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Jillian Vade Easley


► her onii-sama *A* /
► anything fantasy-related
► videogames/RPGs/otome games/ amgg all games
► occult and the supernatural
► heroes
► vegetables—wait she ‘ll eat anything—she just eats vegetables for her brother’s sake.
► bugs—ladybugs, to be exact


► Onii-tama getting hurt because of her
► being treated like a dog /mingplz
► rodents
► evil-doers; mean people


Jill takes after her mom who is a highly-spirited, strong-willed and a carefree woman. She’s one big bottle of sunshine.

An optimist at heart, Jill has a strong positive outlook on life. It’s rare to see her depressed or crying.

Though she may look ditsy at times, Jill is actually serious and has a big sense of responsibility. Since she takes after her mom, she is quite logical and a realist despite her love for fantasy.

She rolls at her own pace and hardly worries about how other people view her, though she hates being belittled.

She tries hard to always make the people around her happy, especially her family so she loves to joke around and goof around.

Though Jill does have insecurities, thinking she's a just a jackjill-of-all trades and really has no special skills whatsoever, she sometimes envy people with great skills at a specific something.

Family Background / History:
read ymi’s first lolol, [link]

Jill was born into a warm and loving family. Her father was a British entrepreneur who enjoyed his leisure time watching the latest movies. During the premiere night for Star Wars, there he met the love of his life, a lovely young maiden who was apparently into Star Wars, too.

They fell in love at first sight and eventually got married and had two children. Their eldest being a boy, Quihnree Luke and the youngest, a girl, Jillian Vade. (you can see how much of otaku’s they were--psh).

Quihn and Jill (I won’t make the same jokeasjasfsafaymishush--//hithit) were pretty much pampered rich brats but they were taught by their mother and father the values of hard work, humility and friendship.

The siblings we’re pretty mischievous and hyper. They loved to play under the sun and do practically anything they think is fun. They share the love for games, anime and manga (even though it’s a secret for Quihn). Though they may have different likes and dislikes, they both look out for each other (since mother told Jill-- //punched). Yup, they’re bro-sis forever.

Their mother was from the Rousseau line so during one fateful family reunion, there they met their 2nd degree cousin by the name of Cahill. He was about Quihn’s age and so they thought they could get along well. But to their dismay –no actually, HORROR, this cousin of theirs was one heck of a devil. They were abused and treated as lackeys which made them develop a fear of him. They so dread every year’s reunion ever since.

Jill then followed her brother to study in Rousseau Academy’s North campus before it was merged with the Main campus. After the news came that the campuses were merging and the fact that Cahill (who was actually studying at the Main Campus) was leaving, Jill was ecstatic to show Cahill when he comes back that she has more than what it takes to be his equal—not a lackey or a dog—by running as Student Council President.


additional info:

► Oblivious to others’ feelings and doesn’t really care what others say or think of her. But insult any of her beloved ‘heroes’ and you’ll be in for a hot debate.
► She likes to scare herself coz she finds it thrilling.
► Draws terribly but she urges on with drawing and comforts herself even though she never reaches anywhere from a kindergartener’s drawing skills.
► Her way of thinking goes around like this: “A hero never backs away from his responsibilities! He tackles them head on and with pride! = 7 =“
► She makes outlandish poses. OTL
► Almost compares everyone to an anime character or categorizes them into tsun/yans/kuu/and all the derederes out there.
► She aspires to be an actress 'coz ever since she was small she has always enjoyed watching movies with her family.
► She has a fetish for long sleeved cardigans/sweaters, since she thinks it's cute to see her fingers being covered by them like most in anime/manga. lolol
► She can do a suplex; please don't terrify her or make her too mad (though this is very rare).

Club : [TBA]

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Join us~ Enrollments are open until April 20th. :iconfabulousplz:

WARNING: Incoming wall of text~ read at your own risk

Full name:
Quihnree Luke Easley

♡ His younger sister, 'nuff said COUGHsis-conCOUGH
♡ Doing ONLY the fun things (SC duties included)
♡ Plants, especially flowers and man-eating plants
♡ Anime and Manga, its a secret hobby
♡ Food: Meat

♡ Violence
♡ Getting bored and feeling useless
♡ Animals, coz they're hostile against him
♡ Falling asleep
♡ Food: Vegetables

♡ Cheerful
♡ Easy-going
♡ Airheaded
♡ Diligent
♡ Strict (When it comes to school rules, except uniforms ajsdlajdal)
♡ Secretly Competitive (against Cahill, his sworn rival)
♡ Secretly Serious (wait.. WHAT DOES THIS EVEN MEAN!?)

Family Background / History:
Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, that is, Europe... a young, but epically rich British entrepreneur named Mr. Easley went to a Star Wars premiere night, being an otaku that he is. There, he met a beautiful Italian maiden from the Rousseau lineage, who bumped into him accidentally and spilled her popcorn and softdrinks on his shirt. However, the rich man didn't get angry... since there was a spark~ and he fell in love with the her at first sight, he took her hand and asked... "Are you also here to watch the premiere?" thus, it was revealed that both of them are die-hard Starwars otaku. Then, as far as a normal love story between rich couples goes... they dated, got engaged, got married, and had two children. They named their children Quihnree Luke and Jillian Vade. Jack Quihn and Jill went up the hill--//smacked grew up in a warm and loving family, they are both spoiled and given whatever they want but at the same time, their parents taught them to look after each other.

As a child, Quihn is mischievous. During one of their family trips in India, he was almost stepped on and crushed by an elephant. On another trip in England, he almost fell from the back of a horse, he remained tied on it up-side-down until it got tired and the trainers were able to help him. He started doubting all animals and refused to go near them until his sister begged him to visit the zoo with her. However, there was an accident and the lock of the monkey bars got broken and they attacked Jill, who is currently eating. Desperately, he shielded her from them and was hospitalized for a few months. Since then, he developed a phobia from all animals, big or small, and treats them as his sworn enemies.

However, this story is incomplete if we don't have an antagonist so we will punt him here. As Rousseau tradition dictates, an annual family gathering is held from time to time, this usually lasts for weeks where everyone stays at the main house and meet each other, talk about life updates, gossip, etc. There, the siblings met their worst nightmare, the embodiment of sadism, who everyone knows by the name of Cahill Rousseau, their second-degree cousin. For weeks, they were bullied and treated like dogs by this adorable cousin of theirs. The siblings grew scared of him and feared the annual reunion from the bottom of their hearts. Since they are blackmailed not to say anything or else their heads will go fly off somewhere, their parents never knew of what's really happening because they thought that the children is just getting along oh-so-well... so the suffering went on and on and on until they grew up.

When he reached high school, Quihn entered the north branch of Rousseau Academy at their mom's request. Not long after that, his younger sister entered the same school and their lives continued normally. Until a news came stating that the north and main branch will be merged, at the same time, their cousin (who is part of the previous SC in the main branch) will leave and study in Europe. Because of all the years he suffered from him, Quihn developed a one-sided rivalry against Cahill and the reason why he agreed to enter the Student Council with Jill is to prove that they can manage the school better than him and for him to acknowledge them as his equals, not as useless bags of human flesh.

Man-eating plants, he actually tried proposing several times, but he always get rejected None yet.

Additional Info:
♡ He's dense to the bone and won't know that you hate him unless you shout it on his face. Actually, even if you say how much you despise him, he won't really mind. He's such an airhead.
♡ He's a peace-loving person who believes that everything can be resolved through proper communication. But don't try to push him to his limits, if you mess around with his precious sister, you'll get yourself in big trouble.
♡ If push comes to shove, he'll just look at you with a smile plastered on his face and give you a piece of paper written there is a schedule and off with your head~! detention for you, bby.
♡ When he was still a kid, his dream is to become a "loving mother" of an adopted robot (this is a secret that only his sister knows). As he grew older, he started developing interest in plants, especially man-eating plants, after watching alot of Sci-Fi movies. Now, his dream is to start a flowershop business. (degraded alot LOLOLOL //ming)
♡ His initial goal in joining the SC is because of his sister. Although, he's extremely serious about his SC duties and works hard because of his rivalry with Cahill, but he makes sure to always have time to play around with her, so he soon became an insomniac who falls asleep at the most inappropriate time (while writing on the board, while chewing his food, etc.). It's not a health condition, just poor lifestyle habits.
♡ He's a third year but he's always hanging out in the second year classroom to stalk keep all the boys away from his sister.
♡ He doesn't eat vegetables, he's pure carnivore.
♡ He talks to plants, yes he does.

None as of the moment.

Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Easley (TBA)
Younger Sister: Jillian Vade Easley
Second-degree cousin: Adrian Cahill Rousseau

#HighSchool-101 and App Sheet © *hikari002
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Alisa Omelnitskiy


Flossing, getting read taking her time on things, debating/ arguing, top hats, and accessories. ((napkins :'D too she has a few in her bag :iconteheplz:))

Animals, hobos, old men, shy girls , babies.

Acts sweet, kind, and caring, but with a dangerous, almost smothering mother streak and a need for perfection. She's quite wealthy and secretly likes throwing her money around behind the scenes to get what she wants, and sees nothing wrong with it. Is obsessive about her hair and spends god knows how long in the bathroom curling it into perfect curls every morning. She becomes quite an airhead when tired. She is a big spaz when frustrated.

Family Background / History:
Alisa's great-grandparents were the inventors and founders of Russia's largest napkin factory, titled, "Napkins, da?". It was an immediate hit and the business was passed down from father to son. As an only child, despite being a girl, Alisa was set to inherit the napkin factory-- however, then, disaster stroked. The United States caught wind of the secret napkin recipe and set forth to take it for their own; thus, 'Napkins, da?' was forced to blow up the American embassy. Alisa and her family then took a lifetime supply of Russian napkins and fled to Japan, where her parents passed away a year later while Alisa was in Rousseau Academy. She remains there quite comfortably with a very expensive trust-fund.

None yet ~<3

Additional Info:
- 100% Russian
- Uses her boobs to get what she wants.
"There's nothing wrong with that, right? I'm using my natural gifts!" Doesn't always work but she tries
- Can't draw
- Even though she hates animals she loves bunnies
- virgin like all my characters are Doesn't like cherries or strawberries
- Hates people who can't make up their mind even after a long amount of time
(maybe a dah? will slip up every once an a while but that's it)
- Refuses to have picture taken ((for the reason you'll find out :'D))
- Only likes food with lots of flavor
- Will hang out with anyone but is picky about who she shares personal info with :'D
- HATES the heat
- Doesn't like being hugged or any PDA

R.P.D Club - [link]

MUST SLEEP NOW OTL I hope I did enough even though everyone thing is being written at 4 in the morning OTL

ALSO BIG THANKS TO :iconprince-cheche: AND :iconlunatama: AND :iconmimioncrak: FOR HELPING WITH ALL THE INFO PFFFT I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH AND THANKS AGAIN!!! ; v ;!


Her great-grandparents were the inventors of napkins and the founders of Russia's largest napkin factory called "Napkins, da?". Her great-grandfather passed the napkin factory onto her grandfather, who then passed it on to her father. As an only child, she was set to inherit the napkin factory, having worked in the business since she was a child, but then something catastrophic happened. American ambassadors to Russia became jealous of the beautiful napkins that the napkin factory created and were hell-bent on destroying it. Out of necessity, her parents then blew up the American embassy. Oops. So she and her parents had to become fugitives to escape from the Russian secret army of green haired monkeys with chipmunks as pets. Before they left, they took all the napkins from the napkin factory and put them in a magical container They ran to Japan desu and then sold all the napkins because there was a devastating napkin shortage in Japan. They gave her all the money they made from selling the napkins and sent her to an international school. Then they died.
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:iconbleedrainbowplz: the sparkles! Look away! They'll blind you!

Eh... Here I go again. Drawing fluff...:icondesucraiplz: This is actually based on an RP dulce-dear and I did a while back. Recently, I was organizing my junk and found sketches from that time. I thought it would be fun to finish them finally and make it like... all fake-anime-screenshot-thingy like. I just worked on the last panel today...; 7 ; Oh, and i rushed through it so the coloring and bg stuff looks like crud LOL... rushed drawings are rushed OTL jdfnkvdsnf why do i always draw something food related?!:icony-u-noplz:

Somehow we managed to make fried rice into something corny. :iconrlytearplz: Well... enjoy, lurvlies. Thanks for taking the time to read it... and stuff. Q _ Q

:iconpandarunplz: *sobs and runs away*

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:new: Note me for Rp! Via Notes/Msn

had this finished for awhile. decided to try at it once more for stress relief, uniforms aren't detailed so--
Name: Hirameki, Shinjirou (last, first)

:bulletgreen: Classics and Fine Arts
:bulletgreen: Helping others and making smiles appear
:bulletgreen: Reading and Writing novels

:bulletred: Sleeping in
:bulletred: People who have no appreciation for the Fine Arts.
:bulletred: People who do not care or help for others. Bullies.

Observant and Understanding, Shinjirou will take the time out of his schedule to make sure that you get what you need and feel better.He's a 'white-knight' type of guy and easily taken advantage of even though he notices your intentions. He is an aspiring novelist and often seeks inspiration from his everyday life. Often, this results in him using his peers as 'test subjects' for certain scenarios. You could say he has superb acting skills if it were for a good reason/ helping someone. He tends to tell people things that they would like to hear to make them happy.

Family Background / History
Coming from an upper class Japanese family of musicians and doctors, Shinji lived in Japan for a short amount of time before his family moved over seas to Vienna. His parents allowed him to experiment with different things and wanted their son to be happy. Most of the time his parents were not home and working, leaving him with babysitters and nannies. Loving his parents so much, he listened to them whenever they told him to behave. Though, each of his nannies switched often and always had a quirk about them, some getting angry at him for certain things and praising him for other things. Soon enough, Shinji began to develop different personalities or change himself to make someone happier with him. He became the perfect child to look after.

By the time Shinji got to his last year of Middle school, he was a completely different person, not knowing how to act naturally, not knowing how to act like 'himself' anymore. He didn't know what he liked, or disliked.

Entering Highschool, Shinji's popularity soared as he helped others, he was popular with his peers as he helped everyone and knew what to say to make them happy with him. He thought that as long as he made other people happy, he would be happy too. This lead him to be taken advantage of eventually. Near the end of the school year, he met an exchange student from Japan who aspired to be a novelist. At first, she declined his help whenever he offered and avoided him. It wasn't until he asked her about it that she told him that he was just like a jester, going around and entertaining or pleasing everyone. She eventually sat him down and explained her ideals and exposed him to raw writing more than he was when he was tutored at home. She told him that; "in a book, a person could be any way they wanted". Soon after, he enjoyed being with this person and writing short stories with them. He was enthralled with himself when writing scenarios for the stories and characters. Soon after, mid-year, the student returned to Japan. Happy with his new piece of himself that he had acquired. He planned to become a novelist so he could make people smile with his words.

He transfered out of his highschool to move and transfer into Rosseau Academy to start fresh and try to act like himself.


Crush: "That's a secret~"

Additional Info:
- Full Japanese
- Only child
- Aspiring Novelist
- White-knight-like person
- A romantist? //smacked/
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Adrian Cahill Rousseau

Pres, President, Cahill (for close people ) , Adry (only his sister calls him that).

manga, Japanese food, hi-tech gadgets, trustworthy people, hardworking people, power lololol, being successful, things going according to plan, unique people, study of human behavior…

losing face, his stepmother, anything unorganized, brats,…. xD

- He likes things done, though doesnt care what methods are used as long as he sees the results he wants (but he can be noble at times too).

- Kinda laid back...and very confident. So much pride flowing in his veins.

- He handles things diplomatically and never lets his emotions affect how he deals with people.

- He’s rather playful and finds people’s different expressions and reactions amusing. (Thus, he blackmails people….often.)

- He doesn’t like people to see him working: he’d rather be labeled as a lazy bum than being praised. He thinks that it’s only natural for a person to always do their best, whatever the circumstances are.

- Stubborn. Sadist. Manipulative.

Family Background / History:
Even though he is the son of Rousseau Academy’s Director, his background aint as prestigious as his name is. Cahill is only but a mistress’ child.

His father and mother met when his father went to the Orient for a business trip. They immediately fell in love and voila: Cahill.

The END. …lololol. Jk.

Anyway, Cahill’s mother was sickly so she died when Cahill was around 5 years old. After her death, Cahill was sent back to Europe where he finally met his stepmother and stepsister…well, the first wife and child of his father (that darn playboy). He was treated like any other young master since he was the only heir of the family line. The first wife was so against this that she made various attempts of driving Cahill away, but of course, it all went in vain.

Cahill detested his stepmother but he understood why so he silently accepted her maltreatments. Although, his stepmother was cruel to him, his stepsister, however, doted on him to the point were it was hard to separate her from Cahill. Cahill was amused of how she accepted him despite him stealing her place as the only child. This made him grew attached to his stepsister.
When he was about to enter high school, he asked his father to let him go to a normal school instead of being home schooled. So he was sent to the international school built by his GreatGrandfather back in the Orient. And there he ran for President to prove his worth in carrying his family’s name….or he’s simply there for the heck of it.


curious of how it would be like. Lmfao but prolly. this is at the very bottom of his concern list. All he cares about is himself. /sob. Narcissus is that you?

Additional Info:
- He is the son of the school director.
- He's a kuudere.
- He has an older sister. She's pretty much the only one who can really buy him over
- He doesn’t really have bad eyes. Those glasses are just for show.
- Half Asian, half European.
- Likes to torture/bully Ethan.
- He likes observing people…to the point of stalking.
- He's a heartless fiend. Only a gentleman when he wants to or if it gives him any benefits. Trip infront of him and he'll only stare at you. he's BAMF like that. /shot
- he knows what goes around in school mostly because he's observant and he has connections. He secretly hacks the school's database. /shot
- The Principal is a wimp that bends to his will. LOL
- More to be added

Ninja club . LMAO. No. I keed. TBA


Cahill © moi


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For :iconhighschool-101:
Attempting to join? Sob;; One layer coloring gets harder and harder. D;

N a m e;
    Lotte Sineclair (Lot Sin-clay-er)

N i c k n a m e;

K e y;
    xOrange hair /fire crotch
    x Blue eyes
    x 5'6"

L i k e s;

    + Vitamin water and sweet elixirs
    + Most foods
    + Secretly loves videogames but will never admit it. (Espcially rpg games \o/)
    + Being pampered, and hugged.
    + Napping
    + Cute accessories

D i s l i k e s;

    - Unloyalty
    - People who wake her from her naps
    - Crying
    - Rainy mornings
    - Rats (Sewer rats)

P e r s o n a l i t y;

    x Incredibly vain and narcisisstic.
    x Highly curious and likes to know about people. And also talk about herself ohoho;;
    x Can be a real bitch, throws childish tantrums.
    x Can usually be seen sleeping or fixing her make-up throughout class.
    x Actually very intelligent but likes having no expectations set for her.

H i s t o r y;

Lotte grew up with parents who'd rather give her everything she wanted/asked for rather than actually being disciplining her which accounts for her bratty selfishness. She was never very good at making friends and keeping them since her family moved her around a lot to fit their needs.
When she did make an aquaintance, her unfamiliarity with it caused her to hurt the would-be friend whether it be physically or emotionally. She's grown up without a single friend that she slowly started taking it out on games. (Cloud Strife is her bestie \o/ /Shot)

She decided to move out of her parent's house to try and actually learn to care for herself and gain a real social life rather than her bossing her maids around. Lotte's pretty sure they need a nice break from her anyways. U___U /Brick'd.

C r u s h;
    :heart: None at the moment. U__U

E x t r a;

    x She starts liking people after they're mean to her since it gives her a reality check. A.k.a. masooo
    x Sleeping on people is her favorite hobby, plus she's a slight narcoleptic.
    x More to add later. U___U

LOLSOB. I might change some things tomorrow but for now I think my neighbor's trying to play Black Ops and getting a major lag. :iconheeplz:;; PLUSHERWRITINGISSOTERRIBLESOBSOBSOBBB.
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" CHU ~ "




I ran into a coloring block omg I can't color plz someone teach me dskfjasd


:icontearplz: :icontearplz: :icontearplz:





what is height difference LOL /SHOT

Scene from an rp. I wonder if you can even tell what's going on. :iconslashshockplz:

Akiko's hair is so awkward to draw ;;

Ethan ( c ) :iconelzette:

Akiko ( c ) me
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Hi grampz :iconehesmileplz:
My very late birthday gift for you. <3

We became friends ever since we started those denture jokes in NW chat and from them on i kept bugging you even though you were on hiatus :iconcryforeverplz:

adkasjkfha amggg you are so kind to me even though you throw me your dentures and you have goldfish memory and i'm ever so thankful that i got to know someone like you here in DA. /sobbb asfjasjfasf okyougetthepictureomgg so fluffayy~
OH. HI MUSHYY :iconheeplz:


Ethan © *Elzette
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:iconhighschool-101: :iconhighschool-101: :iconhighschool-101:

Name: Andrea Castrogiovanni

Nickname: Andre, Drei, Ann , Drea

Likes: anime, manga, reading, collecting anime stuff, watching anime, drawing, games, making pie, noodles, his mom

Dislikes: deadlines on projects, assignments(he can't play games when there's homework), problems, history, his dad


-Andrea is a girl's name appears to be calm, sleepy(due to playing video games overnight),pretty much pale, and sluggish. He can also be a bit of a goofball and a crybaby when given the chance.

-He's nice when you get on his good side but never talk trash about any of his fandoms he'll probably bother you for the rest of your life! except when you say sorry to him of course.

-AN OTAKU. also suprisingly active when it's about something he likes or interested of but if not.....tends to be LAZY(and you could give him something he likes he'll probably follow what you want him to do)

-He is some aspects...because that's his mafioso side

-He has an eye for what he calls INTERESTING.When he'll find something or someone 'interesting' he'll gradually follows or wants to learn more from it/him/her.STALKER lol
-a wolf in sheep's clothing :iconheplz:

Family Background/History:

-Andrea came from a rich family in Medetterranean Europe to be more specific Italy. His family is also known as a mafia family and since Andre’s father, also the boss of the family, has to retire early because of his sickness and since Andre is their only child, he is the next boss. Andrea never wanted to be the next boss in fact he disliked the mafia because of the mischief they have caused in his life. So he confronted his father and told him he does not want to become the next boss. His dad never agreed to this and forces him to take the place as a boss, though Andrea always escapes from him, and Andre’s mother, the one who brought the otaku in him, fully agrees and helps him with escaping from the mafia. In other words his dad and his mom are arguing about what their son should do making Andre more depressed about it. Andre always tries to convince his father to not make him a boss but fails several times.

-Some face-offs with his father have passed yet another confrontation occurred and Andre said that he does not want to be the next boss he does not even want to be in the mafia at all and he wants to live a normal life with his fandoms and fetishes and since his father was already tired of all his confrontations (Andre is a real mocker you see) he finally agreed to this and told him “Fine! Go ruin your life…” and with those words he’s mocked but still happy. So he gets far away from his family to live a normal life with the support of his mom (more on financial). Then transfers to Rousseau Academy in his second year and continued on his fetishes all the way.

-And now he is being followed by his dad's subordinates hoping he'll go back to Italy and be a mafia boss which makes Andrea very unhappy. So he tries to kill his father, yes kill him. But he fails like 36728 times and his father still lives.

Crush: NONE.........okaiokai...I'll tell...:icontearplz:
...Umi Ishii u//v//u

Additional Info:

-he is part Italian from his father blood while he's part Japanese from his mother.

-wears his (weird) glasses when reading or sleeping in class(this way it wont be noticed)

-he always carries his bag in school even when inside the room and classes are going on he still wears it.(its maybe because someone found out about some of his secrets in his bag :iconimpervplz:)

-is watching anime/playing video games overnight because of this he tends to be sleepy and wake up late.

-he's always late in class and makes unreasonable reasons of why he was late of course no one would believe his reasons.

-he's smart though he pays little attention in classes but still gets fair grades.=w=b

-he's good at drawing.(not like me OTL)

-but his writing sucks.(more like me still OTL)

-he doodles a lot in class, half of his notebooks are filled with drawings.

-he's forgetful but not in his fandoms.

-he will do anything just to get what he wants, namely video games, but not steal he'd rather work hard for it.

-Is a fast runner because of running away from his dad's subordinates

-he has a cute little cousin who is also studying at the same school who also looks like my fav chara in K-on--->Karen Fratallone

-he doesn't like getting married for some reason

-that psp he is holding is broken because of his daughter umi and something is written on it....e v e

-lives in a mansion with his loli maids

-Zeth was once his uke butler because of a huge dept
-He makes cosplay dresses and loli ones and make his underlings maids wear them yes including Zeth :icony-u-noplz:

-his true motive is to hire more maids


Host Club :iconohseriousplz:



CAUSE THE OLD APP....LOOKS...........EWWWW//slapp'd

really guise it burns your eyes :icontearplz:

Andrea Castrogiovanni (c) me
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