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Czesław Miłosz "wherever"
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the "in" at the end may be a bit of a stretch
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This paper's so far gone
That I can't read its words
And this tree is not enough
For the nesting birds.

'Cause it doesn't meet the expectations
And it can't afford to take any vacations
All it does is s t a n d and w a t c h you walk
Its reaching branches unable to talk.

But if I read its words
I'd bet it'd say-

Did you forget me again today?
And all I want to say
Maybe I'm only part of the forest fray
But I am d i f f e r e n t
'Cause I'm the only one praying on my knees
What did you do to me?

You see, this tree
You don't know what it means to me
And neither does he
This sylvan place makes it so hard to see
But, glancing through the green,
I can see what this tree means
To say...

And, like this tree,
I felt lonely
A poem... one that I spent the last hour fooling around with because wouldn't save it like I wanted it. Because, if it's been "Saving" for an hour... I don't think it's saving.
Just pretend, why don't you, that it looks much cooler than it does. And hopefully I can upload it again some other time.
Anyway, any thoughts?
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Forest aubergine –
Alight, October!
I am nothing like you.

Sick, spittle images

I ruin this splendor.
Caught assailing –
Oh!  There she stumps.

Incomplete (and)
It is a turmoil.

Bow-legged and Mardi Gras,
Halfway through comical proportions:
Sitting duck.

Vein-skipping, you
Reenact the same production,
While I the plugged-up gullet

Am making amends.
Title is Latin for "Invincible Nature", or...I hope it is? I just pulled it out of my ass, I'm not gonna lie. The...attempt at Latin, I mean, not the title. :XD:

This is sort of a cross between my love of Plath and another dream I had. I have a lot of forests in my dreams. Sort of a rush job, miiiiiight clean it up. I need to let it breathe first, I think!

Edit: Okay, okay, y'all have convinced me to leave it as is! :XD: Thank you for the love!!! :heart:


Featured as a :icondailylitdeviations: poetry deviation.

Featured in :icondreamsinstatic:'s Friday Night Features XXVIII
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"Mommy!! Mommy!!"

Yuki's head was pounding and Faith's screaming wasn't helping. She sat up in the lounge chair; the plastic straps had dug into her skin and left marks on her. She looked at Faith and saw her looking up, arms stretched out to the sky. She continued her cries out to LaLa. Then it snapped to Yuki what LaLa had done for them. Calida and Luke had crashed on to tables and knocked them to the ground.

"Damn that was a very rough landing," Sven said, standing to his feet, he had grass stains all over his clothes.

Faith shrieked out for LaLa still, "MOMMY!!" She even tried to jump up, getting some air. But her young age didn't allow her to fly like LaLa.

Everyone started to gather around, looking up at the guys' room. LaLa was there, half of her limp body was out on the patio. She was unconscious.

"LaLa!!" the group shouted her name.

She was still lifeless. Suddenly a splashing sound came behind them. Everyone turned, except for Faith who was still calling out to her mom. Mike had fallen to the pool. Luke helped him out.

"Oh no!!" Calida shouted.

LaLa's eyes were slowly opening. She let out a deep groan and gazed down at her friends. Then she moaned, "Faith…mommy is fine, be strong…"

Faith cried out, "Mommy!!"

"I think I know what hit us…" LaLa was in pain, but tried not to show it.

"What is it?!" Luke shouted out.

She didn't answer; the thing was holding her in its grip and she was screaming. In the dark it was hard to see it what the monster was. It lifted the alien mother into the air and slammed against the railing. Everyone was in silence, seeing where she got hit, the sound alone made their stomach curl. Her spine looked broke, making her body seem broken, the slam made her stop screaming. Now LaLa was resting against the wall, within arm's reach. Luke, the tallest of the group now, rushed to the side of the wall, trying to reach for her.

"Wait!" Calida said, pulling Luke.

"What are you doing?!" he snapped at her.

But the monster answered his question, it was a trap. LaLa was the bait, using their hurt friend to lure the others in. She was like a fly stuck on a thread of a spider; she started to be reeled into the room, then she gone.

Faith was quite, and clung to the person closest to her. Mike was the person stuck with the child, the last person wanting to deal with a child.

"Let's go to the front desk," Yuki said, getting her gun ready.


"It's strange how she didn't sense that monster."

"Same with me, something is wrong in this hotel," Sven said.

"Make that third for me, I heard it but my powers didn't warn me," Calida added.

"Finally we're here," Yuki said, relieved to be in the lobby.

The others occupied the lobby, sitting on the chairs and waiting to do next. Yuki ringed the bell and waited nothing. She started to

"I'm so exhausted," Mike said, falling to the couch, not giving a damn in the world if the cough got wet.

"Sorry, I'm still feeding…" Faith confessed.


"She feeds off of energy, but unlike LaLa, who feeds off of plants, she feeds from people. She feeds off LaLa's energy the most, like a calf to a mother's milk," Calida explained.

"Great," Mike, complained.

Faith looked so hurt and was about to cry again.

"There is no one here and the clocks are wrong," Yuki said, returning to her friends.

"That means no else is here?" Luke asked.

"Yes as the time says that sun should be up already."

"Then what happened?"

"I have no clue."

Silence filled in the air. Faith was looking down at the wall, then up at the ceiling, then back at the wall, and finally at the ground.

"What are you staring at?" Sven asked.

"Mommy." She pointed at the ground, then fingered moved to the kitchen. Then she shouted out again, "Mommy!!"

Faith ran towards the kitchen. Calida ran after her.

"Wait we shouldn't split up!!" Yuki said.

Soon they were following Faith, listened her call out to LaLa. She stopped at the doors and waited for the others. Calida went into the kitchen first and saw the lights were on. But the air felt thick of smoke or fog. Luke started to cough, and then it got worst. Then he collapsed to the floor.

"Luke!!" Yuki shrieked.

She rushed to his side, and propped up his head.

"The air, something is in the air."

"Mommy…?" faith said.

"She's not here!!" Sven snapped at her.

"Don't yell at her!!" Calida defended the child.

"She's the one who that led us here!!"

"That doesn't give you the right to yell at her!!"

"Mommy…" Faith softly spoke.

They stopped auguring when Mike collapsed also, but caught the support of the butcher's table. He was feeling lightheaded and fell to the floor. Soon Calida and Sven felt the effects of the air. What was causing them to faint suddenly? Yuki fell to the floor near her boyfriend. Sven almost tumbled but was caught by Faith, she supported his weight. When she had a firm grip on him, she covered his mouth and nose with her palm. Sven almost panicked, but figured out he could breathe again. The girl's hand was light a faint pink color with blue around the edges. She just smiled at him. Next, with her free hand she made the room glow with a pink fog. That's when Sven saw what was causing them to faint.

A monster was on the ceiling, having a nasty pair of fangs, it breathed out an invisible gas into the air. Faith's pink fog mixed in with the heavy smoke and it started to be visible. It opened its eyes and flew to the floor; it was a combination of a giant spider with long legs, and the head of a bull. It hissed at the two, and started to close in on them.

Faith's bright eyes widen in fear and she rushed behind Sven, her hands still resting on his mouth. His eyes started to glow a bright, sky blue, making Faith's mist a lovely purple. Then he shot raw energy at the monster and it hit on target. The giant spider tipped over and the legs drew in. The gases evaporated and Faith withdrew her hands.

"I didn't know you could filter out gases," Sven said, grateful for her help.

"Me neither," she said, unsure of her powers.

The spider creature had stopped moved and their friends started to wake up. One by one, they started to stand up feel normal once more. But soon as they rejoined each other they had let their guards down. The spider had jumped back up to the ceiling; it shot a thread at the group, hoping to get one of them. Sven was the unfortunate victim of the monster's web. The others scrambled to the tops of chairs and the stainless steel counters. But they were too late, the monster dissolved into the ceiling, taking its prize with it.

"You helped him with the gases, do something!" Luke demanded.

"Powers not like mommy," Faith stated, her gaze still fixed on the ceiling.

"She's only a child, we can't accept her to fly and put shields up for us when we need it, or do some miracle alien crap," Yuki said. "I just realized how easy it was for us to have an alien on our side; to have endless defense and ticket out of her with her flight."

"We're on our own," Mike said.

Their group was growing smaller. This thing was the same from before, it picking them off one by one. It took out the strongest of the group, and the one that could help them escape. This thing was no normal enemy; it was planning out their dooms.
Damn Iím brutal with my OCs. First Henna gets her head smashed against the glass then the ground. Next LaLa is smacked against the railing to force her spine at a weird angle. Poor Sven...well he had no soul to start with, with his red hair and all. The fire crotch will be fine, I think...I hope. How do I think of these things up?

So why is everyone realizing how easy they had it? Because LaLa was there safety net. She should put shields around them without casting spells or rely on items, which takes up time. And when shit gets crazy, she just places an orb around them and flies them off into the sunset. Not this time, she is gone!! So what are our dear heroes to do now? I donít know, Iím making this as I go along. Plus having an alien child tagging along with unknown powers canít be too good.

Iíll add more OCs later on, just making the group smaller to added more people.


Story, La La, Faith, and Henna (v) :iconfreakynintendochic:
Yuki (c) :iconyukiyoshihama:
Mike (c) :iconradecmaelsev:
Luke and Sven (c) :iconyukohanna:
Calida (c) :iconelvenspells:
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The thumping wouldn't go away, and it was driving Henna up the wall. She looked up at the alarm clock and it read: 5:26 am. She got up and got dressed; the noise was driving her crazy. She tried not to wake up her dearest friend but she did anyway.

"Just ignore it," LaLa groaned.

"I can't," Henna whispered, not wanting to wake up Faith too. "It's driving me crazy."

"Then make it quick."

Henna nodded her head in the dark as she put on her slipper boots. She grabbed her hotel key, and rushed out of the hotel room to figure out what was making that loud sound. She closed the door behind her and looked up and down the hallway. Nothing was out of the norm and the corridor was peaceful of sleeping hotel guests. But her gut and senses were telling her something was off. Henna knew if she need backup in a fight she'll get from her friends.

She slowly walked to the left of her room till she hit the stairs. The lights were bright and stung her eyes. She glanced over to the vending machine and decided to get a hot coffee. Her hands slid the hotel key into the slot when she saw her reflection in the glass.

She got only a glance when he head got smashed into the vending machine, shattering the glass into pieces. Luckily the glass only gave her starches and avoided her main blood vessels. She was lifted into the air by her head; her large weight was working against her. Henna tried to scream, some dark mass covered her mouth, and this thing was cutting her off from help. She flailed her body around, trying to break free. The thing took action and crashed her body; head first, to the carpeted floor. Henna stopped struggling and passed out.


Calida's ears twitched with each sound of the night. She was half-awake and didn't feel like getting up. She heard the soft snore of her sleeping hotel mate and started to relax again. The cat closed her eyes softly and relaxed her tensed body. But a loud thump outside of their room made them both sit up.

Calida turned on the desk light and asked, "Did you hear that too, Yuki?"

"Yeah I did," Yuki whispered.

Their cats shifted and twitched with each sound, trying to listen to the stillness of the night. Then the thumb returned as was louder than before. It came right out of their hotel door. The duo took no chances and got ready for battle. Calida grabbed her staff from the desk and stood up. Her long dark blonde hair, in braided pigtails, bounced against her shoulders with each step. Yuki got her small pistol ready, loaded the barrel up. The cat girls moved closer to the door and aimed for what was outside.

Then Calida opened the door and was surprised, so was Yuki. There was nothing in the hallway. They looked around and found nothing out of place.

"What made that sound?"

"I think we're just dreaming about."

"At the same time, I doubt it," Yuki said, pointing her gun down.

Then they heard a soft growling from above them and soon around them. The girls screamed and Yuki shot off a round but the sounds were still strong. Calida was banging on the room across from theirs.

"Henna I told you-" LaLa stopped talking after her friends rushed inside when she opened the door. "You girls, what's wrong?"

"There's a monster outside,"

LaLa looked tired and didn't want to mess around with. The tall alien looked outside the door and came back inside, slamming the door behind her.

"Look there is no monster out there, even if there is one I would sense it and so will my daughter. And if you don't mind, I have to get ready since I can't go back to sleep."

She had a good point, LaLa could read other energy even before the cat girls could smell or hear them. LaLa was never wrong before, and they trusted their close friend. The tall alien turned on the lights; Faith flexed from the sudden light and pulled the covers over her head.

"Come on Faith, it's time to wake up," her mother said.

LaLa went through her suitcase and grabbed a matching pair of underwear and bra. The cat girls turned on the TV and tried to pick a channel to watch. LaLa skin started to turn a dark tan shade, removing her two color flesh, she was turning human. But the loud thumps started again and the girls froze in place. Faith removed her covers to stare at the door; they were all staring at it. Another boom came from it causing dust to fall from the ceiling.

The tough girls got ready for battle, LaLa's mother instincts took over and defend Faith. Just as random the banging started it stopped. Yuki was the bravest to open the door first, nothing was there. This thing was trying to scare them. Calida followed her outside, LaLa followed them.

"We should go to the guys," Yuki said.

"What for? They can take care of themselves," Calida said.

"They don't have powers and guns like us."

"Or you want you BF to squeeze when you get scared," LaLa teased.

"Shut up that is not why I want to the guys!!" Yuki snapped. Her black hair was standing on end and her face was flushing.

"I'm just kidding, but you bring up a good point, the guys aren't aware of the situation-"

Faith's loud shriek made the girls turned to see a shadow ball of mass staring back at them. They screamed in unison as they ran to guys' hotel room.


The steam covered the whole bathroom, making it a heavy sauna. Mike wiped the mirror with his towel, clearing the fog away. He looked tired and strained, and the day has only started. He got his toothbrush ready and brushed his teeth. He hummed to himself, to help pass the time, when heard a faint noise. Mike paused and turned off the fan. He just heard the TV and the others talking, but he swore he heard something else. He just brushed it off as a noise from the TV, and Mike continued on with his morning routine.

But loud bangs on the door made him gag on his toothbrush. He spat out what was left and dropped everything. When he opened the bathroom door he saw all his friends were barricading the hotel door. He looked to his right to see Sven was stuck with the crying Faith. He was surprised she had grown over the short years; she was already a few inches taller than Sven. Then he rushed to the door.

"What did you do this time LaLa?!" Mike shouted, giving his muscle to blockade.

"Oh when things go wrong you just blame the alien!" she specified.

"It wouldn't be the first time!"

"Enough!" Yuki screamed over them. "It doesn't matter now; we just need to find a way out of here!"

"We can't get out; the only exit is this door!" Calida shrieked when the thing slammed against the door.

"How about the window, we can get through there?" LaLa asked.

"We are on the fifth floor; we can't just jump out to the concrete pool!" Mike reminded them.

"You don't have too." LaLa said with a big smile. "You guys just open the window and let me handle the door. And get ready to jump out."

The others wondered what she was thinking but did what they were told. They were surprised how the tall, mother alien was holding the creature back. LaLa's body looked broken and passed the breaking point. Her arms and legs twisted to hold the door shut from the monster on the other side. She showed signs of stress on her face; she couldn't hold it for much longer.

"Mommy," Faith cried out, her arms stretched out for her alien mother.

"Don't worry baby, mommy will be just fine," LaLa stated calmly.

"Mommy!" she cried in a high pitch tone, she was scared of losing her. Faith was held back by Calida and Luke. She had tears running down her face and her arms were out, tying to rush back to her mother's embrace.

Then the door started to crack, the wood splitting in places. LaLa leaped from the door and ran towards her friends.

"JUMP!!" she shouted and she closed the gap between them.

The group ran out to the patio and looked down. The swimming pool looked so small from their level. But they wasted no time to gaze at the surroundings. They leaped off the edge and let gravity do the rest. Faith was able to scream louder than the others. Her crying for her mother was the fuel for her terrible shouts. LaLa jumped a few seconds after them, but those few seconds cost her. The thing has its showdown limbs around her legs and slowly moved up her waist, preventing her to meeting up with her friends. In the last moment, she illuminated bright, neon pink to save her friends. But they weren't sure if it was enough to save them as the ground was speeding closer to them.
This story takes place in a hotel, and the guests must fight a being that disappear and appear at will. Everyone is in pajamas, except for Mike because he is a badass like that, so no one is in the nude or underwear. But LaLa was nude in her alien form but started to change into clothes for the day, but the monster crashed in. what can I say, even monsters like boobs.

So I can totally see Yuki being in pajama pants and a tang top with her jacket, while Calida is in a nightgown with her normal stockings and boots. Henna, she wears slutty clothes already, sheís wearing a big t-shirt with slipper boots.

Iíll add more OCs later on.


Story, La La, Faith, and Henna (v) :iconfreakynintendochic:
Yuki (c) :iconyukiyoshihama:
Mike (c) :iconradecmaelsev:
Luke and Sven (c) :iconyukohanna:
Calida (c) :iconelvenspells:
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I need to remember how to breathe
Or I'll never feel again.
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as i dream,
i think clearly,
as i wake,
my soul aches,
as i run,
i think wearily,
as i rest,
it's a test.
Little poem describing someone who has to stay active, to lose his "demons"
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should you wish for me to die
I will bury myself in Craft, with
libraries immortal and pages that birth dust
like roses erupting in their awakening
like nebulas emerging from slumber

I will consume phoenix ash and nightshade
the bodies of gods and priests will crumble
beneath my pagan hands, blasphemer's teeth
white as chalk, from which I draw my
stars with points like baphomet's smile

in the depths of winter should you wish me dead
like the foam on Venus's form, snow
that has gathered on the arches of your feet
will melt as I warm myself with the vehemence
of my loathing and loving

should you wish for me to die
I will be rendered immortal from spite
in my own immovable pride
should love choose to escape me
it will be that the chance was lost to have it
thank you for reading.
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