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A simple flash animation I did for :icontinymik: as part of an art trade. My best toe wigglin' animation to date

He does a lot of giantess material involving Simpsons and Futurama characters. His tiny persona is usually caught between Marge's toes, so I decided to make this ^_^

Before anyone asks.. this isn't the typical stuff I'd do for an art trade... I mostly did it since TinyMik hasn't submitted any cartoon GTS stuff for a while, and I thought this would be a nice way to see more of his art >_<

Though I would definitely do more if someone commissioned me ^_^
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A fun commission for :iconlightarchon:

It's an animated comic about the Kids Next Door. I tried my best to make it look like an authentic episode ^^

If you're familiar with the show, you'll get a kick out of this *nods*

Got to say, these are my fave kinds of commissions to do ^^

I loves cartoons!
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PS: For those who are wondering: This game is finished now (tested and tuned) and I have enabled the downloads button, so you can play it locally too if you wish, or in full-screen mode. =)

Many of you may remember my earlier title: "Simpson Threat!"
Simpson Threat by illionore

Well, it got a sequel now. It's got a LOT of stuff, lots more than the original game had, as you'll see. Whereas the previous title had 5 different city blocks (not counting the concrete slab), this one has no less than 19 unique building blocks! The game is a little challenging, especially at the beginning, but with a little bit of luck*, good thinking and strategy it quickly becomes easier and easier to keep your town up and running; and better even: blooming.

Another very important difference with its predecessor is that you now can also WIN the game. The previous title didn't have an end (apart from being slain) and the goal there was just to get as high a score as you could. But the game you see here (Disaster in Springfield) has a lot more. Not only will you get the big trophy ("Savior of Springfield") at the end, you can also earn one or more of the following five different extra awards:
* Medal: "War Hero"
* Medal: "Peace Fighter"
* Medal: "Rescue Ranger"
* Medal: "Hi-Tech Society"
* Medal: "Nature's Friend"
(Note: At THIS point in time I'm not at least giving away more clues as to how you might get these medals, perhaps some time later...)



So, the story in short: The power plant polluted the lake. Lisa went swimming in the lake. Lisa grew to monstrous size. Lisa started destroying the town in her anger rampages.

Goal of the game

Unless you just want to see the town being destroyed... you better get working. This town needs some serious protection! You want to build facilities to protect the town (e.g. churches, police stations) and grow your town to the size that it could become a good place for a laboratory. Ultimately you want to research ways to end the ongoing disaster and return Lisa to her original size. This is a more perilous journey than you might expect!

Basic concepts within the game

First of all, there is the POLLUTION. You can see the pollution level on the top left (in the town info area). Pollution starts at level 1. This pollution level directly affects Lisa... the higher pollution gets, the longer her destructive rampages will last. As your town grows, typically this means more people. More people means more pollution. As your population grows you (slowly) see the pollution level climb with it. But there's another thing that can drastically raise your town's danger level: If a power plant site gets destroyed (to the ground!) the pollution level will permanently raise by 4. The same counts for the destruction of a toxic waste dump. So you better make sure they don't get destroyed if you can possibly prevent it! If such a disaster happens in the beginning of the game (when you don't have any or adequate protection) this may well sign your fate.

There are 2 different people in Springfield: On one side there's the so called "fat people" (no offense). They like to eat at Krusty Burgers Restaurants and live in the orange house (which looks like the Simpsons' house). On the other side there's the so called "Thin people" (again, no offense) who like to get their food from the Kwik-E-mart. They live in the purple house (looks like the Flanders house). Your game will start out with either thin or fat people and a matching restaurant. Each restaurant has capacity to deliver food for 4 households (of 5 people each, although you only see 4 on the street... the rest is working elsewhere in town). Thin people will eat from Krusty-burger if they have to (and vise versa) but if they have to, they will NOT pay their taxes and your town will miss their income. On the 'Population' part of the 'town info' area you can see for both fat and thin people, how many people there are, followed by the amount that the current food chains can support. So... if e.g. for the "Thin ppl." (or thin people) the first number is HIGHER than the second number... then you better build another Kwik-E-mart because you're missing daily town income!

The daily income is directly coming from the amount of people you have (only people supported with the food of their choosing) and your town gets k$ 50 per person for that. The "Resources" list how much cash your town has in their coffers currently... and you can spend that on improving and maintaining your town.

User interface information

You can mute/un-mute the sound effects in the game (useful if they start to get too repetitive for your liking). It will NOT mute the music scores (which aren't playing during the game, but you hear Lisa's song again once you beat the game and this will not be muted, despite of your in-game sound setting). You can do this by pressing the green/red button with the speaker (on top).

The blue button with the cross-hair is the 'go to incident' button. It scrolls the screen to Lisa's rampage location. This button pulses once (red) when a new incident starts. When there's no incidents, it doesn't do anything.

The Grid button brings up the grid. It may look confusing and unless you figure it out (see some info on grids below) you might just as well leave it off at all times altogether.

The Town menu button brings up the town menu. It contains three sections: general town maintenance, defense actions and finally facilities/buildings you can build. Especially in the beginning many buttons are RED, indicating you can't use them. On their right you can see the reason you can't use them at the moment. Buttons that you can use may have cost listed (and repair cost if applicable).

The max/min button is a toggle for the town menu. It partly collapses the menu so it doesn't cover as much of the screen (at the cost that you can't see the descriptions behind the buttons anymore, such as prices). You can toggle this whenever you want, to suit your need.

The 'town defense' buttons are also available when the menu is not shown, they will just hover over the screen if they are enabled.

Lisa has a rampage each day. During her rampage you can never repair buildings, and you have to wait till she is back at the sea before the workers dare to approach buildings again. After Lisa's rampage the "Next Day" button lights up (on the left side of the screen), which allows you to skip to the next day. Pressing this button will get you your daily income but it ALSO almost immediately starts Lisa's next rampage... so it's recommended to do building and town maintenance BEFORE you press the button.


Some special buildings and what you want to know about them:
- Farm: needed to supply food chains. Each farm makes enough food to provide for 2 restaurants/shops.
- House: contains 5 people (which form the 'household'). They need food, so there must be enough total capacity in the restaurants to support an additional house.  You cannot choose if you get thin/fat people, you have to just wait and see which family wants to move to Springfield on that location.
- Church: Prayer helps in times like this. The church is the first 'line of defense' you have available to your town, as well as the cheapest to build. It has some drawbacks (because Lisa will run backwards when feared), you'll see what effect that has. It may be a good idea, initially, to build buildings around your church.
- Krusty's Burgers: Feeds (mainly) fat people. Fat people who have room at the Krusty's burger buffet pay taxes.
- Kwik-E-mart: Feeds (mainly) thin people. People who won't find the shop has run out of food for them pay taxes.
- School: Provides education. This is a requirement for building police stations and hospitals.
- Police station: This is your second line of defense, and a much more effective one than the church. It also costs 5 times as much to build. The rockets don't cause 'accidents' like when you scare Lisa with demons and she's faster back at the sea. Also, once you have researched 'Rocket Science' (later in the game) the range of the rockets increases from a 5x5 area (with police office in the center) to 7x7.
- Hospital: This building prevents casualties amongs people when their house gets DAMAGED. (Normally you lose 2 people in such an event). Note, that if the house gets entirely DESTROYED, all five inhabitants are goners and no hospital can save them. The location of the hospital isn't important and having more than 1 is simply a waste of money. 1 hospital can support the entire town. Note: This is quite an expensive investment, and maybe not as important as it sounds... as long as you keep your town in pristine condition by repairing all damage after each rampage (and before skipping to the next day).
- Construction site: This is a very important structure. Not only because it is required in order to build higher-tier buildings (including the laboratory which is needed to win the game) but it also unlocks the abilities to repair damaged buildings (as long as they aren't fully destroyed!) and clear forest where needed so you can build there.
- Garbage dump: This is a toxic waste dump and you really DON'T want to build it, until you really really need it. The reason for this is that they can't be repaired if they get damaged... and if they get destroyed they cause a serious nature disaster (same as a destroyed power plant). So keep these out of Springfield until you are ready to build the laboratory (the latter requires these to get enough toxic material for the research).
- Laboratory: This building is the one you really need in your town, for purpose of getting close to ending the ongoing disaster. When you have it, you're not done yet. A research will be started (as you can see at the top of your screen, a progress bar will appear there). First you get to upgrade the rockets of the police stations (very nice for defense), after that you get to invent the so called 'repelling towers' which are your BEST line of defense. Whereas rockets and prayers can turn Lisa around to flee, it takes time to launch them and see the effect of prayers... while a well placed repelling tower prevents damage in a limited area altogether. Last but certainly not least, you get to research the shrink ray, which can return Lisa to her regular size and with that render her harmless to the health of the town. This ray has to be installed (on an earlier built repelling tower) after which you just have to wait for Lisa to get near it and... activate it!

Priorities, priorities! (a quick walk through)

Now this is very short, but a bit of a guideline for playing the game successfully.

1. At first you can't yet repair your town... so limiting the damage, OR building like a rabbit and hoping to be lucky enough she doesn't hit the plants too much is your best shot. So... build a church if you want (as much as the center between your buildings if possible) and then expand the population. You'll want to get a total of 5 houses. For that, at a point, you need to build an extra restaurant. Better make it a Kwik-E-mart if you don't have one yet, or a Krusty-burger restaurant if you don't have that one yet. I recommend to focus on housing whenever you can, because more people means more income, which in turn allows you to build faster and more.

2. Build a gym (required in order to build a construction site). Try to survive as well as you can until you have enough money to buy a construction site, build a new house if one gets fully destroyed. Build the construction site as soon as you can because that is your highest priority now.

3. When you have your construction site, if you have money left, start repairing damaged buildings immediately. Fully destroyed buildings are beyond repair, so for those it's too late. It's good to repair whenever something is damaged, if you can spare the cash, because having to build the building anew when it gets destroyed is FAR more expensive.

4. Your population is at maximum with 5 house holds, a bigger town requires a town hall... so that's your next priority.

5. Once you have a town hall, work on expanding your population again to drive your daily town income up, build a school, police stations for better protection, and go from there. Check the town menu regularly (in 'max' form, so you can see the requirements next to the buttons) to see what you need next. Your biggest next goal is to get a laboratory.

6. When you have the laboratory your research begins. It will lead to enhancing the strength of the police and another defensive alternative (which is pre-requirement for the shrink ray) and ultimately the shrink ray invention. When you have the latter, put it on top of a repelling tower and wait till Lisa gets near it, then 'zap!' and you won the game.


I talked a few times about grids. This is related to the town defense (such as church, police office and repelling tower). These all have a limited range, typically a 5 by 5 area (where the facility is in the dead middle). This means, that if you place a church in the middle of the map, the two tiles directly to its left are 'covered' by its protection. Also the 2 tiles directly to its right, etc. because this goes in a 'square shape'. HOWEVER... visually this is very confusing, because the map jumps to the left and right by each street. If you go look at the total left or total right side of the map, you can see this. One street jumps out further to the right, the other less. And this makes the 'square' look rather weird, because you should imagine that 'the left-most tile' on street A is right above 'the left-most tile' on street B. If you press the 'grid' button to activate the grid, then you can see a bit what I mean. Each dot is a location (tile) and they are connected by HORIZONTAL AND VERTICAL LINES. Except... the vertical lines look like diagonal lines, because the street is 'shifted' to the left or right from the streets below and above. So you can imagine, that dots connected by lines are either straight to the left or right (horizontal) as they really are, OR straight above or below each other (although on the map this looks differently). Now, if you understood that explanation, then you can use the grid to help you see which areas are exactly covered by church/police/tower. But it does require a bit of a knack to see it. And if you can't... don't worry. Just use your intuition. Build buildings close to the protecting building and you should be fine.

For the record, the grids are as follows:
Church: 5x5 (with church in the middle).
Police: 5x5, or 7x7 once you have finished the 'rocket science' research.
Repelling tower: 5x5 (if I remember well)
Shrink ray: I think 7x7.


UPDATE: v1.2
* Added a grid which you can toggle on/off with the new 'grid' button. Maybe it helps you (see the section on 'grids' above in the description).
* Pressing the 'repair' button now closes the menu (so you can easier repair things behind the menu).

UPDATE: (beta) v1.1
I made some adjustments now and some new improvements:
* More starting cash: k$ 2000 instead of k$ 1200. While this seems like a small increase, it definitely helps you to get going faster.
* All radii are increased (affects church, police office, repelling tower and shrink ray). This makes these services/equipment much more useful and now (together with the increased starting cash), building a church is much more useful than it used to be. If placed well, of course (which is near as many as possible other buildings). The default radius was 3x3 (around the building) and is now increased to 5x5. Upgraded rockets increase the police station effectiveness to an area of 7x7!
* Churches have become slightly more effective (yet also less predictable) as they can cause stronger fear. Instead of a static 2 tiles each time, Lisa may now be scared either 2 OR 3 tiles at a time, depending on luck.
* The town info on the left has been expanded to explain the population info a little better. You may have already noticed there's two types of people in Springfield: Thin people and fat people. Now you can see which number signifies what.
* A "max/min" toggle button has been added to the top of the screen. If you flip it to 'min', the menu will not cover as much of the screen when opened (at the expense of dropping off the information such as built costs and reasons that the button cannot be pressed). You can toggle this as needed... so if you get more familiar with the game mechanics and you don't need the extra info at the time, you can toggle it to 'mini mode'.
* Much more hidden but maybe not unimportant: I have made some adjustments to how buildings are placed (to prevent timing issues leading to internal errors). This may be visible by a split-second delay between clicking to place a building and that the building is actually becoming visible on the tile. This is intentional.
* Last but certainly not least: Whenever Lisa is rampaging close enough to a church or police station (or close enough to the shrinking device(s)) you now get a 'floating button' if the menu isn't open. This prevents that you have to open the menu in order to take action, or worse: keep it open most of the time to make sure you don't miss these signals. All three 'yellow buttons' act this way.

The Simpsons etc. are (c) Matt Groening. This little game is a fan-work and free to play, no money is made in the production and publication of this work.
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My latest commission ^_^

This one from :iconrateddx:

Gotta love his taste in cartoons ^^

This time around it's Sam Manson, the Ultra Recyclo Vegetarian goth gal from Danny Phantom. All I'll say is that her healthy diet really helps her grow ^_^

Also, because it's close to :iconrateddx: 's birthday I decided to add a super secret easter egg... Probably my most violent sounding one ever ^^ (that's a clue ^_-)
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My first big commission ^__^

This one from :iconsanone:

This features the lovely Mina, who is quite excited about growing to epic proportions.

Seriously some of my best growth animations yet. Pick a cookie and watch her grow ^^

Side note.... Sanone has awarded me the prestigious Mina Medal, allowing me to draw or animate Mina when I like. I'll be sure to use this medal only for good *nods*
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A commission for :icon680000: ^__^

It involves Raven using a spell to make her feet grow to HUGE sizes.

And at the end.. seems like she doesn't mind if they got bigger. A hint for a possible sequel if :icon680000: or anyone else out there is interested in continuing it *nods*
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Yet another commission for :iconsuper7374: ^_^

Similar to the last one, but with Misty from Pokemon. This time she's in Wonderland doing the growing thing.

Heh ^^ I have fun with these multiple growth spurt commissions. Especially when they make me nostalgic for classic giantess moments *nods*

And YES! Easter eggie ^^
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My latest commission for :iconpunkfox80010: ^__^

This one involves Minerva Mink and a pedicure that has a strange effect on her feet.

Heh, one of my fave growth sub genres, acually. Had a lot of fun with this one ^^

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A commission from Mr. :iconlightarchon:

Any size changing that goes on in the Teen Titans has to involve Raven's spells, somehow ^^

Had to do this one because it involves growth, some of my favorite cartoon characters, and giantess interaction that I get to rarely do *nods*

I'm a huge fan of gentle interaction, but it's also fun to see the more violent interaction when it's against the criminal element ^__^
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Another commission from :iconlightarchon:

This one involving Starfire of the Teen Titans ^__^

Raven has left some of her reading material unattended and Starfire decides to try her hand at casting spells.

Seriously some of my best growth animations, yet.

Please enjoy ^^
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