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A/N: I think this chapter will be edited later on...

"Damn, I really wish I were a guy." You muttered to your best friend, as you walked past the boys practicing for football, in the park.
She laughed. "I'm sure we all do, sometimes, [Name]. I'm sure we all do..."
"No, I mean, seriously. Like, dude! Wouldn't it be just the best?" you replied.
Your friend looked up at the sky. "Oh, well, look! A shooting star!"
You laughed. "All right, shooting star! I wish to wake up tomorrow morning as a guy!" Your friend laughed along with you.
"You never know, [Name]."
"Yeah, yeah...don't be hitting on me tomorrow, yeah?"
"Pfft. You? You'd be the ugliest guy, ever!"
"Would not!"
"Would too!"

~*~   ~*~   ~*~   ~*~   ~*~

You rubbed your eyes, as you slapped your hand around, trying to turn off the alarm. Stumbling over to the bathroom, you let the water flow, running your fingers under the frigid water. Splashing your face with some water, you noticed the weird sensation on your fingers, of your cheeks feeling a bit rough.
As you looked up, you froze. The shorter hair...the chiselled jaws...the roughness on the cheeks.

An uncharacteristically deep scream rung through the house.

*~   ~*~   ~*~   ~*~   ~*~
Quickly, you fumbled for your phone, as you dialled your best friend's number.
"Oh, hey [Name]! What's up?" she answered.
"Not [Name], you idiot!" you retorted.
"Oh…excuse me. What are you doing with my friend's number?" She asked, curious.
"Oi, shut up, Melanie. It's me! [Name]!"
"Dude, what's with your voi-"
"I'm a guy." You stated bluntly.
"You're a…what?"
"A guy. Male. With a-"
"Yeah, yeah, I GET it!" She exclaimed, in an attempt to shut you up. "So, you mean that shooting star-"
"Bro, I don't know. But...I don't have any clothes, damn it!"
"I can...erm, get you some of my brother's stuff?"
"Sheesh, you're a demanding guy! Are you hot?"
"You've...gotten used to the idea pretty quickly." You muttered.
She laughed from the other side. "Well, might as well see the benefits, right?"

*~   ~*~   ~*~   ~*~   ~*~
Melanie's jaw dropped, as you opened the door, and stepped aside, allowing her in.
"Damn, [Name]'re fit!"
"Sh-shut up!" you retorted, blushing ever so slightly.
"Here" she smiled, pushing a bag into your hands. "I raided Jamie's wardrobe; luckily, I think the sizing's kinda similar." She followed you into your bedroom.
"Hey, hey!" You exclaimed, turning around, and pushing her out of the room. "Lemme change!"
"Damn, I wouldn't have minded-"
You could hear Melanie laughing. "But you're soooo hottttt"

This...would take a bit of time to get adjusted to.

~*~   ~*~   ~*~   ~*~   ~*~

You really wondered about the efficiency of your school, as they allowed you to register fairly early. You'd managed to forge your last transcript, essentially, scanning it, erasing your name and replacing it with your new name, Alexander [Last Name]. It seemed to add to your credentials, when you said that you were [Name]'s cousin, and that because of a sick aunt, she had to go there to take care of her, and you had been sent here, so they just made you attend all the classes that your 'cousin' had been attending.
Or maybe you were just really good at bluffing.
Maybe it was a guy thing.

You saw a couple of people giving you...interesting looks, as you entered the building. A couple of your classmates, Laura and Caroline, seemed to be...checking you out.
"Hey, [Name]" Melanie whispered to you. "All these girls are giving me kinda strange looks..."
"Stop calling me that! Call me Alex" you hissed in reply. "Do they think..." You left the sentence unfinished, as Melanie nodded.
You mentally cursed yourself.
"Okay, then, [Na]-, Alex." Melanie paused. "You know I've gotta go for-"
"Yeah, yeah, I know." You interrupted her hastily. "I'll get myself to class." And without waiting for a reply, you went off in the direction of your first class.

As you turned the corner, you collided with someone.
"Watch where you're going, man." You muttered, dusting yourself off, as you got up, but almost immediately wanted to take back your words as you saw who it was.
Roderich Edelstein. Class president.
"Are you...a new student?" He seemed to be peering at you, from behind his glasses.
"Y-Yeah...why?" You decided to feign confidence.
Roderich cleared his throat. "I'll have you know that my name is Roderich Edelstein, the-"
He looked at you, dumb-founded. ""
You shrugged. "I don't need to know your name." You shrugged, as you walked past, shoving Roderich to the side, and whistling your was down the hallway.

It seemed more fun to be a guy...there's just that much more that they can get away with...

Little did you notice a pale-haired lad notice the whole scene.
"Oh, what is THIS, Alli? You're starting ANOTHER series?"

Yeah, sadly OTL. Don't kill me, guys.
This one I'm going to try and make shorter than Good Things Don't Last Forever.
But I was listening to Wenn Ich Ein Junge Wär by Fräulein Wunder, and that is pretty much the inspiration for this.

I do think that I'll update this chapter, later, but I just had to get this idea out IMMEDIATELY!

I think Prussia would absolutely adore a girl like that xD I've seen a couple where the Hetalia characters turn to their nyotalia selves, but none where the reader turns into a guy!

Anyways, I don't own anything, and I seriously hope to finish this!!

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"You may now kiss the bride."

For once, Ludwig didn't look like he was blushing so hard that he would just burst, or something like that, as he kissed his bride. Clapping and various cheers filled the garden, and you joined in a well, cheering for your friend, who seemed the happiest she'd ever looked.

"It's nice seeing people happy, no?"
You turned around to find Antonio standing there, merrily whistling a tune, as he looked straight ahead.
"W-Wh…what're you..."You didn't even get to finish your question.
"Oh, Ludwig and I have some common friends." He grinned, as he leant forward, to try and assess your expression. However, from the corner of his eye, he caught sight of two people he didn't want to see right now...
...or maybe they'd be the perfect excuse.

You made a strange squeaking sound, as you felt Antonio wrap his fingers around your wrist, and felt yourself almost being dragged through the crowds. Before you could coherently protest, or anything of that sort, you felt yourself coming to a standstill, and facing an light auburn haired man in front of you.

"Ciao, Antonio!" he called.
Antonio grinned towards him. "It's nice to see you, Feliciano! How have you been?"
"Good!" He replied enthusiastically, as his eyes met yours. "Who's this bella ragazza, fratello?"
"Oh, this?" Antonio tried to be as casual as he could, as he wrapped his arm around your shoulders. "This is [Name]. I work with her. In fact, we're the one who planned this wedding – do you like it?"
The man's eyes almost seemed to widen, as he looked at you, "You planned all this, bella? But it is...bellissima!" He continued to chatter on, and you listened, with a small smile on your face. His enthusiasm was really infectious.

"Drink?" You jumped when you heard Antonio's voice to your other side. You turned to see him standing there, with a drink in hand.
"Thanks." You replied, taking the drink from his hand. Taking a sip, you nodded, and smiled. "Hey, my favourite! How'd you know?" But he just winked in reply, as he disappeared into the crowd. You turned around to talk to Feliciano again, but it seemed like he'd disappeared too.
"What is with these Europeans and disappearing acts…?" You found yourself muttering.

~*~   ~*~   ~*~   ~*~   ~*~  

From your seat you watched all the couples dancing away. The sun was beginning to set, and the ethereal glow of dusk made the whole atmosphere all the more mesmerising. The smiles on their faces made something twinge in your heart, no doubt, but you just ignored that feeling, as you took another sip.
A slow, cheerful tune, yet with a slightly eerie violin melody played through the speakers, and you found yourself sighing. Yes, the planning had been fantastic, and you were pretty confident of what you had to present. Mrs. Winters had swung by earlier, and through her thin, pursed lips, had shown her approval. You now had your job secured. But…now what?

You found your gaze searching for the Spanish man you had been working with for the past time – the one who had made you frown, become angry, want to punch a flying squirrel in the face – but also laugh like you'd never laughed before, feel at ease at times, and blush. But...he was nowhere to be seen. Still scanning the area, you brought your drink up to your lips.

"Could I have the honour of this dance, hermosa?"
"Damn it, what is with you and your appearing act?" You spluttered, as you coughed on the liquid that seemed to be stuck in your throat.
You saw Antonio come into your line of vision, as he knelt down in front of you, making you both face-to-face. His emerald eyes sparkled in the last glimmer of the sunlight, and you couldn't help but gaze into them, as you cleared the last of the liquid from your throat.

"I just wanted to say…" Antonio seemed to be hesitant, for the first time, or maybe he was just searching for the right word. All of a sudden, he took the rose bud that was in the lapel of his jacket, and handed it to you, with a small smile on his face.

You looked from him, to the flower, and then back at his face, before you took it from his hands, somewhat mumbling your thanks, as you felt the blush creep up your cheeks.
"Pardon?" Antonio leant in closer, somewhat breaking the barrier of personal space, and making you blush all the more, yet managing to seem completely oblivious about it.
"I said...thank you." Your voice was barely above a whisper. His only reply was a chuckle, making you look up at him.
"I thought I liked you most when you're smiling" he explained, between laughter. "But you're so cute when you're blushing, too!"
You were about to protest, but Antonio silenced you quickly, in the way he would have liked to best silence you.

You had never thought that a simple kiss could be so…passionate, but with Antonio, it seemed that anything was possible. As his hand rested on your cheek, making small circles, it almost felt like you would explode from that weird feeling in your chest. You let your hands rest around his neck, as you played with a strand of his hair.

Breaking away for that damned need of air, you pulled back, breathing deeply. He placed a small kiss on the tip of your nose, as his hand that was behind your head kept your foreheads touching.
"I just wanted to say..." he continued from where he'd left off. "…that I am going to be staying here for longer. My father says that he is happy with the reports that have been sent back."
"That's..good." You manage to reply, as you imagine what spending more time with him would be like.
"...and you're not mad at me, right?" He asks, with a small, unsure chuckle in his voice.
"Why would I be mad at you?" You whispered loudly.
It was you who silenced him with a kiss this time.
FFF- I don't know why Italy's there. I just wanted him there, that's all.
Well, this is the en of this short (And hopefully) sweet series! Spain - Y U SO....AMAZING? D:
I don't even know.
The two songs that I had on repeat during this were [link] and [link] . Yeah, they're kinda similar, but they sound nice together...

Ofcourse I don't own anything (although I'd like to own little Kugelmugel, now that I think about it...hey, maybe I should declare my own country! *shot*)
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Smiling as you woke up, you took your time getting prepared. Looking through your wardrobe for the formal suit you'd ironed out last night, and taking the time to meticulously apply your make-up, you wanted everything to seem perfect - it was your first day of work, after all!

Checking your appearance once more before exiting the house, you slid into the passenger seat of your car, and played your favourite song, as you started to drive. It had always been your dream to be an events manager, and your first internship was with the well-known firm Selling Dreams. It was more than a big opportunity, and you determined to impress from the very first moment.

As you walked in, the receptionist looked up at you, assessing you quickly with a glance. Then, her face broke into a smile that was nowhere hear her eyes, as she asked you which consultant you had to see today.
"I'm...not a consultant – maybe there's some misconception." You replied as professionally as you could. "I'm [Name] [Last name] – the new intern."
The receptionist's eyebrows rose slightly, as she apologised, and directed you to the third door on the right.
Smiling, you headed for the door. With a sharp knock on the door, you entered when you heard someone say 'Come in!'
As you entered, you licked your lips nervously. This would be your future boss, if only for a while!

At the large desk sat a middle-aged lady, possibly in her later 40's. Her hair was immaculately set, and the stylish glasses that rested on the tip of her nose was probably more expensive than you whole outfit. All of a sudden, you felt rather under-dressed.
"Ahh, [Name], is it?" The lady exclaimed, as she looked up, taking off her glasses.
"Yes, ma'am." You replied promptly. She looked through a stack of papers neatly divided on the right of her desk, and picked out one, which from a glance, you recognised to be your CV [1].
" seem to have had some rather impressive education in this line, but [Name]," she rested her elbows on her desk, as she leant forward. "This is the real world. No one will be here for you to correct your mistakes, and often, they snowball into greater things. Selling Dreams is a prestigious company, I hope you've realised, and if you expect this to be anything like your college, I suggest you leave right now."

Stunned by her harsh speech, you could only nod, as she sighed, and put her glasses aside.
"Now, look here...I think that you might have potential, but I'd need proof, of course. So, I will be giving you the assignment of planning one wedding. You won't be getting any help from anyone else in this firm, however, you also will have no one to report to. I'll be there at the wedding. If all goes well, then consider yourself permanent here. If not...I'd suggest finding yourself a new career."
"'am." You didn't know what else to say.

"You may go now. Go towards the right, and someone should be able to show you your new desk."
"Thank you, ma'am." You turned to leave, but Mrs. Joanne Winters, your new boss, called you back.
"Oh, I forgot one thing. You will have a partner with you for this. He's the son of our managing head in Barcelona, and he will be completing his internship as well. That should make it fairly easy, now that I think about it."
"All right, ma'am."
"And don't call me 'ma'am' all the time either, girl. It makes me feel old."
"All right ma-" You managed to stop yourself at the right time.

~*~   ~*~   ~*~   ~*~   ~*~   

You sighed, as you closed the door behind you. "It seems like a pretty big assignment." You thought to yourself, as you strolled down the corridor. "And it seems like it's gonna be pretty stressful, too. But, all the same, if it wasn't-"
You found yourself hurtling towards the ground, but a firm arm wrapped itself around your waist, and prevented you from crashing down.
A light-hearted chuckle reached your ears, followed by someone speaking. "Never expected to see such pretty girls here!"

You scrambled up straight, straightening your skirt, and jacket, and found yourself staring into the greenest pair of eyes you'd ever seen. In front of you was a rather attractive guy, of probably your age. His tanned skin and disheveled hair gave him a laid-back aura, and made him seem so incongruous to this place. This is most definitely what they meant when they said 'tall, dark and handsome.' [2]  But it was his eyes captivated you the most – the way the light would reflect off them, almost as if it was dancing...

"Antonio!" He exclaimed, all of a sudden, as he held his hand out for you to shake.
"...[Name]" You replied, after a pause, and if it were possible, his eyes lit up even more than before.
"'re the other intern, yes? My partner?"
"O-Oh..." was all that you managed to reply, continuously thinking of how un-professional this whole thing was turning out to be...

Swiftly, Antonio took your hand – the one that was already in his – and brought it up to his lips, placing a soft kiss on the back of your hand. "It'll be a pleasure to work with you, señorita."

So much for being professional.

[1] - CV, or Curriculum Vitae...I believe that in the US, it's called a 'resume'?
[2] - Could we, for the sake of argument, just pretend that Spain is tall? Thank you very much.I don't know his official height, that's all...I don't think he has one, actually.
This is based of the RP that :iconisa-chan16: and I are sort-of having - with me being her wedding planner and all.
But, somehow, I just can't get this idea out of my mind! I had to start it, somehow!!

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"Look Good."
Ludwig looked at the list in his hand. What would it mean to "look good", anyway? Would it involve him wearing what he usually left aside for special occasions, or-
"Ciao, Ludwig!" He heard an all-too familiar voice, making him jump. Slowly turning towards the doorway of his bedroom, he was met with the sight of a hyper-active Italian.
NOT a good thing.

"Gilbert sent me to help you with the next thing on your list!" He chirped. Ludwig felt his headache coming back, stronger than ever.

~*~   ~*~   ~*~   ~*~   ~*~   
Ludwig winced, but he still remained silent. "The quieter I am, the less interruptions there will be, and the quicker this will be over," he thought. Yet, when the tailor jabbed him with yet another pin, he felt his anger slipping all the more.
"Feliciano...was a...tailored suit really necessary?" he asked through clenched teeth.
"But, Doitsu! You should see it! It will suit you so beautifully!" He replied, making Ludwig roll his eyes ever so slightly.
"I think this is..."Ludwig had to think up of the right word. "...overdressed." However, his Italian companion seemed to be shooting off directions in his native tongue at the tailor, who replied back with equal gusto.  It often amazed Ludwig to see two Italians talk – did they communicate more with words, or with their hand gestures?

Before he could reach a satisfactory answer, however, Feliciano turned back towards him, smiling. "He says that they will be ready in three days."
"B-but…the signs and charts say that it would take at least a week!" Ludwig replied, but Feliciano just smiled in return.

Ludwig didn't know whether it was a good or bad thing.

~*~   ~*~   ~*~   ~*~   ~*~   

"This feels...strange." Was all Ludwig could reply, when Feliciano asked him how it looked. Of course, even he could understand that it looked good, yet it felt so...
"I never thought I'd see my little bruder grow up like this, Feli." Gilbert laughed, as he rested his arm on Feliciano's shoulder, who looked at the suit in a more-dazed-than-usual sort of manner.
"Halt die Klappe[1]..." he muttered somewhat under his breath, yet loud enough for Gilbert to hear.
"Vee~ Fabio did a good job with the suit, no?"
"I did a good job raising my brother, didn't I?"

Ludwig decided that it'd be safer to just get back to adjusting his tie.

~*~   ~*~   ~*~   ~*~   ~*~   
Ludwig knew that [Name] would be visiting his place of work today – that is why he had gone the extra mile to dress well for her, but when she actually came, he felt rather nervous, all of a sudden.
"Hey, Ludwig!" She exclaimed, as she entered his office. He looked up, towards [Name] – wearing a simple sundress. He glanced out of the window quickly, and saw that the sun was indeed shining.
"So, Ludwig...I'd come to talk to you about an event...we're holding a charity ball, some friends and I - oh, don't worry! It isn't formal, or anything! It's just for SPCA, and if I remember right, we met at the pet store, right? So, I was wondering if you'd be there!" When he didn't reply, she continued. "Oh, you don't have to! I mean, I guess you're busy, and all, and-"
"I'll be there – when is it?" He replied, interrupting her.
" will?" She beamed towards him. "Well, that's great, then! It's this Saturday, actually, at 5pm. Do you want me to mail to you the invite?"
"That would be nice." He replied with a small smile.

"Do you know what, Ludwig? I hadn't noticed it yet, but...grey really suits you!"
"Ah, danke..." Ludwig began, but [Name] kept on talking.
"It really suits your eye colour, I think! And...I don't know why, but you look...different today!" Ludwig opened his mouth to thank her more explicitly, but she still continued.
"Is it your suit? Oh, I don't mean that you don't look good other days, but you look really smart today and...I'm just going to leave now, okay?" And with a smile, she was gone, making sure to hide the blush that was creeping up her cheeks.

Ludwig still sat at his desk – not knowing whether [Name] had actually complimented him, or not

Step 2 - Look Good - achieved
[1] - Seems to be, according to the interwebz, the most decent way to say "shut up" in German. Hopefully, soon, some German speaker will come to my rescue...
This series is just so fluffy! Gah! 'Tis a good, welcome break :meow:
Only on the pretence of a GIRL will someone like Ludwig wear a tailored suit
Although, I'd personally like to see it
Oh, gosh...I remind myself of Asai, now.

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Ludwig looked at the list in disbelief. "This...I can't do this!"
"Do you want the girl, or not?" Gilbert replied, almost instantaneously.
"...Ja."He replied, after a pause. "But...are you sure that this will work?"
Gilbert laughed. "Oh, don'tcha worry, West! Feliciano and I spent ages on this list! It's foolproof!" Ludwig bit back his comment about how this list was made by people whom he could consider 'fools' just in time.
Involuntarily clearing his throat, he looked at the list that he was holding. His brother's messy handwriting was scrawled all over a page, and there seemed to be...doodles made by Feliciano all around the edge of the paper.

How to get the girl of your dreams
By the awesome Gilbert Beilschmidt.
And some help from Feliciano Vargas

*Make an impression.
*Look Good.
*Be her friend
*Speak to her.
*Compliment her.
*Make her laugh.
*Break the touch barrier.

"B-Break the…touch barrier? But, brud-" Ludwig started, but his brother interrupted him soon enough.
"Shut up, and continue reading, West."
Ludwig continued to read. The list seemed to be getting more horrifying by the second.

Be romantic.
Ask her out.

"Bruder, this is..." Ludwig couldn't find the right words to express his feelings. As it was, he wasn't the best at it, yet...with [Name]? It could only get so much worse, right?
Gilbert laughed, ruffling his brother's hair – something which he knew irked his brother. "Aw, West! Don't worry! I have faith in you – I've brought you up well, after all!"
"Ja, you have..." Ludwig gulped.

"Plus, it's now or never, right?"
Welp. I have started yet another series.
I just think it's time for some Germany love, 'tis all.
Most of these will be short fics, one for each step.

And, yet, I have plans for a Romano series, and maybe even a Greece one
Too much to do, to little time.

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Canada x Reader x America - Good Things Don't Last Forever - Chapter 1


"MATTHEW!" You wouldn't have realised how loud you'd been, until his name actually came out of your mouth. Spotting one of your oldest friends, you couldn't help but contain your excitement as you dumped your suitcases and bounded up to him, tackling him in something between an ambush and a hug to the floor. He landed on the floor, with a resounding 'thud' but your fall was cushioned by him.

"Hey, Mattie." You grinned, beaming at him. You really were truly happy to see him. Even though you two hadn't met for almost over ten years or so, frequent phone calls earlier on, emails later and the wonders of Facebook had helped you keep in contact with your best friend from kindergarten.

He nudged his glasses up, the same shy smile you'd seen in photos of his online. "Hey, [Name]. Nice entrance."
" know me!" You shrugged, laughing. It was always fun to...well...most would probably call it 'bullying', but you wouldn't call that. It was just the way you'd talk to him. You'd bug him for being so shy, and he'd have this uncanny tenacity about most everything, which would get your goat all the time. It was a fair deal, which most didn't understand.

"You're...not really light, [Name]" he exhaled, and your mouth formed a small 'o' as you quickly scrambled off him, taking a seat onto the floor next to him. When he went to stand up, you yanked him down onto the floor next to you, grinning.

"Let's talk here." You grinned.
"W-What? At the airport?"
You nodded. "Of course! So, tell's everything?"
"All right" he replied, after a pause. You sighed. Of course, to have a decent conversation with Matthew, one had to ask specific questions.
"How's things in school, Mattie?"
"Fine" he replied, with a small smile. "You'll be there tomorrow, you could see for yourself, then."
You pouted. "Yeah, but I bet I won't even get to see you."
"Why?" Matthew's eyebrows knitted unconsciously.
"Well..."you paused, collecting your thoughts. "You're Matthew Williams. You're really adorable, so I bet you're always swarmed with girls! I hope your girlfriend isn't the possessive type, 'cause she's probably be finding the right blade to chop my head off with right now, eh?" You laughed, mimicking the stereotype of his country.
Matthew's face was really red by now, as he sheepishly rubbed the back of his neck. "I-I...don't…have a g-girlfriend." You stopped laughing, and stared at him, dumb-founded.
"Wait…what did you say? YOU don't have a girlfriend?" He shook his head. "Well, we're totally gonna have to remedy that, right? My first mission-" You raised your right hand into the air, punching the air, "get Matthew Williams a girlfriend." Then, leaning in closer, you spoke in a tone barely louder than a whisper. "What had happened to that girl you'd told me about earlier? Last year?"
"Left? Did you get to tell her?"
You smacked his arm lightly. "Mattie! What are we gonna do with you?"
He ran his hand through his hair, refusing to reply.

You couldn't help but grin, when you saw him all flustered and embarrassed like that. You had been really nervous when you had found that you'd be moving to a new town, for the last two years of your high school, but imagine your surprise when you found out that it was in the same town as where your childhood friend lived? Mattie had really been so much of a help already – telling you what to bring, and what to not bring, and picking you up on your first day here. He was such an amazing friend; imagine how amazing he would be as a boyfriend?!?!

He stood up, mumbling about how late it had already gotten, and held out his hand for you, to help yourself up. Taking his hand, you marvelled at how effortlessly he had managed to hoist you up.

"Been going to the gym, or something, Mattie?"
"Well...I'm in the school's hockey team, it's just that it's not really a popular sport." He replied, grinning sheepishly.  You raised your eyebrows, and smiled.
"Well, well...I bet everyone goes for the baseball players, eh?"
"You can say that again" he mumbled, a hint of sadness in his tone.

Dusting off your trousers, you went to pick up your bags, but Matthew beat you to it.
"No fair!" You pouted. "My bags, I carry them."
"At least I won't have to train for today – this is enough exercise" he smiled. "What ARE you carrying in here, anyway?"
"Dead peoples" you replied promptly, making him spin around in a hurry. "Kidding, Mattie!" You exclaimed, laughing as you skipped past him, ruffling his hair in the process.


Matthew looked at [Name], as she raced off in front of him. He could feel the heat rising from his cheeks, as he thought about how the last minutes had been spent. She'd been everything he'd expected her to be, and more. Often, when they'd talked online, he'd found her to be really nice and kind, and had become slowly attracted to her. It seemed like the best thing ever had happened to him when he found out that [Name] was coming to live in his hometown, attend his school, and be his neighbour. She really was what he'd imagined her to be, and just a beautiful as the photos had shown her to be. Maybe it'd take him a while, but he'd tell her someday. Plus, it would be odd to tell her as soon as she'd arrived, right?

He was forced out of his thoughts, when [Name] called his name, waving her hand in front of his face. She laughed, saying something about him spacing out, and took one of the bags from his hand, and walked towards the exit, again. With a sheepish grin, he followed, trying to ignore the little nagging voice at the back of his head.

Good things don't last forever...
I can totally see all of you guys, weapons in hand ready to kill me

*sheepish laugh* Yeah, I just felt like writing this :P Random idea struck me on the way home, and so I typed it up. Like it? Hate it? Makes you want to never read anything ever again?

Yeah, this is AU. Alternate Universe. They're not countries - just people at high school.

Yes, Alfred's not in it...yet.

And I don't even have a title for this. Suggestions, anyone? Free internet cookie for them :meow:

Should I continue, or not? Are you guys interested? And as for the result of this...I think I'll let you guys decide :D

EDIT: Well, this is DEFINITELY continuing! Thank you guys so much, for the wonderful feedback!

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"What are you doing?" Melanie asked, as she flung open the door to your room.
"Damn it, Mel! What if I wasn't dressed?" You scrambled up, off your stomach, and sat on the bed, cross-legged, yanking our headphones out of your ear in the process.
Mel simply shrugged, as she sat on the edge of you bed, and eyed the stacks of books beside you. "Why this sudden literary interest?"

"I-It's not sudden, damn it!" You were more than exasperated. " it's just-"
"Occult? Magic? What the f-"
"I just wanna be a girl, man!" You exclaimed, making Melanie look up at you, wide-eyed.
"But...I thought you liked it!" She replied, after a pause. "...don't you?"
You ran your hand through your hair. "Yes, and no. I mean, it's good, and all, but in all honesty, I don't think Gilbert's bi, in the slightest and-"
"So this is all about him?" Melanie's eyes were alight, as she got herself comfortable, sitting cross legged, and hugging a cushion lying nearby.
You didn't reply, and her smirk grew.

"So 'lil [Name] likes him, after all!"
You cringed. "Do you have to say it like that?"
You sighed, signaling your want for a change in topic.
Melanie seemed to pick up on the cue.
"Well, these shoddy books aren't going to help, are they?" She quipped, all of a sudden.
"What do you-"
"You gotta ask the people who know!"
"The people who know how to change girls into guys, and vice versa?" You raised an eyebrow questioningly.
"Arthur, you idiot!"
"Arthur..." Your mind wandered off to what happened last Friday afternoon. "Oh, no. Hell no. He's gonna want my head on a platter!"
Melanie narrowed her eyes, and you felt compelled to explain.
"Last Friday, Gil and I Tp-ed his and Roderich's car. We would've done it for the rest of the SGA, too, if we had the time."
Melanie let out a low whistle. "Girl, you've been up to things, I see."
You groaned in frustration, as you slammed your head onto the wall beside you.
"Wait, we can just go to the Magic Trio, right? Maybe not Arthur, but the other two?"
You stopped, and looked at her, wondering whether it'd be ethically or morally or whatever-ly correct to smother her in a hug at this point for this fantastic idea.
Melanie seemed to understand your feeling, though, as an evil smirk grew on her face. "Hey, [Name], what about those pictures of the boy's locker rooms that we were talking about?"
Sometimes, you felt afraid for her, dating someone like Francis, but at times like this...they did seem well suited.

~*~   ~*~   ~*~   ~*~   ~*~   
"So you woke up as a guy the next day? That's so cool! Hey, Lukas, maybe we should-"
"I'd rather not, Vlad. I'm happy being a guy."
You looked from Lukas to Vlad. You had expected them to freak out just a little bit more, at the fact that one of the girls at their school had, for some "occultish" reason, turned into the boy. However, these two seemed to be taking it fairly calmly – heck, Vlad looked like he wanted to try this himself!
"So, guys...I was wondering, at this point, is there any way for me to turn back into a girl?" You asked.
Lukas seemed to be thinking.
"Hey, Ale- or should I call you [Name] instead?"
"Alex would be better right now, don't you think, Vlad?"
"Oh, okay, so, Alex, what exactly did you wish for?"
You paused, trying to recollect. "Well, I just mused out loud this evening, when Mel and me were walking-"
"And there was that shooting star, remember?" Mel interrupted.
"Oh yeah, that-"
"People really often underestimate the power of shooting stars." Lukas muttered, making you turn towards him.
"Wait, so you're saying that a shooting star did this?" You pointed at yourself.
"Was this on the 13th?" He answered your question with another.
"Y-Yes…how did yo-"
"Most people think it's a full moon night, but it's actually the nights of the half-moon that are the best for magic." Vlad cut in. "The balance of the dark and the light makes everything so much more possible."
"You made a wish on the night of the half moon, on a shooting star. It was bound to happen." Lukas stated, matter-of-factly.

"So, can I be a girl again?" Your voice rose slightly at the end, as you found your patience dwindling to an end.
"Well..." both of them started, and paused simultaneously.
"Hey, Luke, the next one's in a week, right?"
"There should be enough energy, if we prepare."
"A week should be more than enough time."
"We'd need the materials, though."
"Yes...the herbs would be hard, considering it's winter and-"
"Hello? Guys? Yes, or no?" You waved your hands, trying to get their attention.

"Just give us a week." Lukas said.
~*~   ~*~   ~*~   ~*~   ~*~   

"Alex!" You heard someone call from behind, as you pulled your hood over your head. You squeezed your eyes shut, as you recognised the voice, and wished that the earth would just swallow you whole right at this point-
"Gah!" you exclaimed, as you felt a pair of arms ambush you from behind. You turned your head to see Emma's cat-like expression, which almost send a shiver of fear down your back – one which you repressed well, you felt.
"It's nice to see you here!" She cooed, still not letting go.
"Y-Yeah." You struggled, slightly. Damn, she was strong!
She suddenly let go, however, and linked her arm with yours, all of a sudden.

"So, Alex! We haven't even had the chance to talk properly! Tell me all about yourself." Her sing-song voice was enough to make any boy go weak in the knees, but it made you feel like hurling, for some strange reason.
"There's nothing to say, really..." You replied, shakily.
"Oh, of course there is!" She laughed. "Anyone from out of town has to be more interesting! The guys in this school are such bores, anyway!" She rolled her eyes playfully, as she seemed to cling to your arm.
"I – I don't know..." You felt like slapping yourself – why did you feel so nervous?

But, right then, you thought you saw an angel.
Literally, and figuratively.
There was no way you could mistake Gilbert Beilschmidt, anywhere.
"Oh, hey, look, there's Gil! Gotta go, love!" You called, suddenly. "Hey, Gilbert!"
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I have no idea why this took so long! I swear, I didn't mean for it to take so long! D:
But it's good to be writing for Alex, again :P And YAY FOR NORWAY AND ROMANIA!
I have no idea why Romania's such a hyper guy. I imagine him to be like that - sure, he can be sexy and whatnot, but he's supposed to be a prankster, right? And...I don't even know. He just seems fun, okay?
And, I don't know if I have mentioned this before, or not, but Emma is Belgium. :|
Whom I don't mean to make a bitch, but she just ends up like that D:
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"Speak to her? But I already-"
Gilbert scoffed, interrupting his younger brother. "When we say talk, we don't mean "Oh, hey [Name], nice weather, isn't it?" – We mean actually talk!"
"Vee~" Feliciano decided now would be a good time to step in and help his confused friend. "What he means is that you should speak to her like you speak to us!"
Ludwig was even more confused than before. "But, what do you mean just-"
"You can't speak to her about your DVD collection, though. Heck, that'd probably put her off..."
"Bruder!" was all that Ludwig could exclaim.
"Well, if she is your friend, and we are your friends, then just talk to her like you talk to us!" Feliciano continued. Both Ludwig and Gilbert paused to turn around and listen to the Italian. "And if bella [Name] feels the same way that you do for her, you'll both become good friends, no?"

~*~   ~*~   ~*~   ~*~   ~*~   
Speak to her, just like a friend. Speak to her, just like a friend. Speak to he-
"Hi Ludwig." There she was – standing right in front of him, smiling so brightly that he felt confused, all of a sudden. What am I supposed to be saying, again?
"G-Guten tag." He managed to stutter out. Before he even had the chance to think of anything to say, she spoke, though.
"Today, drinks on me, okay?" They were back in the pub where he'd seen her first – when they really got to talk, for the first time, properly.
"It...wouldn't be proper." Ludwig frowned. This wasn't part of the rules, was it? The man always had to pay!
"Oh, don't worry about all that!" She laughed. "Since when did friends care about propriety?" Her chiming laughter sent his mind in a muddle, again, and he found himself murmuring agreement.

"Hey, Ludwig, you'd told me that you had three dogs, right?" She asked, as she sipped her [drink of choice]. Ludwig just nodded in reply. "Tell me about them!"
"A-Are you sure?" Ludwig had no idea why he had just asked that.
"Well, of course! I just want to know more about you!"

Ludwig froze, momentarily, as his mind made so many strange connections.
What was it Feliciano had said? That if she feels the same way as me, then, we would become good friends. She could just be acting polite, and asking about him, she does not necessarily have to be interested in him, and even if were, romantically would be a far possi-

"Plus, I just like hearing you talk."
That was when Ludwig completely lost his chain of thought.

The rest of the evening was spent in pleasant chatter, and company.
When Ludwig returned home - there was only one thing that he was sure of
He'd fallen deeper for [Name]
Step 4 - Speak to her - achieved
This could've been much longer, and better, but I really do apologise. I'm a bit stressed out. I've just been writing to relieve some of the stress.
I really do hope Amo/Moh's okay!! D: D: D:

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"Man, how the heck do guys even shav- OW! OWW! OUCH! FUCK!" You found yourself swearing incessantly as the blade nicked your chin, and the blood slowly rolled down. You pouted at your reflection in the mirror, lightly rubbing your cut, after you'd washed it.
How much longer do I have to stay like this?

~*~   ~*~   ~*~   ~*~   ~*~

As you mindlessly doodled on your book during English, you heard someone hiss behind you. Turning around, some kid shoved a piece of paper in your hand. Quickly taking it from him, you unfurled it, and read the handwriting in the round, over-inflated letters.

What's up, stud?

You turned around, and saw Emma, the girl from the lunch line yesterday wave at you. Eyes widening, you quickly turned around, and sunk into your seat, making a mental note to avoid her.

You were one of the first to leave class, when the time came, and on your way down to the lunch room, you thought someone had called your name. Turning around, you collided with a stranger, sending the pile of books in her arms flying.
"Damn, sorry about that," you muttered, as you crouched to pick up a few of the books.
"Accidents happen," she laughed in reply, as she picked up some. "Oh, hey! You're the new guy, aren't you? Alexander?"
"Mmhmm." You looked up, to find yourself talking to Elizabeta. She had the reputation of being one of the toughest girls in the school, which seemed a bit misleading considering that most of the time she seemed to be smiling, or somewhat looking out for that Feliciano. And it had always puzzled you how she had even dated that prissy class president, Roderich.
She smiled benignly at you and the extended her hand for you to shake. "Elizabeta."
"And you already know my name." You replied, returning the courteous gesture.
"Oh, well" She dusted her skirt, standing up. "You'll be late for class if we don't leave soon, but I hope to see you later."
"Later." You replied, not sure on how to interpret her gestures. You'd never really talked to her before, despite being in the same school as her.

"Oi, Alex!" You heard Antonio call, making you turn. "Was that Eliza you were talking to?"
"Hmm?" You replied. "Eliza?"
"Elizabeta." He replied, swinging an arm around your shoulder. "I wouldn't be surprised if she was into you, ya know."
"W-what?" you replied, increduled.
Antonio just shrugged. "She only talks like that to Roderich, you know..."
"Well, I don't need any more chicks after me." You muttered.
Antonio stopped in his tracks, and turned around, standing in front of you, laughing. "We can't call ourselves the Bad Touch Trio anymore, can we? You're fitting in so well with us, amigo!"
However, over his shoulder, you'd spotted Emma, with her friends, looking in your general direction.

"Oh, fuck. Hide me!" You exclaimed, holding Antonio by the shoulders, and turning him around, so you could hide behind his back.
"¿Qué?" Antonio asked, but whatever he was about to say was cut off by Emma's voice.
"Oh, hey Toni!" She exclaimed, with a hint of a flirtatious lilt in her voice.
"Hey there, Emma." He replied, a smile in his voice, as he ran his hand through his hair.
"You seem to be pretty good since the last time I saw you."
"Can't complain about much, chica."

Whilst those two flirted, you slipped into the crowd around those two, and made your way to the cafeteria as quickly as you could.

~*~   ~*~   ~*~   ~*~   ~*~
"Ici, Alexandre!" You heard Francis call you, and shrugging, you went and sat down beside him.
"Ça va?" he asked, as you silently sat down beside him.
"Fine" you replied, shovelling some of the so called 'food' from the school cafeteria.
"'Sup, Alex?" Gilbert asked. You looked up, realising that you'd taken a seat opposite to him.
"Nothing much." You replied, trying to sound casual, even though your stomach was turning somersaults.
Gilbert opened his mouth to say something, but Antonio rushing into the seat beside you in a hurry, made him stop, and stare at Antonio, slightly surprised.

"Damn, Alex. What've you been telling Emma?"
"Emma…" You were lost. "I've been trying to avoid her!"
Antonio looked at you for a minute, and then burst out laughing. "She's completely for you, man! She was asking me whether you had a girlfriend, or not! I told her I didn't know. She wasn't even half as much into me, when we dated! There's Emma, and Elizabeta, too! What's the secret, amigo?"
Your eyes widened, as you remembered that just up till a few months ago, Antonio and Emma had been dating.
"I…er...bro, I'm really not interested, okay? Sorry about Emma and you, but-"
"So…are you just not interested in les femmes?" Francis asked, leaning forward, interested.
"It's n-not that!" You protested, waving your hands in front of his face.

"So, what is it, hmm?" Antonio asked, as he pushed his tray aside. "It took me so long to get a date with Emma, and she's running after you!"
"Sorry about that..." You started, but Antonio slapped you on the back jovially, stating that he had nothing against you about it.
"And what was it about Elizabeta?" Francis asked.
"Oh, Eliza's completely into Alex! You should've seen the way she was talking to him!"
"You guys gossip more than girls..." You muttered, picking at your food.
"But, mon ami, you really must tell us your secret! Gilbert here has been trying to get a date with Eliza for a long time, but all he gets is the frying pan!" Francis retorted, and burst out laughing, with Antonio joining him.

You could feel your face reddening, as you quickly glanced at Gilbert, who was diligently staring at his food in front of him. You decided to follow suit.

~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  

"Okay, everyone, find a partner for the science fair experiment!" You heard the teacher call, and you suddenly froze.
Who would want to partner up with me?"

All of a sudden, you felt a hand on your shoulder. You felt your shoulders twitch, as you turned around.
"Wanna work together?" You saw Gilbert standing behind you, arms folded.
"I didn't even know you were in this class..."
"Yeah," he shrugged. "It's kinda my sleeping-in class."
You simply nodded.
Gilbert looked at you, almost as if waiting for you to reply, before you realised that he really was waiting for a reply.
"Y-yeah…we could work together, I guess..." You managed to say.
"Awesome.  Let's sit together, then." He motioned to the empty seat at his desk, at the back of the classroom. You silently took your messenger bag, and followed him.

"Dude, I'm sorry about Eli-" You started to apologise, but he just waved his hand, almost dismissing you.
"That's old stuff. Don't bother with it."
"You're really a lot like your cousin, you know?" Gilbert stated, all of a sudden, as he took out his phone, and started pressing away on the touch-screen.
"Really?" You asked, almost automatically.
He just nodded. "Oh, Alex. Toni and Francis are coming over to my house this evening. We're supposed to be going over to the library from there, and studying, but..." He simply shrugged. "You wanna join us?"

You could feel your heart thudding wildly against your chest. Not only did he remember the real you, but he was virtually asking you to come over to his house! You were probably the luckiest girl in the world!

"Yeah, sure. I'll be there."

~*~   ~*~   ~*~   ~*~   ~*~   
As you put your stuff away in your locker, and got ready to go to Gilbert's house, many emotions and thoughts ran through your mind. But the most predominant one was –
"What would it take to become a girl, and catch Gilbert's eye?"
I promise, guys. There's a reason for Gilbert being OOC (other than his manperiod)

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"You're insane," you scowled, as your shifted your glare from Vlad, towards Lukas, and finally resting on Arthur.
"Well, do you want this done, or not?" Arthur snapped back, his frown becoming deeper. "I'm not obliged to do this for you, anyway!"
"Well, I don't want to be you damn charity case, either!" You retorted.
"Fine, then, I'm off!" Arthur turned around, but came face-to-face with Francis, who simply turned him back around to face the gigantic circle on the floor.
"It all looks so fucking creepy!" you shuddered, as you looked around you, at the candles, the dim lights, the circle.
"Look, [Name], this is for your own good, so you just need to calm down, and get this over and done with." Mel seemed to be the most rational of the lot, as she stood in her place, on the outside of the circle.
With a gulp, you stepped into the circle. The situation was unnerving, surely, but to get back what you had lost, you definitely had to give a bit, right?
"Are you read-"
And so it continued.
"…is [Name] okay? She's acting really strange..."
"Melanie was saying something about PMS, Vlad."
"PM-...wait, isn't she supposed to be a GUY now, Lukas?"
"I'd prefer to not try and understand."
"Yeah...I'll do the same..."

~*~   ~*~   ~*~   ~*~  ~*~  
"A date, oui? We must arrange one for chérie [Name] and mon ami."
Melanie shook her head. "No, no. I'd rather let things be natural, take their own course."
"But you do not know Gilbert! He needs to have something placed in front of him, to understand!"
"You can't just randomly set them up on a date!"
"Mais oui! It won't be hard!"
"And why not?"
"'s weird!"

"Guys, guys...I'm still a guy." You decided to interrupt this heated debate before it went too far.
"Yeah, but they said that tomorrow morning, you'll wake up as a girl." Mel replied.
"Yeah, but..."
"But, what?" Melanie frowned, looking towards you.
"But...what if this doesn't work?"
"What do you mean "this doesn't work?" Of course it'll work!" Mel seemed slightly offended. "And if it doesn't, I'll have Arthur's head on a platter."
"Elle a plein de cran, non?"
"Don't be bad-mouthing me in French, Francis!" Melanie retorted.
"I only complimented you, mon amour," was Francis' placid reply.

Ignoring Francis, Melanie turned towards you, again, and held you firmly by the shoulders. "Listen to me, [Name] – stop being so damn negative about this whole thing. I don't know why you're being like this, but my point is that there's no harm in believing.  Now, as much as I might sound like your mum, I really think that you should go to bed tonight, and we'll deal with whatever the situation is tomorrow morning, okay?"
"'s probably just the hormones."
"The hormones. Must be making me all weird," you replied, your face devoid of expression.
Melanie slapped your shoulder, laughing. "Don't be all weird, [Name], I still know that you're being all paranoid for no reason. I'm not your best friend for nothing. Now, Francis and I are leaving, and you just get yourself to bed, okay?"
"Use a condom."
"For the little kiddies?" You smirked.
Maybe life wouldn't be TOO bad, as a guy...
Weren't expecting this, were you?
Well, neither was I. But I had my iPod, when we were in town, and I had to wait for people, so...a short, intermediate chapter, really.
Hopefully, once the exams are over, I'll be finally able to finish this story!

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