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I made one for Helga too, on this site. 8D [link] Made this right on that lovely program!

XD Now it's Helga's turn!

...And yes, one day, I will write that story. :love: <3

So the story is that Helga is a Princess. She's in love with Arnold, a peasant boy. She's torn between her royal duties and the boy she loves. She one day meets an enchantress, who offers to help her. Eventually, she asks for her help. The enchantress transforms her into a peasant woman, and calls herself Cecile. She meets Arnold, and the two become friends. Arnold then falls madly in love with her, which makes Helga happy.

However, she's afraid since he doesn't know who she really is, and also the enchantress expects payment...otherwise, she will be cursed and a slave to her for all time.

What will happen? D:


We'll see where it goes! OwO So there's another Disney story! 8D

Helga belongs to Craig Bartlett
Doll Makign program belongs to its respectful owner
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found it on google..


Otherwise known as one of those cats that go "I AM THE ONE AND ONLY!!!" in AMV Hell 3

I love them XDD <333

Azumanga diaoh!
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This is the Paopu Fruit, a magical fruit that grows on the Destiny Isles in Kingdom Hearts. Legend says that if two people share one of these that their destinies are intertwined forever. Or, as Riku put it:
"If two people share one, their destinies become intertwined. They'll remain a part of each other's lives, no matter what..."

I was making an avatar featuring this; and I decided to put it by itself, as well. The avatar featuring it will be uploaded right after this.

This is also pixel art. And..., again, I forget how many colors......

I used, Gimp, and Jasc Animation Shop.

In addition to making free avatars, I've been thinking about starting up an adoption section. I just might add this to it.

Of course, if you just like the Paopu Fruit all by itself, you can use this as an avatar. It's a little plain; but it's the right dimensions and is the right size. Just, please don't forget to follow the rules.

Oops! I totally forgot that this is technically fanart; and fanart of any kind isn't allowed in the Pixel Art Gallery. So I moved the categorization.

:iconblankspaceplz::iconblankspaceplz::iconblankspaceplz::iconblankspaceplz::iconblankspaceplz::butterflytwo:Rules of Use!:butterflytwo:

:bulletred: 1. You may use this avatar anywhere you please; but please DO NOT CLAIM YOU MADE IT YOURSELF!

:bulletred: 2. If you use it, give credit by copying and pasting one of the following texts into your signature or on your current journal or on your shoutboard:

Avatar made by : devJuneBelle :


Avatar made by : iconJuneBelle :

Remove the spaces separating the colons from the text between them.
(If you use it outside of DeviantArt, please put a link back credit in your signature or on a credits page on the webpage.)

:bulletred: 3. If you use it, a comment on the deviation saying so is encouraged but not necessary. (I'd like to see who is using it as much as I possibly can. :D Thanks. :D)

:bulletred: 4. DO NOT EDIT THIS AVATAR THEN CLAIM THAT IT IS YOURS!< You can study the progressiveness of the animation and the colors; but please do not just edit the avatar then upload it and claim that it is yours!

:bulletred: 5. Please don't use it in any sort of business scheme unless I give you my permission. You can use it on your websites as long as you give credit; but please no direct usage for profit.

:bulletred: 6. Rules subject to change as issues come up. (You never know what people will do....)


Now this avatar is a DA PLZ!
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Quotes from A Very Potter Musical.
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the Game.

If you don't know what "the game" is, then good! Kudos to you ^^!

If you do know what the game is... THEN YOU JUST LOST! Mer.

My desktop rawkz. So does my muuzikz. Schweeeet.
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If you want to use this as your Avatar please first read my rules!

The Pokemon Vulpix :heart:

I really love the colors of Vulpix ;w; and it's so cute. Hope you like it <3


more free avatars?[link]

your own avatar? [link]

more Pokemon avatars:
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The HG/SS dex says hoppip group in clusters to avoid getting caught in strong wind, so I just had to make this :la:

1. This avatar can only be used as deviantART avatar.
2. You are not allowed to edit this avatar.
3. You must credit me for the avatar somewhere in your page/signature with :dev angelishi: -> *angelishi :la:.
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ERMEHGURD FINNALY! I DID ITTT >:D AFTER A MILLION GAZZILION TRYIES I FINNALLY WAS ABLE TO PAUSE AND READ IT! YA LIL BISH! If you dont know who Cry is... Well you suck! JK Heres a link incase you want to check him out. c:

Cry's channel: [link]

My biggest acheivement ever... Thank you
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Note: may take a few seconds to load properly.


Thank you all in advance for the comments and favs ^^
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REVAMPED-It's now less crappy!

~rikku300 post a journal awhile ago about Pocky, and so I made this emote to go with that journal. For those of you that don't know what Pocky is, it's this cracker stick thingy dipped in chocolate, strawberry, etc. that's mostly sold in Asian stores.
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