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Ok im back and i think i developed a few new skills with digital media , so far this is my favorite artpiece and Im very proud of it , i drew this one like 2 years ago but never colored it until now and it was worth the waiting , I hope you like it
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Commission for Dinogamer of his T.rex character in anthro form.
You'd be wise to look out not only for those sharp teeth, but also for that deadly rifle! :XD:

Character (C) Dinogamer
Art (C) Me :aww:
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I was looking to do another combo-critter, but didn't know what to do. Someone recommended this.
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Sorry, I've wanted to say that since I took this commission on. Yay for geeky girls! :heart:!
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Here's Siegfried von Witzland, the leader of the axis conspiracy, a special section of the axis countries created by Hitler to face the shadow commandos who were putting the mess in their plans at the west.

On the right in colour : Siegfried in his SS uniform

Sketches on the left : Up : Getting ready to shoot
                                Down : Him on his way to "play" with one of his prisoners

Siegfried was born in october the 7th 1905 in the Witzland estate in Germany, his family was noble, but poor by world war one effort and the 30's crisis.
Siegfried was a quite talented writer, but never manage to get sucess with it, that situation was quite frustrating for a young man who was dreaming about a wealth and fame. But in 1933 when Adolf Hitler took the power, he knew that the new chacellor's promises of a rich and powerful Germany was a piece of good fortune for him to reach that ideal.
Then he tried to meet the Führer during a concert at the Reichstag to work for him, but an SA nammed Stamerstein did not allowed him that privilege because he reproached him to be too much greedy (Siegfried was not anti-Semitic at all but really power-thirsty), then Stamerstein thrown him out... The first attempt was not really sucessful... But luckily, just at the exit of the building, Siegfried met Heinrich Himmler who was the only one who trust his determination and his willpower. As a result, this last one engaged the young eagle as a SS officer, Siegfried reached his goal...
One year later in june the 29th 1934, Siegfried was benefiting from the night of the long knives to get his revenge on Stamerstein for his humiliation. Then he became the monster he is today, this night made of him the powerful SS he's always dreamed to be.
After the fall of France in 1940, he was transfered in Paris as a chief of the french gestapo thanks to his nearly bilingual level of French, there his role was to track the jews, to break up resistance organisations, and to lay down the law.
In 1944, Hitler requested Siegfried as the leader of the Axis conspiracy to face the shadow commandos who were a real threat for his plans...
This section was made of three German Nazis : Fritz Reiser, Hanz Rölleder, and Traudl Liebber, one Italian Fascist : Donatello Capelli, and one French Vichyist : René de Rastignac...

If you want to see the other members :

Fritz Reiser :

Hans Rölleder :

Traudl Liebber :

Donatello Capelli :

René de Rastignac :
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:iconzyraxus: Created by the very talented Zyraxus.

This has been in the works for a very long time, but it was well worth the wait. I'm delighted with the outcome. ^..^ Please enjoy this detailed reference of yours truly, in anthro form.

Physical Details

  • Species: Utahraptor
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 25
  • Height: 2.0m / 6'6"
  • Weight: 110kg / 242lbs
  • Build: Toned/Muscular
  • Colors:
    • Base: Medium gray
    • Markings: Dark blue, stripy spinal pattern with occasional spots, from head to tail and down the fronts of arms and legs.
    • Underbelly: White, from chin to half-way down tail and insides of arms and legs
    • Socks: arms, legs and tail fade to black in a scaly pattern.
    • Eyes: Green, with half-slit pupil


Sigma is a friendly, inquisitive raptor who has an affinity for all things scaly and many things feathery. He has some traits of an alpha raptor, but is never scornful or arrogant.
Dominant: His status as a male and a predator means his default stance will be dominant. He only seeks targets that he knows to be receptive to submission, openly or not. When taking a lead role, Sigma tends to be firm but fair, treating a friend or captive how he himself would wish to be treated.

Submissive: Sigma very rarely submits willingly. He doesn't respond well to aggression, intimidation or direct coercion, even when helpless. He's smart, but not completely immune to trickery. Flattery can also appeal to his sense of pride as a raptor, even after being captured. Instilling his sense of dignity can help keep him obedient.

Sigma is unbiased when it comes to gender. He's bisexual, but is not overtly sexual in roleplay or otherwise, saving acts of passion for only his closest friends. Very generally, he tends to be more dominant versus males and submissive versus females.

In anthro form, Sigma often appears in modern-day urban environment wearing plain, dark, casual clothing. He can also play in a natural, tribal setting, wearing however much, or little, clothing is appropriate to fit in with his clan.

Find out more on my F-List profile (18+)
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Ripped straight from the Eyes of a Stranger project (which is posted on my website but is extremely graphic in nature), and then lined over and improved.

Only an hour out of the vat and Candace is already shooting people and stealing people's jackets.

Candace Sinclair, TSAT and EOAS is (C) ~prdarkfox
Sally Acorn (C) DiC, Archie Comics
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Piece A goes into slot B. Piece C connects with slot D and bends to meet slot K. These instructions are recognizable to me. My dream is to be an engineer in a space shuttle program, but mostly for NASA. Ever since I was a cub, I've always wanted to fly out in space. I wanted to see the stars without the thick layer of clouds and pollution. I wanted to see Earth floating in space like a well-decorated Christmas ordainment. But what really gets my tail fluffed up is floating in space, working and repairing on machines in zero gravity. That is heaven to me. For years, I've devoted most to all of my time on this planet playing with model shuttles and studying engineering for space travel. I've also set my eyes on building new space shuttles to reach the farthest moons.

However, dreams do have sacrifices. I was so fixed on my studies that I've forgot the world around me. I've lost most to all of my friends do to my fixation on my dream. I've missed their birthdays, their gatherings, road-trips...everything. Its like I completely locked in my own bubble and don't wish to get out until my dream comes alive. I travel a lot too so I'm not in the right spot or time to hang out with them. Now and then, a passing thought of loneliness comes into my head and I feel sad and depressed. Is my dream worth building if I have no friends? I can never seem to answer that one question. All I can really do is focus on my dreams, my studies and my toy shuttles, dreaming of a day where I will be out in space, floating out there without a care in the world.

A commission that sequencednoise on DA wanted me to do. he made it very clear what he wanted in the note he sent me and how strong his passion was to be out in space. A lot of my commissions seem to connect well with strong dreams and no friends. Sometimes, you need friends. They are there to support you when you fall and you support them when they fall. Without friends, you will always feel cold and alone.

character © :iconsequencednoise:
story and art © 2009 Alex Cockburn
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The Shining Tears: Haunted Castle series continues, as the group of Beastmen Generals continue to search for their lost companion, Lazarus. But little do they know about the playful spirits that haunt the dungeon walls of the castle. Now with one of them captured by the ghosts, the 3 remaining Generals continue to search the dungeons separately for Lazarus, unknown to what further awaits them in the shadows.

For the previous entries of this series you can see them here.

1. [link]
2. [link]

This commission was drawn by Symbol-Hero: [link] and he has given me permission to post it on my gallery.

Hyoun the crystal dragon, like the rest of the group, continued to search the endless hallways of the dungeon. "Ah! This is impossible! How am I going to find Lazarus in this maze!" When he got to the end of the cell block he suddenly heard something behind him. Turning around, he stood alert and listened for whatever made that sound. He waited for a few second before hearing something again, it was some sort of laughter followed by a strange cranking sound. Hyoun slowly walked down the hallway, listening for the strange noises. He heard them again, a little louder this time. Hyoun moved farther and farther down the hall when he suddenly couldn't hear the noises any more. Nervous, he called out to who that was, but got no answer. He was about to continue further when he heard a creaking noise, it sounded like it was right next to him! He turned to his left and saw that one of the cell doors was wide open, he swore that all the doors were closed in the hallway. With his sword at the ready, he slowly moved toward the doorway and peered inside.

The room was somewhat dim, but he could still see much of what was in the room. He then walked over to the largest object in the room, upon closer inspection it was a torture device, a stretching rack. He then examined the wall next to it, which housed various tools on a wall rack, strangely the tools looked and felt like hand brushes and feathers. Suddenly the main door slammed shut, Hyoun quickly turned around ran to the door. He looked out through the small viewing hole in the door but saw no one. He called out for help but no one answered, not wanting to stay in the room a second longer, Hyoun raised his sword with both hands and was about to smash the door open but he then felt something grab his wrists. Seconds later before he could react, Hyoun was flung backwards through the air and landed on the rack. He then felt some sort of force grab his legs and moved them in place over the ankle clamps and locked his feet and tail in place. After happening so fast, it took Hyoun a minute to realize what position he was in. What just happened? How was he on the rack? Who or what grabbed him? Hyoun continued to struggle as the wrist clamps held his arms in a position where he could only move them around a bit. After a minute or two, Hyoun saw something to his left. It was some sort of strange white light, it couldn't be a torch. As it moved closer, it began to light up the area around him, and he managed to get a better look. It was some sort of Willow-the-wisp type of spirit. It hovered passed Hyoun, who watched nervously, as it floated towards the wall rack, he could now fully see that the wall rack indeed had feathers and brushes attached to it. The spirit enveloped one of the long brushes and levitated it. Hyoun was starting to get really confused, he had no idea on why he was restrained and what the spirit was going to do with a simple brush. He continued to watch the ghostly mist as it brought the brush down toward the end of the rack, towards his feet. Once it reached his soles, the spirit began to brush up and down Hyoun's left sole.

Not quite expecting such an action, Hyoun burst into rapid giggles as the ghost continued tickling Hyoun, despite his pleas. After a few minutes Hyoun then notice that other Willow-the-wisp spirits appear in the room, and most of them went to the wall rack. Knowing what was going to happen, Hyoun tried his best to free himself from the rack, but for a device that probably hasn't be used in years, it was surprisingly sturdy. Hyoun watched as the other spirits picked up various feathers and brushes as one spirit used another long brush to use on his right foot, three circular brushes were used on his belly, and two feathers were used on his armpits. Hyoun's laughter increase greatly as the ghost playfully tickle Hyoun all over. But during the tickling, Hyoun felt something tugging on his wrists, he looked up and saw the last spirit slowly turning the crank handles on the rack, slowly stretching him. Hyoun laughed louder and louder as the spirits tickled all over the soft parts of his body while the spirit operating the rack stretched Hyoun's body tighter and tighter, to the point where Hyoun started making loud moans due to the pressure, then the spirit would loosen the rack so to give him brief relief, but then would start back up again.

After 30 minutes, Hyoun was in tears from laughing as the spirits continued to tickle him all over his stretched out body, hoping that the rest of the group would eventually find him with all the noise he was making. Meanwhile, both Raihi the tiger general met up with Rouen the wolf king when both bumped into each other at a cross lane in the dungeon labyrinth. "Raihi?! Did you find any trace of Lazarus?" asked Rouen, "No nothing yet, this place is like a maze, everything looks the same." Rouen pondered for a minute. "Hmmmmm, I think we better stay together this time, I have no idea where the other are, they could be lost in here somewhere." Raihi agreed, "Yes that would be a good idea. I've got a feeling that this place is cursed, I keep hearing strange laughter everywhere."

To Be Continued.........

Original artwork by Symbol-Hero: [link]
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Our call it an airport if ya like. I think the idea of this would have deserved some more time with drawing and planing. But I don't have that necessary time. So here is a rushed together picture to you guys. I hope I didn't missed anything with the shading.
The plane is some kind of Airbus (not that new fat plane) And well me is just me. OMG I so could add some more details.....

Art © 2008 LandingZone
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