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Chapter 2 is now complete!
Table of Contents
Prologue: [link]
Chapter 1: [link]
Chapter 2: YOu ish here! :D
Chapter 3: [link]
Chapter 4: [link]
Chapter 5: [link]
Chpter 6: [link]
Chapter 7: [link]
CHapter 8: [link]
Chapter 9: [link]

Thanks for reading! hope to see you uin the next chapter! :D
Illustration by: :iconemeraldyoshi: [link]

(c) The Legend of Zelda
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Chapter 3!!! 8D
After Dark and Link's past, let's find out more about Vaati's, now shall we? :3

Enjoy! This has got to be, by far, the longest chapter yet. :P


Try to listen to this while reading Vaati's past~ [link]

And that lullaby? It's a real song. It's a folk song of ours. It's called "Ili Ili Tulog Anay". X3
Here's what it kinda sounds like sang by a local actress~[link]


Link to full-size pic ---> [link]


Memories and Moments

Table of Chapters~

Chapter 1: It begins... ---> [link]
Chapter 2: Link, Dark, and Shadow Link ---> [link]
Chapter 3: Vaati's Origins ---> [you are here]
Chapter 4: An Unknown Friend ---> [link]
Chapter 5: The Shadows Meet ---> [link]
Chapter 6: A Young Shadow's Typical Life ---> [link]
Chapter 7: Reasons ---> [link]
Chapter 8: Just Another Hiking Trip? ---> [link]
Chapter 9: Regret Awaits ---> [link]
Chapter 10: The Odd Trio… ---> [link]
Chapter 11: A Ray of Hope? ---> [link]
Chapter 12: It’s a Thing Called Fate ---> [link]
Chapter 13: Happy Hunting! ---> [link]
Chapter 14: It Never Ends… ---> [link]
Chapter 15: Conflicts ---> [link]
Chapter 16: To Heal a Wound... ---> [link]
Chapter 17: Dusk ---> [link]
Chapter 18: A Moment of Rest ---> [link]
Chapter 19: A Step Forward… ---> [link]
Chapter 20: Exploring the Shadows ---> [link]
Chapter 21: Familiar Faces Much? ---> [link]
Chapter 22: The Path that Lies Ahead… ---> [link]
Chapter 23: Red ---> [link]
Chapter 24: Blue ---> [link]
Chapter 25: Vio ---> [link]
Chapter 26: Green ---> [link]
Chapter 27: What's… Happening to Me…? ---> [link]
Chapter 28: Showdown of the Warrior Mages ---> [link]
Chapter 29: Reunions with a Twist ---> [link]
Chapter 30: My Little Traitor ---> [link]
Chapter 31: Ally or Not? ---> [link]
Chapter 32: A Fight for my Memories ---> [link]
Chapter 33: The Truth ---> [link]
Chapter 34: The Final Battle ---> [link]
Chapter 35: The Battle is Over… ---> [link]
Chapter 36: A Mage's Pain ---> [link]
Chapter 37: Return to the Woods ---> [link]
Chapter 38: My Family... ---> [link]
Chapter 39: A Father’s Journal ---> [link]
Chapter 40: We Shall Meet Again... ---> [link]


That last part about gathering the materials for the cap, it was totally inspired by :iconsweeneysvendetta:'s fic. Read it now! [link]
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Another PW!R entry for this week, and we finally discover in full detail how things ended between Alex and Canmore. Also, Amelia's back, so folks can be happy about that. :-)

Previous Story -> [link]
Next Story -> [link]
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yay i finished another Imagine!!!
next one is going to be Zelo Oppa~~~~
i noticed that ever single one of these so far has been you bumping into them...
i have to stop that. :iconsadnessplz: 
Love you~ :icononiwhistle:
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