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Jack was a movie fanatic, he watched anything and everything that came to theaters, he especially liked ones that had cool ideas and twists at the end. His favorite movie was Shutter Island, but Inception had  just come out on DVD so he had to see if it was as good as everyone said. After he got home from getting the movie he put it in and turned off the lights so his mirror wouldn't create such a annoying shine in his small, dull apartment. He grabbed the remote and hit play. About halfway into the movie he thought to himself, "I wish I could be in Ellen Page's position, that would be so cool." A few minutes passed and he began to feel tingles in his feet, he just assumed they were asleep and didn't pay much attention, they became rather small and dainty. The feeling went up his legs, and yet again he just passed it off as some sort of bad sitting position, so he moved a bit and continued to watch. His legs became much more slender and ladylike, while all his body hair began to fall off he started scratching because it itched. What issued in his crotch was unmistakably not a loss of blood flow to it, it started to shrink as he yanked his pants off. His penis was fully sucked in by the time he got his boxers off and replaced by a tight wet cliterous. His hips jutted out a bit as his core shrunk and hardened. His chest pressurized as two cutely sized breasts formed on his chest, all the while his arms slenderized and his hands became dainty and womanlike. Then as the feeling flowed through him and up to his head his shoulders caved inwards on himself, then his whole facial structure shrunk and became much more feminine. His lips became smaller and cuter as his eyes were turned more feminine, while his hair cascaded down past his shoulders. Then her shirt dissolved off her, and was replaced by a bra and a small, and trendy shirt and then a dark coat. Then panties and tight, black, jeans wrapped around her newly formed legs, and a pair of toms shoes to finish off. She had also shrunk by almost a foot in height. As she tried to stand up she made her way to the light switch, and flipped it on. She scooted her way to the mirror and looked herself over in awe, she looked closely at her face and then said, "OH MY GOD, I'm Ellen Page!"
A request by TheTGMistress, hope you like it :)
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"The day I met you, my life began
You were the sunshine of my life
You were the meaning of the world

Since I lost you, nothing has sense
I have no more fate, my destiny disappeared
I feel so cold, my heart is hurt
I'm not dead but I feel like a ghost
I am a lonely illusion of who I was to you

I wish I stop breathing
As you did, my beloved Syld

Without you I have no soul,
Not any more reason to live
I miss you so desperately

I'd give my all to offer you a rebirth
Or to rejoin you anywhere you are
Until the end of time my angel

I am yours for eternity"


"Le soleil s'est levé,  j'y ai reconnu ton visage
C'est ton existence qui a illuminé le monde
Il a perdu tout sens, maintenant que tu n'es plus
Ma destinée s'est effacée, mon chemin a disparu

L'intense douleur en mon cœur me ravage
Me glace, me brise, m'écorche et me déchire
Je voudrais comme toi cesser de respirer
En te perdant j'ai égaré mon âme, ma Foi

Et toute raison de continuer à vivre
Tu me manques désespérément
Je donnerais tout pour pouvoir te ramener
Ou te rejoindre mon ange où que tu sois

Je suis et reste tienne de toute éternité
Jusqu'à la fin des temps Syld mon Bien Aimé"

Syld a disparu, Fanaa n'est qu'une âme perdue...

Syld died, Fanaa is a Lost Soul now... so lonely...

Fanaa and Syld are (french) Role Play Original Characters

text (c) me :iconelyra-coacalina:
picture (c) :iconshuangwen: original here [link]

Fanaa (c) me :iconelyra-coacalina:
Syld (c) :iconshandra-chan:
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Why am I hated?

Love is what I've awaited.

Sitting all alone, listening to others drone.

I always disappear, when others are near.

I've sometimes pleaded to just be needed ...
This is a poem that I put in the beginning of a story I'm writing. Of corse, like all of my poems, there were stupid parts so I fixed them. In the story, too.

The story's bout a demon girl, who doesnt realize she's a demon, who was created by some evil guy and helps this family kinda thing (2 bros and a girlfriend) to defeat the evil guy ... since none of you are actually gonna read it I'll tell you basically what happens in the end ................ They all die ... except one girl lolz.

I dont own the pic ... got it off Google
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It's funny how our pasts frame us
How the person we used to be never lets go of who we are today
Our failures and victories
They haunt us like ghosts or visit us like old friends
But it's up to you whether you choose to dwell on it or let it be a friendly reminder
You can give up and never try again
Or you can convert your failure into energy to put towards perseverance
People who choose to give up will soon find themselves lonely at a dead end
Those who choose to keep going will find the road of success and true happiness
People say there's lots of choices you can make in life
But there's really only two
Surrender or Fight
Which one will you choose?
I tend to write about my current emotions...
I just had an audition and I failed epicly. There are tons of factors that play into it so It's technially not my fault. But I still a bit down that I didn't make it. So, I want to use this failure for the my future auditons and I'm not going to give up.

YEAH, enough cheesy stuff! :iconfacepalmplz: Heres a new poem!! Plz enjoy! :iconjoyplz:
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I know it hurts for I've felt your pain
You want to give up
and let the enemies erase you
So I'm telling you now
That your life isn't over
There's still a chance to find happiness
and to have a smile

There's many who feel the same as you do
and I'm sure you know that is true
But did you know that I'm one of those people
who wishes they'd disappear?
I plaster a smile on my face around you
and everyone else
But inside it's cold and dark
and taken over by misery

So I'm telling you now
that all my words are true
I want to be the one
you run to when you're scared
I want to be the shoulder to cry on
when your broken down and alone
I'm always there for you with arms opened wide
please don't over look me now

I'll gladly push all my pain far away
if it would help you recover
And if all you need is a hug
then I'll hug you tight and not say a word
All I'm saying is you're not alone
I'm right here for you whenever you need me
I'm your friend
Hmm...this was a sudden burst of insperation for me. I just felt like writing a poem that was a bit more about others than myself...and I truely mean everything I said in this poem. :icondeyedplz:

I didn't really think of anyone in particular when I got the idea, but I thought of some people it could be meant for while writing it.
To those people, I really am there for you....even If I may be falling apart I want to be able to help you first...for you're more importent to me then anyway. :heart:

Yes! Also! I'm sorry if it's written a little weird! ^^; I'm practicing trying different formats...I ususally do the same ryhming AA BB format and I wanted to try not rhyming as much, I do hope it still works though! :nuu:

*Note: I do not own the image above*
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           ......... . I..~.=,. .....             8NN8DI++77.                   
           .=...   .:, .  .. .. ..+,..           .DDN7I$$$$$7...                
                                                 77$++I8O$Z$$7 .                
                                         NMMMMMMDMMMD8ZZZZ$7 .OO$7              
                                          . 8.D8DDDDDD8ZZZZ$$7 $OZI             
                                           .8.DMDMNDDD8ZZZ$$7. 7O$I             
                                           OD+DMMDDDDD8ZZ$$$I ..OZ7.      ,     
                                          . ,.8MMMDDDD8ZZZZ7 ...ZZ$      ...    
                                             .8MMMDDD88ZZZO$    Z8$:       .    
                                              8NMMDDDDMMMN8$ .  Z8Z$.   ..?     
                                              8NMMMMMDND88Z$.   $8Z$I. .$Z      
                                              ZNMMMM$ODDDOZ$.   $8Z$I.OZ        
                                              INMMMN 78D8ZZ$,   .Z$.O$...       
                                              ~NMMMD..O88OZ$~. .I?+$,. .        
                                              .NMMM8  Z88OZ$~..D7+?.            
                                              .DMMM7  7O88Z$= DNMO+.            
                                             ..DMMN.  .Z88ZZ?O$..Z.             
                                              .8MMD    $88ZZ8,    .             
                                               8MMD.   .8DM8I.                  
                                              .8MMD.   .NNZ$?.                  
                                              .8MMD  .ZZO8ZZI.                  
                                               8MMN.Z$. =8OZ7.                  
                                               8MMMDI.  .OOZ7.                  
                                              .8MMZ.     $8Z$.                  
                                             ..8DN8       OOZO                  
                                             OODMN,.     .DM8D..                
                                           ?$. 8MD.       8MMMZ                 
                                         .O7  .8M8        OMMMD.                
                                      ..Z7..  .8M8         NMMNO                
                                    ..Z$.     .DNI        .DMMN8.               
                                    Z7..      .DN          8MMN8                
                                 .+$,          DD.         :NMN8                
                                .OI..          DN.         .NMM8                
                              .Z7...          ONMO          8MM8                
                           ..Z$.              8MN          .8MM8                
                          .O$. .            .ZNM8            NM8                
                        .$$,.           . ~ODMMM8            DMD                
                      . O7.       ~?II77$NMMMMMMO           .8MN.               
                     .Z7 .. +?I7$$ZZZZZZOOOOOOOZI            ,NN:               
                   .O$..=+?I7$ZZZZZZOOOOOOOOOOOZ7            .NM8               
                 .I?~~==+I7$ZOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO$            .NM8.              
               ..,,,:~=+?I$ZZOOOOOOOOOO8OOOOOO8OO$.          OMMN .             
            ......,,:~=+?I$ZOOOO8OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOZ7 .      .DMMD..             
         ..........,,:~~=+?I7$$$ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ8MMND$I .                
          ..........,,,::~==++???IIIIIIIIIII????++=. .                          
The head didn't load right ;(
Thanks so much for all the views!!
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The awesome cover image was done by ~microbot23. I originally wanted a picture of metal hands to fit with the title but the only good i could find were from full metal alchemist. This poem if you haven't noticed is about a hopeful robot, continually repeating the same process as a robot must, only the process is searching for its own humanity. And every time it fails , it repeats forget past failures in a moment continuing its hope of being human. I was bored so i came up with a complex theme :D. Hope everyone enjoys :D.
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Wearily he sits in his usual chair. Maybe no one will notice how tired he is and how much it hurts. His oldest granddaughter knocks on the door and opens the door.

"Hi grandpa. How are you today?" She gives him a hug and sits the plate of cookies in front of him. Her fiancé steps in behind her with a gallon of fresh cow's milk. He hadn't had that since he was a boy. Yum!

He smiles. "When are you getting married??"

She pauses. A different reaction that usual. Usually she says, "Not sure yet. We'll let you know."

"October the eighth."

For a split second he thought there was hope after all. October wasn't too far away. He could make it until then. That would only be a month after the six month mark the doctors gave him back in March. Then she adds….

"Next year."

He didn't know what to say. He'd never make it that long. He knew he couldn't. For a moment, she caught the distress in his eyes, but he looks away quickly – back at the cookies and milk. "Thanks for the cookies." He takes a bite of one and smiles. Just as good as he remembered. "Get me a cup of this milk, boy."

He quickly grabs a cup from the cabinet and fills it with the thick rich milk and hands it to his fiancé's dying grandfather.

He takes a huge gulp. "I guess you're not so bad after all."

"Okay, grandpa, we'll see you later, we have to go now." She waved and headed toward the door.

"You just got here." He knew he'd have little time to make up the lost years with her, but he wanted to try. But where did he start. He hardly knew anything about her – other than she made delicious cookies.

"We have class tonight. College. We don't want to be late."

He just nodded.


She sighed.  "Did you see the look in his eyes when I said it was next year? I want to finish school first… I don't want to rush things. I wish I knew how to tell him. I'd love for him to be there."

Her fiancé squeezed her hand softly. "We can get married this year if you want…"

She shook her head, not wanting to move up the wedding just for her grandpa. There was no way they could get married so soon – at least not having the wedding she'd always dreamed of. She had a hard choice – her grandpa or her dream. Since she didn't know the man that well, it really wasn't that hard of a choice, but she did wish he could come.


As the weeks go by, his condition worsens. His feet start swelling and he can no longer put his shoes on. Maybe his wife won't notice if he goes outside barefoot. Then he has trouble getting out of his chair unassisted. His hands are no longer agile enough to light the cigarette lighter. That doesn't stop him from smoking though. It's too late to stop now. The pain worsens – but still he puts up a strong front. He takes morphine twice a day, but soon that amount increases to three even 4 times a day.

People come and go. His youngest son mows the grass. His daughter vacuums and washes dishes. She stays to give him the medicine. He still fights. He doesn't want to give up. He can't give up.

He can't take a shower by himself. The Hospice nurse has to help him. Pretty soon, he can't even get up to use the bathroom and has to wear a giant diaper. This is humiliating.

People come to visit – family, friends, and neighbors. People he hasn't seen in years come to visit him. He's too tired and in too much pain to pay attention to them. He dozes off and on while his wife and daughter talk to them. He hears only snippets of conversation.

He sits in his chair, feet propped up and a blanket keeping him warm. They come and go to see him. "How are you doing today?" or "Hey there, dad" or "Hi grandpa" they say. Some simply come in and look at him. His dying form. Sometimes they make him take medicine. Sometimes they feed him. He always just sits there, staring at the television. After a few minutes, not a dry eye can be found. Even the toughest truck drivers or army veterans get teary eyed.

"Hi grandpa, I made you cookies!" It is a good day. He smiles and takes the plate. She looks at him waiting for him to eat one. When he doesn't, she offers to take the plate to the kitchen. He shakes his head and keeps the cookies. The girl steps out of the room. The woman gently breaks a piece off of one of the still warm chocolate chip cookies and feeds it into her husband's mouth. He tries to chew it, but gets choked. A nearby cup of water comes to the rescue to help wash the cookie down. The girl peeks back in from around the corner, a tear in her eye. She was too late making the promised cookies for her grandpa and he is unable to eat them.

"Grandpa, grandpa! Lets go fishing." The boy comes in and takes his grandpa's hand, trying to get him out of the chair.

Morphine comes once every 2 hours now. He sleeps. A lot. He hasn't eaten in several days, and he hasn't been out of bed either.

Okay. Enough is enough, he thinks. Get me out of this bed. I want to go outside. He weakly tries to sit up. His daughter rushes over, "Daddy, what's wrong?"

"Let. Me. Out. Of. Bed," he gasps.

"But it's 3:00 A.M. It's time to sleep."

Doesn't she know he's been in bed sleeping for days? It's time to go outside. He tries to sit up even more, as she pushes him back down. It took three of them to hold him down. He was too weak to stand up, and they weren't strong enough to hold him up; they were barely strong enough to hold him down.

That's when he really gave up. He hadn't seen his oldest son yet – but he was coming over tomorrow, Wednesday.

When he first stepped into the room, he could tell it wouldn't be long. His father looked horrible. He sat down in the chair next to him and just stared. What could he say? He was asleep – or too weak to open his eyes. Why was he still here?

"Dad… It's okay. It's okay to die now. It won't be giving up. Go see my mother again. Tell her how much you miss her – and let her know that I wish I could have known her. I've seen pictures of you two. You were very happy together. Much happier than you were with the woman who raised me – and happier than with the woman you're married to now."

The dying man gently squeezed his oldest son's hand in acknowledgement. He didn't go right then – not in front of his children. Not today. Today was October the Eight. He had to wait, just a few more hours. When he opened his eyes again, he saw his daughter sleeping in the chair. He had an ink pen and paper nearby. Maybe – just maybe he could reach it.

He didn't want to wake her up, but he had to tell her one last time.

Weakly, he wrote in his shaky handwriting, "I love you. – Dad"

It was now midnight. October Ninth. One last gift to his oldest granddaughter. The Eighth would be her special day. Not this yer, but next. It was 12:15 now.

It was getting so hard to breathe, and the pain was excruciating. A bright light shone in from the ceiling. That's not right. He heard a soft voice. A voice he hadn't heard in forty-five years. The voice of his first love. How he missed her so. He jumped at the chance to see her again as his body fell limp on the bed, a slight smile still evident on his face.
My grandfather died this morning after a long battle with Lung Cancer. I began writing this last night, knowing that it wouldn't be long.

This is a true story.... okay, mostly true. Some facts and things that I can't have known, like what my grandfather was thinking has been made up.

here's a bigger photo of the shot that inspired the story.
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I would be the only one awake
Excited to visit Wonderland
Where everything is the opposite of reality
I would hug my stuffed rabbit so he can keep me company

As I walk to the end of the hall to the old grandfather clock
I'd sprawl on the ground before it              
Next to the tray of cookies and milk
That had started being left there
After the first time I fell asleep in this very spot

I ate the treat and sipped the milk in the teacup
As I waited for midnight
Tick tock, tick tock
Tickety tock, tickety tock

The sounds gave me lyrics and I softly sang the words
The words that lead me to a world of wonder

"Tick tock, tick tock,
Time is lost, time is lost
Tick, tock, tick tock
Forever lost, forever lost
Tick tock, tick tock,
My mind is lost…"

And I repeat it until my eyes closed
Then I fell and fell
Down into the realm of my mind
Where anything is possible

It is a dream, but it seems so real
I'm tempted to stay, but I can't let myself linger for too long
I fear that I may not wake up again
Maybe that is something I should not worry about
For this place is far more entertaining than reality

My feet hit the floor which was the ceiling
My hair was reaching up to the checkered tile
I floated down gently
This is my second time here
So I went through the talking door with ease

I walked through the tunnel
Then crawled through the second door which was smaller than the first
And saw the white rabbit wearing a vest hopping by
He paused to pull out his pocket watch and he panicked when he saw the time

"I'm late I'm late!" he said
"What are you late for white rabbit?"
"I'm late I'm late for a very important date!
I don't have time to stay and chat
You should go speak with the Cheshire Cat!"
He started hopping from one foot to the other
"The Cheshire Cat? Who is that?"
"Alice have you forgotten? Oh no! Look how late it's gotten!"
He took off
My name is not Alice
I ran after him
He led me to a dark forest with signs pointing in every direction
"Wait little rabbit! I don't know the way; I don't want to be lost here all day!"

I followed the direction he went
I could see him fading away
A white ghost against the darkness
"Little rabbit!"
He didn't stop he kept on going
And already it was night
I see that the sun decided to take a nap
Time is unpredictable and strange here

I walked until I spotted a house
In what seemed to be the center of the woods
Why does this house look familiar?
It's the white rabbit's! I remember from my first visit
He wouldn't mind if I rest here if I make him a carrot cake

I woke up and in the morning
And went off to explore
By mistake I went to the garden of singing flowers
They were a nice and interesting bunch on my first visit
Until they saw me and called me a weed

Then I continued on into the woods
Where I met Tweedledee and Tweedledum
They talked nonsense and spouted stories all day
And only confused me further and insisted that I stay

I went off on my own and while I traveled through the dark woods
I think I saw a flash of a smile appear in the shadows a few times
I was terrified and kept running until I left the woods
Once I got out I calmy strolled down the dirt road
Until I was so tired I needed to take a nap
The giant mushrooms look comfy I thought
So I stopped to rest

I soon coughed myself awake
I sat upright covering my mouth with my palm
And saw where the smoke came from
A caterpillar forming letters with every puff he made
"Excuse me Mr. Caterpillar, do you know where I could find the white rabbit?"
"We…are…going…through…this…again!" he yelled with a puff of smoke blowing out with each word
"I've been here before, but I don't think I have met you"
"I am not forgetting! And why is everyone calling me Alice!
I'll find him on my own then. I've run out of patience!"

I heard singing and laughter and followed the sound
Curious to what was going on
Was there a party?
I pushed my way through the giant grass
And the voices grew louder
I peeked through and saw a large top hat
With a piece of paper labeled 10/6 on it
I had a sideways view of the gentleman
I watched and eavesdropped on his conversation
But I saw no one else there
Was he talking to himself?

"I know you're there, I see that you have gotten my invitation" he said
I was caught spying and walked forward to the long table
With teacups of all colors, shapes, and sizes
Covered with desserts that are healthy for you

"I have not received an invitation, what special event are you celebrating stranger?"
"Today's my unbirthday, have you also forgotten who I am?"
"I think I'd remember you if we met before this day"
"We'll allow me to introduce myself
I'm the Mad Hatter, but you can just call me Hatter"

"Well Hatter, may I join you?"
"Yes you may, have a seat"

"Would you like some tea?" the handsome hatter asked
"No thank you. I should really wake up now.
I haven't stayed this long before and it is getting late"
"Nonsense, nonsense. It's daytime you see" he pointed to the sky
"Yes, indeed. It is daytime, but the time of my world and yours are different"
"Please have a seat. Would you like some cake?"
"Yes please...Wait I have to go!"
"Just have a sip. That's all I ask, it will only take a mere second. Then you may go on your way"
"Alright, a sip won't hurt or a nibble or two of those delectable cookies."
"Yes, yes. Have as many as you like, my lady."
"Thank you. Happy unbirthday Hatter" I took a sip of the rose petal tea and a few bites of the cookies
I got a bit woozy; it must be from the sugar going into my head I thought

"Hello Alice. How are you?" he asked
"I'm fine, but I'm not Alice"
"Yes you are. You are Alice." He insisted
"If you say so?" Why are these people calling me that? I know my name
My name is…my name is
Oh surely I must know my own name
It's Lacey, yes Lacey right?
No that doesn't seem right
Amy? No. Alina?

"Alice?" he asked, voice very concerned.
Alice? Yes that fit wonderfully. That's my name.
"You have grown into a fine woman, my dear"
"I'm too young to be a woman" I said in a voice that didn't belong to a thirteen year old girl.
I stared at my body and saw that I indeed grew
"You're very beautiful my lady"
"You're staring is making me nervous!
You look as if you want to dissect me!" I covered myself and started to tip over
Losing my balance I fell to the ground and caught myself
Why was the world spinning?

I felt hands pinning my arms behind me and the raising of the skirt of my dress
"Stop! What are you doing?" I yelled
I caught a glimpse of the creepy crescent moon grin
I was uneasy for a second then smiled back and laughed
Suddenly changing moods

I felt the edge of the spade tipped spear press against my back
"The Red Queen wants to see you. She summons your presence at once!"
"What?" I turned around to see
A card soldier for the red kingdom
"You must hurry or she will make you lose your head!"
"First can you release me? You are hurting me"
He pulled away and helped me to my feet
I looked around for the Hatter
Where did the he run off to?
"How can I get there as soon as possible?" I asked
"Here take this," he handed me and small hour glass,
"you must flip it over and think of the place you want to be
before the last grain of sand gets to the other side
Think of only one place"
I concentrated and when the last grain dropped I was lifted into the air
And vanished

I then reappeared in front of the queen's throne
"There you are Alice. You are late"
"I apologize my dear queen, for I have just received your message."
Her eyes were unforgiving
"Please forgive me."
"Liar! You were with the White Queen weren't you!
You were planning to war against me. I sentence you to death
To the guillotine I say"
"Wait, I don't know who this White Queen is!"
"How dare you speak to me in that tone! Off with her head!"
"I should have a trial first your majesty!
For I have to be proven guilty to the court"
"No, you must be punished! I am in charge!"
"Y-yes your majesty"

I was escorted to the dungeon and there they stripped me completely
I should have felt humiliated, but I did not care
This is a dream after all, this is not real
I sat on the bench waiting for the time of the execution
I hugged myself in the cold air

"This may be a dream but wouldn't I feel the pain like how I feel everything else in this dream
I guess I have no choice." I lost my worried thought
"Alice…" I heard a whisper of a voice I have not yet heard before
"Yes? Who is there?"
The smile appeared again
"It is me"
"Who is me?" I asked
"You are"
"No what is your name?"
"My name is Cheshire,"
He appeared fully
"the Cat"
"How do you know my name?"
"Oh everyone knows you Alice. You've been here many times"
"I have?"
"Yes you have"
"Then why can't I remember?"
"Who knows? Maybe you bumped your head
Amazing how fast you've grown!"
"Oh yes, I have forgotten that I grew"
"You are of age now. You are no longer a child"
"I'm happy to hear that. I don't like being treated as such"
I petted him and he purred

"Alice come with me" a guard said
And Cheshire disappeared
The guard opened the door
He led me to a palace room
"Wasn't I supposed to lose my head?"
"The King of Hearts has other plans for you"
"Oh, what plans?"
"You will find out soon enough Alice"
"Can I have some clothes please?"
They ignored me not ever saying another word
As they sat me down on the bed and left the room
The king is so nice to let me stay here instead
He'll probably have me work here in the castle

The door opened and a face peered in
He walked in wearing a crown and a robe
He looked like someone I knew
"Thank you king for letting me stay here"
"You are welcome Alice" he said in a voice that sounded like my step-father's
"The guards said that you had something else in mind for me"
"Yes I do. You are about to repay me now"
"By doing what I say"
He locked the door behind him and walked to the edge of the bed
And took off his clothes
"What are you doing?"
He was silent and kept undressing
Maybe undressing in front of someone was normal here
He pointed to a tray of cookies and milk
Waiting to be eaten on the bedside table
I reached for a cookie and took a bite
Nothing made me as happy as these cookies
The king just stared at me as I ate
"Do you want some?" I asked
He shook his head

A few cookies later and a half cup of milk left
I spread myself like a snow angel on the bed
I'm stuffed and sleepy
I closed my eyes
And felt a hand touch me
I squirmed and opened my eyes
"Stop it! Keep your hands off me!"
"Be quiet! This is part of your payment"
I let him do as he wished
Until he touched me in a place I had never been touched before
"That feels strange!"
"I said be quiet you!"
My head was getting hot
I felt like I was having a fever
He pinned me down with his weight
And put one hand over my mouth
"Do not scream"
Wake up!
I have to wake up!
Something bad is going to happen I felt it
I tried to scream for help, but he muffled it
And he slapped me on the cheek and the spot throbbed
"I said don't scream"

He flipped me over and made me stay on my hands and knees
His hands gripped my hips as he slowly pulled me closer
I felt something touch me down there
What in the world was he doing?
Something forced its way inside me and I cried
It hurts! It hurts!
Why was he doing this to me?
I tried to fight my way out and he held me tighter
"The pain will go away after you get used to it"
"Make it go away. I don't like it"
He didn't stop
No matter how many times I fought and cried
He didn't stop until he collapsed from exhaustion
I blinked open my eyes
I was in a maze now with rose topiaries
And saw the trailing red paint from the white roses all around me
Why is it dripping down my thighs as well?
Why is it warm?
That's the last thing I saw before I fell into a deep sleep
Asleep in a dream
Dreaming a dream within a dream

I woke up in front of the grandfather clock and picked up my stuffed rabbit
I can't really remember my dream from last night
I felt like I didn't get much rest last night
Did I have a nightmare?
My head was pounding
What a horrible headache to have in the morning

I remember going to Wonderland more than once now
Yes I remember the people now
The people there are mad
And can drive me bonkers
The clock runs backwards
And things don't make sense
I have lots of fun, but it is tiring

Sometimes it feels like I spent days in this fantasy land
But usually when I wake up I find that I have only slept for a few hours
I would wake up with my hair soaking wet with aches from strange places
And feel as if I was freshly bathed
I never knew why

Something about that clock is strange
I've been drawn to it like a rabbit
With a carrot in front of its nose
Then I feel like I've forgotten something
But I can never figure out what
Hmm...I think I remember having a feeling of pain because of something
Something horrible
Ow! My head hurts so much
What was I talking about? Oh yes I remember now
That world is fun...yes it's fun
Artist of the image: [link]

My twisted mind made up this dark sad story based off of Lewis Carroll's ďAlice in Wonderland.Ē I totally love the movies and the books so Iím not trying to bring it down.

Anyways this is about a childish thirteen-year-old girl. She thinks that this is all her imagination, but some of the things are really happening to her. Her step-father is drugging her and you can figure out the rest...

Man how many times did I edit this like five times >< it turned out well though. I personally think that it's too long

My favorite part is when she talks to the not so helpful Cheshire Cat & Mad Hatter. In the 2nd editing the Mad Hatter was supposed to be the rapist. He was about to do it in this version until the card soldier came by and took "Alice" away
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I like your hair damp and tousled
the simplicity of your skin
and bare bone sharp of your face
clean against the pillow
where your eyes watch the night in wonder
and your limbs tangle in my dark.
For Victoria...a little prelude gift.
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