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Long exposure + Burnout= awesome

No I didn't ruin my tire, and this is not edited in any way.

This wasn't taken by me(obviously, since I was in the car) it was taken by my friend Jon Caswell.
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I'm sure this won't be a popular stamp, but there again, I don't really care. I am proud to be an American, I'm proud of the values our country was founded on, founded on, not keeps. I am ashamed of our government, I'm ashamed of the state our country is in. I'm ashamed of our foreign policy, I'm ashamed of our policies towards our own people, I think our government is a sham that couldn't give less of a shit about the American people, it's soldiers, or our brothers and sisters in other countries. If I could, I would apologize to Russia for the idiotic ' punishing parent' our politicians have had towards them, I would apologize to the people over seas who's family members we've killed and who's lives we've destroyed. I support the troops, I pray that God brings them home safely, I thank their families for their sacrifice but seriously, someone needs to slap some of those fucking idiots in Washington.
If you want to use this, just use it.
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Darth Chicken da journal skin. I loved their Star Wars parodies. It's fun stuff! Made from art (c) by Robot Chicken.

Usage Notes: Variable height, limited to 600 pixels in width. Definitely a journal entry that leans loooong. The Feature Box content can be adjusted by going to Edit Skin and changing the text in the Skin Footer box.

Fun fact: Seth Green, the producer and actor on Robot Chicken also voices Joker on the BioWare game Mass Effect (but only in English original). Seth Green is made of awesome!

Loren ipsum: I was a little surprised to find people asking me about the typesetting text, but what good is the internet for if not learning something new? If you don't know what the Latin is for in my preview screenshot, it's called loren ipsum and layout designers have been using it for years as sample text to help you see what the final design will look like. Here's a link to a webpage about lorem ipsum if you're interested. I recommend reading it to learn more.

If you liked this skin, you might also enjoy...

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Fav if you use! :dummy:

▫ Only for deviantART journals
▫ You are allowed to do minor edits to make it
fit your needs
▫ You are not allowed to remove the credit
(if there's one added)
▫ You are not allowed to reupload this or
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FAQ #62: How do I use Journal skins?

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

:bulletred: Edits

:bulletred: Credits
These days I don't use any tutorials etc when I make a skin, but I might as well thank everyone here on deviantart who ever made a CSS tutorial. It's very possible that I've read it when I started out. Especially `ginkgografix for her more than amazing tutorials and references. Now I mainly go here when there's something I need or just play around until I find what I'm looking for.
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...I got bored.

EDIT: Please fave or comment when you install. ^^; And the Mood colors alternate. And DO NOT modify ANY PART of this without my permission.

Oh, and for a little more insight on how this skin looks in its entirety, look here.

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Why Justin? Why must you suck so bad and make epic people suicidal?

I do not own Ringo Starr.

Please put the gun down :iconcryforeverplz:

captioned this meself :D
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America, FUCK YEAH~
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Journal Invaders v2.0! - Check out live demo: here
This is an updated version of Journal Invaders v1.0

:note:The skin is tested in all major browsers. If it doesn't show up correctly, upgrade your browser to the newest version.

Also, stay tuned for some more goodness, 'cause there might be v3.0 coming soon ;)

If you like it or use it, please donate a llama to my herd, thanks :thanks:
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I am a Dark Type~ Dark Types are the most reserved. They tend to be in conflict with themselves, often about other people, and as a result, they prefer to keep their distance. Dark Types tend to have many hidden strengths, varying greatly from person to person, but it's rare that they ever let those become known… (from…
I do not own anything from Pokemon. The following story was one I created, but no copyright infringement was implied or intended. It took weeks to finish this along with the continuation and its sequels. (Which I am still working on.)

I, Zoroark: Part One

   Hello; my name is Zoryn Chimera, but I'm also called "Z." I know, it's a strange name, but I'm okay with it, and no one else really seems to care much. I am about to tell you a story about my life that no one else has ever known. I lived in Lumiose City in Kalos, just next to the Pokémon lab. I enjoyed playing in the hedge-gardens and in the flower patches on Route 4; however, I always loved exploring the forest between Route 4 and Route 5. I was a very playful and somewhat impish boy, so it wasn’t uncommon for me to get myself into trouble.
   At the time, I was a bit small for my age. I had long, thick, white hair that was usually ruffled like a Zigzagoon’s tail (I rarely ever brushed it since I didn’t think it was worth the effort when it took longer to brush than to unfix). A jagged cresent of my bangs swooped down and partially covered my mouth. I had bright blue eyes, my skin was somewhat pale, and I always wore a gold bracelet that seemed somewhat valuable. The bracelet was a bit too big for me, but I didn’t care; it was very light, had six bowl-shaped indentations all around one end. Enough with my description, let the story begin!

Chapter 1

   It was a beautiful day for a walk. I was probably about five years old, nearly six. It was summer, but somehow the weather was never too hot. I decided to play in the forest for a bit while my mother prepared something for lunch. I didn't have my own Pokémon just yet, so I avoided all wild Pokémon, at least until I heard some faint cries in the distance. Being the adventurous child I was, I raced off to see what was making the noise. As I drew nearer, I noticed a hint of fear and pain in the cries; this made me frantic to find out what was going on! I followed the voice into the city streets and into a dark alley, where I beheld a shocking sight: a Zorua had fallen into a stack of trash bags, and the pile had collapsed and nearly crushed the poor creature. Not knowing what else to do, I tried to calm down the Pokémon as I saw that its hind legs, torso, and tail were trapped under a heavy bag. As soon as I saw this I grabbed the nearest object I could reach: a crowbar.
   "Hold still!" I told the Zorua as I wedged the crowbar under the bag. "You're going to be just fine."
   The tiny fox Pokémon seemed to understand what I was doing, and it stopped squirming. Soon I was able to lift the bag and free the Zorua from the snare. Suddenly I noticed a gash on Zorua's left foreleg. At the same time, the Pokémon fainted. I noticed an object on the ground. It looked valuable, but I didn’t have time to examine it; I put it in my pocket and picked up the unconscious Zorua.
   I dashed back home to tell my mom about what had happened, and at first she didn't believe me; however, when I showed her the injured Pokémon, she gasped and asked me exactly what had happened.
   "I heard this cry coming from an alley and I found this Pokémon trapped under a heavy trash bag. Then I got the bag off and wrapped its leg with my handkerchief and ran back home," I explained thoroughly.
   "We need to clean the cut," my mother replied quickly. "Go get some warm water and a cloth. I'll find something to help Zorua recover."
   With that said, I found a small wash-cloth, filled a bucket with warm water, and ran back to the kitchen, where my mom was preparing a medicine to help the injured creature regain its strength. I bathed the Zorua's leg in the water and washed the blood off the wound. Then I wrapped a bandage around the cleaned cut, which was already starting to heal. My mom fed some of the medicine to Zorua, who was fast asleep. I decided to take a nap after everything that had happened; a teenager would have been exhausted after this, but I was only four, so you can imagine how tired I was. I took Zorua to my room and made a bed of soft blankets and pillows; I slept in my bed under a single blanket and on one pillow. I tucked Zorua into the make-shift bed and then climbed into my own; I closed my eyes and fell into a dreamless sleep.

Chapter 2

   The next morning, I woke up to find Zorua still sound asleep. After about fifteen minutes, its eyes began to open. Suddenly the Zorua sprang to its feet to check its surroundings; anyone would assume that Zorua had never seen the inside of a house before, which was true.
"Good morning, Zorua!" I said happily. "You’ve been asleep for hours, and I'm glad to see that you’re finally awake!"
   Zorua looked up at me, and I knew by the look on its face that it remembered me. The little Pokémon smiled at me, and I knew that we could be great friends. Then I heard a knock on the door. I asked my mom if I could see who was at the door, and she said it would be fine. I opened the door and saw a man with curly, black hair standing at the doorstep. He wore a lab coat.
   “Why hello, there!” said the strange man. “My name is Augustine Sycamore, a Pokémon professor.”
   “Hi. I’m Zoryn,” I replied, unable to think of any other greeting at the moment. Then I called back into the house, “Mom! Someone named Professor Sycamore is here!”
   “Hello,” my mother said as she recognized the Professor. “What are you doing here?”
“I am particularly interested in something I saw yesterday. Your son was carrying a Pokémon into this house, right?”
   “That's right. Why does this interest you?”
   Professor Sycamore turned to me and asked, “Is this Pokémon still here?” He showed me an image of a Zorua.
   “Yes, it is. Why?”
   “Do you plan on keeping it?”
   I hadn't really thought about that. Zorua didn't seem like it wanted to leave, so I assumed it was okay to let it stay while it healed. Then I thought, What if it doesn’t have anywhere else to go? Maybe I should keep it.
   “I don't know, maybe. I guess I was trying too hard to save it to decide on keeping it.”
   “And that’s what would make you a great trainer.”
   I was stunned. The Pokémon Professor, Augustine Sycamore, was complimenting me on my potential as a trainer! But he wasn’t finished.
   He continued, “Technically you are not allowed to be an official trainer - I assume that you are about five years old - until you are ten years old, but you can have your own Pokémon no matter how old you are. ”The Professor handed me a ball that looked kind of like a PokéBall, but black with gold and red highlights. “This is called a Luxury Ball, and it makes caught Pokémon grow more friendly toward their trainer. I'm sure you and Zorua can build a strong bond if you catch it in this.” He paused for a moment before asking, “Would you happen to know exactly what day it is?”
   “Oh, it's July 10th...” I replied quickly, facepalming myself when I remembered what that meant. “I can't believe I forgot my own birthday!”

Chapter 3

   “Well then, Happy Birthday! So, how old are you?”
   “Six. That means I can be a trainer in four more years, right?”
   “That’s right! And I think I have something for you – something you might like.”
   And then he handed me a small, white box. Naturally, I opened it up to see what it was, and I was overjoyed!
   “Well, how do you like it?”
   “It’s awesome! I’ve always wanted one of these!”
   The Professor had given me my very own, brand-new PokéDex! The first time I saw a trainer use one of these, I knew I just couldn’t wait to get my own.
   Professor Sycamore then told me, “Now, take care of this. It doesn’t break easily, but you wouldn’t want to lose it. Oh, and take this, too! I think you can make good use of it.” He winked at me and handed me the Luxury Ball he had shown me earlier.
   “Thank you, Professor Sycamore!”
   “You are most certainly welcome. And if that Zorua ever needs any medical attention, feel free to visit my lab just nextdoor, or you can take it to the Pokémon Center just down the street if no one at the lab is able to take care of it.”
   “Okay. I’ll remember that.”
   When I went back inside the house, I turned on the PokéDex and looked up Zorua. Of course I knew how the device worked! I didn’t miss a single detail when I saw that trainer using it. The PokéDex found Zorua’s data and read:
   ‘Zorua – the tricky fox Pokémon, and the pre-evolved form of Zoroark; It changes into the forms of others to surprise them. Apparently, it often transforms into a silent child.’
   So that’s what Zorua could do, and according to the PokéDex, the Zorua in my house was male. And of course, it wasn’t long before I saw for myself – and saw, well, myself.
   “Cut it out, Zorua!”
   The oh-so-clever doppelganger started giggling and suddenly jumped into the air. It became a glowing, purple blob of swirling light, and then landed on the ground as a Zorua again.
   “So, Zorua, I was wondering if you would like to live here with me.”
   The small Pokémon looked at me with an expression that said, ‘Yes, please!’
   “Well, how would you like to travel with me to see all kinds of other Pokémon and meet other people?”
   Then Zorua looked at me with a smile that seemed to say, ‘Sure. As long as it doesn’t mean I have to take a bath every other night, I’d love to!’ I wondered how it seemed like I could actually hear what he was saying in detail, but I guessed it was just my imagination.
   “Don’t worry, you won’t have to –”
   That startled me! I got a response before I could even finish talking!
   “What?! But, you couldn’t … Pokémon can’t … you just talked!!”
   “So I did. But I think this can be our little secret … I just don’t think this is something the whole world needs to know!”
   “Yeah, I can agree with you on that. So would you like to be my Pokémon-partner?”
   I held out the Luxury Ball, and Zorua tilted his head. “So hold on, you promise no baths?”
I sighed, “Sure, but just as long as you don’t need them.”
“Great, just checking.” And then Zorua touched the gilded button with his snout; he was enveloped in an aura of purple light and enclosed in the capture device. The Luxury Ball wiggled only once before lighting up, indicating that the Pokémon was caught. I let Zorua out of his PokéBall, and I decided that I would rather have Zorua walk with me than trapped inside a capsule, no matter how comfortable it may be. And so I placed the minimized Luxury Ball in one of the indentations on my gold bracelet – what do you know? It fit perfectly!
Just wait ’till my friends find out! I thought, smiling. The teacher did say that Pokémon were allowed at school.

Chapter 4 (three years later)

   I knocked on the door to Professor Sycamore’s lab, and within thirty seconds, the door opened.
   “Welcome, come in, Zoryn!” The Professor looked very happy to see me, and I was just as glad to be back to help him with his research and looking after the Pokémon. “It’s been a while!”
   “Yeah, I know. I just got back from a week-long stay in Undella Town.”
   “Undella Town? That’s in the Unova region! You must have had a wonderful time there!”
   “Yeah! And Zorua found something particularly fascinating.”
   “Zorua found it, you say? And what was it?”
   Upon hearing this, Zorua yapped and crawled out of my long, thick, hair (I assume you probably skipped the introduction so please go back and read it if you haven’t done so already; otherwise the story will not formulate a proper image in your mind and you will struggle with the details.) and revealed his find: an everstone.
   “Hmm. An everstone. I myself wouldn’t call it a rare discovery, but it could help me with my research. That reminds me, I meant to ask if I could check up on Zorua to see how he’s doing and possibly run a few tests; I have no records on any Zorua I have encountered, and I think that this might help me with my studies on evolution.”
   “Sure, but only if Zorua is okay with it,” I replied, looking at Zorua. When I got the ‘okay’ signal, I said, “I don’t think Zorua wouldn’t mind if we got separated for just a little while. I’ll just go spend some time with the other Pokémon.”
   “Excellent! Now I’ll just have Zorua stay in the examination room for a few minutes while we run a few tests. Don’t worry; we are only going to record data, and I don’t intend any experiments.”
   According to Sycamore, in about forty-five minutes, the process would be complete. Until then, I spent my time caring for the Pokémon in the habitat. I fed them, I played with them, and I even took a short nap when the Pokémon were feeling tired. When I woke up, I asked one of the scientists how the tests were running; however, I did not get the answer I had hoped for. Apparently there was something causing trouble with the examination; I noticed the shape of the missing data. It looked like the scar on Zorua’s left foreleg … no, it was the scar!
   ‘Are we done yet? I’m tired.’
   “Not quite. I’ll let Professor Sycamore know about that scar and he can save the progress and we can go.” I had figured out how to use Zorua’s telepathy to speak to him in secret. “Hey, Professor Sycamore!”
   “I am aware that the progress has stopped. I think the machine was unable to recognize the scar on Zorua’s leg.”
   “Zorua has a scar? How did that happen?”
   I explained everything, sparing no details that I have already shared with you.
   “Well, then, I guess that’s that. You and Zorua should go home and rest.”
   So I took Zorua back home, climbed into bed, and went to sleep.

Chapter 5 (the next year)

   Ten years old! Finally! I had been waiting for this moment for as long as I could remember. I put on my grey jacket and black scarf; I grabbed my PokéDex and equipped my bracelet. Zorua leapt onto my shoulder and we headed out the door. I ran to Professor Sycamore's lab once again.
Once I had arrived, Professor Sycamore greeted me outside the door this time.
“Welcome! Please, come in!”
So I followed him inside.
“Please have a seat. Now I just wanted to let you know that the three starter Pokémon have already been taken to a small town known as Aquacorde Town; five new trainers are starting their adventures there. But I presume that you don't need a Pokémon from me; you have Zorua!"
"Yeah, I know. I can't wait to meet them!"
"You will, in due time. I expect some of them will be challenging the Santalune Gym."
So I decided to challenge Viola. I was at a type disadvantage, since Zorua was weak to bug-types, but we pulled through and earned our first gym badge: the Bug Badge!
Then I met a boy. He was a trainer, and his partner was a Pikachu.
"My name is Ash, and I'm from Pallet Town in the Kanto region!" the boy told me. "I'm challenging you to a battle!"
"Hi there! I'm Zoryn, and I live in Lumiose City! I accept your challenge!"
Ash sent out his Pikachu, so decided to let my newly caught Noibat handle this one.
"Noibat, use supersonic!"
A direct hit! Perfect. Now Pikachu would only hurt itself since Noibat was such a great flier and could dodge most attacks when the opponent was confused.
"Pikachu, use thunderbolt!"
"Noibat, dodge it!"
Noibat didn't have to. Pikachu charged up a massive thunderbolt attack and hurt itself instead of hitting Noibat. The attack was so great, in fact, that Pikachu knocked itself out!
"No, Pikachu!" Ash picked up the fainted Pokémon. "You okay, buddy?"
The Pikachu seemed to be saying that it was fine.
"Got any more Pokémon?"
"Yeah, but I’ll just use one."
"Well I’ve got one left, so I’m not holding back!"
"Then go, Froakie!"
"All right, Zorua, let's give it all we've got!"
Zorua then jumped out of my hair and transformed into Pikachu as he rushed into battle.
"Shadow ball!"
"Froakie, dodge it and use bubble!"
Froakie dodged the shadow ball, but Zorua took a direct hit from the bubble attack. It made little difference since Zorua kept his balance, but the illusion wore off.
“Zorua, shadow ball!”
“Alright, Froakie, use water gun!”
But Ash was too late; Zorua’s shadow ball hit Froakie just above the nose, causing it to flinch. Suddenly, Ash’s Froakie caught Zorua off guard and used water gun, scoring a critical hit! That’s when I was too stunned to speak, and Froakie KO'd Zorua with a quick attack.
“Zorua? Zorua!! No!”
I ran over to Zorua to see that he had fainted. It took less than a minute for him to recover, but I knew he was too exhausted to continue battling.
“I guess we’ll call it a draw,” I decided, and Ash agreed.
“Let’s battle again the next time we see each other, okay?”
“Yeah, sounds great to me!”
Just then, I noticed something: two strange characters were talking in the shade of the forest. They appeared to be wearing sunglasses and red suits, but I couldn’t really tell from the distance. Besides, I had to get Zorua to the Pokémon Center. Zorua, dazed and exhausted, looked at me with sad eyes.
‘I’m sorry I lost. I’ll get stronger and win next time.’
“There’s no need to feel ashamed. You were awesome out there; besides, we just started out on our journey! We may lose again and again, but we can’t let that hurt our pride.”
‘So you’re not mad?’
“Of course I’m not mad at you, Zorua! I’m proud of you for defeating Viola, and that disguise was flawless!”
‘Thanks! I feel tired. Can we find a hotel or something…’
“How about we find a Pokémon Center first.”

Chapter 6

   When Zorua had fully recovered from my battle with Ash, we started to head back to Lumiose City, but not to go home, or to visit Professor Sycamore; no, Zorua and I were going to Camphrier Town via Route 5.
   “Okay, Zorua, we’re going to Camphrier Town to find a hotel, but to get there we’re going to need to pass through Lumiose City.”
   ‘Okay, but can we get ice-cream? I haven’t had ice-cream in a month!’
   “Sure, of course we can–” I stopped myself when I noticed someone watching me.
   “We can get some ice-cream as soon as we get there. –Phew! That was close! I almost gave us away,” I told Zorua through telepathy, casting a glance back at the onlooker. Zorua’s eyes followed mine, he looked at me, and we nodded at each other in understanding as the Pokémon retreated into my hair. Then I made haste for the gate.
   Just like I promised, we stopped by the ice-cream stand as soon as we got to Lumiose City.
   “What kind of ice-cream would you like?” asked the person running the stand.
   “I’d like one vanilla and–”
   ‘A chocolate and vanilla swirl,’ Zorua answered for me by using his thought-transference.
   “–and a chocolate and vanilla swirl,” I finished, looking back over my shoulder and getting a smile from Zorua, who remained hidden in my ruffled mane. I paid $3.00 for each of the cones and found a quiet spot in the shade of a tree. Zorua crawled out of my hair, and we started to eat the ice-cream. As I sat against the tree, Zorua wolfed down the ice-cream I bought for him (I was surprised that he didn’t get a brain-freeze from eating it so quickly).
   “Hey, take it slow, you don’t want to–”
   But Zorua had already finished, so I didn’t have to complete the sentence; as if I would have finished talking anyway, for I trailed off at the sight of the two suspicious characters again. I overheard them talking about something important that went something like this:
   “You heard what Lysandre said, right?”
   “Yeah. He said that there was something we needed to pick up at Route 7.”
   “Well, then, what are we waiting for? Let’s go! If we make him wait much longer, he’ll have us kicked off Team Flare for sure!”
   And they ran off in the direction of Camphrier Town. Strange.
   “Well, Zorua, I think it’s about time we found a hotel to stay in for the night. Let’s go to the Hotel Camphrier! I heard they have great service and lots of things you would like.”
   ‘I hope so!’ Zorua smirked at me; I was used to this mischievous gesture, but it always took me by surprise. ‘Or else I think someone could ‘remodel’ the place for them!’
   “But something tells me we haven’t been traveling alone.”
And so began our greatest adventure.

Chapter 7

   Zorua and I made it to Route 5 (if there were anything that could have actually stood in our way) and met another trainer: Cole, a trainer from Nuvema Town in the Unova region. Of course, we did our best, but Zorua and Noibat couldn’t hold out against Cole’s Servine and Blitzle. I went back to Lumiose City for special training; Zorua and I trained for about a month. It may have slowed us down, but it was worth the effort. Noibat kept flying up and listening for other Pokémon, but I got her (I recently learned that Noibat was female) to listen to me and continue the training session.
   ‘Are we done yet?’ Zorua panted as he struck the target with another scratch attack.
   “Well, your attacks are looking far more accurate. Try another shadow-ball or two.”
   The first shadow-ball missed, but the next five of them hit the center of the target so hard, it had to be replaced with a much stronger one when we were finished training.
   “Excellent work, Zorua!”
   ‘Thanks, now can I please be done with this already? I’m tired.”
   “Yeah. You worked pretty hard.”
   Then I added, “Do you want to be inside the PokéBall or not?”
   ‘I don’t know, I’m just tired.’
   “Okay, then, in you go!”
   I called Zorua and Noibat into their Luxury Ball and specially-modified Dusk Ball (I had modified it to have the same effect as a Luxury Ball); then something caught my eye: a shadowy figure appeared, having the apparent shape of a quadruped. It growled at me, and I had a slight feeling that it was trying to warn me.
   “Wait, so you want me to follow you?”
   The Pokémon nodded its head, so I got up and walked towards it. Suddenly an air duct cut loose from the ceiling and crashed into the spot where I had been sitting. Stupefied, I turned back around and faced the Pokémon that had saved my life.
   “You must have been trying to warn me, then.”
   The mysterious Pokémon nodded its head and I activated my PokéDex.
   ‘Absol – the disaster Pokémon; It senses coming disasters and appears before people only to warn them of impending danger.’
   “So why did you choose to save me, of all people?”
   Absol looked at me, then at my gold bracelet. Its gaze was focused on Zorua’s PokéBall.
   “Have you been following me?”
   Absol nodded, and I suddenly understood why this Pokémon warned me about the crashing vent.
   “Do you want to travel with me?"
   The Pokémon's eyes shone brightly, and Absol smiled at me.
   "Well I won't try to catch you against your own will, so just go inside the PokéBall if you really want to. It's up to you."
   Absol hesitated for a moment before pressing its forehead into the button on the PokéBall. The capsule wiggled ten times, stopped, and clicked. Then I picked up the PokéBall and let Absol out; in fact, I sent out Noibat and Zorua, too!
   "Okay Zorua and Noibat, this is our new friend, Absol."
   Absol introduced itself to both of them, and Noibat introduced herself to Absol.
​    'Hi! I'm Zorua, and I have been Zoryn's friend for three years!' Zorua stated proudly.
​    "That's right!" I said. I was eleven now. I had been with Noibat for a year and now I had a feeling that I didn't need a gym badge for her to listen to me. But just then, three people ran up, glaring at Absol and shouting.
   “There it is!” yelled one of them, pointing at Absol.
   “Get away from that abomination!” another man shouted, but this threat was directed at me. “That Absol has been causing serious trouble in this city!”
   “Oh yeah? What kind of trouble?” I demanded, ignoring the order to stand back.
   The third man replied, “Yesterday, Absol was standing near a power plant on Route 13. As we approached, Absol turned around and growled at us. Suddenly the bridge collapsed underneath our feet, and we ran away before we could fall off.”
   The first man continued, “And then the power plant started to flicker, like the electricity was cut off or something.”
   Then the second person finished, “It must have been Absol’s doing! Everyone knows that Absol only appears before a disaster. And not only did the power plant fail, but just as Absol left, all the electricity from Prism Tower to North Boulevard cut off! Absol must have caused the blackout!!!”
   “Absol couldn’t have done it, and you know it!” I said in the Pokémon’s defense. “You said the power stopped working when you saw Absol, right?”
   “Yeah! That’s why we said Absol did it!”
   “Is there anything outside of the power plant that can cause internal failure?”
   “Well… come to think of it, no.”
   “Then Absol is innocent-” I began, but I was interrupted.
   “Wait! That still doesn’t explain why the bridge collapsed.”
   I thought it over, remembering the air duct that nearly crushed me, but I needed more evidence before I could complete my conclusion. “When was the bridge last fixed?”
   The threesome thought for a moment before one of them replied, “I think it was a few weeks ago, but there have been some outrageous sandstorms in the past ten days.”
   “So wouldn’t it stand to reason that Absol growled at you to warn you about the bridge collapsing? This Absol growled at me as if it wanted me to get away from where I was sitting; not even a second after I was three feet away, a huge air duct crashed into the floor. Absol must have been trying to save you from falling into the ravine; therefore, Absol is a hero, not a harbinger of destruction.”
   “Then what did cause the blackout?” one of the men inquired.
   “I don’t know,” I replied. “But whatever it was, I’m sure it won’t be too long before someone finds it and drives it away.”

Chapter 8

   As I emerged victorious in a battle with Cole and his Servine, Zebstrika, and Fletchinder, I noticed something odd: Cole nodded towards something in my direction. I turned around to see what it was, and those Team Flare grunts (stylishly) jumped out of the bushes on either side of me and started to (stylishly) walk towards me.
​    "So you have a Zorua, eh?" said one of the grunts.
​    "And I believe I heard it talking before, too!" said the other.
​    I noticed a dark shape watching in the shadows, listening to every word. But then...
​    "Go, Golbat!"
​    "You too, Manectric!"
​    "Go get 'em, Zorua! I know you can do it!"
​    I had a strange feeling that these two hot-heads weren't going to try and capture Zorua, but I wouldn't let them get in my way!
​    "Zorua, use shadow ball on both of them!”
​    It landed a critical hit on both of the opposing Pokémon, but it wasn't enough to scare them off or even pose as a threat.
​    "Golbat, poison fang!"
​    "Manectric, thunder fang!"
​    No! Zorua couldn't dodge both attacks or handle either one of them; he was too worn out from his previous battle. But just then, the shady figure sprang out of nowhere and wrapped its arms around Zorua and me, causing Golbat and Manectric to attack each other instead of Zorua.
​    "So, there you are, Zoroark!" one of the Team Flare grunts laughed.
​    "We've been searching for you since you escaped us last month!" said the other.
​    "You nearly cost us our job, running off like that."
​    "Now you’re going to pay!"
​    "I don't think so!" I shouted, comforted by the warmth of Zoroark's fur and reinvigorated by my newfound hatred for the misguided fiery fashion freaks.
​    "Don’t interfere, you little punk!"
​    "This is our business, and you should mind your own!"
​    "What kind of business is treating Pokémon like that?! I won't let you harm Zoroark!!!"
​    "Enough! Golbat, use cross-poison!"
​    "Zorua, block it with-"
​    "Manectric, paralyze Zorua with thunder-wave before it can move!"
​​    I had to act fast; it was foolish, but Zorua couldn't move, and Zoroark was no better off (it was exhausted after running from those freaks for a month without a safe place to rest), so I put myself in between Golbat and Zoroark. I thought that Zoroark would not be hurt if I blocked the attack, but I was horribly mistaken; Golbat faked out and attacked from behind, slashed Zoroark's arm, drew blood, and left a gash on my left arm. There was blood on my arm, and I couldn’t tell exactly whose it had been. The poison made me feel nauseous; it burned as it coursed through my veins, and I staggered when I tried to get on my feet, but I sent out Absol to deal with the attackers.
​    "A-Absol, use hyperbeam on Golbat, Manectric, and th-those two people in red!" I stammered, trying to stand up.
​    Absol obeyed immediately, sending Team Flare and their Pokémon flying.
​    "Th-thanks Absol! Do you th-think you could get us to Camphrier Town?"
Absol nodded and helped Zorua, Zoroark, and me, and then whom should I meet but Ash?
​    "Ash, please help us! W-we were attacked b-by two people in red. I tried to save Zoroark from a Golbat's cross-poison by blocking it, but we both ended up getting poisoned."
​    Ash gasped, and said, "Let's get you to the Pokémon Center! There's one straight up ahead!"
​    "Th-thanks, Ash..."
​    Then I blacked out, and I couldn't remember anything but waking up in a Pokémon Center emergency room.
​    "Hey, Z! You're awake; it's been three days –"
​    "Where are Zorua and Zoroark?!" I interrupted, worried and confused – and still too weak to get up.
​    "Hey, take it easy! Zoroark is in the next room, and Zorua is right here." Ash showed me that Zorua was on his right shoulder. "We've all been waiting for you to get better."
​    "Th-thanks, Ash, Zorua, Pikachu..." I saw Absol sitting next to me. "...and of course, I couldn't forget you, Absol!" I wrapped my arms around her (I learned from the PokéDex that my Absol was a girl), and said, "You saved me again."
​    Then I remembered something: Cole had nodded toward those Team Flare grunts as a signal. Cole must be a spy for Team Flare! I was so angry, I nearly passed out again; however, Nurse Joy entered the room and gave me some medicine which she told me would cure the rest of the poison.
​    The medicine tasted somewhat bitter, but it also had the sweet taste of Pecha berries. Zoroark was given a stronger medicine that wasn't as bitter, but I guessed, based on the effects, that the medicine was made of Pecha berries, a mixture of Sitrus and Oran berries, and a pinch of Energy Powder.
​    Once I was feeling better, I went to the Hotel Camphrier to rent a room. I decided to stay in a large room so that, one: Zorua could have his own side of the room, and two: Noibat would have enough room to fly around (without getting hit by the ceiling's "smack-down" attack), and three: Absol could have her own quiet side of the room (in other words, Noibat has been constantly interrupting Absol's sleep).
​    'Yes! Can we eat lunch here and battle Ash after that?'
​    "Sure, why not? Besides, I promised a battle the next time I saw him."

Chapter 9

​After a wonderful lunch, I decided to find Ash and see if he wanted to battle.
​"You bet! I can't wait!!"
​"Then let's have a three-on-three battle! When a Pokémon faints, both sides have to switch out! Are you ready?"
​"Yeah, let's go! Fletchinder, I choose you!"
​"Alright, Noibat! Let's do this!"
​A flying-type battle; this would get interesting.
​"Noibat, use fly!"
​"Fletchinder, use agility!"
​"So you're going to increase the chance of attacking before you can see your target when you know that the attack will miss if used first?"
​"No, just getting prepared! Now Fletchinder, wait for Noibat to attack and use endeavor!"
​Suddenly, I felt something very odd; I looked at my reflection in a window, and it looked like my hair had grown a bit longer, and faster than normal. But I shook away the thought and focused on the battle.
​But that wasn't all. I felt a strange shiver go down my spine, and I felt thinner.
​"Hey, Z, is something wrong? You don't seem like you're feeling well."
​"Come to think of it, yeah, I feel strange. I think...I think I might call off the match and catch up with you later...ugh, if only I knew what was going on..."
​Out of nowhere, I had a feeling that I wouldn't be able to continue the battle, so I called Noibat back to its PokéBall, apologized to Ash, and hurried back to my hotel room. Zorua was shocked and confused by the commotion, but I couldn't stay on my feet. I climbed onto the bed and blacked out once again.

Chapter 10

​“Ugh, Zorua, what happened?” I grunted as I came-to. “Zorua? Zorua! Have you been messing with the TV again?”
“Oh, please! Do you really think I can’t hear that racket from here?”
‘Umm… Is that supposed to be a trick question?’
I rolled my eyes. It was obvious that Zorua had been trying to annoy me; his method? Turning on the TV and increasing the volume to wake me up! Then he started to scroll through some of the channels. When he found the News Channel, Zorua yelled (if you consider “sending strong thoughts” to be the telepathic equivalent of “yelling”), ‘Hey, get in here and check this out!’
“I swear if it doesn’t involve us or anything that has to do with us, I’ll–”
I stopped. I recognized the red suits in the surveillance camera replay: Team Flare! Apparently they were trying to capture Pokémon on Route 7, but someone stopped them before they could bring further harm.
“Who is that?” I looked closer at the figure chasing the grunts away; then I noticed another character: a boy with black hair, a blue jacket, and a red cap. It reminded me of Ash; then I saw his Pikachu and realized that it was Ash! But what about the other trainer? I paused the program and looked closely at the girl in the video. I could only determine that she had blonde hair, a red hat, and… a Fennekin? But that meant – this girl was one of the new trainers who received a Pokémon from Professor Sycamore! There were two others with them, but I couldn’t tell whom they were.
“I wonder if Team Flare is still around… I have a score to settle with them!”
‘Does this mean we’re going to Route 7?’
“Yes. But let’s eat breakfast first; I’m starving!”
Zorua helped me wake up Absol; I called Absol back to her PokéBall, warned Zorua to cover his ears, and put in my own ear-plugs. This was my standard procedure for waking up Noibat: everyone had to be prepared before Noibat used hyper-voice and deafened everyone in the room. I snapped my fingers three times in the ears of the “reposeful uproar” and waited four seconds. Then Noibat let out an explosive noise that was almost loud enough to be heard from the Lobby. When I no longer felt my hair flying back like a kite, I removed my ear-plugs.
“Yeah, yeah, I get it. You don’t like being woken up like that; it’s just that nothing else seems to work. Besides, I think you’re being a bit too noisy. Just look at Zorua!”
Zorua had fainted in the tumult, even though his ears were covered. Noibat looked at me, embarrassed.
“Now do you understand why I told you to keep yourself under control?”
Noibat nodded.
“Good. Now let’s get Zorua and find something for breakfast.” Then I added, “And do you think you save your energy? I’d like to see you use hyper-voice like that when we’re actually battling!”
By the time everything was packed up, Zorua had recovered and started “straightening up” the room. In other words, the bookshelf had a new pattern “carved” into it, the TV was set at the highest volume possible (so that the next person to turn it on would find it “easier to hear”), and the tissues “magically” disappeared when it suddenly started “snowing” in the room.
“Okay, Zorua, are you finished “remodeling” the room?
‘Yeah, let’s just check out of this hotel before anyone notices.’ Zorua’s eyes darted around to make sure no one saw. ‘Oh, and kindly give a tip; it should cover up any “extra expenses” that we might be charged.’
“Okay, but PLEASE stop doing that! You might get us in trouble!”
‘Don’t worry! I put up an illusion to make the other people think it’s completely normal… but maybe don’t stay here for too long.’
I sighed and made a run for it. Zorua was great at projecting illusory scenery, but it never lasted for more than ten minutes. Luckily, the workers were fooled by the illusion before we left; no one knew what happened to the room “after we left.”

Chapter 11

Breakfast was amazing! I took Zorua to a restaurant, and everyone loved the food. I discovered that Absol really liked the fruit, which was okay, but Noibat wanted some, too; Noibat got to eat most of it, but Absol didn’t mind since she also enjoyed the pancakes. Zorua and I had a contest to see who could eat more food; obviously, Zorua won (and it was his idea, not mine), and get this: He wanted SECONDS!!! I almost beat him, but I was full by the time Zorua wolfed down the last of the thirty-six donuts.
“Had enough?” I asked him after he finished his 44th chocolate donut.
‘Yeah. I think I’m full.’
“Good. I was worried that your stomach would burst open at any moment! But, wow. Just… wow.”
‘So I guess that means I win!”
Just then, I noticed something odd about my arm. It looked like something was spreading from the scar I got when I tried to protect Zoroark. I hid my scar by slipping on my jacket, and it worked as a great disguise… for a while.
Zorua noticed that I was acting strange, and naturally, he wanted to know what was going on.
‘Okay, I know you might get mad at me for asking, but…”
“What? What is it?”
‘Um… ‘
“Come on, what is it?”
‘So, why are you hiding your arm like that?”
*!!!* What did he say?
“Can I trust you to keep a secret?”
‘Yeah! Trust me, your secret is safe with me!!”
Okay, so I could trust him.
“Well, since you have been my friend for so long…” I sighed and revealed my left arm, showing Zorua what had happened. “I think that Zoroark’s blood mixed with mine when Golbat used cross-poison. When Golbat drew blood from Zoroark, it must have been transferred to the scar on my arm.”
‘So basically you’re saying that part of Zoroark is now in you?’
“Yeah, I guess so.”
‘Which also means that the grey stuff spreading over your arm must be fur.’
Then I realized exactly what was going on. My DNA was mutated! I was turning into a Zoroark!!!

Chapter 12

I was shocked. How did this happen? Why me? But then I thought, Maybe this won’t be so bad after all. Then I looked up Zoroark in my PokéDex to see exactly what I was. I was rather impressed by what I learned.
‘Zoroark - the illusion fox Pokémon, and the evolved form of Zorua; Each has the ability to fool a large group of people simultaneously. They protect their lair with illusory scenery.’
“So that’s what Zoroark can do!” I realized. “That means I should be able to fool people, too!”
‘Yep. Welcome to the club!’
“Do you think I’ll still be a trainer?”
‘Of course! In fact, understanding what being a Pokémon is like might actually help you be a better trainer!’
“I guess so. Let’s just hope I don’t get caught!” I smiled at Zorua, half joking.
I felt time speed up around me for a while, but only I felt the changes; in fact, I was the only one in the time loop! I saw a green shape fly by as I held the ground tight; I couldn't tell what is was since my vision had suddenly blurred. I noticed another change: the transformation process had sped up drastically. I had just witnessed two years of my life go by!
Then I felt a chill go down my spine, and another patch of fur started to grow on my right arm. I looked at my left arm and noticed that only my forearm had been overgrown. I wandered to a lake and looked at my reflection in the water. My eyes were still blue, but brighter than before. My hair was starting to grow longer and thicker, and its color darkened to a blend of red and black (the colors separated later).
“I guess it’s official: No hair-cuts for me!”
‘Hehehe, yeah, or else you’d look silly!”
I couldn’t disagree with that. I started to walk towards the Connecting Cave, making sure that no one saw me. When I entered the cave, I discovered that my vision had drastically improved; I could see in the dark. I found a quiet, out-of-the-way area where I could sleep in peace until morning and be left undisturbed and unnoticed. My fingers started to go numb, and when the feeling returned, I saw claws. Then I noticed that my bracelet was gone!
“I wonder if I will ever be able to enter the Kalos League after this?”
‘Come on, lighten up!’ Zorua tried to cheer me up. ‘You know what? I think you’ll have some trouble getting used to it in the beginning, but I could help you learn how to use your powers.’
“Yeah, I guess that would be nice... but aren’t you-?”
‘-Still trying to master it myself? You bet! But if I can show you the basics, you’ll catch on quicker than me!’
So Zorua slept with me in the cave (this time he stayed out of my hair for reasons that I don’t have to explain), and I slept comfortably, in spite of the changes I went through while I rested. When I woke up, Zorua was holding something in his mouth: my gold bracelet!
“Thank you so much!” I hugged Zorua, delighted to have my treasured wrist-piece back. That wasn’t all Zorua had brought me.
“What’s that?” I asked, tilting my head to one side as Zorua showed me an object made of the same material as my bracelet.
‘Do you really think all that hair is going to tie itself in place?’
“Oh, that. No. I knew this was going to happen sooner or later.”
Zorua gave me a gold bead, and I picked it up and fastened it into my hair. I looked at Zorua, and he said it looked great on me. Zorua also found a golden chain made of tiny links such as those used on a necklace. I searched my backpack and found something I had forgotten about since the day I found Zorua: a small, beautiful gemstone on an ornate brooch.
The gemstone was very unique; imagine a Dawn Stone and a Dusk Stone mixed into one gem. Now imagine that the gem is shaped like a revive. Now picture the gemstone alight with the swirling energies of Dawn and Dusk; that is the Twilight Stone. The brooch was like a frame for the gem; it was thin and built like a hollow frame around the Twilight Stone.
I attached the Twilight Stone to the tiny golden chains. Then I put it around my neck and felt a mysterious aura surround me. I deactivated the pendant, and the aura disappeared.
'That looks awesome! And by the way, I think you should see yourself in a mirror or something.'
I found a pool of water within the cave and examined my reflection; Zorua was right! But I also noticed a change: The colors of my hair had finished separating, my feet were tipped with sharp, red talons, my neck and shoulders were covered by a mane of black fur, and my entire body was covered in grey fur! That's not all: my eyes were outlined with red, my ears were triangular and positioned near the top of my head, and overall, I felt powerful, fast, and confident, just like I did when Zoroark saved Zorua and me.
"I'm... I'm a Zoroark," I said, shaking my head. "How will I ever explain this to anyone?"
“I don't know, but just think: it'll be so much easier to take your revenge on Team Flare!” Zorua answered, and I realized that we no longer needed to use telepathy to communicate. I could understand Zorua perfectly, so we didn't have to hide our ability to communicate anymore; all we had to do was talk!
“You're not using telepathy, are you, Zorua?”
“No more than you are, Z. And I can test that by covering my ears.” I tried to tell Zorua to stop, but he did it anyway, and when I had finished talking, he replied, “Nope. Couldn’t hear you.”
"Okay, since that’s settled, I'm feeling great about this already."
   And so I listened to Zorua; oh, the irony. This was the first time I ever really wanted to learn anything from him, and here I was, Zorua's evolved form, taking lessons from him, and he was still trying to master his powers!
   "So first, just look at your target, or remember exactly what he or she looks like, then jump like this, and then take the appearance of whoever you want to look like."
   "So that's it?"
   Zorua nodded, and I decided whom I would be. I jumped, cloaked myself with a special aura, did a double backflip, and took the form of Zorua.
   "Hey! Knock it off!"
   "As I recall, Zorua, you did the exact same thing to me soon after we first met."
   Zorua smiled. "Try changing into someone else without breaking the illusion!"
   "Okay, I'll try."
   Zorua challenged me for a good reason: it was hard!!! Eventually, I discovered a way of casting the illusion without jumping, but I still had to revert to my normal (Zoroark) form before switching again. Suddenly I had a devious idea; I asked Zorua how well he remembered Ash.
   "Perfect!" I said with a mischievous smile on my face.
   I took the form of Pikachu while Zorua transformed into Ash. Then we walked through Connecting Cave and arrived in Ambrette Town before long. This is priceless, I thought to myself. Just wait until Ash sees this!
   Zorua and I found Ash and his Pikachu in the aquarium.
   "What?!?! What's going on here?!?!" Ash exclaimed.
   I nearly burst out laughing, but I held myself together, mimicking Pikachu's every move. Zorua, on the other hand, was having the time of his life, and he just couldn't hold in his laughter.
   "Really! What's so funny?"
   "Your reactions, of course! Why else would he be laughing?" I told Ash through telepathy.
   "Okay, will someone PLEASE tell me what's going in here?"
   Zorua grabbed Ash's hand and lead him into a dark area where no one would notice us. Here it goes! For the first time, I successfully switched directly from Pikachu to my old self, before the transformation began.
   "Zoryn! It's you, isn't it?"
   "Well, yes and no."
   "How is that?"
   I sighed and canceled the illusion, revealing my true form.
   "What? But you're a-"
   "Not so loud!" I urged him to keep his voice down. "Yes, I know. I never wanted this, but I had little choice in the matter."
   "What do you mean by that?"
   "You remember: the last time we meo be taken to the Pokémon Center. Well, the poison was gone, but my blood mingled with the blood of that Zoroark I tried to protect." I continued, "Our last battle was then cut short because I was suffering the first effects of DNA mutation."
   "So you mean you were-"
   "Yes, I was transformed into a Zoroark. And I'm actually somewhat grateful for it," I added, flashing a smile at Zorua.
   "So where's Zorua?"
   'Right here!' Zorua announced to the group as he shifted back into his normal form. 'That was the best laugh I've had in a long time!'
   "Yeah, I almost lost control over my disguise!"
   Ash looked at me in understanding. "So you must have been hiding while you were transforming, which means that you're probably still in hiding."
   I nodded and added, "I would greatly appreciate it if you kept this a secret; I don't want anyone chasing me. Or worse, capturing me!" I snarled at the very thought of it. "So long as I roam freely, I don't want to be hunted down; I'm still a trainer!" I revealed my golden bracelet, which held the rest of my team.
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C: <3 I'm just curious...

I don't want no shit excuse like ITS ALL PART OF HIS MASTER PLAN. No, fuck off.

He's supposedly omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient, if he's all these things he has the power to end world hunger or solve the overpopulation issue or end disease. So, why hasn't he? ャャ

EDIT: Bear in mind, I am agnostic. I don't actually believe in god, which is why I'm questioning if he does then why hasn't he done anything with his powers.

EDIT2: a lot of you say FREE WILL. Let me make it clear, even from the START, I said nothing about bad choices, I said DISEASE, WORLD STARVATION, POVERTY ETC. I don't care about free will, I'm talking about things we cannot control.

EDIT3: what none of you seem to understand is that this god being is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent. Therefore, he should, in theory, be able to solve about 7bn people's problems at once without fatigue. He could do everything listed above. He hasn't, therefore he cannot exist.
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