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I've actually been pretty busy with various things so far in yonder 2012-opolypse much of which is working on mastering 3D. I have managed to sneak in some new FOIL paints, Harma Bhatra being the first and now this bad boy. Expect others to follow ;)

The first posting of this FOIL was a mono-chromatic pseudo-ad kind of presentation.


With a line art presentation to follow:


I had always intended to do a full color version and, along with a lot of other works soon to drop, it's finally here. This would be the combat painted version of the Nal-Farbute featured in the original fictional ad.

The design of the FOIL is all me, however I consider this one somewhat of a a collab as :icongenocidalpenguin: provided it's name.

Nal-Farbute: (Fierce striking needle) sorta old Swedish/Danish/Norwegian/Icelandic

As I've noted before, naming conventions in TKP straddle from accurate meaning to mixed up and inaccurate (which is intentional to keep their sense of history fractured).

The Nal-Farbute is not quite an ECM or EWAC system but something more specific to events unfolding in Theos Ke Polemos during the Siege of the Black Son. This machine is a 5th generation FOIL, through and through. Nal-Farbute is also the result of Oshen and Dies going into partnership in order to deal with the new threats facing the Polemon theater. So having the two most respected FOIL manufacturers behind this machine means it's a formidable beast indeed. This places the machine in the Siege of the Black Son period when FOILs, and Polemos itself, are in a fight for survival.

For the new full color version I went with a base of Dark O.D. greens in two-tone adding a faded, weather beaten, layer of camouflage over some of the surfaces while maintaining the two-tone look in others. All the marking are the same as the original monochrome posting because this is the same FOIL only in full combat paints and with a few years worth of wear and tear weathering. I didn't change the line art much, save adding a slightly beefed up extra calf surface on the legs with the nano tube armor mesh.

There are, of course, added textures and parkerized armor surfaces all over the machine so, by all means do the full view download to see it more clearly. As with the previously posted Harma Bhatra this is hi-res

Pencil illustration digitally inked with paints in Photoshop CS3

Still more pending...

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2012, so far, has been rather productive, I've been quietly studying new tools to work with and working on new material. The big thing is I'm returning to Zbrush in a significant way (expect to see some peeks of that work some time soon-ish... FOILs maybe? Mmmmmaybe) and trying to get work rolling I had to shelf due to events last year. You can expect to see a lot of new stuff so stay tuned ;)

To kick things off for '2012 The Mayan UFOcolypse of un-time-en-ing... ing' we have a full paint of Harma Bhatra I had been dying to get to for some time.

The Harma Bhatra MJ-11a was developed by the Waimanu FOIL Works, the company also responsible for the dreaded Gottheitzerstorer FOILjaeger's of the wildly experimental 3rd generation of FOIL development (Waimanu is the company Karl :icongenocidalpengion: coined for his FOIL designs and derived aesthetics/design collabs). There are some clear visual cues that nod back to the Gottheitzerstorer. Though the Harma Bhatra is a very formidable Faedai combat frame it's nowhere near as massive as the Gottheitzerstorer was so the similarities have more to do with the manufacturer's distinct visual design cues than anything. Begining service toward the very end of the 4th gen period the Harma Bhatra might as well have been a 5th gen. Clear design cues point to what was to come in FOIL development; the covered limbs with equipment ports for customization, the appearance of enigmatic sensor equipment, the more streamlined aesthetics. The FOILs were changing before anyone, not in the know, knew why. Change was on the horizon as the sendai moved more, and more toward spiritual and political concerns, more freedoms. As such the Hindai movment (derived obviously from Hinduism in name and some core concepts but also having aspects of Buddhism and Taoism as well) spread and it's influence began to inform the naming conventions of the FOILs, Harma Bhatra is certainly an example of this.

It was cool to finally paint this beast because I knew it would really look ace in full color. It seemed doing the familiar military O.D. green would look great on this guy along with a hefty caking of dirt and dust to show it's been out there kicking ass for some time. The markings on this one are sparse with just the 40 r TAC number being identifiable (this machine is stationed in the Rience territory, the same Rience razed to the ground by a Gottheitzerstorer. Yes that is a biiig ass weapon, absurdly so... indeed I just wanted to draw a big ass cannon shettier for this one. The weapon would likely be fired from fixed positions with weapon mounts created to support the thing. To move from position to position the weapon would also employ an Icar field (anti-gravitic drive) in concert with the FOIL's field.

As I noted in the original line art postings for this thing...



the design was a very direct collaboration between :icongenocidalpenguin: and myself. Karl's original design I launched my new FOIL interpretation off can be seen here: [link] Full details of how I went about creating the new design can be found in the line art posting (see link above).

I felt it apt to post this one as a really hi-res image so click download for full view, the beastie be loaded with all kinds o textures, parkarization, and details. More work is coming in due time ;)

Stay tuned...

Original design concept foundation by :icongenocidalpenguin: (Karl ÷stlund)

New pencil illustration, digital inks, FOIL concept re-design/re-imagining and colors by Mike Majestic Photoshop CS3
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Recovering from an evil cold that kicked the crap outta me last week so this guy was actually planned to go up some time ago.

The Kharma Actura is another 5th gen creation of the collaborative efforts of Oshen and Dies. The result of their efforts continued to yield sleek and aggressive beasts such as the Kharma Actura. Aggressive lines with a minimalist approach. The efforts of Oshen and Dies resulted in some of the most refined and effective FOILs ever to grace the battlefields of Polemos. Unfortunately these faedai were of the last of the era of the FOILs as their time was approaching it's close.

The name Kharma Actura is the result of the growing influence of the sendai Hindai movement. Obviously with some connection to Hinduism of humanities ancient past the Hindai movement is something that began entirely with the sendai and with them the first pangs of the return of some form of tangible spiritualism in SOL begin.

On the design of this guy I have to cite :icongenocidalpenguin: as influencing aspects of it's look as I decided to mash up some visual cues between the two of us on a few of the current FOILs I had been working on. Obviously it's the legs with this fella that has some aspect of GP's touch though I did my own thing, as I always do, and what resulted was this :) There is a pretty epic Vulne/GP FOIL pending posting so stay tuned.

Blown up light boxed pencil thumb with digital ink clean ups. Color in Photoshop CS3.

More pending as my brain recovers it's lucidity.

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As promised here is the full color posting of Gumbinnen Sems.

I posted the line art version of Gumbinnen a week ago and it can be seen here: [link]

Additionally relevant and noteworthy the recent Vulne Pro blog post covering Gumbinnen's development history (with examples of original Gumbee art from the 90s) as a design and, actually, the very first sendai: [link] If you're following the TKP work the blog is worth a look or follow.

This color version was actually completed at the time but I didn't want to bunch up the posts and wanted them to be separate presentations.

The concept of the taedai is pretty straight forward, they are the forward shield to the human partner in law enforcement and military applications. They are the forward investigations, the scout, the protector/body guard to their human user. A "use system" is the symbiotic neural bond between the human and taedus and often this bond is sent up in a way that benefits the human user more. In Gumbinnen and Heath's case it's a bond of mutual respect and Heath's relationship with Gumbee is more like a close friend.

Gumbinnen's partner Heath Wuthering: [link]

With the colors we get a better sense of the varied materials and surfaces on Gumms (the bakelite textured mustard parts far more apparent in color now). It's clear he's a product of the late 4th gen to 5th generation of FOIL development so he falls somewhere in early 5th gen and R&D actually having begun in the late 4th gen period. Gumbinnen Sems is really Oshen's masterpiece taedus design and his record of service with Heath proves it. Both Gumbinnen and Heath have had a rather prestigious and storied career with the I.P.I.O. (Inter-bloc Private Investigations Organization).

Gumbinnen is a top of the line Myrmidon Phoenix combat Taedus use system. He has 360 degree full visual awareness with several neural streams managing the visual data so it's not simply a confused and jumbled mess. You can see some of his additional "eyes" on his shoulder armor and the center of the torso belly section. His head also has eyes in the rear not visible. Additionally there are optics built into the sensor/interface bars located on the shoulders. These sensor bars can interface with Omnisense terminals accessing data from the Omni-network, they can break into locks and systems (kinda like a hack but not in the cyberpunk sense), and they have additional senses of smell, touch, taste, etc. These devices can be swapped out with other specialized gear.

Also unseen on the illustration Gumbinnen has two additional sub arms built into his back capable of being armed. Being a 5th gen design the various circular "caps" on the limbs are covers for connection ports he can add additional gear and weapons. the shoulder has on of these ports, in the center, with the cap off. The bar hanging from the right rear calf is an additional sensor and there's only the one equipped as pictured. Again this kind of gear can be swapped out and customized to fit the situations at hand. The extra "toes" on the back of the writs are precisely that, additional climbing gear and hand to hand weaponry. The toes have built in lighters (taser like shocking weapons) to stun other sendai if need be. Gumbinnen is shielded from lighter attacks which is another indication of how high end he really is.

Due to his wide design (this would apply to Gedai Ya'eel as well) some doors and tight spaces can be problematic for Gumbinnen to physically explore himself (standards on doors etc. do exist but Indus is so old it's impossible for everything to comply) but this is't as much of an issue as it may seem. In situations a taedus can't proceed they will always send smaller drones that are just as capable in dealing with threats. Indus always presents frustrating problems to those in law enforcement anyway so they try to find clever solutions whenever possible. As noted in the postings regarding Wallriders those in Policer work hate the damn things. This is another important reason those in law enforcement work on Indus need taedus partners, they can get to locations of crime ahead of their human partners and many do fly. Being a high end custom model Gumbinnen does, indeed, have a facsimile of an Icar drive built in, so he's capable of flight. You can see intakes for his thrusters on his torso and in the thigh armor housings.

Gumbinnen Sems and his use partner Heath Wuthering are major characters in Badan Song so we'll be seeing more of them in the future. more to come...

Digital inks and color in Photoshop CS3
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>>> Transmission start...

Kicking off the return of the older generation full armor style FOILs is the full color paint of the Dies Quattra Val. The line art version was the last work posted and can be seen here: [link]

The Dies Quattra Val was a 3rd gen medium CAV (cavalry) FOIL of exceptional performance and flexibility. These were fierce machines with proud faedai and human pilots wielding them in battle. The Quattra Val was an agile combat platform and extremely well suited to it's role wielding bladed weapons making it a formidable foe in close quarters. Dies manufactured considerable numbers of this machine with various refinements throughout the seemingly unending years of FOIL warfare.

The example pictured here is an alpha (a) Quattra Val. The machine was in service with the Polemon Vulne Consortium forces. The faded red ringed planet graphic depicts The Polemon "Crimson Trust" blid krieg (12 FOIL squad. A mutation of ancient German Blood War. Earth and much of human history has vanished). This machine is also flying banners on shoulder flag mounts. The segmented armor plating on the arms allows the ability for extending the reach the machine has and more flexibility and close quarters (also in deploying the shoulder mounted swords). 112 has clearly seen a lot of action and, going by the kill markers on the right leg armor plate it looks like this crew has gotten 14 duel victories. The machine's classel armor and faded paint has a great deal of wear during its service.

I've been wanting to return to doing some of the older style FOILs for some time. I've also been looking forward to painting these older style FOILs because, naturally, due to being older machines they would be a lot more scuffed up from their extensive years of service. Plus, I love beating the crap outta them during the weathering paint pass.

DOWNLOAD for hi-resolution image.

Detailed and refined ink based off of pencil thumbnail (likely to be posted in a batch later). Colors on Photoshop CS3.

I've just gotten started ;) More work pending. Transmissions to continue... >>>
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Ileman-Loch's 5th generation Light Strike FOIL Aetarius was produced in the same time period the previously posted Ileman-Loch Auaris-SOMR (Special Operations Multi Role) combat FOIL. They both share some slight cosmetic similarities and are both high mobility machines designed for combat operations requiring speed and precision. Beyond that though the Aetarius is more of a workhorse front line machine. Slightly heavier on armor than the Auaris-SOMR Aetarius is quite capable of taking punishment. Aetarius is somewhat of a beefed up high speed infantry FOIL at heart though quite capable with bladed weapons.

The example pictured here is a Polemon machine in service of the Free SOL allied forces that stand in the face of the Siege of the Black Son. It sports pattern breaker on the covering on the limbs and tonal variation breaker on the blue gray body panels. It's carrying an assault stein shettier rifle manufactured by Dies. It's highly likely the FOIL also sports a good deal of Dies parts as well.

The Latin text under the FOIL is actually on the FOIL, placed there by the Pilot and Faedai, it say's, "Reality is an illusion. Awaken from the dream." I also should note the name Aetarius was coined by :icongenocidalpenguin: as a play of Aquarius. He thought the FOIL's legs had a bell bottom vibe so the name kinda spawned from there :) Also will note there are GenoPeng/Vulne FOIL collabs coming soon ;)

Blown up light boxed pencil thumb with digital inks clean up. Colors in Photoshop CS3. Background "star field" is a copyright free image and the only element I didn't draw.

More work to come...
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The Sunflower space colony was the first of the three to be completed, to serve and assist the construction of the other two space colonies of Project Earth. In spite of the failure of that global effort, Sunflower remained and became one of the economic hubs of the late 2400s.

As the UEPC gained prominence on the earth, some of the leaders on the Sunflower satellite began to fear that the earth would turn their military attentions to space. With no experience in constructing Axels of their own, a low-intensity project was started to create an axel design of their own to serve as one part of a space defense force. Even though Sunflower managed to ultimately become part of the UEPC, the Axel designs were completed and put on file. It remained indexed under the Sunflower manufacturing production code- SP (Self-produced) design 338. Model-A was the completed blueprints.

Over the years a few private inventors found the design and created their own models, which are broadly classified as B models. C is given to a half-hearted design to convert the unit into a construction assistance machine for the Veladus plan on Palifca (which called for the placement of huge solar pannels in an effort to export microwave energy).

The Mydeea would have remained a fantasy if the Agitators had not risen to power on Sunflower. The Magnate called for the formation of a self-defense army on the justification that Sunflower would have to protect itself from the rising global unrest already causing the UEPC problems. The Mydeea plans were revived and brought into full production.

The D model is considered the most modern version of the Mydeea and is the 'true' version. It lacks some new innovations in Axel technology within the past twenty years (ballistics jackets, gloves), but in performance trials it appears to be a balance between the land-only KR-14 series and both versions of the MN-18.


Actually found this axel in my files and decided to clean it up and finish it off.

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A new FOIL for all you fans of the big beasties :) Gradually more TKP stuff to come, including more of these fellas.

The Auaris-SOMR (Special Operations Multi Role) combat FOIL is, another example, of the 5th gen period in the evolution of these bio-mechanical entities. As the situation on Polemos changed, rather dramatically, so did the nature of FOIL warfare and the FOILs themselves. The tactics and honor based nature of the conflict was all but jettisoned entirely (though the Faedai themselves remained incredibly proud and upheld the virtues of their honor even when the tactics changed considerably).

Now due to a new, and greater, threat, due to the siege of the Black Son, FOILs became more sleek and reliant on infantry FOIL shettier weaponry (though many continued to effectively use swords in combat). So a great deal of 5th gen moved into this more industrial and sleekly utilitarian aesthetic with less artisan driven visual flourishes (though this did continue more subtly) simply due to these machines being even more mass produced in nature.

The Auaris SOMR, pictured here, is sporting a jungle cammo pattern with minimal markings. It carries a Geind bullpup combat submachine shett weapon with HVS rounds (High Velocity Shett rounds much like modern tank SABOT rounds). The FOIL is also carrying a rocket propelled spear. The Name Auaris is, yet again, an obscure historical reference from humanity's foggy past. I won't tell where it came from this time so feel free to try to guess ;)

By the time the 5th gen FOILs were at their peak production many of the prominent Polemon FOIL manufacturers were actively cooperating in production of these machines openly, rather than the back room dealing and playing both sides for gain they were engaged in before the siege. As such, many FOILs shared parts and design philosophies more openly. This new cooperation yielded many of the most effective and powerful FOILs ever produced.

Blown up lightboxed thumbnail pencil illustration (based on this thumb, top row center: [link] ) digitally inked/cleaned up and colored in Photoshop CS3

More to come...
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A return to some color work with this pair of sendai saedus (SADUS) types.

S.A.D.U.S. (self aware defense utility system) as noted in a few previous postings are not the most stable types and this pair is no exception. Clearly they've both been engaged in violence and the path of blood wake. Though, typically, smaller than humans SADUS can be extremely violent and dangerous. Unless you're armed with AP SABOT rounds in your shettier things can get dicey. Best to have a taedus use partner around to deal with these edgy things.

The Gavil fellow, on the left, is a late 4th gen period body style. The one of the right, a 5th gen Jeindel. The designs of sendai can often verge on the absurdly weird and these fall somewhere in that territory. SADUS often verge on the visually strange which has also been criticized to potentially effect their behavioral issues. Even the 5th gen SADUS are prone to erratic behavior so one wonders why? Apparently they forgot their bib when chowing down on the pasta... oh, wait, that's blood. DOH!

These two were actually sitting in the hard drive for awhile now and I finally got round to finishing them off. They were based on the original roughs in these thumbs: [link] You'll see them both in the lower left side. More work pending...

Digitally inked blown up pencil thumbs digitally colored in CS3
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April; time for the kick off to a more intense flow of TKP works... although last month had been a seeming quiet period we've actually been rather busy (gah... I still have a lot of messages piling up here O_o).

To start things off we have the line work to an updated design of the oldest TKP sendai character that exists; Gumbinnen "Gumbee/Gumms" Sems. In fact, it could be said that the original version of this guy, created all the way back in 1990, IS the source from which all of TKP's bio-mechanical characters and aesthetics sprang from as Pallas Athena did from Zeus's head.

The only other posting of this character appears here, in a form much closer to the original: [link]

However in updating Gumbinnen I took great care in maintaining the core visual aesthetics of the original design, both for nostalgic reasons and simply the old original design was a rather unique looking creation (I'll have to post it soon, likely in scraps or possibly an extended post on the Vulne Pro blog). That original design is also the source of the aero-frame nosecone aesthetics much of my Theos FOIL designs have (which was why :icongenocidalpenguin: and I hit it off so well as he was doing similar things visually). Gumbinnen is where it all started.

I'm posting this monochrome presentation of the line art with the shading layer and textures on (including the bakelite parts which look more bronze here). The full color is done but I will post that a little later ;)

Gumbinnen Sems is a combat taedus so this means he's bonded to a human user. He works as an I.P.I.O. with said human who's his partner Heath Wuthering: [link]
Becasue Gumms is a taedus this means he's about 5 feet tall from ground to tips of the tail fins so he's roughly 4 feet or so where his head and primary eye line falls.

Gumbinnen lives with Heath at the Ark Cafe in Genuaš and is a free sendai. More detailed information about him will be in the full color posting to follow. There is a lot more to come...

Digital inks and colors in Photoshop CS3.
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