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I seriously think that if you wear something it should (usually) "tell" what you feel/who you are.I haven't only put my personal touch here(front side), but I projected T-shirt thinking about DA artists that want to show its creativity,passion-whatever it is-
drawing,photography or writing-I called it as an "essence".

Wanna say you're an artist? Or you just like dragons?
So please vote to wear this!

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I decided to try my chances in mythical creature challenge contest.
Maybe only well-known artist on DA has real chances, but oh well, I'm curious how many people will like my project.

How I can leave that amazing theme?! :XD:

And also...Because this year is the year of dragon(exactly water dragon) since January I wanted to draw eastern dragon in my way :)
This contest only made this though faster to draw.

Over 18 hours of work :faint: D:
This is only because I cannot connect lines to create object to fill it with color- every time I'm trying to connect two lines my laptop restarts...
Well, this grandpa has something about five years...

So I have to create object that will be a filling of for example a spike-it must have almost the same shape as lineart XO
That's why every thing done in CorelDRAW takes more time than it should.
sketch of a dragon done traditionally on A4 paper sheet;
lineart and coloring in CorelDRAW 12
As I said, over 18 hours
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This is my Cute Bunny Monster for the new deviantWEAR Design Challenge

-Vote by clicking the "I'd Wear This!" Button :D
Please, and thank you~
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