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What if a feminist were forced to say what’s really on her mind, like Jim Carrey’s character in Liar Liar?  This is how a poem by such a feminist might read.

I need feminism because…

Women need more,
Scholarships for college,
New business grants,
Other advantages,
Even though they already outnumber men,
In college and entrepreneurship.

We need more female CEO’s and political leaders,
But not more women in…
Forestry, sewage, or mining,
Truck driving, or taxi driving,
Or garbage collection,
Or more men on magazine covers,
Or higher-paid male models,
Or fewer men dying on the job,
Or fewer men dying in wars,
Or fewer homeless men,
Or fewer male suicides,
Or fewer men in prison.

You see, men losing is sexual dimorphism,
While women losing is sexism.

All women
Should be made EQUAL to
The most successful men
Whether they earn it or not.
That’s gender equality!

I need feminism because…

Fat shaming is a huge problem,
Except when it’s directed at men,
In which case they should just lose weight,
So they’ll be good enough for me.

Every woman is “beautiful just the way she is,”
And woe betide he who dares to suggest otherwise.
But a man who doesn’t meet my standard is just a “loser,”
Deserving of my ridicule.

Men have the PRIVILEGE of being judged by me,
Without having to enact the labor of judging me.
There’s your male privilege!

I need feminism because…

Males are the main targets for violence,
Twice as likely,
Twice as likely,
Three times as likely,
Domestic violence,
About equally likely,
So obviously the real issue is…

Violence against WOMEN.

It’s so much better to say,
“Never hit a woman,”
As though men are born abusers,
Who need the reminder,
Than to waste resources,
Protecting the half that doesn’t matt –



I mean…



The first part of my poem refers to the common feminist complaint that men occupy more top-level positions than women.  This seems like a reasonable complaint, until you realize that they never mention that the most labor-intensive and dangerous jobs are also held by men, that 93% of workplace deaths are men, that there are more homeless men than women, etc.  They have no problem concluding that more men work physically demanding and dangerous jobs because they’re naturally better suited for them, or than more men are in prison because they, as a group, are more inclined toward criminal behavior – but they won’t even consider the possibility that men reach the loftiest jobs because, as a group, they’re more ambitious, more likely to prioritize work higher than other aspects of life, etc.  If they really wanted equality, they’d try to balance everything, and not just solicit changes that work in their favor.

The second part refers to society’s double standard on criticizing someone’s desirability as a mate.  For example, notice how commonplace and accepted it is for women to put on their dating profiles that they don’t want short guys, or guys who make less than a certain amount of money.  Now imagine a guy saying he’s not into fat chicks.  Who is the only one who would get any kind of social backlash?  It’s as though only half the population’s feelings count.

The third part refers to how heavily we emphasize violence against women, instead of just violence in general, especially since men are generally targeted for violence more.  JohnTheOther on YouTube made a great video about this called Never Hit a Woman.  The figures I used are based on these statistics from the California State University of Long Beach, and the graphs starting on page 133 in this study.  Even within the latter study, evidence of this bias is present.  For example, look at this quote from page 134:

Like aggravated assault, the increase in the gender ratio for simple assault is primarily driven by declines in male victimization rates before the 1990s.  Again, the fact that female assault victimization rates constituted greater percentages of male rates by 2004 shows that violence against women should be treated by researchers as a critical component of violence in the United States.

The ratio of male versus female victimization became more equal.  Even though that’s because men were assaulted less, and men are still attacked more, that means we need to focus on violence against women.  And this is in a scholarly paper.

What I have in this poem are only three of many, many examples.  Sadly, they’re so accepted by the mainstream, that they’re hardly considered “feminist.”  What is actually radical female supremacy is normal, and the prospect of regarding men as equally valuable human beings is seen as radical.

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white pencil on black paper
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I love Japanese nail art deco, it's just so fun and quirky, even if it's impractical! XD So I was inspired to try out decorating a set of lolita sweets nails of my own, and this is the end result. I never want to wear them! They'll get destroyed! XD
All the pearls and 3D sweets I purchased from, and the fimo fruits and cakes from eBay.
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Lollies nail art design.

Left to Right:

Candy Lolly, Twister Ice Lolly, Real Hundreds & Thousands Sweets, Magnum Ice Cream Lolly and Fab Ice Lolly.

All lollies were made from white tack then painted using acrylic paints.
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I got a UV gel nail lamp for christmas, so I am beginning to experiment with gel nails. with this I also did my first piece of acrylic hand sculpted 3D nail art, a bear face inspired by the popular children's character Rilakkuma ^_^ Oh and I used swarovski crystals too, which are more sparkly than resin rhinestones :)
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Gob Bluth and his puppet, Franklin, from the TV show Arrested Development. It turned out to be a little difficult to sculpt a puppet to not look like crap, but still look like a puppet.
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A Dwight poster commissioned by one of my co-workers.

Dwight Schrute for President!
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I LOVE lollipop rings. I made this one to look like the classic rainbow ones. I gently flatten my lollipops so they look like the real ones :)

I gave it a fruity scent, it's so good, one of my top favourites! *o*

I have this on my etsy: [link]

comments are always welcome and appreciated! n_n <3
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Halloween Inspired Nail Art.

What I Used:

White Nail Tips,
Black Acrylic Paint,
White Acrylic Paint,
Clear Top Coat.
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