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Why You Should Keep Writing

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 22, 2012, 2:11 PM
The Text by merrak

Q: What do you guys think of my story so far? Should I keep going?

This seems to be a very popular question. I'll argue it's a useless question, and explain why.

This reply is directed at new writers, and despite the tone that may follow, I really do intend to be sincere and helpful. I was once a newbie, too. And although I'm certainly not going to claim to be great, I've fallen flat on my face enough times to learn how to pick myself up and produce something I'm proud of.

Here's why you need to not ask this question. You're either going to succeed, or you're going to fail. But, either way, you'll be better off for having:

1. Tried
2. Figured out how to motivate yourself to continue
3. Completed the entire first run of the story yourself

1 ~ I can speculate that there are plenty of people out there who are afraid of failure. I know first-hand. I'm not a professional writer. I teach mathematics. And it is my job every Fall to convince a hundred freshmen that to get anywhere, you have to work hard, even if success is not immediately guaranteed. I have high standards. If 2/3 of a class fails the first midterm, so be it. But I'm proud to say that, with very few exceptions, everyone who makes a sincere effort to pass does so by the end of the term - because if they haven't learned one of life's most valuable lessons, they have by then:

You have to learn it's acceptable to fall flat on your face. It's inevitable, and nobody is above it. The difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is that those who are successful learn to pick themselves back up, and try again.

This means: you do not need mine or anyone else's "go ahead" to write that manuscript. If you're afraid of continuing and wasting your time on a failure, then you have the wrong attitude. Completing the work will make you a better writer, even if that manuscript never sees the light of day.

Of course, it's unrealistic to expect the first draft of any larger work to be good. That's why editing is such an important part of the process.

In short, take the plunge. If it never works out, take the lesson and apply it to your next story.

2 ~ You do not need a cheerleader to cheer you on. It's unreliable. The best motivator is yourself, because you know your dreams and aspirations better than anyone else.

If you can't motivate yourself, ask why. Be honest with yourself. This is a good opportunity for some personal growth. Are you afraid of failure? (see #1). Is writing just not a priority? (That's okay... just be honest). Do you not know what to do? (Research the answer, then).

3 ~ All other considerations aside, it's just hard to give an incomplete story a proper evaluation. Is the first half good? Well, that really depends, at least in part, in the direction you plan to take it.

Even worse, the first part may seem good at a first glance, then turn out to be fluff by the end. This actually happened to me. The first 50 pages of my manuscript? "Sounds great!" Once I finished: "What was the point of the first six chapters?"

Lesson learned.

It's easier to get advice from others when you've done as much as you can yourself. Specific questions are easier to answer well than vague ones.


In short, should you keep writing? Yes.

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Fourth Month.  
Four weeks.  
Four stories.  
Four thousand words.  
For real.

:w00t: All prompts are live :w00t:

Here's what's gonna happen.  I will list four prompts, one for each week of this month.  Once a new week starts, the prompt for that week will be posted.  Since I've been rather word-count heavy lately, we're taking it back to Flash Fiction.  Because the prompts are going to be fairly simple compared to the past, I will be attaching a difficulty to each one, mostly to help you avoid leaping toward to most obvious initial ideas.  Read on...


April 3-8:  A character does not want to go home.  
Difficulty -- there's no abuse waiting for them when they get there.

April 9-15:  Something they believed in their whole life has been a lie.
Difficulty -- no religion allowed.

April 16-22:  A character has a crush on someone.
Difficulty -- it's from a photograph of someone they've never met.
Double Difficulty -- no celebrities/famous people of any sort.

April 23-29:  Someone gets more than they bargained for.
Difficulty - -they've just eloped.

We're here to succeed
:bulletred: Each story should be between 1000 and 1100 words.  
:bulletred: They can be full stories or scenes, either is fine.  
:bulletred: Ideally, all four should be finished and linked to each other in your artist comments.
:bulletred: 1st person POV is acceptable in any or all stories.  No strings attached.

If you would like to write each story and send them to me as you finish, that is fine.  If you want to wait until the end of the month and send them all to me, that is fine.  I don't have a preference as it pertains to when I get these stories as long as you submit them as deviations and send me the links in a note here or at my personal page.

For my lovely whiners:  Do you have to write all four?  Why wouldn't you?  This isn't a "pick one and write it" situation, there are four stories to write this month as opposed to one big one.  That means four new awesome stories in your gallery instead of one.  That means more exposure for your work, more chances to kick ass.  Isn't that cool?  I think it is.  And it'll be an easy 4000 words that you know you can do.

If you have any questions or concerns, never hesitate to ask, either here or in a note.

So let's get crackin'.
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Daily Lit Deviations for December 5th , 2011

We are proud to feature today's Daily Literature Deviations!

You can show your support by :+favlove:ing this News Article.</b>

Please comment and :+fav: the features and congratulate the artists!

:pointr: For all of the featured artists: If you receive a DD for one

of your pieces featured by DLD please note damina.</b>

We will include you and your piece in a special recognition news article. :pointl:


Featured by: LadyofGaerdon

Full of raw power and thick emotion, the words

unfold with a gripping pace and highly emotive imagery,

and an execution that gives just enough away. Truly an achievement.</sub>

Featured by: thetaoofchaos

Sentimentality is at its irresistible best and most

profound when it is expressed for love of innocence,

to which this poem wonderfully attests.


Suggested by: monstroooo

Featured by: shebledgreenink

Sooner or later.Once upon a time, I breathed in innocence and exhaled simplicity. I remember it fondly.  
I remember my favorite grass-stained overalls with the light blue butterfly embroidered on the pocket, my bare feet on the damp grass, the feeling of the wind, it tasted like sweet perfection, flying through every single strand of hair on my head as I chased the fireflies that danced in the evening air. I remember the old, rusty swing sets, and how if I got up in the air high enough I could touch the exact place in the cloudless sky where the earth itself curved, though no one ever believed it. Back then, I remember laughing every second just because there was once a time where optimism wasn't a challenge. Back when real friends weren't an endangered species, but a bubbling well, filled to the rim; when family was a single unit, not split into shards; when the biggest worry I had was people stealing my favorite scarlet-colored crayon after I dashed to the potty. Simple.  
And t

"Sooner or Later" by :devdetchedindreams:

From the suggester: "It's sweet and nostalgic

and quite sad at times, with some lovely imagery to light it up."

Featured by: SilverInkblot

A story in so few words is difficult to pull off,

but it's done very well in this six word story.

Featured by: Kitri-du-Lac

The Shadow ManLies emit from your mouth like clouds rolling across the sky, leaving a trail of tear soaked land behind them. The destruction and damage you've caused is nothing compared to the anguish you've made me feel. Yet still, you dance upon the hilltops, calling out to the moon like a blood thirsty hound.
You're the bartender in sleazy pubs, offering people more and more of their own demise for a fixed price. Of course you have to make a profit out of it; otherwise it wouldn't be half as fun.  Your face is distorted beyond recognition as you offer someone another cigarette. To your delight, they accept, and you grin with mirth as they smoke away their souls.
You're the taxman on a drizzly afternoon, walking up and down the cobblestone streets, searching for anything you can suck dry. Knocking away on the pensioner's door, you bite the hand that feeds you. Enough is never what it seems, as your bloated pockets make room for more. They've already stopped using their heat and water, th

"The Shadow Man" by :devshari4minipigs:

The violent imagery surrounding this piece is impressively formed

together to create a narrative. It is full of hatred,

perfectly capturing the intensity of such an emotion.

For more information, including how to suggest a Deviation

to be featured, please visit us at DailyLitDeviations.

Thanks so much for supporting the lit community and this project!

~ The DailyLitDeviations Team ~

Prepared by: SilverInkblot

Daily Literature Deviations is a group that is dedicated to bringing literature to the forefront of the deviantART community. We attempt to accomplish this by daily featuring Literature artists from around the community that deserve the recognition, but are not getting it.

Each day we will feature 5 deviations from the Literature categories in a News Article. In order to support the artists that we feature, we ask that you :+fav: the news article as well as check out the individual pieces. We understand that each day you may not be able to check out each and every one of the pieces. We just ask that you make an attempt to help support the growing Literature community and these artists.
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Lauren and I have donated a couple of pieces in a recent animation art auction to benefit fellow animation artist Joey Adams and his family at this time of need. To read about their story click here.

Lauren has donated four Pony pics, and I have donated an original Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends Comic Strip, two of my original pencil drawings from The Powerpuff Girls Golden Book, and an original page from my Wander Over Yonder Sketchbook.

To view the eBay auction pieces please click here!

In addition to our stuff many of our friends have donated some amazing pieces from almost every studio in town!

Please check out the auction and if you can try and support the Adam's family.


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Here wraps up my E3 journal spam! But as I've promised - new photos: 

The great hall of E3. The first thing you see when you enter the South hall (E3 is fricking huge).

Nintendo's area! I hung around this area for most of the 3 days since well... I love Nintendo! I played more games here such as Splatoon, Yoshi's new Yarn game and countless others.

A photo of me playing my 3DS while I wait in line to play Hyrule Warriors.

Me at a Monster Hunter photo shoot x)

The huuuuuge Super Smash Bros Wii U screen where players would battle it out to win a legit gold SSB medal. I kept winning the training part, but never the final battle T__T Still, my boyfriend won two medals and gave me one lol.

This isn't me, but I took this photo of my boyfriend and my friend photo-bombing him when we attended the Xbox One conference. It was really cool experiencing the conference live!

I also met people like the well-known Triforce guy and the creator of Tetris! *___* Plus, a developer of the DarkSider games. Both were super humble. Super humble :heart:
I also met famous youtubers as well such as EgoRaptor, Chuggaconry, and the people at Maker Studios (Polaris) afterwards at a pizza party and bowling game!

While writing this journal, I got a few emails, notes, messages etc of this same question, so I thought to answer it publicly.

:damphyr: "How does one get into E3?"
You can only be invited to it or if you actually work for a major video game series/company/press media. It's not open to the public since it's pretty much a VIP event. They're extremely strict about it as well.

So here's my conclusion of E3. If you have the permission to go, do it. Words cannot describe just how amazing it is. Being a huge video game fan, it's like walking into one of your greatest dreams. Video games everywhere and surrounded by people who love video games just as much as you do. I had so much fun and I definitely would love to attend again next year. If you do get to attend E3, a pro-tip would be to get fit beforehand. You have no idea how much walking you'll be doing per day at E3 xD I got really sore and exhausted after each day despite being fit, so I can understand why E3 only goes for just three days. Everyone just wants to go home afterwards.
I just left LA last night and I am now in Sweden where I'll be staying here for a whole year to start some video game, Zelda and original illustrations. I have big plans for what I will do with my art in the near future, so stay tuned! I will be attending Europe's equivalent of E3 at Germany soon, so I'll see you all there!
Thank you for reading guys!

Also, last but not least:

The story of how I met Eiji Aonuma linked here.-->…



#New photo uploads (sorry for the spam guys!).

E3 has been crazy for me! It's really exciting and tiring at the same time. So I apologise for the slow responses lately. But I got to play Hyrule Warriors (you get to play either as Link or Zelda for a good 10 minutes), the new Super Smash Bros on both the WiiU and 3DS, Titanfall (I'm not really a fan of 1st person shooters, but holy moly the game is so good, and Battlefield (which I was dragged to xD) and countless others.
Here are some pics that I took today.

All those little SSBWiiU figurines!

The Hyrule Warriors booth! 
There is a footage of me playing Hyrule Warriors that I will post here once it's been rendered. It'll probably be up sometime this weekend after E3 is all over. I played it terribly since I was under a lot of stress and the controls were a bit clunky. ^^' But I still had fun regardless!

Just a small pic of the behind the scenes of the Treehouse with Shigeru Miyamoto and other Nintendo reps. It was pretty cool to watch them play!

And I got to meet the one and only Aonuma *___*
I look god-awfully tired in this photo since I didn't drink for hours and have been walking around all day surrounded by press media and people and stuff I'm not used to x__x But he saw my art through Nintendo of America (which is quite an interesting story itself which I'll explain tomorrow) and I managed to score a personal photo with him! He didn't say much (poor guy was tired too xD), but it was an absolute honour to finally meet one of the guys behind the development of the Zelda games.

Tomorrow is the last day of E3 for 2014. I hope I don't drop before then. But my gosh it's been such an amazing life experience! And there will be much more for me to share when it's all over!


#New Zelda Wii U announcement aaaahhhhhh!

What do you guys think? *___*

Like I said, I will be at the LA's E3 convention centre if you guys want to say hello! I'll be wearing a business suit on top a black shirt with a Master Sword on it (and my hair is super long and black). I'll be walking around the Nintendo showroom floor mostly. Here's a small glimpse of me:


Just yesterday I was able to enter both Xbox's and Sony's E3 conference! AND IT WAS -AMAZING-

I was able to sit third row from the very front at Sony's E3 conference and words cannot describe just how incredible it was.

The internet here has been terrible because of the amount of livestreams and internet usage from everyone, but I'll be updating via my Twitter as much as I can!

Keep watching this dA journal as I will try to update it as much as I can! I want to share a tonne of pics with you guys!



Hey guys! For the first time ever, I've been given the special privilege and invitation to enter E3 this year! I will mostly be hanging around the Nintendo showcase area, but I will be wandering around the other showrooms too.

Regarding new Zelda info: Check out above! 

So going back - I will be in Los Angeles during E3 and I will be sticking around for a week until my flight to Sweden.
So things will be a bit busy for me over the next few weeks, but I will be submitting art again when everything settles down.


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Video and Encouragement For animators

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 13, 2012, 12:50 PM

Gallery | +Watch ME | Note ME |…

Ok, please don't think of this vid as something for Codename Kids Next Door Creator. I watched this to see what he had to say about creating the show, but he said some REALLY inspiring things as well.

Here's one for you:

Tom Warburton actually says he wasn't a good artist.
People often think that you need to be amazing at drawing to be an animator. NO YOU DON'T. You have to WANT to do it.

The vid is only about ten minutes long. Take a look at it. It inspired me just as much as Dan and Swampy's work does. These guys here, worked their butts off to get where they are. And all three of them have TV shows that were and are still considered to be the BEST of kids cartoons.


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Long story short- I was looking up who the actor from Panic at the Disco's I Write Sins Not Tragedies video (You know, the baby-faced groom with the green eyes that pierce into your soul? His name is Daniel Issac, by the way, but that's not the important...) and Google, (oh sweet, sweet Google,) brought me to the page for the video on Wikipedia and I happened to come across the reason Ryan Ross titled the song:

"The title of the song refers to Douglas Coupland's novel Shampoo Planet, wherein the main character, Tyler Johnson, says: "I am writing a list of tragic character flaws on my dollar bills with a felt pen. I am thinking of the people in my universe and distilling for each of these people the one flaw in their character that will be their downfall — the flaw that will be their undoing. What I write are not sins; I write tragedies.""

(Personally, I have never read the novel Shampoo Planet, but I am totally adding it to my summer reading list)

That is an interesting thought- isn't it?

It's brings about an curious notion; are a person's sins truly their fault, or a misfortune flaw in the very makings of their soul?

To me, I think everyone on the planet has some type of tragic flaw- a flaw that very well may stay with them for their entire life. This flaw, if they act on it, could be their very undoing and demise.

"If"- is the key word here.

The author of the quote sees these flaws as tragedies, because they believe that people will never change them; that people will never face their demons. A bit morbid, don't you think? Isn't the beauty of breathing in the fact that while our hearts are still beating we can change for the better? I don't think anyone should have to let one thing in their character be the end of them.

He's right in the fact that if they act on that one nagging flaw, I would not necessarily feel angry at that person, like one would towards a deliberate and random wrong-doing, but I would feel sad; I mean, you're watching them destroy themselves.

There is tragedy in that.

(Again, I would like to read this quote in context, because I feel like it would make more sense that way, but I'm just spewing out the first things that come to my mind here.)

What do you think about this quote? I mean- do you think people can change, or do you believe that everyone has a flaw that will ultimately ruin them?

Just some random thoughts that came to me, hope I didn't waste your time! :)

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Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 8, 2012, 9:10 PM
it hurts that you won't stay up longer just to talk to me, what if you knew you're the only thing keeping my dreams from a lucid insanity 

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This all happened about five to six months ago. Obsessing about this would be just silly, on either side. If you managed to find your way here by now and would still like to know what happened, I'll give you a quick summary.

There USED to be a BHB journal explaining everything that happened , but DA recently banned a bunch of groups for whatever fucking reason. Anyways, it turned out that Rai (Nincianda) was Kas all along and wasn't actually 13 and had been banned from DA I believe at least 10 times already? Anyways, she was caught and flipped the fuck out. Aisha was caught tracing and left DA forever, but she still uses tumblr.

Nincianda ended up being someone who drew badly but found out people thought it was cute for a 12/13 year old. She also ran around telling people crazy stories about how she was abused and other shit, but when people got together they found out her stories were very inconsistent. Basically she'll say and do anything for attention, so just keep in mind if you do read the stricken out text that Kas and Skindles are both Rai.

If you're interested in the on going and increasingly idiot debate over weather aisha traces or not, please research if you're going to bother. Not just aisha, but actually bother drawing first. I've seen many comments such as "explain how she traced the sparkles then!!!" (yes, that was an actual fucking comment). Tracing happens. Alot on this site, actually. There's been many Daily Deviations and Contest winners that were directly traced off a photo or another artists work. A hilarious example would be the Dark Shadows Context. While most of those are direct traces, children on this site don't seem to understand that just because it doesn't match up completely does not mean it wasn't traced. There's such thing as "pose tracing" or even edit tracing- which people on this site seem to think is okay. It's not. It's still only going to hinder you in the long run. If you want to draw over pictures in your spare time for practice- that's fine! HOWEVER, if your intention is to pass it off as your OWN work, then it becomes a problem and a crutch. At that point, you're doing it to trick people and for internet fame, not to improve.

There's nothing you can really do about it except don't trace. Don't worry about if other people fuck up any and all  potential they have, if anything they're just another open spot in the professional world (as we all know, tracing work you have not bought the rights to will get you sued and fired indefinitely). On top of legal issues, it's just worth it to make yourself better- for yourself. There's nothing better than being able to draw a person to their true likeness and knowing your shit as you do it.

Back to the Aisha issue. You can sit around all day whining that whatever proof "isn't legitimate" (though I will admit some WERE done by rai and others by random people), I can tell you she did steal from people. From her friends. While there's always that off chance that everything in her gallery was "coincidentally" almost exactly like a persons anime drawing of the same fandom she was obsessed with, I will always look down on her for the way she treated her friends, my friends, and even myself.

If you ARE interested in finding out for yourself if she DOES trace, I would suggest opening up photoshop (or gimp or sai) and visiting some sites such as… . I suggest this to anyone who is going to open their mouth on the subject. Don't just link 6 month old lay overs from this journal or whine that anything you're given is "illegitimate". Take the time to find out for yourself or shut up.

With that said, this was quite a while ago. She's not even ON da anymore. Even if she traced EVERYTHING in her gallery, it would have been almost half a year ago.

This is a long over due update, but some things had to be sorted before we updated everyone. Most of you were here for this, but I'll tell it from the beginning. I'll be referring to marikire as rai, for simplicities sake.

About 5 months ago, a 13 year old girl came to Aishas profile. This girls name is rai. She asked why aisha is so popular, too which a ton of aishas fans exploded (comments are broken, but you might find them via google or go back 50 pages). Rai ended up crying and asked aisha to have her fans stop attacking her. Aisha responded:…

"Opinions can be rude, nasty, disgusting things, but they're still opinions. People can reply with whatever they want to whatever you say, however they want to. Under stand this and stop complaining, or get off the internet"

So rai cried more. After that her account was hijacked and banned by one of aishas irl friends, Kas.

Now, kas used to live in the UK and went to school with rai. Kas is 22. Rai is 13.  Kas started visiting the US where she met Aisha, and quickly began a sick obsession with aisha. At this point, aisha knew she could use her. Between now and then aisha has used kas in various situations to spam people with messages along the lines of:

Anonymous asked you:
lol u should go fucking die cunt ;)

Anonymous asked you:

Anonymous asked you:

Anonymous asked you:
nigga go suck a dick maybe you'll learn some manners bitch

Anonymous asked you:
y dont u kill urself? ur just a waste of space. and i bet im not the only one whose told u that.

Anonymous asked you:
lmao u can troll who evr u want but at the end of the day ur art is still shitless and w/ a personality like urs it makes ur shit even worse

Note: These were not the threats sent to rai, these were to someone else

Rai stayed away from DA until recently when aisha was called out on several occasions for tracing (which I address later on). She made a new account and posted links to layovers to people who were confused or misinformed on Aishas page. Needless to say, aisha flipped out and ran to her psycho bitch.

She texted kas (hang on there, white knighters, keep reading) asking her to 'do something' about it. Of course, she knew what kas would do- again. Kas jumped at the sitation and hacked rai


She made journals on rais account calling her names and telling people to unwatch her, and then deactivated the account. While kas was sitting there giggling like she was still a child, Rais irl friend skindle hijacked KAS' accounts. She got into one of her skype accounts (later kas laughs that wasn't her main one) and confirmed that is was kas who took rais account. Now, kas is living in the UK again (near rai), so she's already broken then law in the same country. Skindle brings to light that aishas bff hacked a child.

Kas becomes furious that she was outsmarted by a 13 year old and does the same right back to skindle. Hence the !.

I decided it was time to talk to kas myself.

She was brainwashed into thinking a 13 year old was harassing and attacking aisha.

"like i said she desreved every fucking bit of it and ic can do it again u no.
im not scared of u or a stupid kids who bullies someone else
u better watch out because i can just get rid of her acount again and again
i dont care how much u care for her shes been doing stuff wrog to aisha all the time
i dont care if its my fault it can be my fautl all you think but as long as i have info of her I can keep taking down her accounts until she say sorry to aisha for what shes done"

"I dont think im bullying 8D not all she deserves just about everything

shes a manipulative child who do nothing but start drama the proof in that
and all she does is bully brooke and im not puting up for it

acuse her of tracing and acusing her of hackin her account
I hacked her account
but becase she was harrasing brooke"

Disturbingly, she's been convinced that aisha needs saving from a child and -she's- the one that must do it.

Eventually she mentions everyone that was involved, including the fact that aisha asked her via text that day. I tell hold her we're going to have to involve the police in the situation, and she promised to give back Rais accounts as long as we left the police out. As scared as Rai was, that was an okay agreement with her.

"[12/24/2011 4:43:21 PM] Rai: I do think now she's admitted she'll give me my accounts back, that we should leave the Police out of it.
Just warn her not to step foot near me again.
[12/24/2011 4:43:38 PM] S: yeah
[12/24/2011 4:44:05 PM] Rai: If I see her anywhere near my house, or my School again, that's when I'll call the Police."</a>

Rai got her accounts back. Christmas wasn't going to be so bad after all.

While all of this is happening to rai, aisha makes this disgusting post.  Notice how hard she pushes that her christmas is RUINED and she's going to cry because of some comments on her page. Rai got her accounts hacked, had people threaten her life THAT LIVE NEAR HER and it was all aishas fault. Not to mention her thievery. Rais 13. Aishas almost an adult. Maybe she should follow the same advice she gave rai:

"Opinions can be rude, nasty, disgusting things, but they're still opinions. People can reply with whatever they want to whatever you say, however they want to. Under stand this and stop complaining, or get off the internet"</i>

So then Christmas day comes around. Rai gets three very threatening emails. I checked the original emails that these alt emails are linked to and they all lead back to kas. HOWEVER, notice the spelling and grammar is far from consistent with kas'. Of course, Rai was very upset. Her parents saw how upset she was and called up the police that night instead of waiting until today. They had a very long talk.

This morning kas was arrested and it awaiting conviction.

She will be spending a minimum of 3 years in jail. Everyone else that was involved got a warning. Aisha isn't being charged because she lives in the US, despite the text message. Instead she's hiding. Her friend got arrested because she couldn't handle someone asking why she was popular and they're spending THREE YEARS in jail because of HER. And you know what? She's not sorry. She's been off on youtube killing time favoriting videos, waiting for this to blow over so she can come back to her world where she rules as high king and no one can stop her.


Aisha Tracing

After the fun we had with DemiseMAN, I found the group DARE-ME-EMO. From them I found out about some silly retards like Tom Preston. I also found out about a rainbow/anime obsessed dipshit called Aisha. Their character was hilarious and the bios behind the characters were painfully cliche, so I made one or two parodies on it. Or three. Or four. A bit later I noticed someone pointing out that Aisha traced a picture. She explained that it was a meme so it was okay to trace an anime (lol?). That got me to look at her gallery. I noticed severe inconsistencies with her proportions, anatomy, and sometimes even style. Inconsistencies that are consistent with consistent tracers- or at least I've found in my 7 years on this website. I didn't bother to look into it at that point.
Not too long after, someone found yet ANOTHER trace. This time it was off of official Vocaloid art. Obviously it wasn't an exact duplicate, but it was obviously drawn over the original. So from that I started looking around.
One of her fans tried defending her by saying she used to have 1000+ deviations that she recently deleted. They said "Here look, I saved one". Unfortunately for aisha, it was a more direct trace. Her friend quickly realized aisha was pretty much a lie.
Eventually I stumbled upon Buzz (an artist for Vocaloid) and realized.... aisha ripped off a good amount of her drawings. I opened up photoshop and found at LEAST 10 drawings she traced off Buzz. I got pretty pissed off and closed out without saving any. Since then i didn't bother looking for anymore knowing how bad the situation was. I knew anyways that she's never make it in the real art world and if she brought that habit to University (assuming she can get into one), she would be instantly expelled and never be able to land a real job with that rep on her.

Very recently someone noticed that aisha had been tracing tv show screen shots and photos and posting them on her tumblr. I assume she thought her "haters" (defined as anyone who doesn't view her as a god) wouldn't see it. Well, they did.

Of course she tried to argue that she was merely referencing. She laughed that she would just live stream and do the same thing over to prove all of her 'haters' wrong. At the time I would have loved to find out that she wasn't the horrible bitch she seemed to be. I got on my tumblr and asked her when she was planning on doing so- to which she replied she WASN'T because it was suddenly unimportant to her. Odd.

But let's take the possibility of her referencing into consideration. There's much you have to keep in mind when dealing with situation like this, most important being the placement and proportions in the picture. Are they moved very slightly or edited a bit just to try cover up? Are they merely just rotated or skewed?

A very good artist, Nikaleles, decided to do an experimental on this.  She to her best tried to eye ball an image to duplicate it.…

As we suspected and feared, the image comes out as what you would perceive- not much like the actual image itself. Mind you the middle overlay is me manipulating her image to try and get the pictures to match up (since aisha cries that people manipulate the overlays).

I also urge you to notice how flat aishas 'realism' (yes, she calls those 3 traces realism) are flat and lifeless and look nothing like the characters while Nikaleles picture looks like it COULD have been traced without even matching up. Why? Because aisha crudely traced the contours of the given photos while Nikaleles actually attempted to reproduce the picture.

Myth Busted


Other Traces… Tracing her own friends work… Trying to sell copyrighted designs… ..... okay.

^ Get over it.
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Can everybody reading this do me a favor and go over to NatsNeko and send her lots of hugs, love, llamas, etc. And comment on her page saying something along the lines of "Thank you very much you lovely person for giving a subscription to Pacthesis because without it, she wouldn't be able to post a lovely new journal with lovely pictures."
But please, no spamming. Or if you're too lazy and don't want to, that's a-okay too.
Thanks in advance. ;o;

After approximately 168 hours of playing video games, sleeping, walking on my treadmill, watching movies/anime, and doing leisure activities that are rare for me, I've decided to start another project.

Star Days

It is said that when people die, they become stars. A group of people from different parallel universes and planets go on a journey to travel outside the Solar System and bring back loved ones who have passed away.


I suppose you could call it a dating sim about aliens, but technically they are all human… just from different planets in different parallel universes in which their planet is the only known one to be able to support human life. (example: in one universe, Mercury has oxygen/water and is the 3rd planet from the sun while Earth is the 1st.)

Right now you see 4 bachelors, but this game will have a total of 8… at least one (if not two of them) will be a bachelorette.

Release Date

My goodness, it's too early to tell. I think this project is going to be big… even bigger than Number Days. I might even break my 6 month "rule"/limit. I MIGHT. BUT I REALLY HOPE I DON'T HAVE TO BECAUSE DANG GURL HALF A YEAR IS A LONG TIME AND I WANNA MOVE ON. My early dating sims took me about 2-3 months to finish each… my more recent ones have been in the 4-5 range… I'll post a release month/date when I think I have one, okey-dokey.


Tara has never been good at making friends. While she does have a few close ones, her best friend, Lee is one of the most important people to her. When he is diagnosed with leukemia, Tara finds it hard to imagine life without him as she has known him since childhood. She holds strongly onto the belief that Lee would recover, but he eventually loses his battle with cancer. Despite feeling prepared for the worst outcome, Tara feels deep anguish.

Later she encounters an odd bunch of individuals and what looks like a spaceship. They are apparently on a journey to travel outside the Solar System to "The Constellations", an area inhabited by people from all universes who have died. It is said that if a price is paid, one can bring a deceased person back to life. While Tara initially considers joining the crew, she ends up refusing and going home.

The following night, Tara is "abducted" by the crew. No, they don't want to probe her brain, but she happened to have dropped the gift she received from Lee on her birthday and they just wanted to return it. (apparently ringing the doorbell would've been too suspicious, so abduction it was) As the crew was about to set Tara back on her way, she requests to come along and they welcome her aboard. Tara embarks on a journey to not only give Lee a second chance at life, but to also discover how to make new friends and what life really means to her.

As each character's story gets deeper, they will show off more of their true personality and eventually they will reveal the identity of the person they wish to bring back to life.
Genre of the story is best described as adventure, sci-fi, romance, comedy ("pacdabutt" humor), and a bit slice of life.


Star Days
From Earth and is the main character (that you can rename of course). Sometimes plays the role of "the only sane person". While she's the adventurous type, she's cautious and skeptical. Might be the "smartest" out of all of the main characters/players I've made. Enjoys challenges, but sometimes sticks her nose where it doesn't belong. She recently donated her hair which made her friend, Lee a little upset before he passed away. He thought that she looked better with long hair.

Star Days
From Pluto. Earthlings aren't the only ones who don't classify Pluto as a planet. The other crew members never even heard of Pluto before. Ry constantly insists that Pluto is the most awesome and planet-like planet to ever be. Often likes to think that he's in charge even when he's lacking the authority. He's the type that goes out of his way for others, but can be too compassionate for his own good… which gets him in trouble. Despite wanting to be good for the world, he almost seems to enjoy causing trouble. "A bad boy with morals"… I suppose that's what he's called.

Star Days
From Saturn. Sometimes referred to as "Mag" by the others. In English, his name sounds like a thing we read while taking a dump, but in his native language, "Magazine" is just a name… like "John". (they overcome language barriers are with a special device) The technology in his world is beginning to cause major problems as people are abusing its power and causing war. He's technically the "captain" of the ship because it belongs to him, but he doesn't act like one due to his apathy. Sometimes his personality is so mechanical, it's humorous. Things that look "cute" tickle his fancy though…

Star Days
From Neptune. In his culture, exposing one's face in public is just as inappropriate as walking around without pants on. The face is something only lovers are supposed to see. It's even inappropriate for family and close friends to see faces. Children and the elderly are excused from this "norm" however. He still finds it a bit uncomfortable being around people who expose their faces so much. He lost his mask and is resorting to a box to cover his face. While he's a gentleman at heart and has good manners, he is paranoid and freaks out often… and I mean often.

Star Days
From Mercury. Has little compassion for others but often finds himself being dragged into situations he'd rather not take part in. Not initially part of the crew but joins later in the story. He actually never wanted to be part of the crew but his own transportation device broke down while he was trying to get to The Constellations. He should be thankful that they even took him in, but he acts very bitter towards everyone. Perhaps he just doesn't know how to express his gratitude. (my a**hole senses are tingling… but who knows, I might not hate him as much as I think I will… just look at Xolga, he was able to get on my good side)


Like Number Days, there will be objectives/quests/etc. but they will play out more like "side quests" that are unrequired to continue the main story, but lead to different story/character paths. If one were to ignore all of the objectives and quests, the gameplay will feel more like my older dating sims. That way, if one's browser were to crap out on them, they would have to make up less progress. (save systems on flash with action script 2.0 are rather iffy, and they don't work with every browser… for the most part, I'm going to avoid them because they are not reliable enough)

There will be different worlds (I'm planning for Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, and maybe one extra which is a secret right now) the crew can travel to where the player can meet and unlock more characters they can befriend/"date".

I'm splitting the bachelors/ bachelorettes into two groups: the main "crew" (all of them are shown in the poster) and side characters. All of them will have story routes and you can get endings with each one. Main differences between the two groups is that the main crew plays a large role in the main plot while the side characters just play a role in their own story in their own worlds.

The side characters will be from one of each: Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Uranus. At least one (if not two) of them will be female… and one of them is going to be a guy with glasses because I love guys with glasses and I'll be too sad if I have to make a game with no glasses guy.  So actually, there will be 8 different characters to choose from… whew, a lot of work up ahead…

I might not l reveal their identities prior to the release of this game just for the sake of surprising you guys. But who knows, pictures of them will probably get leaked onto my tumblr eventually.
There will also be multiple endings similar to Memory and Number Days.


I know that a lot of people out there want me to go a little more "mainstream" with the theme/concepts of my dating sims (vampires, demons, wizards, ninjas, magic, creatures, fantasy, music/idols, school setting, cat/dog/animal people—I've done a few of those by the way) but when I think of an idea, I try to let it flow. I guess my ideas don't always flow in the direction of vampires and stuff. When my ideas go mainstream, I let them go mainstream. When's the next time that's going to that happen? It's hard to predict that kind of stuff…

A part of me feels like I should be making stuff that pleases you guys and another part of me says that I should be free to make whatever I want because this is my hobby and people just happen to support t it. Well this isn't an actual occupation and it's not my job, but I think I can find a happy medium between the two.

And I can't make dating sims about your favorite anime/manga, other TV shows, books, movies, etc. Or else the ad company will steal my kidneys and eat my face off, remember? Or if they don't… I'll probably get sued. I don't own any of those characters or stories.
Don't get this confused with making fan art/fan games/fan etc. that are nonprofit. Fan stuff is mostly harmless until one starts making a profit off of it without the rights—but that's another territory and I'm not going to go over it because I don't know all of the rules.

Eventually, more info/pictures/WIP stuff will be posted on my tumblr.
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