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Schwerer Gustav (English: Heavy Gustaf, or Great Gustaf) and Dora were the names of two massive World War II German 80 cm K (E) railway siege guns. They were developed in the late 1930s by Krupp for the express purpose of destroying heavy fortifications, specifically those in the French Maginot Line. They weighed nearly 1,350 tonnes, and could fire shells weighing seven tonnes to a range of 37 kilometers (23 miles). Designed in preparation for World War II, and intended for use against the deep forts of the Maginot Line, they were not ready for action when the Wehrmacht outflanked the line during the Battle of France. Gustav was used in the Soviet Union at the siege of Sevastopol during Operation Barbarossa. They were moved to Leningrad, and may have been intended for Warsaw. Gustav was captured by US troops and cut up, whilst Dora was destroyed near the end of the war to avoid capture by the Red Army.
It was the largest calibre rifled weapon in the history of artillery to see actual combat, and fired the heaviest shells of any artillery piece.[1] It is only surpassed in calibre by the French ''Monster Mortar'' (36 French inches; 975mm) and the American Little David (36 inch; 910 mm) Little David mortar .[2

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This is an example of grade 2 armor. The m/10 armor is the heaviest unpowered standard military armor for Republic line infantry.

The m/10 helmet is shown with cheekshields and an occipital plate for added protection. The cheek shields are molded to fit with the m/10 NBC mask. The occipital plate is made of the same material and of equal thickness as the helmet. The cheek shields are of the same material, but lighter and thinner construction.
The helmet is also equipped with an optional HUD eyeshield, seen here stowed on the front of the helmet.

The front and back plates and the cevlar-weave waistband are connected to the m/10 armor-harness. Additional pieces connected to the connectors and straps of the harness include the crotch and rear protective plates, the thigh plates and the shoulder protection.
The torso plates have a quick-release system in terms of the shoulder clips and a pull-strap to disengage the connectors to the harness.

The greaves and bracers are usually made of the same material as the helmet, while the softer elements of the armor are made of cevlar. The plates themselves can be of any material and construction, as long as they are compatible with the harness.

Took a while to make this armor, and I realise there are still some things that could use tweaking. Greaves are still a difficulty for me.
Went a bit overboard with the PALS, but hey...

Armor and uniform have not been camouflaged for sake of clarity.
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A design I did for the 2012 Ron Paul movement. I wanted to do something that would grab people's attention when they see it. Not commissioned from Ron Paul or his campaign but from a group of people who want to make people informed of the truth and the availability of other options other than what Fox News tells you about. We got lost in the day to day routines of working, going to school, feeding our families, etc and lose the interest to research and understand what is going on in the country we live in. I appreciate any feedback about the art and understand that there are those who disagree with Dr. Ron Paul's beliefs and that is one of the very freedoms he looks to preserve. So please feel free to criticize my work and give any advice(I am new to this type of art) that might make it better but please keep the political debates to other forums. Thanks for taking the time to look!
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The first Weapon of Remakapalooza :D It's the LG-MAW!!!

The LG-MAW Mk.2 , or Laser Guided Multipurpose Assault Weapon, is produced by Third Dot Arms which bought the rights to the weapon from Tyco Industries in 2029. Third Dots design is more modernized but still retains the weapons original compactness and cheapness that made it a fan favorite with budget militarys. The LG-MAW fires a Medium Fin-stabilized Multipurpose Missile with a Grey-Tex HEAT warhead from a disposable casing. The missile it fires may be smaller then older types but the Grey-tex on board allows for the same amount if damage. To guide the missile on target the LG-MAW uses an onboard Laser System. The system is cheap and reliable as well as unjammable but in return the operator must be close enough to maintain a clear line of sight on the target.

Other missile types used by the LG-MAW include:
-Anti-tank Missile with Shaped Charge Warhead (Un-guidable to increase explosive payload)
-Antitank Missile with Depleted Uranium Penetrator (Guidable)
-Wall Breaching Round (Unguidable)
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In the heat of the Vietnam War, two USAF Phantoms wreak havoc on Vietcong emplacements.

First introduced in 1960, the McDonnell Douglas The F-4 Phantom II is arguably the most prominent American fighter of the last half century, serving the US Navy, Marines and Air Force. Capable of the interceptor, air superiority fighter and fighter bomber roles, the type still serves the interests of a handful of countries today. With a less than elegant shape, it was often called ungainly names like "Lead Sled" and "Flying Anvil".

Models ported from HAWX
BG from Wikimedia Commons
FX by Frostbo and PixelChemist
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Ancerious Super Heavy vehicle Refrence sheet:

Shown here are the various Heavy (and in some cases super heavy) vehicles belonging to the races in Ancerious, mostly put into 4 catagories:


Super Heavy Vehicles:

Union of Worlds Achilles Land Fortress
Union of Worlds Achilles Super transport Variant
Capitol Zeus Land Fortress
IRS Mjolnir Land Fortress
Spartan Empire Land Dreadnought
Union of Worlds Violar Rokar Super tank
Triarch Super Heavy Tank
Coalition Cordia Manjack Land Dreadnought

Super Heavy Artillery:

Union of Worlds Oblivion Super Heavy Artillery
Union of Worlds Oblivion Plasma variant
Union of Worlds Oblivion Missile variant
Spartan Empire XKG-224 Mobile Artillery system

Super Heavy Anti Air

Union of Worlds Achilles Scala Infrometer AA

Anti Orbital Units

Spartan Empire XKG-224 Mobile Artillery system EMAC variant
Union of Worlds Achilles Novalith Variant
Union of Worlds Armageddon Mobile AOWP
Coalition M276 Calico Anti Orbital Array

If you are in Ancerious and still have any of the class of vehicles from the above which are not on this sheet PLEASE send me a link and tell me so i can put them all on, i may of missed a few as some of the methods you guys use in confusing XD

All vehicles belong to their respective owners, no using these designs without anyones permission. Next up Heavy Vehicle refrence sheet.

(I had to scale everything down, as it killed my computer...)
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Here's another Darkson Designs character concept from their occult alternative version of World War 2.

These Knights are recruited from the German social elite and are protected from mundane weapons by enchanted vril armor. They will often stalk the battlefield searching for an opponent they consider worthy of their attention.....
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Cerberus concept Ships, maybe later i could modify more, XD

Carrier (up)
Cruiser (Original ship from the game)
Frigate (down)

Mass Effect 1, 2 and 3 and its assets belong to Electronic Arts and BioWare.
No copyright infringement intended.
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On one occasion in September 1918, Keith's quick thinking and resourceful nature saved him from certain death. Whilst on a patrol, another S.E.5a struck his aircraft, catastrophically damaging his wing struts and altering the aircraft's aerodynamics. Instantly his fighter plummeted 1000 feet and went into a flat spin. Keith knew he was doomed if he didn't attempt something radical. So he stepped his left leg out onto the port wing, and grabbed hold of the strut with his left hand. Attempting to balance the aircraft by changing the centre of gravity, Keith continued to try to fly the aircraft with his right hand on the joystick.

With only 500 feet of altitude left he realised it was hopeless, but this activity had allowed him to guide the aircraft away from enemy territory and over the British lines. Just as the plane was about to impact with the ground Keith jumped, clearing the wreck and getting up to find he'd landed in front of a British infantry dugout. Astonished soldiers saw him get up, dust himself off and walk towards them as if nothing had happened. Escaping the flat spin, guiding the plane away from enemy lines and then jumping clear at the last minute and walking away from the crash is nothing short of a miracle.

Like all amazing tales of heroism such as this, there are different versions. The above was related from a June 1945 article by H.H. Russell in Contact. But the book By Such Deeds by Colin Hanson records the altitudes slightly differently, stating:

"WWI history records that: "in Sep 1918 when attacking German aircraft over the Cambrai sector a member of his formation collided with him buckling his starboard upper wing and forcing him into a dive. After his aircraft had lost about 2000 feet of height the dive gradually developed into a right-handed semi-flat spin. At about 5000 feet Caldwell climbed out of his cockpit, placed his left foot on the lower port mainplane and, grasping the port centre strut with his left hand endeavoured to balance his aircraft, flying it with his right hand and foot. Displaying skill and resource of the highest order he succeeded in guiding his crippled aircraft so that it just cleared the front line trenches and, just as it was about to crash, he jumped off and turned a few somersaults on the ground. He then stood up, brushed himself off and walked to the nearest trench asking to use the telephone."
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