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A random play/experiment with actionscript. Try the arrow keys! n..n. Something for Spex!
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My first time trying out Mixcraft 5! My GOD, the instruments--it's like orgasms in my ears, I'm not kidding you either. I was rolling around going, "Oh my God, Oh my God ;n;".

Anyway, this is my first go at using it! I've never used graphic notation like this before, being I've only used sheet music notation--I'm grateful that I can see a rough outline of notation in the setting on Mixcraft, though--or else I would seriously just be saddened by the inability to tell if this music could actually be played.

Until I come up with some good looking preview picture, that's what it'll end up being.

ANYWAYS, enjoy!

I am the creator of this music and do not want it used without my permission.
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SONG HERE -->[link]

there is not point to this game D: just have fun :D ...

inspired by the song Execution Tank by 3 Inches of Blood

EDIT! i took out the music, so DA doesn't shit on my chest :D

This is the end, the final fight
Spitting fire as it rolls across the grave
Unearthly force and cruel design
Feel the tremors of a sadistic death machine

Shells explode overhead
Mass obliteration begun
Certain death, no remorse

Are you prepared for whats to come
Sentenced to face the execution
Cannon will aim right for your face
Precise and true the execution tank

The execution tank

Endless rounds of bullets will not pierce
Armor so thick it withstands every attack
Demoralized its enemies will run
Only to delay the fate
The tank will bring to them

Bodies blown clean apart
Another thousand widows cry with grief
Skulls are crushed by its treads

The war cannot be won
When facing this beast
Surrender your life to the execution tank

Its like a terrifying storm
With its bloody hulking form
An objective that is never done
Hatred pours from every gun
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(Having problem favorating this? press ctrl - until the resolution is small to see the fav button, I hope this is fixed soon..)
This started as a challenge from me to Boris on his fan art of Ro2, you can see his finished product here

IN any case Finished at last, my first official Fan Art for my favorite game Red Orchestra 2 (pc only) The Games realism, fun, and bugs sure as hell make up the majority of my day when I have nothing better to do and I enjoy it.

Description: The aftermath after the battle for the Grain Elevator, here we see 4 of the many playable german classes
From left to right, Marksman, Commander (TL), MachineGunner, and Squadleader.
They are all beat and battered up because this is what your class looks like once you hit Level 6 "hero of stalingrad"
I've been playing this game since it game out in 2011 and my Commander class is barely at level 3 Battle hardened. The only hero classes I currently have are the Squadleader and Machine gunner Hero

The weapons are: G41 Scoped (walther), A pair of Binoculars.. (yes you can beat people to death with them. I have done so once). An MkB42 (not Stg-44 or mp44), An Mg34 belt fed, and a Schmeisser Mp40

Fullsize Non Music Version here the-ghost-of-razgriz.deviantar…

Now the road to completing this, my latest and greatest work.. but it couldn't have been accomplished without the help of :iconnd-2500: giving tips, as well as criticism were it was needed :D Thank you comrade I appreciate it.

Red Orchestra 2 Original Soundtrack: in order

Station Assault -plays on any map in which the german team is in danger of losing reinforcements

So far From Home - Plays when axis are about to lockdown the defending objective and win.

Station Requiem - Plays when there is a stalemate (objective unable to be captured or while defending)
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Based off the Panels demo engine. I've added some polish, not quite enough yet, but it's a hell of a lot shineyer.

this one stills has a few bugs, not quite as many as the original. My goal is to reach at least 50 stages with a boss at every 10th floor. When you reach the 9th and 10th floors, just ignore them, they are broken stages :3


Sonic Sight = Music and sounds
and help from mediamuffin ,and =Vicewolf
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Let it load for a minute or two, I'm not sure why my recent animations are doing this...or maybe it's my computer...(If the scene selection window has the menu button, it's fully loaded, if not, refresh)

In this round, the contestants find the dark side of city life as they are mugged out of their possessions while Bells does nothing but sit on her lazy butt, and contemplate on the meaning of life.

Jokes aside, part 1 of my Chromatica round versus :iconsuperkun: I worked on this back since mid-December...well, that's a lie, the second part was worked on first, which explains why 90% of this part are animatics. Which is okay, because the second part is when it gets good; this is all basically the introduction and rising action...and stuff. The second part only has 8 seconds of animatics, everything else is animated...excluding a comic part. However, I'm missing some lip-sync for Krazzle because it's such a hassle (it rhymes, ha ha), and I left it for last. It should be finished in, give or take, an hour or two, but I can't work on it this week. Expect it by next Saturday along with an epilogue which is in its coloring stages.

This is basically twice as long as I tend to make OCT rounds, so I seriously bit off more than I could chew. I don't regret it, though, my opponent has been my best friend for a good 15 years, and I owe him that much. But I learned this: I need A LOT of practice in Flash, no more animated rounds from me.

Cast (or better said, my life-savers):
Acantha -> :iconsketched-up:
Jackham -> :iconmajinboo0111:
Krazzle -> :iconamtmodollas: ([link])
Sentinel of paint -> :iconyerblues000:
Iyaki -> Me
(originally, it was supposed to be ChibiSamii ([link]) but I had some communication problems on my part, still, it's worth a good shout for her)

Part 2:

:iconchromatica-oct:, Mayor, concept, etc, :iconcharanty:
Sentinel of art :icondarktail67:
Iyaki and Jackham :iconsuperkun:
Krazzle, Bells, Acantha and _____ Me

Also, the French thing is a joke. If anything, it's me...I can't pronounce anything...Now I must be off, Physics class is tomorrow morning, nyeh.
Also, if you want a better look at the cover: [link]
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Animated this today. Gonna make it pretty now.

:batman: Youtube Version!:batman:
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This was so so so easy to make, didn't take much time at all.
Many of the horror you will experience in this game is due to my friend :iconchirrup:
Her idea was the bikini... Please dont kill me. Kill her instead.
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the code for this was a pain! Anywho! i hope you all enjoy it :3

I know that binary clocks aren't normally displayed in 12 hour format, but i like it better this way.... so deal with it :3
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My first Avatar-inspired deviation! :la: yeah, only took like - a year and a half, but the timing seemed right and hopefully this turned out to be what is arguably one the the coolest pieces inspired by that movie anyone will ever see :bow:

:bulletred: Scroll down to zoom in
:bulletyellow: Scroll up to zoom out.
:bulletgreen: Or use Shift or Control keys to do either.
:bulletblue: Click and drag to look around.

I could have gone for a ground view showing one of the many epic landscapes. But that can always be done later. I don't see much of the space scene seen very early on in the film, so that combined with the fact I promised many people my next 360 "Vue It" work was going to be a space one just meant it was the right theme to choose. It was at least lighter in polygon count than my first two that were very "tree-heavy" bumping their polygon counts into the several millions which resulted in countless crashes. Still had a fair amount with this but comparatively not as bad so bouts of swearing while making this was minimal ;)

As for technical aspects, this was testing a version of Vue that can't actually render planets to its limits, that along with clever use of postwork allowed me to simulate a pretty authentic looking world below the viewer anyway. Rendering would have taken eons for me and so I got help, so I'll jump to credits for help before continuing:
:la: ~SOULSSHINE Did the rendering after I made the scene, took WAY too long on my comp.
:la: ~Smattila exported it into this Flash format after I had completed all the artwork.
Anyway, this required constant hopping between Vue 7 and Photoshop as some areas needed to be painted on and then brought back into the 3D world again to be rendered with the right amount of distortion and then composed in Photoshop again etc. I won't ramble on, Ill just say it was as hard to do as it looks, so just enjoy it! :lol:

:bulletpurple: Others in the "Vue It" series:
Vue it - Pine Shrine
Vue it - Christmas Village
Vue It - Holiday House

All artwork and animations in my gallery are my copyrighted property and are not to be used without my permission, this includes any screenshots of parts of the scene.
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