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This was originally going to be CR's final layout, however, due to the fact that I forgot that neo doesn't like swfs, I have to x out the clickable fun parts on the actual version.
If you click the sound off button, you can't reclick to turn it back on, because i'm a fail coder. I tried. lol
Actual version will be put up some time this week, I believe, depending on if I have coding time.

- -
Thanks to everyone for letting us be on neo.
It was alot of fun, and I'm really going to miss it. :c

stock background is from stock exchange, unfortunately I lost the link, so if you know it and send me it, that would be amazing. <3

song- numb, linkin park, piano version.
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Sorry no, this is not a fully animated short with music like how the Cat and the Coin was. I actually WOULD try to make a animated short of these two if i could cause i find them to be very interesting character despite how dull this simple animation might be. If I could just think of a story that doesn't involve love. LoL

Btw, I know coatis are supposed to have rings on their tail but i didn't feel like drawing any rings on her tail nor did i feel like giving that tucan any fancy markings on his beak.

Art and animation (c) Me
NOTE: Do NOT use this picture in any forum, chat, RP, myspace, blog, website or neopets. Do not use this as your avatar or as your character. This picture is copyrighted to me and the characters in picture does belong to theircreators. Do not copy the lineart/ do not trace this picture, do not edit it, do not tell anybody that it is yours.
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Here is Hetalia's version of the Burger Dance by Dj Ötzi.

I intended to make a full song version but the files were deleted and so I only did this part.

America's presence is obvious. As for Italy, well He invented the Pizza, The song is in German and say chicken about chicken so Prussia is here(to add some awesomeness to this crappy animation xP)

(Late Christmas gift to all the hetalia fan ^^")

Hetalia(c)Himaruya Hidekaz
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Quick gift and practice for *AluUzumaki ~ <3

shes an AMAZING person/ my best friend for life and its a shame i havent done anything for her.

LOL IM SO BAD AT FLASH XD the stripes on her horns go bonkers.

aurora/alu(c) *AluUzumaki

art(c) Me

If you want to use this as an icon or something, let me know and i'll shrink it c:
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Thank you for checking out my story.
Please give it a chance, I put a lot of time and effort into it and it would mean a lot to me. c:

If the chapter doesn't work after you press play, return to the menu and try again. Sometimes it takes a while to load.

Chapter 2


The first book in the Forever Wings series.

On Earth I, the earth that was the prototype for ours, everything that ever was was made of many different codes.
A code for appearance, personality, intelligence, life and fate.
No one truly had free will, for every part of them had already been decided before they came to exist.
One day, the gods that programmed the earth decided on an experiment.
They decided to create a single person who truly had free will.
In order to do this, however, they needed to make him part god, for gods are the only beings capable of existing without any codes.
Given true, limitless free will, the demigod became consumed by his power.
He ended up going mad.
This resulted in the premature deaths of 3 people.
They died far before their code had programmed them to.
That's when Muu, the goddess of fate, created the rebirth contract.
She allowed these 3 people to get a second chance at completing their life, by reusing the code of fate from their dead selves.
Wanting a second test for allowing free will, the gods created a new demigod to go alongside the other 3 rebirthed people.

However, little did Muu know, her Rebirth Contract was very, VERY flawed.

The world is breaking due to all the glitches these three rebirthed people have created...
The universe wants to get rid of them before they create anymore harm to the system.
Will free will save the world... or destroy it?

In this story, you'll see through the eyes of Hero Frazier, Blank Lane, Dots Stills and Nya Lane.
You'll watch them rise...
And you'll watch them fall...

This is the story of four individuals whose very existence glitches the world around them.
The story of how these four must walk in the footsteps of cursed, broken, unstable and doomed people.
They may meet the same fate as their original counterparts.
Or perhaps their past selves will help them overcome this doomed fate.
The real question is, can their sanity handle it?

(By the way, this Visual Novel is not dating sim, does not have multiple endings and is a full fledged story. It updates a chapter a week in 8 acts so it's pretty damn long. Things get progressively more complex as the story goes and it's not a light read. This VN contains violence, sexual themes and coarse language.)
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I worked so long on it xD
Made in InDesign CS5

The making of: [link]
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This was a little physics demo I whipped up a long time ago, and prettied up this week in hurried effort to have something recent and impressive to send to Xgen to show off what me and the guys are capable of.

I think it worked. I thought it looked pretty good, and in the end, we got back exactly what we wanted, an SDK and a temporary server to start working on a game. We're still hoping they'd be willing to sponsor us.

Anyways, the collisions against the corners of things might be inaccurate, and when two particles collide, momentum isn't conserved at all yet. In addition this might run slow on some systems, and wont show up if you dont have Flash 9, if you don't get it here: [link]

Thanks to:
=rabidchild42 for pointing out a few things to help make the water better, and Ian G. for making the neat background to make it actually warrant a second look.
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oops, ignore the fact that the preloader is all screwed up. I CAN'T BE BOTHERED TO FIX IT i don't think it should take all that long to load anyway...

NOTHING FANCY THIS TIME AROUND, just wanted to see if i could make up for the atrocity of code i'd dumped into that last flash thing. result: well, it's MARGINALLY better. there's like, classes and shit. CLASSES. CLASSES??? SHIT IT HAS BEEN MORE THAN A YEAR SINCE I LAST EVEN THOUGHT OF OOP

also apparently if you try to put too many clothes on him he just disappears. i actually have no idea why this happens but personally i think it is hysterical. YOU CAN'T TRAP HIM WITH YOUR CLOTHES YOU FOOLS
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Yay the best part about being an artist is that you don't have to spend money to give people birthday presents! Just kidding. On this August 5th I wish to present this odd present to one of my bestest buds Rishon and I hope she likes it.... Okay so this is a blatant rip off of another famous flash cartoon on youtube so please no one sue me! It is meant as a tribute not trying to steal or make money off it! (disclaimer over) Rishon seems to like this song although it near drove me crazy trying to get the timing right and the song still wouldn't end, heh. So yeah Ieva's Polka, yay! It frighten and confuses me.

For those of you confused this is basically meant for my friend, her LA friends and her boy friend.
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Yay! The animation project is complete. This project was my weekend, so try to enjoy it. I'm not sure if it will tkae time to load or not, but it if does, try to be patient.

I appologise if any of the markings are a little off or if some of them arn't there, because I had to simplify some of the marking in order for it to work properly, and because I don't know how to do gradients in Flash.

Ummm... If you want yours for an icon or something maybe that can be arranged....somehow.
If you do want an icon I would appreciate if you could tell me how to do the lettering. I can flash the letters, I can type it at the bottom, or I can leave it blank. I can also put a background in as long as your character isn't white. Please tell me what colour would like. If you don't tell me what to do I'll probly just do whatever I want. (flash letters/ no background)

So, just because, here are their owners:

:iconoak: :iconbluewolf5:
:iconchishkabob: :iconnoeliscute:
:iconellenx: :iconsilverstream1:
:iconaveilthe: :iconstitchis:
:iconpsi-psi: :iconsaphirawolf:
:iconidess: :icongetsuthewolf:
:iconjazzehamy: :iconjahzz:
:iconloathingly: :iconshadow-x-play:

^^ I :heart: you all!! SOOO MUCH! :iconglompage:
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