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Jack was a movie fanatic, he watched anything and everything that came to theaters, he especially liked ones that had cool ideas and twists at the end. His favorite movie was Shutter Island, but Inception had  just come out on DVD so he had to see if it was as good as everyone said. After he got home from getting the movie he put it in and turned off the lights so his mirror wouldn't create such a annoying shine in his small, dull apartment. He grabbed the remote and hit play. About halfway into the movie he thought to himself, "I wish I could be in Ellen Page's position, that would be so cool." A few minutes passed and he began to feel tingles in his feet, he just assumed they were asleep and didn't pay much attention, they became rather small and dainty. The feeling went up his legs, and yet again he just passed it off as some sort of bad sitting position, so he moved a bit and continued to watch. His legs became much more slender and ladylike, while all his body hair began to fall off he started scratching because it itched. What issued in his crotch was unmistakably not a loss of blood flow to it, it started to shrink as he yanked his pants off. His penis was fully sucked in by the time he got his boxers off and replaced by a tight wet cliterous. His hips jutted out a bit as his core shrunk and hardened. His chest pressurized as two cutely sized breasts formed on his chest, all the while his arms slenderized and his hands became dainty and womanlike. Then as the feeling flowed through him and up to his head his shoulders caved inwards on himself, then his whole facial structure shrunk and became much more feminine. His lips became smaller and cuter as his eyes were turned more feminine, while his hair cascaded down past his shoulders. Then her shirt dissolved off her, and was replaced by a bra and a small, and trendy shirt and then a dark coat. Then panties and tight, black, jeans wrapped around her newly formed legs, and a pair of toms shoes to finish off. She had also shrunk by almost a foot in height. As she tried to stand up she made her way to the light switch, and flipped it on. She scooted her way to the mirror and looked herself over in awe, she looked closely at her face and then said, "OH MY GOD, I'm Ellen Page!"
A request by TheTGMistress, hope you like it :)
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"The day I met you, my life began
You were the sunshine of my life
You were the meaning of the world

Since I lost you, nothing has sense
I have no more fate, my destiny disappeared
I feel so cold, my heart is hurt
I'm not dead but I feel like a ghost
I am a lonely illusion of who I was to you

I wish I stop breathing
As you did, my beloved Syld

Without you I have no soul,
Not any more reason to live
I miss you so desperately

I'd give my all to offer you a rebirth
Or to rejoin you anywhere you are
Until the end of time my angel

I am yours for eternity"


"Le soleil s'est levé,  j'y ai reconnu ton visage
C'est ton existence qui a illuminé le monde
Il a perdu tout sens, maintenant que tu n'es plus
Ma destinée s'est effacée, mon chemin a disparu

L'intense douleur en mon cœur me ravage
Me glace, me brise, m'écorche et me déchire
Je voudrais comme toi cesser de respirer
En te perdant j'ai égaré mon âme, ma Foi

Et toute raison de continuer à vivre
Tu me manques désespérément
Je donnerais tout pour pouvoir te ramener
Ou te rejoindre mon ange où que tu sois

Je suis et reste tienne de toute éternité
Jusqu'à la fin des temps Syld mon Bien Aimé"

Syld a disparu, Fanaa n'est qu'une âme perdue...

Syld died, Fanaa is a Lost Soul now... so lonely...

Fanaa and Syld are (french) Role Play Original Characters

text (c) me :iconelyra-coacalina:
picture (c) :iconshuangwen: original here [link]

Fanaa (c) me :iconelyra-coacalina:
Syld (c) :iconshandra-chan:
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Why am I hated?

Love is what I've awaited.

Sitting all alone, listening to others drone.

I always disappear, when others are near.

I've sometimes pleaded to just be needed ...
This is a poem that I put in the beginning of a story I'm writing. Of corse, like all of my poems, there were stupid parts so I fixed them. In the story, too.

The story's bout a demon girl, who doesnt realize she's a demon, who was created by some evil guy and helps this family kinda thing (2 bros and a girlfriend) to defeat the evil guy ... since none of you are actually gonna read it I'll tell you basically what happens in the end ................ They all die ... except one girl lolz.

I dont own the pic ... got it off Google
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It's funny how our pasts frame us
How the person we used to be never lets go of who we are today
Our failures and victories
They haunt us like ghosts or visit us like old friends
But it's up to you whether you choose to dwell on it or let it be a friendly reminder
You can give up and never try again
Or you can convert your failure into energy to put towards perseverance
People who choose to give up will soon find themselves lonely at a dead end
Those who choose to keep going will find the road of success and true happiness
People say there's lots of choices you can make in life
But there's really only two
Surrender or Fight
Which one will you choose?
I tend to write about my current emotions...
I just had an audition and I failed epicly. There are tons of factors that play into it so It's technially not my fault. But I still a bit down that I didn't make it. So, I want to use this failure for the my future auditons and I'm not going to give up.

YEAH, enough cheesy stuff! :iconfacepalmplz: Heres a new poem!! Plz enjoy! :iconjoyplz:
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I know it hurts for I've felt your pain
You want to give up
and let the enemies erase you
So I'm telling you now
That your life isn't over
There's still a chance to find happiness
and to have a smile

There's many who feel the same as you do
and I'm sure you know that is true
But did you know that I'm one of those people
who wishes they'd disappear?
I plaster a smile on my face around you
and everyone else
But inside it's cold and dark
and taken over by misery

So I'm telling you now
that all my words are true
I want to be the one
you run to when you're scared
I want to be the shoulder to cry on
when your broken down and alone
I'm always there for you with arms opened wide
please don't over look me now

I'll gladly push all my pain far away
if it would help you recover
And if all you need is a hug
then I'll hug you tight and not say a word
All I'm saying is you're not alone
I'm right here for you whenever you need me
I'm your friend
Hmm...this was a sudden burst of insperation for me. I just felt like writing a poem that was a bit more about others than myself...and I truely mean everything I said in this poem. :icondeyedplz:

I didn't really think of anyone in particular when I got the idea, but I thought of some people it could be meant for while writing it.
To those people, I really am there for you....even If I may be falling apart I want to be able to help you first...for you're more importent to me then anyway. :heart:

Yes! Also! I'm sorry if it's written a little weird! ^^; I'm practicing trying different formats...I ususally do the same ryhming AA BB format and I wanted to try not rhyming as much, I do hope it still works though! :nuu:

*Note: I do not own the image above*
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The awesome cover image was done by ~microbot23. I originally wanted a picture of metal hands to fit with the title but the only good i could find were from full metal alchemist. This poem if you haven't noticed is about a hopeful robot, continually repeating the same process as a robot must, only the process is searching for its own humanity. And every time it fails , it repeats forget past failures in a moment continuing its hope of being human. I was bored so i came up with a complex theme :D. Hope everyone enjoys :D.
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For all sad words
Of tongue,
And pen,
The saddest are those you hide
Beneath music when your voice dies.

A trembling shy memory of slumbering minds,
Living on what's have been past behind,
How to smell a rose that died?
                   To roses that walked along your side.

Then pause
         And bow
         When the sense is rotten yet sublime.
Sometimes do you ever just feel like you are walking down a path that you shouldn't be, but by the time you realize it, you've gone too far to go back? If you do know that feeling, hopefully these help.
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I can fly
You said its not a lie
I jumped
I knew I would not die
I heard you sigh

The air thundered by
You said don’t close your eye (s)
The ground rushed up
I knew I would not die
I heard you sigh

I will be by your side
I looked for you as I glide (ed)
I was not alone
I knew you had not lied
So why do I feel as I’ve died

I will never leave you
The water below became blue
Why does it keep getting closer?
I swore this was something I would never do
That I would love you knew

I hit the ground
My heart beats and pounds
You never jumped with me
I try to breath, a grizzly sound
I heard you die
not sure why i wrote this, an impulse... something i don't want to happen...
we find ourselves in situations that we did not look for, or plan on, that take a life of their own out of ours, and grown and breath and take from us so much even as it gives us even more than is taken.

but some times those things are the result of conditions and circumstances that most people would never understand, or even try to. the end result is love on a level that consumes and enriches lives in ways those involved never expected or hopped for.

i don't want it to end, the "love will never die" as the song goes, that i can embrace that source of the love, that i can hold her, that is what i want to never end.

but the universe has placed in front of me a choice... and i am torn between my options. one will leave me close to her that is the source of all this love, the other takes me far away from her.

what should i do? can any of you make this choice? would you?
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Want me.
Need me.
Cherish me.
Understand me.
Comfort me.
Know me.
Love me.

Even at my very worst.
NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT about the subject of all other poems :XD:
to a special person, who has yet to be disclosed XD

short, yes, but when I try to write happy, well, it doesn't come out when I want it to. So this is what happened =]
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you always told me
how you hated school
hated the suffocating lectures
and lack of fresh air

how unfair it was
that you could watch
the birds and the butterflies
but couldn't feel the sun
on your face

you used to speak of
ancient times, when
Daphne nearly
outran a god, and
Poseidon Earth-shaker
still ruled the seas

you used to dream of
returning to the
wild, free past

the gods up in Olympus
heard your idle musings
and Poseidon shook
the Earth

but you're still suffocated
under concrete and steel rubble
and the air vents remain
Prompt: closed airvents from =roguequeen

Deviated under duress from =Synith and =roguequeen

Quite unrefined...might go back and edit later...
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