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Heh, one look at this drawing and the title becomes obvious...

Enough of my irreverantly sarcastic comments.

This idea first came to me when I was trying to put together a submission for a title page for the Bleach Scanlation Group M7. I didn't pen it until this weekend though and the conest ended May 31st. Bummer. It was actually very close in overall atmosphere to the piece that won so I'm kicking myself for not getting it in sooner. Enough of my complaints too.

The title wasn't pieced in until later. In fact I drew Rukia's main body (minus the far arm with the butterfly) over the May Long. Later I added the arm and then finally the title - I ashamed to admit however that the title was inspired by Aqua's song "Butterfly". Don't be shocked if you find another post up here in a few months entitled "My Samurai" (or perhaps "My Shinigami" would be more appropriate to the world of Bleach! Yes, it will feature Ichigo looking quite "schexay" as they say. I'm not a fan of her and Renji or even Byakuya as many poeple seem to be. I'm a traditionalist, applying western romanticism to Japanese culture. What can I say?

I actually put some rather painstaking effort into making it seem as if the lines on Rukia faded rather than stopping all together. Thus the small dots at the end of most lines. It makes them look slightly softer yet better defined (at least to my eye). I'm not sure how much sense that will make to you, but that's the trick it plays on my pupils.

Finding the appropriate way to scan this wasn't easy either. The ink didn't seem to want to saturate the paper as well as I wanted it too, so I had to scan it using a TEXT setting on the copier at work, rather than IMAGE. That gave me the black and white effect I had hoped for. Hmm, I'm going to take a moment to criticize my own work, seeing as I'm far from perfect. The proportions are slightly off. Her upper body is slightly disproportionate to her tiny legs and hips. I must confess I saw her rear as being slightly larger when I first pictured the sketch in my mind but I think it turned out all right. Oh, and the line outlining the muscle of her foremost forearm is oriented improperly. It should be concave rather than convexed. An error I have no desire to fix, though I will strive to bear it in mind in the future. Also, for the sake of keeping her limbs within the drawing ma hav foreshortened the foremost arm far too much. Yet again, something I realized had been done long after it was impossible to fix. Though despite me pointing out these flaws I hope the initial impression of beauty does not become lost in the criticism.

Here, I will also take a moment to toot my horn as it were...I love this picture. When it is finally combined with the four other pieces destined for it, I'll cry when I see the finished product. The series overall may take me a year to complete in my current state though that is something I am willing to wait for. You can never force any piece of art, unless your are trained to do so. I am not.

I particularly like how I contrasted the lines of her face when they disappeared behind her hair. That detail caused me some trouble and forced some white out onto the paper but the overall look it created was entirely worth it.

Telling you how much time this took would be quite impossible. Between the seperate sketching sessions it may have taken me nearly twenty hours, or perhaps a bit less. With my memory there's no way to tell.

Well, I sincerely hope I haven't bored you. I also hope you will love this pictur as much as I do. Thank you very much for visiting and please, visit again.

*Spreading The LOVE Of Bleach*

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Uprooted York
May 2008
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Cosplayer: :iconhitomi-smile: as Dejiko

Anime: Digi Charat

Photo by :iconyagiphotography:

:bulletgreen: If you like my cosplays, please like Hitomi Cosplay page on Facebook
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I thankfully haven't cut/burned in over a month but still am working on it. Thank God for my boyfriend he is the reason I haven gotten this far <3
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  Dear father of mine we’ve grown so far apart
We never really did get each other,
Why did you break me and mommy’s heart?

  Remember when you went to rehab?
Remember when you came back drunk?
Remember when you beat poor mom,
and how she begged for you to stop?

  Remember when you cried that night,
And promised you would change?
I remember when I realized,
That you would always be the same…

  With a beer in your hand
A glazed look in your eyes,
Sometimes I would just ask god,
-Please make daddy die…-

  I remember when mommy sat me down,
She couldn’t breathe from all the crying
-Papi has cancer Daniel, your fathers dying-
I jumped up from the sofa and screamed “You know he’s lying!”

  But…for once you told the truth.
The doctor’s showed me all the proof.
Why was I so damn cold, why was it so hard for me to get??
I was losing you my one and only dad, with every painful breath…

  I wouldn’t answer any calls; I didn’t have the strength to see you.
I was a coward through and through
Let this stupid poem be the words I never gave you,

  I forgive you for all the pain, the booze made you ill
I forgive you for hurting mommy; you know she loves you still…
I miss you Dad, I love you Dad…
And I promise I’ll be the man, I’ll be a dad, and I’ll show you what I can do…

Leinad Zanaris
I cried when I wrote this. I dedicate this to my father Joesph Albert Colon and to everyone who has lost a loved one and was never able to tell them how much they cared. Live life everyday like if it were your last and always remind those who you love just how much you love them. Don't let anger fog your judgement. God Bless. Learn from my mistakes and become better. Love with everything you got.

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Bakrie Oemar
de Tohtor

Bandung Blues Society #2
B.P. Bumi Sangkuriang, Bandung, Indonesia
9th March 2010

another link of de Tohtor
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Cersei Lannister cosplay from "A Song of Ice and Fire" <3
cosplay by me
photo by Mizu
dress by Mkan
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Burning Shed 10th Anniversary concert, Leamington Spa.
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Benteng Vredenburg Yogyakarta
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Sabaton @ Masters of Rock 2012, Czech Republic

Whole album at FB: [link] or G+: [link]
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