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As requested.
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Red Hair Tattoo Girl Meredith Haleigh Wallpaper P15
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Daniela Tamayo

1366 x 768 Wallpaper

Follow me on Twitter: @dajs3010
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7 Red Skulls theme for windows 7

This theme took me a while to create.. So I hope that you enjoy it.
This theme works with the included full glass.exe that works only with black theme's.
just install from the "extra" folder.
Also included Mr. Grim's Xtreme Red Media Player skin in the "extra" folder
that file also goe's into the "sytem 32"
part of the theme that I created has to be installed by you and that is
only the sytem files that you will have to take ownership of in order to change..
( 2 files in the system 32 folder.. mr grims skin/file same folder)
Plus the start orb which you have to place in your own explorer.exe
Microsoft has made each explorer now numbered to go with the current
updates your machine has. so use Restorator to change it. you will need to take
ownership of the windows folder to be able to change or modify explorer.exe
or any of the other system files included..
The theme it's self install's from the incleded theme.exe but the other system files
should be changed to get the full look for the theme. Thanks to AMC of PA for
packaging my theme's.

the 3 system files go in (my 2 files plus Mr Grim's 1 file)
the explorer.exe is in (the start orb goe's in there)
provided the C drive is where your windows 7 is installed

I have also created some walls and Rocket dock icon's for this theme.
I was going to change sound scheme's too but maybe next time along with real system Icon's
this already took me a few week's.. lol

thanks again for checking out my theme.

Find this and all my theme 's


Download this theme
here [link]
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Wallpaper Bianca Beauchamp
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Dec. 16, 2012 UPDATE:Final revision done. Now an active skin you can download and install [link]
[Took out the extra picture viewer and changed the user info element and music player]

UPDATE: 11/15/12 -Final Revision / New Screenshot
OK, I moved a few things (again) and took out the anime gals from previous installments and gave this desktop a more 'real world' feel. I replaced and added some skins as well. I also used the Deep Frames landscape frame (lower middle) to act as a surveillance monitor of sorts, although I have a VLC player that pops up there when I activate it.

New add on elements from:
-Battery meter from 'tech' by ld-jing [link]

-Implosion 2 by Gordanj [link]

-2020Vision Winamp Rainmeter Skin by Thyrring (the small version) [link]

-Deep Frames by spike 0887 [link]

Rainmeter is addicting! Don't mean to seem redundant, but after finding three new awesome skins last night, I decided to do one more (and hopefully final) face lift to my desktop. I took out the clock on the lower left from my previous screenshots (which I think was from the Avengers theme) and replaced it with two other cooler clocks. I couldn't re-size nor position the World Timer RX radar clock low enough to the left (it wouldn't let me and I don't know how to tweak these things too much, yep I'm a noob) so I think it's ok where it is. The Radar Clock II was also a perfect fit to my project. Here's to the spy in all of us. 'Till my next inspiration / project... Cheers! :)

New additions:
-World Timer RX Radar for Rainmeter by d4fmac [link]

-Radar Clock 2 by CybOrSpasm [link]

-HAL by OsricWuscfrea [link]

I used Rocketdock for my icons

-Wallpaper is a "C.I.A." style login screen that I decided to use as a background.[ [link] ]

Other Rainmeter elements mixed and matched came from various themes:
- Halo 4 by mannem [ [link] ]

-Enigma Suite from the Rainmeter website [ [link] ]

-StickyPic picture gallery viewer from Wrecklaimer [[link] ]

-SGT Splicer's HUD Moon Phase [link]
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Just a little side project i did not long ago i have been working allot so i ain't really did any full new vs sorry! This screen shot isn't the greatest either lol but, basically it's same as Purgatory version one only this one has new Restore/Maximize Minimize/Help Close,normal,lone,small elect. buttons,new Buttons,Boxes&Controls, new task bar and all new start menu except log off and shut down buttons are same as first version ,new control panel, new command module background, large,small,elect, new preview pane plus i have made version two to work with theme resource changer special thanks to visual style mentor "MR.GRIM", for user pic frame.Moving Along...Now What's included: Theme resource changer thanks to" RAZORSEDGE", for teaching me how to use it
Shell32 Replacement Images
Start Menu User Pic Frame {MR.GRIM}My Thanks!
Startmenu Animation 2
Startorb (From OTHER VS MENTOR/TEACHER NOFX1994.)My Thanks!
Task Dock_by_Solo_Dev
Universal Theme Patcher for 32 & 64 bit systems
Windows Theme Installer Created by Kishan Full glass.exe by phantommenace2020
Start Orbz Studio.exe by blizo Win7LogonBackgroundChanger.exe 5 System Icons 12 X Wallpapers collected off net from site thanks to all creators and full credit for each and every wallpaper i used and if you don't like i included your wall in my theme please..note me and i will remove it !Custom cursors MB-Eye Of The Damned Original by Modblackmoon converted by mauam my thanks!BTW those are (Pre-Installed)Custom Fonts. (Install prior to theme installation.) P.S.Please add me to favorites if you like my work it's much appreciated!And,Please do not link, port, this visual style and post it anywhere without getting my written permission first.

If you like my themes come to my forum and check out more themes!!
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Here is my rainmetter desktop screenshot...i used different skins like enigma, Windows8 text, dark glass, rainy volume, emiko and dark eve ;)

Here are the links of each skin--->

Windows8Text Skin
Dark Glass
Rainy Volume
Dark Eve
Emiko Launcher

Please visit my site Genienovo space: [link]
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My personal favorite. I give you:

AquaV2, Dark & Light

Included: the Extras folder.

Big thanks to my brother Chris for some of the awesome wallpapers.

Thanks to Adam for the Rocketdock skins included.

Run the dark theme with fullglass.exe and the light without.

Remember to install the included fonts before you apply the themes.


Get it here:

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Shatter-red 7 v2 theme for windows 7

New in this version!
35 icons (made for this theme), all new cursors, (some were made for this theme)
some color fixs, WMP12 full skin, start orb included, this is the final release of this
theme so I really put some work in this one.

Included in this theme:

Patches your windows 7 if you have not patched it yet to run non Microsoft theme's

Win 7 Logon Editor Installer:

Edit your logon screen image using this app.
(logon images that match this theme included in that folder)


You can now install your theme and the system files
using this nice little program.

WinBubble 1.76: (for changing system icons)

Black Glass Enhanced v0.5:

This theme works with and with out the included Black Glass Enhanced v0.5 that works
only with dark colored theme's.just install from the "extra" folder.
(thanks to curiouso9 from deviantART)

Task Dock: moves your taskbar Dock icons to the center, the app seems a bit glitchy tho.
credit to the creator of this app.

Also a curser pack installs with this theme, I created 5 of them (the 5 main ones)
the rest were found on DA,thanks to the original artists for those.

Icon's: (all Created by me)
5 system icons that install with the theme,plus I created many other icons
included in the icon folder that is in the extra folder
34 icon's in total were created by me for this theme.

Start Orb:
Start Orb set created by me. use "Win_7_Start_Button_Changer_2_0_by_Kishan_Bagaria"
to change your existing start button on the fly.

System files:

Part of the theme that has to be installed by you.
only the 3 "system files" that you will have to take ownership of in order to change.
or use windows themes installer v1.1
( 5 files in the system 32\ x86 x64 folders, x86 = 32bit OS, x64 = 64 bit OS..)
the 5 system files are located in the "system 32" folder and full instructions
are in the "Read Me" file in there.

1.Control panel images (shell32.dll) + sys wow for 64bit users
2.Welcome image's in control panel (OobeFldr.dll)
3.Navagation and Animation (ExplorerFrame.dll) thanks to xxrazor for this file
4.The system time clock (timedate.cpl)
5.WMP 12 skin, (wmploc.DLL) created by MR.Grim and modded by me to match this theme

All images, icons and wallpapers were created for this theme,by me

no stock images were used in this theme.


The theme its self installs from the included theme.exe but the other system files
should be changed to get the full look for the theme.

All images included in this theme were created by me including 34 system icons and
10 custom wallpaper's and all other images.

to Mr Grim @ Virtual Customs. and AMC of PA

Big thank you to all of you for all the help and motivation.

if you wish to contact me to do work for you or have any questions regarding my theme..
contact me

thanks again for checking out my theme.


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