the one who wears it." Ness took one of them and recited his speech for the exchange of rings.

"I give you this ring, wear it with love and joy.
I choose you to be my partner,
to have and to hold from this day forward for better or for worse,
for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health,
to love and to cherish as long as we both shall live." Ness then slid the wedding ring on Paula's ring finger, right next to her engagement ring.

"And I give you this ring, wear it with love and joy.
I choose you to be my partner,
to have and to hold from this day forward for better or for worse,
for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health,
to love and to cherish as long as we both shall live." Paula then recited her speech as she slid the ring on Ness's ring finger.

The priest smiled as the wedding is about to end with what the two were waiting for. "In as much as you, Ness and Paula, have consented together in the union of matrimony and you have pledged your faith each to the other in the presence of these witnesses, now by the power vested in me, I now pronounce you Husband and Wife. You may kiss the bride." He then said.

Ness lifted Paula's veil that is covering her face, snuck his hand around her waist, and then pulled her closer. They then closed their eyes, puckered their lips and then gave each other the most passionate kiss they have ever had in their lives.

Everyone gave out a cute 'awwwwwwww' by this very sight.

As the two broke out from their kiss, they walked up the aisle as everyone cheered for the newlywedded couple. They went to the limo and were driven to the site of the reception.

The End
This is my wedding fanfic for fans of Ness/Paula! You can also go see it on Why? Because I AM the author of this fanfic! XD

Earthbound (c) Nintendo, APE
The Ness & Paula wedding sprite (c) :iconnintendomaximus:
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Larry passed out from shouting and started to dream of Harley and him on their date Saturday night. While Morton looked for Wendy he shouted and complained about being told what do to. His complaints were driving everyone up the wall as he wouldn't keep his big mouth shut for two seconds.
"I can't believe I have to look for Wendy, Me! The smartest and toughest of all Koopalings searching through a hospital for my loser sister! When I find Brandon I'll give him a piece of my mind I will because I have plenty of it to give being the smartest Koopaling of them all! Smarter than that idiot Ludwig in so many ways he's jealous of my brain that'll be sharing with Brandon who forced me to work for him! I'll show him! Yes I will when I get my hands on him I will show him!" Morton shouted as patients covered their ears and told him to shut up ten times.
As Morton walked a man found his yelling voice very useful and decided to have him work so he'll at least be shouting something important that people will care about.
"Hey kid if you want fifty coins I'll give them to you if you shout out this list of commands nonstop for the rest of the day. Think you can do that or am I going to have you thrown out for disturbing the peace in this hospital?" an assistant to a nurse said as he stopped Morton's rants.
"Fine I'll do it but only because—"
"Shut up and do it or you'll be out on your butt in the streets!" the angry nurse assistant shouted as he left Morton to a job he was born to do.
Morton shouted commands that told people where to go and which floors to be on for certain floors. His voice wasn't wearing down at all from the shouting but it was getting old as he repeated what he shouted over and over but it did keep him busy and out of people's hair.
Bowser Jr. was unfortunate and had to travel go with Ludwig since he was still too young to do much without protection of help. He kept looking at Ludwig with an angry face and pulled up his bandana to make himself look even fiercer but it didn't work.
"Why do you keep dawning that stupid bandana you infantile dweeb, it won't scare me or anyone else?" Ludwig asked in his German accent giving a cold stare at his youngest brother.
"Because some day everyone in the Mushroom Kingdom and other kingdoms will fear my name when I become king of the koopa clan, King Dad says so! So I'm practicing for the day comes so stare fearing me now and do as I say!" Bowser Jr. ordered but was easily pushed over by his bigger and stronger brother.
"Hey that wasn't nice! Help that little boy up now or you'll be in big trouble!" a nurse yelled at Ludwig and walked over to Bowser Jr. and helped him up.
"Are you ok sweetie? Do you want a lollipop to feel better?" the sweet nurse asked as she gave Bowser Jr. a cheery lollipop.
"Thank you!" said Bowser Jr. as he licked the sucker and smiled while the nurse went to yell at Ludwig.
"I can't believe you'd do something so mean to a little cutie like him!" points to Bowser Jr. as he sits on the floor licking his sucker and looking cute as he did so. "Apologize to him now or you'll be in big trouble!"
"But-but-but, oh fine!" Ludwig grumbled his way over to Bowser Jr. to apologize to him. "I'm sorry for pushing you down Bowser Jr. and I'm sure you'll become a great king some day.
"Thank you Ludwig for saying that," Bowser Jr. sweetly said as he acted cute as can be and got up to lead Ludwig. "Now we find Wendy and help her get home."
"Yes and punish Brandon for what he did to her and make King Dad proud of us. I'm sure he'll give us a nice reward, like ice cream!" Ludwig shouted as he thought of evil things to do to Brandon to make his dad proud.
"Ok but follow me!" Bowser Jr. said leading Ludwig in his own direction being happy to be in charge.
Bowser and Brandon searched the entire hospital quickly and soon ran into each other with a huge thump as they crashed.
"Hey watch where you're going you big, fat, ugly thing!" Brandon looks up after ranting and sees its Bowser. "Oh sorry Bowser I thought you were some big, fat, ugly thing that didn't watch were they were going."
"Wow you must really want to find Wendy, you're not arguing with me like you usually do. Well I think we should work together to find Wendy before something horrible happens!" Bowser nervously said as he helped Brandon up and they agreed to work together.
"Or you two idiots can come in here to find Wendy like I did when we got here instead of splitting up. Now come on Wendy is about to give birth," MD annoyingly said as Brandon rushed inside and saw MD on a bed holding her belly with tears falling down her face.
Brandon could see Wendy was in great pain and nervous but once she saw Brandon she smiled and reached for his hand. Brandon took it and was soon joined by Bowser and MD, Darlis stayed outside so shouldn't see what was going to happen at such a young age.
"I'm so glad to see you all here. Where's the others, did they come too?" Wendy asked as she looked at Brandon's brown eyes not moving them at all.
"Well they were but we split up to find you and now we have no idea where are now but we'll find them later. Doctor is she doing?" Brandon explained as he pondered if Wendy was ready.
"Let me see," the doctor says as he examines Wendy and sees she's ready. "She's ready so you two help me lift her legs and you can comforter her."
"We're on it!" Brandon said holding Wendy's hand tightly and Bowser and MD held her legs up.
"Alright get ready, push!" the doctor said as Wendy screamed in pain as she pushed as hard as she could.
The high pitch and loud scream was devastating to the doctors but MD, Bowser, and Brandon were used to it. She pushed and soon the doctors started to see a little head pop out and he grabbed the little baby's head. Soon the little koopa baby came out crying and the doctor gave it to the nurse.
"Take the baby and wrap him up, identify if it's a boy or girl we've got on more kid coming," the doctor said as he ready for the next to come out.
"You won't have to push as hard this time Wendy so don't worry about it," MD said as she made Wendy feel better and Brandon just kept holding her as she screamed again.
The scream wasn't as bad this time and the child came out easier. Its head came out slowly and when it finally came out the doctor did the same thing as with the first. He gave the baby to the nurse and Bowser and MD put Wendy's legs down and went to her side.
"It's all over Wendy, you gave birth to twins and you're now a mother. I'm so proud of you sweetie," MD said giving Wendy a slight hug.
"This is the third proudest day of my life," Bowser sweetly said as he removed a tear from his eye and remembering his two other proudest days of his life, marrying MD and having Darlis.
"We have your kids if you want to hold them. We'll have to keep Mrs. Wendy here for a while to stitch up her parts so she'll be alright so she'll have to stay here for about three weeks then she can go home. For now you can visit whenever you want," the doctor said as he handed Wendy the first baby and Brandon the second. "The one in Mrs. Wendy's arms is a boy and the one your hands sir is a girl and I just need you two to give them their names and we're done here."
Wendy removed the blanket from her baby boy and thought she saw a baby Bowser but he seemed to have Brandon's eyes and her hair color with a bit of red mixed in slightly in a small Bowser Mohawk form.
"I'll call him Bowser Koops Koopa, but I think I'll call him Koops so we all know who we're talking to now that we have tree Bowser's," Wendy excitedly explained as she hug her child.
Brandon did the same and as he looked at the sweet and innocent light blue eyes she was the smaller and cuter version of Wendy with Brandon's hair color in a bit of a curly shape. She would have a nice bow in her hair and she would be loved by many.
"I know the perfect name for her, Wendy O. Jr. Koopa. She's just like you Wendy and I'm so proud that she's our daughter just like Koops is our son. Even though the nine months I had to wait for them to be born were unbearable I'm glad to have these two angels," happily says as the two slowly open there eyes and share a trait that they both got from their mother.
"I take it back this is much worse!!" Brandon shouted as he wished he could cover his ears.
The second part of Wendy Birth but now things are coming to a close as Wendy is finally about to give birth to her twin children.

Larry passed out from the blood he donated but the others are still looking for Wendy. While Brandon and Bowser finally find Wendy they learn that MD was the only one smart enough to check the front desk to find Wendy. The three helped her give birth to one boy and girl koopa although the birthing is over the next step in Hell has started.

Bowser Koops Koopa born 11/13/10
Wendy O. Jr. Koopa born 11/13/10
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Mario and Peach were at the castle in Princess Peach's room packing. The walls of the room were covered with dried, pink paint and the floor was carpeted with pink layering covering the whole floor. The bed in her room was heart-shaped with pink covers overlapping the white bed sheets. The two of them packing and getting ready for their big vacation to Isle Delfino. They packed up everything from swimsuits, sunglasses, sun tanning lotion, a nice, comfy blanket, a beach towel, and everything else tropical related. Mario had recent won two plane tickets in a pizza making contest. The winner of the contest would receive 3 plane tickets to Isle Delfino. Upon winning the contest, Mario and Peach were both ecstatic about finally taking a break from all of the tiring adventures they have endured. After spending countless weeks of dealing with Bowser and his constant threats to the Mushroom Kingdom, not to mention the trouble of dealing with the Smithy gang, they are finally able to take a break from it all. Luigi was displeased to find out that he wasn't going on the vacation with them.

"How come I can't come?" Luigi complained, "You and Peach are always going somewhere fun and special and I'm left behind most of the time. I hardly get to go anywhere with you two," Mario felt terrible. He felt guilty about not letting his brother Luigi go with him on the vacation. But the reason for this was that there were only 3 plane tickets and Mario, Peach, and Toadsworth were already headed to Isle Delfino. Even though Mario wanted some alone time with Peach, it wasn't like he didn't want to bring Luigi with him. He would have gladly taken Luigi to Isle Delfino if there was another plane ticket. But what could he do? He couldn't just sneak his brother aboard the plane.

"I'm really sorry Luigi," Mario said with a sign of guilt, "but there are only 3 plane tickets to Isle Delfino and Peach, Toadsworth, and I have already planned to go. I wish there was a way I could take you, but I can't."

"I'm so sorry you can't come with us Luigi," Peach said feeling the same guilt Mario felt. Peach had always enjoyed Luigi's company almost as much as she enjoyed Mario's. Luigi has always been there for Peach when she needed him the most. And even though she didn't have romantic feelings for him as she did with Mario, she cared about Luigi just as much as she cared about Mario. He was a really great friend to her, one of the closest friends she has ever had really.

"Come Master Mario," an elderly voice commanded. Mario, Luigi, and Peach looked across to the other side of the room, it was Toadsworth. He was Peach's steward and caretaker. He often holds himself accountable for anything that may happen to Peach. But he always knew that he could count on Mario to save her and get her back.

"We must part as once," the old brown-dotted Toad said, "we must not be late for our plane." And with that, the trio of Mario, Peach, and Toadsworth parted for the airport. Before leaving, Mario and Peach approached Luigi, wanting to say goodbye before leaving.

"I'll see you later bro," the red-capped plumber said giving Luigi a pat on the back, "I'm sorry you can't go with us, but I'll bring back a souvenir and something else nice for you to make up for it." Mario then went ahead to try to catch up with Toadsworth. Before going ahead with Mario, Peach approached Luigi, giving him a big hug in the process.

"I hope you'll be OK here by yourself Luigi," Peach stated. Luigi, still slightly disappointed that he was going, returned Peach's hug then returned to his previous position.

"Don't worry Peach," the green clad responded, "I'll be fine. I hope you and Mario enjoy your vacation. I'll take care of things here in the Mushroom Kingdom." After that Mario, Peach, and Toadsworth parted for the National Mushroom Airport. Luigi walked to the house that he and Mario live in. The house is made out of brown wood with a green roof and a sign with the word "MARIO" written on it. Luigi found himself laying on a hammock that was attached to two nearby trees. He was at peace as he layed on the hammock, however, he was also completely bored. It was so quiet that you could hear a pin drop. It was so boring that it almost made Luigi wish that Bowser would attack the Mushroom Kingdom or something so that he could have something to do. But the chances of him doing that now were very rare, especially since Bowser only attacks the kingdom when he tries to kidnap Peach. Thoughts of Mario and Peach were ringing through Luigi's mind as he thought of how much fun the two of them were having.

I know they didn't mean to leave me behind, the green plumber thought to himself, but it still would have been nice if I could have went too. I don't like being alone or left behind. Much to Luigi's surprise, the phone began to ring in his house. Luckily, the window near the hammock was open so he could hear the phone clearly.

Who could possibly be calling me right now, Luigi thought to himself. Curious to get his question answered, Luigi rushed inside the house, into the kitchen to answer the phone. Immediately after arriving in the kitchen, he picked up the phone without hesitation.

"Hello," he said as he held the phone to his ear, "this is Luigi."

"Hi Luigi," a familiar female voice answered over the phone, immediately making Luigi blush. However, the voice didn't belong to Peach. Although she was a princess like Peach, she was very different from her. She has reddish-brown brunette hair as opposed to Peach golden blonde hair and she didn't behave very much like Peach at all. While Peach behaves more proper and princess-like, this was hardly ever the case with Daisy. Daisy had always been the kind of girl who likes to do things on her own rather than waiting on someone to do it for her. She is also a lot more tomboyish and energetic than Peach as well. However, even though the two princesses were quite different from one another, the two of them have been best friends since their childhood.

Luigi, blushing after hearing Daisy's, replied back nervously, "hi Daisy". Daisy giggled as the sound of his nervous reaction.

"What are you up to?" the floral princess asked.

"Nothing, just being bored," Luigi yawned, "what about you?"

"Oh, same here," Daisy answered. She thought for a moment and then she came up with a suggestion, smiling mischievously in the process.

"Hey Luigi," she started, "since Mario and Peach won't be coming back for a week, why don't you come by Sarasaland and play some basketball? It's pretty lonely here and I would love for us to hang out together." Luigi was a little taken by surprise that Daisy knew about Mario and Peach's vacation.

"Wait, how did you," Luigi started before Daisy interrupted.

"Peach called me and told me yesterday before she went to sleep," she answered, "so what do say Luigi? That is if you don't have any other plans for the day." Luigi thought about it for a minute. He wondered if the Mushroom Kingdom would be safe while he was away at Sarasaland. But that's when he suddenly remembered that there's no way Bowser would ever attack the kingdom if Peach wasn't around to kidnap. So Luigi, not having anything better to do, finally accepted Daisy's invitation and decided to stop by Sarasaland.

"Sure, I would love to come," he smiled as he replied.

"Great, I'll be there to pick you up with my Cruise boat," she explained, "meet me there by 3:00 p.m. this afternoon."

"OK," Luigi answered as both he and Daisy hung up the phones. Luigi looked over at the time on the microwave right across the kitchen. The time read 11:22 a.m. Luigi decided to take a nap for a while until it was around 2:35.
Yeah, I started a new fanfic. This fanfic takes place during the events of Super Mario Sunshine. Read and enjoy =D.
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Luigi exited the pipe and fell on his face. "Owwwww!!!!It's just like my first date with Daisy!!! I gotta get use to climbing out of these pipes," he said. "Who're you talking to?" Mario asked. "AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!"Luigi yelled, "Oh it's you. Don't startle me like that!" Marc and Peter ran to Luigi and tackled him."UNCLE WEEGEIE!!!!!!!!!!!" they screamed. "Hello boys," Luigi greeted. "Thanks again Bro! see ya when I get back!" Mario yelled already halfway down the road. "Your welcome! C'mon let's head home," said Luigi as they jumped in the pipe.

"Hmhmhmhmhmhm!HMHMHMHMHMHMHM!HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!" laghed Bowser evilly from behind a bush. "Ummm, why are we here" asked Peach. "Because, dear princess, I will force Mario to give up completely by capturing you, his brother, and his children!!!!" Bowser explained as lightening crashed in the background. "You monster!!!!" Peach exclaimed. " Oh stop your making me blush."

Luigi and the boys jumped out and looked up into the sky. "Oh, it's about to rain hurry inside," Luigi said. The boys ran inside and gave Daisy a hug."Hi, Aunt Daisy," they said together. "Hi, boys, how're you," she said. "Fine, is Laura here?"
Peter asked."Oh yes she's upstairs in her room."'Kay we'll be up there!" Peter and Marc yelled as they ran upstairs.

"Well this'll be a fun week the kids, you, me, and Rocky," Luigi paused, "We won't be alone for one second, huh" Daisy shook her head, "Nope." Suddenly, ther was a loud scream coming from Laura's room. Luigi and Daisy ran upstairs to see Laura,Peter, and Marc hiding under the bed. "What happened?" Daisy asked."There's a monster outside my window!" Laura screamed.

To be continued...
Here's part 2- the monster

first part:[link]

next part should be here soon
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