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Try it yourself: [link]

How to Use: Drag & drop the small thumbnails (right) from the cord/pegs to the featured work section (left).

Note: Unfourtunately I can't upload the original swf file here, because of using xml and external links/images.

Technology: Photoshop + Flash AS3.0 + XML

Made for this web layout: [link]

Have fun! : )

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This is the 3D wireframe breackdown of my Angel renders here:

Project description is in the final render...
This image shows that every part of that render is completely done in 3D using Maxon Cinema 4D R11.4 and its Modules Mograph, Pyrocluster and Advanced Renderer with GI (Global Illumination) and a M4 Mesh with morphs deformers, texture shaders and props...

PyroCluster elements are shown as spheres during wireframe renders!

The wireframe render is done using C4D's Sketch and Toon module.


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So, this is my second flash movie. And now it is FOR =Oha *CLAPSCLAPS*
Just gift for everything she did for me :heart::heart::heart:

А теперь по-русски.
Привет, Полина! :w00t: xD
Вобщем, я чистосердечно прошу хотя бы не поминать о миллионов ляпов, траблов и тп, которые там есть. Потому что я просто расшиблась, пока ЭТО делала. XD Будьте сердечнее, люди. XD
\"Уверен, тебе не понравится как я танцую, но далеко не каждый мужчина и так танцует\" XD;
В общем, я много чего хотела написать, но все это выветрилось посредством "йобли" с кнопкой play, которая все равно не вышла. Мои мозги устали и не готовы к тому, что бы выжать из себя какое-то послание.
Я надеюсь тебе хоть немного понравится, потому что я замучился. XD выставить могла бы и до нового года, если бы немного ускорилась и не мечтала о том, что сумею справиться с квестом \"сделай кнопку, что бы всем было хорошо\". НИКОМУ ХОРОШО НЕ БУДЕТ!!! XD
Ибо это выше моих сил. XD


Oha belongs to :iconoha: :heart::heart::heart:
Jenny (YEAH, THIS IS SHE!!XD) is mine.
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click on movie window when loaded

Finally decided to submit it for those who like even my old stuff ^______^.
BTW my stickfigure fights are here:
And all my animations can be found here:
Thanx for clicking here:
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The Animation is different when you touch the flowers with the mouse or when you press the button (and holding down)

A flash animation made ​​with Adobe flash, CS3 an exercise class web pages, it is very nice animation XD. I want your opinion. Now that you've learned to use Flash, I have intended to do more complex and beautiful animations.

There are buttons, if you pass the mouse finger over the "flowers", the animation changes. And a different animation occurs when the mouse button (you must hold the button for a while to see the full animation)

Una animación flash realizada con Abobe Flash CS3, un ejercicio de clase de paginas web, ha quedado muy bonita y la subo aquí, espero que os guste. Ahora que ya he aprendido usar Flash, tengo intención de hacer animaciones más complejas y bonitas, así que ya las veréis.

Son botones, si pasáis el puntero del ratón por encima, la animación cambia. Y hace otra animación distinta cuando pulsáis el botón del ratón (pero ojo, debéis mantenerlo pulsado un rato para ver la animación completa)

el sonido no es original, pertenece al personaje de nintendo, yoshi, de Yoshi Story para nintendo 64

Adobe Flash CS3
As all works this drawing has Copyrigth

Sound of Yoshi © Nintendo
Artwork © Nuria Abajo Gamarra- iluvendure (myself)
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This is a 360 degrees panorama, that i made for photo agency Kompania Kadrowa (

Just click and drag to move :)

Software I used:

for making panorama: Hugin
for making it 360: Pano 2VR
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"Oliver & Company"
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This is Egg #2 - The Nature Egg.
:iconchocotella:'s won this for coming 1st place in the poem category of my Easter competition.

They've all been designed to look like a little book c:
If you click the beating heart in the corner you can read the pet's adoption certificate.
Each pet has a unique appearance and interests. <3
Pssst.. Click the cloud and sun!

Hope you like :heart:

The Complete Series:

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This is an animation based on my old little comic, 'A Way to Solve Everything'

So this is what I have been working on for the past 3 days x_x This is an animation for my school assignment, Lip Sync :3
The voice of the cat was done by Bryan aka :iconryuukichi:. Many many many thanks for Bryan for willing to do the voice for me eventhough he was very busy ;_; (makasi banyak jeng, daku berhutang budiii TAT)
The mouse's voice was mine xD I made the pitch higher though, so that's not exactly my real voice ^^;
Also, forgive the awkwardness of my voice acting ;w; English is not my first language, so yea, my speaking is horrible, not to mention the possible grammar errors in the dialogue x_x;

And, since the time I submitted a Flash last time, several people seem to have trouble to view the flash here on DA; so, if you happen to unable to view it, you can download it here

And, why the characters are animals? Well, it's because, we're not allowed to draw humans for this animation, so yes, I replaced Aegis and Leversa with cat and mouse TwT
The cat and mouse is still unnamed though, and I doubt they will ever got a name :XD:
and yes, I know, I'm a total beginner in flash x'3

The animation was originally supposed to be 30 seconds, but somehow, mine turned to be 46 seconds @@;;; I hope that's okay *crosses finger*
Also, sorry, there's no fancy preloader or something like that, because this was originally for school assignment, so it didn't need a preloader, and I was too lazy to add one after that -kicks-
Oh yes, please don't mind the number below my name in the credits xD That was my student number lol

and by the way, here are some of the background pictures: [link] (Yes, I still cannot get over the fact that I spent at least 30 minutes on the backgrounds, only for them to appear several seconds in the animation xD ah well)

Finally, after this, I got another animation assignment, and this time we are free to do anything we like :boogie: And because of that, I planned to make one of my random comics into an animation as well. So, if you happened to be very bored and have nothing to do, please help me by voting here [link] , thank you very much!

Edit: Script! [link]
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Has added a color-redesigned GIF version as a featured content ^_____^

Music: Alex S.- MLP:FiM, Intro, Glitch Remix.

Hello everybody!
Finally I can publish this feature project of 150 000 views my page got thanx to you, my watchers, viewers, friends and people who don't know where they are!

First of all great thanx to :iconsmotrelaparuraz: for creating Mario-looking 3d props for that project- fave and watch her now!

And now great feature of users who have helped the project itself:
Main congrats goes to :icondlemr: as you can see he's the one who've called an air support right inside the animation ^_____^
Other people who inspired me with their donations and helped me to keep working:

Thank you all! (if I've forgot somebody- let me know ^_____^)

Also feel free to check previous celebrate emotes of mine:

And please support ALL of my emoticons at behance:
support that thing at YouTube:
and Vimeo
and click here:
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