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Ever notice how it many bullets you collect when you're on infinite ammo? Wesker has no choice but to notice, because Jill won't stop giving him EVERY-damn bullet she can find.

Jill: Use this!

Wesker: "We don't need----"

Jill: Take this!!

Wesker: Jill we have infin---"

Jill: "Use this!!!"

Wesker: "Damn Jill--- "

Jill:***** sprays Wesker in the face with First Aid can***** You have to be more careful!!!

Wesker: ***coughing gagging*** WTF?!?

Jill: ***Takes out adrenaline*** "Be more careful!!!!"

Wesker: ****Gets stabbed in chest with adrenaline**** AAAAAAAARRAAGGGH!!!!!

Jill: Give me an herb!!!

Resident Evil 5 is owned by CAPCOM.
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Inspired by: [link]

so make sure you all give major props to YourInnerDemons

I just wanted to say thanks to this deviant, for bringing that inside joke in to my mind again.

And now I will spend the rest of the weekend playing P4... AGAIN!!!

I love Nanako and her big head!!!

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Viki chases her dad for hugs & tickles!

Anthy chases Viki for hugs & tickles!

Wesker was TRYING to get a fucking Latte No Whip.
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I had an ODD, FUCKING dream:

The cast of Resident Evil were Gundam Pilots.

Don't ask.

Yes, I have the entire GW box set and movie, from eons ago. I haven't watched it in years.

Anywhoo, Wesker's Gundam was sort like the Deathscythe.... on ACID. There were spikes everywhere. He somewhow created zombie space mechas. He was fucking shit up.

However, things got retarded, when you look in the cockpit and find him wearing a damn baby papoose on his chest, complete with a baby.

HOLY shit, I need to quit drinking my vodka and painkiller martinis....
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Since the females are incapacitated thanks to Aedan.... it's always a Guys Night Out....

And then they bump into Zevran.... an elf.

Soon Aedan's 'elf-kink' is reveal much to Alistair and Sten's surprise-- and more to Gilmore's horror.

Zevran is... wondering why he took this job.

Ser Gilmore can be found here: [link]
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UPDATE: "For the Love of BUDDAH!! Here are the links to the modded armor."

Alistair & Sten's armor:

Danika's armor:

I swear to gawd, it's like the creator's inspiration for Goldanna was from the Maury show.

It puzzled me WHY is she flipping out at Alistair? She's well aware he's a bastard and ten times out of ten is NEVER touching that throne-- if not for shit hitting the fan starting with Ostagar--- he was going to be some armored monk... and STILL not be able to do shit for her pez-dispenser ass.

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I moved everyone into the world, and decided to check on the newly aged babies:


Claire is a fucking vampire!?

Wait a minute!!! Claire?!

Isn't Leon the Fucking Hellsing--- aka stabbing Vampire Sims in the heart and shit (YES, he does. The pop-ups say so.)

WTF are you doing? You have twin boys to look after. What are they going to think when their Dad SLAYS their mother!?

So, I'm going to make up a story. Instead of a Quick!Draw, I'm going to do a Quick!Write.

Okay, here goes:
Hellsing!Leon was out and about "killing" vampires. When a few bloodsuckers decided they had "Enough of his BULLSHIT!" and struck home.

They attacked the CLEON residence.... And FAILED.... sorta.

By the time Leon arrived, to save the day--or night-- the blood suckers were dead..... and so was Claire. Their twin sons survived the attack, because she tricked them into going into the attic:


Claire: "Vampires! Quick to the attic!"

Edward: "The fuck kind of strategy is THAT?"

David: "Maybe Dad's guns are up there!"

Edward: "NICE!! I got the Magnum!"

David: "I call Shotgun!!"

Claire: ***smdh*** "Uhm.... right! Let's go to the.... uhhhh, hidden Weapons' Stash!"

Edward & David: "FUCK YEAH!" **rushes up into the attic**

Claire: ***SLAMS & LOCKS the attic drop-down door***

Edward & David: "HEY!"

Claire: "AHA! The Weapons' Stash are in the BASEMENT!" **runs off to fight vampires ***

Edward: "Oh, WTF? MOM!!!! I don't want to be stuck up here with all these.... Oooh! Hidden Christmas Presents!"

David: "Hell Yeah!"

Claire: "DOH!!"
***Flashback over****

ANYway.... Who wants to tell Chris Redfield that his sister's dead, lying in a pool of her own blood?

Not Leon. He wants to remain Biohazard's Official Pretty-Boy Hero. He needs his face, bone structure, and organs.

So, he allows Claire to turn.

Maybe...... no one will notice.

Housewives of Sunset Valley:

Claire: "Well, my skin looks GREAT. I love this 'glow'. It's like I'm pregnant, but there are no crotch-fruits in my body, or crankiness, and puking."

Leon: "Yeah, that was SO charming."

Claire: **rollseyes** Not NEARLY as 'charming' as you...."

Leon: "Damn, right--"

Claire: ".... Cross-dressing as 'Nurse Meat Pipe'."

Leon: "Guh--Uh!! FUCK! SHUT-UP! That was YOUR FUCKING IDEA----uH... I--I..... i.... UHMM... Shut-up!"
**gets up from the set & leaves**

Claire: **Grinch-Grin**
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Ever since Chris got knocked up-- Viki has been on a mission for Wesker to do the same:

After all, anything Chris can do Wesker can do better.

Unfortunately, it seems that Wesker is just fine with letting Chris win this round.
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I just thought the ENTIRE Goth family showing up at the uhh.... 'horse joint' was odd enough. The fact that Mortimer and Bella had their backs turned from the Unicorn zipping all over the place was even funnier because they are just oblivious.

This ached for some captions.

You got Alexander and Cassandra occasionally, looking past them.... trying to follow the unicorn-- who's fast as shit.

When you zoom out, he's just a sparkly blur moving through streets.
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Housewives of Sunset Valley:

ANOUNCER: "Jill has suspicions of Wesker's OoC tendencies. Will she hook up with Chris and get to the bottom of this mystery? Is this the REAL Wesker? Or is this some fanboy fantasy clone on the loose? ...."

Jill: "I mean, I know I should put more effort in figuring out wtf is up with Al, but he wants to make babies with me! ME? No science lab no crazy robotic-rape devices!! I'm like: HELL YEAH! Let's get with the hump-dance!"

Chris: "Jill! DAMN! That's fucked up."

Jill: "Exactly!"

Chris: "We need to continue our investigation---- Hey wait! Why ARE THEY ALLOWING the husbands to talk?"

Jill: "Because you're the NEWEST housewife, beotch."

Chris: "N-No I'm not! I didn't mean to get pregnant! The player's out of control with her mods! I'm a victim!"

Jill: "..... So, you got victimized by some tiny, exotic-looking, African beauty.... Damn, WHY can't shit like that happen to ME...."

Chris: "Wh-What?!"

Jill: "Uhhh.... uhm. I'm be over at the bar--- raiding it for some Patron.
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