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We finally win against S. Korea! Im talking about the Fiba Asia Championship Basketball 2013 :…

Im not really a sports fan, but this is a good reason to celebrate! Apparently, it has been a long, long time (we're talking decades here!) since the Philippine team got this far in the game. And in every important game, it was always against S. Korea, and we always lose! But not this time! The score was 86-79 in the FIBA Asia semifinal match!

So to join in the celebration, here's a quick animation! My APH Philippine OC with S. Korea.

Philippine OC belongs to :iconrandomsketchez:
Hetalia belongs to :iconhimaruyaplz:
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Requires the most up to date flash.
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Game was released to newgrounds. Bug can still be fixed.
Please report any bug or problem you encounter, thanks.
Game is complete, but bugs might still occur. Help me eradicating them!


- Added random advice on level intro screen
- Changed indication of boss immunity to eyebeams from "turning white" to "having a gauge"
- Fixed various minor bugs
- Confirmed feasibility of demigod mode. It in fact isn't that hard if you figure out the most optimum "build order" for your upgrades.


- Added additional cosmetic effect when using rage
- Projectiles interrupted now disappear with an effect, instead of just disappearing instantly
- Fixed code error that caused combo heal to "jump" straight to 2% of health and not stacking properly.
- Added extra sound effects for second boss

That's it, but since all those changes potentially break the game, this will have to go through another final round of testing.
I am especially scared that fixing the combo heal bug combo might have made the demigod difficulty impossible.
I managed to beat it before, but I literally had 120HP/10000 left at a checkpoint, after many tries... I would probably just have died if combo heal wasn't bugged in my favor.

I'll try demigod again when I am less busy. Or maybe you'll have the balls to actually beat it yourselves. ;)



- Using the rage mode now switches the music to metal for the duration of the buff
- A checkpoint will not launch if you have a level up pending
- Rage ends when reaching a checkpoint
- Many minor tweaks and bug fixes
- Mochiads accepted the game for ads, meaning they'll appear during game loading at launch.

- Damage caused by pegasus spartans increased.
- Damage caused by "Yukkuris" reduced
- Damage caused by Trollface ("annoying aura") reduced
- Tacgnol attacks slightly slower
- Combo heal is now capped at 2% of health per 5 ennemies, instead of 1%
- Many minor tweaks




-Added combo system : killing enemies without missing twice with your basic attack will rack up combos. COMBOS PROVIDE SMALL HEAL BONUS THAT INCREASES WITH COMBO LENGTH.

- Heal from combo is small at first but helps a lot if you rack up long combos, especially at the beginning of the game.

- Added variety in backgrounds, they now have random elements that vary depending on the current subpart of a level.

- Updated meme list to contain new memes that appear in the game due to the new wacky background elements.

- Improved Boss intro/outro dialogues with fancy effects.

- Added screen describing the controls that appear as a reminder when you launch the game for the first time in a session. (requested by a playtester on another site)


- Checkpoints are now always full heals, whatever the difficulty and your stats.

- Damage taken increased on all difficulties except Lolcow. Increase is small on Noob difficulty, bigger on demigod.

- Yes, I know. But seriously, I felt like making the checkpoints full heals + the heal from combos made the game so easy that this actually had to be done.

- Playing in harder difficulty gets you a score multiplier. This way having l337 SkiLls is rewarded.

- Finishing the game in a difficulty lower than "cool guy" leads to a shorter ending (you guys who follow me on DA already saw the full ending, though, so no worries :) )


- Debugging
- Redrawing some memes based on copyrighted characters myself to avoid copyright issues.
- Perfecting boss dialogue cutscenes
- Finally getting rid of this project!

Here goes, have fun!
Also, I am planning to close beta in around a month. please play the game until then or wait for official release!

See you,



Fixed a lot of small bugs that were kind of stupid. The game should be much more stable, and the "noob" difficulty button should not accidentally lead to the credits.
You might have to empty browser cache to apply those changes. there is a small probability that the game will use the previous version stored in memory.

- IMPORTANT : if you played the game before and the continue option is still available, don't do it, please start a new game. Or else BUGS. In theory this should not happen but it just did to me somehow, so please restart a game.

Good news is that this should not happen again. I had to add extra saved data for the difficulty and restart level feature, but now I don't think saves will change again.

- Added difficulty settings : 4 of them, from "Lolcow" to "DemiGod". "Cool guy" is the same difficulty level as the original upload.
- Added pause feature. Added possibility to restart level or checkpoint from pause screen.
- Many cosmetic changes.
- Added prototype mini cutscenes before and after bosses. those might still be buggy.

I really don't have time to playtest in detail those changes I made. So I think I'll have to rely on you. I am truly sorry.
Please tell if you encounter a bug.


Really getting close to release candidate now... But I really need some help to playtest this further. Alone, it's just not possible anymore.
If you want to be extra serious about it, try to pause the game often. I am not sure that feature works well on every entity in the game.

Thank you for your time. Really.

After the success of the original, Catnarok, the game based on memes and Internet culture, comes back in a new version that might actually qualify as a game!
That's right, no more dumb spamming the mouse! Welcome to an actual aim and shoot game with 6 special abilities, more than 20 ennemies, a brand new tree upgrade system, and 4 epic bosses for 4 epic stages!

Lead Longcat through the levels by shooting any incoming threat and defending yourself with your shield! Try to survive for as long as possible to get an hiscore, and, who knows, maybe beat the game and accomplish the prophecy of Catnarok!


I don't know what to say, except that I might just die from exhaustion, and that I really hope you'll like it and favorite it.

I don't usually kind of ask for faves like this, but this was just so much work that it would be kinda depressing if you didn't acknowledge it.
I am fairly sure I spent around 500 hours total on this, minimum. I kinda lost track because the first building blocks of that game were put together last year.
I then stopped and came back to it.

If I don't get enough faves, I think I'll just give up on flash game development. It would just not be worth it to continue if those don't bring me a minimum back.

Anyways, enough ranting. Enjoy! (that's an order ;) )

EDIT : No sound setting, achivement save and meme list should be fixed.
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This is a project I hold dear, not only because of its purpose to help victims, but also because it is very personal and intimate to me. I hope that many other bullying survivors will understand the necessity of reaching out back to the kids who are suffering and help them get through their own struggle.

As hard as it is to revisit our own experiences, to reveal the most vulnerable corners of our souls and almost feel like exposing to world-wide bullying our children-self, it's something we must try to do... 

OMG! my very first DD! thank you :iconnylelevi: for the suggestion and to everyone else for your wonderful comments and to each of you who have shared your own stories! this is my biggest reward, the response I hoped for, I am truly happy that I've managed to give some of you a bit of hope! Really, thank you so much!

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A simple "stay on the path" game!

I started this project very long ago. It's amazing how much you can do using simple "onRollOver" script and common flash filters! I made a few levels, but quickly got bored, because I like scripting more then designing levels.
Since than my conscience was pricking me for an unfinished project. And now, almoust a year later, I decided to complete it. Well, I know, is't not very original and interesting game. It's more like a reminder that I still exist and I still remember how to use Flash =)
I promise, my next game will be much more interesting!
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tool: flash
time : 4 hours

1.My Neighbor Totoro
2.Spirited Away
3.Howl's Moving Castle
4.Princess Mononoke
5.Porco rosso


Which do like best???????
year, I think it's difficult to choose, then tell me what do you think of them?
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For Bronies Everywhere

For DHX Media

For Lauren Faust

- Picture taken outside DHX
- Various Masks + wave distortions recreating sonic rainboom
- Optical Flares
- Sound effects from MLP, Star Trek, and StarCraft II
- EDIT: Added DHX logo and Derpy
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Okay...I know that this is a piece of crap, but it was something we had to do in Flash Class. We had to make a Soundboard with 20 different sounds or songs with a button, and it HAD to have a theme. These were the themes I thought of at first.

1. Super Mario Galaxy. Problem? Couldn't find even 5 songs!

2. Nintendo in General. Problem? I don't play any others but Zelda and Mario.

3. Foreign Music and Techno. Problem? That'd annoy everyone in class.

And thus, I went with Zelda! *Da da da daaaa* (Assorted songs, by the way. :D)

Here's some quick stuff about the flash:

1. If you don't stop the music after it plays thuroughly *sp?*, the song WILL repeat. Push the stop button!

2. Don't push more than one song at once. It'll get annoying, and then the flash will play every song that you clicked on, causing a sound bomb in your head.

Enjoy, DA!

P.S. A HUUUUUGE Thanks to Taaki for the songs, without him, I couldn't have finished the project!
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INSANELY wide/tall, so please click download for auto-scaling

See in-flash tutorial (click tutorial button in upper right corner).

Made this back when I started learning Japanese (2007?). Figured it may do other people some good as well. It was used in conjuction with the Genki books.

Can also be found on my blog, [link] , in a series teaching basic Japanese [link]

Animation© *HeckoX
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For :iconthereal-oct: round 1.

:iconclickmon: vs. :iconspirogs:

I'm so happy I got this done with a week left before deadline because now I can finally rest my wrist that was cramping the whole time I drew this, ugh. Drawing work-related stuff at work and comic at home = death to my wrist. So... many... zoomlines...

Anyways, sorry Spirogs that you had to die, I had this storyline and whatnot planned out before the round, and plugged you in. Believe me, I feel guilty for killing off a nice person. ...I can't draw girls, kids or proper heights for the life of me.

And... I have the feeling that I revealed too much in this round... oh wells, there's a lot of questions and mysteries to be uncover and answered~ It's difficult to keep things subtle and not wordswordswordswordswordswordswordswords wordswordswordswordswordswordswordswords wordswordswordswordswordswordswordswords wordswordswordswordswordswordswords.

Note: I'll be altering the appearance of people's summoning device slightly to fit in the world of the R.E.A.L. so that it has some way of charging, displaying images and remain attached to the artist.

Norin, Dohi, Kiyu and Nathanael belong to :iconspirogs:
Miss no mask, Yuritsuki and paper dolls belong to :iconyuritsuki:
Edelweiss belongs to :iconskylord:
Kheller, Dylan, Terry and Clickmon belong to :iconclickmon:

Check out ~Spirogs's entry over here [link]

DmS 0
DmS Intermission - 0
DmS 1
DmS Intermission - 1
DmS 2

Edit: Whoops, forgot to change the xx's to proper numbers. And I forgot to draw in the Kamens' tails and Kheller's flower patterns in some of the panels.... uuuughhh...
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