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Ok lemme explain, not too long ago a friend of mine asked me to look at a picture he drew of Lisa cloud surfing like in Tale Spin so this was in response to that. But I think it accuratly portrays the basics of character construction. Here is a tutorial I wrote about it here...
On the left you can see how I constructred the figure, this is how you should treat your subjects. Always think of them as 3 dimensional forms with volume and wieght, never as just a flat image. This is what will bring a sense of relality to your drawings. Even the most stylistic and flat characters are drawn this way. See how I drew thru each form? I actually drew her legs and how they connected to her body, how the kness would bend, the ankles, everything is connected to the central body just like ours are. Getting good animation drawings is very tricky and you have to have a firm knowlage of how the body works inside and out, as well as physics and acting. Chuck Jones had a great saying that went "Every artist has 1000 bad drawings and 1 good one so the faster you get the bad ones out of the way the quicker you get the good one," which has a lot of truth to it. No one is born knowing everyting there is to know about drawing, it's a skill like playing the piano or building a house. The more you do it the better you become. Anyway back to the drawing, during construction I thought of the story I wanted to tell. I showed how Lisa is in a very extreame situation, one that she clearly isn't used to and how she's dealing with it. From the way she's holding the bar, standing on the board, her posture, expression, all these things convey to the viewer a story about Lisa. I know this may seem like a lot to have to think about when all you want to do is doodle, but you're already thinking of these things without even knowing, you just have to learn how to apply them. All I thought about when I was drawing this was "how would Lisa react to this situation?" now of course all characters are different especially in the Simpson world, Bart is obviously going to act different to cloud surfing than Lisa is. This is where the actor in all of us comes out, as animators we become the character. Know who the character is that you're drawing and become them on paper. Convey your emotions thru them to the audience(the viewer). Always remember character first details later; ever wonder why three circles make you think of Mickey Mouse? It's the symbol of that character that people instantly reconognize not what kind of buttons are on his pants. Ok I've rambled enough...the right pic is obviously a cleaned up version on model, and for those of you out there don't fret about model with these characters. I draw them everyday so I'm familiar with all the tricks and rules but that doesn't mean you should give up. Practice practice practice, that's the bottom line.

*and as a note, this can be applied to all styles of drawing not just Simpson drawing. The Simpsons are copywrited by Matt Groening.
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This is kind of old(ish), but I thought it might be worth posting...

Usually I'm too lazy to shade lol. :iconcraiplz:
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:wave: hi. these are the rules for using my stock.
1. link me in ur description
2. fav any stock u use
3. send me a comment or note with a link to youre deviation so i can fav it.

plz dont slightly alter my work an repost it, and let me know if u intend to use it outside of DA. other than that, have fun
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no tenía internet, ok xdd
no lleva enfoque incluido, lo subo?
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Stock pic of a lays chip bag floating in the air. Its taken inside of an airplane.
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this is as close as I get to high techie brushes... if you ever feel the need to draw something where VCR buttons are needed, well I knew that! and I did it... JUST FOR YOU

-18 Brushes
-Zip File

I'd love to see the finished work. Please either Link me, or e-mail me @
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This is a Thomson TV/VCR remote control.
Use it as you like. If you'd like to place a credit somewhere, that would be nice! :) (Smile)
In any way, please drop me a note with what you created. I'd love to see if anyone did anything with any of these silly things in here :) (Smile)

My official DA account: [link]
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This pack contains some 38 or so random logos I decided to make into custom shapes. Logos contain:

Corperation for Public Broadcasting
Old Windows Logo
Newer Windows Logo
"Tux" the Linux Penguin
Wikimedia Commons
Creative Commons
Adobe (with text)
White Castle
Burger King
Taco Bell
Long John Silver's
Dairy Queen
Little Caesars
Pizza Hut
and Domino's Pizza

If you have requests for more logos, or a request for something else, please feel free to ask.

I do not claim ownership of any logos in this pack. Logos are property of their respected owners.
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