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Hall Of Fame ( 38 - June 2013 )

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 20, 2013, 3:50 AM
:bulletblue: Those who have been members of our Group for quite a while are aware of the fact that many of the Group's Submissions end up in my, Alligatorr's, gppr’s, Mathness',  Rockinfroggi's and pbird12's Favourites, being featured wherever it is possible to do that and being suggested as DDs. So, keep submitting, people, because there are only advantages in it for you.

:bulletblue: This is the Hall Of Fame of our :iconforeverartgroup: . Here you can find the best monthly submissions, carefully chosen by us.

 Can you see it ? by 1oshuart Illusion by XRlS Journey by Hangmoon Faerie's Ballad by Knajfer Summer day by takmaj Alice of Wonderland by BriannaAngelakis Tea Time by Art-Kombinat Lillia by jadesweetbox What did you do, human? by SansaXIX Boomer - Atroci Contest Entry by CobraVenom Facing Death part 1 by neverdying Lion Goddess 1 by jodeee Art Nouveau bookmark by Vyrhelle-VyrL NEREIDE by angelitoon Cup of Tea by sapphiresphinx Flora and Fauna by Jennyeight Voltron by Memed Red River by andreasrocha Winter Whisper by alnour First Star by Emerald-Depths armor s spirit by 1oshuartShadow Rush Online Poster by ethanrevolution Medieval Village by Pervandr Z09 The summoned by ethanrevolution Heaven VS Hell by tincek-marincek Malwina by Lidias93 Mhysa by Inna-Vjuzhanina Canyon of Color by PeterJCoskun 7 p.m. by dh6art Float Away by yantotzkie Breaking Bad drawing by Chrisbakerart Morphic Resonator by SanderJansen warriors by KEKSE0719 Styx by RozennIlliano Waffle by Mathness Marc Marques by toniart57 :: The Spring Bringer :: by Sangrde . by anihilacja Marta Guo - may session 2013 by tysmin Lumos by Vulkanette Wildcat - Green eyes see everything by AStoKo gezi parki @ istanbuL V by pLateauce Salarian Inspired Alien by Mick2006 Uagus Animis by liransz Ehri Skywing (blood elf) by KEKSE0719 It's you the Little One. by Morgainelefee Purple Bottles 2 by gppr <da:thumb id="376219560"/> Pilot of the racing ship by YaColoredDrugs Penguins chappuling by ArtofOkan Remembering last fall by dh6art hope by Snowfall-lullaby The predator instinct #1 by Seb-Photos
:bulletblue: Don't forget to show this Blog some love by adding it to your Favourites. More :+fav:s, more exposure for you.

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Fakemon Friday #5

Fri Jul 11, 2014, 1:00 AM

Evolved Forms of Starters Revealed!

Ekoraft are very skillful with crafting weapons made from leaves and tree branches.

It will transfer heat to its wings and attack its foes, leaving them with scorch marks.

It developed seaweed appendages to camouflage itself in coral reefs.

New Fossil Pokémon!

Rock Spider Pokémon
Type Rock/Bug
Ability ???
Height 2'08"
Weight 78.6 lbs

Old Sloth Pokémon
Type Rock/Normal
Ability ???
Height 2'09"
Weight 39.2 lbs

New Evolutions!

Pawprint Pokémon
Type Normal
Ability Own Tempo/Technician
Hidden Ability Moody
Height 1'05"
Weight 7.5 lbs

A Pawgie would mix berry juices, dip its paws in it and leave paw prints all around places.

Pawgie is the Baby Evolution of Smeargle.

Tastebud Pokémon
Type Normal
Ability Own Tempo/Oblivious
Hidden Ability Cloud Nine
Height 1'06"
Weight 11.3 lbs

Curious of an unfamiliar object, it will most likely taste it with its sticky tongue.

Tasticky is the Baby Evolution of Lickitung.

...and Eeveelutions!

Introducing new Evolutions of Eevee, Alpheon and Eveon!

But what types are they? Stay tuned for more info!

Well I hope you enjoyed this Fakemon Friday. This will be the last Fakemon Friday, for now perhaps.
Stay tuned for game news soon! See ya next time.

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Journal Entry: Tue Nov 4, 2014, 6:09 PM

Bullet; GreenBullet; OrangeBullet; Blue
Ok thanks for the patience! Round 2 will be starting now until Feb 14th! All those who won round 1 will be able to go to round 2.
THE CHALLANGE! Create a single stage rival/partner duo (Seviper/Zangoose/Throh/Sawk etc).

:la: AHEM... WINNERS OF ROUND 1 ARE!!!... :la:

1. :iconacidpat: Flickrit and Feuergros by AcidPat

2. :icontorqupine: watamalan by torqupine

3. :iconmegarezfan: Super Ultra Mega Fakemon Tournament Entry by MegaRezfan

4. :iconawesposs: Super contest ultra mega something err... by awesposs

5. :iconmclemonadestand: Contest Entry: Nuclear Fakemon Family by MCLemonadestand

6. :iconbobertbra: Fakemon Contest Entry Round 1 by Bobertbra
7. :iconxtianshirou: Layzish and Vissecon by xtianshirou

8. :icondoran-dragon: Blatant Plagarism by Doran-Dragon

9. :iconkyle-dove: Fairy Beans by Kyle-Dove

10. :icont-reqs: Amoeba Kaiju Fakemon by T-Reqs


Welcome deviants! : D
As may notice in these recent times, the "fakémon contest" flame that made us have fun drawing together was fading away.. :c

...sad isn't it?....

Well not anymore...
to keep the old contest tradition alive... We (:iconsteveo126: :iconharikenn: :iconluisbrain:)
 decided to make this brand new super exciting contest!

If you are reading this and you like to design fakemon, this contest is for you!
plus there ares some juicy prizes awww yeah

Now If we caught your attention and you're interested in joining
you may want to pay attention to the following:


This contest will be spceial and will be divided in three different stages
each stage will have an elimination round in which only the best entries will move on to the next stage
Every stage is different and gets more challenging as it gets to the final round
There will be only 1 winner! : D

Round 1 - 10 winners allowed to go to round 2
Round 2 - 5 winners allowed to go to round 3
Round 3 - 1 GRANDCHAMPION!!!!

Stages will be kept as surprise each time 

but obviously we must say what's the objective of the first round, which is: 

:la: "Design a Fakémon two stage line based on the "Gyarados style" aka derp fish (or doesn't have to be a fish but still derpy)  that evolves into something amazing. :la:


Looking for creativity, drawings that bring out all the concepts. And successfully expresses artists originality.

Pokeball RULES

Bullet; Black One entry one person.
Bullet; Black One deviation for the whole drawing.
Bullet; Black Must Complete all requirements before entry is taken.
Bullet; Black Must be uploaded here.
Bullet; Black Must be submitted in submission format.
Bullet; Black Try to make your drawings different from others.
Bullet; Black Must be colored, try to keep it clean. All Mediums are welcome.
Bullet; Black Entry may be updated any time before the deadline.
Bullet; Black HAVE FUN WITH IT!


Pokeball FAQ

I think someone copied my entry? What do I do?

Can the fakemon be related to a pre-existing Pokemon?
No, please do not relate it to a pre-existing Pokemon. Your designs should be creative and new.


Pokeball DEADLINE: November 20th 11:59 EST (Round 1)

Its not fair to the ones that did get their entries turned in on time. We do not like turning people away, but I will. If you do not think you can make the deadline then do not worry about it. Just wait for the next one to come around.



TYPE YOUR USERNAME: and then THE LINK of the entry.


Pokeball PRIZES

*Art is a fakemon of your choice, fully colored, shaded, in Sugi-Style.

1st Place GRANDPRIZE: Full Artwork (e.g.bruh) + 1 fakemon design from each one of us judges :iconsteveo126: :iconharikenn: :iconluisbrain: (3 designs) + A X/Y 3D model of your choice + 2 sprites from :iconharikenn: + points + feature+fame+fortune +world domination (ok latter 3 might not happen ;3)

However everyone who does not win gets a request fakémon sketch drawn for them. So just for putting up an entry gets you a prize! WIN WIN who dun lik dat yo homeskilletbiscuit!

Good Luck!!!!:D (Big Grin)

Pokeball ENTRIES:

There has to be a minimum of 25 entries for this contest to stay open.

1. :iconterrytibke: Kyren Region #7 by TerryTibke
2. :iconmtc-studios:
3. :iconfrozen-echo:
4. :iconwolfryhedgies:Entries 1 - Losing Entry by WolfryHedgies
5. :iconlukeacioli: They are coming...For your blood !!! by lukeacioli
6. :icontamingofthesandshrew:
7. :iconpaganzo: Contest Entry: Derpy Donkey and Last Unicorn by Paganzo
8. :iconsnivy101: Without Chains, You'll go Far by Snivy101
9. :iconzvare:
10. :icontyfordart:
11. :iconsoda-melon:
12. :iconcmoontoon: SUPER ULTRA MEGA FAKEMON entry :3 by CMoonToon
13. :iconreallydarkandwindie: Contest Entry: Deep Sea Lights by ReallyDarkandWindie
14. :iconsupahsanti: SUPER ULTRA MEGA Fakemon Tournament!!! by SupahSanti
15. :icondeco-kun:
16. :iconkurokikumo: Derpy Robo by KurokiKumo
17. :iconshikigami-chan:
18. :iconeventhorizontal: Contest Entry - Super Ultra Mega Contest! by EventHorizontal
19. :iconartiste-de-janvier: SteveO126's Fakemon Contest Entry(2014) by artiste-de-janvier
20. :iconacidpat: Flickrit and Feuergros by AcidPat
21. :iconnebaku:
22. :iconisagonj:
23. :iconpequedark-velvet: Pollicipes fakemon by PEQUEDARK-VELVET
24. :icongeoisevil:
25. :iconshadesofcool: Steveo126 Contest by Shadesofcool
26. :icontorqupine: watamalan by torqupine
27. :iconarcanemagicarp:
28. :iconnozakiruisu: Contest - The Computer Virus Fakemon by NozakiRuisu
29. :iconfauxlens: Fakemon Contest Entry R.1 - Sardunce//Swordeshen by fauxlens
30. :iconwabatte-meru: Round 1: Derp and Badass by Wabatte-Meru
31. :iconshinygazza: the Ugly Duckling by ShinyGazza
32. :iconzetawolf242:
33. :iconmiztersiah: Seahorses by MizterSiah
34. :iconkirakinn: Super Ultra Mega Fakemon Contest Entry by kirakinn
35. :iconmymarshlands: The Manticore by MyMarshlands
36. :iconclaudiamore:
37. :iconkrysune:
38. :iconferrari94: 088 and 089 by Ferrari94
39. :iconhyshirey: The Ugly Duckling by Hyshirey
40. :iconcheesefeet11: Zero to Hero! A Contest Submission! by Cheesefeet11
41. :iconmasterimpsy: Slugix and Venollusc -Fakemon- by MasterImpsy
42. :iconel-noche: Undelver And Cerebreel by El-Noche
43. :iconpepon99:
44. :icondragonitor: Contest Entry: Experimental Fakemon by Dragonitor
45. :iconrazorshell:
46. :iconpottini:
47. :iconrockslicer747: Culumew and Nyambus by RockSlicer747
48. :iconmegarezfan: Super Ultra Mega Fakemon Tournament Entry by MegaRezfan
49. :iconpokesyouintheface: SteveO126's contest entry by pokesyouintheface
50. :iconfranmagius:
51. :iconrow-er: Manaterrific by Row-er
52. :iconmilliganb726:
53. :iconsquari: DACHENG and CHENGLORE (Fakemon Contest Entry) by Squari
54. :iconfightcanis:
55. :iconhourglasshero:
56. :iconcassowar412:
57. :iconbrasiopkmn:
58. :iconpanda1773:
59. :iconawesposs: Super contest ultra mega something err... by awesposs
60. :icontech-impaired-anubis: Swimpy + Atmantlis by tech-impaired-anubis
70. :iconcrisfarias:
71. :iconmclemonadestand: Contest Entry: Nuclear Fakemon Family by MCLemonadestand
72. :iconinvoluntary-twitch: [Fakemon] Dragonfly by Involuntary-Twitch
73. :iconeternalsonicstar:
74. :icontrainerdylan:
75. :icondogmango:
76. :iconemiemi345: CE -  SteveO126 by emiemi345
77. :iconjornblk:
78. :iconbobertbra: Fakemon Contest Entry Round 1 by Bobertbra
79. :iconburritomom:
80. :iconxtianshirou: Layzish and Vissecon by xtianshirou
81. :iconraileatu:
82. :icontoxicwyvern: Skrab and Mekanikrab by ToxicWyvern
83. :iconluaneyheja:
84. :iconhollmon: Super Ultra Mega Fakemon Contest Entry by hollmon
85. :iconjozzer26:
86. :icongluuumi: Transformation! by Gluuumi
87. :icondoran-dragon: Blatant Plagarism by Doran-Dragon
88. :iconkyle-dove: Fairy Beans by Kyle-Dove
89. :iconmaster-of-dreams: Round One by Master-Of-Dreams
90. :iconscintede: Deprixie and Delitry by Scintede
91. :iconspiceymice: Shrimpeeny and Molluscant by SpiceyMice
92. :iconfaketops: Breckage and Viquest by Faketops
93. :iconfloralpikmin99: Contest Entry by Floralpikmin99
94. :iconamuletcoin: Chimpenny and Mogulrilla by amuletcoin
95. :iconwasefd2: Unnamon by wasefd2
96. :iconrsc-cooper-inc: Mark 4:30-32(Contest Entry) by RSC-Cooper-Inc
97. :iconayth333: Derpfish by Ayth333
98. :iconthebootanuki97: Geoduck Fakemons by TheBootanuki97

99. :icontrueform: Insert cockerel pun here by Trueform
100. :icont-reqs: Amoeba Kaiju Fakemon by T-Reqs
101. :iconk-hots: Clamity by k-hots Mollusical by k-hots
102. :iconkingdiscord: Pinata Pokemon by KingDiscord
103. :iconuseless1234: Barnacle Pokemon by useless1234
104. :icononeilmarty: Fish and Evolution by oneilmarty
105. :iconsir-fakemon: Contest Entry Round 1 - Piluny and Scorgernaut! by Sir-Fakemon
106. :iconethreain: [CE] Magician Pokemon Design by Ethreain
107. :iconadamfegarido: Contest Entry Pruffy Drastiff by AdamFegarido
108. :iconsavannaegoth: Fakemon Concept #1 by SavannaEGoth
109. :iconbetax64: Angel of Dodo by BetaX64
110. :iconinfawno: Super Ultra Mega Fakemon entry by Infawno


CSS by Harikenn and Megarezfan
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A Random Story I Made Up

Sun Nov 9, 2014, 3:59 PM


On Sundays my sister took me to a Village Inn down the street sometimes. We've always sat next to each other eating our food in no rush, after that, the waitress Nancy takes our plates, we pay, and then we walk home.  On one fall day my sister was sick when we were going to the restaurant that same day, so Mom tells me that I can go by myself, I take my money and walk down the street. I arrive at the Village Inn, the neon lights flickering. I walk in, one of the waitresses comes up to me and says, "Are you on your own today sweetie?". I was about to answer when a man walked up behind me and said, "He's with me". The man was tall, a scar on his face, and wore a dusty jacket and scraggy jeans. When we take our seats, I ask his name, he says his name is Rick and pulls out his right hand to shake mine, however there was something about his left one that bothered me... Nancy, our waitress comes to take our orders, I ask for a Dr. Pepper, and Rick asks for a glass of water with 30 lemon slices in it. I ask "Why so many lemons?!" He answers that it's because he has a hard time drinking something without flavor. When our food comes, I notice that he ordered 2 steaks instead of one, Rick says that it's for his dog. "Look here kid" Rick says, "Let me tell you a story" I listen in. "I used to be in the Navy, I fought many battles and have been wounded many times. He then shows me his left arm, I knew there was something up with it. "I lost my left arm when fighting in Pakistan, I was shot in it so many times that it wouldn't heal, and had to be chopped off". "When I came home from a mission one day, I learned that my wife was dying, doctor said she had terminal cancer, and only had a few weeks to live. I could hardly keep my tears back hearing my one true partner was dying form this burden, and I sat next to her every day for hours talking to her before she passed away. The only friend I have with me was my dog, a Black Lab whose name is Sarah, and I always treat her like my wife." I felt horrible hearing every second of it, he then told me "Treasure what you love, you may end up losing it for good" When we left Village Inn and walked me home, I sat up in bed thinking about his last words. I've never seen Rick since then, but I'll never forget him or his story. And every night I would look out my window, thinking that he's still out there.....

  • Mood: Content
  • Listening to: Kevin Macleod
  • Watching: Sonic Boom
  • Eating: Cookie
  • Drinking: Soda
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Mega Mew by Smiley-Fakemon
AW YEAH :D Next up: Venomoth!
  • Mood: Love
  • Listening to: Wax - I Ain't A Real Man
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Fakemon Friday #3

Fri Jun 20, 2014, 11:16 AM
This Fakemon Friday is a bit bigger than usual! Winklit, Triggua, Meritrot and its evolutions revealed!

Star Mouse Pokémon
Type: Electric
Ability: Static/Cheek Pouch
Hidden Ability: Motor Drive
Height: 1'01"
Weight: 7.6 lbs

Winklit run around all day, hyped up on the energy it generates from the running.

Pattern Fish Pokémon
Type: Water
Ability: Swift Swim/Water Veil
Hidden: Sniper
Height: 2'00"
Weight: 27.7 lbs

The pattern on Triggua differ from region to region, adapting to its surroundings. They are commonly found in coral reefs where it likes to be involved with the community.

Patterns of Triggua
North Havai, South Havai, and Orohn Patterns

Pony Pokémon
Type: Normal
Ability: Run Away
Hidden Ability: ???
Height: 2'11"
Weight: 68.0

Gentle-natured and friendly, Meritrot love to be around people and giving rides. They are actually very strong and used for farm work all over.

Meet Meritrot's Evolutions!
Stalliot and Carosella are the evolved forms of Meritrot.


Stalliot evolves from a male Meritrot while Carosella evolves from a female Meritrot.

That's it for today's Fakemon Friday. Hope you enjoyed these Fakemon.
Stay tuned for next week's Fakemon Friday as it'll be even bigger!

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Fri Aug 22, 2014, 2:27 AM

final stages of starters revealed!

Finally the final forms of  Ekopi, Batflare, and Kelpony have been revealed! Who will you choose?

Hope you enjoyed this update.
Stay tuned for next week's Fakemon Friday!

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Fakemon Friday #2

Fri Jun 13, 2014, 1:19 AM
This week's Fakemon Friday I bring to you some more Pokémon you will encounter early on in your Havai adventure.

First we have Yarmeow, a Normal- and Fairy-type Pokémon. Yarmeow are very friendly and playful Pokémon. They unroll their tails and play with them when bored.

Species: Kitten
Ability: Cute Charm
Hidden Ability: Simple
Height: 1'04"
Weight: 7.2 lbs

Next up we have Mousense. These Normal-type Pokémon are a common sight throughout the Havai region. Because of its very poor eyesight, it uses its whiskers, nose, and ears as a guide.

Species: Sensing
Ability: Pickup
Hidden Ability: Scrappy
Height: 1'00"
Weight: 7.7 lbs

And finally we have the Poison-type Pokémon Poissum. They are commonly found throughout the alleys of cities digging in trash bins, scavenging for food and collecting any unwanted valuables.

Species: Trash Digger
Abilities: Poison Touch/Run Away
Hidden Ability: Stench
Height: 1'08"
Weight: 20.5 lbs

That's all for this week's Fakemon Friday. Stay tuned for next week's reveal!

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Fakemon Friday #4! Part 1

Fri Jun 27, 2014, 4:55 AM
It's no ordinary Fakemon Friday, it's a MEGA Fakemon Friday with new Mega Evolutions and a bunch of new Pokémon! First off we have Mega Evolutions of the Orohn Starters!

Mega Razorvile

Ability Swift Swim
Type Grass/Steel
Height 5'09"
Weight 396.5 lbs

Its blades became stronger and sharper, enough to even slice through the strongest metals known to man. With a Rain Dance team, this Mega Pokémon is sure to be a great battler.

Razorvile mega evolves into Mega Razorvile using a Razorvilite.

Mega Wolverize

Ability Moxie
Type Fire/Dark
Height 6'03"
Weight 268.2 lbs

The flames on its body burn bright and strong. It will scorch its enemies and leave them with burns. Given a boost in its Attack and Sp. Attack stats, Mega Wolverize will surely heat things up in battle.

Wolverize mega evolves into Mega Wolverize using a Wolverite.

Mega Chambrawl

Ability Iron Fist
Type Water/Fighting
Height 6'04"
Weight 375.3 lbs

With its powerful fists, it can easily knock out an opponent. With its Iron Fist ability, this Pokémon will definitely be knocking out its foes.

Chambrawl mega evolves into Mega Chambrawl using a Chambrawlite.

New Evolutions!

Bonzire is the evolved form of Bonzumi. Its signature move Flame Shock is a damage dealing move that may leave its opponent with a bad burn. This move is Fire and Electric type simultaneously.

Species Blaze Pokémon
Type Fire/Electric
Ability Flash Fire/Volt Absorb
Height 3'07"
Weight 22.0 lbs

Frossen is the evolved form of Imbumi. It gains the Ice Type as it evolves. Its signature move Ice Over is a non-damage dealing Ice Type move that adds an Ice Type to its targeted foe during battle. When paired with Bonzire, this duo is unstoppable.

Species Frost Pokémon
Type Water/Ice
Ability Ice Body/Water Veil
Height 3'07"
Weight 22.0 lbs

Fleuroma is the evolved form of Petumi. Its signature move Aroma Care sharply boosts its team's Defense and Sp. Defense stats for 5 turns.

Species Aroma Pokémon
Type Grass
Ability Leaf Guard/Chlorophyll
Hidden Ability Natural Cure
Height 3'07"
Weight 21.3 lbs

New Pokémon!

Species Goose Pokémon
Type Water/Flying
Ability Simple/Big Pecks
Hidden Ability Magic Guard
Height 2'00"
Weight 11.4 lbs

Goosea are clumsy Pokémon who depend on bigger Pokémon to protect it from danger. Goosea are very vulnerable to attacks.

Species Pest Pokémon
Type Bug/Poison
Ability Swarm/Sniper
Hidden Ability Hyper Cutter
Height 1'01"
Weight 4.2 lbs

Large colonies can be found inside hollow trees. Its bite secretes a paralyzing poison that can knock out an adult in mere seconds.

There you have it for part 1 of this Fakemon Friday! Part 2 will come a little later with more Megas (since I am in like the latest Time Zone, it'll probably be Saturday for most of you by the time I update Part 2). So stay tuned!

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Sun Aug 17, 2014, 12:00 AM
| 08.16.14
I'm here to share some game news and updates along with screenshots. First off, I'm putting my region and Fakemon on Pokengine, a Pokémon based MMO still in beta (sorry, no invites right now). Features including Pokémon following you, custom skins, battling, minigames, and more.

Also some may have have expected the game to be released on the 11th, it was just a guess date. But things happen and the engine is being rewritten. So please bare.

Off To Havai

Welcome to the Havai Region! Havai is a tropical region made up of islands. It is located nearby the Orohn Region. Both regions are quite small, with few cities and few Gyms.Together they are considered as a whole region. On an island in between the regions is the Pokémon League which requires 4 badges from both Orohn and Havai to enter.

Sometime in the game, you'll be able to visit different regions like Atlas, Dhiome, or Rezai!

Meet Nova!

When you first arrive in Havai, you will meet Nova. She just moved here from Orohn. She will ask you for help in carrying her boxes.

After moving her boxes, she will question you about the laboratory and where can she get a starter. So you walk around town and find the laboratory.

choose your starter

Once at the lab, you will meet Professor Alba Gentiana. She specializes in herbs and their effects on Pokémon, as well as the natures and habitats. After introducing yourself, she will let you choose a starter.

train and evolve your pokémon

Train and level up your Pokémon. When Pokémon reach a certain level, they will evolve.

encounter new pokémon!

Wander around wild routes to encounter a wild Pokémon native to the Havai region.

Meet the evolved forms of Chenileaf and Warblu!

The more quality nectar a Sedavlin consumes the finer the quality of the silk it produces. Clothes made from their silk used to be all the rage among kings and queens.

Warshrike are very vicious Pokémon that will protect their territory by fighting off foes with their sharp talons. Warshrike will often leave deep gashes in their foes.

the pixie wand

Introducing a new evolutionary item, the Pixie Wand.  The stone at the end of the wand shimmers in dazzling colours. Crafted from a magical stone, this wand allows certain Pokémon to evolve.

evolve pikachu into pixiechu!

Pixiechu is one example of evolution using the Pixie Wand. It gains the Fairy-type with the ability Pixilate. Known for its radiant appearance, Pixiechu releases its stored electricity and shows off a wonderful display of sparks.

Use the Pixie Wand on Pikachu to evolve it into Pixiechu!

Alpheon and Eveon

Using the Dawn Stone, Eevee evolves either into Alpheon or Eveon depending on its gender.
A female Eevee evolves into Eveon, while a male Eevee evolves into Alpheon.


mega wreckasaur!

A new Mega Evolution walks upon us. Meet Mega Wreckasaur! It is now Rock/Dragon with the ability Sheer Force. Mega evolve Wreckasaur with the Mega Stone Wreckasaurite and unleash the great power of Mega Wreckasaur into battle.

*Graphics are not final. Some stuff most likely to change.

I will update this journal regularly with more news and updates.
Hope you enjoyed this and stay tuned for more!

Also, Fakemon Fridays are coming back!

The final forms of Ekopi, Batflare, and Kelpony will be revealed August  22nd!

get hyped
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