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Jack was a movie fanatic, he watched anything and everything that came to theaters, he especially liked ones that had cool ideas and twists at the end. His favorite movie was Shutter Island, but Inception had  just come out on DVD so he had to see if it was as good as everyone said. After he got home from getting the movie he put it in and turned off the lights so his mirror wouldn't create such a annoying shine in his small, dull apartment. He grabbed the remote and hit play. About halfway into the movie he thought to himself, "I wish I could be in Ellen Page's position, that would be so cool." A few minutes passed and he began to feel tingles in his feet, he just assumed they were asleep and didn't pay much attention, they became rather small and dainty. The feeling went up his legs, and yet again he just passed it off as some sort of bad sitting position, so he moved a bit and continued to watch. His legs became much more slender and ladylike, while all his body hair began to fall off he started scratching because it itched. What issued in his crotch was unmistakably not a loss of blood flow to it, it started to shrink as he yanked his pants off. His penis was fully sucked in by the time he got his boxers off and replaced by a tight wet cliterous. His hips jutted out a bit as his core shrunk and hardened. His chest pressurized as two cutely sized breasts formed on his chest, all the while his arms slenderized and his hands became dainty and womanlike. Then as the feeling flowed through him and up to his head his shoulders caved inwards on himself, then his whole facial structure shrunk and became much more feminine. His lips became smaller and cuter as his eyes were turned more feminine, while his hair cascaded down past his shoulders. Then her shirt dissolved off her, and was replaced by a bra and a small, and trendy shirt and then a dark coat. Then panties and tight, black, jeans wrapped around her newly formed legs, and a pair of toms shoes to finish off. She had also shrunk by almost a foot in height. As she tried to stand up she made her way to the light switch, and flipped it on. She scooted her way to the mirror and looked herself over in awe, she looked closely at her face and then said, "OH MY GOD, I'm Ellen Page!"
A request by TheTGMistress, hope you like it :)
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Another One.

You Know You Were Waiting For It.
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This is what happens when you don't have the internet for a few weeks.
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This is about me moving to Seattle. And the people I'll be leaving behind.

Photos were form my cell phone...
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Tell me everything, I whisper
Pretty poison in your ear
And let me have your burdens
Your every dread and every fear.
I promise I'll tell nothing
That if you trust in me, you'll see
Though speaking up will kill your heart
Your secret's safe with me.
just a thought from a sadistic little child.

(note: second-to-last line fixed. decided i didnt need that beat after all.)

(permission granted to darkclub to display this in their gallery.)

note: none of my work may be used in any fashion without my express permission.
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A Collective Realization

We are the dead
Yes, we are the dead
Drowning, burning
Freezing, but learning.
So who are we now?
Those lost in savage Africa
On a quest for ivory
Our hearts full of
Oh, the horror, the horror!
We are without time,
Lost in time,
Or, rather, it is
The space-time fabric
Which is lost in us.
Yes, that is it.
And we, too, have our time
Just as the day
Or the night.
It is day by the blessed sun
Or, night by the blessed moon.
We say it is the moon,
We know it is the sun.
then god be blessed
For it has its time!
And winter has its.
To everything, they say,
There is a season.
A time to break down,
A time to build up.
A time to keep silence,
And a time to speak.
Yes, all that.
But what else.
What else?
Something, something...
Yes, we know now...
To be drunken off Soma
Or Victory Gin,
It is the best and worst feeling
We shall ever have.
And in the Golden City,
That is all there is.
And for a time, it is good.
And then they awaken us.
And yea, though we walk
Through that eternal valley,
We will fear all evil.
For thine is not thy kingdom.
For there is no kingdom.
And it still rings true:
We are the dead,
We are the dead.
I am the dead.
What a sly thing
My subconscious is,
To name me thus.
And not tell me!
Dystopia- 1. state in which the conditions of life are extremely bad as from deprivation or oppression or terror [antonym: utopia]
2. a work of fiction describing an imaginary place where life is extremely bad because of deprivation or oppression or terror

Preview image:
Taken from my deviation: [link]
You can find the stock credits there.
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For all sad words
Of tongue,
And pen,
The saddest are those you hide
Beneath music when your voice dies.

A trembling shy memory of slumbering minds,
Living on what's have been past behind,
How to smell a rose that died?
                   To roses that walked along your side.

Then pause
         And bow
         When the sense is rotten yet sublime.
Sometimes do you ever just feel like you are walking down a path that you shouldn't be, but by the time you realize it, you've gone too far to go back? If you do know that feeling, hopefully these help.
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I wonder what a cat would say,
If it should choose to speak one day.
Would it confess to you the time,
It had committed that awful crime.
They'd say it was outside the house,
Where it tracked and killed that little mouse.
Or would it share what it knows best?
The perfect place to have a rest.
These thoughts I have now in my head,
Stay with me as I go to bed.
One day I hope we will find out,
What these cats really think about.
But as I look at mine and smile,
I know it wont be for a while.
lol yeah... I wrote this at 2 am this morning along with a couple of others that I might submit later... athough they are slightly darker and I'm not sure if I want to be depressing my fans :giggle:

hehehe fans....

anyway.. yes! poem about cats!... and... tell me what you think! :D oh and I'm sorry for the lack of picture, I can't seem to find one I haven't already submitted :P
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no comment.
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