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Yeah, had to say it!

Before anyone throws shit at me, I'm actually pretty big boned myself but I'm actually making this one for a friend of mine who went to school with me. She's pretty skinny, but she wasn't a toothpick. But she always got made fun of at school by bigger girls, being called "Skelebitch!" and "anorexic whore!" just because she tried wearing skirts, and outfits that clinged to her tiny figure. After that she would always wear baggy clothing and hid herself because she thought there was something wrong with her because she was constantly reminded of her thinness.

Honestly I think it's pretty hypocritical that it's perfectly fine to bash a skinny girl and judge her by her weight, which it can also be something she can't control, but it's sooo offensive if you tell someone they're fat?

Now for the stamp I used the saying, "Real women have curves!" which is usually a bigger girls way of defending herself or masking her insecurity. I think it's pretty stupid.

Who are you to tell someone that they're not a real woman because of how her body looks? Isn't that what you were trying to discourage in the FIRST place? And yet you're no better! You're just as shallow and stuck up as the ones who laugh at bigger people.

Can't we all just get along? Why can't we just start a movement of acceptance towards ALL body types? Everyone is beautiful thick or thin. We all might have our preferences, but that doesn't give you the right to insult and downsize someones feminism or X chromosomes because she's not as physically developed or, God forbid, she's skinny!
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"I'm sad cuz I just found out my dog is terminally ill."
"You're just making it up for attention."

"I'm 13, I have a lot to learn still."
"You're making up excuses to justify your stupidity!"

"I had eggs for breakfast this morning."
"Yeah, right."

"Sorry I didn't reply to you right away, I was in the shower."
"I'm calling BS on this one!"

Any of the above look familiar? Maybe they're a little exaggerated, but I see this on the internet all the time. People lie about themselves so much that now folks will accuse anyone of lying, over even the simplest things, like what they had for breakfast.

I'm not trying to say you should believe everything everyone says. I just want everyone to accept the fact that someone somewhere will think you're lying, no matter what you say.
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Emote by *chromereaper

For all my fellow emo people out there :D
-> I say I'm emo only becasue my siblings call me that :lmao:

It's interesting when people say that "words hurt".
The truth is.. it's not the words that really hurt a person.
A word is just a word really.
It's the thoughts of the receiver of those words that actually begin to hurt them.

I think it's becasue once a word is out there, it's our brain that tells us whether or not it's true, and if your brain already has some thing that you don't like about yourself stored in it, your brain that will latch on to a certain word or phrase and turns it into:
"Omg! I AM a ____."

:O So really I think it's less important for people to try and tell others:
"If you have nothing nice to say don't say anything at all."
It's not only unrealistic, but the fact is everybody needs criticism at some point in their life. otherwise they will never improve on anything.
What we REALLY should be saying is
"Don't think too deeply on an insult; or else you'll only get depressed"

:D That's all~~
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I have nothing against people disliking things, if you want to voice your opinion on something, go ahead. What I don't like is people making harsh/rude/underhanded comments about whatever it is they don't like. I mean, you might not like it, but somebody else does and not everybody is thick-skinned enough to take rough comments on the chin. There's nothing wrong with saying "I'd rather prefer [example]" or "I don't particulary like this", but when you make a comment that is loaded with CAPS and swearing or is underhanded and mean in an atempt to make yourself sound cleverer, then you can GTFO.

Actually, if you don't like it, why the hell are you commenting in the first place? Nobody else wants to know that you don't like it, and just makes you look like you have nothing better to do. Go and comment on things that you do like and let people get on with their lives.
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"Making fun of someone for being fat is the same thing as making fun of someone for being skinny.

Think about it, really.

If you make fun of someone for eating too much, you might as well make fun of someone who barely eats at all. Both sides have eating disorders, the only difference is that one is big and the other is small.

And some people just can't help that they're fat or skinny. A fat person can eat a little bit, but end up gaining a whole shit-ton of weight, and skinny person can eat whole lot more, and still stay skinny as ever. Sometimes, it just has to do with metabolism.

People will tell me it's my own fault for being overweight. What they don't know is that the women in my family suffer from hormonal imbalances that usually revolves around our weight. I actually eat very healthy, and exercise when I can. I don't even eat fast food (unless it's an emergency and there's no other place close enough.).

What I'm trying to say is, don't make fun of someone just because of their how they look. It's wrong, unoriginal and just plain ignorant.

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I have no problem with black people. I think it needs to be bolded because of some dumbfucks that sloth around this site, and not bother reading the artist comments.

I'm never one to use derogatory slurs, unless I'm definitively tired of people's blatant ignorance and WAAAH behavior. However, if you start calling me a faggot and a fairy for no other reason other than the way I look (and mind you, I don't dress very gayly, at least in my opinion), and claim it to be free speech after you get caught with it...

Well then, I'll just claim it's free speech to call you a greasy nigger.

If you haven't noticed, I'm not afraid to say my opinion, or challenge people, I'm the exact same way off the computer. With me, there are no racial, orientation, or gender boundaries with me, there are people boundaries, and if people are going to step on mine, well, I'll have no problem treating them to their own medication.
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Seriously, why would you even think of being such a thing? Are you butthurt? Trying to be edgy? No, don't, it's among one of the most retarded things you could ever be, honestly, without heterosexuals, we'd be extinct.

It breaks my heart every time I see a heterophobic stamp so I decided to make this stamp.

Stamplate by =1Foxylady
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Please respect the fact that I am not referring to any of the country personifications in Hetalia or trying to make a joke about any them. I am being serious here.

There is no such as the "perfect" country nor is there such a thing as "the greatest country on earth".

Based on history and the modern world, I think its safe to say that there really isn't one.

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I believe that if you want to make a difference today, then you must

first make the change in YOUR own life.

This will create a more intense impact on others around you.

If you want to feed the hungry, buy food and give it to the hungry.
If you want to defend your religion, then be a living example of what you believe and apply it to your everyday life, and stay strong.
If you want to stop war, then refuse to fight and become non-violent in every way, shape and form.
If you want people to stop using drugs, then live drug-free in your environment.
If you want to find a better partner in a relationship, then be the best partner you would want them to be for you.
If you want people to accept you, you must accept others.

There are so many things you could do right now to make a difference at home. The more you live in that change, the more it will spread to others. It's becoming more and more effective other than trying to force people to change. One of the reasons why I'm not totally big on protesting and whatnot.
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Women's Rights shouldn't be
Women getting what they want
And men apologising for having penises

Yes, I should get equal pay for equal work. Yes, I should be allowed to go to school and have a job. Yes, I should be allowed to never marry, support myself, and not raise kids if I so choose.

However, the implications of the word feminism has become nothing more than women living a fantastic life of their dream job and spending their whipped husbands' money after getting offended that he didn't cook dinner AND hold the door for her.

It's reverse discrimination and it's wrong.

Feminism has become an awful movement I'd never want a part of. Why? Because it hates men for nothing and takes away a woman's rights, saying she is an awful person for wanting to be a stay-at-home mom, or that she has to have a traditional "man's" job.

I understand this isn't all feminists, nor is it the true point, but I will only be a part of something that is truly for equal rights--and in my eyes, that isn't it.

Edit: SO many people keep bringing up the fact that all feminists aren't like that. If you've read the above, you would see that I understand that. The point is that the term feminist hurts the cause. Why? Because even if extremists are the minority and have nothing to do with the general group's feelings or decisions, they have tainted it. If I ask almost anyone I know, they'll say they hate feminists. The extremists are hurting the equal rights movement and have, in the public eye, taken over this section of it. I say cut it off before it rots the rest.

Super edit! After talking to someone, I realised something that might help. I study linguistics. I eat, sleep, and breathe language. I plan to be a syntactician, which would also mean I'll work with semantics some. Word choice is important to me, and the implications embedded in the word "feminism make me uncomfortable. How about "equal rights activist" or "gender egalitarian"? Better, how about "good person"? I'm NOT saying you're a bad person for being a feminist, I'm saying that I disagree with the term. I'm NOT saying this is what feminism is, I'm saying that it's uncomfortably close to implying this to me. Regardless, the stamp itself says nothing on feminism and merely speaks to what you all like to call "feminazis". I even had a discussion with a feminist friend not long ago; we agreed that we were saying the same thing under different terms.
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