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*Homer, Marge, Bart, and Lisa all awake to find themselves in there own cells. Its a dark room with the only lights above each one of there cells.

Homer- (nervously) Where are we?

Bart- Where ever it is, its better than our house.

Homer- Why you little...(Homer tries reaching over to Bart)

Bart- ha ha

*A Shadow figure with a deep voice reveals himself. He is sitting in a chair by a machine with lots of buttons.

Shadow- Good evening Simpson family. I bet your all wondering why your here.

Homer- (Sarcastically) No why would we want to know that?

*Shadow pushes a button and it shocks Homer.

Shadow- You are here because you are the worse family that anyone has come across.

Homer- (Sarcastically) Really, I thought we were the Brady bunch.

*Shadow again pushes a button that shocks Homer.

Shadow- Any hoo, I'm here to personally torture each and every one of you. Starting with you Homer.

*Homer looks scared

Shadow- You a dumb fat idiot

Homer- oh....I shouldn't of put that in my facebook bio.

Shadow- So for your torture, I'm giving you a free donut.

Homer- Woo hoo!

*Shadow pushes a button and a table pops up from the ground. On the table is a container with a donut in it. There's a little door and on it has the word pull spelled backwards.

Shadow- That is if you can get it.

Homer- (Homer tries pushing on the door) Doh! (tries again) doh! (tries again) doh! (tries again) doh!

Shadow- As for you Marge you are a very devoted housewife.

Marge- Why thank you.

Shadow- I mean you don't have much else going for you.

Marge- (Groans)

Shadow- As for your punishment I'm giving you an entire living room set.

*Shadow pushes a button and a whole living room set comes up from the ground.

Marge- Wow this is nicer than our furniture.

Shadow- Yes, and without a vacuum it will be hard to keep it clean.

*Shadow pushes a button and dust starts to rain from the top of her cell.

Marge- (Screams, she starts grabbing hand full of the dust from the ground and puts it in her pocket)

Shadow- As for you Bart I don't need to push a button because your short attention will be torture enough.

Bart- Oh yeah that's real creative. (Bart starts tapping his fingers) hm...uh....I know I just run around until I can think of something. (Bart runs around in a circle) oh....I can't think of anything. How long have I been in here.

Shadow- And Lisa the Brains. You smarts are the worse of them all. So for your punishment I'm giving you this incredibly hard math problem to do.

*Shadow pushes a button and a chalk board with a long math problem appears.

Lisa- The answer is zero

Shadow- HA HA wait what?

Lisa- its zero. See right here, anything multiplied by zero is zero.

*Shadow pushes a button and the chalk board goes back underground.

Shadow- Alright I have a backup plan. I'm just going to throw Millhouse in here.

*Shadow pushes a button and Millhouse comes up from the ground.

Millhouse- he he Hi Lisa!

Lisa- Well although I'm in no way in love with him, I really don't have much of a problem with him. Plus I can just take his glasses away.

*Lisa pulls Millhouses glasses off of him.

Millhouse- Hey Where'd you go?

Shadow- grr....

*Shadow pushes a button and Millhouse goes back underground.

Lisa- He he he keep them coming. Do your worse I can take it.

Shadow- hm....well you leave me no choice.

*Shadow pushes a button and a chair shoots up from under Lisa. Than two hands by the arm rest shoot up from the ground and hold Lisa in the chair. Than Two more hands come out from underground by her feet and hold her ankles. Finally a third set of arms come out and remove her shoes and start tickling her feet.


Homer- Hm...Maybe "llup" means push with your head.

*Homer slams his head into the container.

Homer- Doh!

Bart- 26, 27, 28 oh counting isn't fun anymore....A B C no that's no fun anymore.


*Millhouse is just outside Lisa cage.

Millhouse- oh no this isn't fair, let me in.

Shadow- a freebee on torturing Millhouse, hahaha

*Maggie comes crawling in and climbs on top of Shadow head.

Shadow- What the...get off me. I can't see.

*Shadow accidentally hits buttons and it releases the Simpsons. The lights flicker on and it reveals Sideshow Bob was shadow.

The Simpsons- Sideshow Bob

Millhouse- Who's Sideshow Bob?

Sideshow Bob- grr...

The simpsons being Tortured
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Can't avoid the crash
Hetalia x Reader
Lithuania x Reader

You were walking home from school when you decided to go to the park. The park was one of your favourite places to go as it gave you the opportunity to draw and sketch. You sat down on the a park bench and started to sketch the outline of the fountain in front of you. You felt and heard weight beside you so you looked over quickly. There you saw your long time friend and crush, Toris.

"What cha doing here Toris?" You asked happily.
"I-ah saw y-you walking this way s-s-so I followed you here." He stammered. This was way to cute! Toris follow you, but, it puzzled you. Why would he want to follow me when Natalia walked in the opposite direction. You lowered you gaze when you remembered that Toris was in love with Natalia. Your voice became shaken.
"O-oh ok, but why did y-you want t-to follow me?" You said curiously. Toris couldn't bring himself to tell you why. He wanted to confess, he really wanted too, but, he didn't. He looked down to see your sketch books and quickly made up a lie.
"I wanted to see your drawings ... I do like them very much. Especially the portraits which your draw from photos!" He lied. His lie went undetected on your part and you said a quiet thank you.

You picked up your sketch book and handed it to him. He took it and opened it, flicking through the pages. He stopped at a sketched picture of you and him on holiday. You were at the small cafe down the road with Felix. Felix took a photo of the two of you with his phone. He sent it to you so you could draw it. Toris looked over it again he then noticed the words at the bottom of the page. "My best friend" he said allowed. You blushed.

Looking up from your sketch pad you took another looks the fountain, Toris glanced at the fountain, then back to your sketch. The two were almost identical! He couldn't believe it. Toris' phone vibrated in his pocket. You looked at him. He quickly put his phone away and stood up. "I-I have to go, (f-f/n). Mother just texted me. You stood up and put your things away, also deciding to leave. "Would you lie me to walk with you? You asked. "No no, I should be fine!" He yelled already half way down the path. "Alright then! See you on Monday!" You shouted as you headed off home. He waved good-bye and you waved back.

You got home, ate something and went to bed. Your mum violently shook you awake, tears welled in her eyes. You got up quickly and asked her what happened. You thought something had happened to your dad as he was out working in the mine fields, far away from home. She shook her head.

"I'm sorry (f/n), but Toris was injured in a car accident on the way home from school." You were shocked, paralysed. Toris, your best friend and crush was injured in a fricken car crash! You felt guilt flood over you. Why had you not persisted in getting him to allow you to walk home with him! This could of been avoided if you didn't walk home alone, better yet, this could have been avoided if you had by-passed the urge to draw. You felt selfish. You started to cry, no bawl your eyes out. You hugged your mum tightly and she went on to say.

"He is in hospital my dear, a broken leg and arm and light internal bruising. His family are there with him now. No one can else can see him until tomorrow. I'll take you to see him, ok?" You noodled your head. 'Oh, Toris, why does it always happen to you?
My second Lithuania x Reader. Sorry if he is a little OOC :iconruncryplz: I'm desperately trying to approve on the length of my Fan Fictions. Anyway, feedback is welcome, if the are any corrections please tell me!!

P1: You are here!!
P2: Being written...

Comment, Favourite and Watch (please)!

Part 1: You are here! >.<
Part 2:…

~*~ My other Lithuania x Reader ~*~
After Dinner:…

Hetalia (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
Cover photo (c)
Plot (c) :iconkibaroark:
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Es una noche lluviosa, pero me da igual, no saldré de aquí en mucho tiempo.
No puedo ni imaginar lo que mis amigos, mi novia y mi familia puedan pensar de mí, no tuve ni tiempo de explicar nada, todo fue tan rápido. Lo recuerdo como si hubiera sido ayer, bueno de hecho fue hace una semana.

Mis amigos y yo decidimos salir juntos a cenar  y a pasear parecía que sería un gran fin de semana pero no contaba con lo que iba a pasar.

-“Vamos Mordecai sube al auto” me grito Rigby desde la camioneta de Skips.

-“¡Espérame!” Le dije, pues todavía tenía que agarrar algo de dinero y no sé porque pero cuando salgo me gusta cargar una pistola, no se sabe si la necesitare. La estaba buscando, tenía miedo de que alguien supiera que tenía una pistola como pertenencia, la única persona que sabía era Margaret, y solo lo supo porque me sorprendió en una de nuestras citas con ella.

-“¿Estás buscando esto?” Me dijo Margaret sujetando mi pistola.

-“¡Dámela! Alguien pudo haberla visto” Le dije algo molesto y se la arrebate, no me gusta enojarme con ella pero sentía que si alguien más se enteraba del arma sería mi fin, literalmente.

-“Mordecai, yo te amo pero no me gusta que cargues con un arma y menos que la escondas”. Me dijo algo nostálgica Margaret.

-“Margaret, yo también te amo pero no quiero que un día alguien quiera sobrepasarse con alguno de ustedes y yo no pueda hacer nada, lo hago porque te amo y quiero que estés bien”. Le dije abrazándola para que se calmara y la bese.

-“Bueno vámonos”. Le dije para cambiar de tema. Sé que Margaret tenía razón pero no dejaría que nada le pasara a ella y a mis amigos.

Subimos al carro.

-“Mordecai ¿Qué te ocurre? Te vez muy callado.” Dijo Rigby.

-“Nada Rigby”. Le dije muy nostálgico.

-“Sí, claro…  ¡Tú tienes algo! llevo cerca de 20 años de conocerte y se como eres, lo sé todo de ti como tú sabes todo de mí”. Dijo Rigby.

“Oh, Rigby tú no lo sabes todo de mí, te sorprenderías si lo supieras”. Pensé.

Llegamos al restaurant.  Estaba casi vacío, como para ser un viernes por la noche.

-“Mordecai, casi no comes, ¿Qué te ocurre?”. Dijo Benson algo molesto

-“Nada, solo que casi no tengo hambre”. Conteste muy cortante.

-“Será mejor que disfrutes o te despido, porque después de comer iremos a los bolos y de ahí al parque a una noche de juegos”. Dijo Benson intentando hacer que yo me cambiara de actitud, cosa que no logro en toda la noche.

-“Como sea”. Dije muy frio.

A veces suelo ser muy frio, cortante y violento,  e incluso Margaret me dice a veces que soy muy celoso con ella y con Rigby. Lo sé  y a veces no quisiera ser así, pero es como un instinto que me hace proteger hasta las más locas y sádicas consecuencias a las personas que quiero. Pero lo hago por amor, no me consideraría un Yandere, pues mis actos violentos no son influencia de Margaret, también por Rigby,  algunos de mis otros amigos y en ocasiones, aunque todo este bien, me vuelvo muy violento y quiero asesinar a todos, pero Margaret siempre me hace ver la realidad, no sé qué haría sin ella. Por eso trato de defenderla hasta las últimas consecuencias, a ella y  a Rigby.

Voltee a la derecha, cerca estaban unos sujetos que no me dieron buena impresión, pero intente calmarme, luego vi que uno de ellos, que al parecer era el líder de aquel grupo, le guiño un ojo a mi Margaret, si dije bien, mi Margaret, lo sé soy muy sobreprotector, pero eso ya lo explique.

Luego vi que Margaret le sonrió con una sonrisa que no podría definir si era de preocupación o de alegría, pero por si acaso, Sujete mi pistola con fuerza, tenía un par de balas, pero me asegure de ponerle en secreto unas cuantas más, tal vez las utilizaría esta noche.

"Ni se les ocurra tentarme, pues puede ser que mañana no estén para contarlo.". Pensé sin poder dejar escapar una sonrisa macabra de mí.

Muy a fuerza termine de comer,  me dieron ganas de ir al baño.

-“Margaret, Voy al baño. Quédate aquí y no te muevas, vuelvo pronto.”

-“Mordecai, tranquilízate, estaré bien”

-“Eso espero”

Termine y fui al lavamanos, me puse agua en los ojos y me mire en el espejo. Me vi a mí mismo, pero tenía ojos rojos y estaba lleno de sangre, sujetaba mi pistola y un cuchillo.

-“¡AAAAGH! ¿Pero qué Diablos?...”

-“No te asustes” Me dijo ese reflejo mío en el espejo


-“No te asustes, soy tú, ¿Por qué te asustas de lo que  eres?”

-“¿Qué?, Esto debe ser una broma, no creo que tú seas yo, además yo no soy así”

-“Todavía no, pero falta poco. Eres tan inocente Mordo, no sabes nada todavía”

-“¿Saber de qué? , ¿Cómo que tan poco?, Agh, ¿Qué hago yo hablando aquí con mi reflejo, Margaret me debe de estar esperando, adiós”

-“Como quieras, de todos modos nos volveremos a ver”

-“¡NUNCA!”. Dije y avente algo de agua al reflejo y salí corriendo.

No vi a Margaret, donde le dije que se quedara, me enoje mucho, pero cuando vi afuera la sombra de Margaret, observe que hacía, Los sujetos que se sentaron cerca de nosotros, estaban platicando con ella.

-“¿Y qué piensas de lo que te dije Margaret?

-“No, ya te dije que no, a Mordecai no le gustaría eso”

Con solo escuchar eso,  sujete mi pistola e intente escuchar un poco más.

-“Ya te dije lo que hare  y lo voy a hacer Margaret”

-“¡NOOO! “

Fue entonces cuando  salí corriendo con mi pistola en alto, con mi dedo puesto en el gatillo, listo para disparar. Sin dudarlo, jalé el gatillo, el tipo dio un grito de dolor y sus amigos fueron a ayudarlo, yo inconforme lo tome de brazos y con mi cuchillo lo empecé a acuchillar, hice lo mismo con sus amigos, ya sé soy un maldito monstruo.

Voltee y  mire a mis amigos que habían llegado a la escena, Rigby estaba muy  asustado hace poco que se la había pasado el miedo de una película de terror que vimos y ahora creo que lo traume de por vida, Benson del asco vomitó, Papaleta se desmayó, vi a Margaret y me di cuenta de mi error, pero era tarde y la abrase, ella me empujo, la había cubierto de sangre, me miraba con una mirada decepcionante, ella intentaba no llorar pues yo le había fallado.

-“Margaret… yo…”

-“No,  digas nada…” Me dijo, tratando de contener sus lágrimas y se alejó hasta donde estaban los demás.

Me sentí lo peor del mundo, solo por protegerla, ella me detesta ahora. Solo quería ayudarla.

-“Mordecai, lo lamento pero ya llame a la policía”. Dijo Benson.

No conteste, no valía la pena.

-“Amigo, nunca te creí capaz de algo así…” Me dijo Rigby con sus ojos llenos de lágrimas.

-“Rigby, perdóname viejo”

-“¡NO!, ¿Cómo puedo perdonarte tras haber hecho esto?, Creí que eras un tipo buena onda y por eso desde que te conozco he tratado de seguir tus pasos, ¿AHORA DICES SIMPLEMENTE “PERDÓNAME”?, ¡A MI NO ME TIENES QUE PEDIR NADA, A MARGARET LE DEBES MUCHO, ELLA DECÍA QUE ACABARÍAS MAL, PERO YO NO LE CREÍ, PUES YO CREÍA EN TI!”

Sus palabras, me dolieron mucho, pues eran ciertas, ¡SOY UN IDIOTA!...

Margaret solo me miraba con ojos de tristeza. En eso llego la policía, unos se metieron a revisar el lugar, otros estaban con los cadáveres y otros venían por mí.

-“Señor, nos tendrá que acompañar”, dijo un policía, mientras sujetaba una de mis manos y en la otra unas esposas abiertas. Lo golpee en el rostro y corrí hacía Margaret y la abracé, ella me dijo:

-“Mordecai, a ellos los contrate para celebrar nuestro primer aniversario de novios, ellos decían que sí invitaba a mí ex – novio  Ángel, pero les dije que no y uno de ellos como era su amigo y como es muy testarudo quiso invitarlos y volví a decir que no y tu saliste. ¿Qué diablos pasaba por tu mente?”.

Otra vez, me acababa de dar cuenta de mi error y me dije a mi mismo: “Idiota, acabas de perderlo todo”. No me quedo más que decirle:

-“Margaret, perdóname, tú sabes que te amo y como soy, solo quería protegerte.”

-“Mordecai, Te amo, pero  no puedo perdonarte, no solo me digas que tú eres así, Te dije que acabarías mal por traer un arma contigo y ser así, Yo creía en ti.”

Quise llorar después de eso, unos policías me tomaron por el brazo, No trate de oponerme, deje que me llevaran, pues ya no importaba nada más.

Los policías me subieron con fuerza a la patrulla, yo solo observaba a mis amigos y a Margaret, llorando por mí. No contuve escapar algunas lágrimas.

Mire hacía mi izquierda por la ventana de la patrulla y mire detrás de toda esa gente que observaba, a la figura que observe en el baño. Solo sonreía macabramente y escuche como dijo.

-"Te lo dije, faltaba muy poco".
¡Al fin acabe esto! :dummy: Después de mucho tiempo, aquí esta la primera parte de mi primer fic de RS. Esta primera parte se titula "Man Down". Y si adivinaste, mi inspiración fue una canción de Rihanna con el mismo nombre que el fic y unas partes de Mirai Nikki y Elfen Lied. Después de ver varios capítulos de estos anime, me inspire para hacer una versión malvada de Mordecai, "Murdercai".
Es mi primer fic de RS y de suspenso, así que si van a criticar que sea constructivamente y sin ofensas. La razón por la cual Mordecai los mata es muy tonta, pero no se me ocurrió nada más. La imagen de arriba se puede ver a Murdercai con Mordecai.

Los Personajes pertenecen a: *JGQuintel
Fanfic: ~Megpa140700
Imagen de preview en grande: [link]
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edwart: i want to twigh your light so hard im a monster except im beautiful i will prey on you now

bellah: no stop but dont ever stop but just stop stop ugh stop stopping you glittery twat

edwart: im so bad for you bellah

bellah: like a drug? like cigs or something? idk lol

edwart: oh my FUCK youre so stupid bellah

bellah: gosh

edwart: i love you too
Here is me doing satire of an old issue. Oh, U mad? Of course you are. B]

I am the coolest burrito right now.
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We Start our story off at Springfield Elementry School as the kids are leaving to go home. All the kids are proceeding on the bus.

Bart: Hey Milhouse!

Milhouse: what?

Bart: take a look i stole from Principle Skinners office!
(bart reaveals a whoopi cushion)

Milhouse: Woah! cool Bart, how did you get that from his office?

Bart: Well i was sent to the principle fro disrupting the class and while old Skinhead stepped out i ransacked his Drawer and found this Baby!

Milhouse: Your my hero! so what are going to do with it? are you gonna prank somebody!

Bart: Just watch and learn 4 eyes! (inflates cushion and places it quickly in the seat behind them) Watch and learn!

(meanwhile the twins Sherri and Terri step on the bus and walk towards the whoopi cushioned seat, they walk past bart waving to them and both turn up their noses. Bus pulls ofSherri move towars the window seat while Terri sits down on the isle seat sitting on the Whoopi cushion. *zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzztttttttttt*

Terri: Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!

(Terri jumps up form the seat scared while all the Kids are laughing at her)

Bart: Ahahahahahhahaha! you got Punk'd

Milhouse: (still laughing) that was a good one Bart!

Terri: (smacks Bart) THat wasn't sunny you ugly mokey!

Sherri: Yeah!

Bart: Face it purple head, i pranked you so hard and there is nothing you can do about it. Besides what can the two of you do to me? (kids say: oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh!)

Sherri: We will get you back bart. You'll see.

Terri: We will get you so bad you won't ever want to show that ugly face of yours again. (kids again respond)

Bart: Eat My Shorts shorts eaters! (kids repsond)

Sherri and Terri: you'll be eating our shorts tommorow freak! (kids again respond)

Bart: You don't wear shorts! (kids laugh)

(Both twins roll their eyes and begin plotting their plan)

Ottoman: All right shers and tears its your stop!

Terri: See you later weirdo!

Bart: You still have the Whoopi cushion on your but!
(sherri looks behind her and sees the cushion her dress. Terri blushes of embarressment while Sherri takes off the cushion) *kids laughing*

Terri and Sherri: Thats not funny! (both run off the bus and run inside their house.)
(bus pulls off)

Milhouse: Hey Bart!(snug look on his face) i think Terri kind of likes you.

Bart: Shut up Milhouse!

Milhouse: okay!

(meanwhile back at the Twins House. They are in their room)

Sherri: We have got to think of somthing to get that smelly ape back! any ideas!

Terri: (still embarresed) i don't know. There is nothing that could top that embarressing Cushion.

Sherri: Thats it!

Terri: Thats what?

Sherri: We will make him fart in class!

Terri: With the Whoopi cushion? You know he is too smart to fall fot that!

Sherri: No! I am talking about something more embarresing than a whoopi cushion!

Terri: Doble whoopi cushion?

Sherri: No you idiot a real outburst of fllatulence

Terri:(face lightens up) Ahh yes! (sherri chuckles) That would totally destroy his popularity and he may never return to school again.

Sherri: Indeed! but we need to come up with a way to make him devlope an extremely bad case of gas. (walks back and fourth quickly)Quick what makes people fart?

Terri: Umm. Beans?

Sherri: Of course! Thank you sister.

Terri: But we need something that will keep him going for a long time! I know why don't we use what is inside dad's "Special box" and mix it with the beans.

Sherri: You mean the "secret box" that is so "secret" not even dad knows what "secrets" are in the "secret box"

Terri: Your clicheing again!

Sherri: (blushing) oh! sorry!

Terrri: Anyway, yes! we will use it to make a pill that we can drop into his drink at lunch time while he is not looking.

Sherri: Great plan! lets go get the box!

(run down to the basement to retrieve the box. They take out the "Secret Box" and  
use an axe to break the lock. They both have to open it becuase the lid is so heavy.
When they open it they discover a hidden supply of uranium rods stored in tubes)

Sherri: Ooohh!

Terri: Aaahhh!

Sherri: (reaches in and grabs a tube) Now lets go have some fun!

(both twins laugh manichally. Both gather and hurry to their room and begin beans and create 2 mutated beans)

Terri: Now we can get our revenge on that dork!

Sherri: Indeed sis! Nothing can ruin this plan!

(suddenly there was a quick thump on Their door.)

Twins Dad: Sherri..Terri

(both twins jump in nervousness and begin to panic. Theu both quickly swallow the beans)

Twins: Ye..yes daddy!

Twins Dad: (opens door) Whats going on in here? and why are you two so jumpy?

Sherri: We were just uhhhhhh.......cold!

Terri: yeah cold and we were going to

SHerri: Turn the heat up

Twins Dad: I knew you two were up to something!

(twins gulp)

Twins Dad: You to were going to touch the Thermostat weren't you?

Sherri: uhhhh...yeah!

Terri: You caught us!

Twins Dad: Haha! caught you in the act haha! Well just put somemore clothes on and you will be warmer in no time.

Twins: Okay! by dad!

Twins Dad: Are you sure you two are.......

(Terri closes door)

Terri: Yes dad! see you at dinner

Sherri: (sighs) That was close! okay so where did you put your bean!

Terri: I swallowed it!

Sherri: So did I!

Twins: (Both scream at the same time. They then begin to have severe stimach cramps and then they begin to undergo a mutation)

(meanwhile at Barts house. Bart and Lisa are sittin at the Table)

Lisa: Bart! were you the one that pranked Terri today on the bus today?

Bart: uumm...No it was Milhouse(sarcastically) of corse it was me dummy! Best prank ever

Lisa: (sighs) Bart, i know you can't help your constant rambunctiousness that was just mean of you to prank people who don't even bother you! Now i think you should apologize tommorow.

Bart: Are you insane? For startes i can prank anyone i want to at anytime. Plus SHerri and Terri hate my guts anyway so what difference does it make.

Lisa: They don't hate you! i am sure if you go and straighten things about you could become good friends.

Bart: in your dreams geekbate. How can they possibly get back at me.

Lisa: I give up! your on your own! (Lisa walks into living room and looks at the T.V) Bart!(urgently)

Bart: What now?

Lisa: You should take a look at this news report.

Bart: (gets up and walks into living room) What going on?

Lisa:(in shock) Oh my! (points to T.V)
(T.V. reveals a 50 ft version of Sherri and Terri reaking havoc on the city)

Kent: This is Kent Brockman with breaking news. It seems Springfield Is under attack by two blue haired little girls with anger management problems and severe aggression. (clip of Twins smashing buildings, roaring and crushing cars.) I have just received word that the two are Terri and Sherri...i can't read the last name but it seems that they are on the looking for This person crudley depicted in this drawing made by one of the twins. (picture is shown on the screen)The picture has been confirmed to be non other than local pain in the ass Bart Simpson. One of the Twins has just said this "Give us bart, we wan Bart" and so i assume that Bart is not supprisingly behind this and needs to give himself up to ease these Twins of Terrors Rage. This is Kent Brockman singing of from the Springfiled News saying "Give yourself up Bart" thank you and good night we now leave you with the delightful video of our Towns demise. (News ends with Soringfielders runnig away from Sherri and the Camera is left showing Sherri running towards it and she stops and makes a mighty roar and she looks down angrilly ate the Camera and she then lifts up her foot and crushes it under her giant purple sandals.

Lisa: (angrilly looks at Bart) see what all your shinanogans have gotten you? I don't know how they attained that monsterous size but all i know is that you have to fix this.

Bart: (looking scared) wh..what? I am not going to risk my life just because some stupid girl can't take a joke.

Lisa: Your the only stupid on here Bart Simpsons! If you don't go apologize to them, we will all be doomed! Please Bart! for the sake of Springfield, Save us!

Bart: Alright, Alright! shesh! I will try to fight the twins and maybe i will apologize but no more than that. (Bart leaves the room to go upstairs. Approches the stairs and turns around and looks at Lisa) if i survuve this. you owe me!(Lisa rolls her eyes)
(Bart goes up to his room and looks for some ammunition. opens his closet and pulls out his Bartman costume with grappling hooks, bartmarangs and sling shot)

(dynamic scend as Bart suits up)

Lisa: What in earth are you wearing?

Bart: Well seeing as i am going to be saving people, i figured i would dress up as Bartman.

Lisa: (ahahahhaha) Thats priceless.

Bart: (angry look) laugh it up oddball, but with this slingshot and utility i am destined for victory.

Lisa: (stops laughing) You are going to use a sling-shot to stop two monsterous twins? thats ludacris!

Bart: Why not? ot worked for David.

Lisa: But he had the lord on his side and your.....Bart Simpson!(snickers)

Bart: (feels insulted) ha..ha..ha(sarcastically) very funny.

Lisa: Well good luck..Bartman. YOu will need it!

Bart: Whatever! (leaves his room and exits out the house on a skateboard)

(meanwhile back in the city)

Citizen: (running away from Terri while screaming) Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

(Terri stops and picks up and throws it on groung. Roats loudly)

Terri: Bart Simpsons! Bring us Bart Simpson!

(Sherri is right behind her and both girls continue smashing buildings and reeking havoc on the city, lifts up car)

Wiggum and cops: Alright you two! Stop destroying buildings and put you hands where i can see them!

Sherri: roooooaaaaaar! (lifts up arm i)

Wiggum: Thats it now slowly drop the car o the ground

Eddie: Uh Cheif i think she...

Wiggum: Not now Eddie, alright now bring you arms down to the ground

(Sherri smashes the police car with her empty fist)

Wiggum: O...kay! uhh.......nevermind continue destroying the town. (becomes filled with fear. Turns to Eddie and Lou) Run like hell boys! (all three of them run screaming) Aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

(Sherri takes the Donut off the Lard lad statue and eats it)

(both girls head iver to Springfield Elementry School and begin destroying it)

Skinner: (on the ground) No, not my Beautiful School! (hands on head) alright you two(points up at them) You two are in big trouble! You destroyed School propperty and it is coming out of your parents wallets. Altogether, it will come to about $843 dollars and a...3 cents! (Skinner cringes as he hears the two girls growel and quickly pick him up)

Terri: Your not the boss of us you mediocre Principle!

Skinner: Mediocre?

Sherri: You heard us Skinflint! your a lousy Principle who still listens to his mommy!

Skinner: Thats not tr..true! you take that back!

Skinner's Mom: (from the ground) Seymour! you can't talk that way to children, apologize right now!

Skinner: Yes Mother!

Terri & Sherri: AHAHAHHAHAHAH! Say good-bye..Seymour!

SKinner: NO, wait? i apologize from my Vietnam veteran heart! what do you want? Bart Simpson? you can have him!, (Terri begins to lift him toward her mouth) uhhh, better school lunch? more asbestos! (Terri opens her mouth) Nooooo!

Milhouse: Stop it right there you..big...bullies!

Terri & Sherrri: huh?

Milhouse: You..heard me! pick on someone you own size!

Sherri: Like you you little 4 eyed pipsqueak!

Milhouse: (scared stiff) yeah! thats right me. i ca take both of you on!
(Bart quickly arrives a couple feet away from Milhouse)

Bart: Whats going on here?

Milhouse: Get to a safe place Bart, i'll take on these to ugly weirdos myself!

Twins: Ugly! (growl in anger)

Bart: Milhouse don't be a Hero!

Milhouse: (go's into a rage and charges toward Terri's Foot while the action is in slow motion) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Milhouse: (kicks Terris big toe but has no effect on her) take that and that and that (Twins look at each other in a disappointed way. Milhousegets worn out after a coupl seconds and steps 12 feet from her foot)

Milhouse: How did you like them apples!

Bart: Milhouse i don't think you sho..(milhouse interuppts and becomes cocky)

Milhouse: Didn't think i had it in me did you. well i have enough strength to take on both of you. You can destroy our city, crush cars and even eat people.

Skinner: hey!

Milhouse: But you can't not crush my spirit (camera looks down at milhouse at a birds eye view side angle) I will avenge my city and you can't step on my pride ( Terris foot comes slamming down on to of Milhouse and Bart watches as he gets grinded into the ground by Terri's sandal) Booooooooooooooooooooooooom!

Twins: Ahahahahahahaahaaahahahh! (give a high five to each other)

Bart: alright you two, prepare to meet your worst nightmare!

Terri: Well, well, well. Look who decided to show his dorky little face.

Sherri: You will Pay for what you did to us Simpson!

Skinner: Aha, i knew this was all barts fault! i just ahhhhhhh!

Terri: (tosses skinner up in the air and he lands on a nearby flagpole hanging by his underware) Yeah! you will end up just like your friend your little friend. Squashed!

Bart: Hey, you can't do that to skinner! wow, i am sticking up for the principle. i am a total sell out! well anyway i will not end up like poor Milhouse, you two will be eating my little shorts:

Sherri: Well see about that Simpson!

(Sherri lifts up her arm and tries to smash bart into the ground but Bart leaps into the air before her hand smacks the ground and Bart hooks his grappling hook on an nearby building and glides he is pulled to the top of the building)

Terri: You can't escape us! (try to grab bart on top of the bulding. Bart jumps up and avoids being grab)

Bart: Take this pale, tall and ugly! (throws bartmerang at Terris arm)

Terri: (gets stung by blade of the bartmarang.) Ouch! why you little...!

Sherri: You hurt my sister! (makes a fist and punches bulding so thhat it collapses)

Bart: (quickly jumps on Sherri's arm and runs up to her face to kick her in th nose.)
Heya!(kicking sound)

Sherri: (reacts and holds her nose as it begins to bleed. SHe then grabs bart while he is trying to glide to another bulding) Now i've got you! Prepare to feel my wrath!(Sherri plucks Bart on to the ground)

Bart:(hits  the ground hard) Ouch!!! (gets up and feels achy) uhhhhhhhhhhhh! (look sup and jumps out of the way to avoid Sherri's giant hand from crushing him)

Sherri: (watching as bart avoids her massive hand) come back here you little creep!

Terri: (recovers from pain) I'll teach you a lesson you won't forgert Simpson!(begins tomping the ground)

Bart: (cracks his bones to feel better) Eat my....blaaaaaaah! (screams and moves out of the way of Terris stomping)(He runs over to Milhouse(who is now getting up and feeling in great pain from getting stepped on and he is tatereed with the Sandal's sole imprint on him)) Milhouse, your alive!

Milhouse: Yes! and i am cannot feel my body right now but all i can say is I Need a  doctor. (faints on the floor and Bart goes over to pick him up to tak)

Bart: Don't worry Buddy, i will protect you!

Milhouse:(wakes up and feels a little better) Y....Yo....You....Yo (Bart getting annoyed)

Bart: Out with it Milhouse!

Milhouse: You called me Buddy, i feel so special!

Bart: Thats right pal! now tell me, how do i defeat these two Nightmares!

Milhouse:(coughing) You can't fight them. It is mathmatically impossible. The odds are like..(coughs again) .. 99% to 1%

Bart: Never tell me the odds

Milhouse: There is a Way to stop thheir Rampage and..

Bart: Oh No! I'm not even thinking of doing that.

Milhouse: You have to Bart, its the only way! Please Bart! for the sake of Springfield, you must do it1

Bart: No! i will find a way to bring these two to their knees! (Stands up and drops Milhouse head)

Milhouse: Ouch!

Bart: I will be back for you later pal! (Runs towards TTWins)

Milhouse: Wait! I Need assistence (coughs again) i hate being the Dorky character in this show!

(Bart runs up to the Twins)

Twins: So you still wan to play with us huh?

Bart: Thats right losers, you can't get rid of me that easily!

SHerri: Alright then Simpson! How about we play a little, Jump rope?

Bart: ewwww, no that is so gay! I mean (looks at camera as if he is nervous about offending the homosexuals) girly!

Terri: Oh you won't be doing the jumping Bart!

Bart: What?

Sherri: (Runs over to suspension Bridge and grabs the long cable to use as a rope. people on bridge begin screaming as the bridge snaps and lopsided)

Moleman: (hanging of the side of thebridge that collapsed) Why can't i just have a normal day?

Krabappel: (looking up from her car that is being held up by a beam) This is why i knew i should have quit teaching when i had the chance!

Comicbook guy:(standong on the side walk not on the bridge sipping a Squishee and looking at the monsters ) Worst Monster destroying a supension bridge ever!

Sherri: (wallks back over the Terri and  hand the other cable to her and make it into a jump rope) We will be the only ones jumping the rope while you will be jumping..Dope! (starts laughing and snorts a little)

Terri:(looks at her and rolls her eyes) Sherr,(she says in a soft voice) please stop with the jokes! It just..Not yo thang!

Sherri: (somewhat embarresed) Well..anyway, Simpson prepare to meet your doom!

Twins: Purple twins power, activate!(THey begin to glow)

Comic Book Guy: (sighs) Enough with the show copyrighted parodies already, this show does not have that type of budget! shesh!

(Glowing stops Twins clothes are restored to being clean and are fixed and they are both holding the rope)

Bart: That all you had to do! Man i thought you were going to tranformor something! I Caramba, Leave to a bunch of Stupid Girls to worry more  about there appearence then anything else!

Twins: What?

Terri: Lets kick his ass!

Sherri: Yeah!

(They slowly begin to Jump rope and the whole town begins to shake)

Bart: Whaaaaa?(watches as twins charge toward him as they jump rope. Jumps out of the way as they pass him)

Sherri: Damn we missed him!(they slow down and stop and try it again) Lets try it again but faster and moe power.

Terri: This time we go to the rythm of...of...of.....

Sherri: well... say something!(looks at Terri and wonders what is wrong) Now What?

Terri: Oh sorry, The writer does not know rge name of the jump rope hyme so he is googleing it. It Takes awhile?

Sherri: O....K?

A Simpsons spoof i thought of while playing The Simpsons game. Let me know what you guys think.
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- ¿Qué paso yo que hice?- pregunto Mordecai asustado
-¡Benson! Ya te dije que esos no son Mordecai y Rigby que conocemos- dijo Skips
-Disculpen, es la costumbre
-Te pareces mucho al Benson que conocemos- le dije

Después de la confusión, Mordecai y Rigby comenzaron a comentar todos los acontecimientos que le habían ocurrido, nada fuera de lo común en sus vidas, todo se resumía a su vida diaria en la cafetería, cosa que dejo confundido a Skips y Benson, porque ellos decían que Eileen y yo éramos las que trabajábamos en la cafetería, no llegábamos a nada.

-Esto es muy confuso, parece como si se hubieran cambiado los roles, todo lo que me dicen Eileen y tu lo han hecho Mordecai y Rigby, y todo lo que me han contado de la cafetería en realidad te ocurre a ti y Eileen, ¿no pueden recordar algo más, alguna pista o algo raro?- dijo Skips
-Lo único que recuerdo esta mañana antes que me despertara Musculoso, yo tenía un dolor de cabeza y un sueño en donde éramos tragados por un portal- le dije
-Espera, ¿no había resuelto una formula antes de esta revista que traje?, según recuerdo, Eileen lleno de grasa mi calculadora…-dijo Rigby y en eso Mordecai lo interrumpió
-Estábamos hablando de nuestros trabajos y cuando resolviste la formula, se abrió un hoyo o portal debajo de nuestros pies- dijo Mordecai
-Ya que lo dices, yo estaba comiendo una hamburguesa y saque la batería de tu calculadora la agite y la arregle- dijo Eileen
-Entonces, ¿no fue un sueño?- dije
-Ya encontramos una clave, pero podrías decirme Rigby de que trataba esa fórmula de la revista que traes- dijo Skips
-Sí, señor Skips, la formula explica la existencia en vidas paralelas o universos alternos al nuestro, como si existiéramos en otro lugar al mismo tiempo, iba a continuar resolviéndola, pero mi calculadora amaneció rota al lado de la revista-
-Gracias, Rigby, era lo que quería saber, ya sé lo que está ocurriendo, en un principio pensé que sus pensamientos habían cambiado, pero con esa fórmula, la calculadora y la grasa, todo quedo claro- dijo Skips
-Yo sigo sin entender- dijo Eileen
-Ustedes son de otra dimensión- dijo Skips de tono serio
-Jajajajajaja, eso es gracioso, ahora si lo he visto todo, venir de otra dimensión, que Rigby y Mordecai se porten tan tranquilos es muy raro y bueno a la vez, ¿pero venir de otra dimensión?- dijo Benson en forma de burla
-En realidad no es tan fácil viajar a otra dimensión pero si es posible, una forma es jugando 100 veces piedra papel o tijeras como ya lo habían dicho, aunque con inconvenientes catastróficos, otra forma era el usando el piano poder, afortunadamente Rigby y Mordecai no fueron tan tontos como para cantar algo así y también lo destrui si es que lo recuerdan y otra forma fue por medio de esa fórmula- dijo Skips
-No entiendo, ¿Cómo que no fuimos tan tontos?- dijo Mordecai
-Luego te contamos un poco de todas nuestras aventuras- dijo Eileen
-¿Entonces qué hacemos, Skips? ¿Buscamos todo lo necesario?- le dije
-Esperen un poco, hay una calculadora en mi cuarto entre toda la basura- dijo Eileen
-Creo que necesitaremos comida grasosa-dije
-No se preocupen, ahorita le hablo a Musculoso para que nos ayude a preparar hamburguesas, a él le gusta mucho preparar comida grasosa- dijo Benson

Mordecai, Rigby, Eileen y yo fuimos a nuestro cuarto o creo que era en realidad de Mordecai y Rigby, solo que había más ropa y cosas de hombres.

-Su cuarto sí que está sucio- dijo Mordecai
-Nononono, no es nuestro cuarto, bueno si lo es, pero no en esta dimensión, esto ya es confuso de explicar- dije nerviosa
-En realidad así es nuestro cuarto, lleno de cosas tiradas y basura- dijo Eileen y le golpee para que se callara
-Yo creo que hay que buscar la calculadora- dijo Rigby
-Ustedes espérennos, ya se en donde se encuentra-les dije

Eileen y yo buscamos la calculadora en el closet, había muchas cosas guardadas, películas, ropa, las bolsas de frituras que había robado Eileen a Benson, y hasta encontré el piano poder, esto me daba una buena idea.

-Ey, Mordecai, mira- le dije
-Un piano partido por la mitad- dijo poco asombrado
- Pero no es cualquier piano, es el poder, y… es asombroso…y…- estaba nerviosa
-Voy con Eileen- dijo Rigby y se retiro
-Y el poder hace…-dijo Mordecai
-El poder la luna voy… ya me acorde , ¡A la luna voy, a la luna voy! ¡OOOooooooohhhhhh! ¡A la luna quiero ir!- cante
-¿Se supone que iba a ocurrir algo?-
-Eeeeeeehhhhhhhhh… no… yo te quería… contar…de cuando… fuimosalalunaasalvaraSkipsporcantarconel pianopoderyacompleto… ynopartidoporlamitadcomoteestoydemostrando-
-Eeeehh Si, Margaret, muy interesante
-Aburrido, amiga, fue mejor cuando salvamos a Skips de los guardianes de la eterna juventud, con el pastel de chocolate que estaba cuidando, esos guardianes pagaran por haberse comido mi pastel gratis, pero no te preocupes, Mordecai, Skips no estaría aquí si no fuera por mi- dijo Eileen entrometiéndose
-Wooooooowwwww, eres asombrosa, Eileen-

Como diablos no puede dejar de entrometerse, apenas hace semanas ella no estaría aquí si no me hubiera encontrado al padre tiempo, y todo porque no quise ver una película con ella, entrometerse y robarse mi cita con Mordecai ha sido su acto más ruin como amiga.

-Ya encontré la calculadora- dijo Rigby
-Bien, es hora de ir con Skips- le dije
-Antes de bajar, no les molestaría que usáramos esta ropa, es que la que tenemos puesta esta apretada- dijo Mordecai
-Igual para mí- dijo Rigby
-Sí, supongo que esta ropa es suya después de todo- les dije y los dos se fueron al baño, la ilusión de volver a ver los glúteos a Mordecai se había acabado.
-¿Qué pasa, Margaret? Celosa porque yo si puedo contar una buena historia y tu no- dijo Eileen
-Yo no estoy celosa, ya deja de molestarme
-Mh mh, admítelo, estabas nerviosa por no poder hablar
-Oh, quieres que le cuente a los chicos la ves que te asustaste por ver la película "Ello Gov'nor" y casi te orinabas del susto

Eileen y yo bajamos las escaleras.

-Malas noticias, chicas, al parecer Musculoso no contesta- dijo Benson
-Tendremos que buscarlo, solo él sabe hacer comida muy grasosa- dijo Skips
-No veo que haya la necesidad de hacer eso, yo puedo preparar hamburguesas con la mayor cantidad de grasa posible si es necesario- dijo Rigby que bajaba de las escaleras
-Escúchenlo, a muchas personas les gusta pedir hamburguesas en la cafetería y solo Rigby sabe el secreto de la grasa- dijo Mordecai con una ropa distinta
-Bueno, ya parece que todo está listo, ¿Qué faltaría?-  dije
-Ocupamos unas cosas que tengo en mi casa, por el momento que Rigby y Benson se queden en la casa haciendo la hamburguesa, y si tienes tiempo, Rigby, resuelve la formula- dijo Skips
-Así será, señor Skips- dijo Rigby
-Es raro que Rigby hable con tal tono de respeto-dijo Benson
-Si quieren ustedes síganme, voy a la casa por unas cosas para ayudarles con el viaje de regreso-
-Sí, te seguimos, Skips- le dije, Mordecai, Eileen y Yo fuimos junto con Skips a su casa en el carrito.
La cuarta parte, la quinta parte me tomara más tiempo subirla, ya que es larga, pero sera la penúltima parte, no soy de los que se extienden mucho en los fics.

Aclaraciones de esta capítulo

¡A la luna voy, a la luna voy! ¡OOOooooooohhhhhh! ¡A la luna quiero ir! [link]

Les refresco la Memoria de "Ello Gov'nor" [link]

Opinión personal (de un fan que llora como niño chiquito)
Hice una referencia de uno de los episodios que más odio de Regular Show, "It's time" o "El padre tiempo", ¿Por qué odio ese episodio?
Porqué Rigby le baja Margaret a Mordecai, solo porque no fue a ver una película con él, ¡una película!, es chido que Rigby se las cobre a Mordecai de vez en cuando como el episodio "Hazme un favor", pero no en el episodio "El padre tiempo", Rigby cayo en el acto más ruin de la amistad, obviamente no se iba a quedar a Margaret como novia, pero robársela para demostrar que es fácil hablar con las chicas, se me hiso culero, y si, Mordecai estaba celoso, pero por algo así quien no lo estaría. Ya se ya se, me estoy comportando peor que un niño mimado, pero quería sacarme esto de la cabeza

Primera parte > [link]
Segunda parte > [link]
Tercera parte > [link]
Cuarta parte > Aquí estas
Quinta parte > [link]
Epilogo > [link]

Todos los personajes de Regular Show son propiedad de :iconjgquintel: (C) y el equipo de Regular Show (C)
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Knock knock!

There was a knock at the door at an apartment, where a depressed man lies. He was lying down in his bed, not moving an inch, but wasn't asleep though. It was raining outside. The Apartment was filled with silence. He could hear the rain tapping up against the window shield.  It was also cold inside the apartment. The man shivered, also chattered his teeth. He tucked himself under the covers to prevent himself from getting cold, since he didn't even bother to turn on the thermostat.

Knock knock!

Another knock was at the door, this time the male stood up in his bed and they got out of it. He stands up very slowly and started walking towards his door of the apartment, about to answer it. While he walked, he past a lot of things and some trash that was in the floor, kicking or dragging it across the floor with his feet, without a care. Some beer cans where on the floor too, also TV dinner boxes, some clothes, and some half used cigarettes.  All was kicked, stepped on, or dragged across the floor by the same man by his feet, not bothering to pick up any of it.

Knock knock!

???: Mordecai? You're home? It's me Eileen.

A voice that seems like a female voice yelled from the outside of the apartment. The male turn his kitchen light on (which was nearby the doorway), lighting up part of his little home. He unlocked the door from the latch, the second one, and finally the main lock and opened the door slowly, showing a slightly older face of Eileen. She was partly wet, holding an umbrella. She was a little taller than she was years ago.  Her hair was in a ponytail; also she still has red glasses, little white ball earrings on, with a light orange dress and white Ballet flat shoes. She looked a little plump (but there's a reason for that).

Eileen: Hey Mordecai.

The male appeared to be a slightly older Mordecai (looking like he's in his 30's or maybe 28 or 29), but he looked older due to a tiring look on his face, also with crow's feet under his eye lids. He had a darkish red and blue shirt one with blue jeans, but his clothes looked wrinkled and tired out.

Eileen: How you doing guy?


Eileen: Can I come in for a few?

Mordecai didn't answer her, but he did sigh. He stood aside, making a way for her to walk inside. She walked inside, setting her umbrella outside on the Balcony way near the door, which was shield from the falling rain. She slid off her coat and hanged it on the coat racket and took off her shoes, which was a little soaked from the rain.

Eileen: Whew! It's pouring down out there! I just got off from work. I was about to go home, but then I thought about you. You probably didn't eat anything yet did you?

Mordecai:...shakes head*

Eileen: Well then, never mind me then, I'll fix up something up to eat right quick before I go home, like I always do right?

Eileen smiled at Mordecai and went in the kitchen, starting to fix dinner for Mordecai, like she always do for him time to time, while Mordecai took a seat at the kitchen table, not saying a word. His actions have to do with the fact that Eileen coming over to his apartment and fixing him a little something to eat was almost a daily routine since he barely feeds himself. He doesn't care or take care of himself ever since "She" died. Eileen became very caring throughout the years. She always put others before herself first. How busy she was, how tired she was, she still did it because she truly cares.  

Eileen took out a bag of frozen shrimp and sat it on the counter and then she took out a pot and then filled it up with water. She turned on the stove and sat the pot with water on the stove, allowing it to boil.

Then Eileen paused and gasps a little. She felt movements in her stomach, like something was moving or sliding around inside her. She then smiled (flushed a little bit) and start rubbing her tummy slowly. She seemed happy to the reaction that just happened.

Eileen*whispering*: Only a few more weeks little one...

Eileen then went to check on the water. It was now hot enough and she opened up the bag of shrimps a let them steam in the pot.

Eileen: You know Mordecai, I know how you feel and all, but growing men like you need to eat. Laying around and doing nothing, including not eating can get you very sick and we don't want that to happen to you.

Mordecai sat quietly at the table. He was listening, but wasn't paying it a mind. It's probably due to the fact that almost everyone he knows told him the exact same thing hundreds of times.

Eileen: Maybe you should try to go out sometime, just to get some fresh air you know. We all doing are best to help you Mordecai. You probably don't care, but we do very much because you are our friend.  That's what Mar-RING!!!

Eileen was stopped at midsentence to hear her cell phone rang.

Eileen: Excuse me for a moment Mordecai...

She than answered her cell.

Eileen: Hello...Hey Rigby...I'm over Mordecai's again...I'm just fixing him something to eat...Ya, but I don't think he hasn't really been eating anything lately...He has to eat too Rigby you know that!...ok, you too*hangs up her cell*.

Eileen:  Rigby's coming over to visit Mordecai.

Eileen smiled, but Mordecai had a blank expression on his face. He didn't say anything once again, ignoring Eileen that she ever said Rigby was coming over, Eileen than frowned and turned back to the stove, checking on the shrimps. She put the heat on low and then starts to add seasonings in the shrimps.

She then took out a bag of potato flakes so she can make some mashed potatoes. She took out two more pots and filled one with milk and one with water and let both boil. She took out a bag of frozen corn from the freezer and sat it on the counter.

Eileen: You know, I visit Roseanne and Mark yesterday, they say that they really miss you and want you to come around sometime and visit them and Asgell and Brina. They had gotten very big.

Mordecai Scowled a little to the fact that he heard the kids names. He stand up and walked to his dark room and sat on his bed. Eileen sighed.

Eileen: You only saw Brina once, right Mordecai? You know her birthday is-Knock knock!!!

There was a knock at the door. Eileen stopped what she was doing to answer the door. Eileen opened the door to see a slightly older Rigby outside. He was wearing his work uniform; it was kind of hard to tell because he was wearing his coat. He mostly looks the same like he did years ago, but only difference is that he was a little taller than he was years ago like Eileen.  Some of his attitude has changed too.  He's less mischievous now, acting a little more of an adult than a teen. He's more helpful to his friends than he was before, specially for Mordecai, since he is bewaring on what is going on.   

Eileen: Hey Rigby!

Rigby: Hey people!

Eileen was happy to see Rigby. She gave him a kiss on his cheek, which was ice cold and wet from the rain. Rigby on the other hand was flattered by the kiss because her lips were warm. Rigby smiled and blushed a bit. He gave Eileen a kiss back even it was a cold one. Eileen didn't mind the cold kiss though.

Rigby*whispers to Eileen*: how's he doing?

Eileen*whispers to Rigby*: To tell you the truth, not so well. I don't think he's been eating too much healthy portion meals lately. I see some leftover meals that I made previous days still in the refrigerator. He's been eating things like TV dinners. If you ask me, that's not very healthy food for him for the situation he's in now.

Rigby:*sighs*I'll talk to him.

Rigby walks towards Mordecai's room to greed him while Eileen finished up cooking dinner.  She adds all the ingredients and the potato flakes to the pot with the milk in it to create the mashed potatoes. She then put the corn inside the boiling pot of water and then turns the heat to the shrimps off.

*In Mordecai's room*

Rigby*shouts by surprise*: Hey Mordecai!!!

Rigby grins at Mordecai, but it doesn't help. Mordecai stares at Rigby for a few seconds and then looks down like he didn't see anything in the first place.

Rigby: How you doing man!? I missed you. It's been real boring without you. There's no one to talk to you know. I mean we barely ever talk anymore!


Rigby:*Sighs*What I'm going to do with you?


Rigby: No matter how much I say to you, you don't talk nor answer.

Rigby walks over and takes a seat next to Mordecai on his bed and starts explaining.

Rigby: You know, I know I talk to you all the time, try to cheer you up, but you still don't listen. But hey, you know what? To tell you the truth, I just returning all those favors to you.

Mordecai rise up both of his eyebrows; He was wondering what he was talking about, but he didn't say anything, waiting for him to explain what he was talking about.

Rigby: In the past, you always help me out when I did something stupid or mischievous. Even at times you didn't want to, you still help me. But this time, I feel like it's my turn to help you out because you're my bro.

Rigby had a little smile on his face, but it seemed like Mordecai still didn't had any true actions. Rigby then frowned and felt disappointed. He really felt sorry for his friend; he always felt nothing but hurt a sorrow. He felt like the he was being consumed by darkness, losing his true soul, his essence. He's been really depressed for a long time now, ever since...that day. He just want things to go back to normal; he just want his friend to be happy once again.

Rigby than saw Mordecai's trash spread all around on the floor. Rigby stand up, and turned on Mordecai little lamp by his bed. He saw more of the trash now. He opened up his dresser drarwer which shows trash bags inside it. He pulled out one and opened it. He started to pick up the trash off the floor. Then he picked up a broom and dust pan and started to sweep the cigarettes and ash off the floor. The room wasn't perfect, but it was better than it was before.

*In the Kitchen*

Eileen: Guys! The food is ready. Come get it before it gets cold.

She fixed everyone's plate and sat 3 of them in front of a chair at the kitchen table. Each one was piled with shrimps, mashed potatoes, some corn, and also a dinner roll. The smell of the dinner filled the home. Rigby drooled a bit.

Rigby: Oh boy! It smells awesome! Doesn't it Mordecai?


Rigby: Come on. Let's go eat.

Eileen was waiting for Rigby and Mordecai to come in the Kitchen to eat their food. Rigby came in, helping Mordecai to get in his seat. Eileen pulled out a chair, allowing the blue jay to sit down and eat. Mordecai sat down and pulled up his chair to the table. Rigby tasted one of his shrimps first, and then he gained this starved look on his face and start gobbling his food down fast. Eileen coughs about two times just to let Rigby know what he was doing wrong. Rigby scowled and blush a bit and start to slow down eating. Eileen began eating her food too, but at the same time her eyes was glued on Mordecai. She was waiting for the depressed blue jay to take a bite of his food, but still he sat there and didn't make any sudden movements.

Eileen: Come on Mordecai! Eat up!

Mordecai stared at her for a good minute, but he actually start to eat some of his food, but he ate it very slowly. Eileen was Satisfied, since he was eating.

Eileen: So Rigby, where are the kids?

Rigby: They still at Febe's. Since we both were working late, I called her head of time to watch them until we pick them up. Actually, Febe said that she will let them stay over for the night since they don't have any school tomorrow.  I said that they could stay, also they wanted to say too.

Eileen: That's nice, maybe we can have a little alone time to are selves.

Rigby*blushes*: We have enough kids...

Eileen giggled a bit at the statement she said and blushed. Rigby looked to the side and scratched the back of his head, blushing a bit. Mordecai scowled a bit, consuming that he didn't want to hear the statement that Eileen just made. Eileen saw Mordecai's scowl and then changed the subject with something else.

Eileen: So Mordecai, Like I was saying earlier, Brina's birthday is tomorrow. Are you going to give her anything?

Mordecai grinding his teeth starting to feel very gloomy and a little sick. Not only he didn't want to hear his daughter's name, but at that moment, because of the discussion about Brina's birthday, he was reminded by something else, something very serious. He then turned his head slowly and stared at a picture with a woman on it, which was surrounded by flowers and candles (not lighted). He looked very sad. His heart felt like it was packed with so much pain, also it felt like it was broken in half. Rigby and Eileen wounder what Mordecai was staring at, they looked the way were his eyes lead and they saw the picture of the woman.

Rigby: Oh ya, that's right.

Rigby clenched his fist tightly, looking sad himself. He was remembered of that day too.

Rigby: Tomorrow's also a reminder of the day when she died right?

Everyone at the table was staring and reminded of the woman, who appeared to be a red robin, who was smiling. That woman was their beloved friend and Mordecai's wife and the mother of their kids, Margaret...
Regular Depression chapter 1!:D I finshed it!:p You may read. I hope you guys like it:) I worked really hard on this so no bad comments please.

Asgell and Brina belongs to:iconamy-chao:

Regular show belongs to:iconjgquintel:

Regular Depression by me.

Ch 2.: coming soon
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Mordecai y el día de traer las familias al parque

Era el día de traer la familia al parque, todos esperaban con ansias a sus familias, Rigby esperaba a Don su hermano, Papaleta a su padre Maellard, Benson a su hermana y padre, Skips estaba de vacaciones (Porque? no se XD)y Musculoso y Fantasmano, en la casa de su NO antes mencionada madre de Musculoso (MAS MENTIRA NO HAY XD). Pero algo estaba mal, ¿dónde estaría Mordecai?.

Si usted es muy sensible a lo triste, es mejor que no sigua leyendo, si no es así, !A LLORAR SE HA DICHO! :iconcryforeverplz: . También quiero decir que esto no es Morby, Mordaret, Mordeson, Rigleen y demás romances =P. Es, solo un Fan-fic triste y creería que corto, además me gustaría que critiquen ya que es mi primer Fan-fic :iconlaplz: Estoy ta emocionada =D. Espero que les guste :).

Luego de que todas las familias llegaron a las casa en medio del parque, Rigby se dio cuenta mucho después que a su "hermano no hermano" no lo había visto en todo el día, así que lo busco en su cuarto, pero el no estaba allí solo se veía una pluma de arrendajo azul característica de el cerca de la ventana abierta, además, no estaba su campera negra , fue raro, ya que Mordecai siempre avisa si se va a algún lado, pero ni siquiera había dejado una nota, también era un día feo, parecía que iba a venir una tormenta. Entonces al rato volvió abajo y le preguntó a Benson, Papaleta y a Don si lo habían visto, pero ninguno lo sabía.
Rigby, ya asustado, agarró el carrito de golf y pasó por todo el parque pero no lo encontró, luego a la cafetería donde trabaja Margarita, ya que Mordecai está enamorado de ella y se siente bien cuando la ve, pero tampoco estaba pero Margarita dijo que creería que había visto un pájaro con una campera negra, ya no sabía dónde buscar. Rigby, ya que es muy paranoico, empezó a pensar lo peor. Pensaba en que no lo iba a volver ver jamás y ya se hacía de noche, las nubes se oscurecieron y empezó una tormenta.
Se subió al carrito de golf y se fue lentamente a aquella casa en medio del parque muy triste, casi llorando cuando vio a Mordecai con la cabeza mirando para abajo, mojándose y llorando en el árbol más grande del parque. El mapache marrón bajó del carro a toda velocidad y fue corriendo hacia aquel pájaro azul.

Rigby: ¡Viejo! ¿!Donde estuviste!? Me tenías muy preocupado!.

Mordecai: Déjame solo! – dijo con un tono bajo y melancólico.

Rigby: Oye!. No vine hasta aquí para que me hagas eso!.¿ Acaso no sabes que hay que traer las familias al parque justo hoy? Además, nunca eh visto a tu familia porque siempre has venido a mi casa y nunca hemos ido a la tuya. Es un día especial, para que estemos todos juntos con sus familias. ¿Acaso tu familia te odia o los odias?.

Mordecai: NO! –Grita de manera enojada y fuerte.

Rigby: Cálmate un poco y yo también lo haré. Explícame para que yo me tranquilice y tu también, así nos beneficiaremos a los dos – y sonríe para alentar a Mordecai.

Mordecai: Esta bien – suspira – Es que… yo… no se nada de mi familia.

Rigby: ¿Como? No lo entiendo, ¿Te abandonaron?

Mordecai: No, algo así, recuerdo muy poco. Lo que recuerdo es que desde que salí de aquel huevo azul vi a mi madre y a mi padre junto a mí, mi madre era un color celeste resplandeciente, casi flúor, era hermosa; mi padre era gigante, imponente, de un color azul fuerte. Ese mismo día íbamos a la ciudad, yo vivía en un campo, caminando nos encontramos con un grupo de hombres vestidos de tonos verdes saturados (militares) a mi padre lo agarraron de golpe, no lo volví a ver, mi madre me sostenía con mucha fuerza y de repente me lanzó a unos cultivos de bayas negras. Yo escondido entre las bayas, vi como mataron a mi madre con una escopeta, asustado me fui corriendo entre el cultivo y luego de mucho correr me topé con un hogar para huérfanos. Mucho mas tarde fui a la escuela primaria y luego a la secundaria donde conocí Rigby.

Rigby quedó mudo por unos minutos mirando a Mordecai como si no lo conociera.

Mordecai: Lamento por no habértelo dicho antes amigo, es que, es difícil para mí decirle a una persona mi vida antigua secreta. Y es por eso que no llevo familia, porque no tengo familia. – empieza como a lloriquear.

Rigby: ¿Que dices?. Yo siempre eh sido tu familia, TODOS EN EL PARQUE SOMOS TU FAMILIA, ¿no lo entiendes? Nosotros nos cuidamos unos entre otros, no corregimos, nos animan, sufrimos y reímos juntos y nos valoran, puede que no tenga diploma pero… ¿esas no son características de una familia?

Mordecai: Tienes razón Mapache – y sonríe –  !!un abrazo viejo!!

Rigby: Bueno tampoco te pases :\  (De todo lo que dijo Rigby algo de esto tendría que pasar XD)

Mordecai: Bueno, muchas gracias bro :) Vamos a casa, aún queda mucha fiesta por delante ;)

Rigby sonríe y los dos juntos se fueron a la casa, empapados, pero felices como siempre.

Espero que lo difruten es el primero que hice :iconlaplz:
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Otra vez sin poder dormir, pero si con ánimos de escribir!! Así que seguiré con la segunda parte de mi fanfic lleno de acción, sangre y morby... SI MORBY!! Así que si no te gusta, LARGO! :3 , Si no sabes de qué se trata sigue leyendo...

Este fanfic es morby (Mordecai X Rigby) donde podrán leer escenas sucias y pervertidas (No exactamente en esta parte :D) del oscuro genero llamado yaoi (Muajajaj), Dejo este mensaje acá para que no tengan que sacarle humo a su scroll intentando llegar a la descripción ;D

Ahora sin mas preámbulos...

El Viaje a la muerte - Capitulo II <-> Perdidos en la niebla

-- Síganme chicos. Skips toma un trozo de metal que estaba cerca de las pesas en su taller y se lo amarra a su brazo como un escudo, sin soltar su pistola en la otra mano
-- Vamos a salir!!? Pregunta Rigby algo asustado...
-- Si, tenemos que llegar hasta la tienda donde compraste el video maldito, así que no sueltes el arma que te entregue... como tu corres en cuatro patas amárrate esto en tu pecho para llevar el arma, tu tampoco pierdas la tuya Mordecai
-- De acuerdo...

Skips toma algo de distancia de la puerta del taller y se lanza con toda su fuerza contra ella. La puerta se rompe en mil pedazos botando zombis por todos lados y la niebla empieza a entrar a la habitación

-- Vamos!! Corran!!
-- Rigby!! Mantente cerca mío y dispara a cualquier zombi que veas!!
-- AHHH!! Eso hago...
Los chicos corrían lo más rápido posible, siguiendo el camino hacia la salida del parque, Skips intentaba apartar todos los zombis que salían de las tumbas abiertas del cementerio del parque

-- Vamos!! Por aquí!! Skips apunta hacia un carrito abandonado en medio del parque
Todos se suben al carrito, pero al llegar se dan cuenta que Mordecai no estaba en la parte de atrás del carrito

-- Mordecai!! Grita Rigby llamando a su amigo. Se levanta del carrito corriendo en cuatro patas, volviendo por donde venían
-- Rigby!! No vuelvas solo... Skips intenta prender el carrito, pero este no hacia contacto
-- Demonios.. Sigue intentando hacer partir el carrito, mientras Rigby seguía corriendo entre la niebla, cuando encuentra a Mordecai tirado de espalda y un zombi estaba a punto de abalanzarse encima del!
-- Mordecai!!
-- Viejo, aléjate de aquí!! Mordecai saca su arma y dispara contra el zombi, pero todo fue en vano. porque había vaciado toda la pistola cuando salió del taller
-- NOO!!

Rigby levanta la pistola que le había dado skips y intenta apuntar al zombi quien estaba a centímetros del cuello de Mordecai, Se escucha un sonido estremecedor de la nueve milímetros, lo que hace volar unos pájaros de los árboles del parque y también hace que Rigby pierda el equilibrio, cayendo al suelo
Mordecai y el zombi se quedan quietos... había un tremendo agujero en la cabeza del zombi, donde empezó a salir un chorro de liquido verde y cayó al suelo al frente de Mordecai
Rigby se acerca rápidamente donde su amigo, quien había quedado sentado en el suelo de la impresión...

-- Mordecai!! Estas bien?
-- Si.. Rigby, gracias... me salvaste la vida
-- No te dejaría solo, viejo. Le extiende una mano, ayudando a Mordecai a levantarse del suelo
-- Pero donde esta Skips...
-- No lo sé.. cuando vi que no estabas, vine a buscarte
-- Viniste solo aquí para buscarme?
-- Si... no podría dejar que te pasara algo... Mordecai. Rigby se sonroja al confesar esto a su amigo, lo que Mordecai noto a pesar de la densa niebla
-- Gracias... Le contesta Mordecai algo nervioso con lo que le había escuchado de su amigo
-- Rigby! Tenemos que salir de aquí, recuerdas por donde viniste?
-- Pues... por ahí!! Rigby apunta hacia unos árboles a lo lejos
-- Vamos!, Dame tu pistola
-- Porque? No ves que disparo bien!!
-- Rigby... que es lo que tienes en el hombro?

Rigby mira su hombro y ve una herida que sangraba un poco. empieza a pensar como llego ahí y recuerda que al disparar, con el impacto de la pistola se le había soltado de las manos y había golpeado su hombro

-- Auch!! Rigby se toma su hombro sintiendo el dolor después de la adrenalina de disparar para salvar a su amigo había cesado
-- Ves? Ya pásame esa arma...
-- Está bien... Rigby le entrega el arma de mala gana y se cruza de brazos, lo que le provoca dolor en su hombro
-- Vamos a buscar a Skips. Mordecai le sonríe al ver que su amigo sigue siendo igual de infantil, hasta en las situaciones más extremas

No se veían mas zombis a lo lejos, solo la niebla, que cada vez se hacía más espesa. Mordecai intentaba ver lo que estaba en frente del, levantando sus manos, como quien camina en una habitación oscura para no caerse con los muebles, pero solo podía ver unos centímetros delante de él, Rigby lo seguía de cerca

Por más que buscaban no podían encontrar a Skips y empezaba a oscurecer. por esto empiezan a aumentar la velocidad, casi trotando para poder llegar algún lado y no quedar en medio de la oscuridad y la niebla

-- Mordecai, ya está oscureciendo
Mordecai saca su celular y nota que la hora no ha avanzado absolutamente nada, 7:32
-- Son las 7:32AM...
-- Pero eso es imposible!!
-- Si... lo sé, pero esto debe tener algún significado... porque esa hora, además....
-- Qué?
-- Maldición! No hay señal...
-- y a quien vas a llamar... si todos son zombi
-- No lo sé.. yo solo decía..
En ese momento, Mordecai choca contra un árbol y cae al piso
-- pfff...pff jajajaja, Rigby no soporta la risa
-- HA HA! Muy gracioso. Mordecai le pega en el brazo a Rigby
-- Auch! Ahora eso también es mi culpa?
-- Esta es una situación seria Rigby, estamos perdidos en esta niebla y ya casi no hay luz!
-- Mira!!
-- Que!? Mordecai mueve su cabeza de un lado a otro y toma su cabeza con una mano
Se podia ver una pequeña luz a lo lejos, los dos comienzan a correr hacia ella, era el carrito que había encontrado Skips, estaba encendida las luces, pero no estaba Skips en el...
-- Viejo! Es el carro de golf!
-- Pero... y Skips?
-- No lo sé, pero por lo menos podremos ver más si lo utilizamos
Los dos se suben al carro de golf y manejan por el parque buscando la salida
-- Mira Mordecai! Ahí esta Skips!
Se podía ver a Skips cerca de un tronco de árbol, estaba parado sin moverse
-- Viejo... esto no está bien...

Skips se empieza voltear de a poco, pero ya no era el mismo, tenía los ojos completamente blancos y una tremenda mordida en el brazo

-- GGGRRRAAAAAAAAAA!! Grita con toda su fuerza y empiezan a salir zombis por todos lados
-- AHHHH!! Gritan los dos
-- Acelera!! Acelera!! Rigby empieza a mover a Mordecai de un lado a otro, tratando de hacer reaccionar a su amigo
-- OK!! OK!!

Mordecai pisa a fondo y tratan de escapar, pero Skips los seguía corriendo y estaba a punto de alcanzarlos, cuando Mordecai gira bruscamente, pasando a llevar unos cuantos zombis que volaron por arriba del carrito y cayeron encima de Skips, haciendo que los perdiera de vista

-- Mira Mordecai!! Ahí está la salida del parque!! Acelera!!
-- Rigby! Va a todo lo que da!
-- Apreta el botón
-- Que botón?
-- El que usamos para las acrobacias
-- Turbo?
-- Si!! Ahora!!
-- De acuerdo!! Ahí vamos!!

El carrito alcanza los ciento diez kilómetros por hora pasa violentamente por un montículo de tierra, y se estrella en la puerta de entrada del parque, los dos volaron a la calle por el impulso del choque y el carrito, envuelto en llamas estallo bloqueando la entrada del lugar

-- Ahh! Mi cabeza... Rigby... estas bien??
-- Eso creo...
-- Vamos levántate, tenemos que llegar al videoclub
-- Ok... Aaahh!! Mi pierna...
-- Que... Rigby!

Mordecai se puso pálido al ver la pierna de Rigby, estaba completamente torcida hacia el otro lado, el no era un medico pero estaba seguro que eso era una fractura...

-- Espera... Ahhh!!
-- Rigby! No te muevas!
-- Mordecai tenemos que llegar al videoclub... Déjame intentar... AHHHHH!. Con este último intento le salen unas lagrimas a Rigby intentando ponerse de pie
-- Rigby! Ven aquí... yo te cargare
-- Estas loco! Si no me puedo parar no te estorbare mas... déjame aquí
-- No! Jamás te dejaría aquí en medio de la calle solo
-- Mordecai, tienes que acabar con la niebla y los zombi, no puedes quedarte aquí a cuidarme siempre
-- Rigby yo no te dejare solo aquí, Mordecai toma en brazos a Rigby y le acaricia el pelo, lo que hace que Rigby se ponga como un tomate de vergüenza
-- Mordecai... que haces...
-- Rigby, tú me salvaste la vida, incluso esa herida que tienes en el hombro es por mi culpa... yo te protegeré, aunque tenga que morir en el intento

A pesar del dolor que sentía Rigby, se estiro desde los brazos de Mordecai y lo beso, a lo que su amigo no opuso resistencia alguna. Mordecai era consciente que el tiempo no se movía desde esa mañana, pero no lo había sentido en su interior hasta ese momento, donde el tiempo desapareció para los dos, la niebla que aun los rodeaba o el silencio infinito de aquella oscura noche, que desaparecía de a poco con la luz del fuego que emanaba del carro de golf, seguida por las chispas del combustible, solo había espacio en su mente para su amigo, que se encontraba herido en sus brazos, a penas consiente por el dolor que le producía la herida en su hombro y su pierna

-- Mordecai... yo... espere... tanto.. por esto...
-- Rigby?
-- ...

Rigby había quedado inconsciente por el dolor de sus heridas. quedando dormido en los brazos de su amigo

-- Descansa, viejo. Yo te llevare hasta el videoclub, tenemos que acabar con esto...

Muy bonito!! jejeje
Bueno... esa es mi opinion, ahora espero las suyas

Hora de inicio del fic: 00:30 AM
Hora de termino:: 4:41 AM
Hora de ingreso al trabajo : 9:00 AM O_O


Mas vale que lo disfruten y comenten!! :D
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It was 5 weeks after the events of Donkey Kong Country 3. Everyone was doing they're usual things. DK was lazing on the beach, Cranky was working on potions, Funky was building a new plane, Kiddy was taking an afternoon nap, and Diddy was off with Dixie...Again.

This was the 5th time they've been out, all the other kongs kept pointing out it was a date, but they didn't say it to Diddy or Dixie as they didn't want to offend them. They were walking through the forest comming back from the shop, buying a coconut milkshake. They were just talking of what they would do next, when a familiar voice cut them off. "Diddy! Dixie! Squawk! Thank coconuts I found you!", Squawks the parrot said flying towards them. "What is it?", Diddy asked. Squawks could hardly catch his breath. "It's an emergency! At Cranky's hut! Squawk!". "What? Did Cranky throw out his back again?", Diddy joked. "This is serious!", Squawks yelled. "It's Wrinkly Kong! She's dying! Squawk!". Diddy's tail shot up in suprise, due to his tail showing how he feels. "Are you serious?!", Diddy asked, dropping his coconut milkshake and shooting off like a bullet.

At Cranky's hut, Wrinkly was indeed on her death bed. Every kong was there. She talked to every single one of them. Then Wrinkly called Diddy. "Little Diddy, I want you to have this barrel crate next to me. Inside are gifts your parents wanted me to give you when you were old enough...(cough) Oh...Diddy, come closer...", Diddy went next to Wrinkly. She whispered in his ear as she didn't want anyone else to hear, "I want you to be strong, and, I know what Dixie means to you...When your with her, be brave...When the time comes...Be...Brave...", and with that, she was gone.

At sunset, the kongs put her in a coffin Funky made, and put it in the ocean as it drifted into the sunset. All the kongs started to leave with low hearts, all except Diddy, still watching her coffin, sitting on the beach holding the barrel crate Wrinkly gave him. Dixie looked back and saw Diddy, crying his eyes out on the crate. She was confused as to why he was the most upset, but Cranky came and explained.

"It was a long time ago. Diddy was only 3 weeks old. His parents were dying, and they were the last of his entire family. They asked us if we could watch him. I pondered as I was having a hard time with Donkey Kong, but Wrinkly immediatly took it upon herself to watch him. When his parents died, Diddy looked at Wrinkly for the first time and stopped crying. For all those years, she was a guardian mother for him. When the time came, Diddy made his own treehouse and lived in it, but he always visited Wrinkly, who always gave him a warm smile. So, with her gone, not only did he lose a guardian, but also a mother, and the last of his family."

And with that, Cranky left with his last words, "I feel bad for him, I really do. But right now, he's alone...". Dixie felt unbelievable bad. She may have lost her parents as well, but she still had Tiny, and other family members. After the coffin drifted out of site, Diddy picked up the crate and slowly headed for his treehouse, with his tail dragging sadly across the sand. He later got to his treehouse which was by his favorite lake.

When he was in his treehouse, he sat on his banana bed hammock. He opened the crate to see what his parents and Wrinkly gave him. Inside he found a Rocketbarrel Jetpack, Peanut Popguns, and the one thing that touched him was a star-shaped guitar. He burst into tears again. He laid in his hammock and looked at some pictures of Wrinkly with him as a baby. He couldn't stand it. His eyes were wet, his throat was burning, he was tingling, he felt just plain awful. He kept having flashbacks of Wrinkly being with him. He could even hear her voice, "Diddy?...Diddy?...Are you alright?", suddenly, Diddy came too and saw Dixie at his door.

Diddy just sat on his hammock, looking at the ground, still driping tears. Dixie went to him. "Diddy?", she said again. Diddy just looked up a little, just to see her face. Dixie hopped on the hammock and sat next to him. "Diddy, I know what it's like to lose...Someone close to you...". Diddy didn't say anything but Dixie could tell he was listening very clearly. "Diddy...You gotta remember, she is in your memories and your heart and that's a place she will never leave...". Diddy paused for a moment and looked at Dixie. "Thanks...Dixie...", Diddy said lightly. Dixie smiled at she had cheered him. When Diddy saw Dixie's smile he felt alot better.

"Do you need anything else?", Dixie asked. Diddy replied "Yeah, I need a tissue, can I borrow your hair?", he joked. Dixie just gave him a light kick on his legs and they both started laughing. Dixie then asked Diddy "Uh, Diddy, when Wrinkly was whispering to you...What did she say?". Diddy paused and remembered what Wrinkly had asked him to do. "She...Told me to be brave about..."..."About what?", Dixie couldn't help asking. "About...You...", Diddy said and soon after started blushing. Dixie paused as she knew right away what that ment. "And are you going to keep that promise?", she asked. "", Diddy replied. "Do you want to get a coconut milkshake again?", Diddy asked. Dixie thought about it and said "Is this...A date?". Diddy started to blush, and couldn't talk for a while, then Wrinkly's words went in his head. "When the time comes...Be brave, Diddy, Be brave.", Wrinkly's words echoed. Diddy took a deep breath and said "Yeah...I guess it is...". Dixie was delighted to finally hear him say that. "Then I'll be happy to.", she said and quickly kissed him on the cheek. Diddy's tail then made a heart shape and started blushing again. As they started to head for the shop, Diddy turned and looked at a picture of Wrinkly. "Thanks Wrinkly...", he said. "Thanks for helping me...".
Everything is copyright of Nintendo and Rare. This is before Donkey Kong 64 so it's before she is shown as a ghost. I might take some suggestions of Nintendo stories. Don't forget to comment, I want to know how good these first works are.

Edit: Bear with me, this was my VERY FIRST piece of work.
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