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I'm sure this won't be a popular stamp, but there again, I don't really care. I am proud to be an American, I'm proud of the values our country was founded on, founded on, not keeps. I am ashamed of our government, I'm ashamed of the state our country is in. I'm ashamed of our foreign policy, I'm ashamed of our policies towards our own people, I think our government is a sham that couldn't give less of a shit about the American people, it's soldiers, or our brothers and sisters in other countries. If I could, I would apologize to Russia for the idiotic ' punishing parent' our politicians have had towards them, I would apologize to the people over seas who's family members we've killed and who's lives we've destroyed. I support the troops, I pray that God brings them home safely, I thank their families for their sacrifice but seriously, someone needs to slap some of those fucking idiots in Washington.
If you want to use this, just use it.
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America, FUCK YEAH~
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Long exposure + Burnout= awesome

No I didn't ruin my tire, and this is not edited in any way.

This wasn't taken by me(obviously, since I was in the car) it was taken by my friend Jon Caswell.
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This Char & Image is (c) to me Alyssa 'Ivy Crystal' Alaniz
This Image is only put here on deviantART on this username =EvyCrystal. If this pic is found on another website or name please tell me ASAP by DA Note
~ Thank you
Note: This image is for :iconroninsultramix: & BG is made by ~rave8259



After hearing about this SDL from *lovemimi I took a look at it and it looked fun :D
So I'm going to give it a try, and yes there can only be humans which explans why Ivy here is human XD
I'm so use to anthro XD XD it kind of weird drawing a human
and I thought it would be cool and it would help out with my fighting poses and comic skills too. ^^

The info below is not the real info of Ivy Crystal I had to change it alot XD lol

and a big thank you to my love ~styges for editing <3 <3 <3 :heart:


Name: Ivy Crystal
Nickname: Evy
Age: N/A (looks the age of 16 or 17)
Gender: Female
Eye color: Left is peacock green / Right is Blue (top) with Pink (bottom)
Skin color: Pale / albino like
Hair: dark midnight blue & red strip covering right eye.
Born: April 10
Likes: Peace, music/singing, dancing, swimming, sweet fruit, animals, etc . . .
Dislikes: Evil, perverted males, big wars, unfair battle . . .
Weapons: Crystal bow & arrows & Twin Crystal Blades
Skills: Singing, Dancing, Swimming, Archery, Healer, and Riding (like horses, etc)
Habit: Twirls the left side of her hair at time to time.

This sweetie is as kind hearted and gentle as she appears. Prone to bouts of hyperness and mischief she is none the less mainly a laid-back and happy person who enjoys the simple pleasures of life.
Around new people Ivy has a tendency to be very shy and timid. Slow to trust but loyal and loving to the few who have earned her respect.
Despite her friendly and laid-back nature Ivy can be fearsome when angered, and the rare times that she looses control of her temper are equally frightening to friend and foe alike.

Originally from a mysterious shrouded island that appears on no map and about which Ivy never mentions a word, she now travels from place to place across the world, always accompanied by her lover Gaz. Together they live a life of adventure, seeing new things and learning new skills and cultures wherever they go.
After hitching a free ride on a passing merchant ship these two found themselves washed up on the shores of Japan. They quickly found themselves immersed in a strange new culture, surround by a new language and new people that they new nothing about. Needing money for food and passage back home they began to work their way across this mysterious new land, picking up some of the language and culture as they did. They became sort of travelling entertainers to earn their keep. Ivy using the exotic moves she had learned from the dancers of the mid east to wow crowds in each village and town they past, and as they left each one it was to cheery farewells and grins of happiness. It was at one of these smaller settlements that the pair ran into a battle between some local warbands. Disorientated and confused they quickly lost each other and for the first time in years Ivy found herself alone as, waking up near a small river the following day, she found her beloved was gone without a trace.
And so, on her own, she has set out to search this strange country for her missing partner. Her only clue a flyer she took from one of the warriors in the battle for something called the ‘Samurai Duelers League’...

When fighting Ivy tends towards a flowing, graceful style which is as beautiful to watch as it is deadly, almost more a seductive dance than a style of combat. An expert with her twin blades and a crack shot with her bow, she hides her face behind her kitty mask when fighting, both to protect her features from injury and to hide her emotions from her foe. Her speed and flexibility are her greatest assets, and whilst her strength may not be a match for some of her opponents she can more than make up for this, dancing and darting around a bigger opponent just waiting for the right moment to strike and finish a fight in one swift move.

She has been learning with every foe she’s faced and battle she’s fought, and although she still has a long way to go to become a true SDL master she has the determination and desire to carry her through!

( Besides . . . if she doesn’t find Gaz soon then who knows what trouble he could get into . . .)


Battles: 0
Wins: 0
Loses: 0
Forfeits: 0


Weapons here:

Pic of Gaz
Coming soon I hope . . .


Well there we go ^^
this info and pic for :iconroninsultramix:

I hope I got everything right |D;

this should be fun XD

Thank you and love to u all! :heart:


No taking or copying

Ivy (c) :iconevycrystal: :rose:

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I haven't posted anything in a while? Dinkleberg......
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Why Justin? Why must you suck so bad and make epic people suicidal?

I do not own Ringo Starr.

Please put the gun down :iconcryforeverplz:

captioned this meself :D
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Happy birthday :icontoast-muncher: :love:

:la: Printed version! :excited:

*Toast-Muncher Sent me one shirt as well!! :excited: Thank you so much :heart:
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Photo by Oleg.
Edit by me.
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Darth Chicken da journal skin. I loved their Star Wars parodies. It's fun stuff! Made from art (c) by Robot Chicken.

Usage Notes: Variable height, limited to 600 pixels in width. Definitely a journal entry that leans loooong. The Feature Box content can be adjusted by going to Edit Skin and changing the text in the Skin Footer box.

Fun fact: Seth Green, the producer and actor on Robot Chicken also voices Joker on the BioWare game Mass Effect (but only in English original). Seth Green is made of awesome!

Loren ipsum: I was a little surprised to find people asking me about the typesetting text, but what good is the internet for if not learning something new? If you don't know what the Latin is for in my preview screenshot, it's called loren ipsum and layout designers have been using it for years as sample text to help you see what the final design will look like. Here's a link to a webpage about lorem ipsum if you're interested. I recommend reading it to learn more.

If you liked this skin, you might also enjoy...

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Gallery | FAQ and Terms of Use | Commissions

:bulletred: This skin has been tested with:

Fav if you use! :dummy:

▫ Only for deviantART journals
▫ You are allowed to do minor edits to make it
fit your needs
▫ You are not allowed to remove the credit
(if there's one added)
▫ You are not allowed to reupload this or
an edited version


FAQ #62: How do I use Journal skins?

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

:bulletred: Edits

:bulletred: Credits
These days I don't use any tutorials etc when I make a skin, but I might as well thank everyone here on deviantart who ever made a CSS tutorial. It's very possible that I've read it when I started out. Especially `ginkgografix for her more than amazing tutorials and references. Now I mainly go here when there's something I need or just play around until I find what I'm looking for.
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