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Another member of Holy Order except it's a biological experiment.

Name: G
Codename: Blood Forger
Age: ???
Type: Demon
Personality: Silent
Weapon: Blood
Likes: Red
Dislikes: Salt and Electricity
- Agile
- Unlimited blood
- Regenerates
- Recieve damage= More power
- Can transform blood into deadly weapons
- Core
- Salt
- Electricity
Cut/Stab- That's right folks, it LITERALLY cut/stab itself. It will cut/stab anywhere such as neck, head, torso, and other parts except it's chest.
Blood Weapon- Once it cut/stab itself, it can create variety of weapons such as sword, axe, scythe, spear, and others. But it depends on how much blood it's releasing.
Blood Needles- A stab to the hand can allow it to shoot out blood needles. Careful, they're REALLY sharp.
Blood Rise- Enough blood such as puddles can allow it to turn bloody floors into bloody spikes.
Blood Shield- G gets covered in its own blood which can protect momentarily. G can also turn its blood shield into spikes as well.
G's Death- If a opponent only concentrates on destroying G's body EXCEPT the core. A huge flood of blood will come bursting out of it. Hope you got a wetsuit.
Blood Burst- A stab in G's eyes allow it to shoot blood beams. Careful, the impact on blood burst is devastating.
Spike Ball- G's core (Original Form) will be coated in blood thanks to G's Death can allow the eye to turn into a spike ball.
Eye of G- A strange skill that allows the core to use glare, causing its opponent paralyze in short period of time. Don't know how... maybe stare deep into your soul I guess?
Blood Offering- Again, thanks to G's Death, the eye can summon its form to attack its opponents.
Blood Tentacles- It can turn blood into squid-like tentacles to latch on its opponent to break its bones.
G's Resurrection- If the opponent takes too long on killing the core, G will go back to its corpse and revive. Which gives a huge advantage to G since the area will be covered in blood.
G is a biological experiment from the Elemental Laboratory. It works for Holy Order but doesn't have any command. G possesses amazing powers that can control blood thanks to the core. G is more of a replica of Nobitsu since G has some of the demon's blood. Even though they share the same blood, there powers are far different. Nobitsu has a unique skill that Holy Orders are dying to get but capturing him is not that easy. G is more of a guardian but more professional rank like Prince Leo. G's job is usually watch over the prisoners or do missions.

G (c) ~Gold-Paladin
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This is a sword that I created for a character, which I am still formulating, but this piece of equipment is almost pivotal to understanding the character. It is a hinged sword, and as such behaves more like a hatchet in principle, and would better be sutied to people who are capable with swung weapons, like nunchaku or the manrikigusari. The handle and joint parts are made out of an extremely durable set of alloys, and the blade itself is a very dense alloy. All told, this is a very top heavy weapon, which requires a high amount of muscle to use effectively, however once swung the inertia and momentum built up and multiplied by the design would make this a very formidable weapon in the hands of an experienced user.
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Art Trade with the true and only Kami-sama :iconkamillyanna: <3
Her Hetalia OC Panama and America (/ w \)

Sometimes ... I really can't draw males ; v ; ~

Ahhh Panama is such a pretty character, I love her so much ;w; I really wanna .... touch her hair! u w u

Oh jfc it looks so stupid hahahaha /dies ; A ; I'm so soooorry Kami! I told ya I'm a lil poop u v u
I can't draw glasses, so she took them away, thanks Maria! Uhh, I hate coloring blond hair, I just can't ; A ;


Panama  kamillyanna
America & Hetalia Hidekaz Himaruya
Art  Rani-ki
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Tactical Marines of the White Unicorns chapter use Shields simular to ancient law enforcement of Terria except these shields have a slot for the marine's bolter to slide into allows the marine to use his shield and fire his Boltgun at the same time.

Standard marines of the White Unicorns, featuring almost no visable alterations baring the emblem of the White Unicorns.
Only marines of the rank Sargent and above have these
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What usually jumps to mind when people say not to abort because that fetus has so much potential to be the scientist who cures cancer!

Potential and what-ifs mean nothing.

Based on how often Dictator Kax suggests killing people (it's basically the punishment for everything), I can't imagine her dictatorship having a population over a billion (incidentally, if there were only 1 billion people on earth, we'd have enough resources to all live like Americans...).

It's a bit vague what Dictator Kax's contingency plan for the future of the empire is... Clone herself, most likely.
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Villains are notoriously bad at getting people to work for them in way that don't backfire, if the heroes nearly never having to deal with 10000000000 now-unemployed henchmen is any indication... y'know, I'm surprised this doesn't break the economy... The Great Depression saw a 20%-ish unemployment rate so I'm going to assume 20% of the population out of work is enough to cause problems for a nation. And considering how pervasive the villain's forces tends to be, I'm going to assume they're the size of those "too big to fail" type companies, if they're not a kingdom of evil on its lonesome. Though maybe this is less of a problem if the villain's henchmen aren't human because humans are racist like that and you can kill monsters with reckless abandon and get away with it and goblins, orcs, demons, zombies, ghosts, and succubi don't seem to get/need a living wage beyond "rape and pillage" Though to be fair, many historical armies considered "rape and pillage" as a soldier's wage bonus... IT'S NOT WAR UNLESS YOU'VE GOT A SOUVENIR! Soldiers love souvenirs.

Though even with coercing people, there's limits to the coercion. They're supposed to be scared of you, not actively working against you or being intentionally negligent when you're not looking.

Well, coercing people into hard labor doesn't seem that hard since you can use a normal not badass person so they can't be that powerful... but coercing people who are significant quantities of badass... >_> that's treading on thin ice.

Anyway, "health insurance" might be a really stupid running gag.

Though considering that KaxenLand is a bit on the crapsack side, comprehensive insurance that isn't a scam would probably be a good idea.

Though on account the KaxenLand education system is built on brainwashing children...
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I'm anti-vegetarian because animals taste good.

Though not killing animals on account of them being intelligent makes me wonder where the cut-off is. O_o

IMO, the only time we should lay off eating an animal is when we know it is endangered. Because we stupid humans are supposed to have a concept of future and how killing all the fish today means there's none for tomorrow.

According to me, the cuttlefish and the octopus are the more admirable creatures that end up on my dinner plate. Well, pigs are smart, but pigs don't fill me with awe... or look like Chtulhu.

Though considering that Kaxen's dictatorship has soylent green... I don't think the intelligence factor really helps.
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Commission for :icondodgestreaker:
I managed to finish this first because he asked for a non-digital one :D


Character (c) ~DodgeStreaker
art (c) ~Chibi-manga
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