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This was originally going to be CR's final layout, however, due to the fact that I forgot that neo doesn't like swfs, I have to x out the clickable fun parts on the actual version.
If you click the sound off button, you can't reclick to turn it back on, because i'm a fail coder. I tried. lol
Actual version will be put up some time this week, I believe, depending on if I have coding time.

- -
Thanks to everyone for letting us be on neo.
It was alot of fun, and I'm really going to miss it. :c

stock background is from stock exchange, unfortunately I lost the link, so if you know it and send me it, that would be amazing. <3

song- numb, linkin park, piano version.
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I'm feeling so ashamed... I've been using Flash for over 5 years primarily as a drawing tool, and yet I rarely ever use it as what everyone else use Flash for: As an animation tool.

The truth is that I have indeed tried attempting to create a cartoon of my own out of Flash, but to no avail. :dead: Every time I tried, these cartoons always ended-up never completed, not even reaching the 50% completion mark.

You could say that this is my first completed Flash cartoon ever.

The entire thing took me 2 hours to finish. It was created both as an animation practice... and also a way for me to vent my frustration for not being able to animate correctly like what the pros can. (I couldn't help it. I saw Ryanide's Flash animations, and already I envied his super smooth animation skills. :dead:)

Then again, I read from somewhere before that Flash was never meant as a cartoon animation tool in the first place. (It was primarily designed for web presentations.) Animators wishing to utilize Flash technology would need to get used with Flash's rather clanky environment. (I heard that Toon Boom Studio, another program also capable of exporting to SWF files, is better suited for that task.)

And yes, that's my voice. :XD: (And yes, you will never see Marwan the same way again, if you thought in the first place that his voice will be squeakier than you thought. :XD:)
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Yay the best part about being an artist is that you don't have to spend money to give people birthday presents! Just kidding. On this August 5th I wish to present this odd present to one of my bestest buds Rishon and I hope she likes it.... Okay so this is a blatant rip off of another famous flash cartoon on youtube so please no one sue me! It is meant as a tribute not trying to steal or make money off it! (disclaimer over) Rishon seems to like this song although it near drove me crazy trying to get the timing right and the song still wouldn't end, heh. So yeah Ieva's Polka, yay! It frighten and confuses me.

For those of you confused this is basically meant for my friend, her LA friends and her boy friend.
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- Added basic animation on the men after they transform.
- Final version. If any change happens before game release, it will be even more minor and probably not worth revealing.


- Added basic animation on cutout characters so they feel slightly alive
- More fancy effects added
- Almost final. Only needs minor animation on the guys after they transform and, if I can figure it out, a code to have quality auto-reduce itself in case of lag.
- It might not be final if you have a great suggestion! ;)


- More music and sounds.
- More flashy effects overall

Updated on a Tuesday? Madness!
Indeed. But I am really hoping to get this over with for this weekend. But in order to do so, I could use some more feedback on the changes.
It's still WIP. But definitely closer to final. At least I hope.



A preview of how the ending will go. Don't watch if you don't want to be spoiled!

If you do watch it, then please, I need your help!

I am really wondering what kind of music would do the trick for this. Sounds effects are also kind of a problem. If you happen to have any suggestion, please do!

Also, remember it is a WIP. I am planning to add additionnal effects and tiny animations (blinking, maybe some wind in Longcat's ears...)
For now, the important thing is to get the timing of the video with the sound effects, and have feedback on the general feel of the ending.

Lastly, for some reason the DA preloader doesn't display the loading percentage properly. But the thing still works, don't worry. It is a WIP so I'll not mind that kind of detail.

Thanks in advance for any help/suggestion/feedback you might give!
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Gladiator. This took me alot of time, months. I lost interest in it, and wont finish it, sadly.

Song: Dead by April - Falling Behind

BIG thanks to Mesmay and Gongagoo and Mraznbuddy

and the other guys, you know who you are.
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Just another Speed Painting :D

I wanted to upload it in GIF format, but it was too big ... so I made some experiment with SWF (Flash)

41 frames made with PSDCS3 and animation with Corel R.A.V.E. 3
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Sorry no, this is not a fully animated short with music like how the Cat and the Coin was. I actually WOULD try to make a animated short of these two if i could cause i find them to be very interesting character despite how dull this simple animation might be. If I could just think of a story that doesn't involve love. LoL

Btw, I know coatis are supposed to have rings on their tail but i didn't feel like drawing any rings on her tail nor did i feel like giving that tucan any fancy markings on his beak.

Art and animation (c) Me
NOTE: Do NOT use this picture in any forum, chat, RP, myspace, blog, website or neopets. Do not use this as your avatar or as your character. This picture is copyrighted to me and the characters in picture does belong to theircreators. Do not copy the lineart/ do not trace this picture, do not edit it, do not tell anybody that it is yours.
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Was supposed to have music with it, but since Flash is a moody bitch that only accepts mp3 files, you guys will have to settle with listening to this while watching it: [link]
I'll give you 3 guesses to who this is, but judging by my recent obsession, it shouldn't be too hard to guess... which is rather sad D:>
This is pretty much all I have for the animation so far, and if it looks a little fast, it's because my flash player plays my files at a SLOW crawl, so sorry I hadn't noticed until uploading it. I may add more to this, and if I'm feeling more inspired might, emphasis on the MIGHT attempt a Danny Phantom/Yami no Matsuei crossover opening. For now, you get this looped piece of crap :D
Danny Phantom (c) Butch Hartman
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And Ae does NOT like to fix Kilachu for hours like that! D8<

ANYWAYS. im 7 minutes late for this being on Kilala's birthday :C

if my internet didnt slow down, id be on time! Darn!

Oh, well, HAPPY BDAY :iconkilala04:!! YOU'RE GETTING OLD >8D

i hope you like this little Kilachu, who doesnt like to be poked. by the way, getting near her will only scare her, it's no fun. if you want to poke her, DO IT.

Her eyelashes gave me the worst of troubles, i wish i didnt draw them xD;

and to be honest i like my preview more than the flash itself, her eyes BUG ME D8

K, thats it. have fun. <:
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